19:59:59 <h01ger> #startmeeting
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20:00:35 <h01ger> #topic please say hi if you intend to work on (getting) sponsorship and say a bit more than "hi" if we dont know you :-D
20:00:49 <zumbi> hi
20:00:50 * h01ger says hi
20:00:54 <vedran_omeragic> hi
20:00:58 <DrDub> hi
20:00:59 <aroundthfur> hi..
20:00:59 <Clint> hi but barely
20:01:11 <EnisDonKing> hello/
20:01:36 * AbsintheSyringe *waves
20:01:49 <h01ger> so we have at least 7 people, whohooo :)
20:02:01 <darst> anyone from Debian here to help?
20:02:12 <h01ger> #topic agenda - please continue to say hi
20:02:20 <Caroll> hi
20:02:45 <h01ger> current agenda is media sponsor, sponsorship level, sponsorship strategy paper & documentaion, payments and check if drdub is still alive
20:02:45 <leogg> hi!
20:03:02 <h01ger> the last topic has already+thankfully been resolved positivly ;)
20:03:14 <h01ger> any other topics?
20:03:59 <Clint> possibly acknowledging long-time sponsors
20:03:59 <aroundthfur> seems not..
20:04:00 <h01ger> i'd add agreement paper between diva+debian, though there is not so much to discuss IMO, but anyway.. (there is just work to do on it)
20:05:23 <h01ger> http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf11/Meetings#Sponsorship_Team_Meeting.2C_24_March_20:00_UTC updated, please check
20:05:51 <darst> looks good to me...
20:06:08 <AbsintheSyringe> mhm
20:06:25 <AbsintheSyringe> ok, so let's get this party started?
20:06:26 <aroundthfur> looks ok
20:06:28 <h01ger> if you have additions to the agenda, please edit the wiki _and_ tell me
20:06:42 <h01ger> #topic sponsorship levels
20:06:52 <h01ger> actually as i understand it, this has been done and we can move on
20:06:57 <AbsintheSyringe> ok, I thought these were concluded
20:07:02 <h01ger> does everybody know where to find the levels we agreed on?
20:07:04 <aroundthfur> me too :S
20:07:09 <aroundthfur> yup
20:07:11 <AbsintheSyringe> agreed, move on
20:07:13 <aroundthfur> http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf11/Sponsors
20:07:15 <h01ger> please post the url here
20:07:16 <h01ger> thanks
20:07:35 * h01ger still cant type and is using the mouse with the left hand...
20:07:41 <vedran_omeragic> or http://debconf11.debconf.org/sponsorship.xhtml
20:07:57 <h01ger> so..
20:08:02 <h01ger> #topic media sponsor
20:08:03 <DrDub> looks good
20:08:06 <aroundthfur> h01ger, ouch..
20:08:07 <Clint> i'm slightly concerned that we won't get any gold
20:08:28 <AbsintheSyringe> ok, since it was our goal to make sure that everybody knows about this conference in whole region
20:08:30 <DrDub> why so?
20:08:35 <AbsintheSyringe> we need support from media
20:08:38 <h01ger> Clint, we had this. but platinium is better anywaay :)
20:08:41 <AbsintheSyringe> what kind of question is that?
20:08:52 <aroundthfur> AbsintheSyringe, wait just a minute more..
20:08:56 <AbsintheSyringe> so you spread awareness about open source/linux?
20:09:10 <AbsintheSyringe> ?
20:09:19 <h01ger> AbsintheSyringe, sure, we need/want media as sponsors. but do we need a special category?
