19:00:16 <MrBeige> #startmeeting
19:00:20 <MrBeige> hi
19:00:27 <gwolf> o/
19:00:34 <MrBeige> so, we're getting close...
19:00:40 <MrBeige> #topic accommodation
19:00:52 <MrBeige> #meetingtopic global team meeting, 6 july
19:01:09 <MrBeige> so Noodles had some questions on-list, which I think have been mostly answered
19:01:10 <zobel> hiho
19:01:48 <MrBeige> beds for otavio's room will be resolved
19:01:55 <moray> hope so :)
19:02:04 <MrBeige> FdS arrivals, how will they pick up their keys ?
19:02:13 <MrBeige> I guess this is more of a local team meeting... i'll bring it up there agin
19:02:17 <MrBeige> Noodles said that:
19:02:24 <gwolf> MrBeige: I guess we should ask everybody to get to MT
19:02:27 <moray> it's also the kind of thing we can sort out during debcamp if needed
19:02:39 <gwolf> We have some days to sort it out iwht the FdS administration
19:03:02 <moray> there's not much we can discuss about it, anyway, obviously it's best for us if they provide 24-hour staff for free :)
19:03:05 <MrBeige> #info Noodles says we have 2 free MT beds and 4 free FdS beds.
19:03:25 <h01ger> oi!
19:03:36 <MrBeige> should we re-send out people's status to them, to ensure that no one will arrive and say "but I thought I had a place!" ?
19:03:43 * h01ger reads backlog
19:03:44 <MrBeige> I guess it's less important now that we know we'll have free beds
19:04:05 <MrBeige> #info minus one free bed, someone who just sent in dates today
19:04:23 <h01ger> Anto, #debconf-team-es
19:04:27 <MrBeige> #info Someone has a nut allergy -- we need to ask localteam/caterer about that
19:04:57 <MrBeige> should I prepare another mass personalized email about current status of accommodation ?
19:05:18 <moray> MrBeige: possibly -- it might also poke any late-cancellers
19:05:20 <gwolf> We are all nuts.. he should consider not coming      </lamejoke>
19:05:27 <Anto> octavios room is ok
19:05:28 <MrBeige> gwolf: heh
19:05:38 <MrBeige> moray: ah, good point
19:05:59 <MrBeige> #action MrBeige gets data from Noodles and sends out a mass current-status email to attentees.
19:06:04 <cek> hi everybody
19:06:09 <MrBeige> hi cek
19:06:19 <h01ger> hola cek
19:06:23 <Anto> holas
19:06:24 <MrBeige> is there anything else important to note about accommodation ?
19:06:25 <h01ger> next topic?
19:06:40 <MrBeige> #topic budget
19:07:01 <MrBeige> So, I haven't done much on the budget since last time, besides adding in little updates every so often
19:07:12 <h01ger> Hydroxide, schultmc, anyone: any news?
19:07:29 <Anto> tomorrow i send a mail whith my proposal for the local sponsor
19:07:38 <MrBeige> we're going to have oodles and oodles of money left over
19:07:42 <Hydroxide> no news from me on the budget numbers, no. but, see ^^^
19:08:09 <MrBeige> #info we're going to have oodles and oodles of money left over
19:08:29 <MrBeige> but current total expenses are looking to be 90k€
19:08:48 <h01ger> aehm. if thats true, we can sponsor more people :)
19:08:58 <MrBeige> with 60k€ left over.   (note: let's not waste it!)
19:08:59 <Anto> i need money to pay same issues asap
19:09:00 <moray> h01ger: too late now
19:09:07 <gwolf> h01ger: I think asking people they have sponsorship two weeks away is too short notice
19:09:12 <gwolf> we can sponsor more people for NY
19:09:26 <gwolf> We can even buy the Foreign Affairs office so they don't need visas anymore!
19:09:28 <Hydroxide> or have much dc10 seed money :P (it probably will be the most expensive debconf total, though hopefully worth it)
19:09:29 <h01ger> surely we can still give money to people...
19:09:43 <MrBeige> Anto: ok, can you talk with h01ger after the meeting about how to pay?  anything we need to talk about now ?
19:09:54 <Anto> ok MrBeige
19:10:03 <gwolf> Hydroxide: We can get people to push for a Tokyo DC11 if we have enough oodles of money and debunk your "most expensive DebConf" thing
19:10:06 <MrBeige> one thing I would like to do is to audit our accounts and see how well this reflect reality
19:10:15 * cek and Anto need money to pay network cables and other stuff, we need to buy cables NOW if we want to have them in one week
19:10:31 <h01ger> so (for now) next point then?
19:10:34 <Hydroxide> gwolf: I meant so far, but please feel free to strip of us that title for dc11 :)
19:10:40 <moray> MrBeige: it would also be useful to actually get accurate numbers for *past* spends in this year's report -- the traditional graph used the projected amounts only, which is silly...
19:10:43 <MrBeige> h01ger, schultmc: can you all send me SPI and FFIS account information and I can reality-check the spreedsheet ?
19:11:05 <MrBeige> are either of you opposed to me doing that ?
19:11:20 * h01ger is very fine with that
19:11:34 <h01ger> thankful even :)
19:11:45 <MrBeige> #action h01ger and schultmc send account data to MrBeige (+ budget team?) and they will check with spreadsheet for sanity
19:12:12 <MrBeige> cek: you can talk to h01ger after the meeting to arrange payment through FFIS (I can help with budget stuff if you need to)
19:12:21 <MrBeige> any more budget stuff ?
