19:00:20 <Ganneff> #startmeeting
19:00:21 <Ganneff> #meetingtopic Global Team Meeting. Agenda: http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf9/Meetings#Global_team_meeting.2C_13_July_2009.2C_19_UTC
19:00:27 <Ganneff> 21:00:22 [ alphascorpii] [ bdale    ] [ enrico   ] [ karora ] [ Noodles    ] [ svenk   ]
19:00:27 <Ganneff> 21:00:22 [ also        ] [ bgupta   ] [ faw      ] [ madduck] [ otavio     ] [ thepaul ]
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19:00:28 <Ganneff> 21:00:22 [ ArthurLiu   ] [ dam      ] [ Hydroxide] [ moray  ] [ Sledge     ] [ zer0mdq ]
19:00:28 <Ganneff> 21:00:22 [ aurel32     ] [ edrz     ] [ jvw      ] [ MrBeige] [ suihkulokki]
19:00:33 * marga here.
19:00:37 <ArthurLiu> hu?
19:00:48 * faw here
19:00:56 * Noodles here (obviously)
19:00:59 * h01ger here
19:01:03 * fil here
19:01:06 <h01ger> ArthurLiu, meeting
19:01:11 <Ganneff> #topic Accommodation status update (and who does it during debcamp while Noodles is not there yet)
19:01:23 <ArthurLiu> oh sorry, I'll keep quiet, don't kick me out :)
19:01:27 <Ganneff> there. noodles topic, i think :)
19:01:29 <bgupta> sorta here. please say my name if you need my help with something.. (Hydroxide, MrBeige you guys know my skills for the most part)
19:01:32 <Noodles> Ok, so I did the final room allocation last week.
19:01:43 * Sledge gets in
19:01:52 <Noodles> And I've had one minor comment asking for a room swap and there are a few outstanding "I'm not coming"s to process.
19:02:00 <Noodles> But no "Argh! I'm not on the list"s.
19:02:07 <marga> That's good.
19:02:08 <Ganneff> good
19:02:09 <Sledge> yup
19:02:12 <Noodles> In the end I didn't have to say no to many people.
19:02:23 <Noodles> I think I said no to one person for DebCamp but ok for DebConf.
19:02:44 <Ganneff> ok. fine. that then leaves the second part of this topic
19:02:53 <Ganneff> whos playing noodles until noodles arrives?
19:03:05 <Noodles> It'll at least be easier because it's all in MT until I get there.
19:03:16 <Noodles> I /think/ all the room numbers in my allocation should be ok.
19:03:16 * fil could probably do that
19:03:28 <Noodles> So really it shouldn't be tricky.
19:03:29 <Ganneff> #agreed fil is taking the room stuff during dc
19:03:33 <Ganneff> #topic How are we going to manage attendees paying their own food?
19:03:36 <Noodles> And I'll be online  in case of queries.
19:04:03 <Noodles> Can we take cash? There was a suggestino we could do so and then use it for paying reimbursments?
19:04:06 <moray> (hi, late)
19:04:07 <Ganneff> that question is better as "how do we manage to only have people eat that should eat"? do we give out tokens?
19:04:12 <h01ger> Noodles, yes
19:04:27 <Noodles> I think tokens is a good system; it allows people to swap as well which helps prevent wastage?
19:04:27 <h01ger> there are also other expenses like the flamenco dancers and such
19:04:31 <marga> There are various issues to solve.
19:04:34 <moray> Noodles: I don't think we can take cash per meal easily, it seems :/
19:04:49 <moray> Noodles: as the caterers want us to tell them specific numbers and pay for those fixed numbers
19:04:54 <Noodles> Not /at meal time/, no, but people could pay us the day before?
