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21:00:07 <moray> evening!
21:00:13 <Hydroxide> hello all!
21:00:17 * AbsintheSyringe *nods :)
21:00:20 <aba> hi
21:00:26 <Hydroxide> ok, the recent emails to -team should hopefully make this move quicker than two weeks ago
21:00:35 <Hydroxide> #topic dc9
21:00:44 <aba> let#s move on, we all read the mails :)
21:00:53 <Hydroxide> any questions?
21:00:57 <Hydroxide> if not, we'll move on :)
21:01:04 <aba> where is the one from Quito?
21:01:09 <MrBeige> people can help revise the texts
21:01:13 <Hydroxide> #info no questions - was explained in email
21:01:18 <MrBeige> I sent a mail about this to the list
21:01:29 <MrBeige> I have already revised most of them so it should go fast
21:01:40 <Hydroxide> #action last text to be finalized by gwolf or Hydroxide between now and Sunday
21:01:43 <MrBeige> (except one or two where I didn't think I could maintain the spirit of the text)
21:01:47 <MrBeige> or gwolf tonight :)
21:01:50 <Hydroxide> #info revisions welcome
21:01:55 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: that counts as what I said
21:02:03 <DrDub__> i read all texts they look very good
21:02:10 <Hydroxide> great
21:02:14 <Hydroxide> anything else on dc9?
21:02:21 <Hydroxide> ...moving on.
21:02:28 <MrBeige> then it'll be assembled by marga, and that's that
21:02:28 <Hydroxide> #topic dc11
21:02:31 <MrBeige> so everyone, help revise
21:02:34 * Hydroxide nods
21:02:52 <Hydroxide> #info emailed status updates from bosnia and germany, none from ecuador.
21:02:55 <Hydroxide> #topic dc11: bosnia
21:02:59 <Hydroxide> any questions for the bosnians?
21:03:01 <aba> yes
21:03:08 <Hydroxide> go
21:03:13 <aba> let me write it ...
21:03:18 <Hydroxide> ok
21:03:29 <aba> so, the gvmnt rooms are free plus money?
21:03:41 <madduck> what does free plus money mean?
21:03:57 <Hydroxide> AbsintheSyringe: can you clarify?
21:03:58 <aba> madduck: read the mail.
21:04:11 <AbsintheSyringe> I think I know what he means
21:04:34 <AbsintheSyringe> what I'm trying to do with all that money is that, besides all the conference buildings/venues all those 150k euros go to us
21:05:03 <aba> ok. so we have to pay conference facilities from that money?
21:05:04 <AbsintheSyringe> since that way govt. would be in opportunity to say, ok we gave you accommodation, food, venue for that money, and what I want is to be able to use that money
21:05:13 <DrDub__> I have a similar question: why the gov is giving so much money? that's 3x what Spain put
21:05:14 <aba> ah, cool.
21:05:14 <Ganneff> not having read the mail, are the 150k guaranteed, legally binding?
21:05:15 <AbsintheSyringe> so that's what we're putting in our "memorandum?
21:05:22 <aba> Ganneff: not yet.
21:05:25 <AbsintheSyringe> Ganneff, yes that's our goal
21:05:32 <Hydroxide> Ganneff: they are working on making it so
21:05:35 <Ganneff> AbsintheSyringe: so "no, but its our goal"
21:05:40 <Ganneff> ok.
21:05:41 <AbsintheSyringe> it's all been good so far, until we sign the final memorandum/banknote
21:05:44 <madduck> so they are not free
21:05:49 <aba> AbsintheSyringe: very well done.
21:05:53 <aba> another question:
21:05:54 <AbsintheSyringe> Ganneff, I didn't say that
21:06:01 <gwolf> AbsintheSyringe: I guess it will only be binding once it is _decided_ we go to Bosnia, right?
21:06:08 <Ganneff> AbsintheSyringe: yes you did. but its ok.
21:06:25 <gwolf> (that means, for the venue decision, we cannot count on it 100%, although there is high confidence from your side)
21:06:53 <AbsintheSyringe> Ganneff, we got a "promise" from the prime minister himself, but getting binding papers is another thing, and that's our goal, that should be anyones goal
21:07:14 <Ganneff> AbsintheSyringe: yeah, so the real answer is "no, its not legally binding yet, but we try".
