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21:00:11 <Hydroxide> #chair MrBeige
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21:00:14 <moray> evening
21:00:17 <Hydroxide> welcome everyone!
21:00:26 <dam> mew
21:00:28 <Hydroxide> MrBeige will be backup chair if I get called away by $paidjob
21:00:29 <AbsintheSyringe> hello :)
21:00:33 <DrDub> hellos
21:00:34 <Hydroxide> ok, let's get started
21:00:37 <edrz> hi
21:00:42 <Hydroxide> woo, great attendance!
21:00:53 <Hydroxide> #topic dc9: final report status check
21:00:58 <gwolf> Hydroxide: Well, we are repsonsible people! :)
21:01:05 <AbsintheSyringe> :D
21:01:15 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: do you want to talk this item through?
21:01:22 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: if not  I will, but it's more your thing
21:01:25 <MrBeige> everything important is in the email ysetrday
21:01:41 <MrBeige> if we had Sponsorship and Fundraising texts, marga could start assembling it
21:02:00 <MrBeige> those texts are nice to not exclude from a sponsors point of view, as DrDub pointed out
21:02:14 <MrBeige> and marga will assmeble it once it's done, I still think
21:02:21 <MrBeige> we had one text contributed since last meeting
21:02:28 <MrBeige> so I guess that means it'll be done in two months?
21:02:33 <moray> MrBeige: you also don't want to say anything negative in those sections, from a sponsor's point of view :)
21:02:38 <change_> hi everyone
21:02:53 <Hydroxide> change_: hi.
21:03:04 <MrBeige> moray: of course, yes
21:03:34 <Hydroxide> is anyone willing to take that on? I am certainly too busy myself. it will be very helpful for soliciting dc10 sponsors, and we're otherwise close to ready to start (more on that soon)
21:03:51 <DrDub> Hydroxide: what does that involves?
21:04:06 <DrDub> I find it quite important for seeking new sponsors
21:04:09 <MrBeige> the "proding too much" flames started mid last year so unless people really want me to get it done, I'll continue observing
21:04:34 <Hydroxide> moray: can you explain what's involved in the sponsorship + fundraising sections?
21:04:43 <DrDub> I can prod, although so far unsuccessfully ;-)
21:04:50 <moray> um, whatever was in previous reports
21:05:02 <Hydroxide> hehe :)
21:05:16 <DrDub> well, as I'm the only person asking for it, I can take a look and we decide by e-mail
21:05:17 <MrBeige> my tone is meant to convey "meetings aren't helping anymore" idea...
21:05:22 <moray> these should be quite standard really, "we did this, we would like to have done more, aren't our sponsors wonderful?"
21:05:31 <DrDub> I need that report finish to mass mail sponsors
21:05:50 <DrDub> and I want to do the mass mailing before next global meeting
21:05:52 <Hydroxide> DrDub: we can't give them the dc8 and dc9 ones and say "dc10 one still being prepared, will send to you in due course"?
21:05:57 <Hydroxide> DrDub: (having it is better of course)
21:06:08 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: if you have better ideas about how to get it done, great
21:06:09 <DrDub> Hydroxide: meaning DC7 and DC8
21:06:14 <moray> MrBeige: there's already a tradition of DCn+1 writing the DCn report without knowing the details themselves ;)
21:06:17 <Hydroxide> DrDub: sorry, yes. subtract one :)
21:06:30 <DrDub> well, I ducked the issue by introducing a new webpage
21:06:32 <MrBeige> someone could put it on my list to ghostwrite, but won't occur on a fixed time frame
21:06:51 <MrBeige> moray: heh
21:07:07 <DrDub> http://media.debconf.org/reports/
21:07:10 <Hydroxide> do we have anything useful to do on this? no volunteers?
21:07:15 <moray> (I don't want to volunteer for more stuff while I'm still in moving-cities phase, currently still looking for an apartment etc.)
