Started logging meeting in #debconf-team, times are UTC.
[19:02:06] <h01ger> \o/
[19:02:08] * MrBeige hi
[19:02:13] * h01ger hi
[19:02:29] * schultmc hi
[19:02:37] <MrBeige> inline note-taking is here:
[19:02:50] <MrBeige> if people could help add the import info, it'll make the summary much faster
[19:02:57] <gwolf> hi!
[19:03:02] <MrBeige> who else are we waiting for?
[19:03:14] <gwolf> anto?
[19:03:16] <angasule> hi
[19:03:18] <Sledge> hi
[19:03:30] <moray> gwolf: we don't know if he's coming (unless he told you directly)
[19:03:37] <gwolf> he didn't
[19:03:38] <moray> so we should start anyway
[19:03:41] <gwolf> so, should we start?
[19:03:42] <MrBeige> ah yes... I guess we'll try to do what we can, not wait for him too much
[19:03:44] * h01ger texts (=sms) anto
[19:03:45] <MrBeige> yes
[19:03:49] <MrBeige> #topic budget status
[19:03:50] <gwolf> h01ger: thanks
[19:04:17] <MrBeige> from the expenses side, I haven't seen much new since the last meeting
[19:04:38] <MrBeige> (though we have much info on sponsors, which is the next point)
[19:05:01] <MrBeige> I guess we don't know much more about exactly what the Junta will be sponsoring, do we?
[19:05:05] <moray> no news, no
[19:05:21] <moray> I suspect the locals don't have any progress on that, as we haven't heard any hint they do
[19:05:44] <MrBeige> anyone else have anything else to say here?
[19:05:46] <MrBeige> any questions?
[19:05:59] <gwolf> MrBeige: Probably... get anything specific regarding bandwidth?
[19:06:08] <gwolf> We had questions on how would the 10Mbps be allocated/split
[19:06:12] <gwolf> ...any advances on that?
[19:06:15] <MrBeige> ah
[19:06:17] <MrBeige> anyone?
[19:06:31] <gwolf> (10Mbps IIRC, I might be off with the numbre)
[19:06:37] <MrBeige> I guess we have to wait for anto
[19:06:55] <h01ger> there was nothing on the list and me nods MrBeige
[19:07:05] <MrBeige> maybe there'll be updates at the april 9th meeting
[19:07:20] <gwolf> ok, onwards...
[19:07:21] <MrBeige> we should postpone for then if no one has any more
[19:07:31] <MrBeige> #action add questions for localteam to agenda for april 9 meeting
[19:07:42] <MrBeige> #topic sponsorship team status
[19:07:54] <h01ger> #idea april 9 meeting should use the same agenda as today - or at least based on this
[19:08:11] <MrBeige> i'll leave this to y'all on the sponsor team to fill this point...
[19:08:12] <Sledge> sponsors...
[19:08:17] <moray> h01ger: please not repeating anything...
[19:08:22] <moray> er, everything
[19:08:24] * h01ger can probably say that fon will arrange some beer sponsorship ;)
[19:08:28] <Sledge> we have a few people signed up already
[19:08:38] <Sledge> and it's looking good so far
[19:08:43] <schultmc> Google has been invoiced, payment expected within 30 days
[19:08:56] <Sledge> the biggest thing we're short of on the money front is news about the junta...
[19:09:16] <Sledge> the Sun/IBM deal/no-deal mau hurt us
[19:09:27] <MrBeige> #info we have a few people signed up already and it's looking good so far
[19:09:30] <moray> thanks to the people who are now working on sponsorship, anyway, that was very much needed
[19:09:31] <Sledge> and if people have contacts at IBM etc. then please talk to them
[19:09:53] <Sledge> I need to talk to the Canonical folks next
[19:10:04] <Sledge> they're wondering how many people get to come if they sponsor us
[19:10:05] <MrBeige> #action if you have sponsor contacts, use them!
[19:10:12] <Sledge> which means they don't really understand things
[19:10:18] <MrBeige> heh
[19:10:23] <gwolf> Sledge: At least the person in question doesn't
[19:10:24] <Sledge> the folks there have changed since last year...
