Started logging meeting in #debconf-team, times are UTC.
[21:00:11] <also> gah wrong nick
[21:00:12] <also> oh well
[21:00:19] <MrBeige> so, budget meeting
[21:00:29] <MrBeige> everyone can see our progress at
[21:00:37] <Hydroxide> antorecio: can you get cek_ to show up?
[21:01:04] <Hydroxide> antorecio: also hi there :)
[21:01:09] <MrBeige> cek_: ping
[21:01:23] <Hydroxide> MrBeige: he usually joins these meetings from cek not cek_
[21:01:39] <antorecio> one moment pleease
[21:01:44] <Hydroxide> antorecio: thank you
[21:01:53] <MrBeige> I presume we don't need introductions
[21:02:46] <MrBeige> so as usual, let's try to get done quickly...
[21:02:57] <MrBeige> (note I started within several seconds of 2100 utc)
[21:03:11] * schultmc has another meeting at 2200 UTC so quickly would be appreciated
[21:03:31] <MrBeige> quickly will be done
[21:03:42] <Hydroxide> MrBeige: start with the first #topic
[21:03:45] <Hydroxide> (as also)
[21:04:00] <also> #topic net connection costs
[21:04:20] <MrBeige> so we have the venue and the residences
[21:04:35] <MrBeige> will both have network ?
[21:04:45] <Hydroxide> antorecio: what can you tell us about network costs?
[21:04:57] <antorecio> ok, the net will be sponsored by
[21:05:24] <antorecio> no, i cant , i waiting for a proposal
[21:05:45] <MrBeige> you had said they'd have several connections of what type ?
[21:05:50] <antorecio> but all the network conection will be pay by cenatic, for sure
[21:06:04] <antorecio> 8 Adsl lines
[21:06:11] <MrBeige> great
[21:06:19] <MrBeige> to the venue ?
[21:06:21] <Hydroxide> antorecio: how sure are we that cenatic will pay for everything?
[21:06:26] <antorecio> 6 in the venue and one in the residents
[21:06:37] <Hydroxide> antorecio: who promised?
[21:06:53] <Hydroxide> antorecio: do we have it in writing?
[21:07:15] <antorecio> yeah, Telefonica is in you partner
[21:07:37] <antorecio> yes, in the next meeting i hope can do it
[21:07:45] <MrBeige> ok
[21:07:51] <Hydroxide> wait, 8 DSL lines != 6 plus 1
[21:07:55] <Hydroxide> something is wrong there
[21:08:06] <MrBeige> are there two residences ?
[21:08:27] <antorecio> yean one in each residence
[21:08:40] <also> #info 8 ADSL lines by cenatic, 6 at venue and one per residence
[21:08:47] <cek> hello all
[21:08:49] <Hydroxide> cek: hi there!
[21:08:49] <MrBeige> cek: hi!
[21:08:59] <cek> sorry for the delay, I just arrived home
[21:09:07] <MrBeige> it's fine
[21:09:25] <Hydroxide> cek: we were just starting to discuss the networking costs. can you tell us anything about how much cenatic will provide and what we might have to add to that?
[21:09:30] <MrBeige> antorecio: so will we get more information on these next monday ?
[21:09:41] <MrBeige> cek: you should leave open, it is our working notes
[21:09:46] <Hydroxide> MrBeige: that's a different meeting anyway - focusing on sponsorship
[21:10:00] <cek> thanks MrBeige
[21:10:08] <MrBeige> what else do we need to know about net, or should we move on ?
[21:10:34] <Hydroxide> I'd like to hear what cek has to say
[21:10:39] <Hydroxide> to my question
[21:10:40] <cek> net will be sponsored by Cenatic, but we still have to discuss the costs with them
[21:10:54] <MrBeige> what possible costs ?
[21:10:55] <cek> we can hire DSL connections
[21:11:02] <Hydroxide> cek: sponsored by cenatic, but does that mean they're paying for it 100% or that they provide it but we pay?
[21:11:10] <MrBeige> what does "sponsored" mean exactly ?
[21:11:12] <moray> or that they pay part?
[21:11:34] <cek> Hydroxide, they will pay 100% not sure how many lines
[21:11:45] <cek> we still have to negatiate if 8 or less
[21:11:48] <moray> cek: so we may pay for some other lines, if they don't provide enough?
[21:11:57] <cek> that's is moray
[21:12:24] <MrBeige> cek: when do you think you'll know?
