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21:00:06 <moray> evening
21:00:19 <sapphire> evening
21:00:24 <Hydroxide> hi all
21:00:43 <Hydroxide> everyone ready to get started? thanks to those who emailed status updates
21:01:03 <Hydroxide> #topic dc9: sponsor bags
21:01:09 <Hydroxide> DrDub: are you here to discuss this?
21:01:14 <Hydroxide> dam: or you, if DrDub isn't?
21:01:27 * h01ger waves
21:01:34 <Hydroxide> hi h01ger
21:01:45 * AbsintheSyringe *waves as well :)
21:02:28 <Hydroxide> ok, does someone want to address this?
21:03:05 <DrDub_> hello everybody
21:03:13 <Hydroxide> DrDub_: hi. go ahead and talk about dc9 sponsor bag stuff
21:03:17 <DrDub_> yes
21:03:26 <Hydroxide> feel free to use meetbot commands to make summarizing easier :)
21:03:27 <DrDub_> we need a budget for it and some decisions
21:03:41 <DrDub_> possible choices
21:03:45 <DrDub_> wine.deb yes/no
21:03:50 <DrDub_> bag yes/no
21:03:51 <DrDub_> shirt yes/no
21:03:57 <DrDub_> printed report yes/no
21:04:15 <DrDub_> sending everything nicely packed will be quite a bit of money per sponsor
21:04:32 <DrDub_> I have been thinking about sending wine.deb directly from merchant
21:04:40 <DrDub_> plus printed report (separatedly)
21:04:57 <DrDub_> plus letter explaining we had the bags intended for them stolen
21:05:18 <Noodles> Do sponsors really care about a t-shirt?
21:05:39 <Noodles> I think the wine is a nice touch if it's not too expensive to do.
21:05:41 <DrDub_> Noodles: I wouldn't think so
21:05:50 <AbsintheSyringe> I too think wine is great idea
21:05:55 <DrDub_> Noodles: wine is doable if we ship it directly within Europe
21:06:10 <DrDub_> I mean, if I have to ship it to US and then back to Europe it'll be a lot of $$$
21:06:32 <AbsintheSyringe> DrDub, what about you make your own in the states? is that a possibility?
21:06:35 <DrDub_> now, does it look bad to have the sponsors receive our "thank you" package in two installmentes?
21:06:43 <DrDub_> my own wine?
21:06:48 <DrDub_> barefoot? :)
21:06:52 <AbsintheSyringe> DrDub, :D
21:07:09 <AbsintheSyringe> DrDub, no really you should talk to anto or whoever, and ask him about this, they made their own wine?
21:07:10 <moray> DrDub_: it looks a little bad, but probably not worse than taking longer to sendit
21:07:14 <DrDub_> AbsintheSyringe: no, that's not a possibility
21:07:21 <AbsintheSyringe> DrDub, :-/
21:07:40 <DrDub_> (I'm a city boy ;-)
21:08:02 <DrDub_> OK, so that'll put us around $50US per sponsor
21:08:24 <Hydroxide> ok, we can tolerate that
21:08:37 <DrDub_> so we're OK with no bag and no t-shirt?
21:08:53 <DrDub_> making our own t-shirt in US is certainly doable
21:09:14 <DrDub_> I don't think it is worth waiting for it plus the logistics, plus having the shipping more expensive
21:09:29 <DrDub_> and it'll add more in the per-sponsor costs
21:09:39 <Hydroxide> makes sense to me
21:09:42 <moray> we *did* agree ages ago that the t-shirts were to be done, and I think some sponsors before said they liked/cared about them -- but really we should do something that we can finish soon
21:09:43 <DrDub_> I'll need somebody to help ordering the wine
21:10:01 <DrDub_> moray: whomever agreed to it didn't follow up
21:10:24 <DrDub_> moray: and thanks for bringing this up in IRC before, by the way, I wasn't aware of the issue :-)
21:10:37 <DrDub_> the website is in German
21:10:42 <DrDub_> that's why I need some help
21:10:47 <DrDub_> as I don't speak German
21:10:54 <Hydroxide> ok
21:10:55 <moray> h01ger or someone may be able to post it directly for us?
21:11:00 <moray> rather than ordering through the website?
