19:02:29 <h01ger> #startmeeting
19:02:40 <h01ger> i think this is multichair anyway..
19:02:53 <Noodles> Yeah, I think you can do #chair?
19:02:58 <Hydroxide> schultmc: I missed that
19:03:02 <moray> cek can't come, do we know about anto?
19:03:05 <Hydroxide> yes, #chair is available
19:03:15 <h01ger> anybody wants to share^wchair with me?
19:03:20 <Noodles> anto waved above.
19:03:25 <moray> ah cool
19:03:32 <anto> hi moray
19:03:37 <moray> anto: hi :)
19:03:42 <Hydroxide> I can share chair - I'm not at work today despite it being Monday, so I can focus more
19:03:43 <an3as> hi
19:03:48 <Hydroxide> as compared to usual
19:03:57 <Hydroxide> hi an3as
19:04:02 <h01ger> #topic 1. Talk schedule
19:04:07 <h01ger> hi an3as :-D
19:04:56 * h01ger brought up this topic and basically would like to know when there will be a preliminary one... (and if all is fine / there are problems.. )
19:05:03 <an3as> Schedule should be my topic
19:05:26 <an3as> I started on a virtual piece of paper aka three google calendars
19:05:35 <an3as> these are shared between schedule team members
19:06:01 <an3as> unfortunately currently I'm the only editor and managed only about 30 talks
19:06:12 <Ganneff> whats up with the other volunteers?
19:06:25 <h01ger> an3as, so you need help?
19:06:30 <an3as> I hope to get about half the talks scheduled until Friday - but without the help of others we will be quite late
19:06:33 <an3as> yes
19:06:48 <an3as> They claimed that they will help on scheduling ...
19:06:49 <h01ger> MrBeige, is there a translated (to .es) channel again?
19:06:51 <Ganneff> we had more volunteering for this. any news whats up wioth them?
19:07:08 <h01ger> hah. MrBeige is not here
19:07:31 <TransBot> <h01egr> hi
19:07:32 <an3as> To my knowlegde we are three schedulers
19:07:48 <h01ger> #debconf-team-es
19:08:06 * MrBeige actually just got out of his meeting but will be semi-here
19:08:13 <h01ger> #info scheduling is going slow, only one out of 3 volunteers is working on it.
19:08:18 <MrBeige> yes, #debconf-team-es is working
19:08:51 <h01ger> #info anybody willing and able to help scheduling talks?
19:08:54 <an3as> The others are Daniel Silverstone and Vanessa Gutierrez
19:09:04 <h01ger> didnt bubulle volunteer in worst case? ;)
19:09:09 <h01ger> or such
19:09:12 <marga> I'm at the PC, but busy with work stuff, if you need anything from me, please ping.
19:09:34 <Noodles> What's involved? Though I don't think I can offer any time this week.
19:09:39 <moray> an3as: they're out of contact, or just busy?
19:09:52 <moray> (the other people who volunteered before)
19:10:05 <an3as> They confirmed that they see the published calendar ... that's all
19:10:14 <an3as> I intended to ping them today afer the meeting
19:10:21 <h01ger> Noodles, making up a talk schedule.. deciding whats interesting, what fits, speaker availability..
19:10:24 <moray> right, sounds a good idea to ping them a bit more actively
19:10:35 <Ganneff> h01ger: no. not deciding whats interesting.
19:10:40 <an3as> Noodles: Do you have a gmail account?
19:10:43 <Ganneff> h01ger: that is long done already.
19:10:44 <dam> an3as: how about mailing -team or -discuss with a job description?
19:10:47 <moray> Daniel was originally ready to lead the schedule stuff, so I would be surprised if he's not interested in helping now
19:10:48 <an3as> If not I created a dummy
19:10:49 <h01ger> Ganneff, ok
19:11:02 <an3as> dam: Yes - as I said I'll do this today.
19:11:12 <Noodles> an3as: Yes.
19:11:22 <Noodles> an3as: n00dl3z@gmail.com (I'm so elite)
19:11:29 <h01ger> its just that we should come out with a schedule rather soon, as some people actually (would like to) plan their travel according to it
19:11:37 <h01ger> anyway, next topic?
