Started logging meeting in #debconf-team, times are UTC.
[20:01:48] <dererk> haha
[20:01:49] * h01ger waves
[20:01:51] * h01ger = Holger Levsen
[20:01:51] * faw waves
[20:01:56] <Ganneff> there. now. great.
[20:01:58] * bdale is lurking
[20:01:59] * dererk says hello, again
[20:02:02] * edrz = Eric Dantan Rzewnicki
[20:02:03] * an3as = Andreas Tille
[20:02:11] <marga> #LINK Agenda kindly prepared by moray at:
[20:02:15] <Ganneff> feels like SPI, all the names. :)
[20:02:23] <marga> #TOPIC Debian Day status
[20:02:24] * Traveler_ Is here
[20:02:24] * lisandropm = Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer
[20:02:42] * des _o/
[20:02:45] * cek = César Gómez Martín
[20:02:54] * dererk wonders why the naming exchange, but well... dererk == UlisesVitulli
[20:03:04] <marga> #IDEA We have an offer from a very nice place, a sort of theater in downtown Buenos Aires, to hold Debian Day.
[20:03:11] <an3as> Hi César
[20:03:30] <Ganneff> marga: so the trouble with the location for dday is (nearly) solved? great
[20:03:37] <marga> #IDEA We were going to have a meeting with them about this tomorrow, but due to a political act in the neighborhood, the meeting was moved to Thursday.
[20:03:56] <marga> Ganneff: nearly. We need this meeting to make sure that they give us everything we need.
[20:04:02] <Ganneff> k
[20:04:28] <h01ger> same day i assume? how far from the original location? (in case people booked hotels already..)
[20:04:35] <dererk> h01ger, yeah
[20:04:38] <marga> There was no "original" location.
[20:04:49] <h01ger> well
[20:04:53] <marga> We never announced the location. We had a prospective location, but was never announced.
[20:04:54] <dererk> h01ger, location is quite near the centre
[20:05:21] <edrz> dererk: /me shrugs, h01ger started it.
[20:05:33] <dererk> edrz, hehe :)
[20:05:39] <h01ger> is the prospetive location far from whats now being talked about?
[20:05:56] * h01ger estas innocente y joven
[20:06:02] <dererk> lol
[20:06:04] <Traveler_> :)
[20:06:05] <marga> h01ger: sort of. But I don't think anybody booked hotels near it, because we never said where it was.
[20:06:26] <an3as> h01ger: I also would like to lol ... ;-)
[20:06:44] <Ganneff> ok. so that is sorted, it seems?
[20:06:46] * edrz also, but wouldn't know at what.
[20:06:56] <edrz> are there 2 halls at this new location?
[20:07:06] <marga> Ganneff: yes, and we have a backup place just in case.
[20:07:13] <Ganneff> great
[20:07:14] <marga> edrz: that's what we have to check on Thu.
[20:07:18] * schultmc waves
[20:07:18] <h01ger> an3as, "young & innocent"
[20:07:26] <an3as> :)
[20:07:28] <marga> edrz: there are more than 2 halls, the doubt is the availability of them.
[20:07:36] * h01ger cheers the (yet another) backup plan
[20:07:47] <marga> Madduck said he was not coming, so we are leaving "Press/penta status" for next week.
[20:07:52] <Ganneff> si
[20:07:57] <Ganneff> he is in airplane, again
[20:08:00] <marga> #TOPIC Talks/events schedule status (including 'keynote' question)
[20:08:26] <marga> So, an3as and titacgs have been doing the schedule and now they've put them in Penta, right an3as ?
[20:08:56] <edrz> marga: the backup place is the one in a not-so-safe neighborhood? "la boca" or somesuch?
[20:08:58] <Ganneff> partly, it looks like. or that looks like it maybe because of what we discussed earlier
[20:09:02] <marga> edrz: yes.
[20:09:12] <an3as> marga: Right
[20:09:20] <marga> an3as: how is it going?
