19:00:09 <Hydroxide> #startmeeting
19:00:19 <Hydroxide> hi all!
19:00:24 <Hydroxide> are we ready?
19:00:28 <Noodles> Yo.
19:00:32 <h01ger> Yo.
19:00:33 * schultmc waves
19:00:37 * edrz waves
19:00:43 * Sledge yawnds
19:00:44 <anto> sorry for the delay
19:00:46 * Sledge yawns
19:00:49 <Hydroxide> #topic Final Report status: Sections received so far
19:01:03 * h01ger hides
19:01:09 <Hydroxide> ok - we should start by addressing the dc9 final report. we've received the stats and numbers section from gwolf - still needs to be proofread
19:01:24 <Hydroxide> thanks much to him! are any other sections ready now?
19:01:41 <Hydroxide> assuming not...
19:01:42 <Sledge> I have the beginnings of the DPL section
19:01:55 <Hydroxide> #topic Final report status: Sections being worked on
19:01:57 <Sledge> but not *ready*
19:01:57 <Hydroxide> Sledge: great
19:02:13 <Hydroxide> Sledge: when will you likely be able to finish it?
19:02:24 * h01ger just refreshed vino+video in his todo list. worst case i'll write it in 2 weeks when i'm on a plane for 12h...
19:02:55 <Sledge> Hydroxide: probably this week
19:02:56 <Hydroxide> schultmc: want to give a status update on the dc9 budget stuff? basically what you /msg'ed me, except you're here this time ;)
19:03:00 <Hydroxide> Sledge: great
19:03:07 <Hydroxide> Sledge: will check with you next week, so beware! :)
19:03:30 <schultmc> dc8 travel reimbursements are done except for two people, one is in active communication with me
19:03:37 <h01ger> \o/
19:03:40 <Hydroxide> #topic budget
19:03:46 <schultmc> dc9 reimbursements are nearly done (3-4 more to do)
19:03:57 <h01ger> aehm, are we dont with the report??
19:04:00 <Hydroxide> h01ger: coming back to it
19:04:02 <schultmc> one outstanding sponsor payment is due at spi, 4-5 are due at ffis
19:04:03 <h01ger> ah
19:04:16 <Hydroxide> h01ger: it seemed to make sense to combine all the dc9 financial stuff
19:04:45 <Hydroxide> schultmc: and invoices outstanding? looks like just the wine + debian.ch reimbursements?
19:05:02 <Hydroxide> anto: schultmc paid the caterer invoice
19:05:09 <anto> what about local sponsor ?, comparex did pay?, cenatic?
19:05:10 * h01ger thinks it makes more sense not to jump between topics but i dont chair and i'm sure this meeting will be short anyhow :)
19:05:21 <anto> ok, great Hydroxide
19:05:33 * h01ger needs to request 700e still too. doing so now
19:05:38 <schultmc> Hydroxide: nothing outstanding besides those two that I remember
19:05:56 <Hydroxide> anto: cenatic and comparex both still need to pay
19:06:02 <Hydroxide> anto: cenatic to spi and comparex to ffis, I think
19:06:27 <anto> ok, i send both mails
19:06:31 <Hydroxide> anto: thanks
19:06:41 <Hydroxide> anto: and send h01ger the wine invoice too please :)
19:06:45 <Hydroxide> ok
19:06:56 <anto> h01ger: the wine arrive ?
19:07:17 <h01ger> anto, no see
19:07:17 <anto> ok, i dont have the wine invoice yet
19:07:19 <h01ger> e-
19:07:28 <h01ger> anto, will you get it before you leave europe?
19:07:29 <Hydroxide> also: schultmc said earlier that he's likely to have the budget reconciliation done by 2009-09-16
19:07:40 <Hydroxide> which will let us prepare the budget portion of the final report
19:07:54 <h01ger> anto, i was too busy/distracted this week to ask for the wine :-// i will do so tomorrow
19:08:01 <anto> i dont know, but my collage gonzalo can do it
19:08:02 <Hydroxide> sorry for the confusing ordering of the meeting...
19:08:24 <h01ger> reconciliation = summary/finished or something more formal?
19:08:43 <Hydroxide> h01ger: making sure income matches expenses, and seeing how much we spent / received in different categories
19:09:04 <Hydroxide> hm, "matches" was the wrong word, but you get the idea hopefully
19:09:05 <h01ger> so summary / review basically
19:09:08 <Hydroxide> yeah
19:09:21 <h01ger> anto, can you /msg me gonzalos phone number please?
19:09:28 <Hydroxide> ok. ready to go on?
