Meeting started by marga at 20:04 UTC
20:05:06 Topic: Venue decision.
20:05:46 LINK des
20:09:54 LINK beuno is an interesting read
20:21:30 LINK des
20:44:23 AGREED marga Conference places (hacklab/talks/rooms/food) shouldn't be separated more than 200m away. 0m is always better.
20:49:17 AGREED marga We shouldn't move the conf to BA unless we get a better price for the same quality.
20:54:09 AGREED marga We will take one more week of exploring options and try to make the best decision by then.
20:55:01 ACTION marga Tincho (and maybe des) will be exploring options in MDQ in the next days.
20:57:50 Topic: Next meeting
21:03:24 AGREED marga Next meeting: Monday May 5th, 20:00 UTC
21:03:33 Topic: AOB ?
21:09:11 AGREED marga The price for "Professional" attendee shall be 300 USD from now on. The others are to be considered "discounted" and might be invited to pay the extra 50 USD.
Meeting ended at 21:11.

People Present:
  1. maxyz_
  2. Tincho
  3. marga
  4. moray
  5. madduck
  6. Sledge
  7. des
  8. ana
  9. beuno
  10. paravoid
  11. Ganneff
  12. ASCIIGirl
  13. nueces

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