18:03:54 <moray> #startmeeting Global team meeint
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18:04:04 <moray> #topic DebConf13: Do we have a winner yet?
18:04:06 <gwolf> (currently chasing some pictures I did not credit in the report)
18:04:06 <moray> Yes.
18:04:14 <moray> #topic Update from DebConf12 local team
18:04:26 <moray> #topic Update from DebConf12 local team -- Venue
18:04:47 <moray> so, venue status?
18:04:48 <leogg> alright
18:05:01 <h01ger> eek
18:05:02 <leogg> So... as you all may know, we have two candidates for dc12 venue: Ticomo and Crowne Plaza
18:05:02 <moray> (can I say I'm impressed at my own typo of 'meeint', but never mind)
18:05:07 <h01ger> i thought it was 19 utc...
18:05:09 <h01ger> sigh
18:05:20 <leogg> Ticomo:
18:05:29 <leogg> We've been researching about the possibility to have the (cheaper) Ticomo Hotel option for DebConf.
18:05:50 <leogg> The biggest problem we have encountered so far is the connectivity. The venue is located outside downtown Managua and the local ISPs don't have the infrastructure to provide a stable and reliable Internet connectivity. There is only a possibility to put fiber optical cable for around one km on our expenses to assure good internet connection.
18:06:05 <leogg> Another potential problem is the power supply. Power outages are common in July (beginning of the rain season) and the hotel doesn't have enough power plants (neither a suitable system to handle outages without any breaks)
18:06:20 <leogg> As we mentioned in previous meeting, there's other difficulties, such as the accesibility that needs to be adressed if we want use Ticomo as the main venue.
18:06:36 <moray> For information, do you know a real price for the cable installation?
18:06:45 <moray> Apart from "expensive"
18:06:56 <leogg> moray, not yet
18:07:10 <moray> But you haven't ruled out Ticomo yet?
18:07:25 <moray> If it's ruled out, are we definitely using CP, or is there any third option?
18:07:27 <leogg> moray, no... but it's not looking good :(
18:07:34 <n0rman> moray: we are waiting the costs from 2 ISP
18:07:45 <moray> When do we need to confirm with CP?  Or we already 'confirmed', just didn't pay yet?
18:07:47 <leogg> so... about Crowne Plaza
18:08:00 <leogg> The biggest problem we have encountered so far is the costs of this venue ($200.000+). We have to do a lot of work in fundaraising. There is fiber optical cable available in distance of meters (maybe 100m) away from the venue, we would have to put it either way.
18:08:23 <gwolf> leogg: Has the cost gone up‽ I don't remember having seen such a high figure
18:08:29 <leogg> moray, we have a pre-reservation on the venue
18:08:56 <xamanu> gwolf: there haven't been a complete estimate at any time :-S
18:08:59 <leogg> gwolf, it's the same price, but we're negotiating
18:09:06 <gwolf> bufff...
18:09:21 <xamanu> *hasn't
18:09:28 <moray> 100k USD?
18:09:31 <leogg> we received a new quote yesterday and we're looking into making a new estimate
18:09:58 <leogg> I think we can get this figure down, but no less than 150K
18:10:10 <leogg> if we use the cheaper hotels around CP
18:11:13 <aroundthfur> 200k for venue and accommodation?
18:11:25 <gwolf> and we still have many other expenses
18:11:32 <h01ger> USD?
18:11:41 <leogg> aroundthfur, 200K for the whole event
18:11:44 <gwolf> ...this is way over whatever has been estimated, /mefears
18:11:46 <leogg> h01ger, yes, USD
18:11:49 <xamanu> yes, aroundthfur: venue, accommodation, food for 150 people first week, 300 people second week
18:11:54 <gwolf> leogg: 200K including otherstuff?
18:11:55 <aroundthfur> aaah
18:11:56 <aroundthfur> ok
18:11:59 <leogg> gwolf, yes
18:12:19 <gwolf> (hah... but still not including travel sponsorship, daytrip, tshirts, foobar...)