[20:09:40] <Ganneff> an3as: any trouble besides that schedule display we already had today?
[20:09:47] <an3as> I just want to do some entries while I'm lurking the meeting
[20:10:30] <an3as> Ganneff: No real trouble except that the ticket I opened in RT is not yet worked on.
[20:10:44] <an3as> But I think we will manage it with not to much extra effort
[20:11:09] <Ganneff> hrm. can do that after the meeting
[20:11:14] <marga> Well, and regarding keynotes... There are 2 un-cancellable ones: DPL and HP. Then there's bubulle's, who accepted my invitation for keynote, and there's MarkS, which is the one that caused all the trouble. What should we do about them?
[20:11:21] <an3as> If we proceed with the speed I regard realistic we might be finished at Wednesday
[20:11:37] <marga> an3as: great.
[20:11:39] <an3as> Ganneff: That would be helpful - but if other tasks are more burning - just care for these
[20:11:49] <marga> #IDEA Scheduling in Penta should be finished by Wednesday.
[20:12:01] <Ganneff> marga: keynote is just a talk labelled differently, IMO :)
[20:12:08] <marga> Ganneff: right, same here.
[20:12:19] <marga> Ganneff: but it affects the scheduling time.
[20:12:24] <Ganneff> and that label is mostly marketing gag.
[20:12:29] <Ganneff> yes, at the beginning of a day
[20:12:34] <an3as> General idea: I would like to have a "psql PentaDb -c 'SELECT * From '" interface ...
[20:12:36] <des> I think the question is, will we have keynotes, and what does that imply?
[20:12:44] <Tincho> I explained what my problem was about all this.
[20:12:45] <Ganneff> an3as: impossible
[20:12:53] <an3as> Alternatively?
[20:13:14] <Tincho> If we want to go with keynotes, markS should have it... and the others that marga already mentioned
[20:13:17] <Ganneff> des: the reply is yes, we will, we have some already. and it doesnt imply much more than "beginning of day" and "labelled keynote instead of talk". i think
[20:13:32] <Ganneff> an3as: asking us admins (me, mhy, sgran).
[20:13:35] <des> I've seen several positive opinions for having keynotes
[20:13:42] <des> Ganneff: so, we schedule a keynote alongside other talks?
[20:13:58] <an3as> Ganneff: This crew is not know to be very responsive, thought. ;-)
[20:14:02] <Ganneff> des: before of that day, but yes. there is only one big talk room, the others are bofs
[20:14:25] <des> i.e. keynote X in talkroom Y at time T and talk Z in talkroom W at the same time T is ok?
[20:14:26] <Ganneff> an3as: that depends on the mail, some of yours did get some nice "reactions", which you didnt want to have that way.
[20:14:39] * h01ger thinks keynotes are more than marketing, for once, or at least can be, like i tried to describe with the keynotes from LCA. and, second, marketing shapes reality
[20:14:41] <Ganneff> des: that other talk room would then have a bof or something, but i dont see why not.
[20:14:42] <des> or they get a exclusive slot with no talk in the other rooms?
[20:14:53] <Ganneff> and i know other conferences run events beside a keynote too
[20:15:00] <marga> des: right, as Ganneff says, no other talks, but maybe a bof.
[20:15:09] <Ganneff> just not in the largest rooms, there is keynote.
[20:15:11] <h01ger> des, and i would suggest not to schedule anything at keynote times.
[20:15:14] <des> so they are special, not just a talk
[20:15:20] <h01ger> (also not a bof)
[20:15:31] <Ganneff> h01ger: why? they imo arent so special.
[20:15:31] <h01ger> how are they special otherwise?
[20:15:32] <an3as> Ganneff: Just tell me which mails were right and which were wrong.
[20:15:41] <marga> des: not what we meant. They are a talk-> they go in the talk room.
[20:16:12] <an3as> BTW, what's wrong in using the RT? I thought this would be even better than mail - but no response until now ...
