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[20:00:27] <marga> #TOPIC Travel Sponsorship status
[20:00:29] <sgran> hello
[20:00:36] <marga> So, how did the meetings go?
[20:00:41] <Tincho> hiya
[20:00:52] <romanella> hello
[20:00:57] * mhy waves now that the bot is active
[20:00:57] <Ganneff> ok
[20:01:04] <Ganneff> for this topic, i just wanted to say few lines
[20:01:07] * Sledge waves
[20:01:23] * Traveler_ here
[20:01:32] <Ganneff> like - we had both meetings now, and so are done. we are ready to send out the mails to people, telling them their positions in the sponsorship queue.
[20:01:47] <Ganneff> i think i do that wed or thu. and we reject some people too.
[20:01:50] <marga> Good, how many people are there, how much money?
[20:01:52] <moray> there's no money yet is there?
[20:01:53] <Ganneff> hm. thats it.
[20:01:59] <Ganneff> no money yet. no.
[20:02:02] <marga> moray: no, there isn't :-/
[20:02:08] <Ganneff> marga: i dont know those numbers right now, sorry.
[20:02:19] <marga> Ganneff: ok.
[20:02:20] <moray> marga: may be worth saying that in the emails, as people don't seem to have understood it yet
[20:02:31] <Ganneff> moray: we will tell that people
[20:02:36] <Ganneff> we did so in the past years too
[20:02:38] <moray> yeah
[20:02:48] * madduck waves
[20:02:57] <marga> Ok, so, next.
[20:03:01] <marga> #TOPIC Venue status
[20:03:19] <marga> We've settled the venue and will be making the first downpayment tomorrow.
[20:03:27] <marga> Things are looking good.
[20:03:30] <Sledge> yay
[20:04:24] <Tincho> there are lots of good vibes here, I'm really happy
[20:04:43] <des> Yep, these gave us some peace of mind, already
[20:04:46] <marga> I don't know if there's much to say about this.
[20:04:54] <marga> Tincho, des?
[20:04:56] <des> *this*
[20:05:05] <moray> no, it's just good to have the positive news in the minutes :)
[20:05:17] <Tincho> uhm. not much, the payment is already on its way
[20:05:22] <Tincho> it was settled today
[20:05:25] <des> marga: I think that's about it, we still lack te budget for the rooms divisions though
[20:05:25] <marga> Oh, sorry, forgot to tell the bot about the previous topic.
[20:05:49] <marga> #action both sponsorship meetings done. Ready to send out the mails to people, telling them their positions in the sponsorship queue.
[20:05:58] <marga> #action No money to give out yet.
[20:06:14] <marga> #action The first downpayment for the hotel is going to be done tomorrow.
[20:06:27] <Ganneff> woulkdnt that be agreed? :)
[20:06:37] <Tincho> Ganneff: no, it's already done
[20:06:49] <Ganneff> Tincho: so its #agreed, not #action.
[20:06:52] <marga> Ganneff: we need an "#info" or something, but h01ger doesn't give it to us.
[20:06:53] <Ganneff> but not important, next. :)
[20:06:58] <Ganneff> bad h01ger
[20:06:59] <Tincho> k
[20:07:10] <marga> #TOPIC Network status
[20:07:28] <marga> Tincho, mhy, sgran, Ganneff ?
[20:07:33] <Ganneff> des: do you have customs and shipping info for tk servers?
[20:07:57] <Ganneff> marga: not much changed from our side, this topic isnt from me.
[20:08:04] <Tincho> from here, we couldn't gather much from the hotel yet. only that there are ap's in the room floors
[20:08:05] <sgran> do we have layouts for the hotel and wiring maps ?
[20:08:11] <sgran> if not, we can wing it when we get there :)
[20:08:20] <sgran> but some preplan is always nice if we can
[20:08:25] <des> Ganneff: we are working on it, we made some progress, and things look okish... altough we'll need to pay 1200 plus shipping, I think
[20:08:26] <Tincho> sgran: that will come shortly, I hope
[20:08:33] <sgran> ok, good
[20:08:33] <moray> is there news on the upstream connection?
[20:08:38] <moray> marga: ^
[20:08:41] <Ganneff> des: the 1200 is lost then, or do we get it back?
[20:08:46] <marga> des: ARS, right? that good be USD 400 ?
[20:08:54] <marga> s/good/would/
[20:09:07] <des> Ganneff, marga: ARS, yes. And yes they'd be lost
[20:09:14] <Ganneff> hm. ok.
[20:09:25] <marga> moray: not yet. Since we changed location we needed to ask for new budgets and they take time.
[20:09:26] <Ganneff> des: but other than that we would have (nearly) no trouble getting stuff in?
[20:09:42] <sgran> if we can get nice tk servers for $400, that might be worth it to me
[20:09:50] <Sledge> any clue on shipping cost?