[21:12:34] <cek> antorecio?
[21:12:44] <Hydroxide> cek: how much would we have to pay to bring the total at the venue up to 10Mbps symmetric?
[21:12:47] <moray> cek: do we know how much the lines will cost (or how fast each will be)?
[21:13:13] <cek> Hydroxide, we didn't ask for symmetric yet
[21:13:27] <cek> we were talking of regular lines
[21:13:38] <cek> symmetric would be more expensive
[21:13:42] <Hydroxide> cek: well if it's not symmetric, can we make upload total >= 10Mbps and download total >= 10 Mbps?
[21:13:48] <Hydroxide> cek: even without symmetric
[21:13:50] <cek> and we have to ask how much a symmetric is
[21:13:59] <cek> Hydroxide, yes with 10 lines
[21:14:14] <cek> moray, 8Mbits/1Mbits
[21:14:17] <Hydroxide> cek: and how much would we pay for that?
[21:14:31] <Hydroxide> cek: per line, e.g.
[21:14:50] <cek> probably 300 per line
[21:15:08] <cek> but they didn't gave as the price
[21:15:17] <MrBeige> and they didn't give the number they'd sponsor ?
[21:15:19] <cek> as it is not a normal situation, it is just for 15 days
[21:15:28] <Hydroxide> cek: yes, I was about to ask for that
[21:15:29] <moray> cek: '300' = 300 euros for the debconf period?
[21:15:32] <MrBeige> check the document, I added three "things to ask"
[21:15:34] <Hydroxide> s/for that/about that/
[21:15:44] <MrBeige> can we action-item this ?
[21:15:46] <cek> ok MrBeige thanks
[21:15:48] <MrBeige> 1/4th time is up
[21:15:51] <Hydroxide> MrBeige: also can
[21:16:04] <MrBeige> Hydroxide: I know the mechanics, i'm asking if you think it's ok to move on
[21:16:07] <moray> MrBeige: yes, let's move on
[21:16:08] * Hydroxide nods
[21:16:10] <cek> but we don't know the numbers as they will sponsor that
[21:16:24] <Hydroxide> let's move on. we have 44 minutes left
[21:16:26] <cek> antorecio, is talking to them tomorrow *if* we have the bank account details
[21:16:31] <also> # action localteam asks Cenatic and Junta about connection speeds - list on document
[21:16:37] <also> #topic venue costs
[21:16:46] <MrBeige> so what do we know about the venue?
[21:16:55] <MrBeige> Junta is paying all costs, correct ?
[21:17:11] <MrBeige> is there anything they might not pay for ?
[21:17:13] <cek> yes MrBeige, and we don't know the costs, Junta does
[21:17:28] <cek> venue will be payed by Junta
[21:17:33] <MrBeige> so we don't know the costs, but we don't need to know since it won't go through us ?
[21:17:36] <Hydroxide> so if they're paying for 100% of the venue costs, what does that 100% give us?
[21:17:39] <cek> but not the security if needed
[21:17:47] <moray> MrBeige: we'd still like to know, so we can rank them correctly in the sponsor list...
[21:18:06] <cek> MrBeige, yes, the cost will go directly to Junta, not through us
[21:18:23] <cek> moray, lets put them in Platinum :)
[21:18:37] <Hydroxide> cek: what do we get for the 100% sponsorship by Junta? Is there any chance we would need to add anything to what they provide in order to meet our venue needs?
[21:18:45] <MrBeige> cek: good - so later on, you'll get the costs to us (not urgent) ?
[21:18:46] <cek> security
[21:19:02] <Hydroxide> that's a separate agenda item, yes
[21:19:02] <cek> MrBeige, sure
[21:19:10] <MrBeige> cek: any uncertainty here ?
[21:19:21] <also> #info Junta pays all venue costs - goes through them, not through us
[21:19:37] <MrBeige> cek: can we say 100% for sure ?
[21:19:53] <cek> that's what they told us!
[21:19:59] <MrBeige> yay
[21:20:04] <MrBeige> and the new minister has confirmed ?
[21:20:09] <Hydroxide> is there anything in writing?
[21:20:13] <Hydroxide> any agreement signed?