21:07:19 <Ganneff> but im fine with it, just wanted to know
21:07:34 <Hydroxide> great. any other questions for bosnia? if not we'll go onto germany for questions
21:07:38 <AbsintheSyringe> gwolf, no no, venues are going to be either govt. building or the other "banski dvori" building, that's for sure, we're getting whatever WE choose
21:07:47 <DrDub__> my question
21:07:54 <DrDub__> did it got through?
21:07:58 <Hydroxide> 16:05 < DrDub__> I have a similar question: why the gov is giving so much  money? that's 3x what Spain put
21:08:09 <gwolf> AbsintheSyringe: By venue choosing time I meant when we get to choose between .de, .ba, .ec
21:09:01 <AbsintheSyringe> gwolf, I can say we choose one of those right now, it doesn't matter, I was thinking it should be chosen later on after either of those countries has been selected, since both those options are great
21:09:20 <Hydroxide> AbsintheSyringe: can you answer DrDub__'s question
21:09:21 <MrBeige> perhaps you should follow up clarifying these things on the list ?
21:09:24 <Hydroxide> right
21:09:43 <AbsintheSyringe> yea I guess I should
21:09:44 <micah> when does the government change in bosnia? a promise by one prime minister is not the promise of the next...
21:09:45 <MrBeige> (something written top to bottom may be more clear)
21:09:46 <Hydroxide> gwolf: let's assume unless he gives us a pleasant surprise later that your interpretation is correct
21:10:08 <Hydroxide> and micah's
21:10:15 <madduck> micah: a promise by a politician may also never be a promise as you and I understand it… but we all know that too.
21:10:24 <AbsintheSyringe> micah, that's why I want govt. to sign those papers, so tomorrow, no matter who the prime minister is in charge, or party or anything, govt. hast to pay us that money
21:10:24 <aba> I think we can stop that discussion here, and see how that continues. If it's signed, it's signed. And that needs to be the goal.
21:10:35 <gwolf> (hmh, I just meant we cannot be 100% certain we will get the gov't money until after we do choose Bosnia over Germany, I didn't get into venue choosing)
21:10:54 <aba> gwolf: well, I don't assume the bosnian gvmt will pay for germany :)
21:10:58 <AbsintheSyringe> gwolf, no no, money is before anything!
21:11:15 <MrBeige> The point of this is to see what people are concerned about, and now that the bosnia team knows, they can update their wiki page with a detailed explanation
21:11:16 <moray> gwolf: you also can't be *sure* of many other factors about any bid
21:11:19 * Hydroxide sets a time limit of 21:15 UTC before we move on from bosnia
21:11:22 <gwolf> aba: Might be nice ;-)
21:11:23 <AbsintheSyringe> gwolf, before decision, if Bosnia is chosen, then we going to have it put all nicely on the paper, that is some kind of contract
21:11:28 <Hydroxide> so as not to take too much time
21:11:33 <aba> AbsintheSyringe: I have a different question: in dc9 we had on the days with much travel that we outmaxed transport capacity (rail, ...) and people had to go too early because there weren't seats left in the later trains. Can that happen to Banja Luka as well (or: how large is the capacity?) - nothing too urgent.
21:11:45 <AbsintheSyringe> I'll just write and clarify it on in the email
21:11:52 <Hydroxide> great
21:12:02 <aba> (was that to my second question?)
21:12:05 <Hydroxide> #action AbsintheSyringe will email -team with clarifications in response to the questions that were asked
21:12:12 <Hydroxide> given that, let's move on :)
21:12:17 <aba> ok.
21:12:19 <Hydroxide> #topic dc11: germany
21:12:23 <Hydroxide> any questions for the germans?
21:12:24 <AbsintheSyringe> yes, please send all your questions in the meantime, I'll be happy to answer them
21:13:12 <aba> none. good.
21:13:13 <Hydroxide> none?
21:13:18 * aba can continue sleeping
21:13:32 <Hydroxide> ...ok, thanks for coming despite feeling ill, aba. stay or go to sleep as your health requires :)
21:13:37 <moray> aba: what undertakings do you have from the prime minister? ;)
21:13:40 <Hydroxide> haha
21:14:10 <Hydroxide> #topic dc11: ecuador
21:14:15 <Hydroxide> bureado / ailefi: is either of you here?
