Meeting started by MrBeige at 19:01 UTC
19:03:49 Topic: budget status
19:07:31 ACTION MrBeige add questions for localteam to agenda for april 9 meeting
19:07:42 Topic: sponsorship team status
19:07:54 IDEA h01ger april 9 meeting should use the same agenda as today - or at least based on this
19:09:27 INFO MrBeige we have a few people signed up already and it's looking good so far
19:10:05 ACTION MrBeige if you have sponsor contacts, use them!
19:12:03 INFO h01ger we cannot make real summary without knowing what junta will sponsor exactly
19:14:26 ACTION MrBeige budget team and sponsorship team continue working together to manage finances
19:15:21 Topic: DC8 final report status
19:16:58 INFO MrBeige we need the DC8 report NOW
19:30:23 ACTION MrBeige we try to get remaining texts: intro, talks, net infastructure/services
19:30:33 ACTION MrBeige marga compiles it this weekend
19:30:38 ACTION MrBeige send off on Monday
19:33:23 ACTION MrBeige marga coordinates who posts what to sponsors
19:34:30 Topic: registration/CfP status
19:35:02 LINK h01ger
19:35:55 INFO MrBeige about 225 registrants, 25 proposals
19:40:46 ACTION MrBeige encourage more talk proposals
19:40:59 INFO MrBeige we'll consider about extending deadline later if need be
19:44:13 ACTION MrBeige procrastinators, work on your proposals!
19:44:49 Topic: visa letters status
19:46:41 INFO MrBeige for invitation letters
19:48:18 LINK h01ger is where i'm working on the mail and it has that, yes
19:49:06 INFO MrBeige junta signs one letter (we hope)
19:50:18 ACTION MrBeige h01ger works on annoucement for deadline for visa invitation letters
19:52:28 Topic: local legal entity
19:54:27 INFO MrBeige ffis e.V. agreed to be local legal body if needed.
19:56:33 ACTION MrBeige what advantages are there to having a spanish legal entity ?
19:57:48 Topic: localteam updates
19:58:21 INFO MrBeige Proposed global team meeting: 9 April 2009, 11 or 12 UTC
19:59:46 INFO MrBeige proposed meeting time will me moved to accomodate local team
19:59:52 Topic: any other business ?
20:00:56 INFO MrBeige thanks to everyone who came
Meeting ended at 20:00.

People Present:
  1. h01ger
  2. MrBeige
  3. schultmc
  4. gwolf
  5. angasule
  6. Sledge
  7. moray
  8. Hydroxide
  9. zer0mdq
  10. marga

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