Meeting started by marga at 20:02 UTC
20:03:00 Topic: Local team status (Hotel/ISP)
20:19:49 Topic: Amount of talk and BOF rooms
20:24:13 Topic: Video team equipment to be brought from outside Argentina, and to be rented
20:29:17 Topic: Assemble the talks team and the sponsorship aproval team
20:33:57 ACTION marga Ganneff's assembles the lists and then sends them to -team so we can discuss there and then see if we go on with it.
20:34:20 Topic: Registration report
20:37:39 Topic: Sponsors status
20:39:28 Topic: Next meeting
20:40:18 Topic: Any other business ?
Meeting ended at 20:44.

People Present:
  1. marga
  2. paravoid
  3. ana
  4. bdale
  5. moray
  6. h01ger
  7. Ganneff
  8. andreas

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