19:12:28 <MrBeige> #topic network
19:12:32 <cek> thanks MrBeige
19:12:58 <MrBeige> h01ger was asking if we should buy 1 or 1.5 km of cable
19:13:10 <MrBeige> I don't see any reason to buy extra
19:13:25 <MrBeige> at worst, someone brings it back to nyc for use here
19:13:28 <h01ger> i dont want to buy less
19:13:28 <Ganneff> 1.5km
19:13:33 <Ganneff> we sure make use of it
19:13:36 <MrBeige> errr
19:13:39 <Ganneff> remember dc6, some 3.something km
19:13:40 <h01ger> ok
19:13:42 <MrBeige> I don't see any reason to NOT buy extra
19:13:43 <moray> Ganneff: you want to tie people up with it? ;)
19:13:44 <Ganneff> dc7 also had multiple km
19:13:51 <h01ger> cek, can you please buy 1.5km cable?! :)
19:13:52 <MrBeige> so yes, get 1.5 or 2
19:13:53 <Ganneff> moray: thats another good reason. when do you arrive? :)
19:14:02 <cek> h01ger, sure if I have money :P
19:14:07 * h01ger also thinks 1.5km..
19:14:08 <gwolf> Ganneff: DC6 was on a very very much larger setup
19:14:14 <Ganneff> gwolf: ssssh
19:14:19 <gwolf> I think 1.5Km should be enough...
19:14:24 <h01ger> cek, sure. ok, lets discuss this in private...
19:14:25 <MrBeige> #action cek buys 1.5 um of cat5, after he gets the money to
19:14:30 <h01ger> other network topics?
19:14:30 <Ganneff> dont think. :) we can prove you wrong
19:14:32 <cek> perfect h01ger
19:14:37 <gwolf> (even more if it is at the prices that have been mentioned)
19:14:42 <gwolf> Ganneff:19:14:53 <Ganneff> gwolf: thats the right way of not thinking
19:14:59 <Ganneff> good mexican
19:15:00 <h01ger> gwolf, you havent been at the venue..
19:15:05 <MrBeige> #info also, yay!  we have 100Mbit / 20 Mbit connections
19:15:06 <gwolf> h01ger: Agree, but you have
19:15:12 <MrBeige> #topic conference dinner
19:15:18 <gwolf> and I agree with what people that have been there say :)
19:15:19 <h01ger> and we want to distribute 10-15 APs...
19:15:20 <Ganneff> hrm. food.
19:15:33 <MrBeige> so, we need to decide aboung three options:
19:15:40 <h01ger> so 1.5km could be too few, but if its from a local dealer anyway...
19:15:58 * MrBeige waits for network to be finished - let me know
19:16:23 <cek> h01ger, we can ask for more, but we will have to wait 1 week to get them
19:16:26 <h01ger> ah, we changed topics :) ok, are there other network topics?
19:16:31 <MrBeige> 1.5 or more ?
19:16:38 <Anto> how many swichs?
19:16:50 <Ganneff> take 2km, its not that expensive that we die from it. and now topic change. :)
19:17:01 <schultmc> MrBeige: I can send you info about funds SPI already has in the bank
19:17:04 <MrBeige> h01ger: agree with 2km ?
19:17:05 <h01ger> the insurance page lists the switches :-)
19:17:12 * h01ger agrees with 2km
19:17:33 <MrBeige> #action cek gets 2km of network cable (correction)
19:17:34 <h01ger> i happily throw away 300€ if we spent 90k€ and have network for sure
19:17:53 <h01ger> cek, any news on insurance?
19:17:55 <MrBeige> do we need to talk about switches now, or not ?
19:18:04 <MrBeige> h01ger: wait for that topic later... ?
19:18:11 <h01ger> Anto, we get two from Sledge employer
19:18:18 <MrBeige> h01ger: (I'llbring it up later)
19:18:32 <MrBeige> ok, this is fizzling out... discuss more after the meeting
19:18:35 <MrBeige> #topic conferenc dinner
19:18:36 <h01ger> MrBeige, i couldnd find it in the agenda. anyway, conf dinner
19:18:45 <moray> MrBeige: dinner options, labelled?
19:18:46 <MrBeige> h01ger: (I 'll remember to bring it up)
19:18:50 <MrBeige> so the options are:
19:19:03 <MrBeige> a) restaurant without table service, 18€ or so pp
19:19:20 <Anto> 20-22
19:19:27 <MrBeige> b) restaurant with table service, 20-22€ or so pp
19:19:34 <MrBeige> c) have it at MT
19:19:37 <Anto> ahhh ok
19:19:50 <moray> and MT would mean the normal food, or special at unknown price?
19:19:55 <gwolf> MrBeige: Just for comparison, how much are we paying for normal food?
19:20:04 <MrBeige> I assume MT would be special food for an unknown price
19:20:07 <h01ger> c.) would be plain normal catering or?
19:20:12 <Anto> special catering but i dont have the bubget yet
19:20:21 <MrBeige> gwolf: food on a normal day is 16€ per person for all meals
19:20:40 <moray> I think going offsite makes the dinner more special -- and probably saves us some effort moving things/clearing up
19:20:41 <h01ger> and a+b+c are with music too?
