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20:00:05 <moray> agenda at http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf11/Meetings#Global_Team_Meeting.2C_22_February_20:00_UTC
20:01:01 <moray> karolina: you're already part of the local team though, or just now arrived via IRC?
20:01:24 <karolina> i'v just arrived
20:01:35 <karolina> i'm from belgrade
20:01:55 <moray> #topic Local team updates
20:02:07 <moray> karolina: ah, right.  welcome :)
20:02:16 <karolina> thanks
20:02:18 <karolina> :)
20:02:29 <moray> there was already some 'local team update' on the list, what more do people have to add?
20:02:53 <AbsintheSyringe> I pretty much said it all on the list
20:03:09 <AbsintheSyringe> regarding the accommodation and venue and all that
20:03:16 <moray> obviously it will be good to get more details on exact room numbers, talk room sizes, etc.
20:03:36 <moray> and we hope you will carry on pushing them to agree firmly to pay for more things!
20:03:51 <AbsintheSyringe> moray, venue is a huge building, we're the ones who will propose the numbers and all of it, and we're getting it, I think the whole building has 4 of conference rooms
20:03:58 <AbsintheSyringe> moray, YES
20:04:01 <AbsintheSyringe> that's what I wanted to talk about
20:04:05 <AbsintheSyringe> tomorrow I'm going to
20:04:25 <AbsintheSyringe> meeting with President and Minister again to talk what exactly they are going to sponsor, besides hotel and venue
20:04:36 <AbsintheSyringe> so I'm all jumpy about that one
20:04:37 <moray> I thought we came up with a list last year?
20:04:42 <AbsintheSyringe> we did
20:04:45 <AbsintheSyringe> we even had that
20:04:51 <AbsintheSyringe> let me tell you what happened
20:05:07 <AbsintheSyringe> the thing I didn't want to speak publicly about
20:05:12 <AbsintheSyringe> if you remember
20:05:23 <moray> sure -- though note that this meeting *is* public
20:05:36 <moray> so don't say anything that might be bad for the government to see
20:05:37 <AbsintheSyringe> of course but this is less public :)
20:05:48 <AbsintheSyringe> no no, they know this, I told them this
20:06:00 <AbsintheSyringe> we assembled debconf-committee last year, after we came back from dc10
20:06:14 <AbsintheSyringe> now, we started many talks with them, and one of them was migration to linux
20:06:29 <AbsintheSyringe> couple of them turned out to be working for microsoft, so a whole war broke out
20:06:52 <AbsintheSyringe> some of them even wanted to halt the whole conference, since they were convinced we'll move onto linux after conference
20:07:07 <AbsintheSyringe> then I explained them that this conference doesn't bound them with anything regarding linux and all that
20:07:20 <AbsintheSyringe> but they kept obstructing the whole thing, and back on one of the meetings
20:07:29 <AbsintheSyringe> we had all those things *closed*
20:07:48 <AbsintheSyringe> that they would pretty much pay for everything (govt)
20:08:06 <AbsintheSyringe> but then the govt shift happened after elections and lost minister got lost along the way
20:08:23 <AbsintheSyringe> he might've been on their side as well as it turned out later
20:08:40 <AbsintheSyringe> either way, that's the reason the meeting with the president was so important for us
20:08:47 <moray> sure
20:08:48 <AbsintheSyringe> because he said he's giving us all that stuff to the new minister
20:09:06 <AbsintheSyringe> now, regarding the migration to linux, I won't talk anything about this, to anyone
20:09:31 <AbsintheSyringe> :)
20:09:38 <moray> right, that can be left until after the conference
20:09:51 <AbsintheSyringe> either way, I'm going to the meeting tomorrow again, regarding the other stuff the govt. is going to sponsor
20:10:02 <AbsintheSyringe> exactly
20:10:15 <AbsintheSyringe> our priority is to have debconf and for it to kick ass
20:10:21 <AbsintheSyringe> after that ... won't talk about it :)
20:10:30 <AbsintheSyringe> after that doesn't matter, what matters is now
20:10:31 <AbsintheSyringe> so
20:10:40 <AbsintheSyringe> I actually disassembled the whole dc11 govt team
20:10:44 <AbsintheSyringe> we don't need them anymore
20:10:54 <AbsintheSyringe> from now on, we're working directly with the president and the minister
20:10:59 <moray> ok
20:11:00 <AbsintheSyringe> more like minister cuz president is too busy with other stuff
20:11:05 <AbsintheSyringe> but he's on our side 100%
20:11:08 <AbsintheSyringe> after tomorrow
20:11:14 <AbsintheSyringe> I'll send "report" to the mailing list
20:11:25 <AbsintheSyringe> by my predictions after that we'll know what we'll be paying for
20:11:26 <moray> well, as long as there is some arrangement for them to pay for things (or to book them directly), this sounds good
20:11:31 <moray> right
20:11:33 <AbsintheSyringe> and we'll start working on  getting other sponsorships
20:11:40 <AbsintheSyringe> yea
20:11:44 <AbsintheSyringe> do we need this on paper?