[20:16:19] <h01ger> so, if we have to give HP a keynote, what does make a keynote special?
[20:16:28] <Ganneff> so. keynote: like a talk -> talk room. scheduled on beginning of day. labeled keynote, not talk. not has other talks beside it, at max a bof.
[20:16:34] <marga> h01ger: the fact that it's called keynot?
[20:16:35] <des> ok, so if we are gonna have this special talks, named keynotes. What should be the general criteria for giving them out?
[20:16:38] <Ganneff> an3as: it just went below a mail flood here.
[20:16:46] <an3as> BTW for Talk / BOF issue
[20:16:50] <des> and why sudenly the platinium sponsors have a keynote and not a talk?
[20:17:05] <h01ger> marga, haha. (sorry, but i dont know what else to respond to this. this is ridicolous)
[20:17:09] <an3as> We have not enough talks to fill the whole time in the main talk room
[20:17:10] <marga> des: I don't know, it makes sense.
[20:17:11] <Ganneff> i think people are interpreting *WAY* too much into keynotes
[20:17:14] <Ganneff> way way too much
[20:17:28] <an3as> We decided to move BOFs to the main room - what do you think about this
[20:17:29] <Ganneff> an3as: great, leave a bit free, you can schedule other talks later on
[20:17:35] <edrz> we could stream the keynote to the projector in the second room.
[20:17:38] <Maulkin> r
[20:17:43] <Ganneff> an3as: leave free slots. there will be a new talk submission for the debconf9
[20:17:45] <Maulkin> (apologies, meetings)
[20:17:45] <des> Ganneff: no, but if they are talks why aren't they scheduled/accepted/etc as all the other talks?
[20:17:48] <Ganneff> an3as: which will need the space in the big rooms
[20:17:56] <Ganneff> des: because they happen at start of day.
[20:18:01] <Ganneff> first talk of a day.
[20:18:03] <marga> an3as: if there are "BOFs" that look like they would have a big attendance, then those can go into the talk room. If not, leaving slots free is fine too.
[20:18:15] <an3as> Well, we might leave one slot per day for talks, but there is space left anyway
[20:18:18] <h01ger> Ganneff, so keynote=first talk of the day?
[20:18:24] <des> Ganneff: so? papers committe doesn't decide on the first talk of every day?
[20:18:28] <an3as> Marga: Exactly this was the idea
[20:18:31] <marga> h01ger: yes.
[20:18:37] <des> I think that doesn't make sense
[20:18:43] <Ganneff> des: papers committe doesnt decide on the schedule at all
[20:18:46] <marga> des: papers committee does not decide on either sponsors talks nor DPL talks.
[20:19:10] <h01ger> marga, thats at least a bit more than "just a different label." i would still not schedule anything else at that time...
[20:19:11] <Ganneff> an3as: leave one or two slots free, they will be filled up.
[20:19:18] <marga> des: the only talk that should have gone through the papers committee and didn't is bubulle's.
[20:19:19] <faw> sorry, if this was discussed before that's fine, but wouldn't make sense to have keynotes at the end of day where most people are awake? :-)
[20:19:19] * an3as wearing schedule@-hat: Do not disturb schedule team! ;-))))
[20:19:37] <an3as> Honestly: Any suggestions from paper to schedule team??
[20:19:44] <marga> faw: they provide people a reason to wake up early.
[20:19:53] <faw> marga, ack
[20:19:55] <an3as> Ganneff: OK
[20:20:02] <des> marga: *talk* yes, *keynote* no
[20:20:03] <Ganneff> an3as: what i said: schedule keynotes at beginning, try to keep other events off that time, but max schedule a bof together
[20:20:09] <marga> des: ?!
[20:20:20] <an3as> Ganneff: Yes, understand this.
