Meeting started by marga at 20:01 UTC
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20:02:23 Topic: Debian Day status
20:03:04 IDEA marga We have an offer from a very nice place, a sort of theater in downtown Buenos Aires, to hold Debian Day.
20:03:37 IDEA marga We were going to have a meeting with them about this tomorrow, but due to a political act in the neighborhood, the meeting was moved to Thursday.
20:08:00 Topic: Talks/events schedule status (including 'keynote' question)
20:11:49 IDEA marga Scheduling in Penta should be finished by Wednesday.
20:33:37 AGREED marga Keynotes are talks that are only "special" in 3 facts: 1) they are called keynotes 2) they are scheduled at the beginning of the day 3) they have no other event scheduled at the same time.
20:34:31 Topic: Projector/screen/PA equipment hire
20:39:20 ACTION marga We should have a quote for the renting of the missing equipment by next week.
20:39:30 Topic: Wired/wireless network planning status
20:40:27 IDEA marga There was a meeting on Friday. After that meeting, it was decided to have 2 managed Gigabit switches in the backbone. Common switches and aps for the rest of the network.
20:40:53 IDEA marga We are currently requesting quotes to see if we buy-and-later-sell the equipment or we rent it.
20:42:18 IDEA marga Tincho and Traveler_ are going to MDQ to oversee the ISP installation and arrange cabling with the hotel.
20:46:13 Topic: Room allocation status
20:46:56 IDEA marga This is almost done. Some corrections were sent it after the draft, we shall be sending the list to the hotel to make the reservations so that they give us the room numbers this week.
20:49:39 Topic: Proceedings
20:51:45 ACTION marga Ganneff sends a "Last ping - LAST Deadline is Friday, July 18th" mail to people who should submit papers.
20:52:04 ACTION marga h01ger mails zack to ask how the proceedings assembly is going.
20:53:16 Topic: Any Other Business
Meeting ended at 20:59.

People Present:
  1. dererk
  2. h01ger
  3. faw
  4. Ganneff
  5. bdale
  6. edrz
  7. an3as
  8. marga
  9. Traveler_
  10. lisandropm
  11. des
  12. cek
  13. schultmc
  14. Tincho
  15. Maulkin
  16. maxyz

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