20:11:46 <AbsintheSyringe> from them?
20:11:52 <AbsintheSyringe> should I pursue that one, or that's too much
20:11:56 <AbsintheSyringe> I think there's no need
20:12:00 <AbsintheSyringe> cuz we have the memorandum
20:12:07 <AbsintheSyringe> from them being general financial sponsor
20:12:22 <AbsintheSyringe> I think all we need is for president to say what we're getting tomorrow
20:12:26 <moray> well, having things on paper is always good, but you can judge what is best to push for from whom
20:12:41 <AbsintheSyringe> sure
20:12:42 <moray> you need to check how things will actually work in practice financially
20:12:52 <AbsintheSyringe> well we talked about this as well
20:12:58 <moray> will they book things directly?  (which actual person?)
20:13:22 <moray> I imagine they might prefer doing it themselves, but the president won't have much time to call up hotels :)
20:13:28 <AbsintheSyringe> they are going to book it for us, we just need to tell them what, so far we got the venue and hotel
20:13:39 <AbsintheSyringe> yea, he'll have someone else doing it of course :)
20:13:47 <AbsintheSyringe> but I think it's better way to go like that
20:13:52 <moray> so you need to get that person's details and be kind to them
20:13:53 <AbsintheSyringe> or to give us money, so we can get it
20:14:10 <moray> maybe take them for dinner and discuss things, or whatever works
20:14:12 <AbsintheSyringe> for example, transpiration, or daytrip and some things, that aren't too *big*
20:14:14 <moray> yeah
20:14:21 <AbsintheSyringe> as we
20:14:39 <AbsintheSyringe> discussed on one of the meetings we'll go see for them to give us the most
20:14:48 <AbsintheSyringe> after that we'll use it all for getting people here
20:14:51 <moray> (I don't mean bribing, we can't afford that, but just because this is not their primary job, and we want them to know what we're trying to achieve and be on-side)
20:15:05 <AbsintheSyringe> govt is getting the stuff we need infrastructure, buildings, we gonna get the people into those buildings :)
20:15:14 <moray> right
20:15:15 <AbsintheSyringe> of course :)
20:15:25 <moray> so are there more things you need to know from the meeting today?
20:15:33 <AbsintheSyringe> so yea, that was the plan and we're still on it
20:15:38 <moray> (as you already have the list of desired things from before)
20:15:51 <AbsintheSyringe> I don't know, I think this sums it up
20:16:37 <moray> ok, you can ask more questions to the team later in the meeting if you think of more information you need from anyone
20:16:40 <moray> thanks
20:16:45 <moray> #topic DebConf10 final report status
20:16:46 <AbsintheSyringe> np :)
20:16:53 <moray> darst: any update on this?
20:16:57 <AbsintheSyringe> heh, I was working on this one too :)
20:17:04 <darst> not much...