[19:10:36] <moray> Sledge: tell them one person per 1000? ;)
[19:10:36] <Sledge> gwolf: exactly
[19:10:39] <gwolf> I'd be surprised if the higher powers in Canonical have doubts regarding Debconf's nature
[19:10:39] <h01ger> Sledge, i was thinking of replying "its free for debian contributors"
[19:10:41] <Sledge> anyway, unless there are questions I'm done
[19:10:51] <MrBeige> how much has been raised/pledged so for ?
[19:10:58] <MrBeige> (total)
[19:11:31] <Sledge> I'll have to look
[19:11:33] <MrBeige> and how far above/below "enough" is it ?
[19:11:49] <MrBeige> do y'all think it is going well, all considered?
[19:12:03] <h01ger> #info we cannot make real summary without knowing what junta will sponsor exactly
[19:12:21] <Sledge> MrBeige: we're getting there, but late this year which may hurt
[19:12:35] <Sledge> depends on the money from the junta to make it succeed, really
[19:12:36] <h01ger> MrBeige, yes, i think overall its going well/ok. its good that several people have become active on this (thank you!)
[19:12:52] <MrBeige> cool
[19:12:56] <MrBeige> so, what eles on this topic?
[19:13:07] <MrBeige> any final questions/info before we move on?
[19:13:12] <gwolf> Sledge: But the Junta money will be basically spent on local resoureces, right?
[19:13:20] <gwolf> I mean, lodging, conf. facilities, networking...
[19:13:27] <gwolf> actual money interchange costs
[19:13:29] <h01ger> gwolf, yes
[19:13:34] <Sledge> yup
[19:13:40] <gwolf> K
[19:13:41] <MrBeige> yeah, basicalyl subtracted from expenses...
[19:13:42] <moray> I guess the sponsorship/budget teams need to carry on cooperating, including working out what happens if the money doesn't all come in (quickly enough)
[19:13:46] <h01ger> but they will sum up in bills and its good to plan :)
[19:13:51] <Sledge> if they don't pay, we'll have to find more, basically
[19:14:05] <h01ger> and what moray says
[19:14:24] <moray> it's always worked out somehow before, but there seems more risk this year
[19:14:26] <MrBeige> #action budget team and sponsorship team continue working together to manage finances
[19:14:30] <gwolf> And AFAIK, we still have nothing signed and in writing...
[19:14:44] <MrBeige> ok, this topic seems exhausted...
[19:14:49] <moray> gwolf: yes, I think they could still say "sorry you can't use the venue"...
[19:14:54] <moray> (though I don't think they will)
[19:14:55] <MrBeige> moray: heh
[19:15:21] <MrBeige> #topic DC8 final report status
[19:15:42] <MrBeige> (I hope i'm not pushing this too fast, but it seems there isn't much new and people tend to like speed)
[19:16:00] <MrBeige> who's in charge of the DC8 report ?
[19:16:01] <h01ger> marga, Tincho, angasule, maxy, zer0mdq ?
[19:16:02] <Sledge> MrBeige: you're fine :-)
[19:16:19] <Sledge> this is really going to impact sponsorship, too
[19:16:20] <moray> MrBeige: if people are unhappy with the speed I'm sure they'll just go on ranting about the previous topic whatever you do ;)
[19:16:21] <MrBeige> what's happenned since we all worked together to revise the texts ?
[19:16:38] <MrBeige> we are still waiting for a few texts?
[19:16:41] <h01ger> an intro is missing, appearantly
[19:16:42] <Sledge> a number of the sponsors will want to see the DC8 report / sponsor bag before committing again
[19:16:52] <angasule> on the last sprint most of the DC8 articles were ready, marga was working on layout last I heard (which was a while ago)
[19:16:53] <moray> which is fair enough, DC8 was long ago
[19:16:58] <MrBeige> #info we need the DC8 report NOW
[19:17:09] <moray> I think the DC8 people have lost momentum on it again
[19:17:18] <gwolf> angasule: Do you have an idea of what _is_ still missing?
[19:17:19] <h01ger> angasule, how is the layout done? which tool?
[19:17:28] <h01ger> who can help?
[19:17:34] <gwolf> angasule: Where is the report stored?