21:11:07 <DrDub_> (some mortal flaw of my character I should address soon if I want to contribute fully to Debian ;-)
21:12:24 <Hydroxide> ok, in the interest of keeping things moving
21:12:38 <Hydroxide> can we have someone agree to work with DrDub_ on getting the ordering done?
21:12:50 <DrDub_> back
21:13:00 <moray> h01ger: ping
21:13:40 <Hydroxide> ok, at this point we should move on - I and moray will make sure we find someone to help DrDub_ with the ordering :)
21:13:50 <Hydroxide> thanks DrDub_
21:14:02 <Hydroxide> #topic dc9: final report
21:14:16 <Hydroxide> marga: are you there? how is the final report assembly coming? do you need any help?
21:14:23 <Hydroxide> does anyone else know, in case she's not there? :)
21:14:31 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: ^^
21:14:35 <MrBeige> she said it was going all right, most of the text was in place
21:14:40 <Hydroxide> ok, great
21:14:48 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: is there anything to address on this point then?
21:14:50 <MrBeige> last she said she needed to fill in pictures and things
21:14:55 <Hydroxide> ok
21:14:58 <moray> I and others sent her some more
21:15:06 <Hydroxide> moray: wonderful
21:15:17 <moray> so hopefully she has enough to be viable now
21:15:20 * Hydroxide nods
21:15:27 <MrBeige> so nothing much more unless she appears...
21:15:28 <Hydroxide> great. anything else to discuss before we move onto dc11 topics?
21:15:31 <moray> (or can request more for specific topics)
21:15:31 <Hydroxide> ...ok
21:15:45 <Hydroxide> #topic dc11: bosnia
21:15:58 <Hydroxide> AbsintheSyringe / sapphire / change: hi there! any updates for us?
21:16:13 <Hydroxide> how's it going?
21:16:54 * AbsintheSyringe Bosnia update, we should get the banknote/memorandum tomorrow 4pm, I should put it up by 6PM GMT+1, after that next week we'll just update wiki with all the answers we got from the govt. we already got the questions but, I'm not posting anything without that banknote :)
21:17:15 <AbsintheSyringe> so with all that, we should be done with everything next week, and will be ready for final decision on Sat. :)
21:17:23 <AbsintheSyringe> sounds good?
21:17:24 <moray> sounds good, yes
21:17:37 <DrDub_> AbsintheSyringe:
21:17:39 <Hydroxide> sounds great :)
21:17:44 <AbsintheSyringe> I'll get the banknote faxed, that wont be a problem right?
21:17:57 <Hydroxide> AbsintheSyringe: it's not a problem, no, certainly not this far in advance
21:18:02 <h01ger> moray, pong
21:18:09 <AbsintheSyringe> that's the Bosnian update that :)
21:18:12 <Hydroxide> anyone from the bosnia team have any questions or us, or anyone have questions for them?
21:18:17 <Hydroxide> s/or us/for us/
21:18:23 <h01ger> moray, how much wine to where?
21:18:37 <AbsintheSyringe> we don't have any questions, we'll accept any questions for us tho :)
21:18:54 <sapphire> I just hope it goes well...
21:18:59 <azeem> how's the Banja Luka local team doing?
21:19:10 <moray> h01ger: a bottle to each sponsor, AIUI
21:19:11 <Hydroxide> h01ger: we were wondering earlier if you would be able to help DrDub_ ship wine to dc9 sponsors to replace what was stolen by the venue. should cost debconf a tolerable amount per sponsor. and DrDub_ doesn't know German well enough to order via the website :)
21:19:21 <AbsintheSyringe> about the team, I have a question in that regard
21:19:30 <Hydroxide> AbsintheSyringe: go ahead
21:19:57 <AbsintheSyringe> is there a problem if we don't present you with the local team, since it's not going to be a big crowd, and I'd like to assemble the "final team" after the decision process
21:21:07 <moray> AbsintheSyringe: there's no need to have a final team, but you should be able to show that the main group is not just you (one person)
21:21:18 * h01ger will reply later moray and DrDub_ so the meeting can stay on topic. basically, i dont do shipping but i can give them a list of addresses so we dont have to go through the webfrontend
21:21:20 <moray> that's important for the decision
21:21:26 <Hydroxide> h01ger: great
21:21:29 <AbsintheSyringe> moray, sure ;)
21:21:40 <AbsintheSyringe> also
21:21:46 <DrDub_> h01ger: thanks, that's what we need
21:21:48 <moray> h01ger: that works well, yes
21:22:11 <AbsintheSyringe> we it be late to present al lthe final wiki info last week, just one week prior to decision making, it's going to appear on planet once I post it on my blog and all, but is it going to be too late?