20:17:07 <moray> I think we have most of the articles now, as Richard wrote some more and I wrote some more
20:17:19 <moray> AbsintheSyringe (I think) was getting blog permissions
20:17:28 <moray> so beyond that it should be mostly design work?
20:17:35 <moray> but maybe some numbers are missing still -- darst?
20:17:39 <darst> AbsintheSyringe is doing permissions ?
20:17:54 <AbsintheSyringe> moray, yep
20:17:59 <darst> hm, yes, numbers may be missing
20:18:02 <AbsintheSyringe> no I was trying to get permissions for me to upload stuff
20:18:07 <darst> but can be taken from http://rkd.zgib.net/http/debconf/only-arrived/
20:18:26 <moray> anyway, we should really get a version with the current content *soon*
20:18:30 <AbsintheSyringe> nothing big, I can email you regarding this later on
20:18:31 <moray> seeing how late it already is
20:18:48 <darst> I think it could be assembeled basically now
20:19:05 <moray> to remind everyone, this is a requirement for some repeat sponsors at least, before they'll give money for the next year
20:19:48 <moray> darst: do you have time to continue to push the last stages, ASAP?
20:20:26 <moray> some people had already agreed to do design before
20:20:31 <darst> I think I have done enough non-work that I am obligated to now
20:20:42 <darst> so yeah, I'll do it
20:20:43 <moray> great
20:21:01 <darst> AbsintheSyringe: when do you think blog permissions can happen, or should I do it?
20:21:04 <darst> I can do it this evening
20:21:11 <moray> I got spammed by some permission reply
20:21:23 <darst> ah, so permissions are gotten?
20:21:24 <AbsintheSyringe> darst, got it all
20:21:32 <darst> perfect
20:21:33 <AbsintheSyringe> I just can't upload it
20:21:36 <darst> right...
20:21:49 <AbsintheSyringe> so what do you want me to do about it?
20:22:00 <AbsintheSyringe> they told me to mail admin@debconf didn't get to do that, been too busy lately
20:22:05 <moray> can you discuss directly, post-meeting?
20:22:11 <AbsintheSyringe> sure
20:22:14 <darst> when getting permissions, did you collect better quote parts ?
20:22:17 <AbsintheSyringe> I got it, so ... yea
20:22:22 <AbsintheSyringe> darst, yea
20:22:25 <darst> you can mail it to me and I'll commit for now
20:22:31 <AbsintheSyringe> went to sites and collected them off the sites
20:22:34 <AbsintheSyringe> darst, awesome
20:23:05 <darst> and then I'll mail about proofreading, and then assembly
20:23:13 <AbsintheSyringe> yea
20:23:15 <moray> #action darst to lead push to get a full final report as soon as possible
20:23:19 <AbsintheSyringe> I wanna do that as wel, with images and all
20:23:40 <AbsintheSyringe> and posts, you would just need to pick, which quotes to take excatly because there's too much that was said
20:23:44 <AbsintheSyringe> so yea, I can help with that part
20:23:54 <moray> yes, images of people 'working' are important -- in talks, at computers, interacting
20:24:22 <AbsintheSyringe> yes
20:24:28 <moray> #topic Sponsorship team status
20:24:34 <AbsintheSyringe> I was going around and looking for all the pictures and I found a lot of them
20:24:45 <AbsintheSyringe> so I can help with that, image selection and the quotes
20:25:13 <aroundthfur> ok so i made this wiki page
20:25:14 <aroundthfur> http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf11/Sponsors
20:25:22 <moray> h01ger Clint Sledge / others who did previous sponsorship work: around?
20:25:23 <aroundthfur> i based it on the dc9 wiki page
20:25:30 <Clint> moray: barely
20:25:41 <vedran_omeragic> DrDub was leader i think
20:26:06 <moray> Clint: do you have a view of what would be realistic levels, if you don't like those ones?
