19:00:17 <MrBeige> #startmeeting
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19:00:23 <MrBeige> #chair marga h01ger
19:00:29 <h01ger> MrBeige, i thought i had but appearantly not. Hydroxide was going to create a wiki page with a list of needed queries
19:00:45 <MrBeige> #meetingtopic global team meeting, agenda at http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf9/Meetings
19:00:51 * h01ger bows to MeatBot
19:01:11 <MrBeige> hi all, welcome to the meeting...
19:01:14 <MrBeige> #topic more penta admins ?
19:01:23 * h01ger sends some sms..
19:01:33 <MrBeige> so, let's see
19:01:40 * schultmc waves
19:01:46 <Noodles> This was ideally some non-EU timezone admins, wasn't it?
19:02:00 <MrBeige> this topic was about getting some more people with penta (at least read) access
19:02:05 <h01ger> i dont think its timezone critical
19:02:28 <h01ger> it should be someone going to dc10
19:02:34 <MrBeige> so that we can distribute the load of making queries like "how many corporate/professinoal attendees are there so that budget team can plan?"
19:02:50 <MrBeige> the basic concensus was "sure, if there's a trusted person to do it"
19:02:51 <marga> Is there someone wishing to do that?
19:02:51 <gwolf> Umh, I am currently unfamiliar with Penta's guts, but I can take it up - And yes, in DC7 I got acquinted with it...
19:03:04 <Hydroxide> h01ger: Ganneff suggested previously that it shouldn't be one of the central DC10 people. so someone like gwolf could work
19:03:08 <Noodles> Who does it at present? Ganneff + sgran?
19:03:09 <MrBeige> yeah
19:03:15 <marga> Noodles: and h01ger
19:03:18 <gwolf> I am not really wanting to do Pentabarf development right now, but I can do some queries and spot some bugs...
19:03:24 <gwolf> (hopefully)
19:03:32 <MrBeige> gwolf: queries is good enough for us
19:03:46 <MrBeige> gwolf: do you already have access ?
19:03:47 <gwolf> MrBeige: am I good enough for you?
19:03:48 <Hydroxide> gwolf: the DB layout is apparently a mess
19:04:03 <h01ger> gwolf, i plan to put the scripts in svn and am writing docs
19:04:08 <MrBeige> gwolf: if you have a bit of time to poke around, then yes
19:04:09 <gwolf> Hydroxide: Yes, I have been told so... in an attempt to save it from becoming chaotic it became more chaotic :)
19:04:14 <marga> Great, I think we all agree then :)
19:04:16 <Hydroxide> gwolf: you are good enough for us, certainly :) we like your knowledge of mexican food^W^W^W^Wyears-long involvement :)
19:04:23 <MrBeige> gwolf: and h01ger, etc can help
19:04:27 <h01ger> gwolf, so if you could be a backup-query-runner, that would be cool
19:04:31 * gwolf throws some carnitas over Hydroxide
19:04:45 <MrBeige> #action gwolf serves as backup-query-runner
19:04:58 <MrBeige> #info also we are putting useful queries in SVN/on the wiki so this should be less of a problem
19:05:07 <MrBeige> would anyone else like to be a backup query runner ?
19:05:56 <Noodles> If we're stuck I can try. It's Postgres, right?
19:05:58 <MrBeige> #topic budget team info
19:06:24 <MrBeige> Noodles: not sure, but we can add you as a posibility
19:06:38 <MrBeige> #info Noodles also offers to help run penta queries, if needed
19:06:39 <Hydroxide> yes, postgres
19:07:31 <marga> Ok, next topic?
19:07:32 <MrBeige> #info budget summary: 60000€ minimum, 90000€ ideal needed
19:08:04 * h01ger thanks MrBeige for having taken care of budget
19:08:06 <Hydroxide> 45000€ to 60000€ available currently, right?
19:08:09 <marga> #info money-out team: mails were sent to people with weird data, some corrected it, some said it was fine.  No more exceptions will be made.