19:11:44 <an3as> Moray: Yes, Daniel made many suggestions - but now he did not worked on this.
19:11:55 <FBI> debconf-team: 3 ana committed revision 948 to debconf-team: last reconfirm. Everybody is reconfirmed now \o/
19:11:55 <FBI> debconf-team: files changed: U   dc9/people_travel.ods
19:12:18 <h01ger> #topic 2. Printed proceedings
19:12:40 <h01ger> who is working on this?
19:13:03 <moray> no one, as far as I know
19:13:34 <moray> we gave people a deadline to upload stuff to penta
19:13:40 <an3as> Noodles: You should see three calendars - one for each talk room
19:14:03 <Noodles> I do.
19:14:08 <Noodles> We can discuss after the meeting.
19:14:23 <an3as> Noodles: fine
19:14:32 <moray> has someone got that papers deadline to hand?
19:14:49 <h01ger> #info proceedings are not being worked one. papers have been uploaded to penta, someone needs to work on this..
19:15:14 * Hydroxide shouldn't commit to anything more for dc9 at the moment, unfortunately
19:15:29 <h01ger> moray, its appearantly not on the website
19:15:35 <moray> h01ger: I think probably not 'have been' yet, though I can't remember the exact deadline
19:15:40 <h01ger> #info paper deadline is not on the website..
19:15:43 <moray> h01ger: no, we sent a mail to talks people
19:15:50 <h01ger> ah
19:16:05 <moray> if someone has a talk they can find the deadline more quickly than me :)
19:16:05 <h01ger> #topic 3. Open Day
19:16:15 <an3as> Same with schedule here
19:16:24 <an3as> Gunnar made a raw proposal.
19:16:47 <an3as> I did read this and have no further comments
19:16:49 <h01ger> an3as, url? that was on the list, right?
19:16:56 <an3as> Tassia is out of this
19:17:05 <an3as> h01ger: only per mail
19:17:13 <an3as> Seeking for archive ...
19:17:16 <moray> the announcement-of-open-day stuff, as discussed elsewhere, is more urgent just now
19:17:33 <moray> the precise schedule of the open day can be done at the last moment if needed
19:17:56 <an3as> moray: Probably yes - even if I do not really like this
19:18:01 <anto> now i speak whith HP, Junta, Telefónica, Comparex for this issues (for talks)
19:18:11 <h01ger> #info http://lists.debconf.org/lurker/message/20090613.000701.c38ba3bd.en.html
19:18:28 <h01ger> moray, no, it shouldnt be done at the last moment. we want to invite people, tell the press
19:18:32 <anto> i tell them upload in penta, someone has done
19:18:35 <h01ger> a week in advance would be good
19:18:40 <h01ger> at least
19:18:59 <moray> sure
19:19:22 <Ganneff> 24 days left until DebCamp, 31 days left until DebConf!
19:19:22 <h01ger> anto, be sure to also tell committee@debconf.org
19:19:43 <Hydroxide> Ganneff: which reminds me, we should probably clarify the countdown on the web page to be more accurate
19:19:46 <h01ger> an3as, can you do scheduling for openday too, based on gunnars list?
19:19:56 <Ganneff> Hydroxide: do it
19:20:11 <Hydroxide> Ganneff: ok :) is the script in the svn?
19:20:18 <gregoa> re last subject: paper submission deadline in penta according to the mail: "by midnight on Friday 3 July"
19:20:19 <Ganneff> i think so
19:20:25 <an3as> Gunnar's proposal for Open Day schedule:
19:20:30 <an3as> http://lists.debconf.org/lurker/message/20090613.000701.c38ba3bd.en.html
19:20:33 <Hydroxide> yeah, just found it
19:20:54 <moray> gregoa: thanks
19:21:01 <h01ger> #info paper submission deadline in penta according to the mail: "by midnight on Friday 3 July"
19:21:05 <h01ger> an3as, can you do scheduling for openday too, based on gunnars list?