20:26:13 <aroundthfur> i think DrDub is too busy these days..
20:27:06 <AbsintheSyringe> I think we still got more time regarding these, so I don't think anything has to be concluded right now
20:27:07 <moray> aroundthfur: there was some discussion about what level receives what -- did you just leave that the same as previous DebConfs in your proposal?
20:27:11 <vedran_omeragic> local team discussed last years levels, and after all reactions we got on mailing list, we proposed levels of DC9
20:27:12 <Clint> moray: i thought someone made a different proposal a while back that seemed more reasonable
20:27:17 <AbsintheSyringe> we could do it next time, since govt. is playing such big role with this
20:27:27 <AbsintheSyringe> aroundthfur, tell them about media thingy
20:27:36 <aroundthfur> moray, no i've put the new info on there
20:27:51 <Clint> i will point out that we didn't have any sponsors listed as gold last year
20:28:05 <moray> Clint: ok -- I don't remember what the levels were, but I'm confused as to how they say they're copying dc9 levels but you say they're more than dc10's
20:28:06 <Clint> and the one sponsor i have info about is making a smaller contribution this year than last
20:28:19 <aroundthfur> i can only say, that we won't get any gold (or above) in bosnia
20:28:21 <Clint> moray: maybe i can't do exchange rates today
20:28:24 <aroundthfur> that's for sure
20:28:40 <AbsintheSyringe> aroundthfur, umm trust me we're not sure about that one
20:28:49 <AbsintheSyringe> cuz I think I know who I'm gonna ask for gold in bosnia :)
20:28:52 <aroundthfur> AbsintheSyringe, maybe m:tel?
20:28:52 <moray> aroundthfur: the government would be?
20:28:53 <AbsintheSyringe> be optimisic :)
20:28:55 <Clint> i don't think we will get any gold or above from the US or europe at those rates
20:28:56 <AbsintheSyringe> aroundthfur, there you go :)
20:29:01 <aroundthfur> moray, yes the govmt
20:29:09 <AbsintheSyringe> moray, govt is the "general" they are everything
20:29:10 <Clint> we were optimistic last year and as you can see we go straight from platinum to silver
20:29:13 * Sledge nods Clint
20:29:14 <aroundthfur> but i think we can get more ppl to sponsor if the levels are like this
20:29:21 <AbsintheSyringe> Clint, but we got govt
20:29:22 <aroundthfur> and not like last year for dc10
20:29:27 <Sledge> I made a proposal ages ago for smaller sponsor levels
20:29:40 <Sledge> but I've not had any time to stay involved since
20:29:52 <moray> Sledge: there's been quite a lot of discussion (without any conclusion) -- do you have a link back to your proposal?
20:29:57 <Sledge> sec...
20:30:17 <aroundthfur> i asked and i asked about this
20:30:20 <aroundthfur> here, on the lists
20:30:28 <aroundthfur> but only a few ppl said something
20:30:38 <aroundthfur> and it just stayed kind of "in the air"
20:30:42 <moray> aroundthfur: right, at the moment there is no active sponsorship team, is the overall problem
20:30:50 <aroundthfur> moray, yup1
20:30:51 <moray> the plan *was* for the team to have a meeting and decide the levels
20:30:56 <AbsintheSyringe> moray, let's assemble a new one
20:31:07 <AbsintheSyringe> lets solve this "on air"
20:31:08 <aroundthfur> moray, i think DrDub is too busy
20:31:18 <moray> AbsintheSyringe: yes, that needs to happen, but the levels is holding up the sponsorship pack being produced
20:31:21 <Sledge> gah
20:31:26 * Sledge fights lurker and loses
20:31:29 <AbsintheSyringe> ah :-/
20:31:30 <aroundthfur> i was talking alot with him until he just went offline :)
20:31:54 <moray> aroundthfur: yes, DrDub being busy may be the immediate problem, we can't blame him for that though
20:32:13 <aroundthfur> moray, of course not!