19:09:33 <anto> ok, h01ger
19:09:44 <Hydroxide> #topic Final report: what else, and who else? http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf9/FinalReport
19:10:03 <Hydroxide> please - we have almost no sections to the final report. please take something and give a time estimate! :)
19:10:14 <Noodles> How big do you want personal impressions to be?
19:10:27 <h01ger> cheese+wine. network. talks. frontdesk. day trip..
19:10:48 <Hydroxide> Noodles: we'll take what we can get ... it'd be nice to have a page or two total with at least 2-3 people included
19:10:51 <Hydroxide> Noodles: but that's ideal :)
19:10:52 <cek> we should ask bubulle for the cheese+wine report
19:11:14 <Hydroxide> bubulle: *poke* :)
19:11:23 <Noodles> Hydroxide: Well, I can write something I guess and hopefully you'll get enough to pick and choose the best ones.
19:11:36 <Hydroxide> Noodles: thanks much. by when do you think you'll have the time for that?
19:11:46 <Noodles> Is within the next week ok?
19:11:51 <Hydroxide> Noodles: great
19:12:14 <Hydroxide> who can do network?
19:12:21 <h01ger> Ganneff, sgran, zobel, weasel?
19:12:32 * Hydroxide waves in their general directions
19:12:37 <Hydroxide> h01ger: you're doing wine and video, yes?
19:12:43 <h01ger> yes
19:12:46 <Hydroxide> great
19:12:49 <Hydroxide> talks?
19:13:06 <h01ger> someone who attended them ;)
19:13:13 <Hydroxide> dam: can you write up something about the frontdesk?
19:13:46 <dam> Hydroxide: this is a question I am considring :) not sure, but I could try
19:14:03 <Hydroxide> dam: we can proofread for language, so don't worry about that. the content is more important
19:14:47 <dam> I am not sure how much (valuable) content I can produce either, but no big deal trying. sign me in
19:15:09 <Hydroxide> dam: wonderful, thanks. you were certainly there enough to know how it operated :)
19:15:17 <Hydroxide> daytrip/old-town visit?
19:15:56 <cek> Andrew McMillan enjoyed a lot the daytrip, so he would maybe like to help
19:15:58 <Hydroxide> fil: I think you're uniquely positioned to write about the formal dinner ;-) do you think you can?
19:16:15 <Hydroxide> karora: are you up for writing about the daytrip and old-town visit?
19:16:42 <Hydroxide> it's just after 07:00 where karora is, so he may still be waking up
19:16:54 <Hydroxide> ok
19:17:03 <Hydroxide> emails will be sent out to remind everyone, maybe even publicly :)
19:17:20 <Hydroxide> who can do the talks one? after that I think we got the big areas
19:17:42 <cek> something from the video team? they were in lots of talks
19:17:58 <Hydroxide> cek: mostly not focusing on the content though
19:18:03 <cek> s/someone/something
19:18:08 <Hydroxide> still, good idea
19:18:23 <cek> s/something/someone
19:19:10 <Hydroxide> anyone? or should we move on and figure this out via email? it does need to happen
19:19:31 <h01ger> emails sounds sensible to me. list email
19:19:36 <Hydroxide> ok
19:19:38 <Hydroxide> will do then
19:19:47 <Hydroxide> #topic What's left to do?
19:19:59 <Hydroxide> we addressed all the stated bullet points already, so we're at "???"
19:19:59 <h01ger> .oO( videos )
19:20:12 <Hydroxide> #info videos still need to be finished
19:20:22 <dam> h01ger: can outsiders help?
19:20:23 <h01ger> we are slowly working on it. there was some postage fuckup and some recovering delaying progress..
19:20:24 <Hydroxide> h01ger: who's working on that and what's the timeframe?
19:20:27 <h01ger> dam, no :(
19:20:34 <h01ger> Hydroxide, ben+me, when its ready
19:20:46 <dam> h01ger: could something at DC9 have been done to help now?
19:20:57 <Hydroxide> #info Womble2 (Ben Hutchings) and h01ger are working on it - done when it's ready
19:21:06 <h01ger> dam, yes. even more reviewing. postprocess kills
19:21:09 <h01ger> dam, yes. even more reviewing. postprocessing kills
19:21:32 * dam add to the finalreport wiki
19:21:35 <dam> *adds
19:21:35 <Hydroxide> is anything else that we haven't already mentioned remaining from dc9
19:21:37 <Hydroxide> dam: great, thanks
19:22:40 <Hydroxide> nothing else? will the videos + the financial stuff we discussed + final report finish out dc9?
19:22:47 <Hydroxide> what about sponsor bags / t-shirts?