21:07:18 <Hydroxide> if not, we'll go on, but it's important
21:07:21 <DrDub> Hydroxide: I'll prod people
21:07:24 <Hydroxide> DrDub: ok
21:07:31 <DrDub> Hydroxide: and reading those reports makes sense for my task
21:07:42 <Hydroxide> #action DrDub will prod people to finish the sponsorship+fundraising sections of the dc9 report, and will read the old reports
21:07:42 <MrBeige> sledge is down for fundraising team, marga is down for sponsorship team but she's already up for assembling it...
21:07:49 <AbsintheSyringe> I can help as well, I'm just not quite sure what to do tho besides "proding"
21:08:04 <DrDub> Hydroxide: if I lose hope, I'll call it quits as I seem to be the only person interested on those missing sections
21:08:15 <Hydroxide> #info sledge and marga are down for fundraising and sponsorship team respectively, AbsintheSyringe willing to help too
21:08:18 <Hydroxide> ok
21:08:19 <Hydroxide> let's go on now
21:08:25 <DrDub> AbsintheSyringe: I can write smth and wait for people to react
21:08:34 <MrBeige> if anyone starts writing something, let me know so that I won't ghostwrite
21:08:35 <Hydroxide> #topic dc9: outstanding sponsors
21:08:37 <DrDub> AbsintheSyringe: that worked with the sponsor pack
21:08:47 <Hydroxide> schultmc: can you summarize this briefly?
21:08:49 <AbsintheSyringe> DrDub, ok, just call me later on if you need anything
21:08:58 <AbsintheSyringe> and we'll figure it out
21:09:14 <Hydroxide> in case he's not here...
21:09:31 <Hydroxide> #info most outstanding corporate sponsors are now at one of spi/ffis/debian-uk, a small number still pending. almost done :)
21:09:35 <Hydroxide> next item
21:09:56 <Hydroxide> #topic dc11: status check of each of the three bids
21:10:14 <bureado> Hello from Quito!
21:10:21 <AbsintheSyringe> Hello from Bosnia :)
21:10:29 <_hc> hello from New York City!
21:10:34 <AbsintheSyringe> :D
21:10:35 <Hydroxide> ok :)
21:10:38 <moray> _hc: you want to do DC11 too?
21:10:41 <Roliverio> Hello from Quito aswell.
21:10:46 <Hydroxide> let's go in order of submission date
21:10:51 <Hydroxide> just for lack of a better order
21:11:08 <Hydroxide> AbsintheSyringe / change_: how's team bosnia doing?
21:11:16 <Hydroxide> (feel free to use #info)
21:11:48 <AbsintheSyringe> Hydroxide, great, we're 99% done, one thing that's left to do for our team is to go and "get the money" which we already have "ready"
21:12:08 <Hydroxide> 99% is a very notorious number... :)
21:12:09 <AbsintheSyringe> besides that I'm planing to go to Sarajevo and some other Bosnian cities and organize the "local" teams and see how they'll get involved into all of this
21:12:15 <AbsintheSyringe> besides that we're done :)
21:12:27 <AbsintheSyringe> well 99% because all we need is that signature from goverment and that's pretty much it
21:12:35 <gwolf> AbsintheSyringe: How are you regarding community building?
21:12:44 <ailefi> Hello from Quito
21:12:49 <Hydroxide> yes, anyone, please ask questions if you have them
21:12:57 <AbsintheSyringe> gwolf, that's what I'm planing to do when I go visit Sarajevo and sapphire in Visoko
21:13:05 <moray> AbsintheSyringe: Hydroxide wants a photo of you sitting on a heap of banknotes to believe you have the money :)
21:13:08 <Hydroxide> ailefi: hi. we'll get to you before we stop doing dc11 stuff this meeting, I promise :)
21:13:13 <Hydroxide> moray: haha, that would be amazing :)
21:13:29 <AbsintheSyringe> gwolf, that's from other Bosnian cities, when it comes to Banja Luka, team they are in process of building their own ULK so I'm giving them free time, otherwise it's great :)
21:13:38 <Hydroxide> what is ULK?
