19:00:22 <MrBeige> #startmeeting
19:00:31 <MrBeige> #meetingtopic http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf9/Meetings
19:00:35 <MrBeige> greetings everyone
19:00:45 <MrBeige> let's get straight into teams updates
19:00:49 <MrBeige> #topic updates from various teams
19:01:06 <MrBeige> #info teams, #info your latest doings...
19:01:51 <MrBeige> #info travel sponsorship - marga and schultmc, but we need more budget details before we can do this
19:02:38 <FBI> debconf-data: 3 holger committed revision 886 to debconf-data: make the logo unreadable, as the sponsors wants it to be
19:02:38 <FBI> debconf-data: files changed: U   media.debconf.org/dc9/sponsorlogos/bronze/iniciativajoven.jpg
19:03:04 <MrBeige> #info talk selection: selectors have logins, needs an irc meeting, maybe a week or so
19:03:25 * MrBeige listens to himself talk...
19:03:36 <MrBeige> sponsorship team ?
19:03:40 <MrBeige> gwolf: t-shirts ?
19:03:56 <MrBeige> (budget team willbe next topic)
19:04:36 <MrBeige> anto: I don't know if you'd rather give updates here, or later when we have questions about h01ger's trip - later is probably better
19:05:09 <anto> later is better
19:05:16 <h01ger> anto, any idea where cek is?
19:05:19 * Noodles appears.
19:05:20 <moray> sorry can't make the meeting, stuck with family ... :(
19:05:30 <anto> by my side
19:05:34 <h01ger> heh :)
19:05:39 * h01ger waves a cek
19:05:48 <MrBeige> Noodles: anything important to update on rooms?  I assume it's still mainly waiting for info on what there is to assign...
19:05:50 <moray> for the venue bit -- less distance sounds better!  I can be on IRC later to discuss anything, but sadly have to disappear for now, sorry
19:06:16 <MrBeige> #info room allocation is doing well, waiting on info on what rooms we'll have to make the allocations
19:06:16 <Noodles> We had our first attendence fee payment yesterday.
19:06:19 * h01ger hopes moray is absent for fun family business
19:06:51 <MrBeige> Noodles: anything else you need, besides room info and list of who reconfirms ?
19:07:11 <Noodles> I think I sort of have enough room enough at present; it sounds like most rooms are twins.
19:07:36 <Noodles> Is there something in Penta I should be marking when we receive payment? The receipts from clickandpledge are going to rooms@
19:07:55 <h01ger> anto, cek: the rooms in MT - do you know if they are all twin and single, or are there bigger ones too?
19:08:16 <h01ger> Noodles, no idea how that was handled last year. /me suggest to ask marga
19:08:28 <MrBeige> #action anto and cek send a detailing of the rooms in MT/FdS to the lists
19:08:41 <cek> hi all
19:08:45 <MrBeige> cek: greetings!
19:08:47 <h01ger> FdS has been to the list already. 35 double, 5 single
19:08:56 <h01ger> only MT is unclear
19:09:08 <MrBeige> #info < h01ger> FdS has been to the list already. 35 double, 5 single < h01ger> only MT is unclear
19:09:12 <Noodles> Was FdS not 6 single? And a total of 72 beds available to us minimum?
19:09:15 <cek> MT are all double rooms besides the one for the wheel chairs
19:09:26 <MrBeige> #info < cek> MT are all double rooms besides the one for the wheel chairs
19:09:41 <MrBeige> cek: thanks!
19:09:53 <MrBeige> cek: will there be anything else we should know, before we assign them?
19:10:32 <MrBeige> ok...
19:10:33 <cek> for blind people let us choose the rooms
19:10:40 <cek> thats all
19:10:51 <MrBeige> cek: what do you mean?  there are some better for the blind?
19:10:52 <h01ger> and probably other handicapped people too
19:11:02 <h01ger> MrBeige, yes. closer/better ways and such
19:11:12 * h01ger asked the same some days ago :)
19:11:13 <MrBeige> cek: send these things to the list (or Noodles) and he can take care of it...
19:11:17 <cek> yes, h01ger
19:11:28 <MrBeige> ok, we should move on...