19:04:55 <Sledge> h01ger: flamenco dancers? 24hr entertainment? :-)
19:04:56 * h01ger suggests to leave the details to those handling this and only talk about finding volunteers for the job now
19:04:58 <marga> 1) We need a system that allows non-sponsored people to say "tomorrow I'll eat at DebConf"
19:05:06 <Ganneff> for tokens we need to know at least a day in advance to tell the caterers. depending on how flexible they are and how far in dadvance they want it
19:05:07 <h01ger> Sledge, that was just an example :)
19:05:10 <moray> is one day notice enough for the caterers?
19:05:11 <marga> 2) We need a system to receive the money from this people
19:05:23 <Noodles> We need to cover money from attendees /anyway/.
19:05:26 <Ganneff> marga: tokens should work for that. for both points. "go and buy them".
19:05:27 <marga> 3) We need to figure out the tokens.
19:05:32 <marga> Ganneff: no.
19:05:34 <Ganneff> i think the biggest part will be to get the caterer to agree
19:05:39 <marga> Ganneff: we need to tell the caterer in advance.
19:05:55 <Anto> exact we need tell it in advance
19:06:00 <Ganneff> marga: yes. the handling on our site is easy.
19:06:01 <h01ger> Ganneff, the caterer agreed to have the numbers a day in advance. i dont think they want ad-hoc
19:06:10 <Anto> i thinking in two posibility
19:06:13 <marga> Originally (I asked this question 2 or 3 times) the caterer was going to accept money, but now it's not possible.
19:06:14 <Ganneff> one day in advance is ok.
19:06:18 <Noodles> So tell the caterer the numbers in advance and say only serve people with tokens?
19:06:21 <h01ger> lets listen to anto..
19:06:32 <Noodles> And date the tokens and only print the same number as we told the caterer?
19:06:41 <Anto> one bono(card) for sponsored people
19:06:47 <Noodles> Yah.
19:06:49 <moray> at this stage I think the details should perhaps just be sorted out on site during DebCamp
19:06:51 <Anto> and a tickect for not sponsored
19:06:58 <Ganneff> the caterer can collect the tokens, and we/they can use it for billing debconf / checking the numbers
19:07:07 <moray> I assume for the first days of DebCamp everyone there is sponsored or honest, anyway?
19:07:08 <h01ger> so who does this?
19:07:11 <marga> moray: no.
19:07:19 <marga> moray: well, honest maybe, sponsored, no.
19:07:24 <Anto> all the days the not sponsored pay a tickets and after that we pay to caterer
19:07:39 <Ganneff> Anto: if the caterer is willing to do that, fine.
19:07:53 <Ganneff> so lets go down this road and do final adjustements to the process during first days of camp. all ok with it?
19:08:00 <Noodles> Yes, that sounds sane.
19:08:15 <Ganneff> #agreed payment by tokens/via cards. more details settled during debcamp.
19:08:24 <Ganneff> #topic Proceedings
19:08:24 <h01ger> #info one or two volunteers to handle the food tickets would be good.
19:08:30 <marga> Ok, then.  On our side, we need to figure out: who will collect money and print the tickets and how will the amount of meals be told to the caterer...
19:08:33 <Ganneff> who wants to take the floor?
19:08:37 <h01ger> anto is too busy to also do the food stuff, i think
19:08:40 <Ganneff> marga: si. make it #info please
19:08:43 <fil> should I pack my guilotine? (that we used in EDI for tokens) or would there be that sort of office equipment locally?
19:08:44 <marga> Ganneff: ok
19:08:53 <marga> #INFO (Regarding food) On our side, we need to figure out: who will collect money and print the tickets and how will the amount of meals be told to the caterer...
19:08:57 <Anto> i need volunters for food stuff
19:09:08 <Ganneff> Anto: you will get them.
19:09:21 <Anto> 2 ó 3 people is ok
19:09:24 <Ganneff> fil: if you do have the space.
19:09:31 <Ganneff> now, anyone for proceedings?
19:09:39 <MrBeige> blarson: ping
19:09:39 <h01ger> #info anto is too busy to also do the food stuff, i think. he says 2-3 people are needed
19:09:58 <MrBeige> blars has been working on proceedings, collecting papers... don't know current status
19:10:02 <marga> About proceedings, the last info we had was that they were going to be printed on-site, during debcamp.
