18:04:03 <moray> #startmeeting DebConf12 meeting
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18:04:09 <moray> #addchair gwolf
18:04:26 <gwolf> moray: thanks :)
18:04:27 <moray> #topic Update from DC12 local team
18:04:50 <leogg> hi all!
18:04:57 <xamanu> hello
18:05:17 <moray> so what's the venue news?
18:05:18 <leogg> so I guess we start with the update on the venue?
18:05:25 <gwolf> please
18:05:32 <leogg> we have been exploring the UCA venue for the last weeks, having several meetings with the university authorities
18:05:46 <leogg> including the vice-dean and other vip people :)
18:06:06 <leogg> the UCA is in general positive about hosting DebConf at their campus, but they can't provide us with the necessary conditions; no assured hacklabs, no full (and exclusive) access to the auditoriums (there is another event two days, two hours each)  and they're charging a large sum ($16000) of money for renting the spaces
18:06:24 <gwolf> bummer...
18:06:27 <leogg> the local team thinks that DebConf at UCA is not doable at this point and will focus on the Crowne Plaza venue
18:06:39 <leogg> we have a meeting tomorrow afternoon with CP venue for a final negotiation
18:06:50 <leogg> we're also scheduling several meetings with other hotels
18:06:51 <h01ger> hi
18:07:05 <leogg> I don't know if you have any questions about this?
18:07:09 <gwolf> #info the local team thinks that DebConf at UCA is not doable and will focus on the Crowne Plaza. Meetings for final negotiations should happen in the next few days
18:07:11 <h01ger> how much are the costs for crown plaza? (just the venue part)
18:07:50 <xamanu> as I remember around 40000
18:08:00 <xamanu> but hotels are way cheaper around there than around the UCA
18:08:01 <gwolf> Well... I'd prefer to have it in UCA (even if just for a philosophical way), but we have to recognize reality :(
18:08:01 <h01ger> so how is that better than 16k?
18:08:10 <xamanu> the difference was about 15K
18:08:15 <leogg> h01ger, right now around $42K
18:08:22 <h01ger> xamanu, crown is 15k cheaper?
18:08:30 <gwolf> h01ger: Lodging and food were way more expensive in the UCA area
18:08:37 <leogg> h01ger, the hotels around UCA are more expensive
18:08:46 <xamanu> they are almost the same now
18:08:51 <gwolf> h01ger: with the 16K the UCA requests, they stand at the same price level
18:08:56 <gwolf> but with more complications
18:08:56 <h01ger> with calculations of how many people?
18:09:05 <h01ger> if we pay accom for less, UCA will go down, crown not
18:09:12 <h01ger> as much
18:09:21 <leogg> h01ger, 75 first week and 150 people second week
18:09:34 <h01ger> OdyX, Nor: backlog is available at meetbot.debian.net, btw
18:09:57 <h01ger> leogg, ah, ok, thats really moderate numbers. i thought you were calculating with 300 people at least. good
18:09:58 <leogg> h01ger, UCA is not doable right now
18:10:41 * h01ger understood. though i wonder if crown plaza is doable now. we dont even have 40000k yet, and if thats only for the venue...
18:10:44 <leogg> h01ger, the number should go down... even more if we use the secondary hotels more extensively
18:10:56 <h01ger> anyway. i'm happy to move on (now)
18:11:07 <leogg> h01ger, yes... the money is our biggest concern right now
18:11:30 <gwolf> Ok... So I think that's basically it
18:11:38 <gwolf> #info we stay in CP, end of story.
18:11:44 <leogg> yep
18:11:48 <gwolf> There are two subpoints on this topic
18:11:51 <gwolf> first is venue decision
18:11:54 <gwolf> second is budget
18:11:58 <gwolf> Anything to comment re:budget?
18:12:01 <leogg> nothing new on the budget front... we'll work on improving the budget after tomorrow's meeting with CP
18:12:08 <Nor> Do you know if anyone in the group has any kind of contact with any hotel that might help?