20:09:42 * h01ger would value their sponsorship and put them in the normal categories, and done
20:09:49 <AbsintheSyringe> not sure if we need a special category, all I know is that we need these people, and ther'es a lot of them offering their services to us
20:09:54 <Clint> there's no fair way to value their sponsorship
20:10:03 <AbsintheSyringe> it's not even possible
20:10:06 <h01ger> Clint, same with 20 donated foneras
20:10:13 <h01ger> s/same/similar/
20:10:22 <AbsintheSyringe> for example, the news papers that offered us to put our ads in their news papers
20:10:25 <AbsintheSyringe> and write articles about it
20:10:31 <AbsintheSyringe> there's no way you can value that
20:10:34 * h01ger would suggest to value their value on a case by case basis
20:10:38 <DrDub> I have been a strong supporter of the media sponsorship category but it seems people this year don't like the idea
20:10:46 <Clint> i'm also in favor
20:10:51 <DrDub> it is used in other conferences
20:10:58 <DrDub> it simplifies things a lot
20:11:03 <h01ger> so any media is a media sponsor? NYT and my blog alike?
20:11:05 <DrDub> doing things in a case by case basis is bad
20:11:19 <DrDub> it is a recipe for pissing off sponsors
20:11:28 <EnisDonKing> h01ger problem is that some guys here have a wrong definition of a media sponsor
20:11:41 * h01ger is open for suggestions
20:11:46 <vedran_omeragic> h01ger, we were thinking more about practical media sponsors as in TV, Magazines and Newspapers
20:12:38 <DrDub> h01ger: case by case is tough to ensure we make similar decisions over the years
20:12:43 <DrDub> and depending on people
20:12:46 <EnisDonKing> we need to put it as simple as possible, we need local media for advertising of dc11 in bosnia and region
20:12:58 <amaya> hi, sorry I'm late
20:13:01 <vedran_omeragic> we have a chance to promote dc11 on a national tv, and in several newspapers
20:13:05 <EnisDonKing> local media will offer free advertising + reports, etc
20:13:20 * h01ger shrugs. same thing. so you would put an ad / article in the new york times in the same boat as one in the banja luka linux magazine? (no offense intented, i just dont believe one extra categoriy will cut it. or do you suggest 5 media sponsor categories?)
20:13:26 <darst> if DrDub likes the idea I am generally in support
20:13:41 <EnisDonKing> that is why it is called "local media"
20:13:47 <EnisDonKing> not global media or anything like that
20:14:11 <EnisDonKing> we dont have dedicated os/linux media anyway
20:14:14 <EnisDonKing> but we do have tech media
20:14:21 <EnisDonKing> + mainstream naturally
20:14:31 <DrDub> the key for media sponsorship is to put a threshold in impact
20:14:37 <DrDub> number of viewers / readership
20:14:40 <EnisDonKing> of course
20:14:47 <DrDub> if it is a super famous blog, then sure, why not
20:15:07 <AbsintheSyringe> heh
20:15:12 <aroundthfur> i agree
20:15:13 <h01ger> are you suggesting one category for media (like gold) or 5 (like steel to platinium)?
20:15:14 <DrDub> it usually go both ways. I don't expect Joey Hess will want to appear as a media sponsor by mentioning the conference in his blog
20:15:22 <AbsintheSyringe> tv is a completely different category then blog don't you think?
20:15:49 <Clint> i think giving advertising space is different from doing a story
20:16:13 <DrDub> Clint: yes, you're righ. I got confused
20:16:22 <EnisDonKing> for keeping it simple, id like to have only one category for local media, we are not aiming for dozens of media sponsors, but rather those who are willing to promote the conference for free and offer other benefits
20:16:31 <h01ger> if you dont have congrete proposals for this (ie answering my questions) i suggest to postpone this topic and continue when there are some concrete proposals. atm we're discussing "acknowleding sponsors is good". i would like to know how
20:16:48 <EnisDonKing> I said it like three times already
20:16:49 <h01ger> so "local media sponsors"?
20:16:54 <EnisDonKing> yeah
20:16:57 <AbsintheSyringe> can't postpone it anymore
20:17:00 <AbsintheSyringe> we've been talking about this
20:17:01 <AbsintheSyringe> for months now
20:17:02 <h01ger> and blogs are no media?