19:11:45 <MrBeige> #topic budget/sponorship team updates
19:11:54 * MrBeige is budget team contact
19:12:09 <MrBeige> anto / cek: do you have any updates on prices ?
19:12:21 <cek> GIJ 3000 euros (already on the web)
19:12:42 <MrBeige> #info right now, accommodation + equipment + food + tshirts = 83k€
19:12:51 <cek> Caceres 2016 1500€
19:13:13 <MrBeige> #info this excludes things like travel sponsorship and a bunch of other misc things which past conferences have had
19:13:31 <MrBeige> cek: great... those are in my documents (i've been following along)
19:13:45 <cek> that's all about budget
19:14:03 <cek> we are still waiting for Cenatic, Cáceres council and Junta of Extremadura
19:14:07 <h01ger> what about  Gaceta Technologica?
19:14:16 <MrBeige> #info and right now, we have pledged or recieved a total of 63k€ ... We should expect about 10k€ of attendee's fees right now
19:14:35 <cek> Gaceta Tecnológica no money, only advertisement on Newspaper
19:14:51 <h01ger> uhm. ok :/
19:15:09 <h01ger> btw, if someone writes an article we could get one in the july issue of linux magazine
19:15:21 <h01ger> but i dont see that much value / use in it
19:15:22 <cek> anto is going to ask Sadiel and Isotrol for sponsorship
19:15:28 <h01ger> (we'll get the ad anyway)
19:15:31 <MrBeige> so that means our shortfall is about 10k€.  Which it sounds like we will probably be able to make.  We have maybe 20k€ of other "possible" sponsors which we are hoping.  10k global, i'm assuming 10k local
19:15:49 <MrBeige> so what do people think of this budget so far ?
19:16:03 * h01ger thinks its pretty ok
19:16:13 <Noodles> We haven't factored /any/ travel sponsorship into that, right?
19:16:20 <h01ger> but thats jsut a feeling
19:16:22 <MrBeige> Noodles: right, none
19:16:37 <cek> 10k is quite easy to get (we think)
19:16:56 <Noodles> It sounds like we'll at least cover the non negotiable costs.
19:17:01 <MrBeige> yeah
19:17:02 <h01ger> ui (no travel sponsorship)
19:17:04 <cek> BTW, Cenatic will put some water fountains all over the residence/venue. They promised today.
19:17:06 <Noodles> And that's gotta be good news. ;)
19:17:07 <FBI> debconf-team: 3 holger committed revision 865 to debconf-team: some more updates
19:17:07 <FBI> debconf-team: files changed: U   dc9/sponsors-table
19:17:12 <h01ger> yay! water!
19:17:25 <damog> nice
19:17:39 <MrBeige> yay!
19:18:39 <MrBeige> #agreed our budget is pretty OK.  We still need some more sponsors, but we will probably be able to get them.  However, this doesn't factor in travel reimbursement or other things
19:18:50 <MrBeige> (like the dinner, day trip, etc)
19:19:09 * h01ger is not so sure if the budget is really pretty ok without travel sponsorhip ;)
19:19:19 <h01ger> but yeah, its cool that debconf9 will happen! :)
19:19:19 <cek> day trip and/or dinner will probably be paid by Cenatic also, we are still negotiating
19:19:46 <h01ger> cek, dont forget to get their logo(s) and such
19:20:00 <h01ger> cek, btw, did you get the CCMI fotos?
19:20:01 <cek> when they confirm, we will ask for it
19:20:25 <cek> h01ger, still waiting for them, but Nando (the guy at CCMI) will be with me tomorrow...
19:20:32 <MrBeige> #topic Q&A from venue options and visits
19:20:58 <MrBeige> two emails from h01ger:
19:21:03 <h01ger> cek, that might be too late, we want to decide today :)
19:21:04 <MrBeige> http://lists.debconf.org/lurker/message/20090519.184841.ed4223e8.en.html
19:21:05 <FBI> debconf-team: 3 holger committed revision 866 to debconf-team: yet more infos
19:21:05 <FBI> debconf-team: files changed: U   dc9/sponsors-table
19:21:09 <MrBeige> http://lists.debconf.org/lurker/message/20090521.223424.88bbc63c.en.html
19:21:32 <cek> h01ger, I think MT is ok now with the new hacklabs and so
19:21:33 <MrBeige> who has questions about how to decide between the venues ?
