Meeting started by marga at 20:00 UTC
20:01:19 Topic: Sponsor deadline status
20:02:09 IDEA marga We are closing the list of sponsors for the T-Shirts. The designs should be sent to the printer this week. No more new sponsors go into the T-shirts.
20:05:53 Topic: Incoming/outgoing funds status (including travel sponsorship)
20:06:46 IDEA marga In the end, Nokia decided to accept our proforma invoice. So, we've received the money from SPI, and the money from Nokia is also coming in. This means that we will do most refunds from .ar
20:08:31 Topic: T-shirt status
20:09:06 IDEA marga T-shirt front design has been settled to just be the DebConf logo (we had thought of adding some extra pictures, but ended up deciding the logo was nice enough).
20:09:24 IDEA marga We've already sent that part to the printer, so that has (supposedly) already started.
20:10:15 IDEA marga Participants T-shirts will be dark blue (same color that volunteers had in DC7). Orga T-shirts will be black. Most probable options for Volunteer and Video-Team are red and orange respectively.
20:10:43 IDEA marga We'll have 4 kind of shirts, normal, volunteer, organizer and video team
20:11:42 IDEA marga We are finishing on the back (sponsor logos) design this week.
20:12:04 Topic: Proceedings/magazine status
20:15:50 ACTION marga Marga pings zack about proceedings.
20:16:13 Topic: Debian Day status
20:21:02 Topic: Any other business
Meeting ended at 20:37.

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