Started logging meeting in #debconf-team, times are UTC.
[12:10:40] <h01ger> thank you, MrBeige
[12:10:45] <MrBeige> # topic say hi
[12:10:48] <MrBeige> hi
[12:10:53] <cek> hi
[12:10:53] <h01ger> huhu
[12:10:58] <MrBeige> I guess we can skip this probably...
[12:11:03] <anto> yeahh
[12:11:17] <Mithrandir> MrBeige: no space after commands.
[12:11:31] <MrBeige> h01ger: i'm less sure what all to discuss, i'll just go through topics but help me guide towards what we need to discuss
[12:11:34] <MrBeige> oops
[12:11:37] <h01ger> yeah
[12:11:44] <MrBeige> #topic budget status
[12:11:45] <moray> (afternoon -- at work)
[12:12:07] * h01ger is still on us-westcoast time... had a nice easterhegg weekend here :)
[12:12:19] <anto> i have two meetings whith local goverment,
[12:12:37] <cek> anto spoke with the city council
[12:12:42] * MrBeige offers a floor to sleep on in nyc if anyone is around here
[12:12:45] <MrBeige> cool
[12:12:50] <cek> they will let us use tables and chairs
[12:12:54] <cek> for free
[12:13:00] <h01ger> in the venue?
[12:13:05] <MrBeige> how many... enough, more than we need ?
[12:13:22] <cek> they have plenty of them
[12:13:38] <cek> 200 maybe or more
[12:13:51] <cek> didn't know exactly
[12:13:52] <h01ger> cek, anto: what are the current agreed terms regarding sponsoring the venue and parts of accomodation? chairs are nice, but...
[12:13:56] <MrBeige> #info local government will let us use chairs for free, they have plenty -- 200 or more
[12:13:59] <moray> are "local goverment" and "city council" above the same or different?
[12:14:11] <cek> no moray they are the same
[12:14:15] <moray> thanks
[12:14:27] <cek> we are still waiting to get the real amount of money needed to book the venue
[12:14:43] <cek> they are suppose to send it this week
[12:14:46] <h01ger> cek, and the junta will pay? (the venue)
[12:14:52] <cek> last week there were vacations over here
[12:15:05] <cek> h01ger, yes
[12:15:11] <h01ger> rock!
[12:15:28] <cek> venue and the first residence
[12:15:32] <h01ger> rockrock!
[12:15:44] <cek> we need to know the technical requirements
[12:15:48] <h01ger> but there will be costs, like security and network, they dont pay, right?
[12:15:50] <cek> cameras, beamers, etc...
[12:15:51] <MrBeige> 100% of the venue and first residence ?
[12:15:59] <cek> right, no network, no security
[12:16:02] <cek> yes MrBeige
[12:16:17] <h01ger> cek, cameras+beamers depend on the number of rooms we use, which depends on a venue map or such
[12:16:18] <MrBeige> #info junta pays 100% of first venue and residence
[12:16:31] <MrBeige> #info but not network, security, etc
[12:16:38] <h01ger> (also depends on the talk schedule of course)
[12:16:48] <MrBeige> #action we still need a list of technical requirements for the junta
[12:17:24] <cek> ok, I think that they have enough cameras to borrow
[12:17:33] <h01ger> cek, anto: can you ask/get a map of the venue please. with rooms we can use (to plan stuff as beamers+cameras and talk schedules) as well as door width, locations of elevators, ramps, for accessibility
[12:17:45] <anto> ok, h01ger
[12:17:53] <MrBeige> #action acquire a map of venue
[12:18:06] <cek> anto has a meeting with Telefonica on thursday
[12:18:16] <cek> they will probably pay network
[12:18:20] <h01ger> cek, i'd be _very_ surprised if we need more than 4 cameras. maybe 3 video projectors, but i really doubt the videoteam wants / can cover 3 talks/setups. so 4 cameras should be plenty.
[12:18:20] <MrBeige> #topic network status
[12:18:23] <sgran> are we likely to change venue at this stage in the event the doors aren't wide enough?
[12:18:23] <cek> at least we are asking for that
[12:18:31] <h01ger> anto, cek: c00l!
[12:18:32] <cek> ok h01ger
[12:18:40] <MrBeige> (we can jump around, but ...)