19:22:07 <h01ger> cek, ah, you have been there now too or just what anto and me told you?
19:22:20 <h01ger> anybody here who hasnt read those mails?
19:22:21 <Noodles> I think given the sponsorship situation CCMI doesn't make sense.
19:22:22 <MrBeige> h01ger: would you like to #info a summary of the most important stuff that's new ?
19:22:29 <Noodles> It's money better spent elsewhere.
19:22:38 * h01ger thinks Noodles makes a lot of sense
19:22:49 <cek> h01ger, what you and anto told me
19:22:52 <Noodles> And, as I've said before, talks + accommodation in the same place has proved a win in the past.
19:22:52 * MrBeige AOLs at Noodles, too
19:22:55 * angasule_ agrees too
19:23:02 <h01ger> cek, anto: we can use the hacklabs at MT for 24/7, right?
19:23:24 <anto> yes
19:23:26 <h01ger> Noodles, talks, accomodation _and_ food even. and MT is in the city and way cheaper. so
19:23:35 <MrBeige> agreed by all ?
19:23:36 <h01ger> and 24/7 hacklabs, yay!
19:23:41 <Noodles> Hack the planet!
19:23:50 * h01ger agrees
19:24:00 <MrBeige> #agreed we will use only MT as our venue, for many reasons stated here now and in the past
19:24:14 <MrBeige> woo!!!
19:24:20 <h01ger> that was an easy decission \o/
19:24:28 <MrBeige> #topic accommodation - how much overflow will we need ?
19:24:37 <h01ger> cash overflow?
19:24:39 <MrBeige> we can't know exactly until after reconfirmation
19:24:44 <MrBeige> overflow beds
19:24:45 <Noodles> We'll get a better idea about that as people reconfirm.
19:25:08 <Noodles> I believe there were ~ 30 in a "hostel" potentially?
19:25:14 <Noodles> So that's us up to about 240.
19:25:17 <MrBeige> the latest estimate, with 80% reconfirming, was 280 people, so we'd need about 60 more beds
19:25:19 <anto> we can ask another residence
19:25:31 <Noodles> I think having more options would be good.
19:25:49 <anto> but i need real data before
19:26:20 <Noodles> Ok. We've 2 weeks left of reconfirmation. Maybe worth checking the numbers in a week and see where we are?
19:26:22 <MrBeige> anto: it's probably safe to assume about 60 more beds.... so start looking for that many
19:26:24 <h01ger> right. can someone (noodles?) bounce MrBeiges mail from dc-announce to d-d-a? i cant bounce and sign...
19:27:00 <MrBeige> anto: and it may go up or down a bit, but that's enough to keep in mind.  And we will keep updating you when we know more
19:27:03 <MrBeige> anto: sound good ?
19:27:06 <anto> ok, i think no problem there are at least two residences more
19:27:15 <Noodles> I don't think I can either, but I can resend and sign.
19:27:27 <MrBeige> Noodles: resend is fine
19:27:34 * h01ger nods, i'd be happy if you'd do, Noodles
19:27:42 <MrBeige> #info we are estimating 60 beds more.  < anto>  ok, i think no problem there are at least two residences more
19:27:48 * h01ger send 45 mails today already ;)
19:28:00 <Noodles> I'll do it once the meeting is over then.
19:28:06 <MrBeige> #action MrBeige makes sure that we get updated reconfirmation numbers and tells the localteam in about a week
19:28:29 <MrBeige> #topic attendee's info vanishing from penta
19:28:42 <MrBeige> http://lists.debconf.org/lurker/message/20090513.215720.2b51c43d.en.html for one
19:28:44 <h01ger> Noodles, thanks
19:28:58 <h01ger> sgran, any insight on this? or marga, from last year?
19:29:10 <MrBeige> we also have 47 people at "--- please select one ---", which might be a sign of this problem, too
19:29:40 <h01ger> ouch
19:29:56 <MrBeige> #info if this happens to attendees, they can email us and we will fix it
19:30:11 <sgran> h01ger: we've seen this in the past, but it's a bit difficult to track down
19:30:26 <MrBeige> but it's clearly somewhat widespread...