19:08:15 <MrBeige> #info sponsorship summary: 45000€ recieved/promised, 10-20k€ more possible
19:08:28 <marga> #info mount-out team: the team is still in the process of being assembled.  More should happen soon.
19:08:29 <moray> marga: good
19:08:40 <marga> s/mount/money/
19:08:56 <MrBeige> marga: want to give a summary of DC8 leftovers ?
19:09:49 <MrBeige> so, right now it sounds like we can barely make it
19:09:50 <marga> #info Regarding DC8 left-overs: a few more thank-you bags to be sent out this week.  There are a few disagreements regarding the money left over at the different points in the world.  The final number is probably going to be near USD 10k. :-\
19:10:08 * h01ger tries to query the amount @ffis but got a db error :) writing email to Joey atm :)
19:10:10 <MrBeige> how close are we, compared to other years ?
19:10:19 <Noodles> 10k left over to pass to DC9?
19:10:35 <MrBeige> how soon do we usually end up on the positive side ?
19:10:44 <h01ger> marga, and then will we be able to get the money out directly or only via sponsoring of .ar people?
19:10:52 <MrBeige> Noodles: yes, left over from dc8
19:10:58 <moray> MrBeige: well, it's usually very late
19:10:59 <marga> Noodles: yes, but it should have been more, some unexpected expenses turned up in the money being handled off-shore.
19:11:00 <h01ger> MrBeige, there is no "usually" here ;)
19:11:13 <moray> MrBeige: I mean, typically the money is only finally sorted out after DebConf
19:11:13 <marga> h01ger: oh, almost nothing is left at .ar
19:11:14 <h01ger> or s/no/not much/
19:11:19 <marga> h01ger: less than 1k USD
19:11:22 <h01ger> marga, oh, cool :)
19:11:24 <Noodles> marga: It's still a reasonable %age of what we've got so far for DC9.
19:11:29 <moray> MrBeige: however, my impression is the sponsorship team has less time this year
19:11:30 * gwolf notes there are still (at least, there is one :) ) pending reimbursement for DC8...
19:11:31 <MrBeige> #info most DC8 leftover is at SPI or dc7ltd
19:11:49 <MrBeige> so
19:11:50 <moray> MrBeige: and we certainly can't just assume more money will appear
19:11:52 <schultmc> s/SPI\ or//
19:11:54 <marga> gwolf: yes, I know, I'll talk with schultmc about that as well.
19:12:04 <schultmc> unless my numbers are wrong
19:12:05 <MrBeige> shall we discuss what happens if we need to cut costs ?
19:12:14 <marga> #action marga and schultmc to figure out pending reimbursements.
19:12:24 <MrBeige> the 60000€ number only includes lodging/food/venue
19:12:26 <Noodles> dc7ltd only has £2.3k. Where's the rest if SPI doesn't have it?
19:12:43 <h01ger> anto is at a floss meeting in brussels, cek at a gala dinner in madrid... :/
19:12:48 <marga> schultmc: I sent you an email, your numbers do not match mine.  Please have a look at them.
19:12:59 <schultmc> marga: ok - I'll take a look
19:13:16 <MrBeige> Noodles: accounting issues to be worked out, being sure it is in the DC8 category, etc
19:13:17 <schultmc> i did a dump from SPI's database - it's possible some donations were miscategorized
19:13:17 <marga> Noodles: both SPI and DC7Ltd. are reporting less money that what I have in my spreadsheet.
19:13:30 <gwolf> MrBeige: I think we would need anto/cek to talk about most cost reduction-related issues :-/
19:13:38 <Noodles> marga: Ok. I'll let you beat them with a big stick then.
19:13:42 <marga> Noodles: :)
19:13:53 <moray> we should work out what has gone wrong if our numbers don't tally
19:13:58 * MrBeige refocuses on current budget things
19:14:01 <MrBeige> so just so everyone knows
19:14:02 <moray> however, it's more urgent to deal with dc9 yes
19:14:10 <MrBeige> we will likely have money for lodging/food/venue
19:14:16 <gwolf> I guess we still are not counting in the budget the money to be paid by corporate/professional attendees, right?