[12:18:46] <h01ger> sgran, we checked the doors. the didnt ring an alarm bell
[12:18:52] <h01ger> sgran, we checked the doors. they didnt ring an alarm bell
[12:19:00] <cek> we are also thinking in using a different venue
[12:19:07] <cek> because of accesibility issues
[12:19:14] <MrBeige> # anto meets with telefonica on thursday, they will probabyl pay network
[12:19:17] <MrBeige> #info anto meets with telefonica on thursday, they will probabyl pay network
[12:19:25] * h01ger is a bit annoyed by people telling that we give a fuck about accessibility
[12:19:29] <h01ger> cek, WHAT?
[12:19:41] <cek> we are asking for prices at
[12:20:10] <h01ger> thats a different venue?
[12:20:15] <cek> yes
[12:20:16] <h01ger> cek, why this hectic now?
[12:20:24] <MrBeige> #topic accessibility
[12:20:42] <MrBeige> #info when doors checked previously, we didn't get measurements but they didn't raise alarms
[12:20:55] <cek> because I think we will probably have problems with accesibility, and to have a different place
[12:21:33] <h01ger> probably
[12:21:35] <cek> if the first one is not good enough, we have a second choice
[12:21:36] <h01ger> "probably"!
[12:21:38] <h01ger> get the facts
[12:21:40] <h01ger> those maps
[12:21:47] <h01ger> which we asked for in november/december
[12:22:03] <cek> they didn't send them
[12:22:05] <MrBeige> #info local team considering changing venues to help with accessibility...
[12:22:10] <h01ger> cek, ask again
[12:22:11] <h01ger> cek, ask again
[12:22:24] <h01ger> but dont look for a new venue where we probably dont get maps neither
[12:22:29] <cek> we can insist but we already asked 100 times
[12:22:29] <MrBeige> #action MAP of venue also needed for accessibility purposes
[12:22:46] <h01ger> cek, go there and measure yourself then. please
[12:22:54] <h01ger> its door sizes
[12:23:01] <moray> to get maps of Teviot we had to insist they made copies while we waited after a meeting
[12:23:01] <cek> h01ger, the other venue is totally accesible, new building, no need of having maps
[12:23:07] <MrBeige> #info it's too late to change venues...
[12:23:11] <moray> as they kept forgetting until that
[12:23:18] <moray> you probably need to do the same...
[12:23:42] <MrBeige> #info a important part of accessibility is door sizes -- we can just measure that ourselves if we are there
[12:23:47] <cek> we don't really know if that elevator will be available all day long, thats a big problem
[12:24:08] <cek> the other venue is a new building, not an old one
[12:24:21] <cek> but we are just considering, no final decision
[12:25:02] <moray> a new venue would presumably also be further from the accommodation? and would the junta still pay for it?
[12:25:38] <cek> yes, but further of course
[12:25:44] <cek> we will have to use buses
[12:25:51] <sgran> ouch
[12:26:01] <sgran> I'd personally rather avoid that if we can
[12:26:09] <h01ger> cek, for considering moving the venue for 3 people we also need to consider the disadvantages that mighht cause for 300 people. there might be none, but if..
[12:26:17] <marga> cek: using buses really works against the conference.
[12:26:24] <moray> using buses is not "accessible" for anyone
[12:26:27] * h01ger nods marga totally
[12:27:10] <h01ger> can we go back to topic please (=make debconf happen) and concentrate on the big issues first
[12:27:16] <MrBeige> #info new venue would have to use busses
[12:27:22] * MrBeige nods at h01ger
[12:27:26] <cek> ok
[12:27:30] <marga> cek: what are the accessibility problems that worry you about the current venue? Is it just the elevator times? or is there something else?
[12:27:41] <MrBeige> #topic accommodation status
[12:27:43] <h01ger> according to the list we found ana who will care about accessibility issues. also tiago volunteered for this some months ago
[12:28:00] <marga> h01ger: "ana will care" ?
[12:28:23] <MrBeige> #info ana/tiago on list can work on accessibility issues (with help of local team)
[12:28:37] <h01ger> marga, see the list and " in the mean time it looks like ana is tracking it, I'm willing to follow up on the status and progress, though as I'm remote I'm probably not able to do the ground work". also i created a wiki page now, to track taht
[12:28:46] <h01ger> accomodation status, cek, anto?
[12:29:15] <cek> no more news
[12:29:39] <MrBeige> did we have some questions about how many people they'd hold / how much it'll cost per person ?