20:17:04 <AbsintheSyringe> people want to help us
20:17:05 <amaya> my take is: you don't give money you are not called sponsor. Is tehre another word in english we can use for "medi non-sponsor"?
20:17:07 <DrDub> media and local media sounds good
20:17:08 <amaya> media
20:17:17 <AbsintheSyringe> and we keep pushing them away, that's just ridiculous
20:17:20 * h01ger likes what amaya just said
20:17:37 <DrDub> h01ger: blogs are media, but as Clint says we care about ads in there
20:17:44 <aroundthfur> can we call it "media coverage"?
20:17:48 <EnisDonKing> doesnt matter if it is a blog, tv, radio, paper or whatever -what matters is their influence and readership as DrDub suggested
20:17:51 <amaya> aroundthfur: I like that
20:17:53 <AbsintheSyringe> yea
20:17:54 <h01ger> aroundthfur, sounds good/better
20:17:55 <AbsintheSyringe> media coverage
20:17:57 <AbsintheSyringe> that's awesome!
20:18:00 <DrDub> so if they are willing to run an ad for us and we like it, then sure
20:18:02 <AbsintheSyringe> aroundthfur, *kissy kissy :)
20:18:09 <aroundthfur> i mean that is what is in my head all of this time
20:18:14 <aroundthfur> i tried saying it
20:18:15 <AbsintheSyringe> media coverage is what we could go for
20:18:18 <DrDub> amaya: these ads mean $$$ for us through exposure for sponsors
20:18:29 <aroundthfur> but was explaining it wrong i guess
20:18:36 <amaya> DrDub: but it is not sponsoring itself
20:18:44 * amaya looks for words
20:18:45 <EnisDonKing> why should it?
20:18:50 <EnisDonKing> it is not a practice
20:18:53 <EnisDonKing> almost anywhere
20:18:54 <h01ger> #info "media sponsors" should be "local media sponsors" should be retitled to "(local) media coverage"
20:19:07 <DrDub> amaya: this is about money, really, not semantics
20:19:17 <h01ger> shall that become "official local media coverage"?
20:19:22 <aroundthfur> h01ger, but now i think we dont need local/global media coverage..
20:19:25 <EnisDonKing> if you are giving free ad which costs some actual money, arent you already sponsoring?
20:19:27 <aroundthfur> one is enough or not?
20:19:52 <h01ger> EnisDonKing, they dont give us money. they give us things which are nice but which we can live without
20:20:03 <EnisDonKing> well, you are wrong there
20:20:14 <amaya> pissing off sponsors vs giving sponsors media coverage
20:20:19 <EnisDonKing> we dont want to host a conference here with 100 people who come to dc's regulary
20:20:26 <EnisDonKing> but also to other tech people from this country
20:20:27 <EnisDonKing> and region
20:20:55 <h01ger> #topic local media coverage: requirements and benefits - should we include them in the brochure?
20:21:07 <amaya> EnisDonKing: those people are already reading tech blogs and such and it's easy to reach them (IMHO)
20:21:17 <h01ger> and 5 more minutes on this topic, than we'll need to move on. details can be discussed on the list or later here
20:21:28 <EnisDonKing> well, I dont agree, being here probably the only one who actually runs a media company
20:21:31 <DrDub> I wouldn't include local media in the -en brochure
20:21:49 <EnisDonKing> neither would I
20:21:50 <aroundthfur> DrDub, i agree on that 100%
20:22:07 <vedran_omeragic> what about making a small 'leaflet' for media coverage
20:22:09 <vedran_omeragic> ??