[19:17:43] <moray> gwolf: reports svn
[19:17:56] <angasule> gwolf: this is old data, but last I knew there was an article from the admin team missing, and another one which I can't remember, so, very close to done
[19:18:07] <gwolf> So non-DC8 people can also work on it...
[19:18:11] <MrBeige> which of these "missing articles" can we release without ?
[19:18:19] <gwolf> angasule: It could even be closed with that article missing.
[19:18:22] <angasule> I'm currently transferring all my files to a new computer so I can't get updated data, I'm sorry
[19:18:28] <MrBeige> or throw in a small filler article
[19:18:41] <MrBeige> it seems we are at the point where we should just do it
[19:18:47] <angasule> h01ger: I don't know how the layout is done, I don't recall if marga mentioned it
[19:18:53] <moray> gwolf: right, the DC8 people were managing it, but it may be necessary for someone else to grab and make a "good enough" version for the sponsorpack
[19:18:55] <h01ger> https://$
[19:19:18] <MrBeige> I tohught I heard it was scribus/inkscape/something like that where all texts had to be imported manually and wrapped ?
[19:19:54] <MrBeige> Let's make an action plan to get it done by friday, what do you say?
[19:20:04] <h01ger> \o/
[19:20:10] <MrBeige> a) which texts are missing?
[19:20:24] <h01ger> valessio is probably happy+eager to help with layout & design
[19:20:25] <MrBeige> b) what tool to merge it all?
[19:20:46] <MrBeige> which missing articles can we not silently ignore?
[19:20:47] <angasule> MrBeige: I would love to help, but I'm not sure I'll have computer from as soon as this meeting ends till monday or tuesday (I'm going on a weekend trip, long holidays and all)
[19:21:21] <h01ger> ~/Projects/debconf/reports/dc8$ ls texts/
[19:21:21] <h01ger> Ana_Guerrero.txt budget.ods Electric_Installation-Lisandro.txt Gunnar_Wolf.txt Videoteam_Holger_Levsen.txt
[19:21:21] <h01ger> Andreas_Tille.txt Cheese_and_Wine-Christian.txt Frederic_Lehobey.txt Localteam+Venue_Tincho.txt Volunteers-Matias-Nicolas.txt
[19:21:21] <h01ger> Aurelien_Jarno.txt Daytrip-Melisa.txt FrontDesk-Romanella.txt openBar.txt
[19:21:22] <h01ger> Budget-Marga.txt DPL_Steve_McIntyre.txt Gregor_Herrmann.txt Tango-Martin-Romanella.txt
[19:21:28] <MrBeige> angasule: ah, ok... can you dump your knowledge into irc before you go?
[19:21:52] <h01ger> if those are complete, it really looks like only intro & credits/thanks is missing
[19:22:04] <angasule> MrBeige: there is an index text file with the status of each article, I have no knowledge of the layout other than that marga was looking into it
[19:22:34] <h01ger> and pics
[19:22:36] <angasule> h01ger: I think it's called index.txt or similar?
[19:22:44] <Hydroxide> doh ... I missed the meeting while celebrating some coworkers' anniversaries at the company. (cake was provided)
[19:22:47] <Hydroxide> apologies
[19:22:58] <angasule> Hydroxide: forgiven if you brought cake :)
[19:23:01] <MrBeige> from index.txt, missing texts: intro, talks, network infastructure, network services, credits(?)
[19:23:32] <h01ger> angasule, that file is not in svn :-(
[19:23:33] <MrBeige> we can ignore net infastructure and net services, though that will be very sad
[19:23:45] <MrBeige> h01ger: index.txt is in svn...