[12:29:58] <cek> we already discussed this in previous meetings
[12:30:06] <cek> I thought it was clear
[12:30:06] <h01ger> cek, whats the state? how many sleeping places with how many beds are rented atm? how much does that cost?
[12:30:38] <cek> we discussed that in the budget meeting
[12:30:41] <h01ger> if its documented and written down somewhere on (or elsewhere) its clear. dunno if this is the case.
[12:30:48] <cek> can't remember by heart
[12:31:21] <h01ger> so many beds do we have?
[12:31:29] * MrBeige tries to dig up old minutes so that we can see what we were uncertain about
[12:31:33] <cek> 220 beds
[12:31:46] <cek> we are waiting to have 30 more in a different location
[12:31:50] <h01ger> is there work on more cheap accomodation or will the rest be hotel?
[12:31:56] <marga> What about people not staying at the residences? Do we have a contact list of hotels where they can pay for their stay?
[12:32:08] <cek> yes marga
[12:32:14] <MrBeige> #info 220 beds, are thinking about 30 more beds in a differenc residence
[12:32:23] <h01ger> 287 people registered so far
[12:32:27] <cek> we can use lot of hotels, but it is more expensive
[12:32:40] <MrBeige> budget team meeting minutes:
[12:32:49] <MrBeige> #info 287 people registered so far
[12:32:55] <moray> the minutes left the costs uncertain
[12:32:55] <anto> there are anothers residences
[12:33:07] <moray> and with some confusion about what is rented for which week(s)
[12:33:09] <marga> cek: it would be nice to provide a list of options, with their prices, so that people who want to pay for their stay can go to them.
[12:33:19] <moray> marga: people prefer to have a recommendation, I think
[12:33:19] <MrBeige> #action list of nearby hotels/hostels for reference for non-sponsored attendees
[12:33:21] <h01ger> cek, anto: we need the costs for the accomodation. if junta pays 100% we dont need them. else we do
[12:33:25] <moray> marga: so that many people are in the same place
[12:33:43] <anto> for example this
[12:33:57] <h01ger> marga, can you collect hotels and put them on the website/wiki?
[12:34:14] <h01ger> (you know, localteam is short on manpower and needs our help)
[12:34:18] <moray> there was a big list in the Extremadura bid page
[12:34:23] <moray> but we want a recommendation
[12:34:30] <h01ger> moray, ^
[12:34:35] <moray> not just a big list, that can be found on any web page
[12:35:05] <h01ger> cek, anto: we need the costs for the accomodation. if junta pays 100% we dont need them. else we do
[12:35:17] <cek> wait, looking for them
[12:35:24] <h01ger> cheers
[12:35:30] <MrBeige> #action someone distill down the big list of hotel on bid page into a few good/close ones to recommend
[12:35:43] <cek> Muņoz Torrero will be payed by Junta, so we don't know costs
[12:36:07] <h01ger> Muņoz Torreron has how many of the 220 beds?
[12:36:14] <cek> and Francisco de Sande is 24 euros or 30 euros (double or individual)
[12:36:19] <broonie> So from our point of view the cost for those is zero, which is fine.
[12:36:30] <moray> h01ger: before they said 140 + 70 for the two main hostels
[12:36:30] <MrBeige> h01ger: MT has 140, FdS has 70
[12:36:32] <marga> moray: what I meant was not have a list of 20 hotels, but maybe have one cheap, one medium and one expensive.
[12:36:43] <cek> yes 140
[12:36:45] <moray> marga: right, yes
[12:37:10] <cek> we can talk to hotels
[12:37:11] <moray> presumably we do *not* want to pay for the 'extra' hostels for the debcamp week
[12:37:14] <h01ger> #info 140 beds in Muņoz Torrero will be payed by Junta 100%, 90 beds in Francisco de Sande are 24 euros or 30 euros
[12:37:18] <moray> we only want to book them for the main week
[12:37:34] <MrBeige> FsS has 90 beds ?
