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[20:00:02] <Ganneff> whos here?
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[20:00:05] <moray> me
[20:00:10] <Ganneff> especially local team needed
[20:00:11] <h01ger> heeh
[20:00:13] <antorecio> me
[20:00:19] <rockcesar> me
[20:00:28] <Ganneff> #topic Local team updates - finalize timeline
[20:00:45] <moray> (please stop the 'me's now unless you're local team)
[20:01:07] <tiagovaz> me
[20:01:19] <zer0mdq> me
[20:01:23] <h01ger> so its July 16 to 30
[20:01:23] <tiagovaz> sorry :)
[20:01:44] <h01ger> thursday to thursday
[20:01:51] <Ganneff> yes. pretty uncommon.
[20:01:54] <ana> antorecio: did you see my email in the list about the debianday (or open day) ?
[20:01:59] <h01ger> iirc cek proposed some date as opemday
[20:02:08] <muammar> me
[20:02:14] <h01ger> Ganneff, yes, but we already discussed that and there not really much choice
[20:02:19] <Ganneff> i know
[20:02:20] <h01ger> antorecio, can you comment on this
[20:02:25] <moray> now that ana raised it, I'm more worried about the extra day for accommodation costs
[20:02:36] <moray> if DebConf will be paying for that -- as I said on the list earlier
[20:03:03] <antorecio> July 16 to 30 is ok
[20:03:12] <h01ger> madduck proposed this and cek said he thought it was a good idea:
[20:03:14] <h01ger> Then, the schedule would be:
[20:03:14] <h01ger> 16-22 DebCamp, including setup
[20:03:14] <h01ger> 23-24 First two days of DebConf
[20:03:14] <h01ger> 25 DebCamp
[20:03:14] <h01ger> 26 day trip
[20:03:16] <h01ger> 27-30 Last four days of DebConf
[20:03:21] <h01ger> 31 Cleanup
[20:03:23] <h01ger> Message-ID: <>
[20:03:40] <h01ger> the 25th is a saturday
[20:04:00] <moray> yes, as I said on the list earlier that means 8 days accommodation for people who follow our suggestions, vs. 7 days previously -- 14% increase in our main cost
[20:04:08] <ana> yeah, but we did not think too much about the consecuences back then
[20:04:09] <h01ger> sounds good to me too, except, why camp on the 25th
[20:04:14] <Ganneff> fine. that fits what i set in pentabarf already
[20:04:22] <ana> 25 is not debcamp is debian day
[20:04:40] <moray> see the thread after the message in question for 'camp' being a typo
[20:04:56] <h01ger> moray, except that we probably (anto?!) dont pay accomodation from our budget but from extremadura budget
[20:05:16] <ana> because madduck assumed debian day has to be in saturday, and maybe it has not to be after all
[20:05:22] <moray> h01ger: well, that's what I asked earlier
[20:05:32] <moray> h01ger: last time I heard that seemed "probably DebConf pays"
[20:05:40] * h01ger thinks debianday on a saturday is good if we want audience ;)
[20:05:50] <moray> h01ger: ana says the opposite
[20:05:54] <h01ger> moray, thats why i asked anto
[20:05:56] <antorecio> i think the same
[20:05:57] <ana> yeah, i think the opossite
[20:06:25] <rockcesar> I think the opssite
[20:06:33] <moray> can someone local update us for the accommodation sponsorship thing, as that is my worry here
[20:06:33] <h01ger> antorecio, who much of the accomodation will you (=extremadura) pay, how much will debconf have to pay?
[20:06:41] <Ganneff> it depends on what kind of attendees dday wants
[20:06:45] <ana> and it affects out budget a lot, people getting holidays...
[20:07:20] <Ganneff> where is cek?
[20:07:29] <antorecio> i dont know before the meeting whith the regional govermeent
[20:07:43] <antorecio> its posible the meeting will be this week
[20:08:06] * h01ger think cek and antorecio know people in extremadura better then ana, so if they think debianday should be saturday... who would come in the week? (=on workdays)
[20:08:14] <Hydroxide> antorecio: what's the latest the meeting might be?
[20:08:23] <moray> but they haven't yet agreed to pay for accommodation, and have become less favourable in policy recently?
[20:08:54] <Hydroxide> antorecio: we need to negotiate for the best possibility but plan for the worst possibility
[20:09:00] * ana thinks she knows people in extremadura better than h01ger ...
[20:09:17] <antorecio> maybe 150 acomodations is sponsor for the regional goverment
[20:09:29] <Hydroxide> maybe?
[20:09:38] <h01ger> approx?
[20:09:45] <ana> antorecio: what do you think will happen given the current climate?
[20:09:55] <moray> antorecio: is that "maybe" as in maximum possible though? what do you actually expect as a minimum?
[20:10:14] <antorecio> i dont know now, no before the meeting whith the new goverment
[20:10:33] <Hydroxide> antorecio: you said the meeting might be this week. what if it isn't? what's the latest it might occur?
[20:10:39] * h01ger thinks we shouldnt waste too much time atm with worrying but rather wait for that meeting to happen and plan our stuff, like timeline
[20:11:07] <Ganneff> accom is a different agenda point anyway.
[20:11:11] <h01ger> yeah
[20:11:12] <Ganneff> so back to timeline please
[20:11:14] <antorecio> yeah,
[20:11:18] <Hydroxide> ok
[20:11:24] <moray> Ganneff: right, I wanted to know the status as that's my worry on the timeline
[20:11:25] <rockcesar> yes
[20:11:28] <moray> but it seems we have no idea
[20:11:31] <Ganneff> are we all ok with whats up above?