19:20:45 <Anto> ok, i think a special catering maybe 15 per person
19:20:48 <cek> hey sorry, I didn't get real numbers but I asked and they told me it was ~6000€
19:20:51 <Anto> less is dificult
19:20:56 <Ganneff> for the conference dinner option b sounds good. or better - the price shouldnt matter *that* much that we leave out the service.
19:20:57 * h01ger also votes for offsite for the reasons moray said
19:21:02 <MrBeige> so I think that price in the 20€ range isn't a big deal, and shouldn't be a deciding factor
19:21:09 <Hydroxide> +1 for offsite
19:21:17 <MrBeige> se we'd rather offsite
19:21:18 <gwolf> ...At DC3, formal dinner had the Cabal people ^W^W some key developers as waiters...
19:21:23 <cek> +1 for offsite also
19:21:23 <h01ger> anto, can you describe the diff between a+b more?
19:21:25 <MrBeige> offsite at the nicer place ?
19:21:26 <Ganneff> so option b seems favorite one
19:21:28 <h01ger> or cek :)
19:21:29 <gwolf> I really prefer going offsite
19:21:44 <MrBeige> #agreed we'll go offsite for the conferenc dinner
19:21:46 <gwolf> with or without table service, I would not really care (and I would volunteer to wait)
19:21:47 <Ganneff> its something special in the week, so should be special :)
19:21:48 <cek> yes, table service means waiters
19:22:05 <Anto> B) is in another place, very nice place
19:22:13 <cek> with table service= waiters, without = self-service
19:22:34 <moray> I think tables are good for people who are new to DebConf, easier to speak to people
19:22:39 <moray> though there's also the other side:
19:22:48 <gwolf> Oh, and if we have oodles of money... well, we can use them to have the waiters and avoid chaos
19:23:03 <moray> people who are heavily *in* Debian already hide with their friends, more than at a standing buffet thing
19:23:22 <MrBeige> oyeah
19:23:27 <Hydroxide> gwolf: yeah. although I'm all in favor of not wasting the excess money, I agree this is a good use for it
19:23:37 <blarson> Will we need busses to get to an offsite location?
19:23:40 <Hydroxide> (or a tiny portion of it)
19:23:45 <Ganneff> so it seems most like b). lets drop the others?
19:23:48 <gwolf> Yes, we won't pay the best food in Cáceres, but a nice dinner for us all to relax.
19:23:57 <MrBeige> ok, so...
19:24:08 <moray> I was assuming no buses were needed
19:24:13 <MrBeige> who objects to option b, the nicer offsite location ?
19:24:14 <Anto> no, dont need bus
19:24:17 * fil would go for the nicest place given the small difference in cost
19:24:17 <moray> great
19:24:19 <h01ger> .oO( MeetBot should learn to throw coins :)
19:24:40 <MrBeige> h01ger: hah, it'll be implemented soon...
19:24:43 <moray> I think if (b) is only a little more, let's go for the nicer event
19:24:50 <Anto> doodle?
19:24:51 <MrBeige> #agreed We'll go with the nicer offsite place, 20-22€ pp
19:24:51 <h01ger> MrBeige, i knew it... ;)
19:25:08 <MrBeige> #topic Open Day
19:25:10 <gwolf> Anto: Will we go walking? Is the road there OK for disabled people to walk/roll as well?
19:25:28 <Anto> yes, no problem
19:25:29 <moray> gwolf: if not we get otavio/whoever taxis, we don't need to discuss now I think
19:25:42 <gwolf> k
19:25:42 <MrBeige> ok, who's most in charge of open day right now ?
19:25:47 <MrBeige> (of those who are here)
19:25:58 <gwolf> I am sorta
19:26:02 <MrBeige> I don't think there have been any real updates, it's planned and scheduled
19:26:07 <gwolf> Although in the end Ana ended up doing our work :)
19:26:10 <moray> does anyone normal in Spain know about it?
19:26:12 <gwolf> But... yes, it's mostly done
19:26:19 <gwolf> I don't know if it has been advertised locally
19:26:24 <moray> gwolf: I think it hasn't been
19:26:25 <gwolf> Anto, cek: ?
19:26:26 <h01ger> http://debconf9.debconf.org/openday.xhtml looks like its only spanish. should we just add another link to https://penta.debconf.org/dc9_schedule/day_2009-07-24.en.html
19:26:26 <MrBeige> yeah, advertisement
19:26:40 <moray> gwolf: ana was going to write a Spanish announcement, but I think that didn't happen
19:26:49 <cek> yes, Anto and me are in charge
19:26:52 <moray> that's what madduck was asking about earlier today (on the list)
19:27:11 <gwolf> cek: Good. Will you write the announcement/advertisement, or should I do so?
19:27:26 <MrBeige> cek: will you and anto manage the press releases?  you can work with the others here who are thinking about it
19:27:28 <Anto> i send local press  contacs to press@
19:27:41 <moray> MrBeige: press releases aren't necessarily the right thing at this stage
19:27:41 <fil> If we really are rolling in cash, would adverts in the local press be worth doing?
19:27:42 <cek> gwolf, better if you do :P
19:27:51 <cek> ok, MrBeige we can do so
19:27:54 <gwolf> ok, I will send it to you.