[19:23:46] <angasule> MrBeige: I should be available on IRC a bit every day, but I'll be using the 'other' OS while visiting other people
[19:23:48] * zer0mdq has just arrive from work
[19:23:51] <zer0mdq> reading backlog
[19:23:52] <angasule> h01ger: yes, it is
[19:23:55] <h01ger> found it
[19:24:02] <angasule> zer0mdq: final report DC8
[19:24:13] <gwolf> angasule: debian-live is your friend
[19:24:21] <zer0mdq> angasule: yep, i saw the topic
[19:24:24] <MrBeige> hay guise
[19:24:28] <angasule> MrBeige: the article that says it's being worked on by marga is ready or close to it
[19:24:29] <MrBeige> let's make a plan and make this happen
[19:24:33] * h01ger install scribus
[19:24:40] <h01ger> FinalReport.sla: Scribus Document
[19:24:45] <MrBeige> intro -- we can mostly copy a previous report
[19:24:51] <MrBeige> (plus anyone can do the intro)
[19:24:55] <h01ger> anyway, who writes the intro?
[19:25:00] <gwolf> zer0mdq, angasule: Could you phone Marga and ask on the status for that text?
[19:25:05] <h01ger> who ask valessio to help on design?
[19:25:10] <h01ger> s+
[19:25:12] <MrBeige> talks -- how much is this is done/what is needed?
[19:25:27] <MrBeige> "A listing of all talks sorted by amount of participants."
[19:25:33] <zer0mdq> gwolf: about the intro text?
[19:25:46] <MrBeige> we'll write the intro text based on preious reports and using the whiteboard
[19:25:48] <gwolf> zer0mdq: About the bit she is flagged as being working on
[19:26:09] <h01ger> MrBeige, what was the whiteboard url? w.d.n/??
[19:26:20] <MrBeige>
[19:26:41] <h01ger> and then? :)
[19:26:46] <zer0mdq> gwolf: already sent a sms
[19:27:07] <MrBeige> h01ger: do you mean tnotes for this meeting?
[19:27:12] <h01ger> yes, thanks
[19:27:15] <MrBeige> h01ger: otherwise, click "new random page" and start playing
[19:27:16] <marga> Hi, sorry for being away
[19:27:16] <MrBeige> ah, ok
[19:27:22] <MrBeige> marga: hello !!!
[19:27:24] <gwolf> hi marga!
[19:27:30] <angasule> hola :)
[19:27:34] <marga> The text is almost ready, I guess we can do without whatever wasn't submitted up to now.
[19:27:49] <marga> I can promess to have the final report ready by the end of the weekend.
[19:27:53] <marga> And printed next week.
[19:27:59] <MrBeige> marga: woo!
[19:28:01] * Hydroxide caught up on backlog
[19:28:20] <MrBeige> marga: excellent, so we'll try to get you the missing sections by, say, friday morning?
[19:28:28] <MrBeige> marga: and what we can't get, we'll exclude?
[19:28:50] <marga> MrBeige: yeah, but I don't think we'll get any more. I've lost hope.
[19:29:10] <MrBeige> marga: agreed
[19:29:17] <gwolf> more than enough time to wait... hope is now a burden :)
[19:29:22] <gwolf> good that you lost it.
[19:29:37] <marga> Ok.
[19:29:40] <h01ger> hehe. & hi marga :)
[19:29:50] <MrBeige> ok, so we have closure here? we'll do what we can, if we can't do it, exclude, report finalized by the end of this weekend?
[19:29:51] <angasule> marga: do you need help with the layout?
[19:29:53] <moray> marga: it would be good to print sponsor copies at the weekend/Monday morning and get things sent off on Monday...
[19:30:05] <marga> angasule: no, the layout is already almost done.
[19:30:08] <moray> marga: as was said above, this is holding up some sponsorship
[19:30:10] <angasule> cool
[19:30:23] <MrBeige> #action we try to get remaining texts: intro, talks, net infastructure/services
[19:30:26] <marga> moray: ok. I'll hurry as much as possilbe.
[19:30:33] <MrBeige> #action marga compiles it this weekend
[19:30:38] <MrBeige> #action send off on Monday
[19:30:47] <MrBeige> ok, is this closure?
[19:30:51] * h01ger cheers
[19:30:57] <moray> does someone have the details of who to send what?
[19:31:07] <moray> I remember before that was a big hold-up itself...
[19:32:01] <MrBeige> ???
[19:32:10] <MrBeige> this is, who sends which old sponsors copies ?
[19:32:12] <moray> MrBeige: for physically posting things
[19:32:32] <marga> Ah, yes... We need that.