[12:37:40] <anto> no 90, only 70 in Francisco de Sande
[12:37:59] <h01ger> moray, _if_ more people registered in time for debcamp (and get sponosred), we also want to pay theirs bed in that time
[12:37:59] <cek> we have to talk to hotels but we need time to do so and we have to work everyday to earn money ;)
[12:38:07] <h01ger> #info 140 beds in Muņoz Torrero will be payed by Junta 100%, 70 beds in Francisco de Sande are 24 euros or 30 euros
[12:38:15] <moray> h01ger: more than 140? I doubt it
[12:38:34] <h01ger> cek, we thought you can do this in your paid time?! ;)
[12:38:55] <h01ger> anyway, next topic?
[12:39:08] <MrBeige> hm, I guess we can skip sponsorship team stuff ?
[12:39:12] <h01ger> no
[12:39:16] <h01ger> local sponsor news
[12:39:22] <h01ger> from anto, afaik he has some
[12:39:24] <MrBeige> #topic sponsorship team information (esp. local news)
[12:39:27] <cek> lol, yes, I thought that also :)
[12:39:57] <cek> anto has a meeting with Telefonica
[12:40:02] <h01ger> right now?
[12:40:07] <cek> on thursday
[12:40:17] <cek> we will ask for the Internet Connection
[12:40:28] <cek> and he will also have a meeting with Caceres2016
[12:40:41] <cek> no more news
[12:40:49] <cek> what about the International Sponsors?
[12:41:03] <h01ger> so no definte local sponsors so far? (except junta of course)
[12:41:23] <cek> yes
[12:41:23] <h01ger> cek, looks more or less good, see the last sponsorship team meeting minutes..
[12:41:31] <cek> ok h01ger
[12:41:46] <h01ger> we lacked accomodation costs to come up with definite figures. as we have them now, we can work on those
[12:42:00] <h01ger> next topic?
[12:42:05] <MrBeige> ww
[12:42:06] <MrBeige> when is your meeting with Caceres2016 ?
[12:42:18] <cek> no dates yet
[12:42:21] <anto> the next week
[12:42:25] <MrBeige> #topic local legal entiety
[12:42:30] <MrBeige> cek, anto: thanks
[12:42:30] <anto> i hope
[12:42:53] <anto> Debian Spain?, is posible?
[12:42:55] <h01ger> anto, cek: at the last global meeting we decided to use ffis e.v. (in germany) _unless_ you have good reasons why not to
[12:43:10] <cek> ok h01ger thats fine for me
[12:43:11] <h01ger> anto, doesnt look its possible. they are over busy / missing in action
[12:43:27] <h01ger> ok, then we go for it. i'll mail them..
[12:43:38] <MrBeige> #info last meeting we decided to use ffis e.v. in germany
[12:43:43] <anto> ok, no problem whith ffis
[12:43:47] <MrBeige> #agreed ffis e.v. it is
[12:44:03] <MrBeige> anything else on this topic ?
[12:44:33] <MrBeige> #topic website updates
[12:44:38] <MrBeige> anything needed on this topic ?
[12:45:08] * h01ger wanted to ask whats needed on the website and to ask people to submit that. (if they can, else please ask ffor svn access)
[12:45:36] <h01ger> like hotel list, bus share page, accessibility info..
[12:45:57] <MrBeige> ok, shall we #info a list of things we'd like on the website ?
[12:46:06] <h01ger> +volunteers for taking care of the website
[12:46:08] <MrBeige> *: #info stuff that would be useful
[12:46:22] <moray> I did a little website stuff, and plan to do more when I can
[12:46:30] <MrBeige> #info useful stuff for web page: hotel list, bus share page, accessibility
[12:46:41] <moray> a list of missing stuff is probably useful, though before I just compared previous sites
[12:47:03] <MrBeige> moray: would you like to volunteer to follow up on this ?
[12:48:07] <moray> MrBeige: I won't have time immediately, but I will do more on the website later if needed yes
[12:48:27] <h01ger> moray, that'be great!
[12:48:39] <MrBeige> woo
[12:48:52] <MrBeige> any more on this topic ?
[12:48:57] <h01ger> are we fine with putting the ffis e.V. logo on our website under sponsors (or elsewhere) to show them our appreciation for becoming our legal body?
[12:49:19] <cek> yes
[12:49:25] <MrBeige> #info moray can work on website (but not immediately) if need be
[12:49:49] <MrBeige> #info also add ffis e.V. logo to website in appreciation of being our legal body
[12:50:03] <anto> ok, i send another logos to the debconf list
[12:50:15] <h01ger> i've just send ffis mail to confirm we want them to be our body and to ask for more procedure details..
