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[20:02:19] <marga> So... We have a short meeting ahead, the main topic is the reconfirmation report
[20:02:31] <marga> #Topic Reconfirmation report: current numbers
[20:02:37] <dererk> nice :)
[20:02:57] <Ganneff> 199 reconfirmed at midnight
[20:03:14] <dererk> not bad at all
[20:03:15] <Ganneff> (exactly midnight UTC that is)
[20:03:16] <marga> And we now have 205 people reconfirmed, but 38 of those are "Non-hosted indep", so only 165 plan to stay at the hotel.
[20:03:17] * paravoid is here too
[20:03:58] <Ganneff> so 6 extra reconfirms today, hehe.
[20:03:59] <paravoid> I think we can make an exception for those 6, no?
[20:03:59] <des> that's 50short of what we talked to the hotel, btw
[20:04:06] <marga> The good thing is that we have extra money to help people in need of travel sponsorship. The bad thing is that we need to deal with the hotel regarding this unused space.
[20:04:06] <moray> marga: it might be worth checking those people's plans -- some more might actually take hotel rooms
[20:04:21] <marga> moray: already sent mails to all of them.
[20:04:30] <moray> cool
[20:04:38] <moray> (non-hosted, this is)
[20:05:27] <marga> As we were saying, we are left with empty spaces. The price the hotel gave us was related to the 250 minimum reservation.
[20:06:00] <Ganneff> how likely is it that they go up with the price if we book slightly less then that?
[20:06:06] * Tincho here
[20:06:17] <marga> Ganneff: we don't know. We need to talk with them and see what we can work out.
[20:06:36] <moray> I'd assume they'd want to increase it somewhat, I guess the question is how much increase you'd allow
[20:06:40] <Ganneff> like, if we go to 220 or so (so we keep a few spare to give away later, if needed).
[20:06:46] <dererk> marga, the rest of those 165 are confirmed not going?
[20:06:47] <moray> compared to the trouble of finding more people / getting them to pay us
[20:06:55] <des> I think it's quite likely, but that's just my impression
[20:06:58] <Ganneff> (assuming all non-hosted want to go into hotel now9
[20:07:31] <des> 250 was the minimun talked, the first times we were talking about 300 or so
[20:07:33] <Ganneff> the other thing is - how much do they go up? if it means paying the same - bah. if we still save some 3 or 4k usd - fine.
[20:07:57] <paravoid> so, we are going with *one* hotel after all, right?
[20:07:58] <marga> Ganneff: all that we will know when we talk with them.
[20:08:02] <Ganneff> yes
[20:08:17] <paravoid> we'd have to cancel the second hotel altogether now, shouldn't we?
[20:08:30] <des> paravoid: yes
[20:08:36] <moray> marga: though may be better not to say directly we definitely only have these numbers, to test their response before giving the current figures...
[20:08:43] <marga> paravoid: yes, but no need, the second hotel was only a possibility to use if needed.
[20:08:43] <des> paravoid: the second hotel is the same people, so It's the same
[20:08:49] <paravoid> ah, ok
[20:08:51] <moray> paravoid: ah
[20:08:52] <marga> moray: yes, I think so to.
[20:09:25] <marga> Tincho: so, could you talk with the hotel and suggest that we might not make the 250 number, to see what might happen?
[20:09:47] <Tincho> marga: yes, sure. But I'm counfused about what are the current numbers
[20:10:01] <Tincho> there are 40 people that won't stay in the hotel??
[20:10:06] <marga> Tincho: 205 reconfirmed, 165 staying at the hotel.
[20:10:06] <des> Tincho: yes
[20:10:09] <marga> Tincho: apparently.
[20:10:12] <ana> 22:03 And we now have 205 people reconfirmed, but 38 of those are "Non-hosted indep", so only 165 plan to stay at the hotel.
[20:10:15] <Tincho> that's quite weird
[20:10:22] <Tincho> who they are??
[20:10:27] <ana> a lot of argetinians
[20:10:27] <dererk> Tincho, most of them are local
[20:10:32] <dererk> yep
[20:10:35] <marga> yes, I've already mailed them all and some said it was on purpose and some said it was a mistake.