[20:20:35] <des> AIUI papers committe accepted MarkS talk as a talk, not a keynote
[20:20:36] * h01ger would like to insist also not to schedule bofs at that time
[20:20:41] <Ganneff> des: wrong
[20:21:06] <Ganneff> it was a keynote when it got its accepted flag
[20:21:07] <Tincho> des, Ganneff: it was accepted as a talk
[20:21:08] <des> and the keynotes status of the rest of the /keynotes/ came out of the blue
[20:21:08] <an3as> h01ger: No problem. We currently have more slots than talks / BOFs
[20:21:23] <h01ger> an3as, the problem will be to keep it this way
[20:21:25] <des> so I think we should just discuss wheter we want keynotes or not
[20:21:28] <Ganneff> Tincho: no, i know what status it had when i clicked those buttons in the webinterface.
[20:21:29] <Tincho> at least that was the opinion of the majority
[20:21:41] <des> and which we want or who choose which we want
[20:21:45] <an3as> h01ger: Seems perfectly doable
[20:21:52] <Ganneff> des: i think thats too late. *no* more selection foo at this time please.
[20:22:28] <Tincho> Ganneff: well, then we might have done a voting on that
[20:22:36] <h01ger> an3as, fine. i'll remind you :)
[20:22:49] <Tincho> as I see it, there was a majority on that opinion
[20:23:35] <des> Ganneff: so what do you propose instead?
[20:23:35] <an3as> h01ger: Are you part of paper team?
[20:23:49] <Ganneff> des: keep it like it is, go on with something more important in this meeting
[20:23:59] <h01ger> an3as, nope. (i have to write one :)
[20:25:05] <an3as> Ahhhhh (is this future tense?)
[20:25:22] <an3as> I just submitted two and redraw the third ... :-(
[20:25:36] <an3as> BTW, is this OK?
[20:25:46] <an3as> When is the *real* paper deadline?
[20:25:47] <Tincho> If we decide to go on with keynotes, de don't need to discuss that.
[20:26:00] <h01ger> but i've been to enough conferences to know that attendees and sponsorees expect different things from keynotes than just being normal talks. so we need to make them special. by selecting good ones and providing a fitting environment. a innocent bof how to turn www.d.o into ikiwiki (or something else which will attract many people) at the same time, is not good.
[20:26:03] <Ganneff> an3as: last week
[20:26:33] <an3as> Ganneff: So it is better if I have redrawn my paper and rather work on the schedule.
[20:26:34] <h01ger> an3as, there was none communicated. only "ASAP" which means "in two month" or "when i have time". i added this to AOB for latter to discuss today :)
[20:27:03] <Ganneff> could we go on with meeting, or do we need more discussion on this?
[20:27:04] <Ganneff> marga?
[20:27:12] <an3as> OK, schedule should be read sooner than ASAP - so my priorities are fixed ...
[20:27:14] <edrz> there are only a few papers so far submitted, so does it make sense to print proceedings?
[20:27:22] <marga> Ganneff: it seems that some people want to have this decided instead of "just going on"
[20:27:31] <marga> So. Let's try to summarise.
[20:27:52] <marga> Keynotes are only "special" in 2 facts: 1) they are called keynotes 2) they are scheduled at the beginning of the day.
[20:28:15] <marga> We won't add any more keynotes, at least not without going through the papers committee before.
[20:28:18] <Tincho> marga: 3) no conflicting talks
[20:28:27] <Ganneff> and 3) by common (err holger :)) request they arent conflicting with other events
[20:28:30] <h01ger> 4.) selected speakers
[20:28:42] <Ganneff> unless someone just takes the room for himself and does stuff, which people tend to do :)
[20:28:44] <des> 5) they use the bigger+nicer room
[20:28:51] <h01ger> Tincho, /nick holger :-D
[20:28:56] <Tincho> h01ger: :)
[20:29:10] <marga> There's no agreement on whether there should or should not be conflicting talks.
[20:29:18] <Ganneff> marga: take it as should not.
[20:29:19] <marga> They are "talks" and thus get the talk room, yes.