21:22:26 <AbsintheSyringe> it's pretty much all there right now, but with really bunch of answers :)
21:22:45 <h01ger> though. the recipient might have to pay taxes at arrival, dunno if this can be labeled "gift" and thats it
21:23:04 <moray> h01ger: normally gift and low value should avoid it
21:23:21 <Hydroxide> AbsintheSyringe: sounds fine
21:23:38 <AbsintheSyringe> Hydroxide, there we go :)
21:23:46 <Hydroxide> any other questions from/for the bosnia team?
21:23:53 <AbsintheSyringe> with all that said, our plan is to be 100% ready before decision date :)
21:23:56 <Hydroxide> ok :)
21:23:59 <Hydroxide> moving on
21:23:59 <moray> h01ger: (they probably know that:) they should put the €5 (or whatever) value on the appropriate shipping labels
21:24:16 <Hydroxide> #topic dc11: germany
21:24:31 <Hydroxide> azeem: ok, your turn. how's your preparation going?
21:24:48 <azeem> hi
21:24:55 <azeem> we mostly tied up our local team since the laste meeting, see http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf11/Munich#Local_Team
21:25:25 <azeem> it's 9 people now, including a couple DDs, some people from LiMux and a upstream GNU guy who doubles as junior group leader at the university
21:25:43 <azeem> otherwise, we are still finalizing the wiki, we hope to have it final by next Wednesday
21:26:05 <Hydroxide> great
21:26:24 <Hydroxide> any questions from or for the munich team?
21:26:25 <azeem> same for the agreement with the university for the free venue
21:26:29 <Hydroxide> wonderful
21:26:51 <moray> a statement that they seem to have trouble spelling DebConfN ;)
21:27:20 <Hydroxide> heh
21:27:26 <AbsintheSyringe> :)
21:27:31 <Hydroxide> is that our cue to move on? why, yes, yes I think it is
21:27:32 <Hydroxide> :)
21:27:38 <Hydroxide> #topic dc11: ecuador
21:27:46 <moray> someone here?
21:27:47 <h01ger> moray, its alcohol. (but lets drop the speculation here. they definitly know more then i)
21:27:51 <Hydroxide> bureado, ailefi: ok, thank you for sending your status update via email
21:28:09 <Hydroxide> bureado, ailefi: anything more to add, or any questions for us?
21:28:12 <bureado> Yes.
21:28:12 <Hydroxide> (and any questions for them?)
21:28:15 <Hydroxide> ok
21:28:16 <bureado> Just FTR, we sent a resume for current news to the dc-team list, and our bid page is http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf11/Quito/ -- I'll detail some aspects n
21:28:19 <bureado> ow:
21:29:02 <bureado> Several people joined the local team and have already been working for 10+ days now looking for prospective sponsors for (a) venues and (b) connectivity as well as general funding for accommodation, travel sponsorship et al
21:29:12 <bureado> This has proved to be very effective. We've used social networking and the Debian Ecuador group for this and we're making possitive noise in the community.
21:29:34 <bureado> Two universities, EPN and UDLA, which are on walking distance of our accommodation area, have confirmed their intent to fully sponsor the venues. This includes rooms and hacklabs as well as working spaces and internal connectivity. Stakeholders in the universities are Carlos Novoa and Xavier Armendariz respectively. We
21:29:39 <bureado> 'll decide venues next week.*
21:29:52 <Hydroxide> \o/
21:30:01 <bureado> We're almost there with Movistar which will provide at least 5 enterprise grade E1 connections for no charge, in exchange of sponsor status. This is a major breakthrough in our bid, since connectivity has improved greatly in Ecuador in the last 12 months (both in quality and prices) and this allows us to better stand as a bid. Sandra Morocho is trying to get written confirmation.
21:30:06 <azeem> bureado: fully sponsor means they don't want any money for it?