18:12:21 <moray> ok, that's not a 'venue' price
18:12:27 <moray> still high of course
18:12:32 <leogg> gwolf, including sponsorships
18:12:44 <leogg> daytrip, shirts, etc
18:12:46 <moray> 'venue' price is how much the talk/dicussion rooms etc. cost
18:12:50 <gwolf> leogg: what is just for the venue?
18:13:11 <xamanu> gwolf: around 40K as i remember
18:13:15 <leogg> moray, gwolf, just the venue is around 50K
18:13:16 <moray> perhaps you can post a break-down to -team?
18:13:18 <aroundthfur> leogg, xamanu so the 200k is for everything we need?
18:13:23 <leogg> aroundthfur, yes
18:13:38 <leogg> moray, the preliminary budget is in svn
18:13:41 <aroundthfur> that seems ok-ish i think (if we can get enough sponsors..)
18:14:16 <moray> leogg: right, it's still useful to post to -team for thoughts
18:14:16 <xamanu> venue withour negotiation is $48,990 so far
18:14:17 <leogg> but as I said, we should/must get it down to around 150K... and I think it's doable
18:14:22 <gwolf> ok, that is way better
18:14:35 <leogg> moray, right! will do it after the meeting
18:14:45 * h01ger relocates and shall properly join+attend the meeting in 10min
18:15:03 <moray> the *venue* itself we've often had free
18:15:18 <gwolf> moray: well, we knew it would be our main expense in Nicaragua
18:15:34 <moray> gwolf: it's not 'main' if it's 50 out of 200
18:15:51 <moray> I'm still concerned if the spaces we are getting for this are enough
18:16:02 <moray> last time we discussed it, the hacklab spaces, e.g., were very small
18:16:04 <gwolf> at some point the UNAN campus was considered IIRC, but it's definitively not accessible and far from lodging spaces
18:16:05 <leogg> moray, gwolf, the other big expense is the accomodation
18:16:36 <leogg> the floor plans for CP are over here ---> http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf12/Venue
18:17:08 <moray> right, my question is if anything changed
18:17:15 <moray> it's still the same tiny rooms for lots of money?
18:17:17 <aroundthfur> leogg, the large hall that can fit 350 ppl is just for one day?
18:17:38 <gwolf> aroundthfur: we were discussing a bit yesterday about that large hall
18:17:42 <leogg> moray, they're going to give us a discount for the small rooms
18:17:45 <aroundthfur> ah yes, sorry
18:17:57 <leogg> aroundthfur, that's right... only for debian day
18:18:04 <gwolf> I suggested them _not_ to use that room - but I think we should wait for h01ger's comeback to discuss that point
18:18:10 <moray> leogg: there was a question before if there was additional space that could be used for hacklabs
18:18:18 <gwolf> (but still IIRC it does not make THAT much of a difference - it was in the US$2K range)
18:18:20 <moray> leogg: preferably not-charged-for space
18:18:23 <leogg> gwolf, we'll talk about that when discussing debian day
18:18:29 <gwolf> leogg: right
18:18:58 <leogg> moray, they're charging us just for electricity/security afaik
18:19:05 <leogg> but it's still expensive
18:19:20 <gwolf> ...But well, xamanu stated the venue is $48,990 before negotiation... I still hope that venue+hotel can be brought down after negotiating
18:19:44 <xamanu> leogg: but we have to consider this as a tax avoiding trick not a nice step by them ;-)
18:19:48 <moray> right.  again, while the information is in the wiki, in svn etc., it would still be useful to post clear summaries to the list
18:19:51 <leogg> gwolf, the hotel is more complicated to negotiate as there are not that many multiple rooms at CP
18:19:58 <gwolf> xamanu: ???
18:20:11 <moray> so a summary for budget
18:20:12 <leogg> xamanu, right... all these numbers are with tax included
18:20:22 <moray> a summary for the CP venue room/prices etc.
18:20:26 <moray> and a summary for hotel options
18:20:36 <gwolf> xamanu: what kind of tax evasion scheme are we getting into?
18:20:37 <leogg> we hope to avoid taxes... so it will go down aprox 17%
18:20:47 <moray> I think we'd then have a more useful discussion than trying to work out the details just now
18:21:05 <xamanu> gwolf: as leogg said they are not charging us rent they are charging us electricity and security. I assume that this is a trick f by them.