20:22:12 <EnisDonKing> we need their partnership to reach people we cannot reach through usual channels
20:22:15 <h01ger> EnisDonKing, keep in mind its the debian _developers_ conference. media coverage is not really why we meet, we want to develop debian. (which includes some media coverage but its less important for us then for other meetings)
20:22:16 <vedran_omeragic> instead of a brochure
20:22:35 <EnisDonKing> I agree, however
20:22:40 <h01ger> vedran_omeragic, small "leaflet" sounds like a good idea
20:22:47 <EnisDonKing> there are devs all around who are not developing for Debian yet
20:22:50 <amaya> EnisDonKing: then what's your approach? my "semantic" problem is we have several categories of sponsors, what is wrong if we call the media "media sponsors" instead of "gold sponsors"?
20:22:57 <EnisDonKing> but we would like them to get there and see whats all about
20:22:59 <h01ger> EnisDonKing, sure thing! we do want to reach them!
20:23:06 <AbsintheSyringe> there you go
20:23:14 <h01ger> 2 more minutes...
20:23:31 <DrDub> amaya: sorry, I missed that part. So we're not calling then media? we call them gold? /me doesn't like
20:23:42 <AbsintheSyringe> ok, then renaming the media sponsors to media coverage and having "leaflet"
20:23:47 <aroundthfur> why are we arguing when we already made a solution?
20:23:48 <h01ger> we have a global team meeting in 5 days were the proposal can be presented and further defined.
20:23:55 <DrDub> OK, OK, I have 158 mails to read, I know :-S
20:24:06 <AbsintheSyringe> that's it
20:24:16 <AbsintheSyringe> if what I just said above concludes it, move on
20:24:17 <h01ger> DrDub, those old mails are not that important... read previous meeting logs / summaries
20:24:20 <amaya> DrDub: I thought we were calling them media sponsors, a different category from $METAl sponsors
20:24:22 <AbsintheSyringe> h01ger, ^
20:24:29 <DrDub> h01ger: thanks
20:24:32 <h01ger> AbsintheSyringe, it doesnt conclude it. it defines what needs to be done
20:24:39 <amaya> and I don't want to discuss this any furtehr either :)
20:24:41 <AbsintheSyringe> h01ger, good enough
20:24:43 <DrDub> amaya: oh, good. I am all for that
20:24:50 <amaya> DrDub: then we agree :)
20:25:00 <h01ger> #info local media coverage needs to be defined further and discussed at the next global team meeting in 5 days
20:25:04 <h01ger> who will do that ^^
20:25:07 <h01ger> ?
20:25:20 <AbsintheSyringe> EnisDonKing, you wanna do that?
20:25:28 <h01ger> (ie _prepare_ the leaflet.,..)
20:25:37 <AbsintheSyringe> vedran_omeragic, you the leaflet?
20:25:40 <vedran_omeragic> will do
20:25:44 <amaya> h01ger: let's have also gold, silver and such media sponsors, depending on their involvement
20:25:47 <EnisDonKing> I could also copy what I've already said here
20:25:51 <aroundthfur> i can help
20:26:09 <h01ger> #info vedran_omeragic and EnisDonKing will prepare definition and benefits of "local media coverage" for the next meeting
20:26:15 <aroundthfur> EnisDonKing, we can do this together..
20:26:20 <amaya> ^great
20:26:23 <amaya> let's move on?
20:26:26 <h01ger> #topic basic workflow we had last year
20:26:27 <AbsintheSyringe> mhm
20:26:43 <h01ger> so... last year we worked like this:
20:27:03 <h01ger> people regularily working on sponsorship, hang out on #debconf-sponsors
20:27:28 <DrDub> correct
20:27:33 <aroundthfur> i didn't see any talk there for months..
20:27:34 <h01ger> (you need an invite, ask Sledge, Ganneff or me to get one.. Clint, do you volunteer for this irc jockey job too?)
20:27:44 <aroundthfur> and i'm there everyday whole day..
20:27:49 <h01ger> we do this, as we can discuss confidential things there
20:27:54 <h01ger> aroundthfur, we havent yet really started
20:27:55 <Clint> h01ger: sure, if i have access
20:28:01 <h01ger> Clint, will give you, thanks
20:28:10 <aroundthfur> k..