18:12:11 <leogg> now that we are with CP we have to think about paying a (not yet defined) amount of partial advanced payment pretty soon
18:12:24 <h01ger> gwolf, i wouldnt have put it like this... "end of story"... we dont have that much money. i'd rather said: "currently our best option seems crown plaza"
18:12:39 <moray> right, don't say "definite no" to UCA yet
18:12:40 <leogg> Nor, we have a meeting on Monday with other hotels
18:12:46 <gwolf> ok. Anyway - Thanks a lot for the effort in finding a cheaper suitable venue (that means the Ticomo hotel, the UCA, all the trouble taken to make sure that CP is really the best option
18:12:47 <gwolf> )
18:13:24 <xamanu> h10ger, moray: we were about to say "no, thanks" to the UCA today. would you recommend to wait a bit more with taht?
18:13:25 <leogg> moray, right now, UCA is definetily not appropriate as a venue
18:13:31 <h01ger> sigh. i dont see a 40k venue as an optoin if we only have 40k, but me shuts up, updates svn and looks at the budget now
18:13:35 <gwolf> h01ger: well, AIUI, there are no other options. If we don't get a way to host DebConf in the conditions we have, there is no DC
18:13:42 <h01ger> (re: "best option")
18:13:55 <h01ger> gwolf, right. which might be better than spending 100k we dont have
18:14:05 <h01ger> or do debconf in bars
18:14:10 <h01ger> there are other options
18:14:17 <gwolf> i.e. Ticomo was discarded because it's not an option on many other levels
18:14:18 <h01ger> sorry.
18:14:24 * h01ger suggests next topic
18:14:27 <gwolf> ok
18:14:33 <gwolf> #topic registration
18:14:48 <gwolf> moray: It seems MeetBot does not recognize my chairing
18:15:10 <moray> hm
18:15:16 <h01ger> <moray> [18:05:08] #addchair gwolf
18:15:21 <h01ger> i think its just "chair"
18:15:25 <moray> #chair gwolf
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18:15:32 <gwolf> #topic Registration
18:15:37 <gwolf> that was it
18:15:48 <xamanu> As far as we know from gwolf, Penta is almost ready. Maybe he can tell us the actual status.
18:16:03 <gwolf> ok... So, the time passed... And while we know Frab could be nice, there has been no *real* work towards
18:16:12 <gwolf> So, we should IMO keep with Penta once again
18:16:38 <gwolf> I got Fitoria's offer to be a Penta helper, and will forward the mail I got yesterday to admin@dc.o to get him an account
18:16:55 <gwolf> I did a very basic setup for DC12 in Penta, but have been unable to test how complete it is or how broken my assumptions are :)
18:17:10 <h01ger> budget-estimate.ods only has UCA?
18:17:14 <gwolf> but (please tell no-one yet!) you can register for DC12 and report me any breakage.
18:17:27 <xamanu> gwolf: when do you think penta could be ready?
18:17:40 <n0rman> gwolf: so, penta is ready for test? :)
18:17:49 * nattie guesses she'll stay on registration team for this year
18:17:55 <nattie> despite not being there (wah)
18:18:00 <gwolf> xamanu: I have been somewhat time-strained... So I haven't tested a bit. But please, try to register and tell me anything that does not make sense
18:18:05 <n0rman> nattie:  :(
18:18:14 <xamanu> ok
18:18:21 <nattie> i'll be there in spirit and via irc as much as possible
18:18:47 <xamanu> We urgently need the definitive final venue decision!
18:18:50 <xamanu> Then some more texts for the website and in the wiki have to be updated and translated.
18:19:02 <xamanu> We would like to set 1 of April as the date for opening registration.
18:19:03 <gwolf> nattie: we could set up a Virtual Nattie with the help of a bidirectional setup by the video team.
18:19:08 <gwolf> #info We stay with Penta
18:19:24 <nattie> gwolf: a blowup doll that squeaks when prodded?
18:19:31 <gwolf> #info Penta is configured for DC12 *TEST* registrations - Please report any strange stuff to gwolf
18:19:48 <n0rman> gwolf: reports through mailing list? irc? phone? :)
18:19:51 * h01ger is sorry, but i dont see us getting 100k in sponsors money. so i see us turning down crown plaza in 1-2 months. please be prepared for that.