[20:29:31] <Ganneff> i dont care, as long as this gets done now, well, fine, no conflicts.
[20:29:51] <edrz> i feel it should be stated that probably some of the tension here is due to the relatively important status of keynotes at other conferences.
[20:30:00] <marga> Is there someone who objects to having these keynotes (either with or without conflicts)?
[20:30:16] <edrz> using the word for debconf without according it the same status causes confusion and concern for many here, i think.
[20:30:17] <an3as> marga: I do not think that it is complicated to schedule without competing talks
[20:30:32] * h01ger objects to keynotes with conflicts :-)
[20:30:44] <marga> an3as: I know. Now. But maybe during DebConf someone might want to use the slot.
[20:30:56] <h01ger> (we also need to think of the people not interested in fancy keynotes. they can sleep longer ;)
[20:31:07] * des notes that madduck is not here
[20:31:09] <an3as> What means "want"
[20:31:19] <an3as> Can anybody access the schedule?
[20:31:21] <h01ger> someone _will_ want to use that slot... not might
[20:31:24] <Ganneff> an3as: adding stuff in pentabarf, asking schedule@ to give it slot X
[20:31:27] <h01ger> its debconf :)
[20:31:43] <an3as> So, if we decide not to schedule competing talks ...
[20:31:45] <Ganneff> whcih *will* happen. in the same way that people might just go in the room and do a bof. nothing we can do about.
[20:31:48] <marga> Ok, so, there seems that there's no objection, actually.
[20:31:58] <an3as> Hmmm, wait, it depends from the money this guy might pay ... ;-)
[20:32:09] <marga> Tincho, des: ?
[20:32:15] <h01ger> (having keynotes in the morning with nothing else scheduled also helps the video team. we can concentrate on one venue early, and do the second one (+3rd?) a bit later.)
[20:32:17] <an3as> Perhaps another competing Ububtu talk????
[20:32:33] <Tincho> marga: I have no problem with that as long as we agree on this
[20:32:41] <marga> Ok, then.
[20:32:54] <des> marga: I have no strong opinion about keynotes, for me it's ok to have them
[20:32:59] <Ganneff> an3as: please stay serious/ontopic, we want to get the meeting finished soon. :)
[20:33:11] <an3as> Sorry.
[20:33:17] <h01ger> Ganneff, (btw, i'm fine with people doing $WHATEVER in the time. as long as its not scheduled in penta. of course noone can, should or will prevent other stuff to happen at the same time.)
[20:33:37] <marga> #AGREED Keynotes are talks that are only "special" in 3 facts: 1) they are called keynotes 2) they are scheduled at the beginning of the day 3) they have no other event scheduled at the same time.
[20:33:45] <an3as> I think the first talks have the problem that not all people are awake ...
[20:34:05] <an3as> So sleeping might be the most attractive competing "event" ...
[20:34:14] <marga> I hope I got the agreement right.
[20:34:20] <Ganneff> marga: yes.
[20:34:24] <an3as> That's why I initially scheduled keynotes before noon ...
[20:34:25] <faw> marga, yes
[20:34:31] <marga> #TOPIC Projector/screen/PA equipment hire
[20:34:43] <marga> des: ?
[20:34:46] <edrz> if this is to be the meaning of debconf_keynote, it should be publicized as such somewhere relatively prominent.
[20:35:03] <edrz> as the word has different connotations outside the realm of dc8
[20:35:26] <faw> traditionally, there are two keynotes, opening and closing, and the "famous ones" seems to be closing, but some events do not "close", they keep going all night long, which might be a challenge that we should try to improve for next year :)
[20:35:40] <Ganneff> edrz: feel free to submit patches for websites, i think tincho likes patches :)
[20:35:44] <marga> So, we have some cameras and projectors that are being lent to us, the rest we have to rent.