19:27:55 <moray> MrBeige: it's far too late for computer magazines to write about it
19:28:02 <Ganneff> not for online mags
19:28:05 <Hydroxide> fil: ^^^
19:28:05 <gwolf> MrBeige: #agree me as responsible.
19:28:25 <MrBeige> #action gwolf manages open day press, with help of cek and anto
19:28:38 <moray> I'd also suggest directly targetting Linux user groups and similar
19:28:41 <MrBeige> ok, is there anything more than needs to be discussed here ?
19:28:56 <MrBeige> #info consider targeting linux user groups and the like directly
19:29:25 <MrBeige> anything more?
19:29:32 <MrBeige> #topic Talk Schedule
19:29:48 <gwolf> Well, some frictions we had on this topic have already been solved
19:30:01 <MrBeige> #info it is mostly done.  an3as has done most of it, he's now on VAC, gwolf will manage the rest until an3as gets back
19:30:04 * h01ger cheers gwolf otra vez :)
19:30:11 <MrBeige> I think it's pretty much good now, right ?
19:30:15 <gwolf> ...an3as is no longer available until DebConf (and AFAIU Ana is neither), but I can do the needed minor scheduling stuff.
19:30:22 <moray> I think we hope it's ok, and fix it in debcamp if not
19:30:38 <moray> though obviously advertising *something* publicly soon would be good
19:30:47 <moray> (the same stuff copied out of penta as usual)
19:30:57 <Ganneff> its available for non-login
19:31:01 <moray> good
19:31:02 <h01ger> dc9 blog post?
19:31:05 <MrBeige> ok, moving on if there's nothing else here...
19:31:09 <MrBeige> ah
19:31:10 <Ganneff> https://penta.debconf.org/dc9_schedule/
19:31:18 <h01ger> is linked nicely too
19:31:21 <MrBeige> who makes the blog post about it?  we should do that?
19:31:28 <Ganneff> MrBeige: debconf blog
19:31:39 <Ganneff> i could write this one
19:31:41 <MrBeige> Ganneff: but who?  you, h01ger, or someone else ?
19:31:56 <MrBeige> Ganneff: #action you ?
19:31:59 <Ganneff> jaja
19:32:16 <MrBeige> #action Ganneff writes a debconf blog post about the schedule being done
19:32:21 <MrBeige> any more ?
19:32:28 <Anto> news conference?
19:32:35 <Ganneff> s/being done7being preliminary ready, little changes may creep in/
19:32:44 <MrBeige> #topic Renaming official+unofficial talks
19:32:50 <Ganneff> EWWW
19:32:57 <h01ger> MrBeige, what was your proposal here?
19:33:04 <moray> 'featured' talks?
19:33:11 <Ganneff> h01ger: now, dont you touch the webinterface for doing this, if it has to be done.
19:33:13 <MrBeige> So, it seems uncontroversial to make it for DC10 a flatter organization
19:33:42 <Ganneff> for dc10 fine. for dc9 i dislike doing it, but can do using some direct sql changes
19:33:57 * gwolf agrees with Ganneff — This should affect only the future
19:34:02 <moray> MrBeige: though I should point out it's uncontraversial because we haven't been filling the program too much, so that we have plenty of space for unofficial stuff
19:34:02 <MrBeige> so for next year, have just "DebConf" track, and then rank them like we do this year, and promote some of them to "Featured", but don't make it a big deal, they are pretty much equivalent anyway, teams give featured more priority
19:34:11 <gwolf> MrBeige: We want a flatter organization, but still we want to keep rating the proposals
19:34:23 * h01ger thinks we should do the rename now. however we do it
19:34:34 <Ganneff> MrBeige: we will need different tracks for it, but can name them differently than now.
19:34:35 <moray> I think there is still some point judging talks for sponsorship -- but as said on list, maybe a ranking is better for that than yes/no anyway
19:34:40 <gwolf> (or so I understood at least)
19:34:41 <Ganneff> ie debconf featured / debconf unfeatured or so
19:34:52 <gwolf> featured/regular?
19:34:57 <moray> gwolf: talks / featured talks
19:35:00 <h01ger> Ganneff, "debconf talks" debconf feature talks"
19:35:08 <Ganneff> whatever, thats for dc10
19:35:11 <MrBeige> the specific tracks would be "DebConf" and "Featured DebConf", I think
19:35:12 <moray> gwolf: regular/normal/whatever, they don't get called any of those officially though
19:35:13 <Ganneff> please not so short before dc9
19:35:14 <h01ger> yeah, debcamp doesnt have talks
19:35:35 <MrBeige> or s/DebConf/Talks/, I guess
19:35:42 <MrBeige> whoever makes the change can decide the exact wording...
19:35:45 <h01ger> Ganneff, why not. whats the issue?
19:35:56 <MrBeige> so, how hard will it be to do it for DC9 ?
19:35:59 <Ganneff> h01ger: its ugly and requires a hack to do so.
19:35:59 * h01ger will propose a wording to the list. then if we agree we can do this sql query
19:36:09 <moray> I thought the point in fixing was talk submitters?
19:36:17 <Ganneff> also might break links people had.
