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[20:03:00] <marga> #topic Local team status (Hotel/ISP)
[20:03:23] <marga> We've been trying to negotiate better prices, but our efforts were mostly unsuccessful. We only got them to give us 10 beds for free, provided that we bring 350 people to the conf, this means about a 3% discount over the bedrooms-prices.
[20:03:45] <marga> One of the problems is that there aren't enough 3 or 4 people rooms, so, one possibility for reducing room prices is to ask them to put 3 beds in 2 people rooms. This means that the rooms will be tight. Not so much that you can't sleep in them for a week, but enough that you won't be willing to spend more than sleeping time in them. What do the rest think about this?
[20:04:04] <paravoid> marga: is anyone else around besides you and me? :)
[20:04:17] <marga> uhm moray and ana, I think.
[20:04:23] * ana waves
[20:04:35] <marga> paravoid: I was planning on waiting for replies to that question before moving on.
[20:04:52] * bdale is lurking
[20:05:46] <paravoid> marga: 350 attendees?
[20:05:50] <marga> paravoid: yes.
[20:06:02] <paravoid> weren't the latest penta stats around 200-250 or something?
[20:06:18] * moray <- on the phone :/
[20:06:40] <marga> paravoid: well, yes, but we are still planning on more people signing up before deadline.
[20:06:52] <h01ger> hi
[20:08:06] <paravoid> marga: to the point, it sounds fine to me, how bad can it be?
[20:08:24] <paravoid> can't be worse than EDI, space-wise, I guess
[20:08:29] * h01ger nods
[20:08:43] <marga> paravoid: well, some people might complain that the rooms are a bit tight. But yes, EDI was very tight, and the bathroom would only be shared by 3 people.
[20:09:33] <marga> People that pay wouldn't get these rooms of course. This is only for sponsored people.
[20:09:34] <h01ger> marga, people who complain have the option to upgrade at their expense. but debconf needs to cater for a lot of things, and the conf is more then just beds ;)
[20:09:35] <Ganneff> gah
[20:09:37] <Ganneff> there i am.
[20:09:52] <ana> +1 h01ger
[20:10:02] <ana> 3 in a 2 bed room sounds way better than last year
[20:10:08] <paravoid> people will always complain and people can always pay
[20:10:08] <marga> h01ger: ok, so I think we'll keep this as an option, and decide upon it when we know the numbers a bit better.
[20:10:11] <paravoid> i.e. holger++
[20:10:32] <marga> Another of the big costs is the food. The hotel is currently giving us the price of a a-la-carte restaurant when it's a fixed menu. It's not a terribly expensive price, but it's more expensive than what we originally expected.
[20:10:39] <marga> So, the option that we are considering is having the sponsored lunch in the hotel but the sponsored dinner outside. This takes into account that DebConf attendees usually like to "go out". So we thought that we might arrange some vouchers with some near by restaurants and allow attendees to choose where to spend them. This is just an idea that we are considering, all the work still needs to be done.
[20:10:39] <marga> How does it sound?
[20:10:42] <h01ger> we need to spend all money on audio and video gear!!!1
[20:11:06] <paravoid> marga: that sounds great but maybe it's too much of a burden for you?
[20:11:24] <paravoid> finding the restaraunts, handling the vouchers etc.
[20:11:35] <paravoid> (you = localteam)
[20:11:45] <Ganneff> marga: the food outside sounds nice
[20:11:49] <h01ger> marga, that sounds great, but what paravoid said..
[20:11:51] <marga> paravoid: well, maybe. It's just an idea right now. We need to talk with possible restaurants and find out if it's possible or not.
[20:12:15] <marga> Ok, so, next time we are in MDQ we'll go restaurant-shopping.
[20:13:02] * h01ger is a bit annoyed/worried^w^wconcerned that hotel prices seem to become higher then previously negotiated
[20:13:25] <ana> marga: is there any kind of big restaturant/place we can have all the meals close to the hotel?
[20:13:26] <marga> h01ger: we are having quite an inflation over here. _Specially_ regarding food prices.
[20:13:40] <marga> ana: I don't know. We need to find out.