[19:32:33] <moray> who is going to send the things (marga?) and do they know where to send it
[19:32:37] <marga> The phisical address.
[19:32:38] <MrBeige> woh wants to head that up ?
[19:32:49] <marga> moray: I guess it's going to be me.
[19:32:56] <marga> And no, I don't have the addresses.
[19:33:09] <moray> marga: ok -- the sponsorship team *should* have this from before, I hope
[19:33:09] <marga> I had to ping Steve so that he could get them for me.
[19:33:16] * h01ger thinks its good to have a electronic version, so lets not delay finishing the thing cause we miss some addresses *now* - we'll get those from the companies when they asked for it at latest ;)
[19:33:23] <MrBeige> #action marga coordinates who posts what to sponsors
[19:33:29] <moray> so yes, please start pinging about that now rather than wait until the report is done :)
[19:33:50] <MrBeige> I think we've beaten this topic enough
[19:33:51] <h01ger> well, but please dont delay finishing it because of that
[19:33:56] <MrBeige> (and unfortunantly it's still not dead)
[19:34:00] <MrBeige> but we should start moving on...
[19:34:07] * h01ger nods MrBeige
[19:34:10] <moray> h01ger: no, I'm suggesting address-finding and report-finishing happen in parallel, waiting until the report is done for addresses is also bad (as happened before)
[19:34:23] <MrBeige> changing order to work around local team stuff:
[19:34:30] <MrBeige> #topic registration/CfP status
[19:34:44] <moray> meant to close in one week
[19:34:46] <MrBeige> first off, who has numbers on number of registrants / number of proposals ?
[19:34:51] <h01ger> moray, do you volunteer? ;) parallisation aint free
[19:35:02] <h01ger>
[19:35:05] <h01ger> MrBeige, ^
[19:35:23] <moray> h01ger: marga already said she was talking to steve, no need to carry on talking about it
[19:35:45] <h01ger> MrBeige, 225 registered attendees and 26 events
[19:35:55] <MrBeige> #info about 225 registrants, 25 proposals
[19:36:16] <MrBeige> is registration going well? any problems?
[19:36:21] <MrBeige> what to discuss ?
[19:36:28] <h01ger> 5 events with non-applicable licence choises ;-)
[19:36:28] <Hydroxide> that's a comparable number to DC8 in argentina
[19:36:36] <moray> that's not a lot of events -- though I guess the worst-case is we extend stuff and just fewer people get travel sponsorship bonus points from knowing they'll give talks
[19:36:41] <Hydroxide> in terms of registratino, I mean
[19:36:42] <h01ger> MrBeige, fewer complaints than last year, imho
[19:36:56] <Hydroxide> moray: what do you mean?
[19:37:32] <h01ger> Hydroxide, people giving selected talks gets "bonus points" when evaluating their sponsor priority and amount
[19:37:44] <moray> Hydroxide: supposing the deadline was now, we would probably want to carry on accepting talk suggestions for longer, but that doesn't mean we'd need to wait more for travel sponsorship decisions etc.
[19:37:53] <MrBeige> ah
[19:38:04] <Hydroxide> moray: oh, I see. so we'd make travel sponsorship decisions based on what we know as of april 15 but still allow submissions later?
[19:38:09] <gwolf> moray: No, I would not extend the deadline. Late-coming talks can be accepted unofficially (i.e. as BoFs or such)
[19:38:21] <Hydroxide> moray: I'm fine with that, though also open to counterarguments if gwolf or others have them
[19:38:24] <moray> gwolf: please don't bring back the "bof is a bad talk" thing!
[19:38:26] <gwolf> moray: Say we discard the 5 events with bad licensing h01ger mentions...
[19:38:29] <h01ger> did anyone look at the proposals yet? talk team? (please ping them via summary)
[19:38:31] <gwolf> moray: No! it's not a bad talk
[19:38:40] <gwolf> moray: But I mean, it is a less-formal setting
[19:38:42] <h01ger> gwolf, i assume its cheese&wine and swimming and such :)
[19:38:54] <MrBeige> ok...
