Meeting started by MrBeige at 12:10 UTC
12:11:44 Topic: budget status
12:13:56 INFO MrBeige local government will let us use chairs for free, they have plenty -- 200 or more
12:16:18 INFO MrBeige junta pays 100% of first venue and residence
12:16:31 INFO MrBeige but not network, security, etc
12:16:48 ACTION MrBeige we still need a list of technical requirements for the junta
12:17:53 ACTION MrBeige acquire a map of venue
12:18:20 Topic: network status
12:19:17 INFO MrBeige anto meets with telefonica on thursday, they will probabyl pay network
12:20:24 Topic: accessibility
12:20:42 INFO MrBeige when doors checked previously, we didn't get measurements but they didn't raise alarms
12:22:05 INFO MrBeige local team considering changing venues to help with accessibility...
12:22:29 ACTION MrBeige MAP of venue also needed for accessibility purposes
12:23:07 INFO MrBeige it's too late to change venues...
12:23:42 INFO MrBeige a important part of accessibility is door sizes -- we can just measure that ourselves if we are there
12:27:16 INFO MrBeige new venue would have to use busses
12:27:41 Topic: accommodation status
12:28:23 INFO MrBeige ana/tiago on list can work on accessibility issues (with help of local team)
12:32:14 INFO MrBeige 220 beds, are thinking about 30 more beds in a differenc residence
12:32:49 INFO MrBeige 287 people registered so far
12:33:19 ACTION MrBeige list of nearby hotels/hostels for reference for non-sponsored attendees
12:35:30 ACTION MrBeige someone distill down the big list of hotel on bid page into a few good/close ones to recommend
12:37:14 INFO h01ger 140 beds in Muņoz Torrero will be payed by Junta 100%, 90 beds in Francisco de Sande are 24 euros or 30 euros
12:38:07 INFO h01ger 140 beds in Muņoz Torrero will be payed by Junta 100%, 70 beds in Francisco de Sande are 24 euros or 30 euros
12:39:24 Topic: sponsorship team information (esp. local news)
12:42:25 Topic: local legal entiety
12:43:38 INFO MrBeige last meeting we decided to use ffis e.v. in germany
12:43:47 AGREED MrBeige ffis e.v. it is
12:44:33 Topic: website updates
12:46:30 INFO MrBeige useful stuff for web page: hotel list, bus share page, accessibility
12:49:25 INFO MrBeige moray can work on website (but not immediately) if need be
12:49:49 INFO MrBeige also add ffis e.V. logo to website in appreciation of being our legal body
12:50:30 Topic: registration/CFP status
12:52:14 ACTION MrBeige tomorrow at 24UTC, close request-sponsorship on penta
12:52:24 INFO MrBeige 54 events submitted so far
12:54:29 ACTION MrBeige Kinnison needs access to papers on schedule on penta -- admins
12:55:15 Topic: visa letter status
12:57:42 INFO MrBeige visa "deadline" is april 30th
12:59:14 Topic: when is next global team meeting
13:03:35 INFO MrBeige evenings (19 utc) best for localteam
13:05:17 AGREED MrBeige next big meeting monday, april 27th, 19utc
13:06:44 Topic: any other business
13:10:56 AGREED MrBeige wiki for big picture, RT for details, we will try to be more open with RT
13:11:09 INFO MrBeige email Ganneff for rt access
13:14:15 AGREED MrBeige marga / MrBeige prodders and keep up lists of what all needs to be thought about
13:14:20 INFO MrBeige and moray, too
13:15:31 INFO MrBeige Ganneff provide any admin support we need, ask on weekends/evenings
13:16:12 INFO MrBeige mail to
13:16:28 Topic: speak up or we close meeting
13:17:08 INFO MrBeige thanks to everyone who came!
Meeting ended at 13:17.

People Present:
  1. h01ger
  2. MrBeige
  3. cek
  4. anto
  5. Mithrandir
  6. moray
  7. sgran
  8. marga
  9. broonie
  10. Kinnison
  11. Ganneff
  12. Sledge
  13. Hydroxide

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