20:28:13 <h01ger> then, we have *one* file in debconf-team svn
20:28:32 <h01ger> svn+ssh://holger@svn.debian.org/svn/debconf-team/dc11/sponsors-table
20:28:35 <h01ger> this one
20:28:44 <h01ger> there we track, who contacted which companies
20:28:53 <DrDub> exactly
20:28:58 <h01ger> commit logs are sent to #debconf-team, so dont be too verbose
20:28:59 <Clint> the commit logs get broadcasted to this channel so we avoid putting details in them
20:29:15 <h01ger> the file includes a description how to use it
20:29:18 <h01ger> (with a text editor)
20:29:29 <h01ger> then we have this sponsorship brochure in pdf (url please)
20:29:37 <h01ger> which we, individually, pass on to companies we know
20:29:47 <h01ger> we notice this in sponsors-table in svn
20:29:48 <darst> http://debconf11.debconf.org/sponsorship/dc11_brochure_en_hq.pdf
20:29:49 <vedran_omeragic> http://debconf11.debconf.org/sponsorship/dc11_brochure_en_hq.pdf
20:30:00 <tiago> darst: h01ger: please use it as you want, or point me any issue you find, then i fix and build again: http://tiagovaz.org/archive/FinalReport-DC10-0.99.pdf
20:30:09 <h01ger> its also a good idea to pass on the dc10 final report, so we can show what awesome work debconf does
20:30:20 <h01ger> yay, tiago, thanks for link (and the work :)
20:30:44 <h01ger> then, once the sponsor agrees to sponsors, we send them an invoice
20:30:46 <darst> tiago: after the meeting, we can talk about putting it on media.debconf.org (simple svn in debconf-data)
20:30:47 <tiago> (i have no idea how it looks printed)
20:30:58 <h01ger> thats basically our workflow
20:31:16 <h01ger> (last year the ffis invoices were written by me, i forgot who wrote the spi invoices)
20:31:21 <Clint> schultmc does
20:31:28 <darst> you give the sponsors an option of paying to SPI (USD) or FFIS, or DIVA in bosnia
20:31:33 <h01ger> but the invoices are really at the *end* of the process
20:31:50 <darst> we would prefer payments to SPI or FFIS greatly for global sponsors
20:31:52 <aroundthfur> ok, but what interests me
20:31:59 <aroundthfur> is who contacts which sponsor?
20:32:04 <h01ger> payments to SPI and FFIS are tax deductable, so many companies prefer that
20:32:16 <h01ger> aroundthfur, if you know a company / a contact there, you do
20:32:21 <aroundthfur> are there ppl that contact specific sponsors or is there some other procedure?
20:32:27 <h01ger> check sponsors-table first, if noone else has done
20:32:43 <aroundthfur> ok, so one needs a contact in the company?
20:32:44 <h01ger> aroundthfur, last years people usually contact again.
20:32:53 <h01ger> aroundthfur, it increases chances of success
20:33:05 <Clint> we did a lot of coldcalling last year
20:33:10 <aroundthfur> ok then, that means we need to poke last years ppl?
20:33:19 <DrDub> yes
20:33:31 <DrDub> last year I started with a "formal" email
20:33:36 <DrDub> that was VERY unsuccessful
20:33:41 <h01ger> aroundthfur, yes. its totally great if you look into sponsors table and say "h01ger, you contacted nokia last year, can you do it again or should i?"
20:33:47 <DrDub> short, informal e-mails were much better
20:33:56 <h01ger> looking up the status in svn in sponsors table is essential
20:33:59 <aroundthfur> h01ger, i'll do that then
20:34:10 <aroundthfur> over the next couple of days..
20:34:26 <Clint> also some people didn't have svn access last year but coordinated through people that do
20:34:30 <DrDub> yeah, exactly. We don't want two people contacting them at once. It makes us look very unorganized.