21:14:17 <aba> moray: the city of munich is going to support us, but not so much mney.
21:14:39 <Hydroxide> I'll give them until 21:16 UTC to show that they're here, otherwise we'll move on
21:15:34 <Hydroxide> bureado / ailefi: ping 2 of 2
21:15:38 * h01ger uses the break to wave a bit
21:15:45 <Hydroxide> :)
21:15:47 <gwolf> h01ger:21:16:00 <gwolf>21:16:04 <aba> AbsintheSyringe: I sent you my qustions per mail as well now, so that they're in your inbox.
21:16:08 <Hydroxide> ...ok, moving on
21:16:09 <madduck> h01ger: i don't think the wave protocol is sustainable.
21:16:15 <madduck> irc can do it all! ;)
21:16:25 <Hydroxide> #topic dc10: questions re housing/facilities stuff
21:16:43 <Hydroxide> any questions for MrBeige or me or schultmc or bgupta or Clint, all of whom attended the recent housing meeting with Columbia, or other related questions?
21:17:16 <Hydroxide> if not, again, moving on soon
21:17:22 <moray> on the facilities, how are things looking from the 24-hour point of view?  (I didn't spot anything on it, but maybe missed it)
21:17:23 <Noodles> I have a quick question.
21:17:30 <Hydroxide> ok
21:17:45 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: you want to explain the situation for moray ?
21:17:45 <MrBeige> our general plan is still sound, but of course now we are getting to the point of "figure out all these details"
21:17:54 <Hydroxide> Noodles: we'll get to you next.
21:17:54 <Noodles> I may have been meant to follow a link in one of the mails, but I wasn't clear if we expect paying attendees to be able to stay in the on site housing too?
21:18:41 <MrBeige> 24-hour access: the talk room buildings will be closed to the general public, but we'll be able to get into them if needed anyway
21:18:46 <Hydroxide> Noodles: ah. that will be clarified in the registration email and is now clarified on the website. professional/corporate attendees can optionally choose to use the on-site housing at no additional charge, and basic attendees can choose to pay for on-site housing
21:19:24 <MrBeige> 24-hour access: hacklabs/workspace/eating space will be open 24 hours, somehow.  It's unclear if we'll need to hire a security guard or if we can just do it, but getting this worked out is a high priority
21:19:47 <MrBeige> some of the staff were like "oh, yeah, we'll have to just leave it all unlocked"
21:20:25 <Hydroxide> 24-hour access: of course you can get into your group lodging room 24-hours too :)
21:20:28 <Hydroxide> any other questions? :)
21:20:47 <MrBeige> (activity on specifics should pick up on the localteam list soonish)
21:20:57 <Hydroxide> yep
21:21:14 <Hydroxide> #info local team is planning an in-person meeting in less than 2 weeks
21:21:22 <Hydroxide> #info to get more people doing more of the local specifics
21:21:34 <Hydroxide> ok, hearing no more questions on this, next item
21:21:41 <Hydroxide> #topic dc10: sponsorship questions
21:21:51 <Hydroxide> #info Pablo gave the list an email update
21:21:55 <Hydroxide> any questions on this?
21:22:30 <DrDub__> :)
21:22:37 <Hydroxide> really? is everything that perfectly obvious/great/clear? cool! :)
21:23:07 <Hydroxide> ...ok then
21:23:09 <Hydroxide> moving on :)
21:23:18 <Hydroxide> #topic dc10: registration/cfp questions
21:23:28 <Hydroxide> #info email status report sent - we're ready! :)
21:23:36 <Hydroxide> #info since my status update, a few people have registered. overall things are working great, though some further wording clarifications can be good for people not used to debconf penta.
21:23:43 <Hydroxide> any other questions/thoughts?