[19:38:54] <gwolf> so... If you didn't propose your event in time, then it won't be all that formal
[19:39:02] <gwolf> Even if it is not BoF-structrued
[19:39:31] <moray> gwolf: right, out of 25 I'd guess there will be at most 12 good proposals though, and we want more 'official' talks than that
[19:39:36] <h01ger> should we extend the deadline if we only have few good talks/bofs submitted?
[19:39:40] <MrBeige> so what we are saying, we might need more talks, we can always accept more informally if need be
[19:39:58] <MrBeige> and teh question is: should we formally extend the deadline? / re-issue cfp ?
[19:40:05] * h01ger was thinking of sending a reminder tomorrow (=a week before)
[19:40:08] <gwolf> moray: That's a good point, but extending the deadline usually does not invite the best talks...
[19:40:19] <moray> though personally I would also not mind if we shceduled fewer days of talks if we have less submissions
[19:40:19] <gwolf> In any case, we could use invited talks or something like that
[19:40:22] <Hydroxide> should we solicit talks from people who we think would be good?
[19:40:27] <MrBeige> when do we decide about a deadline extension? this meeting, or a in a week ?
[19:40:36] <Hydroxide> MrBeige: yes
[19:40:37] <Hydroxide> :)
[19:40:45] <moray> there's quite likely to be a last minute rush (though not guaranteed to be)
[19:40:46] <MrBeige> #action encourage more talk proposals
[19:40:59] <MrBeige> #info we'll consider about extending deadline later if need be
[19:41:05] <moray> so I would propose we discuss it now (as we are doing) but only announce any extension later
[19:41:07] <gwolf> moray: So, spamming with a "CfP almost over" should work...
[19:41:13] <h01ger> MrBeige, today would be more professional i guess ;-) but i think its ok
[19:41:19] <moray> if we announce one now, that would just *delay* proposals
[19:41:25] <h01ger> right
[19:41:32] <gwolf> And if we are still substantially short, we might use invited ones... I'd prefer not to announce an extension
[19:41:54] <marga> Yes.
[19:42:10] <moray> gwolf: well, we always allowed later talk proposals I think, even for the official part, just they get treated as second-class
[19:42:10] <marga> Sometimes inviting people to give a talk is easier than just waiting for proposals.
[19:42:37] <moray> but I'm fine with inviting people, if someone can do that -- preferably invite them to submit something, not yet guarantee them a talk
[19:42:39] <gwolf> marga: +1
[19:42:40] <h01ger> i'll ham tomorrow saying the deadline is in a week. will use whiteboard.d.n to prepare mail..
[19:43:00] <MrBeige> let's hear +1 / 0 / -1 from everyone about "should we extend the deadline now?"
[19:43:10] <gwolf> I haven't checked (and don't know if I _can_ check) for the regular big-contributing-sponsors...
[19:43:12] <Hydroxide> MrBeige: not now.
[19:43:16] <moray> we could do a round of "guaranteed" invitations once we see the actual submissions after the deadline
[19:43:24] <Hydroxide> MrBeige: we don't want to delay submissions
[19:43:24] <gwolf> We usually have the Bdale HP talk, the Mark Ubuntu talk... Are they in?
[19:43:24] <MrBeige> (and we can always change our decisions later)
[19:43:38] <MrBeige> Hydroxide: we don't have to announce it now
[19:43:39] <gwolf> They can practically be expected. And they are good for OpenDebconfDay
[19:43:49] <moray> MrBeige: although I was suggesting it as possible, definitely not extend 'now'
[19:43:50] * h01ger also votes "no". procastrinators will read logs to see if they can procastrinate more ;)
[19:44:00] <MrBeige> ok, so no extension
[19:44:13] <MrBeige> #action procrastinators, work on your proposals!
[19:44:19] <MrBeige> anything more before we move on?
[19:44:19] <moray> I would be ready to extend if there were still very few talks just before the deadline (though I can see arguments against too)
[19:44:26] <moray> no, let's...