19:10:15 <marga> blarson: any news about the status of the proceedings?
19:10:27 <Ganneff> blarson is idle for about an hour
19:10:30 <blarson> Papers collected.
19:10:30 <Anto> yes, near venue there are a copy-shop
19:10:34 <Ganneff> ah. there he is.
19:10:58 <blarson> Need someone else to arange printing durring debcamp, since I arive late the 23rd.
19:10:59 <Ganneff> blarson: so its on time for debcamp printing?
19:11:10 <marga> blarson: that's ok, as long as the pdf is ready.
19:11:17 <h01ger> printer is on the list of things to get
19:11:22 <blarson> Still need to format put together.
19:11:23 <Ganneff> blarson: you use the tex stuff from last years again?
19:11:24 <h01ger> (from junta...)
19:11:25 <marga> blarson: when do you think that pdf is going to be ready?
19:11:51 * blarson doesn't know tex :-(
19:12:08 <marga> blarson: get someone that does to help you.
19:12:17 <marga> blarson: or what's your plan?
19:12:18 <fil> blarson: good time to learn ;-)
19:12:25 <Ganneff> blarson: mail -team/-discuss and ask for help. :)
19:12:44 <blarson> Yes, I'll need help.
19:12:48 <Ganneff> #save
19:12:50 <marga> #INFO Papers for the proceedings have been submitted, need to get formatted.
19:12:53 <Ganneff> ok, please ask the list
19:13:05 <Ganneff> #topic Insurance status?
19:13:07 <marga> #ACTION blarson will ask for help with the Latex format
19:13:20 <Ganneff> thx
19:13:23 <marga> #INFO proceedings will be printed on-site during debcamp.
19:13:38 <h01ger> #insurance status seems to be fine, cek got all the info and a new insurance
19:13:38 <Ganneff> now, whats up with insurance?
19:13:39 <MrBeige> Ganneff: #save please ?
19:13:43 <h01ger> #info insurance status seems to be fine, cek got all the info and a new insurance
19:13:46 <Ganneff> MrBeige: done already.
19:13:53 <Ganneff> ok. topic solved. ha.
19:13:57 <h01ger> \o/
19:14:00 <Ganneff> #topic Junta HW (printer) / laminating device / duct tape / batteries / etc
19:14:03 <h01ger> cek!
19:14:06 <Ganneff> there. cek at the right time.
19:14:11 <h01ger> update on insurance?
19:14:13 <h01ger> we had:
19:14:16 <h01ger> <h01ger> #info insurance status seems to be fine, cek got all the info and a new insurance
19:14:17 <cek> hey
19:14:18 <moray> Ganneff: yes, I'm impressed ;)
19:14:20 <cek> sorry for the delay
19:14:30 <cek> yes, I am waiting for a response
19:14:45 <cek> the guy in charge will send me the exact amount tomorrow
19:14:46 <Ganneff> ok. fine. now see current topic please, you just joined at the right time :)
19:14:57 <h01ger> cek, but its cheaper then what we discussed last week?
19:15:12 <cek> we will have 150000 for civil insurance and 6000 for hardware
19:15:18 <cek> yes h01ger
19:15:24 <cek> but don't know how much
19:15:29 <h01ger> cek, cool
19:15:37 <Ganneff> #info exact insurance details for tomorrow, but should be cheaper than last.
19:15:46 <Ganneff> noow, junta hw stuff. whats up there?
19:15:51 <h01ger> re, topic, /me ment we should _buy_ laminating device / duct tape / batteries - (though the laminating device was kind of "maybe they have it")
19:16:14 <Anto> about Junta HW no news, i hope the last day they call me
19:16:25 <marga> Anto: when do we give up hope?
