Meeting started by MrBeige at 19:00 UTC
19:01:01 Topic: decisions made since last meeting
19:01:12 INFO MrBeige - local legal entiety is ffis and logo is on website already
19:01:27 INFO MrBeige room allocation: Jonathan McDowell, Noodles
19:01:51 Topic: organizational meeting follow-up
19:04:23 INFO MrBeige marga has emailed localteam list (with new names from the venue on it), but no response yet
19:09:10 LINK anto
19:10:33 Topic: local venue status updates
19:11:01 Topic: problems with the venue - there willbe construction over the summer, we can't use it (we *must* move)
19:11:27 INFO MrBeige problems with the venue - there willbe construction over the summer, we can't use it (we *must* move)
19:12:18 INFO MrBeige new venue costs 13k euros and junta pays
19:18:36 INFO h01ger asked for 8 dsl lines, 6 for the venue and 2 for the residence
19:18:55 INFO h01ger the new venue is 2 years old, so it is expected to follow latest accesibility laws
19:20:58 INFO dam new venue 2-3km from residences
19:23:36 INFO MrBeige the reservation is done, it is pending the signature from somebody from the Junta accepting it
19:23:46 LINK dam venue location:,com_wrapper/Itemid,173/lang,es/
19:29:02 ACTION MrBeige follow up on important details on the new venue
19:29:28 Topic: updates from teams
19:30:48 INFO Ganneff travelsponsorship|paperselection team - mails have been sent out gathering people.
19:30:48 INFO Sledge sponsors: money coming in, most previous sponsors are talking to us and matching previous amounts so far
19:31:08 INFO Kinnison Sheduling Team -- We have discussed what we want to do wrt. deadlines and lead-time on accepting talks during camp/conf. We're awaiting selection to begin our scheduling.
19:31:22 INFO MrBeige budget team - no real updates since before, but we'll have to revise things based on the new venue
19:32:14 Topic: registration/CfP status
19:34:14 INFO MrBeige more papers always accepted, but may be in a less-official track, and won't be considered for travel sponsorship after this point
19:34:37 Topic: local team updates
19:37:12 INFO MrBeige visa letters - no news from the Junta
19:38:47 LINK anto
19:39:19 INFO MrBeige if the Junta can't sign visa letters, anto's work can sign visa letters
19:39:45 INFO MrBeige open question - should we just send the visa letters ourselves ?
19:40:52 INFO MrBeige anto's work will also be a debconf sponsor - details later
19:41:17 ACTION MrBeige ok, so summary here is that visa letters need more discussion - continue it on-list
19:41:50 Topic: set dates for reconfirmation
19:42:05 LINK MrBeige
19:46:44 INFO MrBeige current proposal for reconfirmation is may 15 - june 15, will discuss more later
19:47:01 Topic: travel sponsorship - people who didn't fill in amount requested by the deadline
19:48:12 AGREED MrBeige reconf deadline -- will be june 7th
19:48:34 AGREED MrBeige reconf period starts on may 15th
19:49:45 INFO MrBeige some people think we should be firm on sponsorship amounts, however, some people think we weren't very clear on ito
19:54:44 AGREED MrBeige sort-of agreed: how about we let people fill it in late, and the allocation team can decide, with the understanding that it'll most likely mean they don't get any.
19:54:56 AGREED MrBeige but deadline is may 1st to re-fill it in
19:55:25 INFO MrBeige announce this via direct messages
19:55:40 Topic: booth at OpenDay for what sponsor categories ?
20:00:12 AGREED MrBeige booth cost typical spanish conf cost (will be researched later), but free for gold+platinum sponsors
20:00:21 Topic: recommended list of hotels, etc
20:05:03 ACTION MrBeige cek handles making a list of hotels
20:05:18 INFO MrBeige a short list of: a) a cheap hotel b) a medium hotel, c) a fancy hotel so attendees can cluster together
20:05:49 Topic: Do we have enough beds for sponsored people? I counted 214, but saw a suggestion of 328 attendees?
20:09:29 INFO MrBeige we can find overflow housing if we need to, on a short notice (1 month) (says localteam -- what guarentees do we have on this ?)
20:10:37 Topic: any other business
20:12:35 AGREED MrBeige we'll try to get advance updates on the localteam mailing list, in order to make these meeting go smoothly
20:12:41 Topic: next meeting
20:15:31 AGREED MrBeige localteam meeting (in spanish) in one week at 19UTC, global team meeting in two weeks at 19UTC
20:15:51 AGREED MrBeige localteam: 4 may, globalteam: 11may
20:19:48 INFO MrBeige we might re-schedule the 11th may meeting as time gets closer, so cek can make it ... or not, we'll see
20:20:00 INFO MrBeige plus, we *will* get details on the mailing list beforehand
20:20:09 Topic: speak up or meeting endsss
Meeting ended at 20:20.

People Present:
  1. marga
  2. MrBeige
  3. moray
  4. sgran
  5. Ganneff
  6. bgupta
  7. h01ger
  8. anto
  9. ana
  10. schultmc
  11. Kinnison
  12. gwolf
  13. Hydroxide
  14. dam
  15. cek
  16. Sledge
  17. Noodles

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