19:23:09 <anto> i will deal whith local sponsor
19:23:24 <h01ger> sponsor bags depend on final report
19:23:24 <Hydroxide> are there sufficient sponsors bags/t-shirts available?
19:23:35 <Hydroxide> h01ger: do they? I guess they go together?
19:23:38 <cek> there are no sponsors bag
19:23:47 <cek> they dissapeared the last day...
19:23:59 <Hydroxide> :( :( :(
19:24:24 <Hydroxide> no t-shirts left either?
19:24:25 <h01ger> and the shirts?
19:24:41 <h01ger> Hydroxide, i ment: we cannot distribute the bags when we dont have the report
19:24:45 <cek> the security guard told us that when she arrived they were not there
19:25:05 <anto> the staff of the MT stole the t-shirt
19:25:32 <anto> i spoke about it whit Montaña
19:25:41 <Hydroxide> h01ger: ok. wow
19:25:49 <Hydroxide> (the wow was meant to be separate)
19:25:56 <h01ger> wow indeed
19:26:23 * dam finds 'wow' rather soft/mild/light
19:26:36 <cek> Final report + a bottle of wine should be enough
19:26:40 <Hydroxide> #info sponsor bags disappeared last day - t-shirts were stolen by venue staff - so nothing to send to sponsors except final report + wine
19:26:53 <Sledge> feck
19:27:04 <Sledge> that's really annoying
19:27:13 <Hydroxide> Sledge: quite
19:27:18 <h01ger> wine is probably a good alternative, though it probably means the logicstics are easiest done from _here_ :-/ :)
19:27:27 <Sledge> I'd even suggest seeing if we can get more Ts made up
19:27:46 <Sledge> not ideal, but the sponsors enjoy getting their gifts
19:27:48 <Hydroxide> sure
19:27:57 <Hydroxide> Sledge: can you follow up with gaby on that?
19:28:10 <h01ger> Sledge, can you ask gunnar via mail? or anybody else?
19:28:13 <h01ger> heh
19:28:16 <Sledge> Hydroxide: I guess so
19:28:39 <Hydroxide> #action sledge will follow up with gaby/gwolf on making new t-shirts
19:29:32 <Hydroxide> ok
19:29:37 <Hydroxide> anything else to discuss about dc9?
19:30:20 <Sledge> anything els we can give to sponsors?
19:30:44 <cek> we didn't have any news from FdS so we should suppossed that the 6000€ were enough
19:30:54 <Hydroxide> cek: about what?
19:31:03 <stockholm> how do you look, funding wise, overall?
19:31:22 <cek> about the amount we are supposed to pay for accomodation there
19:32:03 <cek> Cácere council is going to pay if it is less than 6000 €
19:35:33 <h01ger> are we done?
19:35:44 <h01ger> with 9
19:35:58 <cek> i think so :)
19:35:59 <Hydroxide> schultmc: can you chair momentarily? I have to fix a fire at work
19:36:06 <Hydroxide> cek, anto: thank you both much!
19:36:11 <Hydroxide> #chair schultmc
19:36:12 <cek> uw!
19:36:15 <Hydroxide> #chair h01ger
19:36:18 <anto> :)
19:36:18 <schultmc> Hydroxide: sure
19:36:23 <schultmc> sounds like we're done though
19:36:30 <stockholm> tons of chairs :-)
19:36:34 <Hydroxide> schultmc: there's the dc10 part, unless people want to schedule another meeting in the near future for that
19:36:35 <schultmc> oh wait, 10
19:36:44 <Hydroxide> schultmc: we do need to look forward at the next few months of tasks
19:36:56 <anto> thanks a lot  everybody
19:36:57 * h01ger waves at stockholm
19:37:00 * MrBeige greets people if necessary
19:37:03 * h01ger bows to anto and cek
19:37:06 <Hydroxide> #chair MrBeige
19:37:09 <Hydroxide> many many chairs :)
19:37:12 * Hydroxide hugs anto and cek
19:37:18 * schultmc gives the floor to MrBeige
19:37:30 <cek> hugs for you too ;)
19:37:37 <MrBeige> wait, i'm not ready to take the floor
19:37:44 <MrBeige> my mind is too bent right now
19:37:51 <MrBeige> let me look at the agenda
19:37:55 * edrz pulls up a chair
19:38:13 <MrBeige> status update:
19:38:16 <anto> Hydroxide:  think about autogestion DC10 not with wine but whit  hamburg?