19:16:32 <cek> we will ask for HW sponsorship from Identic
19:16:36 <cek> www.creofonte.com
19:17:01 <Anto> tomorrow i will go to my foundation and call you  holguer to explain that HW we need
19:17:22 <h01ger> Anto, i will be in planes from 10 to 14.30
19:17:23 <Ganneff> ok. so thats still going on.
19:17:37 <Ganneff> anything more here?
19:17:41 <h01ger> Anto, so either early or late
19:17:52 <Anto> ok, h01guer, no problem
19:18:06 <marga> #INFO Still waiting for Junta's hardware, other sponsors yet to be asked.
19:18:16 <Ganneff> #topic Budget status
19:18:24 <Ganneff> MrBeige, schultmc: thats your floor.
19:18:29 <MrBeige> so budget is looking all right
19:18:40 <MrBeige> how soon do we need to pay stuff in cáceres ?
19:18:42 <Ganneff> #info party, budget looks good
19:18:44 <Anto> canatic and comparex dend the money to FFIS o SPI?
19:18:55 <Anto> send , sorry
19:19:02 <h01ger> Anto, no, not yet
19:19:07 <Anto> ok
19:19:10 <schultmc> I requested a limit increase for SPI's online currency transfer service and it was approved
19:19:17 <h01ger> schultmc, cool
19:19:21 <MrBeige> I have mostly updated everything, and know how much is at ffis/spi
19:19:22 <Ganneff> #topic Budget status -> How soon does FFIS need to start transferring money? And to whom?
19:19:26 <h01ger> schultmc, can you also draw cash in caceres?
19:19:26 <schultmc> the first transfer from SPI to FFIS should land shortly
19:19:27 <Ganneff> so lets take the next subpart of this topic
19:19:30 <MrBeige> so it's just a matter of moving it around at the right time
19:19:31 <h01ger> Ganneff, un poco too fast you are
19:19:43 <schultmc> we can transfer the rest in a larger sum
19:19:46 <h01ger> ah, no, just more exact :)
19:19:49 <Ganneff> h01ger: its only a subtopic change.
19:19:55 <schultmc> h01ger: probably, in small increments per day
19:20:06 <h01ger> schultmc, great. cause we cant from ffis
19:20:20 <Ganneff> ffis would need a bank account in .es to transfer too?!
19:20:23 <h01ger> only people can and then get reimbursted. or ffis does money transfers..
19:20:37 <h01ger> Ganneff, there will be noone from ffis around..
19:20:40 <marga> h01ger: no way of getting some petty cash?
19:20:47 <Ganneff> #info for money from ffis people need to draw it and then get reimbursed. or we need a bank account...
19:20:52 <schultmc> marga: I can get petty cash
19:21:03 <marga> schultmc: when are you arriving in Cáceres?
19:21:18 <schultmc> marga: late evening of 2009-07-23
19:21:37 <Ganneff> if its needed i could take some 3k EUR from my creditcard, but in that case i would want ffis to send the money to me first.
19:21:47 <marga> schultmc: I think some petty cash is going to be needed before that.
19:22:02 <h01ger> ffis will transfer the sponsorship reimburstment directly to people
19:22:07 <schultmc> marga: surely we could transfer funds from ffis to someone locally
19:22:08 <Ganneff> (that is, if its 3k eur)
19:22:14 <schultmc> s/locally/local/
19:22:15 <marga> schultmc: apparently not.
19:22:16 <h01ger> http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf9/Sponsorship
19:22:23 <h01ger> #info that url has infos for reimburstment
19:22:35 <marga> h01ger: can it be transferred to Ganneff and then he extracts it / brings it?
19:22:38 <Ganneff> h01ger: drop the t please.
19:23:09 <h01ger> which t?
19:23:17 <moray> reimbursement
19:23:26 <h01ger> marga, why?
19:23:27 <moray> I think we can understand though
19:23:30 <h01ger> moray, ah. lol
19:23:35 <marga> h01ger: everyone has a limit on how much they can pay before getting reimbursed.  It's not sensible to ask someone (anto or the like) to put so much money from his pocket.
