Meeting started by Ganneff at 20:00 UTC
20:00:28 Topic: Local team updates - finalize timeline
20:12:40 ACTION Ganneff someone post the timeline on list again and then discuss there
20:13:00 Topic: Local team updates - Venue/accommodation status
20:19:28 INFO h01ger anto said we have to wait for the meeting with the govt to happen
20:19:29 INFO Ganneff there will be a meeting with the regional government about accommodation status this week
20:22:51 INFO Ganneff ana will take all our questions about local team issues, translate them, send them to localteam, translates responses, etc.
20:24:01 Topic: Local team updates - Network status
20:26:11 Topic: Local team updates - vanue/accommodation status, network status.
20:41:06 LINK antorecio is a new sponsor they will pay some beds or another things
20:41:26 ACTION Ganneff h01ger will write a letter together with cek_ for the junta, about our venue
20:41:54 Topic: Sponsor levels
20:44:04 AGREED Ganneff sponsor levels as per h01gers mail and margas adjustments to 15k/25k
20:44:05 Topic: Sponsor status
20:45:51 AGREED Ganneff sledge sends an rfh for sponsorship team.
20:45:59 INFO marga HP's sponsorship has already arrived. Same amount as last year.
20:46:09 Topic: Sponsorpack
20:48:45 Topic: CfP
20:53:14 Topic: Registration
20:54:31 ACTION Ganneff ganneff will kick the cfp and register mail stuff forward soon.
20:54:40 Topic: Logo
20:56:57 Topic: new website design, see
20:57:54 Topic: Community sponsoring/pledge, like the Libre Graphics folks (Paul Wise)
20:58:04 ACTION Ganneff website design to be redone according to proposal
21:03:02 ACTION Ganneff tincho/webteam <-> schultmc to get us a better c&p link on our webpage
21:03:15 Topic: budget
21:05:42 ACTION Ganneff Hydroxide, schultmc, set both to get us a decent budget assembled, talking to whoever is needed.
21:05:59 Topic: Next meeting (with cek _&_ anto, pleeease)
Meeting ended at 21:08.

People Present:
  1. Ganneff
  2. moray
  3. h01ger
  4. antorecio
  5. rockcesar
  6. tiagovaz
  7. zer0mdq
  8. ana
  9. muammar
  10. Hydroxide
  11. marga
  12. gwolf
  13. Tincho
  14. Roliverio
  15. Comtom
  16. cek_
  17. schultmc
  18. Sledge
  19. bdale

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