[20:14:07] <ana> marga: another option is remove the free dinner any day, for exampel the daytrip day
[20:14:16] <marga> About ISP, we got one big expensive budget from "Telefonica" which is very large telephone/internet provider in Spain/Latin America. We want to try and get them to sponsor it.
[20:14:43] <ana> (off-topic, but please I do not want to read that company name today...)
[20:15:12] <paravoid> marga: any alternatives?
[20:15:25] <marga> The other ISP is TelMex, we are still waiting for the budget to come, but we think it'll still be a lot of money. We want to get them sponsored as well.
[20:15:38] <paravoid> I mean, iirc from the last time, Telefonica's offer was nice, but we should have a plan B
[20:15:54] <h01ger> leaving out dinner on debiantripday also sounds completly possible to me
[20:16:21] <paravoid> marga: also, last time we were discussing whether Telefonica will offer us multiple ADSLs or fiber, any news about that?
[20:16:37] <marga> paravoid: the problem with TASA (aka Telef...) is that their cost is way too much. They are charging us a commercial dedicated symmetric conection.
[20:17:07] <marga> paravoid: it's not multiple ADSLs it's copper-wire bonding. It's much better than DSL.
[20:17:16] <marga> The fiber seems to be still missing.
[20:17:23] <paravoid> oh, ok.
[20:17:55] <paravoid> so basically, no good news so far :P
[20:17:59] <marga> Nope.
[20:18:05] <marga> We seriously need to get this sponsored
[20:18:20] <h01ger> where is the agenda?
[20:18:28] <Ganneff> as usual on
[20:18:40] <Ganneff> for this meeting (if you mean that)
[20:19:03] <marga> So, I think that's it for the status report.
[20:19:36] <Ganneff> thanks for it. next?
[20:19:49] <marga> #topic Amount of talk and BOF rooms
[20:20:14] <Ganneff> 2/2?
[20:20:28] <marga> So, we are currently planning for: 1 talk room for ~ 250 people, 1 talk room for ~ 100 people, 1 BOF room for ~ 40 people.
[20:20:55] <Ganneff> one bof? k
[20:21:15] <paravoid> marga: any chance for smaller bof rooms?
[20:21:17] <Ganneff> that makes 3 places for the video team to deal with, 3 streams for us.
[20:21:28] <marga> Some people we spoke to said that last year had too many rooms.
[20:21:32] <paravoid> not sure what the consensus is
[20:22:20] <Ganneff> marga: do we have room/space for ad-hoc sessions outside those 3 rooms but outside hacklabs? (if someone wants some more quiet place to discuss stuff)
[20:22:39] <Ganneff> then we would have 3 "official" supported places plus some extras that are !hacklab
[20:22:48] <paravoid> yeah, something like that would be nice
[20:22:56] <marga> uhm... there are several places around the hotel for informal meetings.
[20:23:00] <Ganneff> (not including the sleeping rooms i mean).
[20:23:05] <paravoid> and the video team won't have to do video for these rooms :)
[20:23:16] <Ganneff> well, then the amount of rooms we officially support seems fine for me.
[20:23:19] <marga> like, the lobby, the restaurant, and several sofas around the hotel.
[20:23:37] <Ganneff> as long as we can use them when we want by just going there in groups, fine.
[20:23:52] <marga> ok
[20:23:53] <paravoid> yeah, sounds reasonable
[20:24:03] <paravoid> imho
[20:24:13] <marga> #topic Video team equipment to be brought from outside Argentina, and to be rented
[20:24:54] <marga> So, the company that we have consulted only rents cameras with the cameramans included.
[20:25:09] <Ganneff> eww, expensive.
[20:25:23] <marga> And it's able to rent us quite a bunch of equipment, but we don't know exactly what we want to rent and what we don't.
[20:25:33] <marga> Ganneff: not so much. Keep in mind it's the third world.
[20:25:48] <Ganneff> that would be for h01ger (and others from videoteam) and omeone from localteam to discuss about
[20:25:54] <Ganneff> marga: rright. i tend to forget that
[20:26:21] <Ganneff> h01ger: ping, there?