21:13:39 <AbsintheSyringe> moray, he'll get it :P
21:13:46 <AbsintheSyringe> lug sorry :D
21:13:48 <Hydroxide> ok
21:14:07 <Hydroxide> is the bosnia team planning to bring at least all local team members to banja luka to get familiar with the site and the offer details?
21:14:22 <AbsintheSyringe> moray, however I don't think the banknote is going to be that "large" :D
21:14:26 <Hydroxide> (even after the sarajevo/visoko meetings)
21:14:29 <gwolf> Good :) Just remember that not everybody in an ULK is willing to give all their time (and yadda yadda, I won't repeat myself over again)
21:14:38 <gwolf> (just notice how I'm getting better at en_NY)
21:14:48 <Hydroxide> gwolf: oi! :)
21:14:57 <AbsintheSyringe> Hydroxide, yes, sapphire and I have something in agreement with that, so yes that should/will be done soon enough definitely
21:15:02 <Hydroxide> great
21:15:06 <edrz> vey
21:15:09 <Hydroxide> any other questions for bosnia or shall we ask the next bid?
21:15:30 <Hydroxide> ...ok, moving on
21:15:49 <Hydroxide> azeem_, aba: how's the munich team doing?
21:16:30 <gwolf> Hydroxide/aba/azeem_: Is the Munich team now the only German team, officially?
21:16:39 * Hydroxide reminds all bid teams that if they have questions for the global team or need things from us, they can feel free to mention those requests during this agenda item, or any time outside of a meeting
21:16:42 <azeem_> gwolf: yes
21:16:43 <Hydroxide> gwolf: yes
21:16:45 <azeem_> re
21:16:54 <Hydroxide> #info it hasn't been said yet in a meetbot log, but munich is now the sole german dc11 bid
21:17:49 <edrz> azeem_: ?
21:17:50 <Hydroxide> azeem_: any news to report?
21:18:15 <azeem_> edrz: ?
21:18:21 <azeem_> sorry, I'm on gprs dialup
21:18:22 <schultmc> whoops
21:18:23 <edrz> azeem_: what Hydroxide said
21:18:24 <schultmc> sorry
21:18:38 <azeem_> heven't read scrollback yet
21:18:49 <Hydroxide> azeem_: this is the point of the meeting where we're giving dc11 bid team status updates. if you want we can do the quito team first and then come back to you when you are ready to copy/paste
21:18:51 <azeem_> there's not much news from germany, we're working on finishing the wiki page
21:19:24 <azeem_> and finalizing venue option, at least for a rough draft
21:19:29 <Hydroxide> azeem_: have you narrowed down dates or venues or sources of sponsorship? ... ah
21:19:30 <azeem_> options*
21:19:46 <anto> waves from Panama, sorry for the delay
21:19:52 <azeem_> we didn't think it was wise to appraoch sponsors before dc10 finished it's round
21:20:10 <azeem_> if we can do so from your PoV, we could work on that
21:20:37 <gwolf> azeem_: AFAICT, the question is whether you have a list of prospective sponsors, specially local ones
21:20:50 <moray> azeem_: I think he means local ones, who wouldn't want to help dc10 anyway
21:20:59 <Hydroxide> azeem_: well, I would say wait on any sponsors who might be interested in sponsoring dc10, but if it is a sponsor that wouldn't care what happens across the ocean, then feel free to talk to them. gwolf is right though, even brainstorming is good at this early stage
21:21:15 <gwolf> i.e. the Munich City Government (or whatever is called) could be approached early, I doubt they are considering sponsoring NY :) But might be interested in local sponsorship
21:21:21 <azeem_> we started brainstorming, yes
21:21:44 <Hydroxide> ok, good
21:21:45 <azeem_> gwolf: well, the Munich City Governmane would be co-organizing
21:21:49 <Hydroxide> great
21:22:04 <azeem_> but they said ti would be rather unclear whether they could support us money-wise
21:22:10 <Hydroxide> ah, ok
21:22:23 <Hydroxide> azeem_: would they be able to provide venue rooms or lodging for free?
