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21:00:13 <Hydroxide> Meeting time! Everyone ready?
21:00:13 <fil> this was supposed to be adding a little extra bulk to the dc9 sponsor packs, while giving L U&D the idea that we're waving their mag in front of people with advertising budgets
21:00:16 * edrz waves
21:00:24 <Hydroxide> fil: sounds good
21:00:32 <moray> (evening)
21:00:37 <Hydroxide> #topic dc9: Final report
21:00:57 <Hydroxide> So, there are a couple of loose ends to tie up from dc9. One is the final report. (As if you didn't already know.) MrBeige, can you lead this segment?
21:01:10 <MrBeige> sure
21:01:15 <MrBeige> final report everyone!
21:01:16 <Hydroxide> #chair MrBeige
21:01:16 <MeetBot> Current chairs: Hydroxide MrBeige
21:01:19 <Hydroxide> (in case it's useful)
21:01:32 <MrBeige> so we are making pretty good progress now, as emails show
21:01:49 <MrBeige> we have 5 or 6 articles already
21:01:55 <Hydroxide> \o/
21:02:04 <MrBeige> and most all have been proofread
21:02:20 <MrBeige> #info we have 5-6 articles, already proofread.
21:02:47 <MrBeige> http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf9/FinalReport is accurate and current
21:03:00 <MrBeige> most important is the deadlines we want to set
21:03:16 <MrBeige> is everyone ok with a) articles due mid-november  b) target completion end of year ?
21:03:30 <moray> MrBeige: I doubt anyone will object to the principle :)
21:03:37 * Hydroxide grins
21:03:38 <schultmc> sounds good to me
21:03:47 <MrBeige> i'm fine with nagging people to get it done, but don't want to do it unless people actually *want* to get the report done
21:03:55 <MrBeige> so can I have permission to nag people ?
21:04:02 <MrBeige> (reasonably)
21:04:14 <AbsintheSyringe> why not :)
21:04:19 <MrBeige> #agreed a) articles due mid-november  b) target completion end of year
21:04:37 <MrBeige> #info put reports into svn, or email to the list or MrBeige
21:04:57 <Hydroxide> is everyone aware of and ok with the parts they're currently listed to write?
21:05:14 <MrBeige> #info to-do:  Open Day, Talks, wire&cheese, formal dinner, localteam, fundraising/sponsorship, video team, networking
21:05:27 <Hydroxide> h01ger, fil ^^^ (and see DebConf9/FinalReport wiki page)
21:05:53 <Hydroxide> #info schultmc sent a status update re budget/reconciliation stuff to the list
21:05:54 <MrBeige> I emailed everyone personally about it, no one has quite yet said "no I can't do this"
21:06:03 <MrBeige> though teh usual "it may be a while"
21:06:23 <MrBeige> I can follow up with people individually
21:06:30 <moray> great
21:06:33 <Hydroxide> #action MrBeige will follow up with people individually
21:06:44 <MrBeige> what lisence do we usually use?
21:06:51 <MrBeige> (I should ask people as they send it in if they agree)
21:07:39 <fil> I'd be OK with it if it wasn't for the fact that, other than the bit where I got a bit definite with the band, I was tucked up the end and didn't get any idea of what it was like for the bulk of people, so I could do with a decent amount of input for most of the rest of any useful write-up
21:08:02 <MrBeige> also, is there some topic for an article that I could write?
21:09:04 <MrBeige> fil: ok, want to follow up later and see about how much you can do ?
21:09:10 <MrBeige> (I'm pretty much done with this topic)
21:09:22 <MrBeige> coordination via -team@
21:09:46 <Hydroxide> ok
21:10:09 <Hydroxide> #topic dc9: unpaid invoices, who is tracking this?
21:10:17 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: is this a topic you put on the agenda?
21:10:22 <MrBeige> no, not mine
21:10:27 <MrBeige> maybe schultmc or h01ger ?
21:10:32 <Sledge> pass
21:10:39 <fil> (also, when confronted with a blank piece of paper at school, and told "write about what you did in the holidays" is the only time I've contemplated suicide ;-)
21:10:42 <Hydroxide> going once...