[21:20:24] <cek> nothing written
[21:20:29] <cek> antorecio, is working on that
[21:20:40] <cek> put that on the list, we need an agreement
[21:20:48] <also> #action antorecio is working on getting Junta agreement in writing
[21:20:52] <cek> saying they will pay the venue costs
[21:20:55] <Hydroxide> cek: does the Junta require us to pay for any insurance?
[21:21:02] <cek> Hydroxide, no
[21:21:04] <MrBeige> cek, antorecio: any word how soon that will be ?
[21:21:15] <cek> MrBeige, no idea, politicians are slow
[21:21:17] <cek> :(
[21:21:25] <MrBeige> when is the latest ?
[21:21:37] <MrBeige> yeah, ... slow, oh well
[21:21:42] <cek> we are working on a Draft of Costs to send it to Junta
[21:21:51] <cek> they asked for it
[21:22:01] <cek> we started working on it yesterday
[21:22:06] <MrBeige> when will it be sent ?
[21:22:07] <Hydroxide> cek: that's what we're trying to do now, isn't it?
[21:22:11] <MrBeige> we can help you with it
[21:22:18] <antorecio> the next week
[21:22:25] <MrBeige> monday? friday?
[21:22:27] <cek> but, I have 2 jobs and Anto works 10 hours/day too, we are not supermen :)
[21:22:36] <MrBeige> cek: we can help you!
[21:22:37] <Hydroxide> cek: so ask for help from us :)
[21:22:49] <MrBeige> cek: ask in this channel and we'll help to draft something
[21:23:02] <Hydroxide> or send email if you prefer
[21:23:04] <Hydroxide> to debconf-team
[21:23:09] <cek> Hydroxide, I sent an email to get video, projectors, etc. requirements to the DebConf-Team list
[21:23:21] <also> # action -team helps draft costs document to send to Junta
[21:23:23] <cek> on Monday
[21:23:28] <Hydroxide> yes, I saw that
[21:23:31] <MrBeige> ok, I think we have gone enough here
[21:23:43] <also> #action costs document sent by Monday
[21:23:51] <MrBeige> so, continuing on
[21:23:53] <MrBeige> equipment is later
[21:24:02] <also> #topic accommodation costs
[21:24:14] <moray> cek: you gave some numbers on Monday?
[21:24:21] <MrBeige> we have two residencs ?
[21:24:28] <MrBeige> are they the same costs ?
[21:24:39] <cek> yes
[21:24:44] <cek> antorecio, knows the numbers
[21:25:09] <cek> I don't know them by heart, he told me
[21:25:19] <antorecio> one residence Francisco de Sande (70 persons) about 26000 for 15 days, only sleep and breackfast
[21:25:31] <Hydroxide> MrBeige, for the record: I think you misinterpreted the Monday comment - he said he'd have the docs ready by next week some time, but that he sent out the request for technical equipment details to -team on Monday. keep going on accomodation talk, this is for the logs
[21:26:12] <MrBeige> Hydroxide: ah... well, new we have a goal for us!
[21:26:15] <moray> (26000 is already more than the total for accommodation at dc7)
[21:26:16] <Hydroxide> :)
[21:26:24] <also> #info < antorecio> one residence Francisco de Sande (70 persons) about 26000 for 15 days, only sleep and breackfast
[21:26:29] <moray> and the other one?
[21:27:10] <antorecio> other residence Muñoz Torrero 140 persons ( i dont know the total cost), but its will be sponsored by junta
[21:27:25] <MrBeige> so one sponsored by junta, one not ?
[21:27:38] <also> #info Muñoz Torrero 140 persons ( i dont know the total cost), but its will be sponsored by junta
[21:27:41] <cek> MrBeige, right
[21:27:56] <MrBeige> good
[21:28:09] <MrBeige> and the first one will have no sponsorship?
[21:28:18] <cek> but we are negotiating how many persons they will sponsor, we still don't know how many, but that residence belongs to Junta
[21:28:20] <MrBeige> (or is this still unknown?)
[21:28:28] <cek> MrBeige, the first one no sponsorship
[21:28:37] <MrBeige> ok
[21:28:49] <MrBeige> what does "negotiating how many persons they will sponsor" mean ?
[21:29:09] <cek> it means what it means
[21:29:15] <cek> :)
[21:29:18] <antorecio> juas
[21:29:23] <MrBeige> so we might have to pay for part of Muñoz Torrero ?
[21:29:46] <cek> antorecio, contacted on Friday with them, no more contacts since then
[21:29:57] <MrBeige> contacted to answer that question ?