21:22:36 <Hydroxide> anyway, these are things to think about
21:22:39 <azeem_> they don't have the facilitiesfor either
21:22:42 <Hydroxide> ok
21:22:51 <Hydroxide> thanks for the update. other questions or comments in either direction?
21:22:56 <azeem_> but we would like to do they debian day with them
21:23:01 <Hydroxide> good
21:23:16 <azeem_> they have one big room in the representative city hall
21:23:31 <azeem_> done, mostly
21:23:42 <Hydroxide> we're getting close to the halfway mark of the meeting, so I'd like to move onto the quito team to leave time for the dc10 part of the meeting. sounds like you have good explorations to pursue :)
21:24:01 <Hydroxide> bureado, ailefi, Roliverio: how is the quito bid doing?
21:24:22 <bureado> The southernmost!
21:24:24 <bureado> Excellent.
21:24:29 <bureado> #info Since we already advanced a lot of work last year, we're currently focusing in: (1) strenghtening local team and getting more local communities involved and (2) securing sponsorship from local sponsors.
21:24:38 <bureado> Local prospective sponsors now include: MINTEL, SUBINFO, Quito City Gov't, Ecuanet and CNT as well as smaller sponsors such as local FOSS consulting firms (including the one I'm working for)
21:25:14 <bureado> Communities supporting us are ASLE, Ubuntu Ecuador and some Universities. Besides, of course, Debian Ecuador, which we strategically founded (debian.ec FTW!)
21:25:28 <bureado> #info FTR, last year we narrowed dates, prepared a budget draft, selected lodging and venues and answered most questions from the checklist and also of the DebConf Team. Hopefully we'll keep the budget more or less the same since the inflation was low (~5%) but we managed to find better deals in lodging and connectivity.
21:26:04 <Hydroxide> that's very good to hear. lodging and connectivity were two of the quito bid's weak points last year - have you been making progress on solving those?
21:26:09 <bureado> Connectivity was the main concern of the Team last year, and this has greatly improved in the Country. Even smaller universities outside Quito now can handle 5 or more E1 connections affordably.
21:26:12 <Hydroxide> right
21:26:15 <moray> yes, people were worried about the bus idea
21:26:53 <Hydroxide> bureado: that sounds like an improvement. please make sure to put the current connectivity and lodging info on the wiki page :)
21:26:54 <bureado> EPN is now our main venue option and lodging will still be in La Mariscal, so those are on walking distance. No bus if you don't want to know the city.
21:27:03 <bureado> Hydroxide: We will, and we expect to have more information in less than a month.
21:27:07 <Hydroxide> great
21:27:22 <Hydroxide> any other questions/comments to or from the quito team?
21:27:36 <bureado> We're done and willing to answer questions if any.
21:28:01 <Hydroxide> ok. moving on. thanks to all teams for giving updates.
21:28:09 <Hydroxide> #topic dc11: decision meeting timing
21:28:11 <Hydroxide> http://doodle.com/evkkvre3rk2tmdsm
21:28:20 <Hydroxide> that URL is the decision meeting doodle poll
21:29:57 <Hydroxide> so far it looks like saturday at 1600 or 1700 UTC would work best for the most people, and sunday at 1800 UTC would work worst for the least people, except for one german team member who didn't fill out the poll who's only free on saturdays
21:30:00 <gwolf> Hydroxide: I don't know about the others... It is usually hard for me to know how my time will be by next weekend. Much harder for a weekend a month from now
21:30:18 <Hydroxide> gwolf: well happily multiple people from each bid team filled it out
21:30:23 <Hydroxide> based on that poll, when should we do it?