21:30:24 <bureado> azeem: To put it straight, 'they just want to be on the merchandising material' :)
21:30:30 <azeem> ok
21:30:37 <sapphire> good
21:30:40 <bureado> ASLE (the most important and biggest FLOSS organization) has already declared their intent to support the event with their legal status. Ecuador uses the USD as the local currency, and is quite flexible regarding taxes than most countries in LatAm. ASLE is a non-profit organization, so we expect this will greatly help us to avoid any int'l currency movements
21:30:57 <Hydroxide> very nice
21:31:02 <bureado> s/avoid any/avoid any problems with/
21:31:07 * Hydroxide nods
21:31:14 <bureado> As a whole, we prepared our RC1 budget in the Wiki, which lowers our initial budget. We'll keep working to round any sharp edge on connectivity as well as any final point we need to strengthen our bid and go on with the DC11 venue selection:
21:31:19 <bureado> http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf11/Quito/BudgetDraft
21:31:50 <ailefi> Please read it and let us know any comments on the draft or any other aspect. And thanks!
21:32:17 <Hydroxide> so some of those numbers are going down since you got more sponsorship, right?
21:32:22 <Hydroxide> e.g. the venue
21:32:53 <bureado> Hydroxide: Yes, on each section there's an 'Update' note on top stating reductions. We cutted a little bit over 20K USD of our draft.
21:33:04 <Hydroxide> \o/
21:33:21 <azeem> bureado: so the rooms are mostly single?
21:33:30 <azeem> 352 rooms for 400 people
21:33:55 <bureado> azeem: There's probably a typo. We have mixed rooms. We've secured 352 *beds*, not *rooms*.
21:34:00 <azeem> ah
21:34:13 <Hydroxide> good clarification
21:34:14 <bureado> Much like we did in DC7, some are two-beds, 4-bed, some are singles.
21:34:15 <DrDub_> 352 beds for 400 people?
21:34:20 <azeem> right, it says 2-bed rooms
21:34:28 <azeem> but "we secured 352 rooms"
21:34:32 <Hydroxide> DrDub_: not everyone will necessarily stay there :)
21:34:41 <bureado> azeem: I'll correct it ASAP.
21:34:56 <azeem> DrDub_: are more-bed-rooms possible, to potentially cut the budget further?
21:35:01 <azeem> 4-6 bed rooms
21:35:02 <azeem> eh
21:35:03 <azeem> bureado:*
21:35:08 <azeem> DrDub_: sorry
21:35:26 <DrDub_> azeem: just joking ;-)
21:35:27 <bureado> And, this is also on separate sites. All are quite nearby, much like DC7. There's no huge 350-bed hotel there. Which is a good thing, we think.
21:35:37 <Hydroxide> ok, can I ask other questions for the ecuador people to go to the list? we only have 25 minutes left
21:35:44 <azeem> oops, ok
21:35:46 <Hydroxide> thanks very much for the great progress and for showing up here
21:35:55 <bureado> azeem: Yes, up to 6-bed room are possible. And that would then be just a room-assignment issue.
21:35:59 <bureado> Hydroxide: Thank you.
21:36:10 <Hydroxide> #topic dc10: talk sessions
21:36:18 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: you have the floor
21:36:36 <MrBeige> oh, me?
21:36:38 <MrBeige> hm
21:36:50 <MrBeige> basically we need to ping teams and get their leaders to propose talk sessions
21:37:04 <MrBeige> madduck: are you still interested in helping with this?  I sort of let it fall off the map
21:37:25 <madduck> MrBeige: interested, yes. but we are leaving to .ch tomorrow and life is hard.
21:37:36 <Hydroxide> btw, we gathered lots of local team energy at a 13-person valentine's day dinner meeting :)
21:37:38 <madduck> gargh! i didn't even know we had a meeting
21:37:43 <Hydroxide> and some of them are interested in helping with talk stuff
21:37:52 <MrBeige> madduck: ok, I will work kon this, get people interested, and keep you in the loop
21:37:55 <azeem> I'd be interested in helping as well
21:37:57 <Hydroxide> madduck: apologies for waiting until last night to send the email
21:38:00 <Hydroxide> azeem: great
21:38:04 <MrBeige> Hydroxide: you are ignoring the people who didn't come because of the date and time chosen
21:38:11 <MrBeige> azeem: great
21:38:24 <MrBeige> here is a list of teams/possible sessions from the wiki page:
21:38:26 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: I just said we got lots of local-team energy. let's keep getting more :)
21:39:17 <MrBeige> openday, d-i, QA, python, perl, social organization(lists, irc, ...), ftpmaster, release, deployment(limux, linex), packaging tools, infrastructrue (lists, alioth, buildd), security
21:39:32 <MrBeige> anyone with other ideas, please say them
21:39:39 <azeem> embedded
21:39:44 <azeem> mobile
21:39:48 <azeem> desktop?
