Meeting started by marga at 20:00 UTC
20:01:46 Topic: DebConf8 leftovers - money / travel reimbursements
20:04:24 ACTION marga Ganneff talks to schultmc about finishing this.
20:04:31 Topic: DebConf8 leftovers - lent equipment
20:06:00 INFO marga We still have a lot of stuff to sell, which we haven't sold, due to unknown accounting state regarding them
20:07:04 Topic: DebConf8 leftovers - final report / sponsorbags
20:08:11 INFO marga Regarding the Final Report, we are working on it. Most articles have been sent in. A few people need to be pinged about it. We should be having a RL meeting for that in the next few days.
20:08:53 INFO marga once the Final Report is done and printed, the sponsorbags will be sent. Everything else is ready, they are only waiting for the report.
20:10:52 ACTION marga Final Report team should ping the sponsor contacts in order to get the mailing addresses.
20:11:55 Topic: Sponsorpack for DebConf9 - Sponsors status: levels
20:16:31 ACTION marga h01ger will re-think the sponsor levels.
20:17:16 Topic: Sponsorpack for DebConf9 - deadline for tshirts + stuff
20:21:06 AGREED marga Sponsors deadline to be on the T-shirt is May 31st.
20:21:12 Topic: Sponsorpack for DebConf9 - anything else
20:23:32 ACTION marga (For DC8 sponsorbags) Include DC8 sponsorship certificates
20:24:34 AGREED marga If the Sponsorpack is ready before end of February we'll include it in the DC8 thank you bags
20:24:51 Topic: Website content management
20:26:59 AGREED marga The people in charge of adding content should decide this. Problem: there's noone in charge of adding content right now.
20:28:49 ACTION marga Ganneff will talk to Cesar and try to for a group of locals for the website.
20:29:12 Topic: Timeline (registration / call for papers / etc)
20:32:26 ACTION marga Ganneff will work on Penta to make it ready for registration. So that CFP and start of registration can be done by next week.
20:36:29 AGREED marga CFP and Registration close on April 15th.
20:37:30 Topic: Local team: what do we do to fix the lack of contact?
20:38:55 ACTION marga Ganneff will also talk with Cesar about this
20:39:07 ACTION marga People at FOSDEM can talk to anto.
20:40:02 AGREED marga We are all extremely worried
20:41:00 Topic: Next Meeting
20:49:21 AGREED marga Next meeting might be on Feb 23rd or Mar 2nd, at 20 UTC. To be talked with local team in order to get them here.
20:49:34 Topic: Local team updates - Venue status
20:50:24 AGREED marga (For the previous topic).
20:50:30 AGREED marga (For the previous topic): Feb 23rd.
21:00:58 Topic: Any Other Business
21:03:15 ACTION marga Tincho will go on as webmaster, using the templatetoolkit system used for DC8
21:08:35 AGREED marga We'll work hard with the local team to improve communication, and might come back to this problem in the future if we don't see any solution
Meeting ended at 21:08.

People Present:
  1. Tincho
  2. gwolf
  3. marga
  4. Ganneff
  5. edrz
  6. zer0mdq
  7. Hydroxide
  8. h01ger
  9. hermanr
  10. Clint
  11. Traveler_
  12. moray
  13. Sledge
  14. madduck
  15. muammar
  16. bdale
  17. sgran
  18. ari
  19. antorecio
  20. angasule_

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