[20:10:39] <Ganneff> and some other candidates that always did that :)
[20:10:50] <des> yeah
[20:10:57] <Tincho> yes, we always have a small group, but 40 is a lot
[20:11:03] <marga> We can't really force them to stay at the hotel.
[20:11:16] <moray> no, you can say it would help us, though
[20:11:16] <Tincho> and I don't think I would be able to get a good deal for 165 people
[20:11:27] <marga> Tincho: how about 200 ?
[20:11:29] <Tincho> that's half what we started talking about
[20:11:36] <Tincho> marga: 200 seems to me the breaking point
[20:11:39] <marga> I think there will be more people registering and wanting space.
[20:11:46] <moray> I hope so, definitely
[20:11:50] <ana> Tincho: marga: thre is not point in talking it here
[20:11:51] <marga> Tincho: also keep in mind 15 people want a single room.
[20:11:57] <ana> just try to takk with the hotel and negotiate it
[20:12:02] <marga> Ok, so, action
[20:12:05] <ana> i'm sure the number can be lowered doen a bit
[20:12:09] <Tincho> marga: ah, so those use 2x space
[20:12:14] <ana> not all we need, but a bit
[20:12:19] <moray> (I mean, judging by previous years more will want to come along later)
[20:12:26] <marga> #action Tincho talks with the hotel and tries to see how much we can lower the numbers and keep the fixed price we've got.
[20:12:28] <gwolf> the people asking for single rooms might make some difference... as it's more money for the hotel (relatively)
[20:13:11] <des> marga: yes, but planning a trip to .ar is not that easy to do so I think less people would go that route
[20:14:10] <marga> So, the good thing with this, is that we get more money to give away for travel sponsorship.
[20:14:11] <Ganneff> mails today, probably! :)
[20:14:28] <ana> and we are sponsoring hwo much approx?
[20:14:43] <ana> because this point is not clear yet :(
[20:14:45] <marga> We don't know how much money. So we are going with 28k USD for now, and after everything is re-negotiated and the numbers are clearer, we will do another round.
[20:14:50] <Ganneff> ana: you know the spreadsheet. :) currently 28k USD.
[20:14:56] <Ganneff> plus what sledge might decide from debian
[20:14:56] <ana> ok, 28k :)
[20:15:03] <Ganneff> thats clear sometime later today
[20:15:13] <ana> that allows 24 people
[20:15:17] <des> and... are there people that hasn't reconfirmed but would if they get sponsorhip? or we get them to reconfirm anyway?
[20:15:18] <ana> all the orga team included :)
[20:15:21] <Tincho> marga: that 28k is after all the spending we have to do?
[20:15:26] <Ganneff> des: yes
[20:15:28] <ana> des: 2, marga has mailed them
[20:15:30] <des> s/we get them/we got them/
[20:15:30] <marga> des: they are reconfirmed.
[20:15:37] <Ganneff> Tincho: we need over 50k usd in total
[20:15:40] <des> marga, Ganneff: ok, thnx
[20:16:06] <Ganneff> 50407 USD today if all take it
[20:16:30] <Tincho> I mean, do we already have 28k extra money?
[20:16:42] <Ganneff> Tincho: it looks like, yes.
[20:16:49] <Tincho> ah good
[20:16:52] <Ganneff> or we wouldnt get a green light on it
[20:17:01] <ana> some money will come from other sources
[20:17:10] <Ganneff> yes. gsoc, debian.
[20:17:10] <ana> but more or less, yes
[20:17:20] <Ganneff> but that currently just adds.
[20:17:38] <Ganneff> oh, ana: i see 22 people only with 28k USD. 24 would mean 28.5k USD
[20:17:46] <marga> To know the exact number we need to know how much we will need to pay extra for the hotel.
[20:17:47] <ana> well
[20:18:03] <ana> Ganneff: we are not leaving faw our...
[20:18:08] <ana> out*
[20:18:24] <Ganneff> ana: i assume that the gsoc/debian money will make the difference, but if i only strictly have 28k - yes, we would.
[20:18:42] <marga> Ok, so, I think that's cleared.
[20:18:51] <marga> #TOPIC Any other busines
[20:18:55] <ana> marga: Sledge : can we go for 285000?
[20:18:56] <ana> eer
[20:18:58] <marga> #TOPIC Any other business
[20:19:01] <ana> marga: Sledge : can we go for 28500 USD?
