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20:07:36 Topic: T-shirts/proceedings/etc. ready for attendees?
20:07:50 IDEA marga T-shirts are being done, should be ready along this week.
20:07:55 IDEA marga Same for the magazine.
20:08:34 IDEA marga The proceedings are a bit delayed because of the long delay in speakers submitting their data. Zack has received the papers already, and will be working on the assembling tomorrow (and the days after)
20:08:51 IDEA marga The bags are also in production and should also be ready along this week.
20:09:29 IDEA marga The only thing missing in this area is the extra gifts that we have to hand out. We are figuring them out.
20:11:16 Topic: Electricity: multiway adaptors etc.
20:11:40 IDEA marga The hotel people is doing a good job of providing all our areas with power sockets.
20:12:29 IDEA marga These are Type-I + Type-C sockets. We plan to help people adapt theyr multiway adaptors.
20:13:07 IDEA marga By changing the plugs, not by using adaptors.
20:14:40 Topic: * Physical network for hacking areas: switches, cables
20:16:03 IDEA marga The main network is already in place. The hardware for the hacklabs (switches and APs) is at MDQ, but will be placed on its corresponding place on the 1st or 2nd.
20:16:30 IDEA marga Cabling is done for the hacklabs and being finished for the talk rooms.
20:17:27 IDEA marga Regarding hardware, we are a bit short on room-APs. So, we need a few more borrowed APs so that we can have good signal on the room floors.
20:18:10 IDEA marga The important servers are in place and configured. Video machines are installed and waiting for the video-team to configure them.
20:18:48 IDEA marga What we don't have is a "compiling" server, with pbuilders and such. We don't have a powerful machine to work as such.
20:20:03 IDEA marga There's a server for asterisk being set up.
20:22:49 Topic: LinuxNewMedia one page A4 4color AD (needs someone doing it until 8 august)
20:23:06 IDEA marga We already have a graphics designer helping us out.
20:23:49 ACTION marga des'll ask her to do the design.
20:24:08 Topic: Check preliminary schedule at if we can release it to the public
20:41:25 IDEA marga The schedule is not finished, there are some missing gaps. It should be fixed before published.
20:41:38 ACTION marga Marga will talk with Vanessa and try to fix the missing stuff.
20:43:31 Topic: Hardware inventory (including video equipment)
20:44:14 IDEA marga We've done an inventory of everything that was either bought or borrowed. It's in an ods in the debconf-data repository.
20:46:38 Topic: Any Other Business?
Meeting ended at 20:52.

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