21:24:27 <Hydroxide> #info between end-of-meeting and $bedtime tonight I plan to implement any of those clarifications that are not too hard, then we'll announce as soon as we're logistically able
21:24:28 <MrBeige> I guess it means "carry on, doing great"
21:24:41 <Hydroxide> yep
21:24:46 <DrDub__> (still need to read the CfP myself)
21:25:01 <Hydroxide> http://whiteboard.debian.net/dc10registration.wb
21:25:04 <Hydroxide> http://whiteboard.debian.net/dc10cfp.wb
21:25:33 <Hydroxide> those are the announcement drafts, and substantially the same text is now reflected on the dc10 website, and some of it also on the penta.debconf.org root page
21:26:02 <Hydroxide> anything else on this, or should we move onto the session chair proposal discussion?
21:26:10 <DrDub__> no page limit on papers?
21:26:20 <Hydroxide> DrDub__: hasn't been necessary in the past
21:26:29 <raphael_> on the "About NYC" section: shouldn't it read "As leading ..."?
21:26:29 <DrDub__> (we can take offline, actually)
21:26:32 <Hydroxide> DrDub__: the bigger issue is getting people to write the papers at all :)
21:26:32 <DrDub__> great
21:26:47 <gwolf> DrDub__: We are not printing proceedings, it does not hurt  to include extra material
21:26:52 <Hydroxide> raphael_: no, it's grammatical as is
21:26:53 <gwolf> (I like printed proceedings :( )
21:27:12 <Hydroxide> gwolf: we were planning to print proceedings for dc9, but didn't because almost nobody submitted papers
21:27:25 <Hydroxide> gwolf: so we will for dc10 too if enough are submitted
21:27:37 <gwolf> good...
21:27:44 <Hydroxide> raphael_: it's grammatical as is, and that change would make it ungrammatical. can explain later
21:27:55 <Hydroxide> anything else?
21:28:20 <Hydroxide> ok, moving on then
21:28:29 <Hydroxide> #topic dc10: session chairs proposal
21:28:35 <Hydroxide> #chair MrBeige
21:28:35 <MeetBot> Current chairs: Hydroxide MrBeige
21:28:37 <Hydroxide> (just in case)
21:28:43 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: you have the floor
21:28:46 * gwolf likes the idea
21:28:59 <moray> I am not against it as such, but worry it's a bit impractical for DebConf
21:29:06 <madduck> can we have a short summary for those who have not been able to follow everythign?
21:29:08 <MrBeige> I think my email summed it up pretty well
21:29:12 <MrBeige> but the idea is:
21:29:26 <MrBeige> so far, we've always had people submit papers independently
21:29:33 * madduck has not recovered from email since LCA and a massive joe-job of last week.
21:29:44 <MrBeige> with one central team managing them all
21:30:01 <MrBeige> after being at several other conferences, I saw they tended to be organized in smaller groups, in sessions
21:30:09 <MrBeige> e.g. the hydrodynamics session
21:30:29 <MrBeige> so we would a) leave it possible to submit independent papers
21:31:14 <gwolf> I think we can make it a bit more practical if each proposal submitted could choose an existing tag (i.e. topic/session) or use a new one. Untagged proposals can go in unchaired sessions, or can be tagged by the talk selection team, and tagged proposals would be grouped together.
21:31:17 <MrBeige> and then also b) reach out to teams, and say "if you(team leader) would like to collect and organize talks related to you area, you can approve the talks yourself and schedule them in an order that makes sense"
21:31:34 <MrBeige> so session chairs can:
21:31:47 <madduck> sounds good.
21:31:50 <MrBeige> - encourage people to give talks on interesting topics, and approve talks themselves in their area
21:31:53 * madduck is in favour of decentralisation
21:31:58 <madduck> in addition, maybe think about the chairs/paper committee as a pre-filter so compile a list of plausible (e.g. likely to happen events, but then to let the attendants vote on which talks to accept?
21:32:26 <MrBeige> - if they want to try to schedule the talks in group/some logical order, they can do that (take pressure off of the main scheduler)
21:32:43 <Ganneff> that will be an interesting talk to integrate into penta and the way to work
21:32:49 * Hydroxide taking this time to do a brief bit of $paidjob stuff, so please MrBeige et all use MeetBot as appropriate for summary purposes. The idea itself seems quite good.
21:32:54 <MrBeige> - give intros/transitions for all of their speakers (if they want to)
21:32:55 <Hydroxide> s/et all/et al/
21:33:23 <MrBeige> and if this idea breaks down, it just transparently reverts to central talk committeee
21:33:25 <madduck> MrBeige: define "session", please? is it anything beyond "related set of papers"? is it a time-frame/room combo too?