19:14:28 <Noodles> So we may have just enough money, but we don't have near our preferred top end?
19:14:34 <MrBeige> #info but if we need to, things like travel sponsorship and trips can be cut
19:14:39 <Sledge> I'm a little worried that we're only expecting ~10-20k more money
19:14:48 <Sledge> I'd expect quite a bit more than that yet, personally
19:14:55 <moray> Noodles: I think the 'preferred top end' would be much higher
19:15:00 <MrBeige> #info we will still get more income from professional/corporate, but need those numbers
19:15:11 <Noodles> moray: €90k was mentioned above.
19:15:13 <Sledge> there's at least one big sponsor we're waiting on yet
19:15:18 <marga> Sledge: who?
19:15:21 <moray> Noodles: right, I think that's with 'limited' travel sponsorship
19:15:23 <Sledge> marga: Nokia
19:15:30 <moray> Noodles: (e.g.)
19:15:32 <MrBeige> Sledge: I expect 10k€ from what's in sponsors-table, and 10k€ is from DC8 leftovers
19:15:35 <marga> Ok, thought so.  I'll be contacting Intel soon.
19:15:38 <MrBeige> Sledge: should we expect more than that ?
19:15:43 <Sledge> MrBeige: definitely, yes
19:15:45 <Hydroxide> how much are we likely to get from registration fees? (guesstimate)
19:15:57 <Sledge> in the past Nokia have been very generous
19:16:01 <marga> Hydroxide: we got about 20k USD last year.
19:16:09 <Hydroxide> wow
19:16:14 <Sledge> unless things have changed a *lot* I'd expect a big amount again
19:16:15 <MrBeige> #action Sledge and MrBeige adjust sponsors-summary for other sponsors we expect
19:16:21 <marga> Hydroxide: but last year was better organized.  This year it's not going to be nearly that much
19:16:23 <h01ger> http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf9/PentaQueries - please add missing queries there
19:16:29 * MrBeige thinks this topic has almost been exhausted
19:16:37 <MrBeige> what else is new to discuss, before we move on ?
19:16:39 <Hydroxide> marga: except that registration overall is higher this year, yes? (it's easier to travel to madrid than argentina)
19:16:49 <Hydroxide> ok, let's not take too much time ... /me drops it
19:16:57 <marga> Hydroxide: no, it's the fact that people wanting to stay at a hotel are not going to pay us.
19:16:57 <schultmc> marga: I got your mail - I'll check my numbers and get back to you ASAP (most likely tomorrow)
19:17:04 <marga> schultmc: ok, sure.
19:17:07 <h01ger> Sledge, nokia is not looking super great. i expect some money, but... we will see.
19:17:07 <MrBeige> #topic updates from teams
19:17:15 <Sledge> h01ger: ah...
19:17:20 <Hydroxide> marga: ah.
19:17:34 <MrBeige> can all teams #info there status / anything new ?
19:18:04 <MrBeige> #info budget team: summary is above.  We need more accurate numbers from localteam to make it more accurate !
19:18:13 <marga> I did the #info on money out in the previous part.
19:18:41 <moray> was there an answer on how much we currently are supposed to be paid by attendees?
19:18:45 <MrBeige> sponsorship team / allocation team
19:18:47 <moray> (if so I missed it)
19:18:55 <MrBeige> moray: no, not yet... I will get it, though, and revise
19:18:57 <marga> moray: we need a penta query for that.
19:19:01 <moray> sure
19:19:06 <MrBeige> t-shirt team?
19:19:10 <MrBeige> video team (if anything)
19:19:12 <marga> There's no t-shirt team.
19:19:17 <MrBeige> room allocation team ?
19:19:21 <h01ger> videoteam will have an meeting this week
19:19:27 <marga> Regarding t-shirts, I'd say, let's go with ts printed at .mx
19:19:32 <Hydroxide> #info videoteam will have a meeting this week
19:19:39 <h01ger> its hard to plan without knowing amount of rooms to stream and number of concurrent events
19:19:40 <marga> It worked well in EDI; I think it'll work well this time too.