18:21:06 <moray> since it seems there is no useful decision to be made today, if you're still waiting for details on Ticomo
18:21:10 <leogg> moray, I'll post it to -team as soon as we have it
18:21:19 <xamanu> gwolf: we are not getting into any.
18:21:36 <moray> leogg: right, the 3 summaries would be useful -- 2 at least should just be cut and pasting stuff you have in the wiki/svn
18:22:00 <leogg> moray, ok :)
18:22:05 <gwolf> moray: from the discussion we had yesterday night, I got the impression they had basically decided Ticomo was not an option
18:22:06 <moray> #info localteam to post details to the list for 1. budget 2. Crowne Plaza prices/rooms 3. hotel options
18:22:12 <moray> gwolf: right, that's what I thought before
18:22:23 <moray> but in this meeting they say they're still thinking
18:22:32 <gwolf> guys, are we still considering Ticomo? Is it worth spending much time?
18:22:47 <n0rman> moray: I think there is not much to think
18:22:52 <xamanu> moray: I think the local group has different opinions on that :-)
18:23:03 <moray> but for '3. hotel options' I more mean reminding us the options between CP and the nearby hotels -- prices, distances
18:23:07 <moray> not Ticomo
18:23:22 <n0rman> xamanu: leogg you think we can still have Ticomo as an option?
18:23:33 <moray> #info Ticomo not ruled out yet, but looking unlikely
18:23:50 <leogg> my personal opinion is that Ticomo would be a very nice but unlikely option for dc12
18:24:14 <leogg> there are too many problems to solve at Ticomo
18:24:15 <n0rman> yes
18:24:17 <moray> right
18:24:22 <xamanu> n0rman: I agree that Ticomo is the more difficult option.
18:24:37 <n0rman> xamanu: is like mission imposible :)
18:24:40 <moray> I think if you start some list threads you can bring the global team up to date more than by this meeting
18:24:46 <xamanu> I'm very worried about the price in CP, since I'm not as sure that we can get all down to 150K
18:24:51 <moray> especially for those who (unlike me) haven't been following the Spanish channel
18:24:53 <gwolf> yes, please use the lists
18:24:57 <leogg> but it's the cheapest option so let's not rule Ticomo out just yet
18:25:02 <gwolf> it's much easier to follow through and keep things in mind that way
18:25:05 <gwolf> *please*
18:25:10 <n0rman> ok
18:25:13 <moray> #topic Update from DebConf12 local team -- Budget
18:25:17 <moray> We partly covered this already.
18:25:24 <moray> Any more to say?
18:25:27 <n0rman> noup
18:25:37 <xamanu> We have a preliminary budget at svn.debian.org/svn/debconf-data/dc12/budget-estimate.ods
18:25:46 <xamanu> But this is not yet including all expenses we expect. So please be careful comparing the venues one to one.
18:25:54 <moray> even $200k *total* ought to be possible, but it's *much much* more than we raised last year, is the problem
18:26:17 <gwolf> ...and we are quite late to fundraising
18:26:20 <moray> last year we relied on the government money, which is unfortunate for starting now
18:26:20 <aroundthfur> moray, well last year was different,..
18:26:23 <moray> yes, late
18:26:42 <moray> aroundthfur: sure.  but ideally some people (not local team!) would have worked on keeping in touch with sponsors better
18:26:50 <leogg> moray, yes... government money is very unlikely this year :(
18:26:58 <aroundthfur> moray, good point
18:27:03 <moray> we'll come back to sponsorship later
18:27:11 <moray> #topic Update from DebConf12 local team -- Website
18:27:21 <xamanu> The design is ready in HTML.
18:27:27 <moray> xamanu seemed to be working on this, just confused by the tt stuff
18:27:30 <xamanu> We are working in implementing the design into a working template.
18:27:35 <moray> which hopefully will become clear
18:27:37 <xamanu> right,moray :)
18:27:42 <h01ger> hello again
18:27:43 <xamanu> A lot of texts are missing and we're planning to do a sprint/workday to work on the wiki/texts needed for the website.