21:10:53 <Sledge> I know that we had some problems with getting money to FFIS
21:10:58 <schultmc> I'm working with anto on the unpaid invoices due SPI
21:11:09 <schultmc> I suppose h01ger could work on the ffis ones
21:11:10 <Hydroxide> #info schultmc is working with anto on the unpaid invoices due SPI
21:11:14 <Sledge> so the money from Bytemark will end up with debian UK instead
21:11:18 <Hydroxide> h01ger: are you there?
21:11:19 <Sledge> and we'll work it out from there
21:11:31 <Hydroxide> #info Bytemark money will end up with Debian-UK due to issues getting money to FFIS
21:11:51 <Hydroxide> ok, anything else on this topic?
21:12:15 <Hydroxide> #action ask h01ger about tracking unpaid invoices via ffis
21:12:18 <Hydroxide> moving on then
21:12:35 <Hydroxide> #topic dc10: Status report from local team
21:12:46 <fil> Sledge: also, this is probably a bad moment to be doing GBP-->EUR conversions ... unless it gets worse ;-)
21:13:01 <Sledge> fil: meh...
21:13:02 <schultmc> fil: GBP->USD probably
21:13:07 <Hydroxide> OK. It is my great pleasure to announce yet again that dc10 has dates! (Same as in the email to -team)
21:13:20 <moray> Hydroxide: what, really??
21:13:38 <Hydroxide> #info see email to -team for DC10 dates
21:13:39 <Hydroxide> ok
21:13:50 <Hydroxide> now regarding announcing them beyond the team
21:13:54 <MrBeige> let's talk about them!
21:13:57 <Hydroxide> bgupta: are you there?
21:14:05 <Hydroxide> oh wait, he couldn't make it, right?
21:14:06 <Hydroxide> ok
21:14:14 <Hydroxide> #topic dc10: Press timeline proposal
21:14:19 <MrBeige> he said he might be late
21:14:22 <moray> Hydroxide: you were waiting on confirming bookings?
21:14:24 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: ah
21:14:33 <Hydroxide> moray: here's the situation
21:14:58 <Hydroxide> #info lodging reservations are now sufficiently confirmed, and we've started the process of confirming venue reservations
21:15:22 <Hydroxide> #info we have enough solidity to announce to the debian/debconf community
21:15:42 <MrBeige> we are in the run-around in getting the venue areas reserved.  Nothing to be worried about, just kind of annoying to us at columbia
21:15:55 <Hydroxide> proposed target date for that: Friday. proposed target date for announce to US/global tech media: October 30
21:15:59 <Hydroxide> (one week later)
21:16:08 <Hydroxide> how does that sound to everyone in terms of preparing the announcements?
21:16:17 <Hydroxide> Tolimar, alphascorpii: ^^^
21:16:42 <moray> Hydroxide: note that the few journalists who pick these things up will see it from d-d-a first if you do that, and run the story before the press releasee
21:17:10 <MrBeige> for me, I won't object, but I don't want to be the one doing it until I am more done with the venue reservations
21:17:30 <moray> Hydroxide: (normally organisations would try to send a press release out *before* they announce something through their regular public channels)
21:17:36 <Hydroxide> moray: fair point
21:17:55 <Hydroxide> so do you think we should just keep up the pressure on the venue side of columbia to lock things down and then just write up a press release for next week?
21:18:03 <moray> not that we really care too much, but if you're going to put effort into a press release it's better to make it the first thing the journalists see on the topic
21:18:06 <Hydroxide> including d-d-a and everywhere else?
21:18:25 <MrBeige> besides building enthueasm(sp) (which will die off in a week anyway), what are the advantages of announcing sooner ?
21:18:29 <Hydroxide> anyone else have thoughts on this? I'm fine with what I just suggested
21:18:50 <moray> MrBeige: certainly I doubt few people will book flights in the few days the delay might be
21:18:55 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: well, I do want to announce before the end of month since that's what we told people to expect, but next week is still this month it's not a problem
21:19:12 <Hydroxide> ok, in the absence of contrary thoughts...
21:19:22 <moray> so maybe get a press release ready over the weekend, if not before?
21:19:35 <Hydroxide> #agreed will not do a debian/debconf announcement before the press release - will do both next week after venue bookings are locked down
21:19:42 <Hydroxide> moray: good idea
21:19:51 <Hydroxide> #action prepare press release this weekend
21:19:54 <Hydroxide> I can spend some time on this
21:19:57 <Hydroxide> can anyone else?