19:36:20 <moray> that isn't really relevant to dc9 any more if so
19:36:27 <Ganneff> as the tracks are part of the links
19:36:35 <Ganneff> and see moray
19:36:42 <Ganneff> we earn *nothing* but work for changing it now for dc9
19:36:43 <MrBeige> Ganneff: so it can be done, but might result in broken links/requires sql updates/etc ?
19:36:48 <Ganneff> yes
19:36:56 <Hydroxide> I agree I don't see a reason to do it for dc9, but I don't feel strongly
19:37:06 <moray> I'd say, change it on any printed timetables etc. if you like, but let Ganneff leave the website as he prefers that
19:37:07 <Ganneff> its all fine for all later dcs. whatever they want to name it. i dont like it for dc9
19:37:09 <MrBeige> I would tend to agree that changing now has less purpose... and might lean towards not doing it
19:37:18 * MrBeige likes moray's idea
19:37:25 <Hydroxide> sounds fine
19:37:26 <h01ger> Ganneff, we'll have less confusion
19:37:40 <h01ger> Ganneff, you are not confused. you dont see the problem ;)
19:37:43 <moray> h01ger: from whom?  who's going to be confused/care about the label?
19:37:50 <Ganneff> the most "confusion" is with the sponsorship stuff earlier on. and where to sort the talks in.
19:37:54 <moray> yeah
19:37:55 <Ganneff> thats all long past for dc9
19:38:00 <MrBeige> #agreed we change for DC10 and later - "Featured" and not, wording decided on-list
19:38:11 <gwolf> moray: Some people have asked on why they are unofficial
19:38:12 <blarson> and renaming now would add confusion as well
19:38:18 <gwolf> that is all the confusion.
19:38:26 <moray> gwolf: right, I think they already asked that though
19:38:35 <gwolf> yes.
19:38:38 <h01ger> Tracks: DebCamp, DebConf, DebConf featured. solved. or?
19:38:41 <gwolf> changing now would not help, I agree.
19:38:53 <MrBeige> yeah, reaniming again will just mean *everyone* will ask "what about my track?" again
19:39:02 <Ganneff> ay
19:39:12 <h01ger> what is unofficial? everybody understands "featured" :)
19:39:19 <h01ger> (as meaning "blabla" mostly :-D
19:40:00 * h01ger sighs. next?
19:40:04 <MrBeige> #agreed no agreement on changing names for DC9 - we won't change it for DC9 right now
19:40:05 <moray> h01ger: actually, I don't really understand 'featured', I think it's just marketing-speak, but next topic please :p
19:40:12 <MrBeige> #topic Printed Proceedings
19:40:28 <MrBeige> who would ilke to do this ?
19:40:31 <h01ger> moray, whats official and unoffical then? thats much harder to get than "" and "featured" ;)
19:40:42 <MrBeige> what day did we say the deadline was for this ?
19:40:51 <moray> do we actually have some papers submitted?
19:40:54 <moray> easier if not :)
19:41:02 <h01ger> we talked about the deadline in the last meeting.. minutes..
19:41:47 * MrBeige looking, it's not in me minutes of the last one...
19:41:51 <h01ger> paper submission deadline in penta according to the mail: "by midnight on Friday 3 July"
19:42:10 <MrBeige> ah
19:42:10 <moray> so are there any papers there?
19:42:27 <h01ger> where were they send to? :)
19:42:30 <MrBeige> so let's delegate this to a few people who will investigate if we have enough papers to do this
19:42:43 <MrBeige> someones who would like to do them, if possible
19:42:49 <moray> MrBeige: ok, I was hoping (I suspect vainly) to avoid the delgating part
19:43:01 <MrBeige> moray: meaning, don't do it, or don't delegate it ?
19:43:24 <moray> MrBeige: I was hoping (low probability) no one sent a paper and we can skip delegating the task, I meant
19:43:35 <MrBeige> moray: I know you aren't a big fan of printed proceedings, so you definitely won't be in change :)
19:43:54 <Anto> no is ecological
19:43:55 <MrBeige> moray: ah, yeah.  well, the delegated peolpe will look, if nothing submitted then they won't do it, their choice
19:44:03 <moray> ok, so who volunteers?
19:44:22 <MrBeige> I'm not opposed to looking at it myself and starting it...
19:44:33 <moray> we need people to take the hundreds of papers from penta, proof-read, prepare a nice-looking document, and actually get them printed and bound
19:44:52 <Ganneff> proof-read you dont need much
19:44:57 <moray> this probably means two sets of delegates ... but again, the 2nd part can be a debcamp task
19:45:05 <h01ger> who got the mails?
19:45:13 <moray> h01ger: I don't think there were mails
19:45:20 <gwolf> moray: The first step would be determining what do you mean by hundreds
19:45:33 <gwolf> I  can also do part of it (although I don't want to chair it)
19:45:39 <MrBeige> the "we maybe accepted your talk" is teh only mail about it
19:45:50 * blarson could help, if it doesn't require specail access
19:45:55 <MrBeige> who here *wants* there to be proceedings?  I do in a +1.5 kind of way
19:46:00 <MrBeige> blarson: cool
19:46:08 <MrBeige> blarson: I can get you all you need
19:46:19 <Ganneff> jfyi - i turned the feedback on already, people can rate talks they visited. (before i forget it).
19:46:30 <Ganneff> blarson: we can setup all access you need / dump all you need.
19:46:36 <MrBeige> so me, blarson, gwolf ?