18:27:46 <h01ger> whoever is chairing, can you please "#save" here?!
18:27:47 <h01ger> moray, ^ please say #chair
18:27:49 <h01ger> moray, ^ please say #save i mean
18:27:50 <moray> #save
18:28:19 <moray> xamanu: right.  it's also fine to just have a minimal site at first, and add more content later
18:28:30 <moray> it's better to have information 'not there' than for it to be wrong :)
18:28:49 <moray> any more you need from global team for the website?
18:29:05 <leogg> I think that's all
18:29:10 <moray> great
18:29:12 <moray> #topic Update from DebConf12 local team -- Sponsorship levels
18:29:16 <moray> h01ger: ?
18:29:28 <n0rman> The debconf-sponsorship team is almost close to have sponsorship levels, levels are in svn.debian.org/svn/debconf-data/dc12/sponsorship-brochure/levels
18:29:41 <moray> after IRC discussion with gwolf, and others, I posted two proposals on the list
18:29:56 <moray> h01ger replied to some of the thread but not all
18:30:14 <h01ger> yes, the easy stuff. for the rest i need more time which i'll only find on saturday
18:30:25 <moray> right
18:30:34 <moray> I don't think this is currently delaying sponsorship work
18:30:39 <h01ger> but i got one sponsor confirmed today
18:30:44 <moray> as you need to start some discussion with sponsors *before* you get as far as levels
18:30:55 <h01ger> not much / having it, will send a strong signal
18:31:05 <gwolf> h01ger: that's very good news!
18:31:30 <n0rman> h01ger: another sponsor? :)
18:31:34 <gwolf> but yes, we are set to get going fetching sponsors
18:31:42 <n0rman> we have our first sponsor confirmed in .ni
18:31:47 <h01ger> one we had at dc11 already
18:31:50 <moray> h01ger: right, but people could start phoning today anyway...
18:31:53 <h01ger> n0rman, jup, saw it. cheers!
18:32:06 <moray> h01ger: and get the final levels on Saturday when you and others have replied :p
18:32:15 <h01ger> moray, only so much. very soon you need the levels
18:32:16 <moray> again, giving wrong information is worse than not having it yet
18:32:23 <n0rman> we started to contact more companies in Nicaragua
18:32:24 <leogg> nice! we're a step closer to the 200K! :)
18:32:33 <xamanu> Question: Are the permanent sponsors the same like in DC11? So I could include them into the website...
18:32:34 <h01ger> 200k is completly unrealistic
18:32:59 <h01ger> 100k would be awesome, but really, i dont even see that (little), without asking debian for funds...
18:33:10 <h01ger> "awesome", obviously
18:33:19 <leogg> h01ger, yep, I know ;)
18:33:26 <gwolf> xamanu: include them unless they decide not to be permanent anymore ;-)
18:33:53 <gwolf> xamanu: their sponsorship basically consists in giving us facilities (i.e. bandwidth), so they are quite unlikely to throw us.
18:34:15 <xamanu> ok
18:34:27 <moray> h01ger: please reply to the list threads that the local team will create on budget issues and help to find solutions that will be realistic
18:34:38 <moray> #topic Update from DebConf12 local team -- Sponsorship brochure
18:34:50 <leogg> I'm currently working on the dc10 brochure, adapting it for dc12. It will be ready this week. Once this is ready, we will have to make a "call for help" with the debian-publicity team.
18:35:14 <moray> leogg: see previous point, we can't announce the levels until that list thread has a conclusion
18:35:29 <moray> but that should only be 5 minutes' work to fix it
18:35:38 <gwolf> moray: and they are basically done
18:35:41 <leogg> moray, yep... it's just an svg
18:35:42 <moray> the overall conversion/update will take more work, thanks
18:35:53 <gwolf> moray: I'd even suggest we discuss the details here on IRC after the meeting
18:36:03 <gwolf> to kill the blocker
18:36:12 <moray> if h01ger can wait a moment, yes
18:36:17 <h01ger> ?