[19:44:44] <MrBeige> it's clear we won't decide at this meeting, se we should discuss later
[19:44:49] <MrBeige> #topic visa letters status
[19:45:03] <moray> this hasn't changed as we still lack the local information
[19:45:11] <MrBeige> i've seen stuff related to this on the list, but haven't followed it that closely
[19:45:18] <moray> either for a local entity, or better for actual details on Junta signing
[19:45:33] <gwolf> I think this topic really requires localteam
[19:45:39] <MrBeige> I thought I saw an email which said the Junta would sign
[19:45:39] <moray> however, we also need to ask people to ask for them
[19:45:43] <moray> with a deadline
[19:46:10] <moray> MrBeige: right, and I saw a web page which said the Junta would pay for all food etc. ... we need something more concrete than a vague promise something will be done
[19:46:11] <h01ger> anto gets now and is assigned (within the junta) to work on that. he will also manage invitation letters.
[19:46:23] <MrBeige> do we have only the junta-signed letter, or do we also have a "from the debconf organizers, less official" one ?
[19:46:41] <MrBeige> #info for invitation letters
[19:46:43] <moray> MrBeige: it doesn't make sense IMO to have two letters, we just don't know who actually will sign it
[19:46:51] <moray> oh, sorry
[19:46:55] <gwolf> h01ger: Do you know if there has been any action on visa@, or just a promise?
[19:46:59] <moray> we do have two letters, but each person only gets one
[19:47:03] <MrBeige> ok
[19:47:09] <moray> if that's what you meant
[19:47:11] <MrBeige> who has copies of the templates of these letters?
[19:47:15] <MrBeige> moray: yse, exactly
[19:47:20] <moray> I put them in svn before
[19:47:38] <moray> anyway, the only useful thing we can do is agree a deadline for people to ask for visa letters
[19:47:39] <MrBeige> so they are mostly drafted already, the signer will just make minor revisions before sending ?
[19:47:41] <h01ger> gwolf, what do you mean?
[19:47:50] <moray> which I suggest we just announce as the same as the other deadlines?
[19:47:56] <moray> (registation/CFP)
[19:48:02] <marga> moray +1
[19:48:16] <gwolf> h01ger: You said, anto gets visa@ and is assigned to work on that
[19:48:18] <h01ger> is where i'm working on the mail and it has that, yes
[19:48:27] <gwolf> ...Is there any report of actual work done on that front?
[19:48:35] <gwolf> hAve requests been received? answered?
[19:48:43] <moray> h01ger: does that get kept anywhere so we can see progress?
[19:48:43] <h01ger> gwolf, anto knows
[19:48:54] <h01ger> moray, yes, its a public url
[19:49:05] <moray> h01ger: no, I mean visa@
[19:49:06] <MrBeige> #info junta signs one letter (we hope)
[19:49:10] <MrBeige> who signs the other letter ?
[19:49:18] <gwolf> h01ger: So... We shoul contact him via email at least.
[19:49:20] <h01ger> moray, ah, no. afaik its just a redirect like last year
[19:49:34] <moray> and the visa thing should maybe be a separate debconf-announce mail
[19:49:49] <moray> as otherwise people won't read if they already registered/don't want to give a talk
[19:49:49] <h01ger> why?
[19:50:07] <h01ger> subject should be enough
[19:50:08] <moray> it's important people notice that part (supposing we care about them getting visas)
[19:50:18] <MrBeige> #action h01ger works on annoucement for deadline for visa invitation letters
[19:50:35] <moray> h01ger: if you put "visa" prominently in the subject -- currently it's not there at all
[19:50:42] <h01ger> now it is
[19:50:48] <moray> not enough for stupid people
[19:50:58] <h01ger> works as designed
[19:51:02] <h01ger> :-D
[19:51:15] <moray> oh well, they won't notice it then
[19:51:26] <h01ger> i mean really, its the 4th word in the subject now
[19:51:58] <MrBeige> what else is there to decide?
[19:51:58] <h01ger> anyway, next? i wont finish nor send this letter today and you can all contribute via MrBeiges nice tool
[19:52:00] <moray> h01ger: I can guarantee a lot of people will skim over that subject without reading the visa part
[19:52:09] <MrBeige> we are slowing down
[19:52:28] <MrBeige> #topic local legal entity
[19:52:44] <MrBeige> still nothing new we know here?
[19:52:50] <MrBeige> tax status of debian-es ?