19:46:37 <gwolf> I like proceedings and have always requested them, but am not stubborn for it
19:46:57 <MrBeige> (and we can draft others if needed)
19:47:02 <Ganneff> the last years debconf-data repos have the proceedings from there
19:47:07 <h01ger> moray, i believe this is just you guessing/wishing, or?
19:47:11 <Ganneff> guess you can take the tex from there
19:47:20 <moray> h01ger: right, somewhere between none and hundreds
19:47:23 <MrBeige> #action MrBeige gwolf and blarson work on printed proceedings
19:47:30 <MrBeige> #info  < Ganneff> the last years debconf-data repos have the proceedings from there
19:47:30 <h01ger> blarson, this even last years tex code :)
19:47:39 <Ganneff> h01ger: i dont there there have been mails other than "please upload". stuff should be in penta, if any
19:47:46 <MrBeige> ok, next topic
19:47:59 * h01ger looks in penta
19:48:10 <moray> did we have the 'i want proceedings' tick box again?
19:48:14 <MrBeige> #topic VoIP and telefonica.  Should fil get a VoIP setup for us ?
19:48:20 <Ganneff> moray: sure
19:48:31 <moray> Ganneff: good
19:48:38 <MrBeige> printed proceedings -> delegated to committee, continuing...
19:48:39 <h01ger> Anto, can you get more info on the VoiP setup telefonica provides? and get that info to fil? :)
19:49:22 <Anto> now i dont talk about Voip
19:49:27 <Anto> only net
19:49:32 <Anto> and adsl
19:49:41 <Hydroxide> so fil should get something then?
19:49:48 <MrBeige> Anto: do you know when you can know?  should we get fil to do it for us ?
19:50:34 <Anto> telefonica dont tell me nothing about voip
19:50:39 <fil> I'll be wanting a virtual machine to set Freeswitch up on as well -- is that possible in advance of DebCamp?
19:50:44 <cek> fil is the best option
19:51:07 <MrBeige> #agreed fil is the best option to provide VoIP for us at DebConf
19:51:22 <fil> ok, if we're not getting it for free, that's fine -- I didn't want to waste money though
19:51:53 <h01ger> Anto, so forget telefonica and voip :)
19:51:54 <Ganneff> fil: in advance i dont think so. right at the start - yes.
19:52:05 <fil> Ganneff: ok
19:52:06 <MrBeige> Anto, cek: let us know as soon as possible if it changes and Telefónica will give us VoIP stuff
19:52:09 <MrBeige> ok
19:52:16 <Hydroxide> Ganneff, fil: sounds sufficient to me. we don't need voip on the 15th or 16th :)
19:52:20 <MrBeige> #topic press stuff
19:52:24 <Anto> ok, but i dont believe it
19:52:31 <MrBeige> so, was this revolved via the list ?
19:52:36 <Hydroxide> Anto: don't worry about the voip. fil will do it.
19:52:43 <Anto> ok Hydroxide
19:53:15 <h01ger> we will have an openday press release
19:53:16 <MrBeige> who all has specific things to do for press stuff, and what else is needed ?
19:53:29 <h01ger> that we will be able to reuse^wuse as a base for debconf ;)
19:53:30 <Anto> yes, it is necesary
19:53:37 <moray> the post-conference thing should be written during debcamp or debconf
19:53:58 <Anto> and conference press?
19:54:09 <moray> (rather than trying to write it actually afterwards and it not happening)
19:54:30 * h01ger nods
19:54:36 <MrBeige> AOL @ finishing post-conf release *before* the conference is over
19:55:01 <FBI> debconf-blog: 3 joerg committed revision 58 to 7 blog:  Blog schedule
19:55:01 <FBI> debconf-blog: files changed: A   blog/debconf9/jj_schedule.txt
19:55:01 <MrBeige> #info during debconf, we write the post-conf press releaseses to make sure it gets done
19:55:23 <fil> BTW the advert moray & I prepared for Linux User & Developer (in UK) is going in -- http://media.debconf.org/dc9/adverts/linux-user-advert-2009-07.png
19:55:44 <moray> fil: cool, they sorted the technical stuff?
19:56:04 <fil> just a post event "Thank you sponsors" really
19:56:05 <MrBeige> so what else for this topic?
19:56:08 <MrBeige> is it done ?
19:56:09 * h01ger cheers fil & moray
19:56:15 * h01ger thinks its done for now
19:56:20 <Ganneff> who did this years contect with linux magazine?
19:56:31 * h01ger did
19:56:31 <MrBeige> #info fil and moray's ad is going into Linux User & Developer - yay!
19:56:31 <Ganneff> they do want to have the one page a4 color ad thing again i assume?
19:56:34 <fil> moray: yeah, no problem at all -- well done for making PDF they liked
19:56:35 <h01ger> yes
19:57:08 <MrBeige> who does the Linux magazine ad ?
19:57:15 <Ganneff> http://blog.debconf.org/blog/debconf9/jj_schedule.dc
19:57:44 <MrBeige> so
19:57:48 <Ganneff> who did the talk to linux magazine?
19:57:49 <moray> MrBeige: if nothing else we can use the same one presumably?
19:58:01 <MrBeige> moray: yeah, that might be a not bad idea...
