Meeting started by marga at 20:00 UTC
20:01:13 LINK marga Agenda at:
20:01:24 Topic: Numbers Update
20:02:17 IDEA marga We currently have 226 attendees, 187 of them staying at the hotel.
20:03:26 IDEA marga We need to get to 200 people at the hotel. That doesn't look like a very difficult thing, though.
20:06:03 Topic: Incoming/outgoing funds status - Travel Sponsorship status
20:12:15 IDEA marga Waiting on Nokia's money to arrive. Will have to get money from SPI if it doesn't arrive this week. 10k USD more for Travel.
20:12:25 Topic: Wired/wireless network planning status
20:14:14 IDEA marga ISP is settled, first payment (30%) made. The rest of the payment should be done when the link is working.
20:14:40 IDEA marga The link is to be installed in 2 weeks time. Traveler_ and Tincho will be going down to MDQ to check on htat.
20:15:53 IDEA marga And they'll be checking/starting the wireless setup, which is going to be done with borrowed openwrt APs.
20:17:55 Topic: Sponsor Deadline
20:18:15 LINK edrz floor plan svg:
20:18:36 LINK edrz floor plan svg:
20:19:13 IDEA des those are not *plans* not definitive yet
20:24:42 ACTION marga Ping the "invoiced" sponsors regarding the money so that we can get them on the t-shirt as appropiate.
20:24:58 Topic: Debian Day status
20:30:43 ACTION marga We need to find a new place for DebianDay, since the planned place is not available.
20:30:58 ACTION marga We need to get more talks for DebianDay.
20:32:02 ACTION marga Marga will try to recruit a local volunteer who can ask people one by one if they want to give a talk at DebianDay.
20:32:19 Topic: Next meeting
20:34:34 AGREED marga Next meeting July 7th, 20:00 UTC. Weekly meetings from now on.
20:34:41 Topic: Schedule
20:38:48 ACTION marga Ganneff will mail instructions to schedule@ as to how to do the scheduling in penta.
20:39:35 Topic: Keynotes
20:47:28 Topic: Papers
20:49:52 ACTION marga Marga will ask zack about the collecting of proceedings.
20:49:59 Topic: Any other business?
Meeting ended at 20:51.

People Present:
  1. sgran
  2. marga
  3. edrz
  4. schultmc
  5. Jon
  6. moray
  7. an3as
  8. h01ger
  9. des
  10. Ganneff

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