19:19:42 <Noodles> #info Room allocation Nothing to report - still waiting for exact details on how many rooms we have
19:19:52 <gwolf> t-shirt team
19:19:54 <moray> marga: yes, if we can fool people into doing that work again :)
19:19:56 <gwolf> I can make that team
19:19:57 <marga> gwolf: how does that look for you?
19:19:58 <moray> great
19:20:01 <gwolf> (sorry, my attention was away)
19:20:06 * h01ger cheers t-shirt team
19:20:13 <gwolf> ...I asked Gaby to prepare a preliminary quote
19:20:19 <MrBeige> #action cek anto get details of rooms to room allocation team (sometime)
19:20:21 <MrBeige> #nick cek anto
19:20:35 <gwolf> She says she has to check with providers regarding pricing, but expects it to be quite similar to two years ago... which was...
19:20:44 <gwolf> US$3.80 per shirt
19:20:52 <marga> Awesome.
19:20:57 <gwolf> US$1140.00 for 300 shirts
19:20:59 <MrBeige> #info gwolf will head up the t-shirt team again  (likely around USD 3.80/shirt)
19:21:01 <gwolf> plus shipping
19:21:16 <Hydroxide> do we have to worry about import duties?
19:21:17 <MrBeige> #info t-shirt team:  < gwolf> US$1140.00 for 300 shirts  < gwolf> plus shipping
19:21:18 <gwolf> ...Shipping, IIRC, was a sizable chunk at EDI (~30% of the price)
19:21:38 <gwolf> Hydroxide: For UK we didn't need to, but she is looking into it
19:21:45 <MrBeige> anything from network infastructure teams (I'm just throwing stuff out here, not expecting much now)
19:22:02 * MrBeige asks people to stick to #info'ing information, and teams can discuss with interested people after the meeting
19:22:14 <MrBeige> h01ger: any word from anto on visas ?
19:22:37 <MrBeige> talk selection / talk scheduling / proceedings team ?
19:22:40 * h01ger thinks has send some letters, marga helped with translation
19:22:54 <gwolf> MrBeige: I translated the invitation documents to Spanish, with the Spanish institution (forgot the name, not the Junta) as the contact
19:23:00 <marga> h01ger: I translated the request, I don't know what happened after that.
19:23:12 <gwolf> Anto or Cek replied that in the end, the Junta confirmed it was going to do it
19:23:16 <MrBeige> #info < gwolf> MrBeige: I translated the invitation documents to Spanish, with the Spanish institution (forgot the  name, not the Junta) as the contact
19:23:16 <gwolf> but... I haven't heard more than that
19:23:23 <MrBeige> #info < gwolf> Anto or Cek replied that in the end, the Junta confirmed it was going to do it
19:23:31 <h01ger> i'll ask anto
19:23:45 <MrBeige> #info so visas are in-progress - yay
19:23:53 <gwolf> MrBeige: We surely hope so
19:24:00 <MrBeige> #info (we hope)
19:24:03 <MrBeige> let's move on
19:24:11 <MrBeige> #topic localteam updates
19:24:20 <MrBeige> does anyone have any secondhand knowledge of local-stuff ?
19:24:20 <marga> No news here.
19:24:46 <MrBeige> #info no localteam, and no secondhand knowledge...
19:24:53 * h01ger still considers going to caceres for a few days in 2 weeks - do you agree thats useful?
19:24:59 <MrBeige> #topic looking over the to-do list
19:25:10 <MrBeige> h01ger: I think it would be very useful...
19:25:14 <gwolf> h01ger: I would welcome you to go there. Very much.
19:25:29 <h01ger> ok
19:25:32 <MrBeige> http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf9/ToDo let's look at this link
19:25:48 <MrBeige> and try to see problem areas
19:26:19 * h01ger looks and misses prios
19:26:21 <MrBeige> accessibility ...