[20:26:23] <paravoid> h01ger: ping ping
[20:27:09] <Ganneff> hm. we should get someone local as a contact person between our videoteam and the company you have, to sort out what we can get and what we want from it.
[20:27:19] <Ganneff> not much point in this meeting right now, i think?
[20:27:42] <marga> des: was supposed to be that person, but I don't know if he managed to get in contact with the team.
[20:28:07] <Ganneff> des seems to be a bit busy elsewhere, from what i see (hint, waiting for video controller :) )
[20:29:01] <marga> So, well, they don't seem to be around, but we really need to know what we bring and what we don't bring from the outside.
[20:29:09] <paravoid> maybe we should move on and discuss this later?
[20:29:12] <marga> Yes
[20:29:17] <marga> #topic Assemble the talks team and the sponsorship aproval team
[20:29:35] <Ganneff> that i would propose to do similar like last year, and volunteer to help with again, if people want it.
[20:29:50] <marga> Ok, we need to have a team for selecting the talks.
[20:29:55] <marga> I'm definitely not volunteering.
[20:29:59] <Ganneff> for a team - a list posted to the -team list and then discussed there.
[20:30:18] <marga> Ganneff: a list?
[20:30:18] <Ganneff> should include people from local team, dpl, some global team people and some from other areas around the world (travel sponsorship)
[20:30:24] <Ganneff> list of people, sorry.
[20:30:55] <h01ger> sorry, phone..
[20:31:03] * h01ger reads backlog
[20:31:04] <marga> Ok, I do want to be in the sponsorship team, but not in the talks team.
[20:31:15] <marga> But how do we select people for each team?
[20:31:20] <Ganneff> for talks - 4 or 5 people rating and discussing seemed to work well. i volunteer for that too, but then we need one from local team too. and maybe bdale and or vorlon, enrico, maybe sam if he wants to?
[20:31:26] * andreas would volunteer for talks team
[20:31:30] <Ganneff> marga: more or less random like last year?
[20:31:33] * paravoid would be happy to be on the sponsorship team, if asked
[20:31:41] <Ganneff> andreas: noted.
[20:31:49] <bdale> I'm willing to help
[20:31:56] <Ganneff> yay
[20:32:04] <Ganneff> in papers or sponsorship or both?
[20:32:06] <andreas> If you ask /me explilcitely I would also volunteer for sponsorship team but I wouldn't like this very much
[20:32:06] <marga> Ganneff: ok, will ask some local to volunteer to be in the talks team tonight (at our localteam irc meeting)
[20:32:14] <Ganneff> marga: great.
[20:32:23] <paravoid> I was in that team two debconfs ago, not sure if it's proper to have the same people over and over though
[20:32:41] <Ganneff> marga: how about: i go and ask some more people, some of last year too, if they volunteer again, and post a list to the -team list then, so we can discuss there and then see if we go on with it?
[20:32:56] <marga> Ganneff: I was just about to suggest that. Please do that.
[20:33:02] <andreas> I would be happy if there wouldn't be only newcomers like me
[20:33:04] <bdale> Ganneff: I guess I'm willing to help with either/both, but I need to be careful about my total time commitment
[20:33:07] <ana> i will be ok being in both teams
[20:33:17] <Ganneff> ok. will do and post latest on wed evening
[20:33:30] <marga> tnx
[20:33:33] <ana> s/will/would/
[20:33:57] <marga> #action Ganneff's assembles the lists and then sends them to -team so we can discuss there and then see if we go on with it.
[20:33:59] <Ganneff> bdale: in that case you probably want the papers one, as that work is way better to sort over time. just one larger meeting in the end. sponsorship takes more.
[20:34:09] <ana> but i'm sedning a talk for the i should not be in the group of people who decided about debianday :)
[20:34:19] <ana> decide*
[20:34:20] <marga> #topic Registration report
[20:34:28] <Ganneff> ana: in the past we did that with just abstaining for own stuff
[20:34:29] <bdale> Ganneff: ok
[20:34:37] <marga> We've got 199 registered people. 9 as "Professionals", 1 as "Corporate", the rest as "Individual". I think it's time to send out a reminder regarding registration. Only 2 weeks left before the deadline.