[20:11:58] * h01ger is
[20:12:02] <Hydroxide> so is that a final timeline? it doesn't sound like we have consensus on that
[20:12:20] <Hydroxide> (I don't feel strongly on this issue since I have no idea when the best day of the week for debianday is)
[20:12:25] <ana> i think we can solve that on-list if cek and antorecio answers
[20:12:40] <Ganneff> #action someone post the timeline on list again and then discuss there
[20:12:51] <moray> if Debian Day is "DebConf open day" do we need it as a non-conference day anyway?
[20:12:51] * h01ger does that know
[20:12:58] <ana> this is already done O_o
[20:13:00] <Ganneff> #topic Local team updates - Venue/accommodation status
[20:13:11] <moray> I mean, at the moment it's being counted as not a DebConf day, but surely it is if it's just the 'open' day?
[20:13:28] <ana> folks
[20:13:38] <ana> can we go a bit slower?
[20:13:41] <h01ger> "If you have a problem with the above schedule, SPEAK UP BEFORE FRIDAY 14 NOV, or remain forever silent."
[20:13:49] <Ganneff> moray: its in pentabarf as debconf day x / debian day right now
[20:13:56] <ana> antorecio does not do IRC too often and he is getting problems to follow us
[20:14:15] <Ganneff> where is cek?
[20:14:28] <Ganneff> do we have to move the meeting to a different timeslot to get cek in it too?
[20:14:42] <antorecio> i dont know where is cek
[20:14:46] <moray> Ganneff: that day is not currently counted in the DebConf days there, no
[20:14:59] <moray> (I would also be much happier if cek was here)
[20:15:06] <moray> (I thought we chose this meeting time for him)
[20:15:15] <marga> Sorry, was in a RL meeting
[20:15:17] * gwolf is back - on to backlog parsing...
[20:15:33] <moray> Ganneff: the current dates page has day 2 Friday, day 3 Monday
[20:15:54] <ana> antorecio can helps us, but he needs some more time :(
[20:15:57] <Ganneff> moray: in penta? there its 25 for debian day.
[20:16:14] <Hydroxide> usually the daytrip day is counted as a debconf day, right? even without talks?
[20:16:18] <moray> Ganneff: I'm talking about
[20:16:55] <Ganneff> well. then the list needs to finalize the timeline and a webmaster update the webpage.
[20:17:02] * h01ger suggests to move to next topic as the current one seems to be pointless
[20:17:04] <marga> Hydroxide: not always
[20:17:04] <Ganneff> i dont think we will get much further here in the meeting and should go on
[20:17:10] * h01ger sent mail about timeline
[20:17:49] * h01ger nods ganneff and suggests also to skip "network status". we are not there yet :/
[20:17:51] <Ganneff> so, anything to say about venue/accom status? to get back to something we already scratched on
[20:18:38] <Tincho> next topic?
[20:18:45] <Ganneff> we are in the next topic.
[20:18:52] <Ganneff> seems noone has to add anything to accom/venue?
[20:19:02] <marga> we have no info regarding this, apparently
[20:19:09] <Tincho> anto said we have to wait for the meeting
[20:19:14] <Ganneff> ok. fine.
[20:19:20] <tiagovaz> yes, i have
[20:19:28] <h01ger> #info anto said we have to wait for the meeting with the govt to happen
[20:19:28] <Hydroxide> and we know that the meeting might be this week, but still not how late it could occur
[20:19:29] <Ganneff> #info there will be a meeting with the regional government about accommodation status this week
[20:19:35] <Hydroxide> Ganneff: he didn't say that
[20:19:36] <moray> Ganneff: no
[20:19:40] <tiagovaz> please let me bother the local team again about the accessibility issues
[20:19:41] <Hydroxide> Ganneff: see above
[20:20:18] <marga> tiagovaz: the "local team" is antorecio
[20:20:24] <h01ger> tiagovaz, i think its pointless withaout is status
[20:20:42] <antorecio> now there are two residences reserved about 215 places, its sure
[20:20:55] <tiagovaz> h01ger: ok, just wondering ig antorecio has read
[20:20:59] <ana> antorecio: what about sending an email with direct questiosn and you answer?
[20:21:01] <tiagovaz> if
[20:21:15] <ana> antorecio: en español: te lias menos si te enviamos un mail con cuestiones concretas y lo respondes ahora?
[20:21:30] <antorecio> si, pro favor, mucho mejor
[20:21:57] <Ganneff> (one additional requirement for the future bids: at least two people who are *used to* irc)
[20:22:05] <ana> ok, so can we write all the questions and he answer on list now?
[20:22:20] <h01ger> can we just move on to useful topcis, please?
[20:22:24] <ana> he can not follow us on IRC, adn we are going nowhere now
[20:22:24] <Ganneff> ana: i guess you volunteer to translate them to spanish, and his answers back?
[20:22:28] <ana> yes
[20:22:31] <Ganneff> ok. fine.
[20:22:37] <ana> and marga tincho et all can proofread
[20:22:43] <Roliverio> Ganneff: i can volunteer also, if you need.
[20:22:44] <ana> that i am not being subjetive etc
[20:22:44] <marga> sure
[20:22:51] <Ganneff> #info ana will take all our questions about local team issues, translate them, send them to localteam, translates responses, etc.
[20:23:06] <Comtom> ana: if you need help, i can help you translating faster.
