Meeting started by h01ger at 20:04 UTC
20:04:37 Topic: please indicate your presence
20:06:17 Topic: who writes summary?
20:07:11 AGREED h01ger zer0mdq will write summary
20:07:20 Topic: registration
20:18:08 AGREED h01ger will send out the registration mail later (once penta is ready) - with 300/1000
20:18:14 Topic: call for papers
20:20:56 AGREED h01ger as for registration, once the penta is ready, send the mail
20:21:11 Topic: local team updates - venue/accomodation status
20:25:58 INFO h01ger we need to make a list of technical things to borrow (computers, switches, video beamers, etc)
20:38:15 INFO h01ger wants to sponsor several 8/1 asdl uplinks at the monastry and sleeping venues. we need to see if we need more uplink for video (and other uploads)
20:40:13 Topic: sponsorpack / sponsorstatus
20:40:43 INFO h01ger several people (zobel, anto) have asked for the sponsorpack..
20:40:46 INFO h01ger we really need this now
20:44:10 LINK h01ger
20:46:25 Topic: status logo
20:48:57 INFO h01ger someone should put the dc9 logo on
20:51:03 Topic: status website
20:54:06 INFO h01ger content for website missing: how to get there, visa, arrival, electrical info, gsm info, etc
20:54:32 INFO h01ger help appreciated - the list is just a start :-)
20:54:44 INFO h01ger
20:54:54 Topic: budget
21:00:56 INFO h01ger we need a local association to deal with money. hispalinux (in spain)? ffis e.V. (in germany)?
21:02:40 LINK cek_
21:03:32 Topic: RFH
21:03:58 LINK gwolf
21:06:59 INFO h01ger pretty much anything from needs people
21:11:10 AGREED h01ger next meeting: march 23rd, 20 utc
Meeting ended at 21:15.

People Present:
  1. zer0mdq
  2. h01ger
  3. Hydroxide
  4. schultmc
  5. angasule
  6. cek_
  7. faw
  8. moray
  9. Clint
  10. Maulkin
  11. sgran
  12. gwolf
  13. FBI

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