21:20:06 <MrBeige> I hate to say "wait for me", but we can just go ahead and start the press release, and after a few more meetings here I'll become confident that our sponsors are still behind us, and we can release it as soon as that's done?
21:20:34 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: I don't understand what you're tring to say
21:20:35 <fil> I'd say the post to d-d-a should _be_ the press release, pretty much -- or atleast refer directly to it, and go out simultaneously
21:20:46 <Hydroxide> fil: yeah, that's the plan moray just convinced me of
21:21:28 <MrBeige> Hydroxide: basically, we don't have to wait to write the release, and once taht's done we release it once I become confident that we still have the support to do it
21:21:38 <MrBeige> (I don't like how I used "I" there, but so be it...8
21:21:43 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: right. that's why I'm talking about writing it over the weekend
21:21:48 <MrBeige> ok
21:21:55 <MrBeige> so sounds like we agree, so let's gang up on mrcyan
21:22:04 <Hydroxide> anyone have time this weekend to help work on the PR?
21:22:10 * MrBeige can
21:22:19 <Hydroxide> (moving on to next topic in <=2 minutes)
21:22:34 <Hydroxide> #action MrBeige and Hydroxide will work on PR this weekend - others welcome
21:22:35 <moray> Hydroxide: I should be around at points at least
21:22:37 <Hydroxide> let's move on
21:22:42 <Hydroxide> #action moray will do PR work too at points
21:23:08 <Hydroxide> #topic dc10: Site visit report October 16-17
21:23:21 <Hydroxide> edrz / MrBeige: does one of you want to quickly summarize last week's site visit? if not, we can move on
21:23:28 <Hydroxide> might be nice for those who weren't there, if brief
21:23:48 <MrBeige> #info visit went well, saw all the rooms we need.  Met IT head of columbia, we know what to focus on now
21:23:55 <MrBeige> CUIT head is supportive
21:24:15 <edrz> we looked at some rooms. the Davis auditorium will be nice for most of the main talks.
21:24:26 <edrz> there are a few options for a 2nd talk room.
21:24:27 <MrBeige> probably biggest worry is making sure we have enough throughput between buildings for video team and knowing who controls those routers
21:24:35 <edrz> and several very good options for BoF rooms.
21:24:55 <Hydroxide> #info edrz got a sense of things for videoteam purposes - networking and other details to be worked out but all quite doable
21:25:06 <Hydroxide> great
21:25:13 <edrz> i have some pictures to share (probably mostly interesting to v-t) but can't find my card reader at the moment.
21:25:31 <Hydroxide> edrz: will you upload them to gallery.dc.o when you find them?
21:25:41 <Hydroxide> (or any other suitable place)
21:25:54 <edrz> i have the pictures, just don't know where my usb card reader thing is right now.
21:25:57 <Hydroxide> ah ok
21:26:03 <edrz> and, yes.
21:26:12 <Hydroxide> #action edrz will make available his pictures (especially interesting to v-t) in the near future
21:26:15 <Hydroxide> ok
21:26:18 <Hydroxide> moving on then?
21:26:34 <MrBeige> overall, there's not much to worry about, but lots to do
21:26:37 <Hydroxide> yep
21:26:54 <Hydroxide> #topic dc10: Corporate sponsorship: Levels
21:27:02 <fil> are we likely to be allowed to provide our own routers, if the local kit turns out unsuitable for unexpected reasons? also, what about our usual habit of drapping cables everywhere if the local infrastructure breaks? (not that any of that will be necissary, but when it is it would be nice to have prior permission ;-)
21:27:41 <MrBeige> fil: unknown, but at one point someone said "you can probably do anything as long as you don't break things"
21:27:42 * fil should learn to type faster -- sorrry
21:28:06 <Hydroxide> fil: those things can be arranged - it's a university, they're not out to prevent conferences with 3 faculty sponsors from doing what they need :)
21:28:19 <edrz> fil: within individual rooms i got the sense noone will care.
21:28:29 * Hydroxide optimist, MrBeige pessimist, ?? realist :)
21:28:42 <edrz> between rooms or between buildings might not be as well received, but also will hopefully not be needed.
21:28:58 <Hydroxide> I think edrz is right, yeah.