19:30:35 <sgran> the penta database logs tell me that it was changed at some point, but clearly the people don't think they made the change
19:30:41 <h01ger> so the only option we have is to mail the people and ask for a refill? (and hope the mail addresses dont get lost too :)
19:30:51 <MrBeige> can we assign someone to be the "investigator" of this ?  sgran ?
19:30:52 <h01ger> ahhm
19:30:54 <sgran> I have no idea if it's the javascript or what it is
19:31:20 <sgran> MrBeige: I can only tell you I'm fairly confident it's not server side code
19:31:35 <sgran> once it becomes things like javascript, I'm at a loss.  I hate web programming
19:31:37 <MrBeige> sgran: but could be a weird javascript interaction in a browser ?
19:31:41 <MrBeige> yeah
19:31:48 * MrBeige too
19:31:54 <sgran> it _could_ be.  I'm kind of grasping at straws
19:32:18 <h01ger> so what do we do with it?
19:32:42 <MrBeige> maybe we should send an email to all the --- please select one --- people asking to re-update or email us asking to fix, and include info on what browser they are using ?
19:32:43 * gwolf officially hates overlapping meetings — Going over backlog
19:32:49 <sgran> I would cut the people some slack for now - we can look at the database logs and see when it was changed if we want, although it's a little slow
19:32:54 <angasule_> let's code a new package to be used to register for next year? :)
19:33:18 <h01ger> MrBeige, yes
19:33:21 <angasule_> getting the browser & version used by those who had trouble would help, I guess
19:33:23 <h01ger> i think we have to do this
19:33:34 <MrBeige> h01ger: email them, or cut them slack ?
19:33:51 * MrBeige would say both
19:34:12 <MrBeige> who can be the contact with attendees about penta stuff?  be the emailer and all ?
19:34:14 <h01ger> yup
19:34:55 <h01ger> who'll send those mails?
19:35:16 <h01ger> my plate is full. there will be the first real -video meeting next week...
19:35:28 <MrBeige> someone who isn't me, either, but I can be an internal contact about it...
19:35:49 <h01ger> gwolf? as you can run those queries anyway? ;-)
19:36:06 <MrBeige> #help we need someone to send emails to attendees to work out the vanishing penta issue
19:36:19 <h01ger> #help to ask them to reenter their data
19:36:40 <MrBeige> #topic Debian Open Day
19:36:51 <MrBeige> ok, we need to move on...
19:37:07 <h01ger> debianday is scheduled as the first day of debconf, on the 24th
19:37:13 <MrBeige> so we *will* have debian open day, correct?  because we should.
19:37:28 * h01ger thinks so too
19:37:45 <MrBeige> what's status on talks for openday ?
19:37:48 <h01ger> cek, anto: did you find any talks for debian day, where someone from junta or so tells us what cool stuff you do with debian?
19:37:50 <angasule_> I think anto mentioned an event was being planned
19:38:29 <MrBeige> anto: what about this event ?
19:38:34 <MrBeige> anto: --^
19:38:34 <anto> yes, Junta should be present in debian day
19:38:43 <anto> HP also
19:38:53 <h01ger> anto, can you make them submit talks in penta so we can plan that?
19:39:06 <anto> Council of cáceres depend the money they give us
19:39:15 <h01ger> due to missing talks in penta some people already think, debianday will not happen and have asked their talks to be removed
19:39:28 <h01ger> anto, not for money. for giving talks
19:39:44 * gwolf is up to speed
19:39:59 <MrBeige> #info Junta and HP will present at debian open day.  Maybe council of cáceres
19:40:33 <gwolf> MrBeige: There are several talks in Penta which are most appropriate for OpenDebConfDay
19:40:36 <MrBeige> #action anto prods the Junta and HP to put their debian open day talks into penta
19:40:44 <gwolf> YayForCamelCaseWithInterMediateCaps
19:41:07 <MrBeige> #info we need talks submitted, so that peolpe don't give up on openday
19:41:11 <gwolf> h01ger: Not all talks might be yet present, but some _are_
19:41:11 <cek> yes, but depending on the money Cenatic and council will have a talk in DebianDay
19:41:12 <MrBeige> gwolf: great
19:41:25 <h01ger> cool
19:41:38 <gwolf> I don't know how public talk titles are, but if needed, I can produce a list of which have _requested_ to be part of it
19:41:38 <h01ger> gwolf, are you paper team or just have been looking at penta?