19:38:20 <anto> hehe
19:38:21 <bgupta> Hydroxide: Back
19:38:38 <MrBeige> #topic DebConf10 status update
19:38:58 <MrBeige> right now we are in meetings with CU housing trying to pin down a building and a time
19:39:29 <MrBeige> final dates can be made as soon as a few key bits are in place - not necessarily requiring to wait until the end of october
19:39:35 <MrBeige> (we *are* on the inside now)
19:39:54 <MrBeige> I have a list of weeks that would work for the engineering school
19:40:00 <MrBeige> so it's a matter of correlating those together
19:41:05 <MrBeige> #info June 13-26,  any two week period after July 4
19:41:36 <MrBeige> housing is a more tricky optimization problem, I will report when I know more
19:41:51 <MrBeige> however, I just heard that the bilding I was hoping for will be closed again
19:42:25 <MrBeige> housing will have a meeting tomorrow and look into what would work for us.
19:42:38 <MrBeige> more later, right now it's too hypotethical to say much more
19:42:43 <MrBeige> tha'ts pretty much it
19:42:54 <MrBeige> questions?
19:44:02 * dam admires the good in-advance organisation
19:44:13 <Sledge> MrBeige: hmmm
19:44:22 <Sledge> what's your preferred dates at this point?
19:44:23 <MrBeige> it would be best if someone else would take over the "next steps" agenda items, though I guess i could do it
19:45:01 * h01ger also cheers those annoying dc10 people preparing their^wour conference since months! ;-)
19:45:14 <MrBeige> Sledge: I am keeping impartial to dates, we (or at least I) will provide a list of the posibilities with the advantages and disadvantages
19:45:17 <MrBeige> and then we can discuss
19:45:56 <MrBeige> I can say the one june date has a conflict which isn't a showstopper, but might be best to avoid (another huge conference at columbia at the time, it would overlap with DebCamp and crowd us for space)
19:46:23 <Sledge> ok
19:46:53 <MrBeige> and then I would say all else being equal (which it is for now), earlier in july is better
19:47:01 <Sledge> although overlap with debcamp wouldn't be a major issue, I'd expect - much smaller
19:47:04 <Sledge> but ok
19:47:26 <MrBeige> because weather will be nice and cool instead of warm
19:47:30 <Hydroxide> I'm back now - fire extinguished
19:47:31 <Hydroxide> but yes, please finish this item
19:47:32 <MrBeige> h01ger: thanks
19:47:45 <MrBeige> Hydroxide: "fire extinguished" has a different meaning at my work
19:47:54 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: ok
19:48:07 <MrBeige> Sledge: depends on space, I think it *could* be... it will be in the report
19:48:12 <Sledge> MrBeige: ack
19:48:19 <Sledge> is july really cooler than june?
19:48:23 <MrBeige> they'll be useing our main auditorium and cafetira
19:48:28 <MrBeige> june is cooler than july
19:48:38 <MrBeige> but earlier july cooler than later july, is what i meant to say...
19:48:45 <Sledge> ah, ok :-)
19:48:46 <h01ger> MrBeige, actually i should have said: s/cheers/cheers loudly/ - i'm really impressed and happy about what i see...
19:48:49 <h01ger> :)
19:48:52 <bubulle> Hydroxide: hmmm, from what I understand, I'm expected to do a cheese&wine report?
19:49:04 * Sledge also nods h01ger - it's cool to see people oragnising early!
19:49:11 <bubulle> I'd be OK with that but there's one in DC8 report already
19:49:25 <MrBeige> so basically, I am still in the "gather data" phase and am trying not to burden it with debating choices just yet
19:49:26 <Sledge> bubulle: so you'ce got one to plagiarise then :-)
19:49:27 <h01ger> bubulle, hi! than its easy for you :)
19:49:29 <Hydroxide> bubulle: feel free to copy from it, update if necessary, and paste :)
19:49:30 <bubulle> oh, sorry folks, I'm in the middle of a meeting
19:49:36 <MrBeige> but there will be a "decide" phase
19:49:46 <MrBeige> but be ready if it comes fast...
19:50:07 <Hydroxide> are people ok with local team deciding, or do people want another global meeting? for the dates
19:50:47 <h01ger> Hydroxide, yes. though i would suggest you release an RFC first, once you decided, and then finalize 2 weeks later or so
19:50:54 <h01ger> maybe suggest..
19:50:59 <h01ger> not sure if thats sensible
19:51:24 * MrBeige thinks that from dates-proposed to dates-selected could be much less than two weeks
19:51:40 <h01ger> you probably know conflicting conf dates better then the rest, but maybe you forget/dont know about, whatever, european exam dates or such
19:52:07 <h01ger> but localteam should definitly decide the dates..
19:52:31 <MrBeige> my plan would be to email our "report" on posibilities, get email feedback on relative weights, use that to decide along with other irc feedback
19:52:47 <Hydroxide> (either is fine - no offense either way)
19:52:47 <Hydroxide> ??