21:29:02 <fil> MrBeige: would be nice to have that in writing before they realise what they've done ;-)  (not worth upsetting anyone over though)
21:29:29 <MrBeige> fil: that's all in the "lots to do" part, it's not worth spelling it all out though
21:29:32 <MrBeige> (not yet)
21:29:34 <MrBeige> anyway
21:29:40 <MrBeige> corporate sponsorship levels
21:29:45 <fil> sure
21:29:50 <moray> fil: normally we try not to scare the venue too much too early :)
21:30:10 <MrBeige> (if you want details of these kind of things, use #debconf-nyc where there are many more minor points like this)
21:30:25 <Hydroxide> ok
21:30:30 <Hydroxide> corporate sponsorship levels indeed
21:30:55 <Hydroxide> #info we have one or two potential new sponsors needing a response, so we should figure out something about the dc10 sponsorship details
21:31:10 <Hydroxide> can someone quickly give me a URL to look at past years?
21:31:13 <Hydroxide> or some recent past year
21:31:16 <Hydroxide> in terms of that regard
21:31:46 <Sledge> it's in the sponsor pack
21:31:47 <Sledge> sec...
21:31:51 <MrBeige> http://debconf.org/sponsorpack.pdf
21:32:02 <Sledge> yeah, that one :-)
21:32:17 <Hydroxide> anyone have thoughts while I look at that?
21:32:58 <MrBeige> #info levels were (euro) 1000 5000 15000 25000
21:33:13 <moray> Hydroxide: what's the question?
21:33:14 <Hydroxide> can I propose just s/EUR/USD/g for the levels?
21:33:15 <dam> adjust this EUR->USD, round, done
21:33:22 <moray> Hydroxide: ah, setting the amounts
21:33:42 <Hydroxide> hearing no objection........
21:33:45 <Sledge> Hydroxide: hmmm
21:33:46 <Hydroxide> (waits a few seconds...)
21:33:51 <Hydroxide> Sledge: yes?
21:33:55 <Sledge> would be nice to up those numbers, maybe
21:34:00 <moray> someone should check this doesn't do something bad to last year's amounts, at least
21:34:09 <MrBeige> 25000 eur = 37500 USD which seems a bit high... but maybe not?
21:34:10 <Sledge> as EUR/USD is not 1:1 ...
21:34:11 <moray> and I'd have thought they should be more like the equivalent, not less than last year
21:34:16 * Sledge nods moray
21:34:25 <moray> even if rounded
21:34:34 <Sledge> as I expect we'll need a lot more money for DC10
21:34:39 <moray> yeah
21:34:40 <MrBeige> what platinum sponsors did we have ?
21:34:53 <MrBeige> just HP (+junta but that wasn't cash)
21:34:57 <Hydroxide> yes, we're expecting roughly $200k + travel sponsorship this year as a total budget
21:35:19 <Hydroxide> if we up the platinum too much then I'm not sure if HP will be able to qualify as platinum ... they're a very regular sponsor
21:35:22 <bgupta> Here... sorry
21:35:51 <dam> $40k platinum? is that too much?
21:36:00 <Sledge> Hydroxide: we'll be sensible for calculating amounts and valuing regular contributions
21:36:17 <Sledge> Hydroxide: but if we aim too low then we'll lose out
21:36:30 <Hydroxide> bgupta: take a look at pages 9 and 10 of http://debconf.org/sponsorpack.pdf and tell me what you think reasonable 2010 values in USD would be. only if you can do that quickly since we're running low on time.
21:36:53 <Hydroxide> ok
21:37:01 <dam> $25k gold
21:37:10 <Sledge> dam: *grin*
21:37:17 <bgupta> k
21:37:27 <Hydroxide> dam: you mean $25-40k?
21:37:43 <dam> $10k silver, $2k bronze
21:38:19 <fil> probably worth asking  Bdale what he can get, and setting platinum there
21:38:19 <dam> 2k 10k 25k 40k (bronze silver gold platinum)
21:38:34 <Hydroxide> ok
21:38:51 <Sledge> I'd possibly drop bronze to 1k
21:38:56 <Sledge> otherwise, agreed
21:38:58 <Sledge> thoughts?
21:38:59 <Hydroxide> Sledge: yeah, it's psychological
21:39:04 <Hydroxide> agreed
21:39:05 <dam> is there is also steel
21:39:13 <Hydroxide> dam: steel is anything below bronze
21:39:23 <dam> nod
21:39:32 <MrBeige> there's a big gap between 1k and 10k
21:39:33 <moray> Sledge: well, on a t-shirt or whatever people might assume bronze:gold was less of a big fall off
21:39:42 <moray> (same for bronze:silver)
21:39:46 <dam> but given all the limits are raised, makes no snse to drop bronze
21:39:57 <moray> unless the bronze logos are shown *really* small compared to the others
21:40:00 <Hydroxide> we could make bronze 5k...