19:21:20 <moray> (so we have a little while to get proceedings volunteers before then)
19:21:33 * h01ger bows and waves to gregoa
19:22:18 <an3as> h01ger: Yes: I can move this to the calendars - at least the english language talks
19:22:29 <an3as> I would not like to schedule spanish talks
19:22:36 <h01ger> an3as, no
19:22:39 <h01ger> either all or none
19:22:47 <h01ger> it doesnt make sense to only schedule half the day
19:23:02 <an3as> Well, isn't it rather "half the rooms"
19:23:25 <an3as> IMHO it makes no sense to just fit a number of talks in a row without knowing the topic
19:23:41 <Ganneff> whatever, double scheduling makes no sense
19:23:56 <moray> an3as: I think (a) you can tell from the jargon/buzz words that will be the same in any language, and (b) as you like Google tools so much, use their translator too
19:24:01 <anto> i can schedule spanish talks, i think the same that Ganneff
19:24:01 <an3as> If there is a volunteer for scheduling Open Day - it's perfectly fine for me
19:24:24 <h01ger> an3as, can you create an account for anto so that he can schedule? anto@debian-community.org or /msg please ;)
19:24:27 <h01ger> cool
19:24:46 <moray> English and Spanish shouldn't be scheduled completely independently
19:24:53 <h01ger> #info anto will help an3as scheduling open day in spanish and english
19:25:03 <moray> (but anyway, that's too much detail for this meeting)
19:25:14 <h01ger> #topic 4. Money Tracking (making sure attendees paid, making sure we know which sponsors have money deposited in the bank accounts)
19:25:25 <h01ger> if i'm too fast, please tell :)
19:25:42 <Hydroxide> ok, theoretically I should start getting up to speed on this item
19:25:51 <Hydroxide> who should I be coordinating with?
19:25:56 <Hydroxide> schultmc: ping
19:25:56 <Noodles> I've been tracking the FFIS/clicknpledge attendee payments.
19:26:01 <Hydroxide> Noodles: good
19:26:10 <Noodles> And updating Penta.
19:26:32 <Noodles> I've seen a single sponsor payment in the FFIS reports I think.
19:26:53 <an3as> For those who have no gmail account:
19:26:57 <h01ger> Hydroxide, so you're the tracker? ;) then you should get ffis account dumps via Ganneff or me..
19:27:08 <Hydroxide> h01ger: yeah
19:27:08 <schultmc> Hydroxide: pong
19:27:09 <an3as> joey.scheduler@googlemail.com  / debconf9
19:27:12 <anto> all sponsors in Extremadura pay our providers, no deposited in FFIS
19:27:12 <h01ger> an3as, please send a mail. we moved on
19:27:37 <h01ger> an3as, this is now public with write access. or did you change that?
19:27:44 <Hydroxide> schultmc: I think it would make sense to track things in ledgersmb. are we ready to put things in there?
19:27:48 <h01ger> #info <anto> all sponsors in Extremadura pay our providers, no deposited in FFIS
19:27:52 <Hydroxide> schultmc: as we started to do a while ago
19:27:53 <an3as> write access, yes
19:28:04 <schultmc> Hydroxide: yeah, we're probably ready
19:28:27 <Hydroxide> schultmc: ok. shall we spend a bit of time on that after this meeting?
19:28:31 <Hydroxide> I'm not at work today so I can do that
19:28:48 <schultmc> Hydroxide: I need to do some work stuff after the meeting but I'll try to multitask
19:28:51 <Hydroxide> ok
19:28:54 <Hydroxide> sounds goodenough
19:28:59 <schultmc> Hydroxide: I also need to leave at 1700 EDT
19:29:02 <Hydroxide> ok
19:29:10 <h01ger> #info schultmc and Hydroxide are tracking money status
19:29:13 <Hydroxide> h01ger: I'll ping you about FFIS stuff
19:29:24 <h01ger> fine
19:29:39 <h01ger> anything else on this topic?
19:29:46 <Hydroxide> no
19:29:49 <Ganneff> an3as: oh sure, make it writeable for the whole world...