18:19:52 <gwolf> nattie: at least that's better than a squeaky doll that blows up when prodded
18:20:02 <nattie> true
18:20:19 <gwolf> That's at least what there is from my POV. h01ger: Should we go back to point #1?
18:20:20 <xamanu> sorry, but why we are advancing that fast. obviously we have to talk about the venue!
18:20:35 <gwolf> #topic Regarding the venue...
18:20:52 <moray> can someone clarify what was meant above about hacklabs at UCA?
18:20:55 <h01ger> gwolf, eparse. (1st sentence)
18:21:04 <leogg> moray, they won't give us hacklabs
18:21:11 <h01ger> how did UCA perceive daisys letter?
18:21:18 <gwolf> h01ger: I meant, I said all the info I had regarding registration
18:21:23 <leogg> h01ger, they didn't even bother to read ir
18:21:25 <gwolf> so we go back to talking about the venue
18:21:26 <h01ger> ah
18:21:28 <leogg> s/ir/it
18:21:33 <h01ger> leogg, ouch
18:21:48 <xamanu> the problem is, that the vice-dean for education is very in favour but she is travelling this week
18:21:59 <h01ger> budget-estimate.ods only has UCA? or is one of three mislabeled?
18:22:00 <xamanu> the vice-dean for admin and finance doesn't care at all
18:22:01 <leogg> h01ger, the blocker is the administrative vice-dean
18:22:01 <gwolf> leogg: So that makes you talk on this pessimistic tone, saying it's basically not worth pursuing?
18:22:08 <h01ger> xamanu, ask next week?
18:22:09 <leogg> h01ger, UCA and CP
18:22:25 <h01ger> leogg, it doesnt say so on the spreadsheet tbas
18:22:26 <h01ger> tabs
18:22:33 <h01ger> i couldnt figure which is with
18:22:35 <h01ger> which
18:22:40 <leogg> gwolf, also we don't have full access to the auditoriums
18:22:43 <xamanu> h01ger: is it worth it to spend more time on a venue that doesn't provide us hacklabs?
18:22:47 <h01ger> and all where >130k USD, which is roughly 80k more then we have
18:22:54 <h01ger> i would like to see a budget for 60-80k
18:22:55 <leogg> h01ger, it's the first tab
18:22:56 <gwolf> leogg: right, and there is another activity for two days as you said
18:23:02 <leogg> gwolf, yes
18:23:16 <xamanu> h01ger: keep in mind that hotels are way more expensive in the UCA area
18:23:28 <moray> "there is another event two days, two hours each" is not a blocker in itself
18:23:31 <h01ger> leogg, ah. "UCA 1" ;-p. leogg, i'm quite happy there is this much budget esitmate already!
18:23:50 <leogg> :)
18:23:52 <h01ger> xamanu, then find something else. stop spending money which doesnt exist
18:23:59 <xamanu> h01ger: the estimate for CP is in a tab
18:24:29 <h01ger> so 151 or 142 k
18:24:38 * h01ger shrugs
18:24:51 <h01ger> we dont have that much money. (and the tab is wrongly labeled)
18:24:53 <moray> xamanu: if we lack money, it's much easier to say "sorry, we can't sponsor your accommodation" than to get more money for the venue costs
18:25:02 * h01ger nods
18:25:14 <xamanu> i agree. we all would love to do it in the UCA.
18:25:18 <n0rman> moray: events are from 10 to 12 and from 18 to dontknow each
18:25:46 <darst> maybe wait until the vice-dean for education gets back, show em the letter + say "we want to do it here but need your help...." ?
18:25:47 <xamanu> we could discuss the thing with the hacklabs with the UCA again. but honestly we are not happy about it.
18:26:01 <darst> it's all about finding the right person
18:26:10 <gwolf> xamanu: what does "we are not happy about it" mean?
18:26:18 <xamanu> ask leogg and n0rman
18:26:42 <gwolf> leogg: what does "we are not happy about it" mean?
18:26:47 <gwolf> n0rman:  what does "we are not happy about it" mean?
