18:05:01 <DrDub> #startmeeting
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18:05:13 <DrDub> ok, AbsintheSyringe gimme the topic
18:05:24 <AbsintheSyringe> *Planning and start phase of DebConf11 website
18:05:38 <moray> agenda at http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf11/Meetings
18:05:39 <DrDub> #topic Planning and start phase of DebConf11 website
18:05:40 <aroundthfur> vedran_omeragic, your turn!
18:05:45 <AbsintheSyringe> ok
18:05:54 <AbsintheSyringe> vedran_omeragic, wants to take care of the website
18:06:00 <AbsintheSyringe> vedran_omeragic,
18:06:18 <vedran_omeragic> ok, I have already asked for access at alioth
18:06:25 <vedran_omeragic> but got no answer
18:06:29 <AbsintheSyringe> h01ger,
18:06:52 <vedran_omeragic> So far, my plan is just to use cms from previous debconf
18:07:02 <vedran_omeragic> it's fairly simple and static
18:07:04 <AbsintheSyringe> h01ger, vedran_omeragic is new in this, so he could use all your help, could you please guide him through this process?
18:07:12 <AbsintheSyringe> we want to finish this website ASAP
18:07:15 <AbsintheSyringe> trip0d, welcome :)
18:07:30 <trip0d> AbsintheSyringe, yo ;)
18:07:30 <ana> i guess we can solve the access issue after the meeting
18:07:40 * h01ger is not a project admin on alioth so i cannot help here
18:07:43 <h01ger> Ganneff, ^
18:07:59 * h01ger nods ana
18:08:08 <AbsintheSyringe> vedran_omeragic, please ask all your questions or your concerns or ambiguity here
18:08:09 <h01ger> +yay
18:08:16 <moray> AbsintheSyringe: most of the website work tends to be nearer to the conference
18:08:25 <moray> when people start asking for details of local travel etc.
18:08:28 <ana> so same software than before, are you going to do the graphics too?
18:08:33 <ana> vedran_omeragic: ^
18:08:36 <vedran_omeragic> AbsintheSyringe, I've been experimenting with svn today, so I don't think it will be a problem
18:08:37 <AbsintheSyringe> moray, I was thinking we do it before, because we want to advertise this event highly in Bosnia and region
18:08:49 <EnisDonKing> vedran_omeragic, if you are typing a super long message, you dont have to
18:08:56 <moray> AbsintheSyringe: sure, it's fine to have a version early, but you can't just declare it 'finished' and forget about it :)
18:08:59 <EnisDonKing> maybe we should rather discuss the basics
18:09:05 * AbsintheSyringe please note that I'll help with the website too
18:09:06 <vedran_omeragic> ana,  if necessery, graphis as well
18:09:10 <AbsintheSyringe> mainly its contents tho
18:09:19 <moray> AbsintheSyringe: obviously you can chec old websites to see what info they gave (some years more than others, more is good)
18:09:23 <vedran_omeragic> ana, I'm more concerned about content
18:09:29 <AbsintheSyringe> moray, no I'm declaring we start working on it, vedran_omeragic has problems even starting to work
18:09:35 <DrDub> don't shy away from asking proofreading help
18:09:52 <AbsintheSyringe> moray, should we just copy everything from dc10 website into our dc11 dir?
18:09:59 <vedran_omeragic> AbsintheSyringe, that is the general plan
18:10:05 <DrDub> that's how we started for dc10
18:10:06 <moray> AbsintheSyringe: don't copy old info, that makes it confusing
18:10:23 <ana> vedran_omeragic: don't worry about that, most of the info is gathered little to little and then updated in the website
18:10:28 <AbsintheSyringe> true
18:10:29 * DrDub reminds people they can use #info to add bits to the meeting summary
18:10:30 <moray> AbsintheSyringe: copying the files as templates is fine, if you mean to fill them in later
18:10:38 <vedran_omeragic> moray, no,  I'll just copy template
18:10:39 <moray> (just comment out the actual content)
18:10:42 <ana> #info website will use same software than previous years
18:10:49 <AbsintheSyringe> for example of the questions vedran_omeragic had is this website even a cms, because he was thinking of setting up wordpress
18:10:52 <DrDub> #action vedran_omeragic needs Alioth access, he'll take care of the website
18:10:53 <ana> #info vedran_omeragic will start working on it
18:11:12 <AbsintheSyringe> where can vedran_omeragic acquire everything about the system, all the information he needs
18:11:18 <ana> AbsintheSyringe: he can do an anonymous checkout
18:11:21 <vedran_omeragic> AbsintheSyringe, I already have
18:11:38 <vedran_omeragic> AbsintheSyringe, I just used svn checkout of dc10 website
18:11:49 <EnisDonKing> vedran_omeragic could you please post some link about your previous works
18:11:50 <AbsintheSyringe> k
18:11:52 <DrDub> neat
18:11:59 <EnisDonKing> it would be nice to see some references
18:12:06 <zoonix> jupi :)
18:12:17 <AbsintheSyringe> EnisDonKing, everything he gets stuck with he can ask me
18:12:36 <aroundthfur> EnisDonKing, i vouch for vedran_omeragic
18:12:48 <aroundthfur> he can do it so no worries :)
18:12:49 <AbsintheSyringe> so do I
18:13:11 <DrDub> that's fine, no need for vouching, the site is just a lot of grunt work and we'll all pitch in
18:13:21 <aroundthfur> DrDub, exactly :)
18:13:28 <DrDub> everybody with SVN access can modify it
18:13:45 <AbsintheSyringe> vedran_omeragic, to try concluding this topic, vedran_omeragic is everything clear?