19:58:16 <Ganneff> yes we can, it looks similar to the past ones
19:58:29 * fil did ask if we could have a stack of Linux User's to put in the sponsor's goodie bags -- not heard back on that yet
19:58:39 <moray> MrBeige: at this stage even if a real artist comes along there's probably more useful stuff to do
19:58:44 <moray> (like dc10 logos :)
19:58:55 <MrBeige> ok, this topic is fizzling... speak up if something needs to be decided or we move on
19:59:09 <moray> MrBeige: so I'd say just go fo rthe same one, assuming Linux mag give an ad again
19:59:19 <gwolf> moray: We can approach pixelgirl during DC9 to ask for that...
19:59:25 <MrBeige> moray: yes, agreed
19:59:40 <MrBeige> #info for the Linux Magazine ad, we can use the LU&D ad unless something much better comes up
19:59:47 <MrBeige> #topic insurance
20:00:04 <MrBeige> h01ger:
20:00:33 <MrBeige> h01ger: what did we need to discuss about insurance ?
20:00:42 <cek> money
20:00:51 <cek> it is ~6000 euros
20:00:58 <fil> ouch!
20:00:59 <cek> which is a lot
20:01:00 <MrBeige> wow
20:01:09 <moray> what does that cover?
20:01:14 <h01ger> MrBeige, status basically :)
20:01:17 <FBI> debconf-blog: 3 h01ger committed revision 59 to 7 blog:  spread the word. avoid last minute scheduling
20:01:17 <FBI> debconf-blog: files changed: U   blog/debconf9/jj_schedule.txt
20:01:20 <fil> (about 5x DC7's)
20:01:23 <h01ger> 6k?
20:01:40 <cek> it covers, almost everything
20:01:47 <Ganneff> almost. what does it miss? :)
20:01:50 <h01ger> define everything
20:01:59 <cek> death, thefts, accidents, etc.
20:02:06 <MrBeige> yaeh - could 'everything' be more than we need ?
20:02:12 <gwolf> Can we kick hardware? break windows? burn beds?
20:02:16 <cek> lol
20:02:35 <gwolf> well, it might happen. Hopefully, if it happens, it will be unintentional.
20:02:36 * Ganneff notices - steal servers and wireless gear.
20:02:39 <cek> it is not that easy, one year insurance is aprox. the same price
20:02:40 <Ganneff> kill a few users
20:02:47 <Ganneff> throw some out of windows.
20:02:50 <fil> are we covering the buildings for that? (and if so, do we really need to?)
20:02:53 <moray> cek: doesn't sound like *event* insurance then?
20:03:00 <gwolf> Ganneff: Keep the power amplifier out of the microwave antennas...
20:03:01 <cek> moray, right
20:03:09 <moray> fil: if they have the concept of an 'insurable interest' that might even make it invalid
20:03:10 <Ganneff> gwolf: we arent in .mx
20:03:33 <gwolf> Ganneff: I thought you took them to .de
20:03:53 <Ganneff> gwolf: no. not me.
20:04:04 <MrBeige> moray: so should we look again for *event* insurance ?
20:04:23 * gwolf still has two perfectly new and useless wireless high-gain antenas in the closet... :-/
20:04:42 <moray> MrBeige: well, obviously I don't know what's available in Spain
20:04:51 <cek> I was also told that insurance is not needed in conferences
20:04:59 <moray> MrBeige: but I would assume there should be something that is charged more like per day for a big event, yes
20:05:01 <cek> everyone is responsible of his acts
20:05:25 <cek> the only thing is hardware
20:05:26 <Ganneff> cek: then whats with the stolen servers?
20:05:27 <MrBeige> 6k€ might end up being a significant fraction of the total amount insured, no ?
20:05:35 <Ganneff> ah
20:05:38 <fil> MrBeige: Event insurance in the UK would have been at least that -- I went to a broker who then offered it to a specialist syndicate at Lloyds -- I would try doing something similar in spain, since it's a weird risk
20:05:45 <h01ger> gwolf, i think you can donate them to remote project you like or whereever. or bring to spain ;)
20:05:46 <cek> that's the proble, hardware
20:06:06 <MrBeige> cek: so this insurance doesn't cover hardware ?
20:06:07 <gwolf> h01ger: I have found nobody to accept them :-/
20:06:08 <moray> fil: hm, why not Lloyds again?  they wouldn't require a UK event
20:06:11 <gwolf> (not that I tried too hard)
20:06:16 <cek> so, I think that we can pay it if it "get lost", which is cheaper than a complete insurance of everything
20:06:23 <cek> MrBeige, it does
20:06:35 <MrBeige> cek: ah, good
20:06:36 <Ganneff> cek: the TK hardware alone is around 12k EUR
20:06:37 <cek> I am telling that the only problem we could have is stolen HW
20:06:42 <Ganneff> and thats only one part. not that cheap to lose.
20:06:51 <MrBeige> cek: so it doesn't cover stolen hardware ?
20:06:58 <cek> MrBeige, yes
20:07:03 <MrBeige> ok
20:07:07 <moray> yes it does, or yes it doesn't?
20:07:08 <fil> the trouble with "Event Insurance" is generally priced by the day, and assumes that different people turn up each day, so increasing the risk
20:07:17 <cek> yes it does
20:07:31 <gwolf> fil: ...and in the end, that's what happens with ours. Even if we trust our people.