19:23:35 <Ganneff> i can bring like 500 eur or so with me already on wed, if it helps. i can draw more from creditcard, but if that goes to high up i want the money *first*, and ffis usually doesnt do that
19:23:43 <Ganneff> they usually want receipts before giving out any cent
19:23:46 * h01ger prefers reimbursement to come as reimburstment :)
19:23:59 <MrBeige> when does, e.g., the caterer need money, and do we direct transfer to them, check, cash ?
19:24:04 <h01ger> marga, i dont see us needing tons of cash
19:24:17 <marga> MrBeige: the caterer is payed by local sponsorship, doesn't go through ffis.
19:24:17 <h01ger> we can transfer money from ffis to the caterer or whatever
19:24:20 <Ganneff> MrBeige: the caterer i expect to get so much that i would want to make it direct transfer
19:24:25 <moray> yes
19:24:30 <MrBeige> marga: ah, right
19:24:36 <h01ger> so, next topic?
19:24:38 <MrBeige> marga: that's what I"d think to, just confirming
19:24:51 <marga> But buying stuff, like batteries or the laminator earlier, is going to need money.
19:24:52 <Ganneff> so nothing decided on money transfers?
19:24:58 * MrBeige is still unsure how money will get moved around.  but it'll probably be figured out at debcamp
19:25:11 <MrBeige> assuming that no one starts demanding money on day 1
19:25:13 <h01ger> marga, i'm happy to pay the laminator or batteries and get the money back from ffis
19:25:20 <h01ger> thats petty cash, really
19:25:28 <h01ger> so from ffis or schultmc :)
19:25:33 <Ganneff> all below a thousand is.
19:25:40 <Ganneff> ohwell, i think we can handle that. next
19:25:43 <marga> h01ger: ok then.  It's just that Anto mentioned he didn't have that much cash to wait until reimbursement.
19:25:43 <Ganneff> #topic Budget status -> Handling cash at DebConf (Attendees who don't pay before start of DebConf, and also paying us for non-sponsored food from the caterer.)
19:26:09 * h01ger asks Anto in /msg if he needs reimbursement now and if so will arrange that
19:26:20 <faw> h01ger, and there are people that needs to be reimbursed in person (no back accounts in Europe)
19:26:21 <MrBeige> so we sort of talked about this but don't have names in charge yet...
19:26:37 <Ganneff> faw: we can do international transfers... :)
19:26:43 <h01ger> faw, yes. we will have money and we can do money transfers from spi
19:26:50 <Ganneff> but i think this year it should be possible to do all the reimbursements for travel right in .es
19:27:04 <h01ger> Ganneff, this topic was also directly disucssed. we happily take the money. next :)
19:27:05 <Ganneff> (well, if we can get at it, it will be a lot again)
19:27:12 <moray> it's much better if we get it done quickly, and avoid the mess about Brazilians etc.
19:27:19 <h01ger> s/directly/already/
19:27:20 <faw> Ganneff, international transfers, at least for Brazilians, means losing almost 60% of the money to Brazilian government
19:27:21 <Ganneff> or long delays.
19:27:26 <Ganneff> faw: ay.
19:27:28 <faw> :-(
19:27:37 <Ganneff> ok. so. nothing more here i think for now?
19:27:40 <Ganneff> #topic Budget status -> can we sponsor more people?
19:27:40 <Noodles> (I'm going to disappear btw; I don't really think you'll miss me but /msg me if there's anything you need a response on as I'll be around later)
19:27:53 <Ganneff> i disagree with sponsoring more people *now*
19:28:04 * h01ger misses Noodles but is happy to see him next week :)
19:28:13 <Ganneff> it wouldnt be fair to all those we (direct or indirect) already said no
19:28:16 <h01ger> Ganneff, if we have the money?
19:28:19 <moray> I agree with Ganneff
19:28:26 <Ganneff> h01ger: then we can also use it for dc10
19:28:27 <h01ger> Ganneff, give money to those next in the queue?