20:32:27 <aroundthfur> i was not implying we should!!!
20:32:40 <aroundthfur> just stating the thing that holds us back
20:32:50 <Sledge> http://lists.debconf.org/lurker/message/20101217.124654.159528b2.en.html is the closest thing I can find on the list
20:33:07 <AbsintheSyringe> we need some kind of solution, at least a proposition for one
20:34:15 <Sledge> 2010-12-17 11:40 GMT< Sledge> last year's were too high IMHO
20:34:15 <Sledge> 2010-12-17 11:40 GMT< Sledge> we struggled to get some companies to contribute
20:34:18 <Sledge> 2010-12-17 11:40 GMT< Sledge> and (unofficially) we had to give a number of people exceptions to the posted amounts
20:34:21 <Sledge> 2010-12-17 11:42 GMT< vedran_omeragic> by how would you suggest to lower the amount?
20:34:24 <Sledge> 2010-12-17 11:42 GMT< vedran_omeragic> 10%
20:34:27 <Sledge> 2010-12-17 11:42 GMT< vedran_omeragic> 20%
20:34:29 <Sledge> 2010-12-17 11:42 GMT< vedran_omeragic> ?
20:34:32 <Sledge> 2010-12-17 11:42 GMT * Sledge checks the numbers again
20:34:35 <Sledge> 2010-12-17 11:43 GMT< Sledge> so, we currently have USD 2K, USD 10K, USD 20K and USD 30K
20:34:35 <AbsintheSyringe> vedran_omeragic, didn't we lower the amount?
20:34:38 <Sledge> 2010-12-17 11:47 GMT< Sledge> my finger-in-the-air estimate: EUR 1K, EUR 5K, EUR 10K, EUR 20K
20:34:41 <Sledge> 2010-12-17 11:47 GMT< Sledge> but those are just numbers picked out of the air
20:34:44 <Sledge> 2010-12-17 11:47 GMT< Sledge> and more opinions would be good
20:34:49 <aroundthfur> AbsintheSyringe, we did, see: http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf11/Sponsors
20:35:09 <AbsintheSyringe> aroundthfur, I know it was more of a rhetorical question
20:35:18 <aroundthfur> AbsintheSyringe, oh
20:35:22 <moray> so "EUR 1K, EUR 5K, EUR 10K, EUR 20K" would mean reduce aroundthfur's 15K to 10K, 25K to 20K
20:35:36 <aroundthfur> moray, yup
20:35:43 <vedran_omeragic> pretty  much
20:35:46 <moray> Clint: would those sound more reasonable to you?
20:36:08 <Clint> yes
20:36:17 <moray> ok, this looks like progress
20:36:22 <Clint> i assume we fully expect the government to break 20k
20:36:29 <aroundthfur> IMHO i think, that if there were no gold/platinum spons. we should lover the amount!
20:36:38 <moray> Clint: yes, I don't think the government cares about the levels
20:36:41 <aroundthfur> Clint, ooh they will :D
20:36:52 <moray> Clint: they can get their own category if they want
20:37:21 <AbsintheSyringe> govt. is above everything, above all
20:37:30 <vedran_omeragic> even google?
20:37:34 <AbsintheSyringe> general, to us this means they have to top everybody
20:37:37 <AbsintheSyringe> vedran_omeragic, yea
20:37:39 <AbsintheSyringe> def
20:38:04 <AbsintheSyringe> I mean, that's what I'm trying to include in all of this stuff they are going to give us/pay for us to get
20:38:19 <moray> aroundthfur: if the 'rewards' for the levels changed from previous years, can you remind us of the diff?
20:38:35 <aroundthfur> moray, see: http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf11/Sponsors for current "rewards"
20:38:42 <aroundthfur> and see: http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf9/Sponsors
20:38:43 <aroundthfur> for the past
20:38:44 <vedran_omeragic> switched places of shirts and bags
20:38:53 <aroundthfur> i don't know what the rewards were last year
20:38:59 <aroundthfur> ooh
20:39:03 <aroundthfur> there you go :)
20:39:07 <vedran_omeragic> :)
20:39:12 <AbsintheSyringe> :)
20:39:17 <aroundthfur> vedran_omeragic, how?