21:40:03 <fil> also, is it worth having a look at which breakpoints were popular last year(s) and trying to judge which carrots were making people stretch to that level?
21:40:15 <Hydroxide> fil: yes
21:40:32 <edrz> might also be worth checking with other US/north-american confs.
21:40:34 <Hydroxide> fil: although that's really hard to do
21:40:37 <Hydroxide> edrz: yes
21:40:44 <MrBeige> fil: good idea.
21:40:48 <Hydroxide> ok, who wants to do the comparisons and report back at next meeting?
21:40:55 <Hydroxide> (both fil's and edrz's)
21:41:07 <MrBeige> there was only one gold sponsor (telefonica, non-cash) and two platinum (one cash, one non-cash)
21:41:25 <MrBeige> so there really weren't that many at the highest levels relative to the lower
21:41:37 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: not a bad thing - gives the high levels more prestige
21:41:39 <MrBeige> (I'm just looking at the sponsors listed on dc9.dc.org)
21:41:52 <MrBeige> yes
21:42:00 <Hydroxide> anyone to do those investigations?
21:42:03 <bgupta> Hydroxide: I don't have a real feeling on these numbers.. anything I prose seems arbitrary
21:42:06 <Hydroxide> bgupta: ok
21:42:12 <bgupta> s/prose/propose/
21:42:28 <Sledge> we never did get round to showing differing levels of sponsor more/less on the web, either
21:42:55 <Hydroxide> we have 18 minutes. should I make this my next task after the press release, or should we just set the numbers now?
21:43:06 <fil> I must say, the mixture of cash/no-cash and small and large makes the whole thing a mess -- some small sponsors probably cannot afford any more, others probably don't actually know how many zeros went on the cheque
21:43:15 <Hydroxide> yeah
21:43:16 <Sledge> Hydroxide: it'll wait a little
21:43:18 <Hydroxide> ok
21:43:21 <dam> Sledge: really? bigger sponsors are quite more visible, I think.
21:43:43 <Hydroxide> #action Hydroxide will investigate compared to other confs and examine past debconf incentives, and will report at next meeting
21:43:45 <Sledge> dam: we had an idea of not showing all the sponsors on every page
21:43:47 <Hydroxide> next topic :)
21:44:11 <dam> Sledge: or banner rotation with frequency depending on amounts... :)
21:44:14 <Hydroxide> I think I'm going to skip the "other offerings" topic
21:44:31 <Hydroxide> #topic dc10: Corporate sponsorship: Assemble sponsor team
21:44:32 <Sledge> dam: something like, yes
21:44:43 <fil> the big sponsors on the video spash page seemed pretty good for me -- presumably that persists on published videos
21:45:14 <Hydroxide> Assembling a sponsor team. is this premature or not in late-october before the conference year? I think not myself. anyone want to volunteer now?
21:45:26 <Hydroxide> or continue from previous years, etc
21:45:42 <MrBeige> we should start making it easy to contact sponsers as they become motivated/want to contact their employers/etc
21:45:51 <Hydroxide> yes.
21:45:56 <MrBeige> we don't have to list names yet exactly, I'm sure people will come and og
21:46:02 <MrBeige> who can lead it, though ?
21:46:06 <Sledge> I'll be in a *little* this year
21:46:19 <Sledge> but I can't spend as much time as in the past
21:46:26 <Hydroxide> #action Sledge in sponsor team a *little* but not heavily
21:46:35 <Sledge> so somebody else, please go ahead and take the lead if you want it
21:46:54 <Hydroxide> #action Hydroxide in sponsor team
21:47:24 <MrBeige> Hydroxide: but who is the contact when someone says "I think I can get my employer to sponsor..." or "I have an idea..." ?