[12:50:30] <MrBeige> #topic registration/CFP status
[12:50:34] <moray> not sure if they're a "sponsor" but I agree they should be somewhere, and putting them in that list isn't bad
[12:50:47] <MrBeige> so it's going... anything important to add for reg/CfP ?
[12:51:10] <Kinnison> How many papers have been submitted?
[12:51:41] <h01ger> we need to close the "request-sponsorship"-part of the registration tomorrow at 24 UTC, Ganneff, sgran: can you do that, please?
[12:52:01] <h01ger> Kinnison, 54 events
[12:52:13] <h01ger> Kinnison,
[12:52:14] <MrBeige> #action: tomorrow at 24UTC, close request-sponsorship on penta
[12:52:24] <marga> moray: there's a special place for the body, that is not labelled sponsor.
[12:52:24] <MrBeige> #info 54 events submitted so far
[12:52:32] <Kinnison> h01ger: Hmm, how many rooms are we likely to have for talks?
[12:52:35] <h01ger> Kinnison, do you have the needed rights to check all papers in penta?
[12:52:45] <h01ger> Kinnison, good question. we need venue maps for that
[12:52:49] <Kinnison> h01ger: Right now I don't know. I vaguely subbed with sgran's help a while ago
[12:52:50] <h01ger> Kinnison, 2-3
[12:52:58] * Kinnison ought to sub his paper ideas too
[12:53:40] <h01ger> the weekly graph of papers submitted looks funny
[12:53:49] <Kinnison> MrBeige: Can you action someone to ensure I have access to the papers and schedule on penta so I can start looking at the org for that?
[12:53:52] <h01ger> (as in fun, not as in wrong)
[12:54:29] <MrBeige> #action Kinnison needs access to papers on schedule on penta -- admins
[12:54:36] <Kinnison> thanks
[12:54:42] <MrBeige> no problem
[12:55:07] <MrBeige> ok, anything else on this topic ?
[12:55:15] <MrBeige> #topic visa letter status
[12:55:23] * h01ger just gave Kinnison "scheduler, comittee and reviewers" permissions in penta
[12:55:31] <Kinnison> thanks h01ger
[12:55:41] <h01ger> anto, how many mails have you been receiving at
[12:55:43] <MrBeige> so anto is getting emails about who needs visa letters ?
[12:55:45] <sgran> Kinnison: ping me later, we can make sure you permissions
[12:55:56] * MrBeige un-actions Kinnison's request now...
[12:56:01] <sgran> h01ger: ping me later and I'll try to make sure we close submissions
[12:56:16] <sgran> now, work stuff
[12:56:32] <h01ger> sgran, not close, but just remove the "i need sponsorship" bits
[12:56:38] <h01ger> sgran, will do tomorrow.. :)
[12:56:38] <MrBeige> is the visa letter cutoff tomorrow ?
[12:56:40] <anto> only 6 h01ger
[12:57:02] <moray> MrBeige: yes, but it doesn't make sense to really cut if off then, I fear
[12:57:07] <h01ger> anto, ok, cool. and you're dealing with those?
[12:57:27] <h01ger> MrBeige, no, not tomorrow. april 30th was what was agreeed upon the day after the last meeting
[12:57:29] <moray> MrBeige: actually no, 30 April
[12:57:33] <MrBeige> ah, ok
[12:57:41] <moray> but still, late things will have to be dealt with I expect
[12:57:42] <MrBeige> #info visa "deadline" is april 30th
[12:58:00] <moray> it's not really useful to tell people "too late, we won't help" for the visa stuff
[12:58:17] <MrBeige> right
[12:58:32] <MrBeige> but there's a "do it by here for maximum ease for all of us"
[12:58:38] <h01ger> hmm.. sgran, Ganneff: i gave Kinnison "comittee" permissions, but andreas tille doesnt have them. now i'm confused... whats correct
[12:58:51] <MrBeige> so we'll keep saying april 30th... and deal with other people as needed
[12:58:53] <MrBeige> next topic ?
[12:59:14] <MrBeige> #topic when is next global team meeting
[12:59:14] * h01ger wonders if we have something to discuss about visa stuff (we cant discuss if people dont request visa now) and if we should move on the next point
[12:59:44] * h01ger suggests to have the global meetings at this time too. it doesnt make sense to have global meetings without cek+anto and with them
[12:59:44] <Ganneff> h01ger: send mail an di can look when home. anything now just will be lost.