18:13:50 <DrDub> vedran_omeragic: why don't you start with the graphics and send a sketch to the mailing list?
18:14:08 <vedran_omeragic> AbsintheSyringe, ana, everything is clear I'll take on the web site
18:14:15 <DrDub> nice
18:14:16 <DrDub> next topic?
18:14:20 <ana> next topic please
18:14:31 <AbsintheSyringe> *Assembling teams and assigning duties
18:14:41 <DrDub> #topic Assembling teams and assigning duties
18:15:05 <AbsintheSyringe> this is highly related to both website and our next topic which is goign to be *Planing sponsorship campaign
18:15:09 <AbsintheSyringe> now, we need your help
18:15:26 <AbsintheSyringe> from past Debconfs what duties and assignments need to be assigned at this point?
18:15:31 <moray> http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/Jobs is relevant here (but please don't make Bosnia-specific changes to that page)
18:15:48 <AbsintheSyringe> I know my role, and it's clear to me, I'd also like to take care of marketing and sponsorships
18:15:57 <AbsintheSyringe> I believe EnisDonKing wanted to take part in this too
18:16:02 <moray> AbsintheSyringe: beyond that, at this point it's most important to have someone who is the "venue arrangements" contact point
18:16:09 <h01ger> AbsintheSyringe, we have extra channel, #debconf-sponsors, people interesting to work on this should gather there
18:16:22 <AbsintheSyringe> h01ger, ok I'll contact them regarding that one
18:16:42 <AbsintheSyringe> moray, I'm having a meeting with goverment. on Nov22, where I need to give them exact things what we are expecting from them
18:16:47 <moray> AbsintheSyringe: i.e. the person who will know the full status for accommodation/talk venue (though those two can be split)
18:16:54 <moray> AbsintheSyringe: at the moment it seems that person is you
18:16:57 <AbsintheSyringe> venue is clear what's it going to be, I just need to give them exact dates when the conference is going to be held so they can reserve it
18:17:00 <AbsintheSyringe> same goes with hotel
18:17:00 <moray> but you might want to pass the job on later :)
18:17:06 <DrDub> that channel is invite-only you can ask me or Clint or a few other people for an invite
18:17:19 <moray> right, there needs to be a 'local team' person who will be the contact point for questions on status, that's all
18:17:20 <h01ger> AbsintheSyringe, its good to have 5 people working on it. the work needs to start *now* and needs the debconf10 final papers too
18:17:39 <AbsintheSyringe> DrDub, ok, give me permission, and we'll continue that topic some other time
18:17:40 * h01ger can also invite to #debconf-sponsors
18:17:49 <ana> AbsintheSyringe: there is a lot of questions and details to check with the venue, we need a liason
18:18:02 <AbsintheSyringe> h01ger, is there anything you need from dc11 to help you with final report, since a lot of us was present there as well
18:18:03 <ana> even if the venue is perfect and they are all very professionals :)
18:18:43 <AbsintheSyringe> ok
18:18:56 <AbsintheSyringe> ana, you want me to get contacts who's assigned for venue?
18:19:05 <ana> ok, so teams: website by vedrannn, fundarising coordinated by AbsintheSyringe? venue by?
18:19:06 * h01ger has invited AbsintheSyringe to #debconf-sponsors (OFTC) - anybody else?
18:19:22 <ana> AbsintheSyringe: yes, somebody who can check stuff and ask them when we need
18:19:23 <AbsintheSyringe> ana, assign me to it right now
18:19:34 <AbsintheSyringe> I'll assign someone else once we got more into it
18:19:47 <EnisDonKing> ana we have some ideas about venue and what should be included, but if there is really "a lot of qs" regarding the venue, if such list is available, please pass along and we ll check it asap
18:19:52 <ana> AbsintheSyringe: it will be better if is somebody who is not you, we have some tiem questions like: how wide are the doors, and stuff like that
18:19:54 <moray> AbsintheSyringe: I lost the status for the DebConf10 final report, but yes, if it's not finished then it's important to push it out soon -- it's bad to ask sponsors for money for next year before they have the last report
18:20:05 <DrDub> indeed
18:20:08 <AbsintheSyringe> ana, assign me because I'm the intimidate contact with govt.
18:20:16 <DrDub> we discussed with jeremyb to make a push for it this month
18:20:18 <AbsintheSyringe> ana, after that meeting Nov22 I'll have someone else assigned to it
18:20:24 <DrDub> I can lead that push
18:20:29 <moray> AbsintheSyringe: sounds reasonable
18:20:31 <moray> DrDub: great
18:20:34 <ana> AbsintheSyringe: ok, so you temporarily
18:20:40 <DrDub> #action DrDub will push for a DC10 report ASAP
18:20:41 <EnisDonKing> h01ger invite meas well
18:20:43 <AbsintheSyringe> moray, all help you need with dc10 final paper, just email debconf11 mailing list
18:20:44 <aroundthfur> AbsintheSyringe, ana shouldn't it be someone from BL?
18:20:50 <AbsintheSyringe> ana, yes temp.
18:20:53 <DrDub> (we want to get the sponsorbags out of jeremyb's place)
18:21:01 <ana> aroundthfur: yes, it would be ideal
18:21:08 <aroundthfur> anyone here from BL that can be a contact person?
18:21:09 <h01ger> EnisDonKing, doe
18:21:16 <moray> #info AbsintheSyringe is venue contact up to 22 Nov meeting, then hopes to hand on role to another local team member
18:21:17 <aroundthfur> ana, i know, but they seem to be shy :S
18:21:28 <Lunacy> AbsintheSyringe : Since there are couple of us who lives in Banjaluka, we can be your link or representative regarding the venue issues, ...