19:52:47 <Hydroxide> ok
19:52:47 <Hydroxide> well, moving on in the absence of a response
19:52:47 <Hydroxide> schultmc, MrBeige: any more status to give or should we start next steps?
19:52:57 <MrBeige> Hydroxide: start next steps
19:53:13 <h01ger> sounds good to me, as you can probably guess from what i wrote before :)
19:53:30 <Hydroxide> ok :) (wow, that was weird, IRC got backlogged and then flushed the backlog all at once)
19:54:03 <Hydroxide> #topic next steps timeframe/people: pre-registration Penta hacking
19:54:44 <Hydroxide> ok, I think Torsten_W and MrBeige and I were the people who were planning to do some hacking to make changes like fixing the confusing attendee categories, and various other bugginess
19:55:05 <Hydroxide> can anyone give an update on when we'll be able to? (I don't want to get into a big flamewar here, but it should be addressed.) we were hoping to open registration in early january
19:55:18 <Hydroxide> and spend some of the next few months getting ready
19:56:06 <Hydroxide> wtf, I have weird lag
19:56:34 <Hydroxide> someone else please chair until this gets sorted out
19:57:17 <MrBeige> so, penta stuff
19:57:26 <dam> better penta -> better attendee experieence; more power to you!
19:58:06 <MrBeige> I think we are waiting for the dev system
19:58:14 <Hydroxide> yes
19:58:15 <MrBeige> also, it would be good ot have an idea of what needs improvement
19:58:34 <MrBeige> first thing would be upgrade to newer penta upstream (which is a big task itself)
19:58:35 <dam> weren't there tickets filed in some RT?
19:58:40 <MrBeige> that may fix some of the UI bugs
19:58:56 <edrz> h01ger: how did the video controller in penta work this year? anything in need of fixing for dc10?
19:59:24 <Sledge> yes, there are tickets in rt.debconf.org
19:59:49 * Ganneff has the /penta copied over to cletus. need to configure its apache and stuff and give out access to people.
19:59:56 <Ganneff> also need to properly get the vcs done for it.
20:01:35 <Hydroxide> Ganneff: ok. any update about the timeframe before we move on to the next topic?
20:02:07 <Ganneff> friday i get on it again.
20:02:12 <Hydroxide> ok, thanks
20:02:20 <Hydroxide> #topic Next steps timeframe/people: sponsor pack
20:02:50 <Hydroxide> when do people think this should be ready? hopefully we can start soliciting new sponsors later in 2009 once we know the dates...
20:02:57 <h01ger> edrz, we need to keep it (=its a patch not included upstream yet) and some minor details needs fixing / could see improvement
20:03:27 <Hydroxide> and is preparing this usually a local team thing or a global team thing?
20:03:29 <h01ger> but nothing really big, and nothing which cant be fixed once we have a proper test environment
20:03:57 <Sledge> Hydroxide: usually a mix
20:04:08 <h01ger> Hydroxide, sponsor pack should be done by locals because of photos and stuff, but based on last years. aquiring sponsors is totally mixed
20:04:09 <Sledge> it helps a lot to have local folks involved
20:04:16 * Sledge nods h01ger
20:11:03 <Ganneff> so what, all silent?
20:11:34 <edrz> the meeting seems to have stalled.
20:11:43 * MrBeige must go soon
20:11:43 <Ganneff> bad chairs, all of em
20:11:46 <bgupta> I think Hydroxide is having technical issues? MrBeige, can you chair?
20:12:09 <MrBeige> Whose job is it to work on teh sponsor pack ?
20:12:10 <h01ger> "Re-soliciting perennial sponsors" is mexz
20:12:17 <h01ger> next
20:12:34 <MrBeige> h01ger: you should take over, I must go
20:12:47 <MrBeige> but it sounds like these don't need to be done right now, and can possibly wait for the next meeting
20:12:52 <h01ger> MrBeige, i'd say its great/sensible if localteam prods it. as this is an requierement for getting sponsors and we want that early
20:13:04 <h01ger> topics left are:
20:13:07 <h01ger> Re-soliciting perennial sponsors
20:13:07 <h01ger> Soliciting new sponsors (esp. from NYC and the rest of US)
20:13:07 <h01ger> US, foreign, tech press
20:13:28 <h01ger> so shall we close the meeting here and now instead?
20:13:39 * MrBeige would second that
20:13:55 <Ganneff> seconded
20:14:32 <MrBeige> #topic We will continue this meeting later, stalled for now and not this-week urgent
20:14:38 <MrBeige> #endmeeting