[20:09:51] <Ganneff> des: ie - should i continue talking to tk, assuming we can get them to the conference?
[20:10:06] <des> Sledge: still waiting for the budget on shipping
[20:10:12] <Traveler_> I just have a last minute new about de internet connection: TASA confirmed that they can reach the hotel and give the quoted service.
[20:10:17] <Tincho> Ganneff: they can provide us with all we need?
[20:10:20] <Ganneff> Sledge: not too much. a hundred or so USD i think. or two. depends on the weight. we can use very slow options.
[20:10:26] <des> Ganneff: ping me in a day or two and I'll give you the full ACK or NACK
[20:10:26] <Tincho> Traveler_: same price?
[20:10:30] <Traveler_> We're still waiting for the new quote.
[20:10:37] <Ganneff> Tincho: we know that when we can talk to them, but last time they gave us 5 nice big machines
[20:10:37] <Sledge> Ganneff: true, that'll help
[20:10:56] <Tincho> Ganneff: that'll be enough, I guess?
[20:11:04] <Traveler_> Tincho: The seller said informally that the price will be the same, but we need to wait another week to get the new quote.
[20:11:05] <Ganneff> Tincho: from admin pov, yes. from video team - no.
[20:11:12] <Tincho> I see
[20:11:16] <Ganneff> video team wants multiple machines on their own.
[20:11:21] <Ganneff> but i dont think tk will give us 10.
[20:11:39] <mhy> we need to talk to the video team about what they want to do
[20:11:50] <Ganneff> if its like last year, they had 5 or 6 machines.
[20:11:56] <des> video team machines don't need to be that good I think...
[20:11:59] <Tincho> that's lots
[20:12:00] <Ganneff> multiple encoders and working machines.
[20:12:05] <Ganneff> des: the encoders do.
[20:12:07] <marga> #action Servers might be imported paying USD 400 for customs.
[20:12:17] <Ganneff> one of the tk machines will be the streaming master again, like last year
[20:12:21] <Ganneff> so thats in "admin" part
[20:12:21] <marga> #action ISPs quotes will be finished this week.
[20:12:33] <Traveler_> marga: Next week
[20:12:33] <edrz> encoders and dvswitch machines need speedy cpu
[20:12:40] <marga> #action Network maps will be done in the next few weeks.
[20:12:42] <Ganneff> and one machine will possibly also be the storage machine
[20:12:45] <marga> Traveler_: ok.
[20:12:47] <Ganneff> with lots of harddiscs
[20:12:48] <des> Ganneff: two encoders would do, I think we can use 2 from tk for that, maybe?
[20:12:57] <Ganneff> des: no. dont think so.
[20:13:04] <des> Mm.. :-/
[20:13:16] <Ganneff> we have 5 (well, count with it). one storage, one stream, one wireless, one central main server
[20:13:26] <Ganneff> one possibly public access/build, for those that dont have one.
[20:13:32] <Ganneff> or slow laptops. or so.
[20:13:40] <Tincho> Ganneff: wireless?
[20:13:52] <sgran> wireless router, chillispot, etc
[20:13:54] <sgran> if need be
[20:13:55] <des> ok, so we need at least 2 more powerful machines
[20:13:58] <Ganneff> Tincho: *maybe* same as last year, chillispot.
[20:14:02] <marga> I guess this can be decided in #debconf-admin
[20:14:03] <Tincho> this year the network could be wide open
[20:14:06] <Ganneff> unless we have more plans what exactly we need, .....................
[20:14:14] <Ganneff> Tincho: can it? really?
[20:14:24] <Tincho> yes, we're paying in full for it
[20:14:32] <des> Yes
[20:14:32] <Traveler_> Ganneff: Why not? whe are renting our connection
[20:14:37] <Traveler_> we
[20:14:39] <Ganneff> and do we want to hand every .ar scriptkid a free connection?
[20:14:43] <Ganneff> anyway, details
[20:14:45] <Ganneff> not for now.
[20:14:54] <Tincho> yes
[20:14:59] <marga> #agreed TK is probably going to give us 5 servers. #debconf-admin will decide how they would use them.
[20:15:12] <marga> Adding extra topic
[20:15:15] <Ganneff> good. i continue talking with tk then.
[20:15:20] <marga> #TOPIC Sponsors status
[20:15:32] <marga> So, we have now 2 Platinum Sponsors: HP and Nokia.
[20:15:39] <marga> We need (from my POV) 1 more.
[20:16:01] <Ganneff> ibm isnt replying
[20:16:02] <marga> Stockholm asked Intel, they said their budget is limited, I'm going to try the brazilian branch.
[20:16:03] <Sledge> I'm hopeful on the Sun front, but I don't think they'll get that far
[20:16:45] <marga> Is there any other company that might become a Platinum Sponsor that we are not seeing?