18:21:43 <AbsintheSyringe> Lunacy, sounds good
18:21:54 <AbsintheSyringe> ana, I'll transfer those duties and give them contacts after that meeting
18:22:39 <DrDub> ok, next topic...?
18:22:40 <ana> ok, what team more we need to assamble?
18:22:53 <DrDub> from the Jobs page, it seems fine ATM
18:22:54 <AbsintheSyringe> you tell us, or this is enough at this point?
18:23:00 <AbsintheSyringe> DrDub, I agree
18:23:10 <aroundthfur> i agree to
18:23:11 <ana> ok, fine then =)
18:23:14 <DrDub> travel, *might* be but it is a little too early
18:23:18 <AbsintheSyringe> yea
18:23:21 <DrDub> ok, AbsintheSyringe, next topic?
18:23:23 <AbsintheSyringe> it's too early
18:23:24 <AbsintheSyringe> *Design sponsorship brochure for global and local market
18:23:31 <DrDub> #topic Design sponsorship brochure for global and local market
18:23:45 <AbsintheSyringe> ok
18:23:47 <moray> this doesn't need *that* much changed from last time
18:23:52 <DrDub> I designed last year's for the American market by hand
18:23:53 <AbsintheSyringe> we'll need to put this all on the website
18:23:56 <aroundthfur> we need some art souls here :D
18:23:56 <AbsintheSyringe> however
18:23:57 <DrDub> every page by hand in inkscape
18:24:00 <moray> but ideally some nice photos of the next venue
18:24:01 <AbsintheSyringe> how should we decide on the packages
18:24:03 <moray> and some nice text about it
18:24:10 <DrDub> which is not particularly easy to edit
18:24:13 <moray> the other question is the 'levels'/'packages', yes
18:24:18 <AbsintheSyringe> ok
18:24:21 <AbsintheSyringe> I would like to help with this
18:24:24 <moray> that should involve some discussion with last year's sponsorship team
18:24:27 <AbsintheSyringe> since I'm also part of sponsorship
18:24:29 <DrDub> the levels / packages stuff is key
18:24:30 <AbsintheSyringe> EnisDonKing, you and me?
18:24:33 <EnisDonKing> yeah
18:24:44 <AbsintheSyringe> ok
18:24:51 <moray> even if they don't want to continue, it's important to get their feedback on how they feel re the levels for next time
18:25:01 <DrDub> what about having a meeting in #debconf-sponsors and discuss about it then involve the whole team?
18:25:04 <moray> and if there are any changes that should be made to the related packages
18:25:10 <moray> DrDub: sounds sensible yes
18:25:14 <EnisDonKing> DrDub that s a good idea
18:25:21 <EnisDonKing> we do need to change some sponsorship "levels"
18:25:23 <AbsintheSyringe> that's the best idea so far
18:25:24 <AbsintheSyringe> actually
18:25:29 <EnisDonKing> to make them more attractive to our local companies
18:25:35 <AbsintheSyringe> ok
18:25:36 <DrDub> #action the sponsors team will discuss levels and then report back to -team
18:25:39 <AbsintheSyringe> just one question
18:25:54 <AbsintheSyringe> do we actually take care of the money as well in sponsorship or it's only about getting sponsors
18:25:59 <AbsintheSyringe> I'm not quite clear on that one
18:26:19 <DrDub> what do you mean?
18:26:20 <moray> AbsintheSyringe: I'm not sure what the question is exactly
18:26:31 <DrDub> the money goes into the non-profits that handle the money
18:26:35 <DrDub> SPI, for example
18:26:38 <AbsintheSyringe> for example
18:26:43 <DrDub> they issue payments as needed
18:26:44 <AbsintheSyringe> no no, how many sponsorship are we going to get
18:26:47 <AbsintheSyringe> as much as we can
18:26:50 <AbsintheSyringe> there's no limit
18:26:54 <AbsintheSyringe> that's what I'm trying to soay
18:26:56 <AbsintheSyringe> say*
18:26:57 <moray> no limit no
18:27:00 * h01ger suggests to create a wiki page or mail a full list with all proposed sponsor levels, so one can look at the whole picture. also i think its something we need to decide together (local+global) and decide fast, but not too fast. (=not today but real soon. but give people time to notice, think and reply)
18:27:20 <AbsintheSyringe> I agree, I was thinking of putting this packages into brochure as well
18:27:21 <moray> h01ger: yes
18:27:31 <DrDub> h01ger: yeah, that's consistent with what I said before
18:27:52 <AbsintheSyringe> ok
18:27:55 <DrDub> AbsintheSyringe: have you looked at the previous package? the levels are the raison d'etre for the brochure
18:27:55 <AbsintheSyringe> next topic?
18:28:03 <AbsintheSyringe> DrDub, yes I have
18:28:04 <DrDub> you asking me? :)
18:28:11 <AbsintheSyringe> DrDub, yea
18:28:24 <DrDub> so we exhausted the topics you had in mind?
18:28:25 <AbsintheSyringe> one more thing
18:28:32 <AbsintheSyringe> about Banja Luka contacts
18:28:41 <AbsintheSyringe> Lunacy, do you want to take this duty on yourself?
18:29:00 <Lunacy> About the venue?