21:33:45 <moray> madduck: I was assuming related topic, scheduled together
21:34:00 <MrBeige> madduck: that is sort of ambigous, at least it would be "related group of talks", but it *can* be scheduled together if the session chair would like
21:34:11 <gwolf> madduck: Possibly we would be talking about a ~3hr session block, shared between the related proposals
21:34:18 <moray> I'm not sure how many talks we have on coherent topics, or how realistic it is to get them scheduled together
21:34:19 <MrBeige> (we can work out details of scheduling later, depending on what people would like to do/is practical)
21:34:22 <gwolf> maybe even sparking questions for the whole group of speakers
21:34:23 <madduck> moray, MrBeige: this sounds a lot like LCA miniconfs, with which I have been involved for two years now, hence my asking.
21:34:40 <gwolf> it works quite well IMO
21:34:45 <MrBeige> madduck: if you would like to help do this, I'll work with you on it
21:34:56 <madduck> i.e. solicit applications for "sessions" and then pick a limited number, e.g. 5 days × 2 rooms = 10 sessions.
21:35:15 <MrBeige> (though my goal would be to transition into someone else leading the talks team)
21:35:37 <Hydroxide> gwolf: yes, his idea seemed open to having an introduction and a generally a more cohesive/curated block
21:35:54 <MrBeige> madduck: that's an interestng idea, too.  I would tihnk we should try something like that, but always have the indepndent-talk fallback if it doesn't take off
21:36:05 <madduck> gwolf: one day or half day would work, but I think we should deal with blocks.
21:36:38 <madduck> one other twist:
21:36:39 <gwolf> madduck: I'd say half-day sessions
21:36:54 <MrBeige> who is opposed to this idea?  Is it enough to form a team to start trying to work out the details and see if it will all integrate well?
21:36:57 <gwolf> a whole day might be too much, and might be unrealistic to see filled
21:37:00 <madduck> gwolf: that would make 20 sessions of 2-3 talks or 4-6 short talks each, which I think is possibly too little
21:37:01 <DrDub__> MrBeige: what about assigning sessions to last yr talks?
21:37:20 <madduck> about unrealistic to be filled: this year's LCA saw two miniconfs cancelled due to lack of papers
21:37:32 <gwolf> madduck: I'd even leave some unsessioned space, for those thematically independent...
21:37:35 <MrBeige> DrDub__: hm?
21:37:36 <madduck> the problem was that the sessions had already been picked and thus replacements had to be found in short time
21:37:37 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: just to be clear about what you're proposing, this shouldn't delay a CfP announcement which only asks for people to specify DebConf vs DebCamp and no more specific track, right?
21:37:39 <DrDub__> MrBeige: to get an idea of how many sessions are there
21:37:44 <madduck> gwolf: sure.
21:37:56 <MrBeige> Hydroxide: yeah, we can probably send that out and reach out for session chairs later
21:37:57 <madduck> gwolf: so maybe two days of miniconfs and three days of conf, like LCA
21:38:02 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: right, ok
21:38:13 <madduck> i'd suggest to ask for session proposals to include a list of papers.
21:38:30 <MrBeige> Hydroxide: but I can add a paragraph to the CfP describing this and saying it will be an option this year
21:38:42 <madduck> e.g. independent submission of papers, and then somehow let session proponents select a subset for their proposal.
21:38:51 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: that would be great to do in $smallnumber of hours after the meeting. wonderful.
21:39:10 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: (I can also meet tonight if useful - I have my laptop. to discuss after meeting.)
21:39:37 <MrBeige> madduck: I think we are seeing the same idea here, hich is good
21:39:40 <MrBeige> (details to be worked out)
21:39:45 <Hydroxide> ok
21:39:50 <MrBeige> madduck: it would be great if you could help with this for debconf
21:39:58 <MrBeige> but first: what do people think of this idea?
21:40:13 <schultmc> seems like a great idea
21:40:14 <Hydroxide> can we translate this great discussion into a small number of #info/#action/#agreed as a summary, and then move on to next meeting time?