[20:23:07] <moray> ana: I'd suggest you include the Spanish in the list mails too
[20:23:13] <ana> moray: yes
[20:23:26] <Ganneff> any question to be written in here? if not i go on
[20:23:32] <tiagovaz> done so
[20:23:34] <gwolf> ana/antorecio: Just try to make the email exchange as fast as possible, to acommodate it possibly in the meeting timeframe / Por favor intenten que el intercambio de correos sea lo más ágil posible, ojalá podamos incluirlo en el tiempo asignado a esta junta...
[20:23:47] <ana> gwolf: si, totalmente de acuerdo / full agree
[20:23:50] <antorecio> ok,
[20:23:57] <zer0mdq> next?
[20:24:01] <Ganneff> #topic Local team updates - Network status
[20:24:09] <Ganneff> any question in this to collect for ana?
[20:24:28] <h01ger> next
[20:24:50] <h01ger> hi cek_
[20:24:50] <Ganneff> cek_! alive?
[20:24:53] <ana> cek_: hombre, como agua de mayo
[20:24:59] <cek_> alive, sorry for being late
[20:25:18] <cek_> wasn't able to arrive home sooner
[20:25:39] <cek_> you talking about network?
[20:25:42] <Ganneff> soo, people, rehash what you want from local team, its easier life in a meeting.
[20:25:46] <Ganneff> well, just switched.
[20:26:11] <marga> cek_: we mainly want updates on everything going on from the local team
[20:26:11] <Ganneff> #topic Local team updates - vanue/accommodation status, network status.
[20:26:15] <Ganneff> yes
[20:26:32] <cek_> ok
[20:26:32] <h01ger> cek, i assume you also dont have any news on the venue? then i'd suggest we just move on. full agenda at:
[20:26:35] <ana> cek_: we had problems with antorecio following the meeting (We are very fast :) )
[20:26:42] <cek_> lol, o
[20:26:43] <cek_> ok
[20:27:07] <Ganneff> cek_: do you have any kind of news for the current topic?
[20:27:21] <cek_> Status: we have another residence (Torre de Sande) and we have to hire the network connection
[20:27:40] <Tincho> cek_: we need updates on gov't sponsorship status
[20:27:44] <cek_> so, it would be good to know how many BW we need
[20:28:07] <h01ger> cek, do you know (have an idea) how many beds will the gov't pay? ;)
[20:28:17] <Ganneff> cek_: 10mbit synchron and we take anything more. :)
[20:28:17] <cek_> h01ger, no idea
[20:28:29] <h01ger> cek, minimum 10mbit, the more the better
[20:28:32] <cek_> an important thing is to contact
[20:28:33] <Ganneff> cek_: when can you have an idea?
[20:28:36] <h01ger> cek, any idea when you'll have an idea
[20:28:53] <gwolf> h01ger: ...For the residence, do you think we will need a comparable network to that we have on the main venue?
[20:29:05] <cek_> YOU, have to contact the general director, to ask him about sponsorship
[20:29:07] <gwolf> I think we can have a lesser network there - as it will be _way_ less used
[20:29:14] <h01ger> gwolf, no
[20:29:25] <Tincho> I think we're talking about main connectivity
[20:29:34] <gwolf> main? Oh, then never mind my words.
[20:29:38] <cek_> I cannot talk on behalf of Debian, so it is better you do
[20:29:39] <Tincho> cek_: who?
[20:29:49] <cek_> Tincho, Debian
[20:29:51] <h01ger> interesting
[20:29:52] <Ganneff> cek_: you can talk on behalf of debconf, you are the local team lead
[20:29:54] <Tincho> err
[20:30:06] <gwolf> cek_: Please s/you/us/ - you are as deep in this as everybody in Debian.
[20:30:16] * h01ger no hables mucho castellano :)
[20:30:19] <Tincho> but wasn't already some negotiations going on on this?
[20:30:30] <gwolf> What would you mean by you? Do you want an official DD to go with all of our blessings to talk with somebody, or..?
[20:30:40] <cek_> Ganneff, but he is my boss, and I think that an official, mail/letter from Debian is better
[20:30:53] <h01ger> cek, can it be in english?
[20:30:56] <Ganneff> cek_: what exactly would that letter mean/contain?
[20:30:58] <moray> cek_: right, so you can write that letter
[20:31:06] <cek_> sure h01ger we can translate ir
[20:31:08] <moray> cek_: as said above, you *are* Debian/DebConf
[20:31:09] <Ganneff> and, it would be more from spi, than from debian.
[20:31:11] <ana> i do not think the language is a problem for this
[20:31:31] <muammar> ana, neither do i
[20:31:47] <h01ger> cek, so what should be in it?
[20:31:52] <ana> (and i think if we translate, it will get a better result)
[20:32:08] <gwolf> cek_: You could even sign it in our names (of course, backed by our GPG-signs of the same electronic document ;-) )
[20:32:21] <h01ger> "hi. we're debian and we hope you remmember us?" ;)
[20:32:29] <cek_> moray, I know, but the General Director consider me his worker, not a DebConf member, thats a problem, they want officialiity
[20:32:39] <cek_> gwolf, lol
[20:32:54] <Ganneff> cek_: what should it contain? and it would be SPI, i think, that should be ok?
[20:32:56] <gwolf> cek_: I'm even serious. You have my authorization to forge my signature.
[20:33:09] <gwolf> that will make it faster.