21:47:38 <MrBeige> if we can get that, we'll be good for now I'd think
21:47:43 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: anyone in the sponsor team if we're initiating the communication, or they email sponsors@debconf.org
21:47:49 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: which goes to RT and... the sponsor team
21:47:54 <schultmc> I can help but not lead the team
21:48:04 <Hydroxide> #action schultmc is in the sponsor team
21:48:31 <MrBeige> Hydroxide: ok, never mind
21:48:44 <Hydroxide> ok, we should move on at this point... 12 minutes left
21:48:45 <fil> is that not the rt queue? -- the real trick is to ensure that a "somebody else's problem" field doesn't descend on rt
21:48:54 <Hydroxide> fil: yeah. the way to solve that is sponsorship meetings
21:49:03 <Hydroxide> fil: and/or assigning tickets
21:49:04 <Hydroxide> :)
21:49:06 <MrBeige> Hydroxide: or make sure someone is in charge in the mean time
21:49:36 <Hydroxide> #action Hydroxide will be in charge of sponsorship team either for dc10 cycle or until he can find another sucker^Wvictim^Wleader
21:49:50 <Hydroxide> let's go on :)
21:49:51 <MrBeige> anyway, it seems no one in charge... I'm done here... won't really be involved anyway...
21:49:58 <Sledge> I'd strongly recommend against rt personally, but it's your call
21:50:10 <Hydroxide> Sledge: we can discuss, yes. I'm open to switching.
21:50:28 <Hydroxide> sponsor pack... let's defer
21:50:50 <Hydroxide> #topic Timelines incl. opening dates & deadlines
21:51:14 <Hydroxide> have people actually reviewed the proposals linked from the agenda enough to comment on them now, or should I just say "look them over and comment via -team within a few days"?
21:51:40 <moray> Hydroxide: I suspect the latter
21:51:48 <Hydroxide> moray: me too, which is why I'm asking :)
21:51:57 <moray> Hydroxide: and that you should make a post for it
21:52:06 <moray> though actual timeline decision will be easier in another meeting
21:52:14 <moray> than a huge list discussion
21:52:41 * ana nods at moray
21:52:48 <Hydroxide> ok. #action everyone should review timeline-related proposals linked from agenda and make any comments in some combination of -team, #-team, #-nyc, and the next meeting where decisions will be made
21:52:52 <Hydroxide> #action everyone should review timeline-related proposals linked from agenda and make any comments in some combination of -team, #-team, #-nyc, and the next meeting where decisions will be made
21:52:59 <Hydroxide> #action Hydroxide will post to -team about this
21:53:06 <Hydroxide> ok
21:53:09 <Hydroxide> that brings us to...
21:53:12 <Hydroxide> #topic Next meeting
21:53:40 <MrBeige> every two weeks at this time works for me
21:53:50 <MrBeige> or really anytime at this time...
21:54:17 <Hydroxide> how often works for the global team? should definitely not be more often than every two weeks and no less often than once per month
21:54:24 <Hydroxide> I'm not the best judge
21:54:27 <Hydroxide> since I'm on local team
21:54:34 <MrBeige> we can do every two and keep them short
21:54:37 <Hydroxide> (note: sponsor team meetings might occur separately)
21:54:50 <Hydroxide> anyone object to every 2 weeks at this time, capped at 1hr?
21:54:53 <MrBeige> for important ones annoce tehem more
21:55:13 <edrz> ...
21:55:28 <MrBeige> "announce them more"
21:55:39 <Hydroxide> edrz: yes?
21:55:47 <edrz> i'm not sure if every 2 weeks is needed yet for global
21:55:57 <MrBeige> just figure most people won't come that often
21:56:08 <MrBeige> anyway, I got to go... bye
21:56:08 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: that's unfortunate though
21:56:13 <edrz> MrBeige: bye
21:56:20 * dam would be happy with 1 month
21:56:21 <moray> I don't think 2 weeks regularly is good at this point, but ok for once if you think there's more startup stuff to discuss soon
21:56:26 <Hydroxide> how about third wednesday of each month at this time? that's easy to remember
21:56:34 <_hc_> MrBeige: bye
21:56:48 <Hydroxide> (and similar to SPI's pattern though SPI just changed weeks. it'll ensure both meetings don't happen on same day)
21:56:57 <edrz> i think global 1/month is good for now
21:57:17 <Hydroxide> any objections to my idea?
21:57:37 <Sledge> Hydroxide: sounds good
21:57:42 <Hydroxide> #agreed for now, global team meetings will be every 3rd wednesday of the month at 21:00 UTC in #debconf-team.
21:57:48 <Hydroxide> OK, thanks everyone for coming!
21:57:50 <Hydroxide> #endmeeting