Meeting started by also at 21:00 UTC
21:04:00 Topic: net connection costs
21:08:40 INFO also 8 ADSL lines by cenatic, 6 at venue and one per residence
21:16:37 Topic: venue costs
21:19:21 INFO also Junta pays all venue costs - goes through them, not through us
21:20:48 ACTION also antorecio is working on getting Junta agreement in writing
21:23:43 ACTION also costs document sent by Monday
21:24:02 Topic: accommodation costs
21:26:24 INFO also < antorecio> one residence Francisco de Sande (70 persons) about 26000 for 15 days, only sleep and breackfast
21:27:38 INFO also Muņoz Torrero 140 persons ( i dont know the total cost), but its will be sponsored by junta
21:31:34 ACTION also localteam figures out how much sponsorship at Muņoz Torrero
21:31:48 INFO also might not be all people staying there
21:32:50 Topic: Equipment Costs
21:34:13 INFO also so we know they'll give us all they have, we just need a list of what we want, to be sure that they have enough
21:38:39 ACTION also need to make a list of equipment, to be sure there is enough to borrow
21:38:48 Topic: security costs
21:38:56 INFO also 150/day for Muņoz Torrero residence (only)
21:40:20 ACTION also localteam gets info on which places need security if we close early
21:43:50 INFO also venue closes at night!!
21:44:55 INFO also venue is open 8:30 - 20:00
21:45:20 INFO also can't hire security at venue to keep it open latetr
21:45:47 INFO also Francisco de Sande has it's own security, can stay open all night
21:47:22 Topic: food costs
21:52:07 INFO also 10 ?/day for lunch+dinner
21:53:06 ACTION also need food prices on paper
21:57:47 Topic: who is the local money holder ?
21:59:12 INFO also debian-es is legal entiety that can hold money
21:59:32 ACTION also find out tax situation with debian-es
22:00:17 INFO also < cek> no taxes in Europe, they don't know if there will be taxes outside EU
22:00:19 INFO Hydroxide "tax situation" includes whether Debian-es has to pay VAT, who can get tax deductions for donating to Debian-es, and whether Debian-es has to pay income or other taxes
22:01:56 Topic: overflow accommodations
22:02:25 INFO also "overflow" means they pay for it themselves
22:02:34 INFO also "overflow" means more than 200 people
22:03:59 LINK cek
22:04:50 INFO also ovenflow housing options at
22:05:49 ACTION also Junta pays for accommodations during debcamp, but need to get details
22:07:10 INFO also debcamp should be able to fit in MT, thus FdS costs reduced by half
22:10:41 ACTION also admins get registration numbers for camp/conf so far so we can make our estimates
22:10:54 ACTION also we communicate with localteam and revise estimates
22:12:27 INFO also about 180 registered for camp so far
22:12:37 INFO also er, I meant conf
22:14:25 INFO also supposing we didn't pay travel costs at all, but Junta didn't sponsor accommodation, calc "13000+25*300*14+500+1500+2100+25900+2000+1300+1000+850+790+550+230+90" 154810
22:14:55 INFO Hydroxide actually, more like a round EUR 155 000
22:14:57 INFO also our estimate is 155000
22:15:08 Topic: next meetings ?
22:16:20 INFO also localteam has more numbers in one week
22:17:15 ACTION also localteam continues getting more numbers, at least by april 6 big meeting
22:17:40 INFO also thanks everyone
Meeting ended at 22:17.

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