[20:33:10] <h01ger> "hi. we're debian and we look forward to do debconf together, and now want to discuss the details"
[20:33:13] <moray> cek_: I understand if you want someone else's signature on it, yes
[20:33:34] <moray> cek_: but we have no idea of the local structure for this, so what to ask for etc.
[20:33:37] <gwolf> anyway - "We need this and this much of network bandwidth, please provide it"? "How many people are you lodging?"?
[20:33:47] <cek_> h01ger, it may contain some kind of information about DebConf and how important the support of Junta de Extremadura is for Debian/DebConf
[20:34:14] <h01ger> cek, and asking for venue, accomodation and network? or that in a 2nd step?
[20:34:23] <h01ger> cek, and /me nods
[20:34:23] <Ganneff> ok. the whole content will be hard to do during this meeting. who volunteers to work together with cek to get such a letter written? and then talk with leader@ and spi to make it formal?
[20:34:54] <rockcesar> of course, how it is going to help to Extremadura, the tourism and the computer advances...
[20:34:59] <cek_> because, IMHO, we can probably get, the venue for free, and some of the beds of the main hall of residence for free (that's all I think we can get because of crisis)
[20:35:13] <moray> *probably* get the venue? I thought that at least was agreed
[20:35:18] <Tincho> cek_: I don't understand something.. wasn't this support discussed before? I understood that was already some promises made
[20:35:40] <gwolf> we are basically _counting_ on all of that!
[20:35:46] <cek_> h01ger, yes, we can ask them about that, venue, accomodation and network. (More could be a lot)
[20:35:55] <gwolf> I don't think we should think on a presentation letter at this point in time!
[20:35:55] * h01ger sighs and volunteers to write this letter
[20:36:09] <gwolf> they should be more than aware about us and about what they have offered so far! :-(
[20:36:14] <Tincho> I mean, looks like we're just starting
[20:36:38] <cek_> Tincho, yes, they were promises made by the later General Director, but we have a new one, same party, but a new one
[20:36:38] <moray> cek_: are you really saying that at the moment *nothing* is agreed?
[20:37:09] <gwolf> cek_: But he is aware that this predecessor already promised some things we count on, I guess
[20:37:20] <gwolf> I'd say we could start off with this familiarity
[20:37:23] <cek_> moray, what's not agreed is the sponsorship level of Junta de Extremadura, the rest of the things, such as venue and residences are booked and confirmed
[20:37:30] <Hydroxide> gwolf: maybe not
[20:37:35] <cek_> gwolf, yes he is
[20:37:38] * h01ger nods gwolf - sounds reasonable, or cek_ ?
[20:37:41] <h01ger> ah, good
[20:37:45] <Ganneff> cek_: booked and confirmed as in its paid for, or still need to pay?
[20:37:46] <moray> cek_: right, but it's not agreed that even the venue is sponsored by them?
[20:38:02] <gwolf> I mean.. to put it crudely, not to go licking soles when it is not needed, just saying "hi, we are very very glad to deal with you in this new post - your predecessor agreed to blah and bleh, we are happy to deal with you"
[20:38:04] <moray> cek_: can you tell us how much DebConf may need to pay for all this, I think we believed it was sponsored?
[20:38:09] <cek_> so, it is important to prepare such a letter/doc explaining that. It was agreed by the Goverment when he was not the General Director
[20:38:25] <h01ger> cek, what is the "sponsorship level of Junta de E."? if "venue and residences are booked and confirmed"?
[20:38:59] <cek_> Ganneff, nothing it is still paid, but I think that paying for the venue and some beds of the residence + network shouldn't be hard to get from Junta
[20:39:22] <Ganneff> hrm. thats - news. and not good one. oh well.
[20:39:42] <cek_> h01ger, those where already contacted by Junta to be booked, so, they were booked by Junta, but still not payed
[20:39:50] <h01ger> ah
[20:40:00] <h01ger> cek, but if they booked, they will pay, or?
[20:40:21] <Ganneff> ok. so we need this letter asap. and cant really count on sponsorship for the stuff until we get the junta again to tell us they do it, like the old ones did.
[20:40:24] <marga> cek: right, we don't care if they are paid or not, as long as they will be payed.
[20:40:27] <h01ger> cek, and sponsorship level of Junta de E. would (have) be(en) more money?
[20:40:45] <cek_> h01ger, I suppose so, but we need to have an official confirmation
[20:40:46] <h01ger> Ganneff, i'll write this letter asap
[20:40:48] <gwolf> cek_: If I understood correctly, it is not even exactly a payment - is allocating to us resources they handle internally, right?
[20:40:57] <h01ger> cek, ok, thx
[20:40:59] * gwolf bites nails... :-/
[20:41:06] <antorecio> is a new sponsor they will pay some beds or another things
[20:41:26] <Ganneff> #action h01ger will write a letter together with cek_ for the junta, about our venue
[20:41:35] * h01ger cheers antorecio :)
[20:41:39] <cek_> gwolf, true
[20:41:50] <Ganneff> now, while this is certainly not the most entertaining thing, lets go on, we wont win more in this topic *today*
[20:41:54] <Ganneff> #topic Sponsor levels
[20:42:10] <h01ger> or should we quickly go back to timeline? or do that on the list?
[20:42:11] <Ganneff> who put that on and wants to talk?
[20:42:16] <Ganneff> h01ger: list
[20:42:25] * h01ger put this on and wrote mails about sposnor levels
[20:42:32] <marga> I generally agree with what holger proposed, I just don't like the 17 500 and 27 500 numbers, I'd round them to 15 000 and 25 000.