[21:30:03] <cek> politicians do not allow you to meet them every week
[21:30:20] <cek> and they don't answer phones
[21:30:30] <MrBeige> yeah
[21:30:30] <cek> and don't answer e-mails
[21:30:44] <MrBeige> but we need to figure out what we know and don't know...
[21:30:57] <MrBeige> it's better to know what we don't know, that to just not know
[21:30:57] <Clint> so at most 140 people will have accomodation sponsored by the junta, maybe fewer?
[21:31:02] <cek> I know, but I can't tell more right now
[21:31:25] <cek> right Clint
[21:31:28] <Clint> okay
[21:31:34] <also> #action localteam figures out how much sponsorship at Muñoz Torrero
[21:31:48] <also> #info might not be all people staying there
[21:32:07] <MrBeige> cek: and you don't know how much per person if we have to pay for it ourselves ?
[21:32:40] <MrBeige> it's ok, just let's see...
[21:32:42] <MrBeige> let's move on
[21:32:50] <also> #topic Equipment Costs
[21:32:58] <MrBeige> so Junta might provide some of this ?
[21:33:13] <cek> Sure, all they have
[21:33:21] <cek> probably all we need they will have it
[21:33:25] <antorecio> yeah, but we need the list
[21:33:35] <MrBeige> ok, so we know they'll give us all they have
[21:33:37] <cek> right, we need the list of the equipment
[21:33:46] <moray> MrBeige: but we don't know yet what we need / what they have
[21:33:50] <MrBeige> we just need a list of what we want, to be sure that they have enough
[21:33:51] <cek> to see if they have it or not
[21:33:59] <cek> MrBeige, right
[21:34:13] <also> #info so we know they'll give us all they have, we just need a list of what we want, to be sure that they have enough
[21:34:30] <cek> Muñoz Torrero is about 25 euros per person/day, only bed and breakfast
[21:34:35] <MrBeige> and if they don't have enough, we'll rent it or get other sponsors to donate it ?
[21:34:45] <cek> MrBeige, yes
[21:34:54] <MrBeige> ok
[21:35:02] <MrBeige> everyone, any more questions on this point ?
[21:35:04] <cek> we need to hire some tables
[21:35:13] <cek> about 500 euros
[21:35:42] <MrBeige> ok
[21:36:00] <MrBeige> anything else you know we'll need ?
[21:36:01] <Hydroxide> what is the maximum number of people we can accomodate?
[21:36:06] <Hydroxide> oh, sorry, we've moved on
[21:36:07] <Hydroxide> ignore that
[21:36:15] <cek> security for the Muñoz Torrero residence
[21:36:19] <cek> 150 euros per day
[21:36:35] <cek> Hydroxide, about 200 persons
[21:36:45] <cek> in the 2 residences
[21:36:54] <moray> so 150 x 2 per day?
[21:36:55] <Hydroxide> ok
[21:36:57] <cek> we can accomodate more but in hostels, hotels, well see
[21:37:01] <MrBeige> cek: what can we do if we have more than 200 ?
[21:37:06] <moray> or is security just for one place?
[21:37:09] <MrBeige> cek: will you see about overflow sometime ?
[21:37:18] <Hydroxide> MrBeige: I messed up the topic ordering, let's stay on-topic. mea culpa
[21:37:21] <cek> there are plenty of hotels
[21:37:45] <moray> cek: is the security cost limited to that 150 euros per day for only Muñoz Torrero ?
[21:37:51] <MrBeige> ok, back to equipment costs
[21:37:55] <cek> yes moray
[21:38:06] <cek> equipment is ok, no worries about that
[21:38:09] <MrBeige> ok
[21:38:13] <MrBeige> se let's move on
[21:38:14] <cek> but we need a list
[21:38:21] <moray> MrBeige: someone needs to check what equipment was hired/bought for dc7 and dc8
[21:38:25] <antorecio> yes, its very important
[21:38:39] <also> #action need to make a list of equipment, to be sure there is enough to borrow
[21:38:44] <MrBeige> ok, moving on
[21:38:48] <also> #topic security costs
[21:38:56] <also> #info 150/day for Muñoz Torrero residence (only)
[21:38:56] <moray> I think we just did this :)
[21:38:59] <MrBeige> any more ?