18:29:09 <AbsintheSyringe> Lunacy, no general Banja Luka venue
18:29:19 <AbsintheSyringe> so I can contact you about anything I need
18:29:23 <AbsintheSyringe> regarding Banja Luka
18:29:30 <AbsintheSyringe> questions, from when festival is to
18:29:43 * DrDub remembers from DC10 that there'll be changes in the way surplus from DebConf is allocated so keep that in mind, we might move more money into Debian as a whole from the DebConf fundraising
18:29:50 <aroundthfur> Lunacy, it would be great if someone from BL could be our go-to person for everything BL related
18:30:05 <EnisDonKing> maybe wed need more than one
18:30:08 <AbsintheSyringe> Lunacy, if it's too "heavy" latter on we'll just assign more people
18:30:13 <Lunacy> Yes, ofcourse, i can be go-to person
18:30:15 <AbsintheSyringe> but it's just that you're the only one from Banja Luka now
18:30:26 <AbsintheSyringe> I'm the contact with Govt. our main financial sponsor
18:30:35 <AbsintheSyringe> you need to be that bridge between them and I
18:30:48 <AbsintheSyringe> ok who can assign Lunacy for this role?
18:30:55 <Lunacy> AbsintheSyringe: yes, i just wanted to say, maybe you could assign more people, just in case ...
18:31:11 <AbsintheSyringe> Lunacy, after this email me your gtalk/xmpp, phone number all of it
18:31:18 <aroundthfur> Lunacy, can you suggest someone?
18:31:21 <AbsintheSyringe> Lunacy, we will, just not at this stage
18:31:22 <DrDub> #action Lunacy is the main Banja Luka liason
18:31:29 <AbsintheSyringe> DrDub, temp*
18:31:56 <DrDub> #info Lunacy is temp. the main Banja Luka liason
18:32:02 <EnisDonKing> i think there is one more topic from the mail
18:32:03 <vedrannn> i will help
18:32:18 <AbsintheSyringe> DrDub, yes vedrannn too please
18:32:22 <AbsintheSyringe> there's also the guy
18:32:22 <vedrannn> ;)
18:32:25 <AbsintheSyringe> what's his name
18:32:30 <AbsintheSyringe> LUGRS founder?
18:32:45 <DrDub> #action vedrannn is also a Banja Luka liason
18:32:49 <Lunacy> If you think of Dusan, he's not in Banjaluka temp.
18:32:50 <moray> EnisDonKing: http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf11/Meetings has the topics
18:33:00 <AbsintheSyringe> he emailed me on numerous occasions wanting to offer their lug help
18:33:14 <Lunacy> Yes, that's Dusan.
18:33:27 <DrDub> well, two liasons at the moment sounds fine, no/
18:33:28 <EnisDonKing> moray i know, im just reminding AbsintheSyringe:)
18:33:45 <DrDub> can we move to the govt topic? sounds important
18:33:46 <vedran_omeragic> can we count on him?
18:33:51 <Lunacy> Anyway, for now , Vedran and me, that sounds good..
18:33:58 <aroundthfur> ok then..
18:33:59 <AbsintheSyringe> DrDub, ok, assign Lunacy vedrannn Vladimir Atanackovic and
18:34:03 <aroundthfur> let's move on?
18:34:19 <Lunacy> yes, proceed...
18:34:22 <AbsintheSyringe> *Making a final list of requests for Government and what is expected from them
18:34:24 <DrDub> #topic Making a final list of requests for Government and what is expected from them
18:34:35 <AbsintheSyringe> this is the most crucial topic of this meeting, as I would like to believe
18:34:51 <DrDub> indeed
18:35:00 <AbsintheSyringe> you all know that Govt is our main financial sponsor, they want to help us with this and all that
18:35:06 <AbsintheSyringe> situation so far is, everything's great
18:35:28 <AbsintheSyringe> however we're straying of the original topic since on last meeting whole meeting we discussed moving to Linux after DebConf
18:35:33 <AbsintheSyringe> now
18:36:05 <AbsintheSyringe> what is that we expect from govt. we expect full financial sponsorship, should we ask them to send money to NVO DIVA?
18:36:12 <AbsintheSyringe> besides reserving hotel and venue
18:36:22 <AbsintheSyringe> because, we're getting venue for free
18:36:30 <AbsintheSyringe> we're in process of getting the hotel as well
18:36:33 <AbsintheSyringe> now should we just
18:36:36 <ana> AbsintheSyringe: might I Ask what we have asked the goverment?
18:36:47 <AbsintheSyringe> get the venue and hotel and think of that as their part?
18:36:51 <ana> i mean: venue for debcamp/debconf, food for debcamp/debconf
18:37:04 * jeremyb peeks in
18:37:12 <ana> are they giving us money or only paying stuff?
18:37:13 <AbsintheSyringe> this is what
18:37:19 <AbsintheSyringe> I asked and this is what I got from them so far
18:37:20 <AbsintheSyringe> http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf11/BanjaLuka#Full_Government_Support
18:37:26 <EnisDonKing> i think it will be very difficult to get money to the NGO without having financial plan
18:37:30 <AbsintheSyringe> ana, that's the matter I want to resolve
18:37:41 <AbsintheSyringe> do we want to ask for money and then hotel ourselves or tell them to get hotel as well
18:37:46 <AbsintheSyringe> they are also the ones
18:37:51 <ana> AbsintheSyringe: yes, i know that, but that does not include details
18:38:02 <aroundthfur> ana, there are no details
18:38:08 <ana> let's make a list them
18:38:17 <AbsintheSyringe> sponsoring the buses and shuttles for peoples arrival to Zagreb, day trip is also their full financial support
18:38:18 <aroundthfur> that's what we want to discuss now
18:38:23 <ana> food+hotel for debcamp/debconf
18:38:25 <ana> what else?
18:38:30 <AbsintheSyringe> day trip
18:38:39 <EnisDonKing> some part for travelling?
18:38:40 <ana> formal dinner?
18:38:43 <AbsintheSyringe> yes
18:38:46 <AbsintheSyringe> I think
18:38:49 <moray> http://whiteboard.debian.net/a6338d.wb
18:38:49 <AbsintheSyringe> my personal belief is that
18:38:53 <AbsintheSyringe> we shouldn't ask for money, YET
18:38:56 <aroundthfur> travelling goes on the list?