21:40:21 <madduck> MrBeige: in my copious free time. ;)
21:40:21 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: I think the answer is *many thumbs up* :)
21:40:26 <schultmc> I've missed some talks I've wanted to see since they were scheduled simultaneously
21:40:33 <moray> MrBeige: I'm unconvinced, but that's more about the practicalities than thinking it's bad
21:40:48 <schultmc> sounds like if I was interested in a particular track I'd be less likely to miss talks from that track
21:40:57 <MrBeige> moray: yes, practicalities need to be worked out
21:41:05 <madduck> #agreed we should consider adopting the idea of LCA miniconfs. madduck and MrBeige will work out details and send a mail to the list in due time.
21:41:13 <madduck> aha, i cannot ;)
21:41:22 <Hydroxide> #chair madduck
21:41:22 <MeetBot> Current chairs: Hydroxide MrBeige madduck
21:41:25 <Hydroxide> madduck: try again :)
21:41:32 <moray> madduck: I don't think it's exactly copying LCA :p
21:41:34 <madduck> #agreed we should consider adopting the idea of LCA miniconfs.
21:41:55 <madduck> #action madduck and MrBeige will work out details (and degree to which this is like LCA miniconfs) and send a mail to the list in due time.
21:41:59 <madduck> nope
21:42:06 <Hydroxide> great
21:42:14 <MrBeige> it worked, there is no response from the bot about it
21:42:18 <Hydroxide> wonderful discussion, and thanks again to MrBeige for the idea. anything else?
21:42:21 <madduck> oh. :)
21:42:27 <moray> madduck: I only point that out, as I think it's only you here who's actually be to LCA, so it doesn't help clarify for the rest of us :)
21:42:43 <Hydroxide> #topic next meeting
21:42:45 <madduck> moray: fair enough, I'll keep that in mind.
21:42:46 <gwolf> madduck: Tat's the format of basically every academic-minded conference at my workplace ;-)
21:42:47 <moray> if this goes through you should get the session chairs soon though
21:42:47 <Noodles> I've been to LCA and think it sounds a bit like the miniconfs.
21:42:52 <madduck> gwolf: yeah…
21:42:55 <Noodles> (and that it's a good idea)
21:43:02 <madduck> Noodles: I think we can learn a lot from LCA
21:43:03 <moray> the session chairs also ought to be able to actively seek out related talks
21:43:07 <moray> not just wait for them to come in
21:43:20 <Hydroxide> when should we meet next? two weeks == Feb 17, three == Feb 24, four == Mar 3
21:43:29 <MrBeige> moray: yes, that's what I was hoping, that chairs could seek out good talks
21:43:30 <Noodles> madduck: I agree, though we also need to remember it is a different audience.
21:43:31 <DrDub__> link for LCA (latent compont analysis?)?
21:43:38 <Hydroxide> DrDub__: http://linux.conf.au/
21:43:45 <MrBeige> moray: since they know who is doing the most interesting stuff
21:43:55 <MrBeige> (+ most important to have spoken about)
21:43:58 * Hydroxide apologizes for moving things on prematurely and reverts the /topic
21:44:07 <MrBeige> it's ok
21:44:23 <Hydroxide> ..or not :)
21:44:36 <madduck> session chairs should be able to register early, and create a session
21:44:43 <madduck> then users can submit events for specific sessions
21:44:54 <madduck> or chairs can snatch events into their sessions ;)
21:45:02 <madduck> fun fun the competitive edge!
21:45:09 <moray> MrBeige should go through previous years' talks and try to work out some plausible session groupings
21:45:14 <MrBeige> madduck: hmm... interesting, submitting straight to a session
21:45:17 <madduck> if a session is not picked, the papers become available for the general pool
21:45:17 <moray> and work out who would be good chairs for them
21:45:30 <MrBeige> madduck: might not be too hard to do "DebConf - d-i track"
21:45:30 <bdale> madduck: you just have to be careful that the same talk proposed to N miniconfs doesn't get scheduled N times
21:45:31 <madduck> and the existing papers committee still vets all of the papers for basic quality, given their experience.