19:41:44 <gwolf> h01ger: I am paper team
19:41:57 <MrBeige> gwolf: is tehre a separate talk track for openday ?
19:42:06 <h01ger> gwolf, \o/ - can you create a preliminary schedule, just with timeslots, real soon now? people have been asking...
19:42:08 <gwolf> in fact, I have suggested some talks that were for the main track to be moved over to Open
19:42:22 * h01ger is happy gunnar is in the talk team
19:42:22 <MrBeige> gwolf: so that we can record what is possible
19:42:27 <gwolf> h01ger: I cannot as I have not much of an idea :) I think an3as is your man for that
19:42:47 <MrBeige> gwolf: ana ?
19:42:51 <h01ger> gwolf, can you ping him?
19:42:57 <MrBeige> an3as ?
19:42:59 <h01ger> MrBeige, Andreas Tille
19:43:04 <h01ger> an3as on irc
19:43:31 <gwolf> h01ger: I... am somewhat lost - To be honest, I have been rating and commenting on some talks, but even the mail with the instructions was DC8-oriented (i.e. some premises didn't hold), so I'm rating probably talks that need not be rated
19:43:33 <MrBeige> #action an3as works on preparing the openday-track talk schedule and getting talks signed up for it
19:43:37 <MrBeige> #nick an3as
19:43:59 <h01ger> #an3as and tassia and gwolf
19:44:25 <MrBeige> #action gwolf and tassia also work on preparing the openday-track talk schedule and getting talks signed up for it
19:44:28 <MrBeige> #nick tassia
19:44:40 <MrBeige> ok, so we have people assigned here, moving on...
19:44:42 <gwolf> wait...
19:44:46 <MrBeige> ok
19:44:49 <gwolf> who _should_ be preparing OpenDebConfDay?
19:44:57 <gwolf> I can pick it up if nobody is supposed to
19:45:16 <gwolf> but I understand An3as (...and somebody else, who was it?) were the schedule team
19:45:28 * MrBeige is unsure
19:45:38 <gwolf> Might be... Daniel Silverstone?
19:45:40 <gwolf> I think so
19:45:47 <MrBeige> ah, yeah
19:45:50 <Noodles> Yeah, Kinnison is on schedule team.
19:45:50 <gwolf> google told me  http://www.mail-archive.com/debconf-team@lists.debconf.org/msg02660.html
19:45:58 <h01ger> gwolf, please do pick it up
19:46:03 <Noodles> I think a native Spanish speaker is going to make sense for DebConfDay?
19:46:13 <h01ger> hables espanol. and debianday will be in spanish, or?
19:46:18 <gwolf> Noodles: makes sense. So I'll work it up.
19:46:26 <h01ger> cheers
19:46:26 <gwolf> h01ger: AFAIK it was not going to be in Spanish
19:46:27 <MrBeige> gwolf: you can at least pick up and be sure that those who had volunteered before will work on it...
19:46:33 <h01ger> gwolf, ack
19:46:35 <gwolf> it was meant to be the day wit hte most general talks
19:46:40 <gwolf> but still, I'll work it up
19:46:44 <gwolf> agree
19:46:49 * damog works gwolf up
19:46:49 <MrBeige> ok
19:46:55 * gwolf fluffles damog
19:47:10 <MrBeige> can we move on ?
19:47:14 <gwolf> yup
19:47:35 <MrBeige> #topic anything from http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf9/ToDo ?
19:47:43 * gwolf raises hand
19:47:52 <gwolf> We will print the Tshirts, yes. We need the design.
19:47:52 <MrBeige> gwolf: I pick you!
19:48:08 <MrBeige> #info < gwolf> We will print the Tshirts, yes. We need the design.
19:48:10 <gwolf> I remember we talked about some designs some time ago
19:48:14 <MrBeige> who is incharge of design ?
19:48:32 <gwolf> who had done it? Who can send us some nice vectorized front+back images? (back = sponsors)
19:48:47 <h01ger> gwolf, there was design long ago on the list
19:48:52 <cek> Valessio?