[21:39:06] <MrBeige> ok, good
[21:39:06] <moray> cek said *only* for the Muñoz Torrero residence
[21:39:13] <antorecio> nothing, is ok
[21:39:15] <cek> moray, right
[21:39:16] <moray> will the Junta pay it elsewhere?
[21:39:23] <moray> for the other residence/the main venue?
[21:39:26] <cek> don't think so moray
[21:39:31] <MrBeige> will we need security there ?
[21:39:46] <moray> I'm just wondering why we only need it in this one place
[21:39:51] <cek> MrBeige, not if we close early
[21:40:08] <cek> moray, we need it from 20:00 till 8:00
[21:40:20] <also> #action localteam gets info on which places need security if we close early
[21:40:32] <antorecio> there are residence rules
[21:40:59] <MrBeige> what are the rules for Francisco de Sande ?
[21:41:54] <moray> cek: so if we want the venue after 20.00, what are the costs?
[21:42:15] <moray> normally the venue is preferred to be open all night...
[21:42:19] <MrBeige> I think we have confusion between all the differenc places
[21:42:21] <MrBeige> let's go in order
[21:42:26] <MrBeige> a) Muñoz Torrero
[21:42:29] <cek> moray, not sure if we will be able to use it after that hour, but we can use the residence, there is a big auditorium there
[21:42:50] <MrBeige> - need security 2000 to 0800, can access all night
[21:42:57] <MrBeige> b) venue
[21:42:58] <cek> we only need security in Muñoz Torrero
[21:43:15] <MrBeige> so normally, venue closes at night
[21:43:20] * Hydroxide steps away for a moment, will be back asap
[21:43:20] <cek> MrBeige, yes
[21:43:22] <MrBeige> can we have it open all night if we pay security ?
[21:43:26] <moray> MrBeige: well, closes in the evening
[21:43:31] <cek> MrBeige, not really
[21:43:40] <moray> MrBeige: that's before dinner in Spain
[21:43:50] <also> #info venue closes at night!!
[21:44:11] <MrBeige> can we get the hours for when the venue is open/closed ?
[21:44:42] <cek> 8:30 - 20:00
[21:44:55] <also> #info venue is open 8:30 - 20:00
[21:44:57] <MrBeige> thanks
[21:45:20] <also> #info can't hire security at venue to keep it open latetr
[21:45:23] <moray> and the other residence doesn't need security? what is the reason for the difference?
[21:45:27] <MrBeige> and now
[21:45:31] <MrBeige> c) Francisco de Sande
[21:45:32] <cek> they have their own
[21:45:36] <moray> ok
[21:45:45] <moray> and which residence has the auditorium?
[21:45:47] <also> #info Francisco de Sande has it's own security, can stay open all night
[21:46:01] <cek> both have auditorium, but the closest to the venue is Muñoz Torrero
[21:46:10] * h01ger waves
[21:46:27] <MrBeige> h01ger: if you want to play along
[21:46:34] <MrBeige> cek: ok, thanks
[21:46:53] <MrBeige> ok, let's move on
[21:46:57] <MrBeige> or any more here ?
[21:47:05] * Hydroxide returns
[21:47:09] <h01ger> MrBeige, thanks. /me takes a look but wont play ;)
[21:47:22] <also> #topic food costs
[21:47:40] <MrBeige> I see both venues provide breakfast -- that's good
[21:47:53] <moray> MrBeige: better if we could not have it and not pay
[21:47:59] <MrBeige> what will we do for the other meals ?
[21:48:16] * h01ger likes breakfast
[21:48:39] <moray> h01ger: you didn't read the costs so far then?
[21:48:56] <moray> cek: you gave some approximate food costs on Monday?
[21:49:02] <cek> costs of the food 300x10x15
[21:49:18] <moray> sorry, what are those numbers?
[21:49:21] <MrBeige> 300 = number of people ?
[21:49:22] <cek> antorecio, asked for the price
[21:49:24] <MrBeige> what are 10 and 15 ?
[21:49:29] <cek> 300 number of people
[21:49:37] <h01ger> moray, before i have to starve in the morning, i would pay for the breakfast. but i do like to eat something in the morning. (usually)
[21:49:44] <Hydroxide> cek: how are we going to accomodate 300 people?
[21:49:53] <MrBeige> Hydroxide: let's worry about that later...