19:26:50 <angasule> Find out if Holger will buy the nametag pouches this year again. This should be done before July 15th.  <-- maybe this can be answered? :)
19:27:00 <MrBeige> "Stuff to hand out to attendees"
19:27:03 <angasule> bags and nametags
19:27:04 <angasule> yah
19:27:05 * gwolf sees as a problem area having to switch venue  in the middle of it all
19:27:21 <MrBeige> Day Trip, Conference Dinner,
19:27:27 <MrBeige> Volunteers
19:27:28 <moray> MrBeige: when possible we got maps etc. from the local tourist bureau
19:27:29 <angasule> gwolf: that was mentioned during last meeting, yes
19:27:31 * h01ger thinks the venue is fine (re a13y) but its hard to plan anything atm without having a real idea how many details will work ;)
19:27:43 <gwolf> angasule: but it's still a problem area
19:27:45 <h01ger> angasule, i can get nametags again...
19:27:49 <moray> MrBeige: (they normally will send boxes of them for free)
19:27:49 * MrBeige asks people mainly focus on who does what here, not how to do it
19:28:07 <gwolf> ...I'll modify the wiki page - If we print the shirts and ship overseas, I'd prefer working with two more weeks time (i.e. design due for June 1)
19:28:16 <MrBeige> so h01ger works on nametags
19:28:20 <marga> gwolf: sure, makes sense.
19:28:22 <MrBeige> gwolf works on t-shirts
19:28:46 <MrBeige> do we postpone daytrip and conference dinner until we have the rest worked out better ?
19:28:50 <h01ger> MrBeige, i wouldnt call it that :) /me goes shopping once.
19:28:53 <moray> MrBeige: I think so
19:28:57 * h01ger nods
19:29:08 <moray> h01ger: if you go there, can you find the tourist bureau and speak to them to get maps etc.?
19:29:16 <MrBeige> #info daytrip / conference dinner planning postponed until other stuff is better in shape...
19:29:39 <h01ger> moray, yes, if its on some list, ie todo
19:29:43 <MrBeige> #info see what tourist bureau has to hand out to people
19:29:57 <gwolf> I expect Junta to provide all that handouts...
19:30:02 * h01ger too
19:30:09 <MrBeige> do we have someone looking over the data in Penta to see if it's sensible ?
19:30:16 <marga> nope
19:30:22 <marga> As far as I know, at least, we don't
19:30:28 <h01ger> MrBeige, see if what is sensible?
19:30:35 * MrBeige volunteers to look at penta data if he gets access
19:30:45 <h01ger> marga, i have last years script from sgran, which checks some plausibility
19:30:45 <moray> h01ger: for dc7 looking at an overview table showed lots of bad data
19:30:48 <MrBeige> h01ger: "Check that the data entered is sensible (no important fields missing). " from the list
19:30:52 <MrBeige> h01ger: under "Attendees"
19:31:00 <moray> h01ger: hopefully we prevent some of that better now, but probably there are still things wrong
19:31:07 <h01ger> http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf9/PentaQueries please
19:31:12 <moray> and certainly there will be lots of missing dates etc. still
19:31:14 <MrBeige> h01ger: "Check that people attending DebCamp actually do have a plan. "
19:31:14 <gwolf> Re: Bags: We can also print them here, they are not as voluminous as the shirts... But yes, I agree wit the page, it is not as vital to get _now_
19:31:44 <MrBeige> so who does penta-sanity checking?  me?  someone else ?
19:31:49 <MrBeige> me + someone else ?
19:31:56 <moray> MrBeige: well volunteered!
19:32:08 <marga> MrBeige: I'm afreaid you might overload, but I'm totally fine with you doing it :)
19:32:09 <gwolf> MrBeige: I will be able to help you with that... but cannot yet
19:32:10 <MrBeige> someone else would be preferable as my time is getting short
19:32:16 <MrBeige> marga: AOL
19:32:20 <moray> MrBeige: before we had a table to make it easier
19:32:32 <moray> MrBeige: I mean, the queries gave a nice UI that non-penta-hackers could look at
19:32:35 <marga> moray: there should be some queries from last year.