18:36:21 <moray> #topic Update from DebConf12 local team -- Debian Day
18:36:30 <gwolf> he has time for a meeeting starting one hour after this one ;-)
18:36:49 <moray> local team thoughts on Debian Day?
18:37:00 <gwolf> We were discussing a bit on this topic yesterday
18:37:10 <gwolf> and I thought we should _really_ get h01ger's input on this
18:37:29 <gwolf> ...There is one 350+ people room in the venue, but we would only use it for DebianDay
18:37:34 <h01ger> with the 2 locations?
18:37:41 <gwolf> So, there are three options
18:37:42 <moray> there was also a suggestion of a separate location
18:37:47 <gwolf> 1- go to another location
18:37:47 <leogg> lilix ?
18:37:50 <h01ger> if you want my input, please summarize + ask
18:37:54 <lilix> yes We have three different plans for Debian Day:
18:38:08 <gwolf> 2- Rent the big room in the hotel (and have the videoteam wire up that room explicitly for that day)
18:38:13 <moray> given previous topics, "whatever is cheapest" might make sense
18:38:21 * h01ger nods moray
18:38:28 <gwolf> 3- I suggested to stay in the 200+50+50 (or so?) rooms
18:38:51 <moray> Debian Day doesn't *need* to be streamed live, if that's relevant
18:38:52 <gwolf> BUT we would need to video-and-audio link the three smaller rooms
18:38:58 <gwolf> So h01ger needs to OK on this
18:39:21 <gwolf> lilix: (am I skipping any of your plans? :) )
18:39:22 <moray> a single room elsewhere without streaming might be less work for the video team?
18:39:35 <h01ger> with no streaming (for dday), everyhing gets easier
18:40:13 <leogg> I thin lilix is having Internet issues
18:40:14 <h01ger> optinially helpful could be start debconf in main room at (whatever), 10 AM, and start it in the 2nd room at 11 AM or noon only, so we can split forces better.
18:40:14 <xamanu> h01ger: no streaming on dday would make it possible to get a big aula in a university for free.
18:40:15 <moray> linking rooms sounds hard work / likely to be fragile when we'll only use it for one day
18:40:51 <h01ger> (and actually, on a 2nd thought, streaming might also be possible in such a setup)
18:40:54 <lilix> the plan 1 can be at UCA university
18:41:15 <h01ger> what would things also easier, is if we only had one room to cover for debianday. not sure if thats the idea or if you want 2 (or 3)
18:41:22 <n0rman> so, if we can skip stream for dday, we can have it in a University :)
18:41:22 <gwolf> We could also take the separate rooms to our advantage, and have two tracks during DebianDay, as we had in DC8 (but that requires more work: more speakers)
18:41:38 <gwolf> I do think it could be at the university... As many locals will be interested
18:41:51 <moray> gwolf: makes it harder to plan, too, unless you forcibly assign people to talk rooms :)
18:42:02 <moray> I think the University sounds a good plan, assuming it's reachable
18:42:07 <xamanu> We could still film the talks (low level) and then upload them later
18:42:10 <moray> yes
18:42:19 <gwolf> I'd even venture we could have a stream, although quality-challenged... Or at least video recordings
18:42:32 <gwolf> as they are interesting for many people to follow
18:42:36 <gwolf> xamanu: precisely :)
18:42:38 <moray> I don't think being *live* is that vital for Debian day
18:42:45 <moray> not like for discussion events
18:43:06 <n0rman> ok, so we can have dday in a University
18:43:12 <gwolf> Now... It is of interest to many locals to go to the place where the 31337 DDs are
18:43:15 <n0rman> with no streaming, only video recording
18:43:22 <leogg> moray, we'll have to arrange some kind of transportation to the university, but it can be done
18:43:23 <gwolf> so having it in the university reduces the appeal of a DebianDay
18:43:26 <h01ger> xamanu, as said, if there is a uplink we could use, we might be able to stream. still.
18:43:27 <xamanu> but it would be nice to have the talks later (especially because some of them are going to be in Spanish or especially funny)
18:43:28 <leogg> it's not that far away
18:43:35 <moray> gwolf: we can tell them DDs are there.
18:43:45 <moray> gwolf: and even provide some.