18:26:56 <leogg> gwolf, it's going to be very difficult to do it at UCA... I feel we have too many blockers
18:27:07 <h01ger> xamanu, leogg, n0rman: imagine you three have to share the costs for which we dont find sponsors. now try again to reduce the costs. ;) there must be ways. a 40000 USD venue doesnt reduce costs. not paying accom saves us 40-50k instead
18:27:12 <h01ger> not paying food saves us 20k more
18:27:37 <gwolf> xamanu/leogg: I think I understand your stand... But you have to make it more explicit. If there is a way to save money, we have to pursue it, as h01ger is pointing...
18:27:57 <leogg> h01ger, I agree... we've to use our imagination to reduce costs, we're fully aware of that
18:28:00 <darst> when does vice-dean for education get back?  wait + meet with them
18:28:29 <leogg> gwolf, right... but I'm not sure UCA = less costs
18:28:42 <h01ger> leogg, drop accom and there is
18:28:43 <h01ger> or ?
18:28:46 <leogg> darst, probably in a couple od weeks
18:29:00 <leogg> h01ger, that's an option
18:29:07 <xamanu> leogg: As i understood she comes back next week (not sure at all)
18:29:20 <h01ger> with the current budget, costs + income, i dont see us paying any accom _nor_ food _nor_ travel sponos
18:29:24 <gwolf> and do you expect CP to really be willing to negotiate their prices down sensibly?
18:29:25 <h01ger> soring anyway
18:29:30 <n0rman> If Renata is excited with making DebConf in UCA, I thinkk darst is right, we should wait to talk with Renata again, she may help us with the person who want to charge us
18:29:39 <leogg> xamanu, remember holy week is near, she probably don't have time to meet us
18:30:02 <darst> exactly what n0rman said, a dean of admin/finance is just going to want to get money and costs covered
18:30:03 <leogg> n0rman, but how long are we going to wait?
18:30:06 <gwolf> leogg: she might be willing to meet you outside of the office even... if she's interested
18:30:17 <n0rman> leogg: I just don0t know, I wasn't in the meeting
18:30:22 <xamanu> I think we are at a point that the local team is under a lot of pressure and time is running. Clear decisions ASAP would help us a lot.
18:30:38 <n0rman> xamanu: leogg do you the exactly date Renate will back to UCA?
18:30:39 <xamanu> n0rman: I agree.
18:30:51 <leogg> gwolf, the thing is what xamanu just said... we need a decision
18:30:52 <xamanu> I think we could try to talk to her.
18:30:53 <n0rman> *do you know
18:31:06 <leogg> I feel that we're running around in circles
18:31:13 * xamanu as well
18:31:23 <gwolf> I agree with all what's been said in the past few minutes
18:31:30 <darst> at columbia, we were going in circles, navigating various people who were not too interested
18:31:47 <darst> until we met Daisy, who has real power, and knew the people needed to get everything to fall into place
18:31:55 <leogg> we need to make a decision and make it work... either if it's UCA or CP, or something else
18:32:08 <darst> renata could be your daisy
18:32:30 <gwolf> No help from the university even if we offer to give talks to students or something like that?
18:32:32 <darst> and you already have reneta excited, have their attention, which is the hardest part
18:32:36 <gwolf> that could be a good way for us to pay
18:32:50 <leogg> darst, actually, she is... but the administrative vice-dean has the last word on the costs and availability of spaces
18:32:51 <gwolf> it brings a strong good name to the university
18:32:59 <xamanu> gwolf: the help of university is 50% discount (it would have been 32K...)
18:33:05 <gwolf> and... yes, as darst says, it's basically finding the right person
18:33:18 <moray> it doesn't sound like the price is the problem at UCA
18:33:25 <moray> (not the venue price, at least)
18:33:26 <n0rman> leogg: are you sure? I remember other people telling that the Renata is the boss in UCA
18:33:38 <gwolf> xamanu: and if you tell them "sorry, we cannot pay that money - Are you still interested"?
