#debconf-team: Global Team Meeting. Agenda: http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf9/Meetings#Global_team_meeting.2C_13_July_2009.2C_19_UTC

Meeting started by Ganneff at 19:00:20 UTC. (full logs)
19:01:11 Topic: Accommodation status update (and who does it during debcamp while Noodles is not there yet)
19:03:29 AGREEDGannefffil is taking the room stuff during dc
19:03:33 Topic: How are we going to manage attendees paying their own food?
19:08:15 AGREEDGanneffpayment by tokens/via cards. more details settled during debcamp.
19:08:24 Topic: Proceedings
19:08:24 INFOh01gerone or two volunteers to handle the food tickets would be good.
19:08:53 INFOmarga(Regarding food) On our side, we need to figure out: who will collect money and print the tickets and how will the amount of meals be told to the caterer...
19:09:39 INFOh01geranto is too busy to also do the food stuff, i think. he says 2-3 people are needed
19:12:50 INFOmargaPapers for the proceedings have been submitted, need to get formatted.
19:13:05 Topic: Insurance status?
19:13:07 ACTIONmargablarson will ask for help with the Latex format
19:13:23 INFOmargaproceedings will be printed on-site during debcamp.
19:13:43 INFOh01gerinsurance status seems to be fine, cek got all the info and a new insurance
19:14:00 Topic: Junta HW (printer) / laminating device / duct tape / batteries / etc
19:15:37 INFOGanneffexact insurance details for tomorrow, but should be cheaper than last.
19:18:06 INFOmargaStill waiting for Junta's hardware, other sponsors yet to be asked.
19:18:16 Topic: Budget status
19:18:42 INFOGanneffparty, budget looks good
19:19:22 Topic: Budget status -> How soon does FFIS need to start transferring money? And to whom?
19:20:47 INFOGannefffor money from ffis people need to draw it and then get reimbursed. or we need a bank account...
19:22:16 LINKh01gerhttp://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf9/Sponsorship
19:22:23 INFOh01gerthat url has infos for reimburstment
19:25:43 Topic: Budget status -> Handling cash at DebConf (Attendees who don't pay before start of DebConf, and also paying us for non-sponsored food from the caterer.)
19:27:40 Topic: Budget status -> can we sponsor more people?
19:29:32 AGREEDGanneffno extra sponsoring
19:29:34 Topic: minibus renting
19:31:40 AGREEDGanneffcurrently none, we can take it day by day if needed
19:31:42 Topic: People arriving on the 15th: where/when to meet?
19:34:22 Topic: Next meeting - At the venue!
19:34:57 Topic: AOB
19:35:25 LINKAntohttp://doodle.com/i643df52havyzqhe
Meeting ended at 19:41:12 UTC. (full logs)

Action Items
  1. blarson will ask for help with the Latex format

Action Items, by person
  1. blarson
    1. blarson will ask for help with the Latex format
    1. (none)

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  1. Ganneff (123)
  2. h01ger (81)
  3. marga (51)
  4. moray (24)
  5. Noodles (20)
  6. Anto (19)
  7. MrBeige (18)
  8. cek (11)
  9. schultmc (8)
  10. fil (7)
  11. blarson (5)
  12. Sledge (4)
  13. faw (4)
  14. ArthurLiu (2)
  15. bgupta (1)
  16. Hydroxide (1)

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