18:38:59 <AbsintheSyringe> because this way we can get a lot of stuff for free from them
18:39:10 <AbsintheSyringe> if we ask just for money ... then yea
18:39:15 <ana> insurance?
18:39:16 <AbsintheSyringe> not sure, that's why I want to discuss this with you
18:39:22 <ana> t-shirts?
18:39:27 <AbsintheSyringe> they want exact things we're expecting from them
18:39:30 <ana> printing
18:39:35 <AbsintheSyringe> and then they'll say what they can and cannot cover
18:39:43 <AbsintheSyringe> ana, insurance or security?
18:39:49 <ana> possible rentals of chairs/tables
18:39:54 <AbsintheSyringe> ok
18:40:01 <AbsintheSyringe> can someone please make a list of all these things?
18:40:01 <ana> AbsintheSyringe: both, insurance in case something happens and security if needed
18:40:08 <ana> AbsintheSyringe: i will make it
18:40:13 <aroundthfur> AbsintheSyringe, moray is making it
18:40:18 <AbsintheSyringe> ana, I was thinking of security as well cuz I want venue to be open 24/7
18:40:25 <aroundthfur> i am too on the previous wb doc..
18:40:34 <DrDub> govt sometimes is very slow to release money. If we can get them to pay for the hotel, then we'll not have financial problems, but having money in hand always gives you more negotiation power with the vendor.
18:40:36 <ana> oh, i just saw moray's link
18:40:45 <AbsintheSyringe> just make a list of everything so I can go with final proposals and negotiate this
18:40:58 <AbsintheSyringe> DrDub, absolutely true
18:41:10 <moray> AbsintheSyringe: I can see why you want them to book stuff, if we do that we want to get as much paperwork as possible, soon, obviously
18:41:25 <moray> AbsintheSyringe: so we know for sure that things *are* booked for us, and that we won't have to pay later :)
18:41:33 <DrDub> that list of items is also important for fundraising
18:41:34 <AbsintheSyringe> moray, let them take care of the paperwork
18:41:40 <ana> that worked very well with extremadura
18:41:41 <DrDub> it is a first pass at a budget
18:41:58 <AbsintheSyringe> because
18:42:08 <AbsintheSyringe> that's why I'm saying money brings a lot of things with it ...
18:42:09 <DrDub> AbsintheSyringe: they take care of the paperwork but we have to make sure it happens
18:42:26 <moray> ana: I can't tell the level of sarcasm in your comment :)
18:42:33 <AbsintheSyringe> DrDub, I'll know this on next meeting, how the negotiations have gone through
18:42:36 <ana> moray: nah :D
18:42:38 <AbsintheSyringe> so far I've been a good negotiator :)
18:42:43 <DrDub> govt people usually need regular prodding to get things done
18:42:50 <DrDub> AbsintheSyringe: yup :)
18:42:55 <ana> moray: i said it because the goverment paid *very* late and people got very angry
18:43:01 <moray> a dc10 person should have the costs from last year
18:43:02 <AbsintheSyringe> yes!
18:43:06 <AbsintheSyringe> ana, perfect example
18:43:12 <moray> basically we just want to list everything that we paid before
18:43:16 <ana> but debconf was not asked money never ever, so we were OK
18:43:18 <AbsintheSyringe> and that's all because it's a huge body and along with that it brings a lot of paperwork
18:43:33 <AbsintheSyringe> ok
18:43:34 <moray> for the govt, probably better to list them in decreasing order of size
18:43:43 <AbsintheSyringe> this is what I'm going to do
18:43:48 <DrDub> AbsintheSyringe: the dc10 costs from last year are in the SVN
18:43:49 <ana> we might need a number of people so they can do estimates?
18:43:56 <ana> "food for debcamp" is not a clear amount
18:44:01 <DrDub> ana: good point
18:44:05 <ana> feed 100 people one week is better
18:44:14 <AbsintheSyringe> I'll give them the list, I'll negotiate every item from the list, depending on their answer we'll know if we're goign with option to ask money or not
18:44:31 <AbsintheSyringe> in case we do with have NGO ready for that
18:44:38 <AbsintheSyringe> AH
18:44:40 <AbsintheSyringe> important thing
18:44:52 <AbsintheSyringe> or that revolves around sponsorship
18:44:55 <AbsintheSyringe> sponsoring people
18:45:03 <AbsintheSyringe> because I think this might be one of our highest costs
18:45:06 <AbsintheSyringe> 3rd on my list :)
18:45:15 <AbsintheSyringe> AH
18:45:18 <AbsintheSyringe> I just remembered
18:45:18 <ana> AbsintheSyringe: sponsoring what? food/lodging/Travel?
18:45:27 <AbsintheSyringe> ana, yea
18:45:30 <AbsintheSyringe> I almost forgot
18:45:41 <AbsintheSyringe> we did a paper which is called "Plan and Paper"
18:45:46 <aroundthfur> aaah
18:45:50 <AbsintheSyringe> I handed that to them on our last meeting
18:45:50 <Lunacy> :)
18:45:51 <aroundthfur> yea
18:45:58 <AbsintheSyringe> in that paper we have a lot what we want from them
18:46:02 <aroundthfur> it's translated in english now
18:46:09 <AbsintheSyringe> I even want to make besides formal dinner a little concert for you guys :)
18:46:22 <ana> ok, could we please finnish the previous point? :)
18:46:24 <vedran_omeragic> AbsintheSyringe, it's transl to english
18:46:25 <AbsintheSyringe> and it's being translated into english right now, local team is working on it
18:46:32 <AbsintheSyringe> so you'll be able to see in ... soon :)
18:46:43 <AbsintheSyringe> vedran_omeragic, there, you'll be able to see this later on tonight or tomorrow
18:46:50 <ana> the "what we are going to ask the goverment", moray was write msot of the stuff in the whiteboard but we should be more accurate
18:46:55 <AbsintheSyringe> ana, yes, that was just my flashback I had to tell you about :)
18:47:09 <AbsintheSyringe> ana, 110% accurate
18:47:16 <AbsintheSyringe> there's no space for errors
18:47:19 <ana> ok, estimate of people for debcamp?