19:29:55 <h01ger> topic 5. Insurance for equipment (and liability)
19:30:12 <h01ger> Ganneff, an3as: please discuss this outside the meeting...
19:30:18 <an3as> Yep
19:30:36 <moray> h01ger: missing # ?
19:30:37 <h01ger> cek said he would work on insurance..
19:30:42 <h01ger> #topic 5. Insurance for equipment (and liability)
19:30:43 <h01ger> cek said he would work on insurance..
19:30:46 <h01ger> moray, thx
19:30:55 <Hydroxide> apparently we need this for Ben Hutchings's employer
19:31:03 <Hydroxide> as per email
19:31:06 <h01ger> Ganneff, the tk stuff also needs to be covered? and the stuff ben brings. anything else?
19:31:45 <moray> we need it anyway, but yes Ben's requirement makes it urgent
19:31:57 <h01ger> we'll need to tell what, too :)
19:32:23 <h01ger> so lets start a list in svn and then give that to $insurance_company...
19:32:37 <h01ger> -team or -data?
19:33:03 <Hydroxide> I'd lean toward -team
19:33:03 <moray> it shouldn't be completely public
19:33:26 <h01ger> #info someone has to start a list what we need to insure and put it into -team svn
19:33:31 <moray> (besides anything else, not good for everyone (non-Debian) to find out what expensive hardware we have)
19:33:38 <h01ger> #info h01ger will ping ben about his employers stuff
19:33:41 <Hydroxide> moray: that was basically my thought
19:33:43 <h01ger> Ganneff reads here :)
19:33:58 <h01ger> #info cek said he would look into insurance
19:34:09 <h01ger> #topic 6. Payment for partial debconf week? (see list message)
19:34:19 <Noodles> Who was this?
19:34:34 <MrBeige> Message-ID: <b24851260906160750y33f5c309le8cd554799bbc3d9@mail.gmail.com>
19:34:53 <Noodles> Kai?
19:34:58 <MrBeige> message was sent about a week ago but got delayed until yesterday by the list
19:35:01 <MrBeige> yes
19:35:18 <Noodles> €90? 3 * €30?
19:35:20 <h01ger> in FdS we pay per night, or rather our sponsor
19:35:25 <Noodles> For accommodation only that is.
19:35:28 <h01ger> in MT we have a flatrate :)
19:35:39 <Noodles> He arrives after 23rd, so it's FdS.
19:35:40 <h01ger> 300/7*3?
19:36:11 <moray> h01ger: I think so, yes
19:36:15 <Noodles> A single room is €30/night I thought?
19:36:26 <h01ger> +food i guess
19:36:35 <moray> he asked about food too
19:36:52 <moray> "For accomodation and food I've tried to specify in the penta system," which *probably* means he wants both
19:37:00 <Noodles> Which is €16.05/day?
19:37:11 <h01ger> whats wrong with 300/7*$days?
19:37:33 <h01ger> Noodles, i think the _quote_ we got was 15e+VAT/day
19:37:40 <Noodles> h01ger: Which is 16.05. ;)
19:37:47 <h01ger> ?o/ :)
19:37:50 <h01ger> almost :)
19:38:19 <h01ger> Noodles, i'd say: you are rooms@, you decide. next topic. agreed?
19:38:26 <moray> I don't think we need to discuss this down to the cent in the meeting anyway
19:38:53 <Noodles> I think the raw cost to us is €138 for food + room. I'll mail him.
19:39:02 <h01ger> #topic 7. Fixing categories of participants.
19:39:44 <h01ger> is that the issues we see here and there?
19:40:17 <MrBeige> yes
19:40:22 <moray> (I'd have guessed "categories of participants" means volunteer/organiser/DD/etc., but I don't know who added this)
19:40:23 <Noodles> There are a bunch of Corporate/Professional/Early reg people who have "I will arrange my own accomodation" selected, instead of "Regular Room".
19:40:43 <h01ger> Noodles, and dont want that?
19:40:46 <moray> I thought they were already emailed to check?