[12:59:51] <h01ger> Ganneff, ack. thanks
[13:00:05] <MrBeige> h01ger: sure, yes
[13:00:15] <MrBeige> h01ger: harder for some US people to make it, but that's ok
[13:00:20] <MrBeige> h01ger: in how many weeks from now ?
[13:00:31] <MrBeige> and which day of the week is most convenient for everyone ?
[13:00:34] <cek> ok for me
[13:00:43] <moray> h01ger: is this actually better for cek/anto normally? I thought this was only a problem from Easter
[13:01:08] <h01ger> moray, dont ask me, but i have the impression that evenings dont work well for cek+anto
[13:01:14] <h01ger> cek, anto? comment? :)
[13:01:32] <marga> h01ger: this time is very inconvinient for most of the participants of global team meetings...
[13:01:36] <moray> cek said above he couldn't necessarily concentrate on the meeting as he's at work
[13:01:44] <cek> evenings are better
[13:01:50] <cek> at least for me
[13:01:51] <marga> cek, anto: is there another time that would be good for you?
[13:01:55] <cek> and for anto also I think
[13:01:57] <anto> better in the evening
[13:02:01] <MrBeige> ok
[13:02:04] <marga> what time specifically?
[13:02:05] <h01ger> 21 CEST? 23 CEST?
[13:02:06] <cek> we can even be together
[13:02:08] <MrBeige> so now the qusetion is, when next meeting ?
[13:02:15] <anto> 21 CEST
[13:02:21] <cek> 21 CEST yes
[13:02:21] <h01ger> =19 UTC
[13:02:21] <marga> Ok, which day?
[13:02:46] <cek> modays or tuesdays
[13:02:49] <cek> better for me
[13:02:52] <h01ger> the mondays when there is no d-i meeting? aka 2nd and 4th monday of the month? or tuesday :)
[13:03:06] <MrBeige> do we want a meeting next week ?
[13:03:19] <moray> (Tuesdays are mostly impossible for me, FWIW)
[13:03:31] <moray> (if it's the same evening time)
[13:03:35] <MrBeige> #info evenings (19 utc) best for localteam
[13:04:27] <MrBeige> second/fourth mondays would then be next meeting monday, april 27th
[13:04:33] <h01ger> so, meeting in 6/7 days or in 13/14?
[13:04:42] <MrBeige> or tuesday 21th april
[13:04:44] <MrBeige> yeah
[13:04:46] <moray> when are the next local meetings with venue/junta/whatever?
[13:04:48] <cek> 13 better to have more things to tell
[13:04:59] <marga> Ok, April 27th.
[13:05:13] <anto> ok, perfect
[13:05:17] <MrBeige> #agreed next big meeting monday, april 27th, 19utc
[13:05:20] * h01ger is confused
[13:05:34] * h01ger grins
[13:05:57] <MrBeige> is it worth having a scheduled time for a mini-meeting next week anyway?
[13:06:02] <MrBeige> maybe an unannounced one/
[13:06:07] <h01ger> too many meetings are tiring
[13:06:13] <MrBeige> yeah
[13:06:20] <h01ger> work meeting maybe
[13:06:39] <MrBeige> plus, we always talk constantly anyway...
[13:06:44] <MrBeige> #topic any other business
[13:06:49] <marga> MrBeige: it only makes sense if there's a list of things that need to be done and we need to find out the status of that.
[13:06:54] <marga> Do we have such list?
[13:07:05] <h01ger> marga, yes. its called
[13:07:12] <h01ger> and needs care
[13:07:18] <marga> h01ger: heh, not what I meant, really.
[13:07:22] <moray> h01ger: which most people can't actually see the list in, you mean? ;)
[13:07:28] <MrBeige> marga: it would be a good motivation to make such a list, I was thinking... or to look over the last action items and be sure it's happenning
[13:07:39] <marga> Yeah.
[13:07:41] <h01ger> marga, but it would be a useful tool, to work on such a list, or?
[13:08:10] <h01ger> moray, ACLs were opened
[13:08:15] <marga> h01ger: debconf's rt is really not a good working tool for most people, since they don't have a user, can't see the tickets, etc. I think a wiki list would be much more useful.
[13:08:30] <h01ger> that would be two lists and equally bad.