18:43:51 <gwolf> moray: right. It's not the same,but it can work perfectly
18:43:53 <moray> maybe in cages
18:43:54 <xamanu> h01ger: I think an uplink should be possible. Right, lilix?
18:43:58 <gwolf> and it saves us from some hard logistics
18:44:07 <h01ger> also, 2 locations for dday+conf is hard for the videoteam, but given we have a good setup now (and provided we manage to ship it ;) - things could be possible whichwere unthinkable in the past
18:44:07 <moray> yes
18:44:14 <h01ger> xamanu, yeah. uni :)
18:44:15 <moray> h01ger: hush :p
18:44:30 <h01ger> note the conjunctives
18:44:31 <moray> h01ger: you should propose that later, once everything is working there, not yet ;)
18:44:34 <gwolf> h01ger: with a reduced quality equipment, I was able to stream from a semi-rural location in Nicaragua :)
18:44:38 <xamanu> I like the idea of the university. This is going to be a nice and great Dday!
18:44:39 <lilix> xamunu: yes can be possible :)
18:44:53 <h01ger> why not move the whole conf to the uni? ;)
18:45:05 <gwolf> ok, so we agree on the university? :D
18:45:10 <moray> h01ger: I would actually like to see the reasoning against using the uni more, again...
18:45:23 <moray> h01ger: even if it needs transport provision, CP is very expensive...
18:45:30 <n0rman> h01ger: moray we have no hotels near the universities?
18:45:35 <xamanu> h01ger: accessibility and not enough hotels close by
18:45:36 <gwolf> h01ger: main point is getting there from the hotels...
18:45:43 <gwolf> oh, and accessibility, right
18:45:47 <leogg> moray, it would be difficult to get rooms for two weeks in a row at the uni
18:45:48 <moray> #info We plan to put Debian Day in the university
18:45:51 <h01ger> free dorms?
18:46:00 <gwolf> h01ger: dorms? In Latin America?
18:46:03 <h01ger> ah, ok. (leogg)
18:46:15 <leogg> h01ger, there are no dorms at the UCA university
18:46:18 <h01ger> ic
18:46:29 <leogg> the accesibility at UCA is quite good
18:46:33 <moray> leogg: you checked about room availability?
18:46:40 <gwolf> Ah, UCA. I thought we meant UNAN
18:46:47 <leogg> moray, they don't have dorms at UCA
18:46:50 <xamanu> leogg: but hotels are close by to UCA.... (we were considering UNAN always....(
18:46:52 <leogg> only at UNAN
18:46:55 <moray> we don't, of course, need the same rooms for 2 weeks
18:47:00 <moray> leogg: I'm not talking about dorms
18:47:07 <leogg> xamanu, yes, *very* expensive hotels
18:47:26 <xamanu> somehow...
18:47:29 <moray> while I'm always anti "magic buses", they might be cheaper than the central venue
18:47:30 <gwolf> leogg: like the CP? :-}
18:47:36 <leogg> moray, we can check, but they have a lot of activities at the uni... so it's going to be difficult
18:47:47 <gwolf> leogg: even in July?
18:47:50 <leogg> gwolf, yes, in that price range :)
18:48:00 <moray> we could use e.g. the cheaper hotels near CP and magic buses, and become much cheaper, theoreticlaly
18:48:01 <leogg> gwolf, yes.. they have classes in July
18:48:01 <gwolf> leogg: worth checking then! :)
18:48:22 <leogg> gwolf, lilix and I have a meeting tomorrow, so we'll check then
18:48:23 <xamanu> there are some other hotels "close" but anyway we would be quite seperated
18:48:24 <gwolf> leogg: we can trade them rooms for classes! So we can have a real DebSchool
18:48:35 <h01ger> magic busses all day are really annoying. but 50k debts likewise
18:48:38 <moray> xamanu: right, some of us are worrying about making this possible at all, though
18:48:41 <leogg> gwolf, that's actually a nice idea :)
18:49:01 <moray> we need to consider less nice options, if they will make the event able to happen
18:49:21 <gwolf> Just... check on the possibility. If it is not feasible, don't invest too much energy in it
18:49:22 <moray> telling everyone "oh, we don't have any money left" would not be a good outcome
18:49:25 <leogg> debian day at UCA is doable... we have a strong local FOSS community at the uni that will be useful
18:49:28 <gwolf> but we should try at least
18:50:15 <leogg> we also have a good relationship of years with the UCA authorities, so it will be easier to plan something there
18:50:50 <moray> right.  but please do try to find about any options for using them more, once they agree for Debian Day, even if it's not an option we *want* to go for
18:51:15 <moray> it doesn't seem impossible they have a couple of spare talk rooms for one week
18:51:25 <moray> and other spaces that could be used for hacking
18:51:28 <leogg> moray, right! we'll talk to them and see what we can do
18:51:31 <h01ger> think how you would do debconf with only 50k USD avaliable.