[21:49:55] <Hydroxide> ok
[21:50:01] <cek> 15 days
[21:50:08] <cek> 10 euros/day
[21:50:11] <MrBeige> ah
[21:50:13] <moray> but we only expect '300' for the second week
[21:50:23] <MrBeige> and 10?/day is for lunch and dinner ?
[21:50:38] <cek> yes, MrBeige
[21:50:47] <MrBeige> woo!
[21:50:51] <cek> so, we need to know how many people will come to DebCamp
[21:51:07] <MrBeige> ok, we'll get these numbers once we know
[21:51:12] <moray> cek: so is "10 euros for two meals (per person per day)" a firm number now?
[21:51:19] <moray> cek: on Monday you weren't sure about the figures
[21:51:21] <MrBeige> (that's for separate from the budget meeting)
[21:51:32] <cek> moray, antorecio asked today for the prices
[21:51:50] <Hydroxide> cek: when will the prices be ready?
[21:52:07] <also> #info 10 ?/day for lunch+dinner
[21:52:08] <cek> whenever we know the number of persons comming
[21:52:16] <MrBeige> so we know for sure the price per person ?
[21:52:26] <MrBeige> (that's the most important thing now)
[21:52:42] <moray> cek: I'm not sure whether you mean they already answered antorecio, or if you're still waiting for confirmation?
[21:52:51] <cek> we still don't have it on a paper
[21:52:53] <cek> we need that
[21:53:06] <also> #action need food prices on paper
[21:53:16] <MrBeige> ok, good
[21:53:23] <cek> antorecio, contacted with them today, we are waiting for the final price
[21:53:34] <MrBeige> so what other food costs might there be? any midnight snacks or anything ?
[21:53:44] <MrBeige> or can we move on ?
[21:54:15] <cek> MrBeige, I think to meals are enugh, if anybody whats anything more to eat they can buy themselves
[21:54:22] <MrBeige> sounds good
[21:54:24] <cek> 2 meals sure
[21:54:27] <MrBeige> we can work on that later
[21:54:35] <moray> cek: where are the meals?
[21:54:41] <moray> in the residences?
[21:54:43] <cek> on the residence there are vending machines
[21:54:54] <cek> in Muñoz Torrero
[21:54:56] <antorecio> in the muñoz Torrero
[21:54:57] <antorecio> ok
[21:55:22] <MrBeige> so we'll go from the venue to muñoz torrero for lunch ?
[21:55:27] <cek> yes
[21:55:31] <cek> 10 meters away
[21:55:33] <cek> :)
[21:55:40] <Hydroxide> if we're going to discuss anything else in this meeting, we'll need to do it now - we have 5 minutes left
[21:55:42] <also> #inf we'll go from the venue to muñoz torrero for lunch, 10 meters away
[21:55:44] <cek> self service
[21:55:49] <Hydroxide> and schultmc can't stay
[21:55:49] <MrBeige> yes
[21:56:00] <MrBeige> so the rest of the things below aren't localteam-specific
[21:56:07] <Hydroxide> true
[21:56:12] <Hydroxide> well, some of them are
[21:56:16] <MrBeige> cek / antorecio:
[21:56:17] <moray> cek: are there other costs you know about already?
[21:56:20] <Hydroxide> other non-travel costs
[21:56:21] <schultmc> Hydroxide: I'll have internet access when I change buildings on campus but will be away for ~15 mins maybe
[21:56:26] <MrBeige> look at the bottom of that page, do you think any of those will be applicable here ?
[21:56:29] <cek> moray, no more costs
[21:56:29] <schultmc> I also can check scrollback
[21:56:44] <moray> MrBeige: most of them will be
[21:57:00] <MrBeige> moray: ok
[21:57:04] <Hydroxide> localteam's involvement here would tell us what prices are like for these things in spain
[21:57:05] <MrBeige> moray: do they need to be discussed now ?
[21:57:09] <moray> MrBeige: as in, I only added things that probably will reoccur
[21:57:26] <moray> MrBeige: no, I don't think we can usefully guess the values, beyond guessing 'about the same'
[21:57:33] <MrBeige> ok, good
[21:57:47] <also> #topic who is the local money holder ?
[21:57:58] <MrBeige> I have a feeling that we'll need "more information"
[21:58:03] <cek> Debian-es
[21:58:06] <MrBeige> we have ffis, debian-es
[21:58:07] <Hydroxide> we still need answers to the questions h01ger and I asked about debian-es
[21:58:15] <Hydroxide> we don't know whether debian-es will work for us
[21:58:22] <Hydroxide> we don't know what taxes we have to budget for
[21:58:34] <MrBeige> is debian-es a legal entiety? will the money be in their bank account instead of personal bank account ?