20:39:30 <vedran_omeragic> we believe shirts are much more noticable, and therefore
20:39:40 <vedran_omeragic> we 'promoted' it
20:39:44 <aroundthfur> ooh
20:39:45 <vedran_omeragic> and downgraded bags a level
20:39:45 <aroundthfur> ok
20:40:00 <moray> Sledge: Clint: others: happy with that?
20:40:15 <AbsintheSyringe> we downgraded it all
20:40:24 <AbsintheSyringe> switching from euro to km cut it in half :)
20:40:27 <Sledge> works
20:40:34 * Clint nods.
20:41:01 <aroundthfur> AbsintheSyringe, what do you mean?
20:41:07 <moray> and I assume we know we're definitely getting the Linux Magazine ad again, before we promise that?
20:41:24 <Clint> i might also suggest some kind of special recognition for sponsors that have been with us every year for a long time
20:41:26 <aroundthfur> moray, i am not clear on that
20:41:38 <aroundthfur> i just copied the info from another place (brochure)
20:41:39 <vedran_omeragic> uhh, who's our contact with LM? who was last year?
20:41:53 <AbsintheSyringe> yea, we need all the contacts
20:42:00 <Clint> contacts are in svn
20:42:01 <AbsintheSyringe> from everybody who was ever sponsor
20:42:23 <AbsintheSyringe> moray, btw I bashed linux mag today (http://www.linux-mag.com/id/8188/#comment-8977) :)
20:42:30 <aroundthfur> hahahahaha
20:42:36 <moray> Clint: LM doesn't seem to be in dc10/sponsors-table
20:42:49 <Clint> well that makes sense in retrospect
20:43:11 <moray> it looks like h01ger handled them for dc9
20:43:24 <Clint> DrDub might have talked to them last year
20:43:33 <moray> Ganneff h01ger : do you know the LM status?
20:43:57 <Ganneff> no
20:44:21 <Ganneff> i know they want to sponsor this year, but thats all i know
20:45:25 <moray> Ganneff: do you think it's safe to promise other sponsors that they appear in the advertisement?  or might we not get one, then have a problem?
20:45:49 <Ganneff> i would THINK they do the sponsorstuff again, so i THINK its safe
20:46:03 <moray> I guess actually we could add some small print to the benefits page, that would be safest for any of these
20:46:04 <Ganneff> but someone should mail em soon, if they didnt get in contact with whoever last had it
20:47:13 <aroundthfur> i can email them, and ask..
20:47:18 <moray> Just some small print to say "The benefits above are indicative of what we can offer to show our appreciation of our sponsors.  Details may change due to circumstances beyond our control." or whatever
20:47:20 <edgar> have you considered adjusting the 'levels' to a curve? or maybe a curve with reasonably low minimums?
20:47:23 <aroundthfur> but i dont know if they will talk to me
20:47:33 <aroundthfur> maybe they want to talk to someone from last year??
20:47:53 <AbsintheSyringe> aroundthfur, I don't see anything wrong with that, I was planing on doing that either way
20:48:04 <aroundthfur> AbsintheSyringe, they dont like you anymore :D
20:48:09 <moray> aroundthfur: it needs to be checked who was in contact with them / what the current contact at LM is
20:48:17 <aroundthfur> edgar, could you explain that some more?