19:32:38 <moray> I don't know if we have that now
19:32:47 <moray> ok
19:32:50 <MrBeige> #action MrBeige tricks someone into helping someone look at penta data to sanity-check
19:32:57 <MrBeige> last thing before we move on: website
19:33:10 <MrBeige> is teh website doing all right in terms of data?  I haven't checked recently
19:33:17 <h01ger> MrBeige, someone being me & gwolf, with backup of Noodles and the usual admins
19:33:39 <moray> MrBeige: for the website I still never got to doing the planned blitz of adding stuff, I still plan to do more though
19:33:42 <MrBeige> #action h01ger and gwolf help MrBeige look at penta data to sanity-check
19:33:48 <moray> (too busy, if you hadn't guessed)
19:33:54 <MrBeige> #action moray does a blitz of adding data to website sometime
19:34:03 <MrBeige> hm, I see this one: "Publicize donating and paying your stay at DebConf"
19:34:16 <MrBeige> that could be useful this year...
19:35:15 <moray> right, probably easier to persuade people if we actually have a budget crisis
19:35:27 <moray> I mean, if *needed* I think a lot more people would pay for their lodging etc.
19:35:38 <MrBeige> should we publisize that "donations this year"
19:36:08 <gwolf> I have to put my attention away to other issues (RL)
19:36:13 <MrBeige> + will be very helpful
19:36:13 <marga> YEs
19:36:18 <moray> perhaps, any time we mention paying/donating we normally get a few people ranting though, so it's better to be careful about wording
19:36:50 <marga> The people ranting is a low numbre.
19:37:02 <marga> We should definitely publicize the click-n-pledge thingy
19:37:23 <MrBeige> who is in charge of this ?
19:37:43 <marga> nobody
19:37:53 <MrBeige> meaning, "who volunteers" ?
19:37:59 <marga> :)
19:38:14 <MrBeige> preferable someone well-respected in the debconf history
19:39:02 <marga> MrBeige: I guess we should ask on list
19:39:06 <gwolf> (back)
19:39:07 <MrBeige> ok
19:39:11 <schultmc> the "click-n-pledge thingy" needs to be updated for dc9 (assuming that hasn't already been done - I don't recall if I did that or not but I'll do so)
19:39:31 <schultmc> #info schultmc will make sure click&pledge is setup for dc9 attendee payments
19:39:32 <MrBeige> #action we look at working on publisizing (ugh spelling) that donations will be helpful this year...
19:39:42 <MrBeige> #action schultmc will make sure click&pledge is setup for dc9 attendee payments
19:39:45 <MrBeige> schultmc: thanks!
19:40:12 <MrBeige> moving on...
19:40:29 <MrBeige> #topic left-over action items, any other business ?
19:41:26 <h01ger> MrBeige can now see queries with personalized data \o/ again if you note that we miss queries, edit that wikipage please
19:41:30 <moray> we should pay holger's travel if he can go
19:42:05 <MrBeige> moray: good point
19:42:11 * h01ger already basically arranged with Sledge and debian money
19:42:17 <moray> (big benefit to DebConf compared to one more attendee later)
19:42:18 <moray> h01ger: good
19:42:23 <MrBeige> *: should approve to pay h01ger (and other people) to travel ?
19:42:29 <MrBeige> +for preparation
19:42:30 <MrBeige> ok
19:42:32 <MrBeige> so it's taken care of...
19:42:35 <MrBeige> so...
19:42:36 <moray> right, if others have time to go before debconf
19:42:42 <moray> I'm sure stuff will still be useful :/
19:43:29 <MrBeige> #help if you'd like to go to cáceres before debconf to help out, it can possibly be paid for...
19:43:40 <MrBeige> so
19:43:48 <MrBeige> with this being done...
19:44:00 <MrBeige> speak up now or we close...
19:44:18 <MrBeige> #endmeeting