[21:58:51] <Hydroxide> MrBeige: it's a legal entity but we were still trying to get the tax questions answered
[21:58:55] <cek> jfs told us "Me or Ender can issue money transfers, we could extend that to other
[21:58:55] <cek> people if needed."
[21:58:59] <MrBeige> ok
[21:58:59] <Hydroxide> MrBeige: and taxes are obviously very relevant to budgeting
[21:59:04] <h01ger> cek, did your lawyer reply to the questions Hydroxide just mentioned? (taxes)
[21:59:12] <also> #info debian-es is legal entiety that can hold money
[21:59:32] <also> #action find out tax situation with debian-es
[21:59:40] <MrBeige> what other questions about debian-es are there ?
[21:59:45] <MrBeige> and i'll action them and move on
[21:59:48] <cek> no taxes in Europe, they don't know if there will be taxes outside EU
[22:00:17] <also> #info < cek> no taxes in Europe, they don't know if there will be taxes outside EU
[22:00:19] <Hydroxide> #info "tax situation" includes whether Debian-es has to pay VAT, who can get tax deductions for donating to Debian-es, and whether Debian-es has to pay income or other taxes
[22:00:30] <MrBeige> Hydroxide: thanks
[22:00:42] <MrBeige> it is 2200
[22:00:45] <MrBeige> shall we move on ?
[22:00:49] <Hydroxide> yes
[22:01:13] <MrBeige> so we seem to be out of items in the agenda
[22:01:38] <MrBeige> anything we should return to, like overflow accommodations ?
[22:01:52] <moray> MrBeige: I think we assume we won't sponsor more than this anyway
[22:01:56] <also> #topic overflow accommodations
[22:02:05] <MrBeige> what's the cost if we have to host more than 200 people ?
[22:02:06] <moray> so 'overflow' accommodation is people doing it themselves
[22:02:10] <MrBeige> ok
[22:02:22] <cek> moray, I am with you
[22:02:25] <also> #info "overflow" means they pay for it themselves
[22:02:34] <also> #info "overflow" means more than 200 people
[22:02:50] <MrBeige> sometime later, localteam can make a list of other hotels/hostels nearby ?
[22:02:59] <cek> there are plenty of beds in Cáceres, no need to worry about that
[22:03:02] <blarson> Do we need both residences durring debcamp?
[22:03:11] <MrBeige> oh good question
[22:03:13] <cek> MrBeige, it is on the DebConf wiki
[22:03:37] <MrBeige> which residences will we use for debcamp (small week, ~75 peolpe or so) ?
[22:03:50] <moray> we want the one the Junta will pay for
[22:03:59] <cek>
[22:04:08] <cek> MrBeige, Muñoz Torrero
[22:04:29] <MrBeige> will Junta pay for accommodations during debcamp, too ?
[22:04:50] <also> #info ovenflow housing options at
[22:05:24] <cek> MrBeige, yes, but we still have to talk to them about it
[22:05:32] <moray> so "Francisco de Sande (70 persons) about 26000 for 15 days" can be reduced, we only need it the second week?
[22:05:49] <also> #action Junta pays for accommodations during debcamp, but need to get details
[22:05:57] <cek> moray, yes
[22:06:09] <moray> cek: so it would be 13000 for the second week only?
[22:06:11] <cek> if we are less than 200 persons for DebCamp
[22:06:16] <cek> moray, yes
[22:06:23] <MrBeige> will FdS be 13000 for one week ?
[22:06:29] <cek> yes
[22:06:36] <MrBeige> yay
[22:06:48] <MrBeige> debcamp should be able to fit all in MT
[22:06:52] <cek> ok, cool
[22:06:57] <Hydroxide> great
[22:07:10] <also> #info debcamp should be able to fit in MT, thus FdS costs reduced by half
[22:07:36] <MrBeige> ok, what else ?
[22:07:58] <MrBeige> #topic any other business
[22:08:04] <moray> MrBeige: a total
[22:08:16] <MrBeige> moray: want to add it up for us ?
[22:08:20] <moray> adding the known figures and the comparative ones where we don't know it
[22:08:33] <moray> hm, I can try, it's getting late here to do sums though :)
[22:08:34] <MrBeige> oh, how many people have registered for debconf so far ?