19:28:28 <Noodles> Ghod. Don't sponsor more people unless they already have a room.
19:28:30 <Ganneff> we dont need to burn it all
19:28:37 <Ganneff> and see Noodles
19:29:13 <Ganneff> and its damn late and near to the conf already to announce "hey, we have more money, you all we refused can now join in. have fun dealing with a trip in 1.5weeks"
19:29:14 <marga> I agree with Ganneff.  It's too late now to sponsor people.
19:29:17 <MrBeige> h01ger: we've sponsored everyone in the "maybe" queue.
19:29:22 <h01ger> we could also give money back to debian ;) but ok, as you dont want to sponsor more people (which are queued in the list), i'd say, next point
19:29:25 * Sledge nods Ganneff
19:29:25 <h01ger> MrBeige, ah!!
19:29:28 <h01ger> ok, then
19:29:29 <MrBeige> all that's left is people who have been told "no"
19:29:32 <Ganneff> #agreed no extra sponsoring
19:29:32 <h01ger> didnt know that
19:29:34 <Ganneff> #topic minibus renting
19:29:42 <Ganneff> minibus?
19:29:46 <MrBeige> h01ger: ah, ok.
19:29:51 <h01ger> do we still want to do that? (bus)
19:29:58 <Ganneff> do we need to? for what?
19:30:12 <h01ger> eg to take otavio to the daytrip. and other errands
19:30:13 * MrBeige unsure where it came from
19:30:21 <h01ger> fil brought it up
19:30:32 <Ganneff> cant we just rent some kind of taxi if needed for otavio on that day?
19:30:36 <moray> I think arranging it for one day will be cheaper than renting all the time
19:30:51 <moray> fil had suggested renting a van to move things about
19:30:58 <moray> but I'm not sure we actually have much to move about?
19:31:01 <fil> I was wondering if we should hire _any_ vehicle -- it wandered into being a minibus later IIRC
19:31:06 <moray> if everything is delivered to MT
19:31:23 <Ganneff> ok. so currently none, we can take it day by day if needed
19:31:40 <Ganneff> #agreed currently none, we can take it day by day if needed
19:31:42 <Ganneff> #topic People arriving on the 15th: where/when to meet?
19:31:47 <Ganneff> yay, i want to know that too :)
19:31:54 <moray> 15th... quite close :)
19:31:56 * Ganneff gets in at 2002
19:32:02 <fil> there are about 5 hire places in walking distance according to google, so we can always grab a car for a day, or some such
19:32:11 <Ganneff> by train from mad
19:32:36 <Ganneff> the venue shouldnt be hard to reach walking. or taxi. so i guess venue is a good meeting place?
19:32:47 <cek> yes, venue is a good place
19:32:49 <Ganneff> Anto / cek: will you be there, 15th evening?
19:32:52 <fil> by train from Lisbon (at 05:05 *yawn*)
19:33:21 <cek> not sure, I have to work till friday
19:33:24 <h01ger> meet at MT?
19:33:45 <Ganneff> sounds like it
19:33:52 <h01ger> anto, do you have to work on the 15th? or can you show people MT / let them in?
19:33:57 <MrBeige> (MT is the logical place, but we need someone there to let people in / give us rooms / who knows us)
19:33:57 <Anto> yes, i will be there
19:33:58 <marga> #AGREED Meeting will take place at MT
19:34:17 <Ganneff> ok. fine. i think we can deal with it
19:34:18 <h01ger> so people, exchange tel-numbers with anto :)
19:34:22 <Ganneff> #topic Next meeting - At the venue!
19:34:28 <marga> ...
19:34:29 <moray> (yay)
19:34:44 <Ganneff> so no date now, we just deal onsite :)
19:34:48 <marga> Ok.
19:34:52 <marga> So, good luck then.
19:34:57 <Ganneff> #topic AOB
19:34:58 <h01ger> yay!