20:48:23 <moray> aroundthfur: but as I say (20:47) maybe we don't need to worry about this for now
20:48:26 <aroundthfur> moray, ok
20:49:02 <moray> edgar: if everyone is happy with Sledge's proposal, I'd rather take that than start another few months of discussion :)
20:49:06 <AbsintheSyringe> aroundthfur, I didn't mean them, I meant other ones and I'll help you with the other ones
20:49:20 <aroundthfur> AbsintheSyringe, tnx
20:49:26 <edgar> sure, say for instance, the top 10% of sponsors will be platinum, the next 20% gold and so on (this would be just a curve)
20:49:31 <moray> edgar: to get 'ideal' levels you would need to take into account actual amounts given, but also to somehow know the amounts companies would give if the levels changed
20:50:04 <moray> edgar: as companies are likely to adjust their giving to meet the thresholds
20:50:45 <moray> edgar: in principle it might be best to set the levels *after* all sponsorship is agreed, but companies would just be confused by that
20:50:58 <edgar> a curve with minimums would be almost the same, but saying, for instance, the top 10% will be platinum, but so long as they put in more than $15K (percentages and limits are hypothetical)
20:51:29 <edgar> it turns it into a bit of an auction, right
20:51:30 <aroundthfur> i kind of like that idea
20:52:01 <moray> it's reduces to what we used to have, no levels and just sorting -- but *long* discussions decided (fixed) levels were better
20:52:16 <edgar> which could be blind (nobody knows what the others are putting in) or not (there's a page with promises which also shows preliminary categories)
20:52:33 <moray> as we're already late this year, unless a lot of people on the channel want a new approach they can quickly agree on, I'd rather we agreed on the aroundthfur + Sledge-modifications proposal
20:52:57 <aroundthfur> ok wait
20:53:06 <aroundthfur> Sledge, and i have different proposals for levels
20:53:17 <moray> aroundthfur: right, "+ Sledge-modifications"
20:53:26 <aroundthfur> moray, ooh ok
20:53:28 <moray> aroundthfur: your page, but with the top numbers modified to what Sledge said
20:53:29 <edgar> well, i dont mean to create drag, its just that since there was discussion, i thought some fresh ideas might be in order
20:53:58 <aroundthfur> so do we agree on this?
20:54:01 <edgar> its not the same as no fixed levels, its just a different way of fixing them
20:54:19 <edgar> on that has pros and cons, for sure
20:54:26 <moray> edgar: I'd suggest you write out a concrete proposal, discuss it with people previously involved in sponsorship work, then get that idea discussed on the list -- in time for *next* year
20:54:51 <edgar> thx, maybe, ill leave it at that now
20:55:24 <moray> Sledge: Clint: any more thoughts?  (again, anyone else too, just trying to ping people who did a lot of sponsorship work in the past)
20:55:39 <Clint> edgar: if you're doing sponsorship work you could also ask some friendly people how they would feel about such a plan
20:56:03 <Clint> moray: just that someone should think about special recognition for long-running sponsors
20:56:18 <edgar> i did at some point, dont think i can now, but i might still have some contacts to ask
20:56:50 <moray> #agreed for sponsorship levels we will go for now with http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf11/Sponsors but with different higher levels (from Sledge): EUR 1K, EUR 5K, EUR 10K, EUR 20K
20:56:54 <moray> Clint: right, I'd agree
20:56:55 <Sledge> ack
20:57:02 <moray> Clint: but we don't necessarily need that in the sponsors pack
20:57:11 <Clint> agreed
20:57:17 <Clint> now i must go fully afk for a meeting
20:57:25 <moray> Clint: people might even feel more special if we tell them directly we're just giving them a great deal for their past support, etc.
20:57:47 <moray> #topic Next meeting/Any Other Business
20:57:54 <aroundthfur> YES
20:58:00 <aroundthfur> i wanted to say this
20:58:05 <AbsintheSyringe> :)
20:58:08 <aroundthfur> but was waiting for the other thing to settle
20:58:20 <aroundthfur> we need to discuss "media sponsors"
20:58:24 <kefalo> maybe to make survey and ask sponsors, what kind of stuff would animate them to invest more, level more, or some kind of new idea that they have?