20:34:33 <h01ger> #topic this years workflow, strategy and brain storming
20:34:37 <aroundthfur> hopefully with success of getting ppl to do it again this year..
20:34:58 <zumbi> Last year I sent a short informal message attaching a more formal message with all details
20:34:59 <darst> last year, sponsors who had committed were placed in a spreadsheet.  Can that continue this year ?
20:35:26 <zumbi> And added email contact information
20:36:02 <h01ger> zumbi is a good person to ask for templates too :)
20:36:24 <zumbi> I cannot read the file at the moment, but I plan to contact some of that people and send out emails
20:36:31 <h01ger> darst, if you want to generate that from sponsors table, sure. but for daily work a text file in svn is much nicer tahn a spreadsheet in svn
20:37:06 <darst> right, the text file for daily stuff
20:37:24 <darst> spreadsheet would only be updated twice per sponsor: add "promised", then move to "received"
20:37:25 <DrDub> committed sponsors don't happen overnight ;)
20:37:37 <DrDub> that's a good point
20:37:48 <DrDub> in the workflow, it takes a while of poking to get the money
20:38:01 <h01ger> i want the budget in the spreadsheet, so i want a spreadsheet anyway.. i dont mind if it has several sheets... ;)
20:38:08 <DrDub> so just getting the sponsor to say "we'll commit to $" it only part of the work
20:38:17 * h01ger nods DrDub
20:38:24 <h01ger> (if that wasnt obvious :)
20:38:29 <darst> since I am trying to do accounting, I will try to have some sort of system for keeping things tracked
20:39:03 <h01ger> \o/ if i dont have to understand ledger, just a spreadsheet, i'm happy to help ;)
20:39:12 <h01ger> anything else on workflow / strategy?
20:39:41 <DrDub> err, upsells?
20:39:46 <h01ger> schultmc, are you fine+able to do this years invoices for SPI too, or should we look for someone else?
20:39:49 <h01ger> DrDub, ?
20:40:04 <DrDub> try to have an idea which level to go for an sponsor and try to push them a little higher in their bracket?
20:40:07 <EnisDonKing> I believe people should communicate more and make strategy in order who contacts whom, e.g. maybe someone has better contact, more influence or so
20:40:14 <EnisDonKing> rather than just typing into spreadsheets
20:40:26 <DrDub> that type of discussions happen in #-sponsors
20:40:41 <DrDub> tap into the other members for some insight / help
20:40:44 <h01ger> EnisDonKing, we've been doing this. people who have contacts contact those. (thats why eg i talked with nokia)
20:40:57 <EnisDonKing> alright
20:41:06 <Clint> and we use other debian people who aren't involved with debconf
20:41:26 <h01ger> also one can(+should) always ask on #sponsors: "i was thinking to contact google, do you know someone there?"
20:41:57 <h01ger> EnisDonKing, you should do the same with local companies...
20:42:24 <h01ger> ok, shall we move on?
20:42:28 <DrDub> and do not do that on #-team
20:42:43 <DrDub> no mention of company names outside of #-sponsors unless they already committed
20:43:00 <DrDub> that's negative publicity for them, so keep away from it
20:43:25 <DrDub> (if we say 'who knows people in company X' it can be constructed as we approached company X and they didn't sponsor)
20:43:48 <h01ger> #info no mention of company names outside of #-sponsors unless they already committed - that is / could be negative publicity, so keep away from it
20:44:08 * Sledge reappears
20:44:24 <h01ger> #topic last year details on http://debconf11.debconf.org/payments.xhtml
20:44:50 <darst> that page is for attendee payments
20:44:52 <h01ger> afaik they are still valid, for ffis for sure and i assume spi as well. please someone check and shout loud if spi has changed
20:44:59 <h01ger> right
20:45:04 <h01ger> next topic anyway
20:45:05 <darst> I will make sure they are updated before opening registration
20:45:11 <h01ger> +hi Sledge, enjoy backlog :)
20:45:15 <darst> schultmc needs to set up click&pledge again
20:45:18 <h01ger> thanks darst
20:45:25 <darst> I have tried to clarify the FFIS payment info
20:45:29 <h01ger> #topic agreement diva + debconf11/debian
20:45:47 <h01ger> url for the draft we wrote?