[20:16:59] <WorkingGeier> AMD?
[20:17:02] <Sledge> not that I know of, sorry
[20:17:17] <Tincho> EDS has just merged :(
[20:18:05] <des> marga: did you asked Stockholm? maybe he can give some ideas?
[20:18:25] <marga> des: I asked. He said Oracle or IBM. But both seem to be dead-ends right now.
[20:18:33] <marga> He also said we should phone people, not just email.
[20:18:34] <Ganneff> ibm is.
[20:19:07] * WorkingGeier is not sure what the incentive for Oracle would be
[20:19:38] <marga> Do we have a contact for AMD?
[20:19:43] <marga> How about ASUS?
[20:20:05] <WorkingGeier> Asus is a great idea
[20:20:17] <Ganneff> WorkingGeier: do you have contacts?
[20:20:32] <Sledge> we've got contacts at Asus
[20:20:43] <Sledge> trying them would be good
[20:20:53] <Sledge> but may not bear any fruit for a while
[20:21:00] <WorkingGeier> Ganneff, not really ATM
[20:21:07] <marga> Sledge: will you do it?
[20:21:27] <Sledge> marga: I'd like to say yes, but I can't promise
[20:21:36] <marga> #agreed Sledge will try to contact Asus
[20:21:38] <Sledge> lots to do in the next couple of weeks already
[20:22:02] <Sledge> no, somebody else would be better if they can do it
[20:22:08] <marga> #action We need to get contacts for other big companies like AMD. Oracle and IBM are currently dead-ends.
[20:22:35] <andreas> Any famous last words from Oracle and IBM
[20:22:41] <marga> Uhm... Someone volunteers to go for Asus instead of Sledge?
[20:22:49] <andreas> I mean is there any correspondence to read through available
[20:22:50] <Tincho> I was wondering about Siemens, but I dunno if they could have any incentive in debconf
[20:23:15] <WorkingGeier> Siemens are currently confused
[20:23:22] <Tincho> heh, why?
[20:23:31] <Sledge> Tincho: in theory maxx is talking to them in .at again, but no news for a while
[20:23:34] <andreas> Siemens is wellknown for bribery :-)
[20:23:45] <Tincho> ah
[20:24:37] <andreas> Honestly, do we have any evidence that Siemens is using Debian at large scale?
[20:24:54] <andreas> Any reasons for starting some contact?
[20:25:18] <Sledge> they were a sponsor in the past
[20:25:41] <andreas> I could try from the Debian-Med front because Siemens has some business in Medicine
[20:25:53] <WorkingGeier> I believe they are, but the question is whether there is currently anyone sticking out their head high enough to sponsor something
[20:25:58] <andreas> but the arguing is quite weak if we do not have real applications
[20:26:09] <WorkingGeier> they are running around like headless chicken at present
[20:26:28] <bdale> Tincho: HP announced an intention to acquire EDS, but EDS will be independent until the merge actually happens, FYI
[20:26:32] <andreas> Perhaps they need something to make a good impression to cover the other things ...
[20:26:49] <Tincho> bdale: ah. eds has a branch here, so it might be worth trying
[20:26:54] <marga> Well, is there anyone else that might contact siemens, apart from maxx ?
[20:27:13] <des> Tincho: and do we have any contact there?
[20:27:18] <bdale> Tincho: I honestly don't know much about EDS, but yes you should try them
[20:27:19] <WorkingGeier> andreas, any money going out that is not for tangible goods has to be approved very high up
[20:27:21] <andreas> If I would get some real facts to start arguing I might try ...
[20:27:41] <bdale> Tincho: maybe it will help to point out that HP is a platinum sponsor? don't know.
[20:27:48] <Tincho> I worked in the eds building, but I could try to contact somebody
[20:28:07] <Tincho> bdale: dunno
[20:28:11] <andreas> What about Nokia?
[20:28:19] <marga> andreas: Nokia is the second Platinum
[20:28:28] <marga> andreas: ?20k coming this way soon.
[20:28:29] <des> andreas: ?
[20:28:36] <andreas> sorry ...
[20:28:49] <des> quite old though
[20:29:08] <Tincho> my cousing works there, but maybe the local branch is not the best place to start looking
[20:29:11] <Tincho> (siemens)
[20:29:24] <Tincho> in EDS I only have an acquiatance
[20:29:46] <marga> So, who takes the #actions?
[20:29:48] <bdale> Tincho: you should always try *both* a corporate point of contact and a local one, they often have different budgets, and a local team may get excited where a corporate does not, or vice versa
[20:29:49] * Ganneff would forget siemens in its current state. but can we get back to some productivity, we seem to be stuck. :)
[20:30:14] <marga> Ganneff: there's not much more in the Agenda, anyway.