19:40:51 <Noodles> It doesn't quite make sense.
19:40:54 <MrBeige> I fear that all of these people that need to be moved to independent, and they will fall through the cracks
19:40:55 <Noodles> They were.
19:41:03 <Hydroxide> I thought they were already checked, yeah
19:41:06 <moray> so why doesn't it make sense?
19:41:25 <Hydroxide> lots of people who are having their company pay or are able to afford it themselves might prefer a more comfortable hotel room
19:41:26 <Noodles> Because Early Reg only makes sense if you have a room, otherwise you're Non Hosted.
19:41:34 <MrBeige> (and me trying to follow up on all of them was getting too time-consuming or frustrating so I decided te stop)
19:41:45 <Noodles> I think I need to email the people left over. There are 7 with dates.
19:41:51 <h01ger> MrBeige, oh
19:41:59 <MrBeige> so I hope someone manages
19:42:04 <moray> I thought they *were* emailed?  there's a group who haven't been?
19:42:07 <MrBeige> I think I have had all of them send them to noodles
19:42:14 <h01ger> #info people have been mailed about being in wrong categories but the replies have not been dealt with
19:42:16 <MrBeige> s/send/send email/
19:42:19 <Noodles> moray: They've all been emailed.
19:42:24 <h01ger> is that accurate? ^
19:42:25 <Hydroxide> Noodles: I don't think we were that clear about what to do if your company wants a price that it's supposed to pay for your attendance but you want to stay in a hotel room
19:42:34 <Hydroxide> Noodles: even if NHI + donation is the answer
19:42:35 <MrBeige> Noodles: good, i'm leaving you to follow up on them
19:42:38 <Noodles> Hydroxide: Yeah, that's possibly the case.
19:42:53 <Noodles> MrBeige: Sure.
19:43:00 <moray> Hydroxide: I think it would have been 'clear' just to choose the professional fee and to get a hotel
19:43:04 <moray> as we didn't say anything else
19:43:09 <Hydroxide> #info noodles will follow up on this
19:43:14 <h01ger> Noodles, why does "I will arrange my own accomodation" not make sense for early regs/corp/profs and why does only "non-hosted" make sense. and whats the diff anyway?
19:43:15 <MrBeige> some corporate people who have been invoiced specifically told me that they were arranging their own accommodations
19:43:15 <Noodles> I'm going to blog about the first room draft after the meet to try that avenue of getting people to notice.
19:43:18 <Hydroxide> moray: I agree, but apparently there's disagreement here
19:43:30 <moray> Hydroxide: right, but I thought we *already* mailed them all to check!
19:43:35 <Hydroxide> moray: I thought so too
19:43:43 * h01ger thinks we need to mail them again if we really mailed them and then ignored their replies :-/
19:43:48 <Noodles> I suppose the worry is people being left without a room.
19:43:48 <MrBeige> (specifically, this included one corporate and two professional, who were arringing their own accom)
19:43:49 <moray> I don't really want us to discourage people from giving money
19:43:56 <Noodles> I don't wnat anyone turning up and finding they have nowhere to sleep.
19:43:59 <Hydroxide> moray: I share your confusion about why we're all still confused :)
19:44:08 <moray> Noodles: but we emailed them???
19:44:09 * MrBeige leaves discussion
19:44:18 <Noodles> moray: Yes, we emailed them. Well done.
19:45:03 <Noodles> Anyway. There are 7 people I will email.
19:45:17 <h01ger> AIUI it, we emailed them (well done), they replied, we didnt. (not well done). right? wrong? but this only affects 7 people. ok. right? :)
19:45:28 <Noodles> Let's move on. ;)
19:45:47 <h01ger> Noodles, its more or less the last regular topic :) we have time :-D
19:45:54 <h01ger> next point? ;)
19:45:55 <moray> h01ger: I'd like to konw who we're emailing really, I mean if it's that situation or not -- if they replied why do we need to ask again?
19:46:08 <Noodles> Oh, I want to know if there are any people who've been given travel sponsorship but aren't listed as needing a room yet.