21:39:55 <MrBeige> those are all good
21:39:56 <DrDub_> oroject?
21:39:56 <gregoa> a non-technical track/session (academics, law, ...)
21:39:57 <sapphire> debian-science
21:40:01 <azeem> and science, yes
21:40:06 <MrBeige> ah yes
21:40:17 <MrBeige> more?
21:40:20 <DrDub_> what about using the mailing lists from d.o as a start?
21:40:29 <Hydroxide> biella wants to do a condensed version of her hacker class :)
21:40:32 <azeem> maybe user support
21:40:34 <azeem> community
21:40:41 <gregoa> biella++
21:40:42 <MrBeige> DrDub_: I'll look at that, good idea
21:40:43 <sapphire> DrDub_ not bad
21:40:58 <azeem> non-limux ports
21:41:02 <azeem> eh, linux*
21:41:07 <MrBeige> azeem: would you like to set up an IRC meeting sometime ?
21:41:11 <MrBeige> azeem: tomorrow at this time?
21:41:18 <Clint> posix/lsb/standards compliance
21:41:18 <moray> if you ask people, you need to be clear to them if they're being asked to submit proposals or getting guaranteed slots
21:41:23 <biella> Hydroxide, i do!
21:41:23 <moray> to avoid confusion
21:41:32 <biella> condensed is the key word
21:41:34 <biella> though
21:41:35 <Hydroxide> biella: great. just letting the group know :)
21:41:38 <azeem> MrBeige: I can't commit to tomorrow yet
21:41:57 <MrBeige> azeem: ok. how about you propose a time to me, we'll announce it and get started?
21:41:59 <biella> yea i will write up a proposal soonish (there will be homework which will hopefully scare some folks off)
21:42:02 <MrBeige> (I can probably make time)
21:42:07 * Hydroxide grins at biella
21:42:09 <MrBeige> I think that's most all I wanted to say
21:42:16 <azeem> ok
21:42:23 <MrBeige> (and feedback I wanted to get)
21:42:25 <Hydroxide> ok, thanks for putting some energy into this item. anyone else for this topic?
21:42:38 <Hydroxide> #topic dc10: team assignments
21:43:01 <Hydroxide> at the aforementioned local team meeting (thanks to biella and micah for hosting!), we got lots of people to volunteer for lots of different teams
21:43:10 <azeem> great
21:43:15 <MrBeige> re: this topic: last lear at DC9 we had a meeting dedicated to putting people onto teams/jobs
21:43:24 <Hydroxide> this hasn't yet been integrated into the http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf10/Teams wiki page, but it's in the email from micah which I forwarded to -team
21:43:41 <Hydroxide> however we still need more people, ideally bringing some global team knowledge to it :)
21:44:07 <Hydroxide> so please review that wiki page and that email and volunteer for stuff.
21:44:15 * dam is available for web-site stuff
21:44:20 <Hydroxide> dam: great
21:44:32 <dam> (and sorry for coming late)
21:44:44 <Hydroxide> would a dedicated "assign people to teams" meeting be useful after we no longer need to have dc11 (and possibly not dc9) agenda segments?
21:45:02 <Hydroxide> or should I expect a flurry of volunteer emails to -team? :)
21:45:07 <moray> probably, in that I agree on the 'not yet' aspect
21:45:18 <Hydroxide> heh
21:45:30 <Hydroxide> moray: so that's a vote for "revisit this in March/April"?
21:45:37 <MrBeige> if we are more proactive about things we may not need a dedicated meeting
21:45:43 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: yes
21:45:46 <moray> and at the moment promises will be kind of distorted by dc11 bidding
21:45:55 <MrBeige> I recall that mostly being a "halp we are behind" thing
21:46:04 <moray> (people either being too busy or wanting to look good by volunteering ;)
21:46:10 <Hydroxide> moray: very good point :)
21:46:55 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: are you okay with revisiting this in March?