[20:35:45] * h01ger notes edrz point and wonders if penta has notes explaining the event type :)
[20:35:56] <des> there are no news in this topic, yet, we need to get some more quotes
[20:35:58] <Tincho> Ganneff: I do :)
[20:36:08] <edrz> anyay, sorry to continue the previous topic after meetbot + chair have moved on.
[20:36:11] <Ganneff> des: any schedule when we will have those quotes?
[20:36:16] <edrz> personally i care far more about the new topic.
[20:36:18] <marga> We have a proposed quote from February, and we need to find out a few more.
[20:36:30] <marga> Do we know already the exact equipment we need to rent?
[20:36:32] <Ganneff> next meeting?
[20:36:56] <des> Ganneff: we are trying to contact the usual company the hotel works with. We are waiting for the contact information
[20:37:08] <des> so no real date to give
[20:37:14] <Ganneff> hrm
[20:37:25] <marga> des: But we should have the quote by next meeting.
[20:37:40] <des> let's see how we are in a week and otherwise we go with the February company
[20:37:47] <h01ger> do you ask for one or two PAs in that quote?
[20:37:54] <des> h01ger: 2
[20:37:56] <edrz> at minimum per room we need: projector, screen, stereo PA speakers, cables, speaker stands, mic stands
[20:38:25] <h01ger> des, rock!
[20:39:01] <marga> ok, so...
[20:39:20] <marga> #ACTION We should have a quote for the renting of the missing equipment by next week.
[20:39:30] <marga> #TOPIC Wired/wireless network planning status
[20:39:42] <Ganneff> we had the meeting a bit ago!
[20:39:51] <des> Tincho: ?
[20:40:27] <marga> #IDEA There was a meeting on Friday. After that meeting, it was decided to have 2 managed Gigabit switches in the backbone. Common switches and aps for the rest of the network.
[20:40:29] <Tincho> sorry, i was away
[20:40:53] <marga> #IDEA We are currently requesting quotes to see if we buy-and-later-sell the equipment or we rent it.
[20:40:56] <Tincho> we're going with 3com managed baselines, most probably
[20:41:04] <Ganneff> and common switches with one gbit port, afaik
[20:41:14] <Tincho> Ganneff: that's the goal, if we can
[20:41:17] <Ganneff> ie uplink. at least.
[20:41:35] <Tincho> we're travelling to mdq next thursday
[20:41:51] <Tincho> to setup ISP, basic infrastructure and start the cabling
[20:41:53] <marga> Yes, that too.
[20:42:00] <Tincho> (i.e. make the hotel do as we want it)
[20:42:11] <Ganneff> according to the last #idea the suggestion from weasel in that meeting is currently thought about?!
[20:42:17] <Tincho> also we're moving a big chunk of hardware in this trip
[20:42:18] <marga> #IDEA Tincho and Traveler_ are going to MDQ to oversee the ISP installation and arrange cabling with the hotel.
[20:42:22] <Ganneff> Traveler_: btw, i still need login to that one machine
[20:42:34] <Tincho> Ganneff: which one?
[20:42:45] <marga> Tincho: homer-to-be
[20:42:47] <Tincho> Ganneff: yes, there was a problem with the kvm, it should be ready in a few minutes
[20:42:55] <Tincho> marga: no, which idea
[20:42:57] <des> Ganneff: yes, there have been problems with the kvm ip switch
[20:43:00] <marga> Ah, I don't know.
[20:43:00] <maxyz> Traveler_: ^
[20:43:10] <Traveler_> Ganneff: The access is done, I just need to upload you key
[20:43:15] <Tincho> Traveler_ has to go for a while
[20:43:16] <Tincho> *had
[20:43:16] <Ganneff> k
[20:43:16] <Tincho> ah, there is
[20:43:28] <Ganneff> good.
[20:43:31] <marga> Ganneff: So, which one is weasel's idea?