[13:08:38] <h01ger> s/equally/also/
[13:08:54] <marga> h01ger: are there currently any tickets related to what I meant, in rt?
[13:08:55] <h01ger> IMO we should give rt accounts+perms to those in need
[13:09:07] <MrBeige> so are we saying, we want a active list to follow up on sometime?
[13:09:10] <h01ger> yes, there are quite some tickets which fit in that list
[13:09:10] <MrBeige> (I guess yes)
[13:09:37] <MrBeige> I can voluneteer to keep up these kinds of lists
[13:09:38] <marga> Thinks like: make a list of available hotels, invite more people to submit talks, work on the website, etc.
[13:09:39] * h01ger doesnt really care about whether wiki or rt, we should just agree on _one_
[13:10:02] <h01ger> so wiki for big picture, rt for details?
[13:10:08] <marga> h01ger: could be, yes.
[13:10:10] <MrBeige> h01ger: exactly, i'd say
[13:10:14] <Ganneff> we can give out more rt users. people should mail me when they want one.
[13:10:14] <Sledge> rt is useless unless it's made mroe open
[13:10:18] <h01ger> (and wiki for results of some rt tickets, too, of course)
[13:10:34] <Ganneff> (and i can create them in the evenings, not during work time)
[13:10:39] <h01ger> Sledge, then lets make it more open
[13:10:52] <h01ger> we have those tools to use them (properly!)
[13:10:56] <MrBeige> #agreed wiki for big picture, RT for details, we will try to be more open with RT
[13:11:09] <MrBeige> #info email Ganneff for rt access
[13:11:10] <Ganneff> i *did* open it up, most people should be able to work in *most* queues now. not all, as all dont make sense, but most.
[13:11:12] <h01ger> s/try to//
[13:11:26] * h01ger nods Ganneff thankfully
[13:12:10] <Sledge> Ganneff: ok, thanks
[13:12:14] <MrBeige> so what's the summary here? I try to maintain lists of things to do, and occassionally ping people on them?
[13:12:28] <marga> Ok, once I'm done with the final report, I'll go over the minutes from DC8 meetings (both local and international) and work on the list.
[13:12:47] <MrBeige> marga: woo
[13:12:48] <h01ger> MrBeige, yeah, people being list or irc
[13:13:00] * h01ger cheers marga too
[13:13:01] <marga> MrBeige: having an official "prodder" worked really well for us, although keep in mind that that's a lot of work.
[13:13:15] <MrBeige> marga: shall we work together on this ?
[13:13:16] <moray> yes, someone prodding is much better than just a list
[13:13:23] <Hydroxide> wow, meeting actually going on .. I just got settled into work for the day. /me starts reviewing scrollback...
[13:13:32] <MrBeige> but the list maintained by prodders...
[13:13:34] <marga> MrBeige: sure.
[13:13:37] <MrBeige> ok, so this done
[13:13:45] <MrBeige> and we can make prodders-meetings
[13:13:49] <moray> MrBeige/marga: I can also think about stuff
[13:13:53] <MrBeige> meaning, discuss it sometimes
[13:14:12] <moray> MrBeige: (but not volunteering to be chief prodder myself)
[13:14:15] <MrBeige> #agreed marga / MrBeige prodders and keep up lists of what all needs to be thought about
[13:14:20] <MrBeige> #info and moray, too
[13:14:41] <MrBeige> ok, so
[13:14:46] <Ganneff> also, if you need any extra software installed, or an existing config changed (new queue in rt anyone), also mail me (and ping me in the evenings/on weekends).
[13:14:47] <MrBeige> any other business before close ?
[13:15:31] <MrBeige> #info Ganneff provide any admin support we need, ask on weekends/evenings
[13:15:59] <Ganneff> (make an rt ticket but keep pinging me or your issue drowns in the others that *do* ping me) :)
[13:16:00] <h01ger> please dont mail ganneff but so other admins can jump in
[13:16:12] <MrBeige> #info mail to
[13:16:28] <MrBeige> #topic speak up or we close meeting
[13:16:51] <h01ger> muchas gracias a todos!
[13:16:54] <cek> jejeje
[13:16:56] <cek> ;)
[13:17:00] <anto> lol
[13:17:08] <MrBeige> #info thanks to everyone who came!
[13:17:12] <MrBeige> #endmeeting

Meeting ended.

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