21:47:04 <MrBeige> yes, we don't need that much now
21:47:07 <Hydroxide> ok
21:47:14 <Hydroxide> #topic dc10: anything else that isn't getting done
21:47:14 <MrBeige> not my choice anyway
21:47:28 <Hydroxide> ok. what needs to get done in the next 2-3 weeks on dc10 that isn't being worked on?
21:47:44 <MrBeige> talking to CS profs
21:47:45 <DrDub_> MrBeige: to decide topics, give http://www.allourideas.org/ a try
21:47:48 <Hydroxide> visa stuff - it's happening. talks stuff - we has a plan. registration - it's open
21:48:05 <Hydroxide> "request your visa" reminders and blogging publicity - we need to do it
21:48:08 <MrBeige> talking to other people at colulumbia
21:48:15 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: yes
21:48:24 <moray> and what about more general encouragement of talk submissions?
21:48:27 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: also having schultmc follow up on the liability insurance we need
21:48:36 <Hydroxide> moray: i.e. cfp? yes
21:48:39 <MrBeige> which I should be doing but I'm too busy checking registration numbers every five minutes
21:48:53 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: hehe
21:49:18 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: what do we need to do before we can get the cfp out?
21:49:21 <moray> maybe we should all do fake registrations until you all stop staring at the numbers :p
21:49:24 <Hydroxide> pick session chairs?
21:49:38 <MrBeige> we should make a talk team meeting soon, azeem will hopefully get back to me
21:49:53 <sapphire> Hydroxide, that might be a bit premature, but I am all for it
21:49:56 <Hydroxide> moray: he was teasing me for checking the registration numbers 2-3 times per day. mostly I am wasting time obsessing over entirely non-debconf-related things :)
21:50:12 <MrBeige> (moray: anytime I mention looking at registration, it is a parody unless it's using that data to help with some other aspect of planning)
21:50:24 <MrBeige> heh
21:50:39 <MrBeige> so what else?
21:50:42 <MrBeige> oh
21:50:45 <Hydroxide> ok, shall we move on then or are there more loose ends?
21:51:09 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: go ahead if you have another thing
21:51:10 <MrBeige> I need to send out my mails to volunteers who decided they had better things to do on valentines day than a debconf meeting -- hopefully that will be soon, that's my current top priority
21:51:25 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: yes, would be good to get them involved too
21:52:03 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: at this point I'd say getting a talk team meeting together is really #1 priority since a cfp should ideally have gone out by now, but that's a strong #2
21:52:24 <Hydroxide> anything else?
21:52:33 <MrBeige> sure, but I am more interested in possible volunteers who may feel excluded
21:53:02 <Hydroxide> MrBeige: that's quite important too - however at this point the lack of a cfp is an increasingly large problem
21:53:04 <MrBeige> we've covered my main things here...
21:53:07 <Hydroxide> ok
21:53:10 <Hydroxide> in that case
21:53:13 <Hydroxide> #topic next meeting
21:53:26 <moray> Hydroxide: it's not a direct problem, as long as there's enough time before other deadlines
21:53:41 <Hydroxide> when do people want the next regular global team meeting to be? I think we should wait until after the dc11 decision meeting
21:53:48 <moray> certainly
21:54:20 <Hydroxide> maybe March 17?
21:54:51 <sapphire> Hydroxide agreed
21:54:52 <Hydroxide> that avoids meeting right after the March 10 SPI meeting and gives people a break on either side of the dc11 decision meeting
21:55:01 <moray> at this stage monthly should be fine yes, especially seeing as you lot seem to manage to communicate between meetings!
21:55:05 <Hydroxide> any objections or alternative proposals?
21:55:10 <Hydroxide> moray: that we do :)
21:55:20 <Hydroxide> ok.
21:55:37 <Hydroxide> for reference, the final item on the agenda is: "After-meeting: free from discussion with new localteam members and past organizers, about any plans we have so far. "
21:55:44 <Hydroxide> keep that in mind after I end the meeting :)
21:55:48 <Hydroxide> and on that note....
21:55:53 <Hydroxide> thank you all for coming!
21:55:55 <Hydroxide> #endmeeting