[20:44:26] <Ganneff> the renting. and for the plans to resell - to consider better stuff, which is more expensive, but as its sold later again, you do *NOT* consider its full price. but only the difference between "buy" and "planned sell" price
[20:44:37] * h01ger likes the idea
[20:45:06] <Tincho> Ganneff: the think is that better stuff is more difficult to sell
[20:45:06] <marga> Ganneff: ah, right, but then the money is not there for DC8, it's only for DC9. And selling very expensive stuff in .ar is not always easy either.
[20:45:08] <Ganneff> so not to buy small stuff thats unmanageable, but more expensive and better network stuff, as its sold again...
[20:45:11] <Tincho> because of the huge prices
[20:45:31] <an3as> Ganneff: Quick interuption: How can I see obtain quickly the keynote events? Link in Penta to our rating list might do - just missing a way to navigate to committee list
[20:45:39] <Tincho> we're going to get manageable stuff, that's not under discussion...
[20:45:50] <marga> Anyway, we are probably going to buy 24 port Gb, even if 16 port would be enough, because 24 ports are easier to sell.
[20:45:53] <Ganneff> an3as: there is no such selection for any kind of talks.
[20:46:13] <Ganneff> marga: yes, two of them, for the backbone in the two floors.
[20:46:13] <marga> #TOPIC Room allocation status
[20:46:16] <an3as> But I might see it on the list we assembled ...
[20:46:34] <Ganneff> yes. or the sql i should run for you, but you are offtopic.
[20:46:44] <Ganneff> marga: btw, want to move that room page into our website?
[20:46:54] <Ganneff> like dc8.dc.o/rooms or something like it?
[20:46:56] <marga> #IDEA This is almost done. Some corrections were sent it after the draft, we shall be sending the list to the hotel to make the reservations so that they give us the room numbers this week.
[20:47:02] <Ganneff> or maybe put it on
[20:47:10] <marga> Ganneff: I can do that, but it would be nicer to have it in penta.
[20:47:50] <Ganneff> marga: ok. for that we need an easy way for you to update it. so possibly data svn own subdir and i svn co. will tell you later what you can drop from your html then
[20:47:51] <marga> Ganneff: is there any room support? How would we go about that?
[20:48:22] <Ganneff> marga: you create the page as you want, just without header/footer, we include it statically in pentabarf.
[20:48:26] <Ganneff> thats most easy way
[20:48:38] * h01ger is/was a bit confused about the topic change without a visible conclusion before... i guess its "the localteam will do and then tell" :) (and gettin manageable stuff..)
[20:48:56] <Ganneff> h01ger: read -admin logs, thats basically what it is, yes.
[20:48:57] <marga> Ganneff: ah... I was thinking of a dynamic page. But I guess that's ok as well.
[20:49:00] <Tincho> h01ger: guess so
[20:49:08] <Ganneff> marga: would mean more work. doable, but not as fast.
[20:49:36] <marga> Ganneff: ok, let's go with static then, there's no enough time for "more work"
[20:49:39] <marga> #TOPIC Proceedings
[20:49:48] <Ganneff> marga: correct. i take it on todo for next year. :)
[20:50:01] <marga> Ganneff: so, you sent the ping, we don't know anything more about it, right?
[20:50:28] <marga> Ganneff: can you send a "Last ping - LAST Deadline is Friday, July 18th" or something?
[20:50:30] * h01ger cheers Ganneff and penta
[20:50:53] <des> who was going to assemble the proceedings?
[20:50:57] <Ganneff> marga: yes, can do. just remind me by mail please.
[20:51:09] <marga> des: zack (who is not here).
[20:51:17] <Ganneff> after meeting is a little filled, just so i dont forget it.
[20:51:39] * h01ger offers to take this mail away from marga
[20:51:45] <marga> #ACTION Ganneff sends a "Last ping - LAST Deadline is Friday, July 18th" mail to people who should submit papers.
[20:51:46] <des> marga: but he's still doing it?
[20:51:50] <marga> h01ger: it's Ganneff not me.
