Meeting started by Ganneff at 20:02 UTC
20:04:56 Topic: Press/penta status
20:07:18 Topic: Proceedings status
20:12:23 ACTION Ganneff one of ganneff/mhy/sgran will use some sql magic and in the end send papers@ (or whoever else) the uploaded papers, see rt mail from marga
20:12:26 Topic: Incoming/outgoing funds status (including payments to hotel, plan for travel sponsorship payments)
20:21:02 Topic: Conference dinner
20:25:14 Topic: Day trip
20:29:54 ACTION Ganneff one local volunteer will try to find out which daytrip option is best, report next week
20:30:19 Topic: AOB?
Meeting ended at 20:36.

People Present:
  1. des
  2. Sledge
  3. Ganneff
  4. dererk
  5. madduck
  6. marga
  7. an3as
  8. zer0mdq
  9. paravoid
  10. gwolf
  11. sgran
  12. luciano

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