Meeting started by marga at 20:00 UTC
20:00:27 Topic: Travel Sponsorship status
20:03:01 Topic: Venue status
20:05:49 ACTION marga both sponsorship meetings done. Ready to send out the mails to people, telling them their positions in the sponsorship queue.
20:05:58 ACTION marga No money to give out yet.
20:06:14 ACTION marga The first downpayment for the hotel is going to be done tomorrow.
20:07:10 Topic: Network status
20:12:07 ACTION marga Servers might be imported paying USD 400 for customs.
20:12:21 ACTION marga ISPs quotes will be finished this week.
20:12:40 ACTION marga Network maps will be done in the next few weeks.
20:14:59 AGREED marga TK is probably going to give us 5 servers. #debconf-admin will decide how they would use them.
20:15:20 Topic: Sponsors status
20:21:36 AGREED marga Sledge will try to contact Asus
20:22:08 ACTION marga We need to get contacts for other big companies like AMD. Oracle and IBM are currently dead-ends.
20:31:17 LINK marga
20:31:21 Topic: Next meeting
20:32:33 AGREED marga Next meeting to be held on Monday, June 2nd. 20:00 UTC
20:32:44 Topic: Any other business
20:35:02 AGREED marga The talks announcement should be going out this week.
20:40:22 ACTION marga andreas will ask zack if he can join the proceedings team.
Meeting ended at 20:41.

People Present:
  1. edrz_
  2. andreas
  3. maxy
  4. zer0mdq
  5. dererk
  6. des
  7. marga
  8. sgran
  9. Tincho
  10. romanella
  11. mhy
  12. Ganneff
  13. Sledge
  14. Traveler_
  15. moray
  16. madduck
  17. edrz
  18. WorkingGeier
  19. bdale

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