[20:52:04] <marga> #ACTION h01ger mails zack to ask how the proceedings assembly is going.
[20:52:09] <marga> des: AFAIK, yes.
[20:52:29] <h01ger> :)
[20:52:35] <des> aob?
[20:53:16] <marga> #TOPIC Any Other Business
[20:53:21] <marga> Anything missing?
[20:53:47] <an3as> Well, at the beginning it sounded like Keynotes only
[20:53:47] <edrz> i wanted to ask about the key-signing.
[20:53:48] <des> I'd just like to comment that I'm working on the press interface for madduck
[20:53:52] <edrz> would that be offtopic?
[20:53:59] <Ganneff> edrz: ask
[20:54:07] <an3as> What about the time of one talk in general?
[20:54:26] <an3as> IMHO: 45min talking + 10min discussion + 5min changing stuff
[20:54:44] <edrz> just that I remember there being some stuff arranged beforehand last year and a deadline for people to submit their key ids + instructions, but I haven't seen any such thing this year.
[20:54:52] <edrz> so I wondered if it is being organized at all.
[20:55:04] <marga> an3as: it sounds like the sensible thing.
[20:55:17] * des wonders the same
[20:55:23] <marga> edrz: I think nobody volunteered to organize it this year.
[20:55:25] <Ganneff> edrz: its currently not.
[20:55:32] <edrz> an3as: video team might lobby for a 10 minute break between talks.
[20:55:32] <marga> We need a ksp volunteer organizer
[20:55:34] <Ganneff> edrz: we have the event, but not more data yet, as we planned something
[20:55:44] <Ganneff> but i will do it in the next two or three days
[20:55:44] <an3as> Marga: Fine.
[20:55:57] <marga> Ganneff: so, you are organizing it? Are you sure?
[20:56:01] <des> Ganneff: you'll organize it?
[20:56:03] <an3as> edrz: Which time you want to cut?
[20:56:06] <Ganneff> marga: i wont participate
[20:56:15] <Ganneff> but i am the one with server access and can easily collect keys.
[20:56:16] <an3as> IMHO we should not spend longer than 1 hour per event
[20:56:18] <Ganneff> will be ok.
[20:56:31] <edrz> an3as: ah, so slots are fixed to 60 minutes?
[20:56:40] <an3as> This was the idea.
[20:56:53] <an3as> It's just easy to remember: Full hour = start of a slot.
[20:56:56] <Ganneff> unless someone asked for more and has a reason
[20:57:00] <marga> Ganneff: well, ok, but someone still needs to coordinate people, explain how the signing is done, etc.
[20:57:01] <Ganneff> as people could ask for up to 3 hours
[20:57:04] <Ganneff> dont know if someone did it
[20:57:15] <Ganneff> marga: yes. will do. that doesnt need me to particiapte.
[20:57:19] <an3as> I would really dislike if the slots move 5 minute - wise over the day ...
[20:57:33] <edrz> an3as: nm, don't worry about it. we'll deal with it, i guess.
[20:57:35] <des> an3as: they will
[20:57:50] <des> I mean, they will anyway
[20:58:14] <edrz> but, yeah, des is right .. though it would really, really help if localteam provides a designated room manager
[20:58:25] <edrz> to keep the speakers from going over.
[20:58:25] <marga> edrz: yes, there will be.
[20:58:33] <marga> edrz: more than one, actually.
[20:58:41] <Ganneff> thats on todo for long time already, i think :)
[20:58:47] <edrz> plus, to hold up signs to for the speakers giving notice of time remaining.
[20:59:19] <marga> edrz: yes, yes. There's a volunteer team for that.
[20:59:27] <marga> I think we are done.
[20:59:41] <Ganneff> ay
[20:59:46] <edrz> marga: great. thank you mucho.
[20:59:53] <Tincho> I had one aob, but I can't recall now :(
[20:59:59] <marga> #endmeeting

Meeting ended.

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