18:51:38 <gwolf> leogg: maybe even you could say... "If it interests the university, I could even persuade the orga team to come here for the whole two weeks! It would be an amazing academic event for the university!"
18:51:59 <leogg> gwolf, :)
18:52:02 <h01ger> what gwolf just said sounds like a evil plan which could work very well :)
18:52:05 <gwolf> leogg: (seriously!)
18:52:08 <aroundthfur> gwolf, :D
18:52:16 <h01ger> totally seriously.
18:52:17 <leogg> gwolf, ok, we'll talk to them at the meeting tomorrow
18:52:38 <gwolf> #info MUAHAHA
18:53:48 <moray> #info Global team is bullying local team into looking at using a university for main DebConf events, too
18:53:59 <moray> #topic DC11 final report: Do we have it finally?
18:54:01 <moray> No.
18:54:02 <moray> But almost.
18:54:03 <xamanu> gwolf jumped into this and we finally have a almost ready final report: http://gwolf.org/files/dc11-report-very-alpha.pdf
18:54:15 <gwolf> It's almost-almost there
18:54:24 <gwolf> I'm right now working on getting the photo credits sorted
18:54:45 <gwolf> aroundthfur said he will check in later today the missing numeric bits about the budget
18:54:50 * h01ger looks for the agenda
18:54:51 <aroundthfur> i will get the budgeting texts merged later tonight
18:54:59 <gwolf> after that, I might push around some bits for layout, if needed
18:55:04 <gwolf> And... we are basically set
18:55:06 <aroundthfur> also, i contacted diva
18:55:21 <aroundthfur> they again said they will give me the receiptes
18:55:25 <aroundthfur> receipts*
18:55:34 <gwolf> I'm still missing the permission for *one* photo I'd like not to lose... but if needed, we can just scrap it  (    :(    )
18:55:49 <h01ger> DC11 final report: Do we have it finally?
18:55:49 <h01ger> AOB/next meeting
18:55:49 <h01ger> is left
18:56:10 <moray> #topic #  AOB/next meeting
18:56:22 <leogg> two weeks from now?
18:56:22 <moray> typo day today, I guess I'm hungry
18:57:02 <gwolf> right, two weeks for now sounds good for me.
18:57:17 <gwolf> March 7, 19:00UTC?
18:57:28 <moray> we were on 18 UTC for these so far
18:57:43 <gwolf> why did we push this one to 19?
18:57:46 <gwolf> oh, we didn't :)
18:57:47 <moray> we didn't
18:57:52 <gwolf> it was just an impression I got from h01ger
18:57:55 <moray> just in holger's mind, due to the dc13 meeting
18:57:56 <leogg> both 18/19 UTC are fine for me
18:58:05 <moray> let's stick with the same time unless there's reason to change
18:58:10 <gwolf> right
18:58:13 <leogg> right
18:58:19 <moray> #info Next meeting 7 March, 18 UTC
18:58:22 <moray> AOB?
18:58:42 <leogg> none from me
18:59:01 <h01ger> its a good idea to pingall everybody 3-4h before a meeting
18:59:20 <moray> well volunteered
18:59:30 <h01ger> ponies!
18:59:35 <leogg> :)
19:00:14 <moray> done?
19:00:38 <leogg> done!
19:00:40 <moray> #endmeeting