21:30:46 <Hydroxide> if nobody decides, I'll assume you're fine with any of the options I just said (for up to 3 hours)
21:30:58 <Hydroxide> and then I'll send out a decision meeting announcement via email
21:31:09 <Hydroxide> anyone want to speak up?
21:31:21 <gwolf> Hydroxide: Yes, but... I still hold my point ;-) I was basically asking in case I was the only lost mind who thought it was for this weekend instead or something
21:31:28 <Hydroxide> gwolf: ah, right.
21:31:36 <Hydroxide> this is for the weekend of february 27/28
21:31:54 <Hydroxide> nobody? ok... moving onto dc10 stuff
21:32:03 <dam> sat 17utc
21:32:25 <Hydroxide> dam: dam can you actually make that despite the poll?
21:32:54 <dam> maybe :) would be inconvenient. I just weight the most wanted options
21:33:03 <dam> and picked one
21:33:10 <Hydroxide> well, if you have a chance at making it, that's probably the optimal time
21:33:22 <Hydroxide> in that case...
21:33:23 <moray> Hydroxide: if people 'win' they'll end up with having to move other stuff around later anyway ;)
21:33:38 <edrz> is it hoped/expected this will be the only decision meeting?
21:33:47 <Hydroxide> #agreed dc11 decision meeting will be Saturday, February 27, 17:00-20:00 UTC
21:34:10 <Hydroxide> edrz: that's my hope, yes - the point of the status check now and at the one/two global meetings between now and then is to resolve any earlier issues
21:34:20 <edrz> ack
21:34:39 <Hydroxide> ok, moving on. thanks again
21:34:50 <Hydroxide> #topic dc10: Columbia housing arrangements
21:35:01 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: can you brief the global team on this?
21:35:02 <MrBeige> we have two buildings or parts of buildings
21:35:23 <MrBeige> the housing contact is reserving 300 beds for us during conf week, 80 during camp
21:36:07 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: ok. anything else worth mentioning?
21:36:08 <dam> how are the counts split between the two buildings?
21:36:09 <MrBeige> note: our "biggest" debconf, DC7, still only had a max of 267 on any given day, max in hostels of 160 or so on any given day
21:36:27 <MrBeige> assuming that pertabarf data is properly validated
21:36:45 <MrBeige> so I was wondering if 300 beds was an overshoot
21:36:54 <gwolf> MrBeige: I think that we had more simultaneous in .mx then
21:37:15 <MrBeige> 200 singles in Furnald, remainder as doubles in Carman (building names)
21:37:28 <gwolf> ...as it was harder for people to arrive "just by chance", everybody was there basically for the week. I don't have the data handy, but if you care, I can look at the DB (pre-penta)
21:37:35 <MrBeige> building names are labeled on venue map overlay
21:37:47 <dam> and the talks are in one of these?
21:37:55 <MrBeige> no
21:38:12 <MrBeige> Mudd/Schapiro northwards, this is also labeled on the overlay
21:38:15 <Hydroxide> dam: no. but these buildings are both strictly closer to the talk buildings than the ones we had been planning on
21:38:16 <DrDub> given how easy is to get in and out of NY I'd expect we'll have more "passing by" attendees
21:38:26 <MrBeige> Hydroxide: in a way that's rather irrelevent
21:38:29 <moray> and given that US people have barely any holiday time
21:38:30 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: I knew you'd say that
21:38:35 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: and yet... people care
21:38:47 <MrBeige> they are better for more relevant reasons
21:38:48 <MrBeige> anyway
21:38:57 <MrBeige> we should have an agreement in transit to us
21:39:23 <MrBeige> which we'll return with deposit in the next few months
21:39:40 <Hydroxide> (we expect to be able to afford the deposit out of dc9 surplus)
21:40:20 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: great. anything else before we move to the next item?