20:46:00 <darst> (should be pointed out: payments.xhtml is *not* whaht you point sponsors to... ask for an invoice)
20:46:13 <darst> http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf11/NGOMoney
20:46:36 <vedran_omeragic> darst, I'll add that notice on payments page
20:46:37 <h01ger> please read this url if you havent already
20:46:41 <h01ger> vedran_omeragic, no
20:46:47 <h01ger> we'll tell sponsors
20:46:54 <h01ger> no one will just send us money "randomly"
20:47:09 <h01ger> but, me shrugs, do make it clearer :)
20:47:27 <h01ger> back to this agreement between diva and debian
20:47:40 <h01ger> AbsintheSyringe, did you read this?
20:48:02 <AbsintheSyringe> h01ger, mhm
20:48:15 * h01ger is not really sure if this should be signed on the debian side by the dpl, the debconf chairs or someone from spi
20:48:32 <AbsintheSyringe> I was thinking dpl
20:48:45 <AbsintheSyringe> even tho it doesn't really matter
20:49:04 <AbsintheSyringe> dpl is just making it "ultra" official
20:49:16 <h01ger> the agreement "text" itself is fine or is there stuff missing / wrong?
20:50:05 <darst> there isn't a formal text yet, is there?  or are the bullet points enough?
20:50:12 <h01ger> darst, nope
20:50:40 <AbsintheSyringe> I guess it's fine
20:50:49 <AbsintheSyringe> as long as it serves the purpose
20:50:55 <h01ger> "viva and debian look forward to held debconf11 together. to make this a success we agree that...", names, addresses, signatures :)
20:51:02 <DrDub> viva la Debian!
20:51:07 <AbsintheSyringe> :D
20:51:09 <h01ger> lol
20:51:12 <AbsintheSyringe> h01ger, that's fine with me
20:52:26 <h01ger> #info todo: find out who to sign on the debian side. make a real agreement. print. sign on debian side. mail to banja luka. sign on diva side. send one copy back. party.
20:52:27 <darst> who should write the formal text and all?
20:52:39 <h01ger> who volunteers (to draft)?
20:53:12 * h01ger suggests to wait 3min for an answer to the last question and then spend the last 5min on finding the next meeting date :)
20:53:19 <AbsintheSyringe> :)
20:53:36 <darst> I could, but it's an easy jbo for someone else...
20:53:43 <darst> maybe I can get nattie to do it...
20:53:47 <h01ger> my thoughts too :)
20:53:50 <AbsintheSyringe> :)
20:54:07 <DrDub> I can do it, but I thought it'd be better to have someone from Bosnia
20:54:21 <aroundthfur> AbsintheSyringe, us two?
20:54:27 <darst> who will sign it on the DIVA side ?
20:54:36 <AbsintheSyringe> aroundthfur, I'm trying to have something done that won't be done by me :D
20:54:41 <h01ger> DrDub, i'd actually prefer someone not from debian+diva ;)
20:54:42 <AbsintheSyringe> darst, DIVA's president?
20:54:43 <darst> and will the entire board know of it?
20:54:46 <aroundthfur> i would do it alone, but..
20:54:49 <DrDub> h01ger: of course
20:54:52 <h01ger> but its a wiki, you can do it with three or four people too :)
20:54:54 <AbsintheSyringe> aroundthfur, nah, let someone from debian do it
20:54:56 <DrDub> but aroundthfur it is not from there
20:55:03 <DrDub> aroundthfur: wanna work together on that?
20:55:06 <DrDub> like, now?
20:55:06 <aroundthfur> DrDub, exactly..
20:55:09 <aroundthfur> i can help someone..
