Meeting started by marga at 20:00 UTC
20:00:37 LINK marga
20:00:46 Topic: New venue presentation
20:03:12 Topic: Starting of reconfirmation stage
20:06:55 AGREED marga Reconfirmation period ends on June, Sunday 15th.
20:09:25 AGREED marga Reconfirmation mail will be sent this week, once SPI's click&pledge for DebConf8 is ready.
20:11:04 Topic: Proceedings preparation / Talk scheduling
20:15:47 ACTION marga Marga sends mail to debconf-team asking for a volunteer regarding proceedings.
20:19:08 ACTION marga Ganneff mails debconf-team regarding talk scheduling
20:19:37 Topic: Network planning - Server preparation
20:23:59 ACTION marga Tincho will find out more regarding network & cabling at the new venue and comunicate with #debconf-admin about it.
20:27:20 Topic: Next meeting
20:28:18 AGREED marga Next meeting will be Monday, May 19th.
20:28:52 AGREED marga Next meeting will be Monday, May 19th, 20:00 UTC
20:28:59 Topic: Any Other Business ?
20:29:40 IDEA marga add section in website with deadlines/important dates, we have a schedule now, but it is only debconf/debcamp related
Meeting ended at 20:34.

People Present:
  1. sgran
  2. maxy
  3. Tincho-mob
  4. marga
  5. ana
  6. mhy
  7. moray
  8. Ganneff
  9. TINCHOs
  10. des
  11. madduck

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