18:47:27 <moray> (lost network, back now)
18:47:41 <EnisDonKing> i guess not more than 50?
18:47:42 <DrDub> moray: remember the meetbot command for save?
18:47:47 <moray> should we say 100 debcamp, 400 debconf for now?
18:47:49 <AbsintheSyringe> moray, put "fun" as well "fun concert/participant places to enjoy"
18:48:07 <DrDub> #save
18:48:15 <AbsintheSyringe> that won't be done by govt. but I was plannign to have it done half done by govt. half by some of the travel agencies we're planning to find
18:48:41 <vedran_omeragic> moray, yes, circa...
18:48:42 <ana> 100 debcamp, 400 debconf sounds good
18:49:01 <DrDub> ok, do we agree on that?
18:49:04 <AbsintheSyringe> how many of those people we'll be sponsored?
18:49:07 <AbsintheSyringe> DrDub, maybe even more
18:49:13 <AbsintheSyringe> because I'm planning to pull whole balkans ...
18:49:18 <AbsintheSyringe> which could be 50-100 itself
18:49:26 <AbsintheSyringe> EnisDonKing, your input here
18:49:27 <ana> 75% people sponsored?
18:49:32 <AbsintheSyringe> k
18:49:37 <DrDub> AbsintheSyringe: hmm, try to keep attendance on topic for Debian
18:49:47 <DrDub> #agreed prospective number of attendees 100 debcamp, 400 debconf, 75% sponsored
18:49:52 <AbsintheSyringe> DrDub, elaborate that for me
18:49:55 <ana> we need to be able to have the same people sponsored and paying in the same place
18:50:01 <AbsintheSyringe> DrDub, 400+
18:50:12 <ana> so: sponsored people reserved by us, non-sponsored people do their own reservation in the hotel
18:50:26 <EnisDonKing> I'd go with more conservative here
18:50:28 <ana> "hello, i belong to the group debian and i want a room from X to Y"
18:50:29 <DrDub> AbsintheSyringe: well, at least have them being Debian users ;-)
18:50:30 <EnisDonKing> like 50/300, 50%
18:50:45 <EnisDonKing> I wouldnt like to put promises we cant live up to
18:50:51 <AbsintheSyringe> ana, we'll have a team who will decide who will be sponsored and who will not
18:50:57 <aroundthfur> EnisDonKing, i agree
18:51:17 <vedran_omeragic> EnisDonKing, probably right about it
18:51:27 <AbsintheSyringe> k
18:51:29 <DrDub> I would like to think a DC11 in Europe will get mroe people, but BL is hard to reach by land
18:51:32 <amarc> hi
18:51:33 <aroundthfur> and if we are going to book the whole hotel, it could be a problem for nonsponsored ppl to be in the same hotel?
18:51:44 <AbsintheSyringe> DrDub, we'll take care of that
18:51:49 <aroundthfur> or can this be arranged without a problem?
18:51:57 <moray> well, if the govt wants to pay for everyone it's fine
18:52:00 <AbsintheSyringe> highway will be completed by what they told me at last meeting
18:52:01 <DrDub> ana, how many we got in Extremadura?
18:52:02 <ana> AbsintheSyringe: that is like in months
18:52:07 <AbsintheSyringe> ana, true
18:52:08 <AbsintheSyringe> move on
18:52:09 <ana> AbsintheSyringe: don't worry about that no
18:52:10 <ana> AbsintheSyringe: don't worry about that now
18:52:16 <AbsintheSyringe> k :)
18:52:19 <AbsintheSyringe> next topic?
18:52:20 <ana> DrDub: i dont have the numbers now
18:52:29 <DrDub> ana: sorry, I remember the numbers don't make sense due to the crisis
18:52:32 <DrDub> yes, next topic
18:52:35 <ana> DrDub: ?
18:52:35 <AbsintheSyringe> Making a final list of requests for Government and what is expected from them
18:52:46 <EnisDonKing> we just had that one :)
18:52:50 <DrDub> #topic Establishing relations between DC11 local team and Debian press release
18:52:54 <AbsintheSyringe> we had it working on
18:52:57 <aroundthfur> AbsintheSyringe, that was this one
18:53:00 <AbsintheSyringe> now let's go over it moray has completed it
18:53:08 <AbsintheSyringe> http://whiteboard.debian.net/DebConf11-Nov12.wb
18:53:16 <ana> AbsintheSyringe: just mail the press team
18:53:28 <ana> nothing we can do here, i think
18:53:29 <aroundthfur> i'll copy the morays list to this one
18:53:36 <AbsintheSyringe> okay
18:53:38 <AbsintheSyringe> about security
18:53:41 <aroundthfur> moray, if thats ok with you? :D
18:53:48 <AbsintheSyringe> since we have govt. security they have all organs of the legal state
18:53:53 <AbsintheSyringe> so feel free to put whatever you want here
18:54:00 <AbsintheSyringe> cuz I can negotiate to have unit just for us :)
18:54:01 <DrDub> just remember that last year press team was quite MIA
18:54:11 <DrDub> so don't shy to take the global lead
18:54:49 <ana> stuff seems to be working better, but you have to contact them
18:54:52 <EnisDonKing> is press team in charge for promotion and media activities?