19:34:59 <moray> though in fact do we need another IRC meeting about proceedings etc., or will people there organise everything now?
19:35:02 <marga> I have an AOB
19:35:03 <Ganneff> anyone with anythign?
19:35:04 <Ganneff> marga: start
19:35:11 <moray> (I'm happy with the people there organising stuff)
19:35:14 <Anto> day trip?
19:35:24 <h01ger> we also need nametags printed
19:35:25 <Anto> http://doodle.com/i643df52havyzqhe
19:35:28 <Ganneff> moray: we can also just say "in a week again". or "saturday" or so.
19:35:31 <h01ger> and reception
19:35:32 <marga> For h01ger: can it be done for people not at DebConf to stream themselves and give a presentation?
19:35:39 <h01ger> and daytrip
19:36:00 <Hydroxide> . o O ( MrBeige ) O o .
19:36:03 <h01ger> marga, the setup will be similar to dc8... so, in theory.. in practice its easier if its in penta
19:36:30 <h01ger> marga, because if we dont know, we might fiddle with the setup at that time
19:36:30 <Ganneff> people not at dc giving a presentation?
19:36:31 <h01ger> or want to
19:36:33 <marga> Anto: I guess Valle del Jerte wins.
19:36:36 <Ganneff> you mean people watching video all together?
19:36:47 <h01ger> Anto, valle wins
19:36:48 <marga> h01ger: I just want to know if it's possible.
19:36:57 <marga> Ganneff: like a video-conference, I guess.
19:37:02 <h01ger> marga, ah
19:37:07 <h01ger> well
19:37:07 <Ganneff> it could be doable, yes.
19:37:10 <h01ger> same
19:37:19 <Anto> ok, Valle del Jerte will be the place for day trip
19:37:25 <h01ger> marga, better bring an usb webcam
19:37:30 <marga> #AGREED Valle del Jerte will be the place for day trip
19:37:36 <marga> h01ger: I'm not going.
19:37:40 <marga> h01ger: that's my point.
19:37:49 <Ganneff> h01ger: she wants to give a talk while being in .ar
19:38:18 <h01ger> marga, ah. we can hook a computer on the projector and play your stream if you provide one, yes, sure
19:38:41 <Ganneff> and you would need our stream to react to questions.
19:38:47 <Ganneff> if both sides have good network that ought to work
19:38:53 <Ganneff> we could try with a small talk
19:39:00 <Ganneff> would be something new and shiny
19:39:03 <marga> h01ger: ok, well, when the setup is there we might want to test it and see how it's going.  If it works, then we might try it for real :)
19:39:05 <Ganneff> fdor such a conf
19:39:09 <marga> Yep.
19:39:16 <Anto> yes , we can
19:39:19 <Ganneff> ok. anyone else with something?
19:39:28 <h01ger> Ganneff, its new on the social level. technically, whether you use slides or a stream from the net, there is not much diff :)
19:39:29 <marga> h01ger mentioned nametags
19:39:38 <Ganneff> h01ger: yes.
19:39:43 <h01ger> marga, you need to test your side
19:39:52 <marga> h01ger: yep, I'll work on that.
19:39:52 <Ganneff> nametags are traditionally done during debcamp in some kind of hurry.
19:39:54 <h01ger> we'll test our side anyway :)
19:40:02 <moray> h01ger: it's less good for the audience than a real talk, but as long as there aren't too many like this is should be fine
19:40:17 <Ganneff> it will be interesting to stream this to the world then
19:40:20 <moray> (people tend to get bored quicker etc. with a video link than real speaker)
19:40:27 <Ganneff> the cam at dc recording the stream from marga, sending it to the net...
19:40:30 <moray> sure
19:40:37 <Ganneff> anyways. any other thing?
19:40:46 <h01ger> yay!
19:40:57 <Ganneff> going once
19:41:02 <moray> to Caceres?
19:41:05 <Ganneff> going twice
19:41:12 <Ganneff> #endmeeting