19:46:16 <moray> it seems like there must be some reason people are worried about this
19:46:19 <h01ger> #info Noodles is fixing categories of participants
19:46:46 <h01ger> moray, because of mails of people asking? friends telling..
19:46:51 <Noodles> moray: I am worried about ensuring people do not end up in a foreign country with nowhere to sleep even if it's because they don't read their email.
19:47:11 <Noodles> Or because they can't drive Penta.
19:47:31 * h01ger cheers Noodles
19:47:32 <h01ger> #topic 8. Next Meeting
19:47:36 <moray> Noodles: but h01ger just said "we emailed them (well done), they replied, we didnt", which makes it sound like they alrady ready it
19:48:09 <moray> Noodles: I can understand poking people again if they never replied, but that's not what h01ger was saying
19:48:27 <h01ger> i might got it wrong from what was said here...
19:48:46 <h01ger> topic next meeting, do we need/want weekly meetings now or is one in two weeks still enough?
19:48:50 <moray> (though I wouldn't phrase the mails as if they've chosen something 'wrong' in penta, it's perfectly valid to get a hotel but want to donate and we shouldn't scare them off)
19:48:57 <h01ger> i'm tempted (hah) to go for weekly now
19:49:06 <Noodles> Are we not weekly as it is?
19:49:11 <Hydroxide> h01ger: what would happen to the local team meetings in that case?
19:49:20 <moray> h01ger: you might have got it wrong, I was hoping Noodles would clarify
19:49:25 <h01ger> so its .en/.es :)
19:49:40 <h01ger> sounds good to me
19:50:35 <h01ger> #agreed localteam meeting in spanish next week again, globalteam meeting in .en in 2 weeks. same day+time
19:50:48 <Hydroxide> \o/
19:50:49 <h01ger> #topic 9. AOB
19:50:51 <Noodles> I don't see any need to continously restate the same thing when it's me who has to take the action either way.
19:51:07 <Noodles> We haven't had email from all the people who are "slightly odd" in their state though.
19:51:34 <h01ger> anto, news on day trip / formal dinner?
19:51:56 <Sledge> anto: did you manage to help Christian and Sha with visa stuff today?
19:51:57 <anto> no news
19:52:13 <anto> not yet
19:52:13 <dam> t-shirts back: mission acomplished. PDF in Gaby's hands. any new bronze+sponsors don't get on the t-shirt
19:52:20 <Sledge> crap
19:52:33 <Sledge> what can we do about getting Sha the needed letter *now*?
19:53:07 <h01ger> #info t-shirts are doing fine. final PDFS are thanks to dam in Gaby's hands. any new bronze+sponsors don't get on the t-shirt
19:53:12 <h01ger> dam, +higher neither..
19:53:30 <Ganneff> h01ger: thats bronze+
19:53:32 <Hydroxide> if he doesn't get it today, he might not attend
19:53:39 <Hydroxide> (Sha)
19:53:48 <Sledge> exactly
19:53:49 <h01ger> Ganneff, gah/lol. i read bronze+silver sponsors :)
19:54:00 <Sledge> and it's already tomorrow in Shanghai
19:54:08 <Ganneff> anto: can you do it NOW for sha?
19:54:46 <h01ger> anything else?
19:55:35 <h01ger> can someone write a summary?
19:56:34 <Sledge> anto: ??
19:56:46 <moray> 'anything else': do we know if Kai getting numbers in penta choices was the same problem as was solved before, or something different?
19:57:03 <Ganneff> anto: sha needs the visa stuff *NOW* or he wont attend, solely because of this. can you do it now?
19:57:36 <anto> ok
19:58:13 <Hydroxide> anto: he has his visa interview today/tomorrow (Tuesday in Shanghai)
19:58:19 * h01ger thanks everybody for attending and making this meeting short & productive \o/
19:58:24 <anto> this night send it
19:58:25 <Hydroxide> woo
19:58:28 <Noodles> Are we free? ;)
19:58:31 <Sledge> anto: thanks
19:58:36 <h01ger> #endmeeting