18:55:01 <AbsintheSyringe> I put
18:55:02 <AbsintheSyringe> security (ask them what they can provide us with besides 24/7 security for venue)
18:55:04 <AbsintheSyringe> ok?
18:55:15 <AbsintheSyringe> EnisDonKing, next topic
18:55:19 <AbsintheSyringe> that's our next topic
18:55:23 <AbsintheSyringe> let us please finish this one
18:55:26 <AbsintheSyringe> cuz it's srsly crucial
18:55:32 <AbsintheSyringe> and it needs  to be as accurate as possible
18:55:34 <EnisDonKing> sure
18:55:37 <ana> #info contact the debian press team if you want help from them
18:55:45 <AbsintheSyringe> later it'll be too late to to this once we built the grounds for this
18:55:48 <DrDub> ok, that's it
18:55:58 <DrDub> #topic Any Other Business
18:56:02 <AbsintheSyringe> wait
18:56:05 <AbsintheSyringe> DrDub, no no
18:56:06 <AbsintheSyringe> wait
18:56:09 <AbsintheSyringe> money to refund attendee travel expenses (usually airline tickets)
18:56:14 <AbsintheSyringe> does govt. take care of this or NGO?
18:56:23 <moray> normally we've done that internationally
18:56:26 <AbsintheSyringe> see there's actual money involved?
18:56:28 <ana> I have a request
18:56:33 <AbsintheSyringe> moray, SPI?
18:56:36 <moray> AbsintheSyringe: yes
18:56:39 <AbsintheSyringe> moray, sounds good
18:56:41 <ana> about meetings: please please, organize them with more time :)
18:56:50 <moray> AbsintheSyringe: but if the govt want to refund money (and don't want to give it directly) that's also possible
18:57:05 <AbsintheSyringe> moray, now I asked you that cuz that would be kinda complicated
18:57:12 <AbsintheSyringe> I'll rather have it as you said
18:57:24 <AbsintheSyringe> ok
18:57:26 <AbsintheSyringe> let's move on
18:57:28 <AbsintheSyringe> DrDub, *Establishing relations between DC11 local team and Debian press release
18:57:40 <DrDub> AbsintheSyringe: we cover that already
18:57:43 <AbsintheSyringe> ah
18:57:45 <DrDub> we're in the last topic
18:57:46 <AbsintheSyringe> my ba<d
18:57:47 <AbsintheSyringe> bad*
18:57:52 <DrDub> look at the topic for the channel
18:57:55 <AbsintheSyringe> see
18:57:57 <DrDub> 'Any Other Business'
18:57:58 <AbsintheSyringe> that's why I need someone
18:58:09 <AbsintheSyringe> putting notes under every topic on http://whiteboard.debian.net/DebConf11-Nov12.wb
18:58:14 <AbsintheSyringe> at least noting what the conclusion is
18:58:20 <DrDub> ana requested that the meetings are organized with mroe time in advance
18:58:21 <aroundthfur> AbsintheSyringe, it's beeing done
18:58:25 <AbsintheSyringe> aroundthfur, k
18:58:30 <aroundthfur> sorry i didnt update the last topic
18:58:33 <aroundthfur> my bad
18:58:34 <AbsintheSyringe> k
18:58:36 <AbsintheSyringe> DrDub, *Any Other Business
18:59:03 <ana> AbsintheSyringe: have you seen the meeting line?
18:59:04 <moray> shall we set next full meeting for one month from now?
18:59:18 <AbsintheSyringe> ana, obviously I havent :-/
18:59:22 <moray> we can discuss on the list (and normal IRC) until then, obviously
18:59:26 <DrDub> #topic next meeting
18:59:40 <AbsintheSyringe> after Nov22?
18:59:46 <AbsintheSyringe> wait
18:59:49 <AbsintheSyringe> one more thing
18:59:56 <AbsintheSyringe> I'll need to give this to govt
19:00:00 <AbsintheSyringe> so they can book all that stuff
19:00:03 <AbsintheSyringe> FINAL dates
19:00:09 <ana> oh, yes
19:00:14 <AbsintheSyringe> is it FINAL that we're moving it one day ahead
19:00:15 <ana> DrDub: we need to discuss the final dates
19:00:20 <AbsintheSyringe> have a poll? how we gonna solve this
19:00:25 <AbsintheSyringe> I need to have this on meeting Nov22
19:00:26 <ana> no, dicussion in list
19:00:32 <AbsintheSyringe> k
19:00:37 <ana> i think the overlapping with the desktop submit is a very bad thing
19:00:43 <DrDub> one month from now sounds good, but we should have the sponsors stuff defined before that
19:00:48 <moray> DrDub: indeed
19:00:50 <EnisDonKing> I still think it would be best if it would start a week earlier
19:00:52 <ana> for publicity reasons and attendees
19:00:55 <DrDub> Nov22 sounds a good date to have those numbers finalized
19:00:58 <AbsintheSyringe> no no
19:01:05 <AbsintheSyringe> I say we have next meeting on 27th
19:01:05 <moray> ana: what are you suggesting?
19:01:15 <moray> AbsintheSyringe: ok, makes sense
19:01:28 <AbsintheSyringe> ok
19:01:31 <AbsintheSyringe> end meeting?
19:01:32 <moray> but 27 is Sat
19:01:34 <AbsintheSyringe> yea
19:01:35 <moray> not so good for people
19:01:39 <AbsintheSyringe> that's why I was targeting it
19:01:42 <AbsintheSyringe> um
19:01:45 <aroundthfur> 25th then?