[20:42:36] <h01ger> latest proposal went to the list again
[20:42:37] <cek_> but as I told you, it will not be hard to get the venue and some of the beds because venue and that hall of residence are funded by Junta, so it shouldn't be hard
[20:43:14] <zer0mdq> marga: +1
[20:43:22] <Ganneff> anyone against the levels h01ger proposed, with the adjustments marga just said?
[20:43:44] <Hydroxide> no objection here
[20:44:04] <Ganneff> #agreed sponsor levels as per h01gers mail and margas adjustments to 15k/25k
[20:44:05] <Ganneff> #topic Sponsor status
[20:44:06] <moray> up to sponsorship team from my POV
[20:44:17] <Ganneff> anyone from sponsor team here to talk?
[20:44:27] <moray> who *is* that currently?
[20:44:27] * h01ger will update the wiki about levels
[20:44:36] <schultmc> speaking as SPI Treasurer, HP's sponsorship has arrived
[20:44:42] <marga> schultmc: WOW!
[20:44:48] <marga> \o/
[20:44:50] <moray> (I mean, who's working on getting sponsorship)
[20:44:52] <schultmc> 30000 USD
[20:44:53] <Ganneff> at least one thing works out nicely :)
[20:44:53] <h01ger> Sledge told me at fosdem, he would again do some sponsorhip work
[20:44:55] <gwolf> good news
[20:45:02] <Ganneff> sledge isnt here right now.
[20:45:03] <h01ger> antorecio apperantly is also doing some
[20:45:05] <Sledge> I'm doing *some* sponsorship work
[20:45:07] <moray> h01ger: that would be good -- it's already getting pretty closenow
[20:45:09] <Ganneff> ah there.
[20:45:16] <Sledge> but I don't have the time to do all of it this year
[20:45:20] * h01ger waves to Sledge
[20:45:26] <Ganneff> do we have anyone else doing work in? if not, who volunteers?
[20:45:30] <h01ger> should we send an RFH?
[20:45:35] <marga> Yes.
[20:45:36] <Ganneff> or, Sledge: could you mail -team and ask for helper?
[20:45:39] <Ganneff> s
[20:45:43] * Hydroxide is already on dc9 budgetkeeping team and dc9 paper review team and leading dc10 local team, so shouldn't add dc9 sponsor team too if I'm going to stick within 24 hours in the day :)
[20:45:47] <Sledge> I'll do that shortly
[20:45:51] <Ganneff> #agreed sledge sends an rfh for sponsorship team.
[20:45:59] <marga> #INFO HP's sponsorship has already arrived. Same amount as last year.
[20:46:09] <Ganneff> #topic Sponsorpack
[20:46:12] * Sledge thanks bdale
[20:46:15] <Ganneff> who wants to talk?
[20:46:21] <Tincho> I'd like to make modification on how's sponsorship granted, but I dunno if that's for today
[20:46:36] <h01ger> Tincho, no :) but send your proposal to the list :)
[20:46:37] <Ganneff> Tincho: not really.
[20:46:53] <Ganneff> noon up for sponsorpack?
[20:46:54] <marga> So, Maulkin ? Did you get to work on the sponsorpack?
[20:46:56] <Ganneff> noone
[20:46:59] <antorecio> i need an actual sponsorpack, this week its posible?
[20:47:01] <h01ger> basically valessios inkscape thing was good, wasnt it?
[20:47:10] <h01ger> we didnt have the levels and the dates
[20:47:11] <Sledge> Maulkin has been away, and is at a meeting tonight
[20:47:15] <marga> ah, right, valessio steped up to do it.
[20:47:19] <h01ger> now we almost have them (dates not yet)
[20:47:26] <Sledge> he did tell me he wants the dc8 report details to help
[20:47:41] <h01ger> Sledge, he=valessio?
[20:47:49] <Ganneff> ok. so that seems to be in progress.
[20:47:52] <Sledge> h01ger: Maulkin
[20:47:57] <marga> Ok. The report is still being worked on. I should send mail about that to the list. But the articles are available on the svn.
[20:48:02] <h01ger> ah, cool
[20:48:03] <Sledge> but if other people are on it, then cool
[20:48:03] <marga> Will send mail about it.
[20:48:05] <cek_> it would be good to tell Junta who is sponsoring again this year
[20:48:14] <h01ger> Sledge, point Maulkin to the list and valessio :)
[20:48:21] <cek_> HP and Junta have good relationships
[20:48:26] <Tincho> cek_: we cannot know that at this moment, except for hp
[20:48:29] <Ganneff> cek_: we know that after debconf for sure, until debconf it will change :)
[20:48:31] <h01ger> cek, if only we knew :) but i can include HP in the letter..
[20:48:45] <Ganneff> #topic CfP
[20:48:47] <gwolf> cek_: We could include some probabilities, without committing to them -
[20:48:48] <zer0mdq> madduck: we should organize a RL meeting to finish the final report once and for all, right?
[20:48:50] <cek_> cool then, so we should tell them the sponsors of last DebConf
[20:48:54] <gwolf> i.e. "intel has often been there" :
[20:48:55] <zer0mdq> marga: ^^
[20:48:55] <gwolf> :)
[20:49:02] <Hydroxide> nokia too
[20:49:08] <Ganneff> so. CfP, this hasnt been send yet. :()
[20:49:09] <Hydroxide> I think those have been the three most regular sponsors
[20:49:10] <Ganneff> pentabarf is ready.