21:40:51 <MrBeige> I don't think so...
21:40:52 <Hydroxide> ok
21:40:56 <Hydroxide> thanks, moving on
21:41:05 <MrBeige> main thing to worry about for now are number of rooms
21:41:06 <Hydroxide> #topic dc10: corporate sponsorship team/brochure/etc
21:41:08 <MrBeige> which we should be able to handle
21:41:11 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: yep
21:41:14 <MrBeige> she said we could have up to 400 rooms
21:41:30 <Hydroxide> DrDub: ok, you've done great stuff - tell people about it (and ask for help as needed)
21:41:40 * Hydroxide nods at MrBeige
21:41:44 <DrDub> OK, so things are on their way
21:42:13 <DrDub> #info got dc.o e-mail, access to RT, braindump from previous sponsors teammates and contacts from Hydroxide
21:42:20 <DrDub> now for the ToDos
21:42:37 <DrDub> #info first todo, finalize sponsorpack (90% done with help from leslo and _hc)
21:43:08 <DrDub> question: we chopped out a lot, two big omissions: full page of in-kind sponsorship options and full tables/graphs from past DCs
21:43:17 <DrDub> now the question: are they missed?
21:43:26 <DrDub> if so, talk to me after the meeting
21:43:48 <DrDub> #info target for mass mailing the sponsors is before next global meeting
21:43:59 <DrDub> that seems to be in line with the times in previous sponsors-tables
21:44:06 <Hydroxide> DrDub: which may be sooner than a month, fwiw - will discuss at end of meeting
21:44:13 <DrDub> yup
21:44:14 <moray> DrDub: the numbers about previous conferences were usually quite wrong anyway
21:44:25 <moray> (being based on projected budgets rather than actual amounts spent)
21:44:26 <DrDub> moray: yah
21:44:49 <DrDub> #info todo: finalize e-mail templates to send out (70-80% done, with help from _bc and bgupta)
21:45:08 <DrDub> Any volunteer to write  http://media.debconf.org/reports/ ?
21:45:43 <Hydroxide> DrDub: is this the final report thing from earlier, or different?
21:45:47 <DrDub> question: we have an offer from one linux publication but we claim we'll have a thank ad in a different one
21:45:54 <DrDub> Hydroxide: just a page with links to the old ones
21:46:11 <Hydroxide> DrDub: note, we have 15 minutes left - can we do the rest via email and/or at next meeting?
21:46:18 <Hydroxide> (which may need to be sooner than a month, as I said)
21:46:35 <DrDub> oh :-(
21:46:43 <DrDub> I'm blocking on these issues
21:46:46 <Hydroxide> ah
21:46:47 <Hydroxide> ok
21:46:48 <DrDub> and people don't reply my e-mail
21:46:51 <Hydroxide> go ahead then
21:46:56 <Hydroxide> please, people, respond to him now :)
21:46:56 <DrDub> I sent 3 mails asking for help
21:47:11 <DrDub> 1. I can solve the publication stuff myself
21:47:28 <DrDub> but beware, I might screw up and we'll end up w/no publication sponsorship next year
21:47:31 <DrDub> so you better help ;-)
21:47:45 * schultmc can write an index page for http://media.debconf.org/reports/
21:47:52 <DrDub> 2. I need data to make a "why sponsor" page that is interesting for bronze sponsors
21:47:59 <DrDub> I want some people to commit to help on that
21:48:04 <Hydroxide> #action schultmc will make an index page for http://media.debconf.org/reports/
21:48:05 <DrDub> at least the logs from debconf.org
21:48:12 <DrDub> just that and we can move on
21:48:15 <DrDub> Hydroxide: thanks!
21:48:24 <Hydroxide> ok... please get in touch with DrDub everyone!
21:48:27 <Hydroxide> moving on now...