[20:34:44] <andreas> Regarding decision about own talks:
[20:34:54] <andreas> I registered several and I plan to register more
[20:35:04] <h01ger> its not *that* much stuff the video team needs. but we'll need 6 cameras and >10 computers and some audio gear. we will need to discuss this with the videoteam and therefore i'll schedule a meeting.. thanks for the pointer :-)
[20:35:06] <andreas> I think I will not vote for one of ma own ...
[20:35:08] <Ganneff> andreas, ana, bdale, paravoid: can you drop me a little mail? THX
[20:35:19] <bdale> Ganneff: saying what?
[20:35:21] <h01ger> i actually think that 4 rooms could work, but not on three floors ;-)
[20:35:32] <andreas> gannef: Content: Mail dropped?
[20:35:42] <paravoid> marga: someone should post a reminder on the blog too
[20:35:43] <Ganneff> bdale: "i volunteer" is enough. just something as a reminder, the irc log scrolls fast :)
[20:35:47] <paravoid> perhaps even d-d-a
[20:35:49] <marga> So, anyone volunteers to send a reminder mail, please?
[20:35:52] * h01ger nods marga about sending out a reminder
[20:36:01] <Ganneff> marga: dont want to? can do that then.
[20:36:07] * marga is overloaded right now.
[20:36:13] <Ganneff> taking basically text from last mail, + some "reminder" stuff
[20:36:37] <h01ger> +new consequences!
[20:37:02] <Ganneff> anyone else who want to send the reminder?
[20:37:07] <Ganneff> if not its me and we go on...
[20:37:08] <marga> Ganneff: ok, please point to the FAQ regarding registration that I sent to -discuss
[20:37:16] <Ganneff> yes mam!
[20:37:28] <marga> TNX
[20:37:28] <ana> reminder+blog spot
[20:37:32] <ana> reminder+blog post*
[20:37:39] <h01ger> Ganneff, thanks!
[20:37:39] <marga> #topic Sponsors status
[20:37:48] <paravoid> Ganneff: mail sent
[20:37:49] <marga> Invoices have been sent to HP, Canonical and Univention (their logos should be added, in the Platinum, Silver, and Bronze categories respectively). <-- Tincho!
[20:38:02] <ana> i have to go.. read the meeting lines later!
[20:38:03] <Ganneff> .oO(marga is making up the agenda while she runs through the meeting) :)
[20:38:34] <marga> I don't think there's not much more than to report, since Sledge is not here, but still, those are good news.
[20:38:43] <marga> We still need to find some big sponsors.
[20:39:24] <marga> Ganneff: yeah, well, editing the wiki would take more time.
[20:39:28] <marga> #topic Next meeting
[20:39:31] <Ganneff> sure.
[20:39:40] <Ganneff> 21 april?
[20:39:40] <marga> April 21st ?
[20:39:51] <Ganneff> hehe.
[20:39:55] <Ganneff> sounds ok.
[20:40:08] * h01ger nods
[20:40:08] <marga> # Any other business ?
[20:40:18] <marga> #topic Any other business ?
[20:40:27] * paravoid is not sure if he'll make it since it's a holiday (Orthodox Easter) here :(
[20:41:03] <marga> So, is there anything else?
[20:41:09] <marga> Or should we close here?
[20:41:24] <Ganneff> close.
[20:41:33] <andreas> I had some question
[20:41:45] <andreas> about traveling from mar del plata to BA
[20:42:00] <andreas> Would it make sense to rent a bus to transport people to debianday?
[20:42:44] <marga> andreas: well... Not only to DebianDay, to people going back directly as well. Yes, we do plan on doing this.
[20:42:51] <andreas> If yes, people should know before they plan their travel
[20:42:59] <andreas> OK, thanks
[20:43:15] <marga> andreas: what do you mean? The only difference is how much the bus costs.
[20:43:32] <andreas> No, the differnce is that I'm sitting next to a bunch of Debianies
[20:43:43] <andreas> in contrast to sitting amongs random tourists
[20:43:52] <marga> Ok, yes.
[20:44:15] <marga> Closing now.
[20:44:18] <marga> #endmeeting

Meeting ended.

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