[20:49:22] <h01ger> lets go back to timeline?
[20:49:28] <Ganneff> whats holding up the cfp release?
[20:49:30] <h01ger> we cant send the cfp without one
[20:49:45] <marga> zer0mdq: probably. Most of the articles are there, anyway, we need a bit of review and a few of the missing articles. I'm writing email about it as we speak.
[20:49:46] <moray> h01ger: we don't need to know when Debian Day is etc. for the CFP
[20:49:53] <moray> h01ger: just the big scale timeline
[20:49:59] <Ganneff> we know whats needed for the cfp
[20:50:03] <moray> which I thought we (also) worked out before
[20:50:07] <h01ger> moray, but we look silly/unprofessional if we dont
[20:50:21] <Ganneff> h01ger: no. no need to give such detailed info in the cfp
[20:50:29] <gwolf> h01ger: We don't need deep details for a cfp
[20:50:31] <moray> h01ger: when I receive academic CFPs they *never* would have the day-by-day conference schedule in them
[20:50:38] <h01ger> but for registration which is the next point
[20:50:39] <gwolf> just the conference start date, and the intermediate cutoff dates.
[20:50:44] <moray> gwolf: yup
[20:50:45] <bdale> cek_: my main contact in the HP field team in Spain recently retired (Carlos Santamaria), but many of the other people I've worked with are still there and yes they have a good relationship with the Junta I think
[20:50:48] <Ganneff> h01ger: would you keep ontopic please?
[20:51:04] <Ganneff> ok. so, whats holding up the cfp?
[20:51:11] <Ganneff> iirc sgran prepared something on list for it
[20:51:24] <gwolf> yes, mentioning Feb15 as an opening date...
[20:51:33] * h01ger will do even though he thinks its silly not to finalize the timeline now which is really needed. but so i just point cek_ to the list and ask him to reply there (mail from 15min ago or so)
[20:51:35] <Ganneff> pentabarf is ready since longer
[20:51:48] <cek_> bdale, cool!, it would be good have such a contact
[20:51:58] <h01ger> did someone review the cfp? if so, lets send it?
[20:52:03] <h01ger> ;)
[20:52:03] <bdale> cek_: it might be good to get one of them involved in a conversation so they aren't surprised when mentioned as a Debconf sponsor... ;-) Send me an email to to remind me and I'll make introductions.
[20:52:54] <Ganneff> oh well, i will press madduck AKA press a little, and if we cant get this worked out next week, well. we just send some at some point, i think.
[20:53:01] <cek_> ok bdale, I think it is a good idea
[20:53:02] <Ganneff> otherwise it wont ever go on.
[20:53:08] <cek_> I will send you an email
[20:53:12] <Hydroxide> moray: search for USD in
[20:53:12] * h01ger cheers Ganneff
[20:53:14] <Ganneff> #topic Registration
[20:53:15] <Hydroxide> oops
[20:53:17] <gwolf> I know madduck is covered up in work
[20:53:18] <Hydroxide> wrong channel, sorry
[20:53:25] <moray> Hydroxide: you really need to stop doing that :p
[20:53:35] <Hydroxide> moray: I do, it's true :P
[20:53:37] <Ganneff> so. whats up for registration?
[20:53:44] <Ganneff> and can people PLEASE keep ontopic?
[20:53:46] <h01ger> is penta ready? is a mail ready?
[20:53:48] <Ganneff> i want this to end soon.
[20:53:52] <Ganneff> penta is LONG ready.
[20:54:01] <h01ger> cool. send mail then :)
[20:54:12] <Ganneff> oh *sigh*
[20:54:16] <zer0mdq> gwolf: i can help madduck with the press stuff (CfP, Registration, etc)
[20:54:21] * gwolf has already registered, and even thought it was already open and announced...
[20:54:27] <schultmc> Ganneff: penta doesn't seem fully aware of the dates of the conference
[20:54:31] <Ganneff> #action ganneff will kick the cfp and register mail stuff forward soon.
[20:54:32] <gwolf> zer0mdq: please make it explicitly known to him
[20:54:37] * h01ger cheers zer0mdq :)
[20:54:40] <Ganneff> #topic Logo
[20:54:40] <gwolf> I'd like to offer my hand, but it is quite buried as well :(
[20:54:44] <Ganneff> do we have a logo?
[20:54:47] <schultmc> putting 2009-07-31 as leaving spain says that's out of the conference dates
[20:54:48] <Ganneff> cek?
[20:55:10] <h01ger> cek, the one on ? (upper left corner?) IMO its just a draft, not a logo yet.
[20:55:23] <h01ger> (the acron)
[20:55:27] <cek_> h01ger, I like it
[20:55:31] <gwolf> schultmc: I filed a ticket in RT - It still has the dates for DC8
[20:55:46] <schultmc> gwolf: ah - that would explain it
[20:56:00] <marga> I personally don't like it. It's too much like DebConf6.
[20:56:01] <Ganneff> gwolf: err?
[20:56:02] <cek_> I like the draft of the acorn
[20:56:10] <gwolf> Ganneff: #911
[20:56:12] <h01ger> cek, ok, so we take that and ask a designer (valession, jabz) to make it a nice logo?
[20:56:29] <h01ger> gwolf, schultmc: please lets stay on topic...
[20:56:31] <Ganneff> pentabarf does *not* allow the 31-07 on purpose. it would otherwise be rated a normal debconf day.
