Meeting started by MrBeige at 20:00 UTC
20:00:31 Topic: purpose of this meeting
20:01:43 INFO MrBeige so our goal here is to establish who is in charge of each item, so that we can know who to poke, and who to ask when people have questions
20:02:42 LINK MrBeige
20:02:50 LINK MrBeige
20:03:04 INFO MrBeige Also, there's a feeling that "someone else will do it", and for many things, there's nobody else doing it. So, we need to agree on who does what.
20:03:48 Topic: say hi so we know who to volunteer....
20:04:35 Topic: global coordination and admin
20:04:49 INFO MrBeige marga and I have volunteered as prodders
20:05:58 INFO MrBeige moray also involved in global coordination -- DC7 experience
20:09:12 AGREED MrBeige for admin tasks, ping Ganneff mhy sgran, use admin@, or join their channel .... h01ger may help some too
20:09:33 Topic: local coordination
20:10:20 INFO MrBeige cek/anto are primary local contacts, of course
20:11:07 ACTION MrBeige (to discuss - a DC10-attendee on admin team)
20:13:54 ACTION MrBeige we need to work on coordination with local team -- contact some of cek's people
20:14:09 INFO MrBeige more local people on irc would be good
20:14:32 INFO Ganneff if local people do need help to get to/stay connected to irc - talk to the admins! we have all ways of doing stuff
20:14:44 ACTION MrBeige add cek's contacts to localteam mailing list, use that to coordinate
20:15:51 Topic: budget team
20:16:18 INFO MrBeige Hydroxide schultmc (and sort of MrBeige ) on hte budget team
20:16:33 INFO Hydroxide h01ger is authoritative financial contact from the ffis e.v. perspective
20:26:53 AGREED MrBeige three people, who interface with both SPI and ffis. These three peolpe are h01ger Ganneff Sledge. They are the ones that initiate transactions
20:27:10 INFO MrBeige budget-management work is still Hydroxide schultmc MrBeige
20:27:17 Topic: venue
20:30:01 INFO MrBeige they are on the localteam mailing list now
20:30:35 ACTION MrBeige marga will follow up with venue people, get them info they need
20:30:50 Topic: accommodations
20:32:07 AGREED MrBeige cek and anto focus on accommodation, lead the team
20:32:35 Topic: network
20:34:10 AGREED MrBeige anto is the ISP contact
20:38:55 INFO MrBeige we'll talk with Junta people (on localteam list) about network wiring, and form the infrastructure team once we know more
20:39:13 INFO MrBeige also power wiring -- hacklabs as part of the venue
20:39:52 INFO h01ger maps!
20:40:26 AGREED MrBeige Ganneff mhy sgran are the ones who usually manage network services
20:40:46 Topic: visa stuff
20:41:26 AGREED MrBeige anto is the visa contact person
20:41:43 AGREED MrBeige also invitation letters, etc... whatever needed
20:41:51 Topic: talk selection
20:42:26 AGREED MrBeige Ganneff manages talk selection like past years, with help from others
20:43:33 AGREED MrBeige and Kinnison andreas tille, etc, from the malinig list thread will work on scheduling
20:43:49 INFO MrBeige note the difference between SELECTION and SCHEDULING ... they can work together
20:44:30 INFO MrBeige sponsorship solicitation
20:44:35 Topic: sponsorship solicitation
20:46:05 AGREED MrBeige Sledge is the point man for sponsor-getting -- it's already going well
20:48:10 INFO MrBeige let's search for other spanish DDs to help find spanish sponsorship team
20:48:25 INFO MrBeige also the list Hydroxide is getting of possible spanish sponsors
20:48:34 Topic: sponsorship allocation
20:51:44 INFO MrBeige Ganneff and marga are co-leads for sponsorship allocation
20:51:59 INFO MrBeige also schultmc
20:52:02 Topic: video team
20:52:13 AGREED MrBeige h01ger is in charge, he assembles volunteers closer to time
20:52:43 Topic: accessibility
20:53:33 AGREED MrBeige hector oron and tiago are the leads
20:53:58 Topic: website
20:55:41 AGREED MrBeige Tincho and moray are webmasters, BUT, they aren't responsible for creating content -- we (such as prodders) get the other teams to create content
20:57:49 AGREED MrBeige we try to monitor irc/lists for useful information, and get webmasters to add content as it goes by
20:58:11 Topic: mailing list replying
20:59:36 AGREED MrBeige each team should be responsible for replying to stuff related to their area... prodders work on poking them if things are going unanswered, or getting someone else to answer
21:01:46 ACTION MrBeige we'll talk about a designated information-collector
21:01:49 LINK h01ger
21:02:04 Topic: summary
21:03:13 ACTION MrBeige we should all try to get more people to fill in the holes we need -- for example, local peolpe for accomotadion/wiring, etc
21:03:22 Topic: any other business ?
21:03:35 INFO MrBeige next global meeting, April 27, 19UTC
Meeting ended at 21:03.

People Present:
  1. MrBeige
  2. cek
  3. Hydroxide
  4. Ganneff
  5. moray
  6. h01ger
  7. marga
  8. schultmc
  9. blarson
  10. Sledge
  11. urbec
  12. zer0mdq
  13. angasule
  14. sgran
  15. mhy
  16. hermanr
  17. an3as
  18. tiagovaz_

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