[22:08:57] <MrBeige> cek: so debcamp, a good estimate for number of people is 75
[22:09:05] <cek> MrBeige, ok
[22:09:08] <MrBeige> did I hear on Monday that it was ~175 registered for conf so far ?
[22:09:44] <Hydroxide> is there a munin page for dc9 penta?
[22:09:50] <Hydroxide> to check totals, etc
[22:10:06] * MrBeige doesn't know
[22:10:21] <Hydroxide> Ganneff, mhy, sgran : ^^^^^
[22:10:27] <Hydroxide> (e.g., registration numbers)
[22:10:41] <also> #action admins get registration numbers for camp/conf so far so we can make our estimates
[22:10:46] <Hydroxide> let's go on assuming the answer is no unless they surface
[22:10:54] <also> #action we communicate with localteam and revise estimates
[22:11:04] <MrBeige> I seem to remember the 175 number from monday
[22:11:21] <Hydroxide> ok
[22:11:37] <gregoa> maybe is what you are looking for?
[22:11:50] <moray> supposing we didn't pay travel costs at all, but Junta didn't sponsor accommodation, calc "13000+25*300*14+500+1500+2100+25900+2000+1300+1000+850+790+550+230+90" 154810
[22:11:55] <Hydroxide> ah! there we go!
[22:12:17] <Hydroxide> Ganneff, mhy, sgran: never mind, gregoa found it.
[22:12:21] <Hydroxide> gregoa: thanks
[22:12:27] <also> #info about 180 registered for camp so far
[22:12:29] <gregoa> np
[22:12:37] <also> #info er, I meant conf
[22:12:47] <cek> lol :)
[22:12:50] <MrBeige> so what other business ?
[22:13:10] <moray> does my sum above match the numbers on the whiteboard thing?
[22:13:44] * MrBeige doesn't know
[22:13:53] <cek> I have to eat :)
[22:13:58] <Hydroxide> looks roughly right
[22:13:58] <cek> and go to bed :P
[22:13:59] * MrBeige looking
[22:14:11] <Hydroxide> a 190 was left out
[22:14:25] <also> #info supposing we didn't pay travel costs at all, but Junta didn't sponsor accommodation, calc "13000+25*300*14+500+1500+2100+25900+2000+1300+1000+850+790+550+230+90" 154810
[22:14:31] * Hydroxide suggests also do #endmeeting
[22:14:39] <moray> also: plus 190 apparently
[22:14:41] <Hydroxide> actually
[22:14:44] <moray> so a round 155 000
[22:14:45] <Hydroxide> let's set a next meeting time
[22:14:55] <Hydroxide> #info actually, more like a round EUR 155 000
[22:14:57] <also> #info our estimate is 155000
[22:15:03] <Hydroxide> #jinx
[22:15:05] <Hydroxide> :P
[22:15:08] <also> #topic next meetings ?
[22:15:17] <MrBeige> do we need to set a budget team meeting again now ?
[22:15:31] <MrBeige> or simply roll in further questions into other meetings/emails ?
[22:15:41] <Hydroxide> cek, antorecio: is there a date when you expect to have more numbers for us?
[22:15:44] <moray> cek: when will you know more on the Junta sponsorship side? that is the biggest unknown in the budget
[22:16:01] <cek> one week
[22:16:11] <MrBeige> one week for all numbers ?
[22:16:14] <cek> moray, hopefully next week
[22:16:19] <also> #info localteam has more numbers in one week
[22:16:20] <Hydroxide> cek: so Wed April 1, 21:00-22:00 UTC?
[22:16:21] <cek> MrBeige, for more numbers :)
[22:16:26] <cek> Hydroxide, ok
[22:16:28] <moray> cek: so you would know it by next Wednesday, or by the main meeting on the Monday after that?
[22:16:42] <cek> probably on the next Monday
[22:17:15] <also> #action localteam continues getting more numbers, at least by april 6 big meeting
[22:17:26] <MrBeige> shall we end ?
[22:17:31] <moray> guess so
[22:17:34] * Hydroxide nods
[22:17:40] <also> #info thanks everyone
[22:17:43] <MrBeige> #endmeeting
[22:17:44] <antorecio> i send to the debconfteam list new numbers
[22:17:48] <also> #endmeeting

Meeting ended.

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