Meeting started by Tincho at 18:58
19:00:56 Topic: #topic DebConf Dates
19:02:16 LINK marga was made.
19:10:22 AGREED Tincho #agreed DC8 will be held the first two weeks of August
19:11:09 Topic: #topic Sponsor Categories
19:14:01 ACTION Tincho #action beuno will send mail
19:14:16 Topic: #topic Work we can start doing in advance (servers setup, network planning)
19:28:45 AGREED Tincho #agreed Talks with the admin team about setting up in advance will continue outside the meeting
19:29:52 AGREED Tincho #agreed marga will find all the info we can get about room, layout, cabling etc.
19:31:33 ACTION Tincho #action Tincho will put actual dates on the website :)
19:32:02 ACTION Tincho #action marga will send announce mail to d-d-a and d-a
19:32:35 LINK Tincho #link
19:35:36 AGREED Tincho #agreed Next meeting will be held on November 19th, 19:00 UTC
Meeting ended at 19:37.

People Present:
  1. Tincho
  2. marga
  3. Ganneff
  4. psn|work_
  5. dererk-ar
  6. luciano
  7. beuno
  8. des
  9. maxyz
  10. Sledge
  11. madduck
  12. ASCIIGirl