20:07:36 <cek> what I mean is that the only insurance we may need is for HW
20:07:50 <fil> moray: Lloyds might, but my broker said they wouldn't touch it, so would be best via a spannish broker anyway
20:07:51 <cek> not a total insurance of everything
20:07:58 <moray> fil: ok
20:08:10 <MrBeige> cek: ah, ok.
20:08:46 * gwolf has to leave...
20:08:47 <h01ger> if we dont find alternatives, we will still take the 6k insurance?
20:08:50 <MrBeige> so... what to do ?
20:08:52 <gwolf> I'll see you later today, though
20:08:57 <h01ger> cu gwolf!
20:09:00 <MrBeige> gwolf: bye for now
20:09:05 <gwolf> !
20:09:13 <moray> h01ger: if the 6k is actually valid for everything we want...
20:09:22 <MrBeige> what's the total value of the equipment that *needs* insurance ?
20:09:36 <moray> h01ger: if it's the wrong type of insurance it might not be valid, as I said above you can't just take out buildings insurance on someone else's building
20:09:58 <h01ger> right
20:10:06 <moray> but again, I have no idea about insurance *in Spain*
20:10:07 <h01ger> so who follows up on this?
20:10:18 * h01ger would like to finish the meeting and go out :)
20:10:19 <Hydroxide> yeah, if the equipment is cheaper than the insurance we should just indemnify Ben Hutchings's employer for the cost of replacing it if we don't return it
20:10:30 <moray> Hydroxide: I doubt that it is, though
20:10:39 <Ganneff> Hydroxide: and tk
20:10:46 <Ganneff> and whoever gives us the wireless gear
20:10:46 <Hydroxide> Ganneff: well, whoever needs the insurance, at least
20:10:51 <fil> I would say that since we currently have some cash around the one thing we should not bother insuring is hardware -- we should just take the risk, and pay for stuff as need be -- the risk we cannot cover is someone breking their spine falling down the stairs, as that would run to millions
20:10:52 <Hydroxide> Ganneff: some of them don't need it
20:10:55 <moray> Hydroxide: it may be cheaper than the cost x probability of it getting stolen, but we *will* have a lot of equipment beside Ben's
20:11:11 <Hydroxide> moray: yeah. how much of it should we be insuring though?
20:11:20 <Hydroxide> moray: afaict ben's employer is the only one that requested it
20:11:31 <moray> fil: right, and it's very vague as to who would be the target of that lawsuit
20:11:36 <MrBeige> do we agree, regardless, that we should look for cheaper, more targeted, insurance ?
20:11:58 <Ganneff> yes
20:11:59 <moray> fil: meaning that it could be any of us 'organiser' types
20:12:02 <Hydroxide> btw, for DC10, we'll probably need liability insurance for e.g. injuries and such, unless columbia's covers us, but I don't anticipate us needing general hardware insurance
20:12:28 <Hydroxide> (yes we'll look into it)
20:12:32 <MrBeige> #agreed We should look for cheaper, more targeted, insurance (for events)
20:12:34 <Hydroxide> so that's a point of comparison
20:12:44 <fil> moray: also, if we have someone injured, it would be nice if they were given enough cash to make their life comfortable to some extent
20:12:48 <MrBeige> so, who follows up and advises on this matter ?
20:12:55 <moray> MrBeige: for the fallback, I would err on the side of buying the expensive insurance though
20:13:20 <moray> 6000 is not much compared to potential risks
20:13:52 <MrBeige> does anyone disagree with getting the more expensive insurance, if that's the only option ?
20:14:12 <Ganneff> no
20:14:24 <MrBeige> #agreed but get the more expensive insurance if that's the only option
20:14:25 <MrBeige> so
20:14:45 <MrBeige> cek, Anto: you can discuss with moray and fil for ideas on what to look for that's cheaper
20:14:53 <Anto> ok
20:14:54 <MrBeige> #topic next meeting
20:14:58 <cek> ok MrBeige
20:15:10 <cek> next Monday, same hour
20:15:11 <Anto> next monday same time?
20:15:12 <MrBeige> so, Wednesday of this week is a localteam meeting
20:15:19 <Anto> yes
20:15:27 <Anto> but is only informative
20:15:37 <MrBeige> should monday a week from today be a globalteam meeting?
20:16:07 <Hydroxide> sounds good
20:16:08 <MrBeige> or possibly another localteam meeting then?  I don't know what is likely needed
20:16:30 <moray> I believe we're getting close to DebConf now
20:16:37 <MrBeige> so global team in a week ?
20:16:45 <Anto> nothing important to deciced in next local meeting
20:16:54 <MrBeige> (we can always blur the line of global vs local, we don't have to have strict divisions)
20:16:59 <Anto> but is good to do for the short tiem
20:17:01 <moray> MrBeige: I guess so -- ideally we can all meet and get it done in 5 minutes :)
20:17:10 <moray> if everything is sorted by then ;)
20:17:16 <MrBeige> #agreed next global team meeting in one week, 13 july 19 UTC
20:17:24 <MrBeige> #topic any other business ?
20:17:53 <Anto> one beer in the street ,  avery nice weather now in caceres
20:18:02 <MrBeige> anything ... ?
20:18:05 <Ganneff> end
20:18:13 <Hydroxide> fin
20:18:16 <MrBeige> #endmeeting