[20:56:38] <cek_> h01ger, yes, I think that's an idea of how it should look
[20:56:51] <Ganneff> ok. fine. logo settled
[20:56:57] <h01ger> ok, i can ask send a mail and ask them. cool
[20:56:57] <Ganneff> #topic new website design, see
[20:57:04] <marga> Ganneff: it should allow the 31st. It's the leaving day.
[20:57:06] <Ganneff> whats the take on that design?
[20:57:13] <Ganneff> marga: hrm.
[20:57:14] <Tincho> Ganneff: re penta: we should separate arrival/dep from sponsored nights
[20:57:28] <h01ger> please, on topic
[20:57:28] <Ganneff> will do that outside of emeting
[20:57:32] <moray> seems fine to me
[20:57:32] <Ganneff> now, website
[20:57:42] <moray> and a website design is easy to tweak later
[20:57:44] <Tincho> I'm fine with the design
[20:57:45] <Ganneff> Tincho: you webmaster, looked at the above url?
[20:57:49] <Ganneff> fine, take it
[20:57:51] <Tincho> yes
[20:57:52] * h01ger likes the design
[20:57:53] <marga> seems nice, yes.
[20:57:54] <Tincho> ok
[20:57:54] <Ganneff> #topic Community sponsoring/pledge, like the Libre Graphics folks (Paul Wise)
[20:58:04] <Ganneff> #action website design to be redone according to proposal
[20:58:05] <h01ger> we should just ask him to choose a proper licence ;)
[20:58:08] <Ganneff> so. what is this?
[20:58:15] <h01ger> follow the link
[20:58:16] <Tincho> h01ger: good point, I'l ask
[20:58:18] <marga> yeah, wtf?
[20:58:27] <h01ger> people will support a conf and pay
[20:58:29] <marga> h01ger: which?
[20:58:31] <Ganneff> err
[20:58:35] <Ganneff> like we did last year?
[20:58:41] <Ganneff> like we do this year again?
[20:58:50] <Ganneff> by letting people chose appropriate options?
[20:58:51] <h01ger> there are also pledges like "if 100 people send 10 euro to greenpeace, i will do so too"
[20:59:06] <moray> Ganneff: this is random people paying without going, I think
[20:59:26] <Ganneff> oh well, we can add a link to clickandpledge via spi, i guess
[20:59:28] * h01ger has no idea if it works, but maybe some users would support debian/debconf that way? afaiks its free to try, so we should ask pabs to set one up
[20:59:28] <Ganneff> schultmc: ^^
[20:59:39] <Ganneff> not pabs, no. SPI
[20:59:46] <Ganneff> this is not to be done by a single user.
[20:59:48] <Ganneff> imo
[20:59:49] <h01ger> Ganneff, those are different things
[20:59:54] <h01ger> people can donate to spi
[20:59:54] <Ganneff> huh?
[20:59:57] <schultmc> Ganneff: not a problem - it's already partially setup
[21:00:01] <marga> h01ger: we had this since always, at SPI
[21:00:02] <moray> h01ger: well, we already have it for Debian, presumably they can earmark to DebConf specially though
[21:00:09] <Hydroxide> h01ger: donations to spi can be earmarked for debconf sponsorship
[21:00:14] <h01ger> and they can participate in this pledge and then send to spi. its a web2.0 thing.
[21:00:16] <Tincho> we had this last year, IIRC
[21:00:28] <Ganneff> h01ger: im against doing it outside of spi. i see *no* need.
[21:00:31] * h01ger thinks you dont get this pledge thing ;)
[21:00:37] <marga> Maybe we should just advertise it a bit more, but it's been there.
[21:00:37] <marga> We _already have it for DebConf_!
[21:00:38] <h01ger> Ganneff, it hasnt have to be outside spi
[21:00:45] <Ganneff> h01ger: its a "get us money", wth need that some different thing again?
[21:00:51] <Ganneff> we do have this already.
[21:00:51] <h01ger> marga, no. we dont have this kind of pledge
[21:01:00] <Ganneff> we do have a way to let people give us money
[21:01:03] <Ganneff> even if not attending
[21:01:06] <Hydroxide> h01ger: are you saying that all the donations will be made directly from the donor to SPI?
[21:01:07] <Ganneff> we just dont advertise it
[21:01:10] <marga> h01ger: the design might be different, but the result is the same...
[21:01:10] <h01ger> Ganneff, its a different way of asking for money
[21:01:19] <Ganneff> h01ger: thats a formulation thingie only.
[21:01:22] <Hydroxide> h01ger: or will they be made through some random intermediate person who may or may not be trustworthy?
[21:01:32] <moray> the 'pledge' side seems silly to me
[21:01:34] <h01ger> marga, yes. we also sell tshirts at events and give the money to debian/spi. this is a new way
[21:01:43] <Ganneff> this is useless.
[21:01:45] <moray> but I wouldn't object to asking people for donations
[21:01:51] <h01ger> you're too old! ;)
[21:02:01] <h01ger> moray, my take exactly
[21:02:01] <marga>
[21:02:05] <Hydroxide> h01ger: if all the donations will be made to SPI directly from the donor or through a trusted debconf/debian person, I don't mind
[21:02:10] <marga> That's what we had for DebConf8
[21:02:11] <Ganneff> i fail to see any reason to invent yet another way if we already have it and just need to place a link on our webpage
[21:02:21] <marga> I'm sure it can be tweaked into something nicer.
[21:02:23] <moray> so we're done on this?