21:45:40 <Hydroxide> so, in favor of meeting sooner: (1) to address any issues people have with registration/cfp after it's opened tonight; (2) anything session chair-related. in favor of later: (1) there isn't that much else to discuss two weeks from now; (2) more of a time burden on us
21:45:41 * gwolf registers the "anything goes" session and grabs all papeers!
21:45:42 <DrDub__> MrBeige, moray: that was what I was saying earlier
21:45:45 <MrBeige> "DebConf - Python track"
21:45:56 <madduck> bdale: 1:1 relation. not tags. ;)
21:45:57 <Hydroxide> s/more of a/reduce the/
21:46:06 <DrDub__> DebConf - Turing computable track
21:46:18 * MrBeige thinks that ending now is all right, we are in post-meeting discussion mode I think
21:46:23 <Hydroxide> right
21:46:29 <Hydroxide> we should at least decide next meeting time
21:46:36 <Hydroxide> and then feel free to continue the discussion :)
21:47:06 <Hydroxide> I gave my thoughts earlier. I'm fine with any of Feb17/Feb24/Mar3.
21:47:07 <MrBeige> let's say two weeks and be glad it'll go fast?
21:47:18 <MrBeige> if there's not much to say we'll be done in 15min
21:47:21 <Hydroxide> I'm ok with that if everyone else is
21:47:28 <Hydroxide> (approximately)
21:47:36 <DrDub__> 17th might be better for me
21:47:40 <DrDub__> so yeah
21:47:55 <Hydroxide> h01ger expressed a preference on-list for less often than every two weeks this far in advance
21:48:05 <Hydroxide> I don't personally care but just wanted to share that
21:48:32 <Hydroxide> ("don't personally care" == any of them is fine with me)
21:48:37 <madduck> Hydroxide: frequent short meetings are better than seldom long ones.
21:48:40 <Hydroxide> madduck: ok
21:48:57 <gwolf> h01ger: Do you want to oppose?
21:49:02 <gwolf> h01ger:21:49:09 <Hydroxide> if nobody expresses a contrary preference by 21:51 UTC I'll do an #agreed and then an #endmeeting
21:49:28 <Hydroxide> and then feel free to continue discussing session chairs if you like :)
21:50:30 <h01ger> gwolf, no i wanted to suggest something :)
21:50:43 <gwolf> h01ger: please do now, or shut up later ;-)
21:52:01 <AbsintheSyringe> gwolf, your for Bosnian bid was wheter or not we'll get it before or after the final decision?
21:52:08 <AbsintheSyringe> DrDub, what was your question again
21:52:13 * Hydroxide waits for h01ger's suggestion and has his MeetBot end-of-meeting commands ready for pasting
21:52:24 <AbsintheSyringe> I'm writing them all down, I'll answer them all nicely in proper manner on the mailing list
21:52:35 <AbsintheSyringe> ah, I thought meeting is over
21:52:40 <Hydroxide> AbsintheSyringe: about to be
21:52:49 <AbsintheSyringe> >_<
21:52:53 <AbsintheSyringe> my bad, sorry
21:52:58 <gwolf> AbsintheSyringe: It was not exactly a question - somebody (aba?) asked whether you had anything in writing. I made my question trying to state the obvious, that probably nothing would be in writing until Bosnia was chosen
21:52:59 <DrDub__> AbsintheSyringe: my question was "why so much money" it is suspicious. what part of the deal might go away in a rush?
21:53:19 * Hydroxide is about to assume that h01ger's suggestion was simply about suggesting taking longer than two weeks between meetings to be less burdensome on people's schedules.
21:53:20 <h01ger> it seems very frequent to me. if the people doing it, think its useful, more meetings to them! :-D
21:53:29 <h01ger> Hydroxide, yup
21:53:32 <Hydroxide> ok, indeed
21:53:43 <h01ger> but you heard me, so please move on :)
21:53:46 <Hydroxide> in that case, duly noted, and although I don't care either way myself I'm happy to go with the majority opinion
21:53:51 <Hydroxide> then:
21:53:55 <Hydroxide> #agreed Next global team meeting Wednesday, February 17th 21:00-22:00 UTC, right here
21:53:58 <Hydroxide> #action Hydroxide will ensure that a summary of this meeting is emailed to -team within $smallnumber of days from now
21:54:01 <Hydroxide> #endmeeting