20:58:30 <edgar> clint, i whole heartedly agree about the recognition for longtime sponsors, could be just a little icon stating how many years of sponsorship
20:58:41 <aroundthfur> i don't know if anybody here remembers it, but we made that category a while ago
20:58:45 <moray> kefalo: yes, that would be sensible
20:58:47 <kefalo> that for next debconfs... for this is maybe too late
20:59:09 <moray> aroundthfur: I don't think that has to be this meeting?  again, it's really a sponsorship team thing, and we don't have enough media sponsors that it needs to be in the sponsor pack
20:59:27 <aroundthfur> i am only asking this
20:59:30 <aroundthfur> because of the brochure
20:59:40 <aroundthfur> but if we dont need this in the spons pack
20:59:49 <aroundthfur> then we dont need it in the brochure either??
21:00:07 <moray> I'm not sure what the difference is between the 'sponsor pack' and 'brochure'
21:00:16 <aroundthfur> i guess me neither :D
21:00:17 <moray> (I thought there was only one document)
21:00:26 <aroundthfur> ooh
21:00:29 <darst> I think DrDub was calling what used to be the pack the brochure
21:00:30 <vedran_omeragic> yes it's just one doc :)
21:00:35 <aroundthfur> i thought you were talking about some other thing..
21:00:37 <darst> so yeah, same...
21:00:38 <aroundthfur> nvm
21:00:55 <aroundthfur> alright then..
21:00:56 <moray> on a different topic: we have the first DC12 bid discussion meeting soon
21:00:57 <aroundthfur> but
21:01:05 <moray> both bids look good, though both look *expensive*
21:01:09 <aroundthfur> can we assemble a new sponsors team?
21:01:22 <aroundthfur> or should i just email everyone in person?
21:01:35 <aroundthfur> we need this team asap in my opinion!
21:01:36 <moray> it would be good if people can read through the DC12 bid materials and ask questions on the list
21:01:57 <moray> aroundthfur: I suspect you need to do it by email -- people can answer now if they want to join in, but not everyone is here
21:02:10 <aroundthfur> moray, will do..
21:02:17 <vedran_omeragic> anyone else interested in joining?
21:02:24 <vedran_omeragic> sponsorship team, that is...
21:02:31 <moray> #action everyone should read the DC12 bid materials and ask questions on the list
21:02:45 <moray> #action aroundthfur to work on assembling a renewed sponsorship team
21:02:48 <AbsintheSyringe> vedran_omeragic, am I sponsorship team?
21:02:58 <AbsintheSyringe> meh, I am
21:03:03 <aroundthfur> AbsintheSyringe, yes you are!
21:03:04 <vedran_omeragic> :)
21:03:41 <AbsintheSyringe> :)
21:03:56 <edgar> AbsintheSyringe, is the statement 'for every team, AS is in it' true? &8-P
21:04:25 <AbsintheSyringe> edgar, *cheers :)
21:04:30 <moray> next meeting date?
21:04:43 <vedran_omeragic> guy's workaholic  :)
21:04:44 <moray> we have the DC12 meeting on the 1st
21:04:47 <edgar> before that,
21:04:48 <Ganneff> oh, btw, i might be unable to attend, again, this year. :()
21:05:19 <aroundthfur> Ganneff, dc11?
21:05:23 <Ganneff> si
21:05:31 <aroundthfur> aah, :S
21:05:44 <edgar> i registered for the appropriate lists, but couldnt find one about the visa team, since i volunteered to do some work for it, i am concerned that i dont know how to get in touch with them
21:06:21 <AbsintheSyringe> :)
21:06:22 <AbsintheSyringe> 2 months
21:06:24 <AbsintheSyringe> 2 weeks*
21:06:29 <AbsintheSyringe> 8th?
21:06:40 <AbsintheSyringe> vedran_omeragic, and yes I am :)
21:07:13 <moray> #info next meeting in two weeks: 8 March, 20 UTC
21:07:30 <moray> #endmeeting