[21:02:30] <h01ger> marga, ah, cool, didnt know this
[21:02:31] <Hydroxide> h01ger: if we're depending on random unaffiliated and unknown people to bundle donations and then send them to SPI, that seems possibly bad
[21:02:32] <moray> subject to someone making a bigger link?
[21:02:35] <Ganneff> i think we should take a link to c&p
[21:02:37] <Ganneff> and be done
[21:02:39] <moray> yes
[21:02:43] <marga> I'm not sure if the total amount of pledges and money can be shown
[21:02:52] <h01ger> and lets ask pabs to do it ;)
[21:03:02] <Ganneff> #action tincho/webteam <-> schultmc to get us a better c&p link on our webpage
[21:03:04] <moray> just as long as it's not some stupid "if 1000 other people"
[21:03:07] <Ganneff> h01ger: no.
[21:03:10] <Hydroxide> marga: that can be figured out with schultmc and c&p
[21:03:15] <Ganneff> #topic budget
[21:03:17] <Ganneff> ok. next
[21:03:23] <Ganneff> who wants this topic?
[21:03:29] <moray> some people volunteered to do the sums side
[21:03:33] * Hydroxide and schultmc have volunteered to help out with the budget
[21:03:41] <Ganneff> we can certainly run a budget app, if needed
[21:03:47] <marga> Hydroxide, schultmc: thanks.
[21:03:50] <Ganneff> on a machine. (actually, we do have one)
[21:03:52] <moray> (but they don't have info to *set* the budget/know if we're on course)
[21:03:59] <marga> I fear that the main problem is that we don'?t have any numbers yet, though.
[21:04:00] <Hydroxide> although if antorecio needs it in spanish, we might need help
[21:04:03] <moray> marga: yes
[21:04:04] <Tincho> do we have actual quotes for the venue/network/etc?
[21:04:06] <Hydroxide> but yes, we have no numbers yet, indeed
[21:04:24] <moray> it sounds like cek_ should have the venue/accommodation numbers at least
[21:04:27] <moray> if those were already booked
[21:04:28] <Ganneff> Hydroxide, schultmc: can we set you both on this task to get us a decent budget assembled?
[21:04:31] <h01ger> Hydroxide, i assume antorecio is fine with an english budget. a.) its numbers b.) his english is really not that bad. i can talk with him just well. in english
[21:04:38] <gwolf> Hydroxide: There is not too much text to translate... I'll gladly do it if needed
[21:04:45] <Hydroxide> h01ger: I was saying that because of his email where he mentioned spanish explicitly
[21:04:54] <h01ger> Hydroxide, yeah..
[21:04:55] <cek_> moray, they didn't talk about money with us, they supponse Junta is paying for that like we do
[21:05:28] <h01ger> Hydroxide, i assume its just being afraid. when he comes to this channel he realizes very fast his english is not up to par.
[21:05:30] <Hydroxide> Ganneff: yes, though we will need localteam help to get proper numbers
[21:05:36] <marga> cek_: ok, how about any other numbers?
[21:05:41] <Ganneff> #action Hydroxide, schultmc, set both to get us a decent budget assembled, talking to whoever is needed.
[21:05:45] <Hydroxide> h01ger: yes. but he may not know english accounting terms. I'm willing to give it a try.
[21:05:49] * Hydroxide nods at Ganneff
[21:05:53] <cek_> we have the price of the other hall of residence
[21:05:59] <Ganneff> #topic Next meeting (with cek _&_ anto, pleeease)
[21:06:09] <Ganneff> cek_: when is best time for a meeting for you?
[21:06:16] <marga> and anto
[21:06:21] <Ganneff> is monday, 20 utc ok? or later? or other day?
[21:06:26] <moray> including time for being late etc.
[21:06:27] <h01ger> Hydroxide, we have many people who can translate.. +cool!
[21:06:29] <Ganneff> same to anto.
[21:06:32] * Hydroxide nods at h01ger
[21:06:41] <cek_> Ganneff, yes, mondays are fine
[21:06:42] <antorecio> ok, for me
[21:06:47] <cek_> 20 utc is fine also
[21:06:49] <Ganneff> cek_: an hour later maybe?
[21:07:02] <Ganneff> cek_: we had you not here once, then late, thats why i ask.
[21:07:04] <moray> cek_: so you can definitely make 20 UTC next time? wouldn't later be better if you missed it today
[21:07:14] <cek_> Ganneff, 20 UTC is fine :)
[21:07:16] <gwolf> cek_, antorecio: Just thinking... Maybe it could suit you better to attend the meeting being physically in the same space
[21:07:27] <h01ger> when? 2 weeks?
[21:07:32] <gwolf> i.e. to help with translation issues or have faster bandwidth between you two
[21:07:38] <marga> +1 for 2 weeks
[21:07:39] <gwolf> as you will often be bombarded with questions and stuff :)
[21:07:43] <cek_> Ganneff, it depends on university, but I am usually at 19 UTC home
[21:07:45] <Ganneff> cek_: ok. well. lets try it again. 2 weeks means 9 march
[21:07:45] <gwolf> 2 weeks sounds fine
[21:07:52] <marga> That's March 9th
[21:07:59] <moray> h01ger, marga: yes, and please a meeting locally before then to give us info
[21:08:05] <Ganneff> im not sure im there then
[21:08:13] <h01ger> moray, ?
[21:08:18] <Ganneff> maybe.
[21:08:21] <cek_> Ganneff, ok :)
[21:08:24] <Ganneff> ok. so march 9th, 20UTC
[21:08:28] <Ganneff> #endmeeting

Meeting ended.

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