20:55:24 <darst> AbsintheSyringe: DIVA's president would be a good choice... though does the board need a resolution to approve or something?
20:55:26 <aroundthfur> DrDub, yes
20:55:27 <h01ger> #info aroundthfur and DrDub will finish it so that it gets in a state so that it can be signed
20:55:40 <DrDub> good good
20:55:47 <AbsintheSyringe> darst, I'll let them know about this, we'll see who they come up with
20:55:48 <h01ger> #info then we will see who will print+sign+send it
20:55:55 <h01ger> #topic next meeting
20:55:59 <AbsintheSyringe> darst, I'm thinking DIVA president and DPL would be perfect
20:56:20 <nattie> darst: whatever it is you're trying to get me to do, poke me about it later
20:56:29 <h01ger> thursday, same time, in two weeks?
20:56:36 <AbsintheSyringe> h01ger, mhm
20:56:48 <darst> this is next sponsorship team meeting?
20:56:55 <vedran_omeragic> yes
20:56:55 <AbsintheSyringe> yea
20:56:56 <h01ger> yes, next sponsorship meeting
20:57:01 <h01ger> next global meeting is in 5 days
20:57:06 <aroundthfur> yes
20:57:09 <DrDub> Ok, but I can't stay beyond 2100
20:57:14 <DrDub> I teach at 2130
20:57:23 <h01ger> DrDub, utc? so today worked well?
20:57:32 <DrDub> (not today, so let's work on it now)
20:57:37 <h01ger> hah, summertime...
20:57:38 <DrDub> today is a holiday here, so it is all good
20:57:42 <AbsintheSyringe> just go with two weeks
20:57:47 <DrDub> yup
20:57:48 <AbsintheSyringe> we can always mail the list if there are changes
20:57:52 <h01ger> anyway, 7 april or 14 april?
20:58:05 <DrDub> april 7th
20:58:05 <aroundthfur> i mean some of us can still meet here and talk..
20:58:10 <h01ger> 19 utc or 20 utc? we will have sometime then...
20:58:10 <AbsintheSyringe> 7th
20:58:11 <AbsintheSyringe> I wanna have that
20:58:16 <AbsintheSyringe> signed by diva and debian
20:58:19 <AbsintheSyringe> by then
20:58:20 <AbsintheSyringe> 20
20:58:21 <aroundthfur> doesn't have to be oficial meeting does it?
20:58:26 <DrDub> yup
20:58:35 <h01ger> AbsintheSyringe, that has nothing to do with when we'll have the next meeting
20:58:46 * h01ger is in favor of 19 utc
20:58:54 <h01ger> cause that will be 21 localtime again
20:59:05 <AbsintheSyringe> h01ger, I know, just saying, just saying
20:59:12 <h01ger> AbsintheSyringe said 20, i 19, other opinions?
20:59:12 <DrDub> 19utc would work better for me
20:59:21 <aroundthfur> 19 utc is 20 local time for us here..
20:59:32 <AbsintheSyringe> go whit whichever you want :)
20:59:33 <AbsintheSyringe> with*
20:59:38 <aroundthfur> then make it 19 utc..
20:59:39 <h01ger> aroundthfur, i dont think in 2 weeks anymore...
20:59:49 <h01ger> #info next meeting, april 7th, 19 utc
20:59:54 <h01ger> there
21:00:01 <aroundthfur> h01ger, i wasnt thinking that either..
21:00:01 <DrDub> great!
21:00:03 <aroundthfur> ooooh
21:00:04 <AbsintheSyringe> \o/
21:00:10 <aroundthfur> daytime savings..
21:00:14 <aroundthfur> forgot about it :D
21:00:24 * h01ger thanks everybody for attending and is glad we finally kickstarted this! and we have a dc10 final report and a sponsorship brochure! awesome!
21:00:28 <DrDub> take advantage of our daytime savings, while they last!
21:00:41 <h01ger> #endmeeting