[20:30:21] <Tincho> bdale: ok, I'll speak with him
[20:30:47] <andreas> marga: contact me in private if you think I should try some action and let the meeting go on, OK?
[20:30:49] <des> looking at seems a good idea
[20:30:57] <Ganneff> marga: nah, but when meeting is closed one can ignore stuff easily, while in meeting thats not so good :)
[20:31:02] <des> dreamhost is there, for example
[20:31:11] <marga> Ok...
[20:31:17] <marga> #LINK
[20:31:21] <marga> #TOPIC Next meeting
[20:31:34] <marga> Shall we go for twice a month meetings now that we are closer to the date?
[20:31:40] <Ganneff> 2nd june
[20:31:47] <Ganneff> marga: umm, we do twice a months already
[20:31:48] <andreas> fine for me
[20:32:07] <marga> Ganneff: yes, well, we did for this month :). I was asking if we stuck with that.
[20:32:09] <marga> Ok for me.
[20:32:12] <Ganneff> yes
[20:32:13] <moray> yes, sounds good
[20:32:30] <sgran> fine
[20:32:33] <marga> #agreed Next meeting to be held on Monday, June 2nd. 20:00 UTC
[20:32:35] <Sledge> cool
[20:32:40] <des> ok
[20:32:44] <marga> #TOPIC Any other business
[20:32:49] <marga> Anything left?
[20:32:49] <Ganneff> a little aob:
[20:33:01] <Ganneff> those volunteering for scheduling (hi andreas) will get their task soon.
[20:33:23] <andreas> Fine ;-)
[20:33:23] <marga> Oh, yes, I forgot about asking about that... What happened with the talks announcement?
[20:33:31] <marga> It was supposed to happen last week?
[20:33:35] <Ganneff> this week i think
[20:33:40] <Ganneff> need to talk to zack
[20:33:43] <Ganneff> what he got back from his mails
[20:33:47] <andreas> Could someone please point me to the page mentioning what spnsors get for what amount?
[20:33:53] <Ganneff> if any that didnt go to the alias
[20:33:54] <andreas> Got some other ideas (non premioum)
[20:34:11] <marga> andreas:
[20:34:22] <andreas> thanks
[20:34:50] <marga> Ganneff: ok.
[20:35:02] <marga> #agreed The talks announcement should be going out this week.
[20:35:32] <marga> I didn't get any volunteers for the proceedings... Did I?
[20:36:36] <marga> I'm sorry, I did. Andreas and Jose Parrella Romero.
[20:36:36] <des> marga: bureado and andreas did offer in helping in that front
[20:36:47] <des> :)
[20:36:58] <marga> I got confused because they volunteered for the other as well.
[20:37:05] <Ganneff> marga: right. mail rt please with their details, so they can get svn access
[20:37:06] <marga> andreas: are you sure you can do both?
[20:37:26] <andreas> Well, I just would like to see how time consuming scheduling will be before I agree to a second one
[20:37:36] <marga> Ok.
[20:37:50] <marga> Ganneff: is there any chance zack might want to join the proceedings team?
[20:38:04] <Ganneff> dont ask me, i honestly dont know
[20:38:24] <andreas> When I said "helping" I was intending to say that I might take over smaller chunks of work
[20:38:32] <Ganneff> i will be available to help with layout stuff, if they have problems, but thats only a helping hand, not doing the actual work
[20:38:47] <marga> Yes.
[20:38:49] <andreas> I wouldn't agree to play abigger role before I finished the other job
[20:38:53] <marga> We need someone in charge.
[20:39:12] <Tincho> about layout there was a local guy who volunteered
[20:39:19] <Tincho> (layout, design, etc)
[20:39:30] <Ganneff> Tincho: layout is mostly done, the general page stuff. from last year(s).
[20:39:33] <marga> andreas: can you ask zack if he can join the team, for the mailing and stuff?
[20:39:40] <Ganneff> of course needs design, ie graphics for front/backpage
[20:39:45] <Ganneff> cover
[20:40:00] <andreas> Asking will not hurd
[20:40:04] <marga> Ok.
[20:40:08] <Ganneff> those should be pdf files (or postscript), to be included
[20:40:09] <des> no hurd please
[20:40:10] <andreas> So I'll send him a mail ...
[20:40:22] <marga> #action andreas will ask zack if he can join the proceedings team.
[20:40:44] <marga> If zack can't, then we need to find someone else.
[20:40:52] <andreas> marga: Yep
[20:40:58] <marga> Ok, I think we are done.
[20:41:00] * Ganneff wont do it.
[20:41:00] <Ganneff> yes
[20:41:03] <marga> Anything missing?
[20:41:50] <marga> I guess not
[20:41:53] <marga> #endmeetign
[20:41:55] <marga> #endmeeting

Meeting ended.

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