[19:52:52] <moray> [I'm not sure of the problem of sending a separate visa message to debconf-announce]
[19:52:57] <h01ger> we are at the last topic? ah, you changed order ;)
[19:52:57] <moray> no progress I think
[19:53:12] <h01ger> there has been progress
[19:53:23] <MrBeige> h01ger: due to local team not present yet, so we were thinking maybe they might show up...
[19:53:50] <MrBeige> h01ger: what do we know ?
[19:54:10] <h01ger> ffis e.V. agreed to be local legal body if needed. ffis is the official debian legal representive (?) in germany.
[19:54:27] <MrBeige> #info ffis e.V. agreed to be local legal body if needed.
[19:54:31] <gwolf> Is there any real advantage on having a Spanish representative?
[19:54:31] <MrBeige> woo, good news
[19:54:59] <h01ger> MrBeige, its nice to update so others can follow or annouce your whiteboard as official source of agenda during meeting :) (but np too :)
[19:55:02] <gwolf> If it has been so hard to get real info on debian-es, maybe we should just stick to ffis
[19:55:25] <h01ger> (and ffis already suggested how to improve reimburstment this year)
[19:55:46] <MrBeige> h01ger: good point, done
[19:56:09] * h01ger wondered the same as gunnar but would like (ex-)localteam opinion on it. probably should say _more_ opinions here :)
[19:56:33] <MrBeige> #action what advantages are there to having a spanish legal entity ?
[19:56:58] <MrBeige> or does someone here have info?
[19:57:36] <MrBeige> I guess not...
[19:57:48] <MrBeige> #topic localteam updates
[19:57:56] <h01ger> next?
[19:57:57] <MrBeige> I guess clearly we are limited in what we can do here...
[19:57:58] <angasule> I guess we can skip this one?
[19:58:00] * gwolf chuckles at topic
[19:58:01] <angasule> heh
[19:58:12] <moray> angasule: yes
[19:58:21] <MrBeige> #info Proposed global team meeting: 9 April 2009, 11 or 12 UTC
[19:58:24] <marga> Sorry, I was away. I agree to go with FFIS.
[19:58:28] <MrBeige> and teh localteam can be at that meeting ?
[19:58:35] <marga> Debian-es is not properly organized.
[19:58:35] <moray> maybe
[19:58:36] <angasule> MrBeige: I believe cek proposed it?
[19:58:43] <h01ger> MrBeige, cek suggested the time
[19:58:45] <MrBeige> let's *hope*
[19:59:02] <MrBeige> I guess we'll postpone until then, unless anyone has secondhand info
[19:59:03] <moray> angasule: he proposed some other times before too that he couldn't make...
[19:59:04] <gwolf> So, maybe the meeting time should be set, but changeable by cek/anto?
[19:59:09] * Hydroxide says once again that most of us from the US won't be able to make 12 UTC, but still go ahead since having cek there is more important
[19:59:23] * MrBeige can make it at 11 or 12 UTC ... I just irc from bed
[19:59:31] <gwolf> If they say they can make it at any other time, it can be moved. I am also surely missing it at 12UTC, but _they_ are quite important!
[19:59:46] <MrBeige> #info proposed meeting time will me moved to accomodate local team
[19:59:52] <MrBeige> #topic any other business ?
[19:59:55] <marga> 12 UTC is also very early over here, but if that's the time that they can be present, then go for it
[20:00:03] <MrBeige> we have 30 seconds until 1600.00 utc
[20:00:06] * h01ger nods
[20:00:09] <MrBeige> now 10
[20:00:10] <gwolf> tick, tack
[20:00:14] <angasule> :)
[20:00:17] <h01ger> \o/
[20:00:20] <schultmc> MrBeige: 1600 EDT - 2000 UTC
[20:00:25] * Hydroxide suggests that #endmeeting occur
[20:00:28] <marga> MrBeige: you meant 20,00 UTC
[20:00:32] <MrBeige> whoops @ utc vs edt
[20:00:37] <MrBeige> so
[20:00:47] <MrBeige> speak now or never
[20:00:56] <MrBeige> #info thanks to everyone who came
[20:00:59] <MrBeige> #endmeeting

Meeting ended.

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