19:48:54 <MrBeige> valessio had done the designs so far for dc9 ...
19:48:55 <h01ger> yes
19:48:58 <gwolf> Preferably also, that person should coordinate with Gaby for settling the colors for the four different shirts
19:49:09 <gwolf> ok, so I will get in touch with valessio
19:49:14 <gwolf> MrBeige: feel free to #action me
19:49:30 <MrBeige> #action gwolf gets in touch with valessio and works on designs for t-shirts
19:49:42 <MrBeige> gwolf: anyove can #action with the new meetbot
19:50:02 <MrBeige> gwolf: was gaby going to do bags, too ?
19:50:04 <gwolf> But it feels stronger if I get actioned upon rather than actioning myself
19:50:09 <gwolf> MrBeige: Depending on budget, but yes
19:50:19 <gwolf> and the design would be done by the same designer - valessio
19:50:32 <MrBeige> ok
19:50:45 <MrBeige> sounds good
19:50:50 <MrBeige> you're the boss
19:50:54 <MrBeige> moving on...
19:50:58 <MrBeige> #topic next meeting
19:51:00 <gwolf> #action gwolf should also ask valessio about bags
19:51:00 * angasule_ raises hand
19:51:02 <MrBeige> in two weeks ?
19:51:03 <angasule_> err
19:51:08 <MrBeige> angasule_: yes ?
19:51:12 * h01ger thinks two weeks is good
19:51:24 <angasule_> I had an issue about the ToDo :) the website/wiki needs more info about getting to extremadura and other tidbits
19:51:32 <Noodles> That'll be just after reconfirmation ends, so sounds good to me.
19:51:47 <angasule_> I tried accessing websites, they are not very good, a local could probably answer all that in a minute
19:51:51 <MrBeige> #agreed next meeting in two weeks, 8 june 19 UTC
19:51:52 <angasule_> (plug types, for example)
19:51:58 <MrBeige> #topic website needs more info
19:52:09 <MrBeige> angasule_ has a good point
19:52:10 <gwolf> Hmm... I see tille logged in in Penta (red tab in top, for admins) - Does anybody know if there is a way to get him?
19:52:14 <h01ger> angasule_, what is missing exactly? ah. angasule_, plug types are the standard ones in europe
19:52:19 <gwolf> He is not logged into IRC
19:52:27 <h01ger> gwolf, mail
19:52:49 <MrBeige> angasule_: would you like to take charge of website prodding (think of what is missing and get someone to add it) ?
19:52:54 <gwolf> angasule_: Regarding plug types, electricity and so on, we can basically copy over from DC5 (regular European, with minor local differences)
19:52:58 <angasule_> MrBeige: sure
19:53:07 <MrBeige> I know moray had offered to do a blitz of adding things but has been busy up until now
19:53:12 <angasule_> ok, I'll look copy from DC5
19:53:35 <MrBeige> #info < gwolf> ... we can basically copy over from DC5 (regular European, with minor local differences)
19:53:47 <MrBeige> #action angasule_ and moray work on adding more stuff that will be useful
19:54:07 <MrBeige> any more ?
19:54:10 <angasule_> bus info is a bit lacking
19:54:14 <angasule_> MAD->Caceres
19:54:21 <gwolf> angasule_: You can probably prod anto/cek for travel info - photos, maps, etc
19:54:25 <angasule_> the avanzabus website in the wiki gives no info
19:54:31 <MrBeige> #topic any other business
19:55:02 <MrBeige> #action MrBeige puts a copy of our current expenses online for peer review - the wiki is no longer accurate since we switched to a spreadsheed in svn
19:55:06 <anto> MT is the venue definetely?
19:55:09 <h01ger> yes
19:55:38 * gwolf yays for MT
19:55:55 <MrBeige> #info Thanks to everyone who has worked so far on this - we are doing great now!
19:56:03 <h01ger> \o/
19:56:10 <MrBeige> any other last words from anyone ?
19:56:29 <h01ger> thanks to MrBeige for chairing and preparing!
19:56:39 <MrBeige> heh
19:56:44 <MrBeige> #endmeeting