[20:19:17] <Ganneff> ana: sledge already said he goes on with that, lets just wait? the gsoc money will do that part already.
[20:19:20] <moray> what's the policy on the bad-data people for this?
[20:19:22] <marga> ana: I think that using GSoC's money will reach faw. Also, there's the .br pot.
[20:19:24] <Ganneff> (we know don said yes to the 500 USD)
[20:19:24] <ana> $29,530.00
[20:19:34] <ana> $28,530.00 to be exact
[20:19:35] <moray> it sounds like there's some flexibility, but will that affect the overall number sponsored?
[20:19:40] <marga> moray: what do you mean?
[20:19:50] <moray> marga: the people who misread the "how much do I need" bit
[20:19:57] <ana> marga: so let's say yes to faw?
[20:20:13] <Ganneff> moray: we shouldnt now allow single persons to change it.
[20:20:33] <marga> moray: ah, no, there's no flexibility. It's just that a few of them are entitled to some money from GSoC, and they can use that even if they got confused.
[20:20:41] <marga> ana: not my call
[20:20:43] <Ganneff> ana: no. we say yes to those people we have money for. and yes, we all think that will include faw, with the extra money from outside debconf.
[20:21:01] <ana> ok...
[20:21:14] <moray> marga: ok, just wasn't clear from discussion earlier today
[20:21:28] <moray> (sounds the right policy to me, though)
[20:24:02] <Sledge> sorry folks, got distracted
[20:24:05] <Tincho> GAH, gnome hang again
[20:24:30] <marga> Sledge: have you decided how much money you'll get from Debian to DebConf?
[20:24:32] <Ganneff> Sledge: do you have an aob? if not we are done already :)
[20:24:40] <moray> if we're in AOB, has there been any progress on the ISP stuff yet? ;)
[20:25:24] <marga> moray: yes, we've almost settled with TASA (Telefonica de Argentina), for 8000 USD. This will give us a symmetric, commercial, dedicated 9 Mbps connection.
[20:25:34] <marga> Only paperwork is missing.
[20:25:56] <sgran> \o/
[20:25:57] <moray> yay
[20:26:01] <sgran> great news, thanks
[20:26:05] <ana> yay, timˇonica
[20:26:08] <Ganneff> 9mbs, nice.
[20:26:13] <Sledge> marga: is that in the budget
[20:26:16] <Ganneff> one single connection? or multiple pools?
[20:26:19] <des> and the hotel DSL lines should be a *thin* backup in case of problem
[20:26:25] <Sledge> ?
[20:26:29] <marga> Sledge: yes.
[20:26:30] <des> Ganneff: 1 single connection
[20:26:34] <Sledge> cool
[20:26:39] <Ganneff> des: yay, so no mexican calculation of speeds. :)
[20:26:48] <dererk> lol
[20:26:51] <moray> ha
[20:26:59] <Ganneff> (5*2.5 is 7.5!) :)
[20:27:03] <Sledge> :-0
[20:27:03] <moray> no Mexican trees in the way and people climbing up towers?
[20:27:12] <marga> neither.
[20:27:12] <Sledge> right, looking at numbers...
[20:27:36] <marga> I think we are done.
[20:27:38] <des> we might get people claimbing things anyway... but that just the way debconf atendees are..
[20:27:49] <des> a/a//
[20:28:04] <moray> Sledge: you want to make another point, or you just mean you're looking for yourself?
[20:28:04] <marga> Anything else?
[20:28:08] <Ganneff> meeting seems done?
[20:28:13] <paravoid> I wonder how will they provide us with 9mbps symmetrical though
[20:28:20] <paravoid> no dsl I know can reach those numbers
[20:28:20] <Ganneff> (sledge making up numbers mainly affects me mail sending, so doesnt need meeting time)
[20:28:33] <moray> (aha)
[20:28:35] <Ganneff> paravoid: then learn something new? :)
[20:28:51] <marga> paravoid: not by DSL. It's a commercial thing. G-point modems or something.
[20:29:04] <marga> Ok, closing the meeting, then.
[20:29:07] <marga> #endmeetign
[20:29:07] <Sledge> I've got USD10k to add to the budget
[20:29:10] <marga> #endmeeting

Meeting ended.

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