Meeting started by MrBeige at 19:00 UTC
19:01:14 Topic: more penta admins ?
19:04:45 ACTION MrBeige gwolf serves as backup-query-runner
19:04:58 INFO MrBeige also we are putting useful queries in SVN/on the wiki so this should be less of a problem
19:05:58 Topic: budget team info
19:06:38 INFO MrBeige Noodles also offers to help run penta queries, if needed
19:07:32 INFO MrBeige budget summary: 60000? minimum, 90000? ideal needed
19:08:09 INFO marga money-out team: mails were sent to people with weird data, some corrected it, some said it was fine. No more exceptions will be made.
19:08:16 INFO MrBeige sponsorship summary: 45000? recieved/promised, 10-20k? more possible
19:08:28 INFO marga mount-out team: the team is still in the process of being assembled. More should happen soon.
19:09:50 INFO marga Regarding DC8 left-overs: a few more thank-you bags to be sent out this week. There are a few disagreements regarding the money left over at the different points in the world. The final number is probably going to be near USD 10k. :-\
19:11:31 INFO MrBeige most DC8 leftover is at SPI or dc7ltd
19:14:34 INFO MrBeige but if we need to, things like travel sponsorship and trips can be cut
19:15:00 INFO MrBeige we will still get more income from professional/corporate, but need those numbers
19:16:15 ACTION MrBeige Sledge and MrBeige adjust sponsors-summary for other sponsors we expect
19:16:23 LINK h01ger - please add missing queries there
19:17:07 Topic: updates from teams
19:18:04 INFO MrBeige budget team: summary is above. We need more accurate numbers from localteam to make it more accurate !
19:19:32 INFO Hydroxide videoteam will have a meeting this week
19:19:41 INFO Noodles Room allocation Nothing to report - still waiting for exact details on how many rooms we have
19:20:19 ACTION MrBeige cek anto get details of rooms to room allocation team (sometime)
19:20:59 INFO MrBeige gwolf will head up the t-shirt team again (likely around USD 3.80/shirt)
19:21:17 INFO MrBeige t-shirt team: < gwolf> US$1140.00 for 300 shirts < gwolf> plus shipping
19:23:16 INFO MrBeige < gwolf> MrBeige: I translated the invitation documents to Spanish, with the Spanish institution (forgot the name, not the Junta) as the contact
19:23:23 INFO MrBeige < gwolf> Anto or Cek replied that in the end, the Junta confirmed it was going to do it
19:23:45 INFO MrBeige so visas are in-progress - yay
19:24:00 INFO MrBeige (we hope)
19:24:12 Topic: localteam updates
19:24:46 INFO MrBeige no localteam, and no secondhand knowledge...
19:24:59 Topic: looking over the to-do list
19:25:32 LINK MrBeige let's look at this link
19:29:16 INFO MrBeige daytrip / conference dinner planning postponed until other stuff is better in shape...
19:29:43 INFO MrBeige see what tourist bureau has to hand out to people
19:31:07 LINK h01ger please
19:32:50 ACTION MrBeige MrBeige tricks someone into helping someone look at penta data to sanity-check
19:33:42 ACTION MrBeige h01ger and gwolf help MrBeige look at penta data to sanity-check
19:33:54 ACTION MrBeige moray does a blitz of adding data to website sometime
19:39:31 INFO schultmc schultmc will make sure click&pledge is setup for dc9 attendee payments
19:39:33 ACTION MrBeige we look at working on publisizing (ugh spelling) that donations will be helpful this year...
19:39:42 ACTION MrBeige schultmc will make sure click&pledge is setup for dc9 attendee payments
19:40:29 Topic: left-over action items, any other business ?
Meeting ended at 19:44.

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  4. schultmc
  5. Noodles
  6. marga
  7. gwolf
  8. Hydroxide
  9. moray
  10. Sledge
  11. angasule

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