21:48:31 <Hydroxide> #dc10: visa progress
21:48:34 <Hydroxide> err
21:48:36 <Hydroxide> #topic dc10: visa progress
21:48:54 <Hydroxide> #info good news from our lawyer on the debconf10-localteam list - we got a visa issued by the US embassy in venezuela
21:49:13 <Hydroxide> #info we learned some useful lessons, etc. go check the list archives if you want details
21:49:14 <moray> which, for those not following before, is impressive!
21:49:17 <Hydroxide> yes :)
21:49:23 <dam> hell frozen :)
21:49:23 <gwolf> it is!
21:49:29 <Hydroxide> #info kudos to frank
21:49:41 <gwolf> dam: As long as it's not "squeeze frozen", I'm cool with it
21:50:02 <Hydroxide> #info we're working on a second venezuelan visa case - otherwise we won't have too many difficult countries, and (almost) all other countries should have enough time
21:50:08 <Hydroxide> ok
21:50:15 <Hydroxide> #topic dc10: penta hackability progress
21:50:19 <Hydroxide> penta is now quite hackable
21:50:28 <Hydroxide> there's a git repository
21:50:34 <Hydroxide> a few of us have push access
21:50:43 <Hydroxide> and relevant sudo access on the development instance
21:50:44 <edrz> and pull?
21:50:47 <Hydroxide> edrz: that's public
21:50:55 <edrz> right. url?
21:51:02 <Hydroxide> http://git.debconf.org/ is the gitweb
21:51:15 <Hydroxide> http://pentatest.debconf.org/penta is the penta instance
21:51:23 <Hydroxide> http://pentatest.debconf.org/penta/user/new_account to create an account
21:51:44 <Hydroxide> be aware it's a lot slower than production penta due to hw / vm resources allocated - ignore the speed difference
21:52:09 <Hydroxide> otherwise I've implemented many or all of the changes dam added to RT collected from past years of IRC/email
21:52:13 <Hydroxide> things are a lot clearer
21:52:17 <Hydroxide> which brings us to...
21:52:20 <gwolf> \o/
21:52:27 <Hydroxide> #topic dc10: Registration proposal
21:52:30 <dam> Hydroxide: no tickets closed?
21:52:35 <Hydroxide> dam: heh, didn't get to that :)
21:52:42 <Hydroxide> ok, I emailed the registration proposal to the list
21:52:57 <Hydroxide> #info bgupta is planning to have a draft registration announcement by monday
21:53:10 <Hydroxide> #info ganneff has agreed to deploy my penta changes to production penta on skinner
21:53:22 <Hydroxide> #info we can get registration open before the end of january
21:53:40 <Hydroxide> anyone want to raise issues with the proposal?
21:54:07 <Hydroxide> the one thing I'm not happy about is the higher prices, but that's unavoidable and won't affect people who can't afford it anywy
21:54:33 <Hydroxide> anyone have issues with the timeline of opening before end of january?
21:55:11 <dam> will penta be ready by then?
21:55:12 <Hydroxide> we're planning to do food/lodging sponsorship on a first-come/first-served basis, without a strict deadline but with the expectation of running up against the maximum number of sponsorship slots we can afford
21:55:17 <Hydroxide> dam: yes
21:56:15 <DrDub> Hydroxide: any advantage opening so early?
21:56:18 <dam> no priorities?
21:56:20 <azeem_> Hydroxide: what is the projected maximum number?
21:57:11 <DrDub> FIFO for sponsorship doesn't mean you'll get the most interesting attendees, just the ones that can plan their life half a year in advance
21:57:14 <Hydroxide> dam: we can do that too if people want - in the past we've never used judgment to do food/lodging sponsorship
21:57:38 <Hydroxide> azeem_: most likely 150-200 (only counting sponsored people, again)
21:57:43 <Hydroxide> azeem_: we'd have to do the math
21:57:45 <azeem_> ok
21:57:51 <schultmc> last year we had a ranking system
21:57:58 <schultmc> so there was some judgement
21:58:01 <Hydroxide> schultmc: not for food/lodging
21:58:08 <schultmc> ah, nm
21:58:09 <moray> Hydroxide: you said "first-come/first-served" already before, but do you really mean that supposing hundreds of randoms registered immediately?