19:01:46 <AbsintheSyringe> 28th?
19:01:49 <moray> AbsintheSyringe: tends to lead to poor attendance
19:01:51 <aroundthfur> friday?
19:01:58 <moray> AbsintheSyringe: people say they're free but then go out over the weekend
19:02:02 <aroundthfur> like now
19:02:05 <AbsintheSyringe> moray, so true
19:02:10 <AbsintheSyringe> aroundthfur, but now we got them
19:02:19 <moray> Sunday may be better
19:02:20 <DrDub> Clint: when it is thanksgiving in US?
19:02:21 <AbsintheSyringe> I just got home from uni. to my friends house, and I"m actually home alone now, he went out :D
19:02:22 <ana> the current dates suggested in latest AbsintheSyringe's email would work
19:02:35 <ana> but if we can move it 1 week ahead i think it would be good
19:02:36 <AbsintheSyringe> moray, maybe just have it earlier during Sat?
19:02:38 <AbsintheSyringe> during daytime
19:02:51 <moray> AbsintheSyringe: people are still out socialising/shopping/whatever
19:02:54 <ana> but I think it is better to discuss this on list and ask people about other events
19:02:58 <ana> desktop submit is
19:03:01 <AbsintheSyringe> we should def, have it by the end of month so we can call it a month
19:03:02 <ana> desktop submit is *BIG*
19:03:09 <AbsintheSyringe> moray, ah yes, shopping I forgot about that
19:03:10 * h01ger suggests doodle poll for next meeting date
19:03:18 <AbsintheSyringe> h01ger, perfect
19:03:19 <AbsintheSyringe> :)
19:03:25 <AbsintheSyringe> offering
19:03:25 <DrDub> who wants to set it up?
19:03:30 <AbsintheSyringe> same days
19:03:36 * h01ger also thinks dates should not conflict with desktop summit
19:03:37 <AbsintheSyringe> Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
19:03:46 <AbsintheSyringe> h01ger, I won't want overlapping
19:04:03 <h01ger> (but discussing final dates on the list is good)
19:04:04 <AbsintheSyringe> h01ger, what dates are you talking about?
19:04:15 <aroundthfur> AbsintheSyringe, dc11
19:04:19 <AbsintheSyringe> h01ger, yea that's what we concluded about final dates
19:04:20 <vedran_omeragic> AbsintheSyringe, for conference
19:04:24 <EnisDonKing> 6-11 august for deskstop summit
19:04:25 <AbsintheSyringe> we're talking about dates for next meeting
19:04:36 <DrDub> we're talking about two things at the same time
19:04:39 <AbsintheSyringe> um
19:04:42 <aroundthfur> DrDub, :D
19:04:42 <moray> DrDub: double the fun!
19:04:43 <DrDub> the dates of dc11
19:04:43 <AbsintheSyringe> can we please not talk about
19:04:47 <AbsintheSyringe> dc dates right now
19:04:48 <DrDub> and the dates for next meeting
19:04:50 <AbsintheSyringe> we'll dicuss them on lits
19:04:53 <AbsintheSyringe> till Nov22
19:04:56 <AbsintheSyringe> that's the deadline
19:05:01 <AbsintheSyringe> dates for next meeting
19:05:14 <AbsintheSyringe> Doodle, Thu 25, Fri 26, Sat 27, Sun 28
19:05:15 <AbsintheSyringe> ?
19:05:17 <blarson> US thanksgiving is Nov 25.  Bad week to schedule a meeting for US people.
19:05:19 <h01ger> AbsintheSyringe, werent you going to set up a doodle pool for next meeting
19:05:20 <aroundthfur> AbsintheSyringe, sounds great
19:05:21 <DrDub> we'll discuss the dates for dc11 on the mailing list?
19:05:26 <h01ger> DrDub, yes
19:05:31 <AbsintheSyringe> yea
19:05:36 <ana> #info discuss the dates for dc11 on the mailing list
19:05:41 <DrDub> #agreed we'll discuss the dates for dc11 on the mailing list before Nov22
19:05:44 <AbsintheSyringe> we dicussed all this and now we're discussing the most simple thing the most :)
19:05:45 <AbsintheSyringe> #irony
19:05:48 <ana> #info desktop submit 6-11 august. no a good idea overlap with them
19:05:57 <vedran_omeragic> I also suggest adding 18:00 to the poll
19:06:01 <blarson> AbsintheSyringe: all part of a holiday weekend for many US people.
19:06:04 <moray> and doodle poll by someone for the meeting, with a range of days following AbsintheSyringe's meeting
19:06:09 <AbsintheSyringe> vedran_omeragic, on Friday I have uni.
19:06:12 <h01ger> AbsintheSyringe, i suggest to make doodle poll for every day from 21 to 28th
19:06:15 <AbsintheSyringe> I just got from uni. didn't even get it home
19:06:24 <AbsintheSyringe> h01ger, what time
19:06:28 <vedran_omeragic> AbsintheSyringe, ah ok
19:06:31 <DrDub> blarson: yes, but we don't have much US participation in this meeting, there's a poll anyway
19:06:32 <moray> h01ger: AbsintheSyringe's meeting is 22nd I think, so must be after that
19:06:37 <h01ger> AbsintheSyringe, 15oo and 20oo CET
19:06:37 <AbsintheSyringe> from 6pm to 12pm by half hour?
19:06:54 <AbsintheSyringe> k
19:06:59 <AbsintheSyringe> well
19:07:03 <AbsintheSyringe> with that I conclude this meeting
19:07:08 <AbsintheSyringe> just over an hour, good one guys :)
19:07:09 <DrDub> OK
19:07:12 <DrDub> #endmeeting