21:58:20 <azeem_> as that is 50% of the projected attendence(?), I also suggest doing some scoring
21:58:22 <Hydroxide> moray: no. I was going to say, if anyone games the system we shouldn't
21:58:25 <Hydroxide> ok
21:58:42 <gwolf> oh, that's a low number AFAICT :(
21:58:49 <Hydroxide> #agreed we'll do some sort of judgment call / scoring for food/lodging sponsorship
21:58:52 <Hydroxide> gwolf: similar to past years
21:58:55 <moray> Hydroxide: I don't mean gaming the system, I just mean that people who don't really work on Debian actively might be quickly than the most important (but busy) Debian people
21:58:58 <Hydroxide> gwolf: in terms of numbers sponsored
21:58:59 <Hydroxide> moray: right
21:59:10 <moray> s/quickly/quicker/
21:59:11 <gwolf> yes, but in earlier talks, we estimated the number of attendees to NY higher..
21:59:20 <DrDub> I expect we'll get quite a bit of the "vacationing" type
21:59:33 <Hydroxide> #agreed scoring/judgment details TBD between now and end of next global meeting
21:59:44 <Hydroxide> gwolf: yes, but many will be local and won't need lodging and can skip or pay for food
21:59:49 <gwolf> We _might_ be forced into choosing people for food+lodging sponsorship
21:59:52 <Hydroxide> yes
21:59:56 <Ganneff> .
22:00:01 <Hydroxide> I think that's what we just decided
22:00:02 <moray> I'd just leave the process vague for now
22:00:05 <Hydroxide> exactly
22:00:11 <Hydroxide> ok, end of meeting, except...
22:00:12 <gwolf> Hydroxide: Local NY people, I don't care. But I would not consider anybody from >500Km (which is not too much) as local
22:00:17 <Hydroxide> #topic next meeting time
22:00:30 <Hydroxide> we are starting to have more things to discuss and are running out of time
22:00:45 <Hydroxide> i.e. we did't discuss CfP in the past hour
22:00:46 <Hydroxide> *didn't
22:01:01 <Hydroxide> can we meet again in 2 weeks? 1? 3?
22:01:10 <Hydroxide> (not 3 - that's an SPI meeting day)
22:01:10 <azeem_> when's the CfP due?
22:01:19 <Hydroxide> azeem_: hasn't been decided yet, but there's still discussion on-list
22:01:20 <Ganneff> asap
22:01:24 <Ganneff> or so :)
22:01:28 <Hydroxide> yeah
22:01:31 <Ganneff> (after skinner penta update)
22:01:53 <DrDub> (I can't make it on the 10th)
22:01:54 * Hydroxide proposes meetign again February 3 21:00-22:00 UTC (2 weeks after this meeting)
22:02:00 <Hydroxide> and discussing on-list first
22:02:09 <Hydroxide> DrDub: good reason not to conflict with SPI then :)
22:02:26 <Hydroxide> it is sooner than before, but that always happens as we approach
22:02:33 <Hydroxide> anyone mind?
22:02:34 <DrDub> I'll be on a train, I'll leave my report to Hydroxide and might be able to log in
22:02:37 <Hydroxide> going.....
22:02:40 <Hydroxide> DrDub: we're doing the 3rd, not the 10th
22:02:47 <Hydroxide> going.....
22:02:48 <DrDub> the 3rd
22:02:51 <DrDub> good
22:02:52 <Hydroxide> ya
22:02:55 <DrDub> go 3rd
22:02:57 <Hydroxide> decided!
22:03:08 <Hydroxide> #agreed next meeting February 3, 21:00-22:00 UTC
22:03:09 <Hydroxide> #endmeeting