18:34:01 <leogg> n0rman, she can't give us spaces they don't have
18:34:12 <xamanu> We did this basically yesterday and the admin vice-dean confirmed that they have to charge
18:34:13 <leogg> n0rman, there are no magical hacklabs
18:34:13 <darst> even if admin and finance is over education, education can exert more weight and get exceptions made, and so on
18:34:26 <moray> gwolf: the concrete problem with UCA is the hacklabs question
18:34:35 <n0rman> leogg: xamanu you told me Renata was very excited having DebConf in UCA, with hey power maybe she can make it happen with the spaces we request
18:34:37 <xamanu> I imagine that some negotiation could happen with Renata present
18:34:45 <moray> gwolf: I don't know what's possible or not on that
18:35:06 <leogg> n0rman, we can't organize an event based on promises and good will
18:35:07 <FBI> debconf-team: 3 holger committed revision 1542 to debconf-team: count total: roughly 30k so far
18:35:07 <FBI> debconf-team: files changed: U   dc12/sponsors-table
18:35:09 <gwolf> moray: A university has enough spaces, I'm sure... Even if they are not 24/7
18:35:18 <moray> gwolf: right, I would have thought so
18:35:23 <darst> are there classrooms?  cafeterias?  hallways?  debconf is very flexible about everything, it doesn't have to be "perfect"
18:35:27 <xamanu> ok. Hacklabs: We always considered hacklabs only beeing acceptable with air condition...
18:35:32 <xamanu> without there might be a possiblity
18:35:33 <h01ger> we cannot decide right now
18:35:37 <gwolf> But anyway - Do we have anything _real_ to add to this point?
18:35:42 <gwolf> besides mere speculation?
18:35:44 <leogg> gwolf, would spaces not available 24/7 be acceptable?
18:35:51 <darst> debconf has gotten too "perfect" lately so we forget that we can be more informal
18:35:51 <h01ger> what we could decide now is: no UCA, no CP. but thats not helpful neither
18:36:06 <darst> we can hire our own air conditioners
18:36:07 <xamanu> h01ger: not at all
18:36:14 * h01ger suggests to move on, as unfortunate thats is
18:36:18 <gwolf> As it is now, I'd just say we have more probability to be at CP...
18:36:32 <gwolf> h01ger: well, it can still be discussed off meeting time
18:36:59 <h01ger> as it is now, I'd sadly have to say that i see basically no probability
18:37:04 <h01ger> gwolf, yes. lets move on
18:37:23 <gwolf> leogg: it's acceptable. As I have told you (plural you :) ), in the past we have had night-hacklabs, and if we just get kicked out at a reasonably late time, well... it's as good as we can get it. Maybe if it was 9AM to 11PM, it would be acceptable
18:37:27 <gwolf> it's better than not having a conference.
18:37:44 <gwolf> #info Still a lot to argue about regarding the venue... Nothing is final, nothing is clear.
18:37:49 <xamanu> the 24/7 access issue has not been a problem
18:37:50 <leogg> gwolf, ok... let's explore other options
18:37:59 <xamanu> no word from the admin vice-dean about that
18:38:04 <gwolf> #info What does the future hold for us besides fear, uncertainty and doubt?
18:38:05 <xamanu> I think that was accepted
18:38:14 <gwolf> #topic Video team shipping
18:38:20 <leogg> xamanu, not by the admin
18:38:57 <h01ger> thats FUD again
18:39:02 <h01ger> ;)
18:39:17 <gwolf> who has information on this topic?
18:39:20 * h01ger has
18:39:25 * xamanu has
18:39:36 <gwolf> please stop keeping it for yourselves
18:39:41 <n0rman> :)
18:39:45 <xamanu> The ATA card does not apply to Nicaraguan custom law.
18:39:47 <leogg> :)
18:39:54 <xamanu> So we have to get all the permits by ourselves. Basically it is to apply for a "temporal entry" for all goods, pay the amount the tax would be and when sending it back (within 6 months max) they would refund the deposited money.
18:39:55 <h01ger> but i'd like to move on, except saying that people are working on it and that the budget lacks it
18:40:06 <xamanu> It might be beneficial to have to going through NGOs (a German or French NGO sends it to an Nicaraguan NGO), but this has to be investigated in detail, still.
18:40:27 <h01ger> xamanu, i really suggest to drop it here. too much details and i dont want to discuss things here i know already
18:40:40 * gwolf has to disappear for a bit - moray, please take over the #infos
18:40:47 <h01ger> i will take care of this. with help from xamanu and jimbodoors and other locals
18:41:02 <xamanu> h01ger: I told everything I had about it. Just to inform people
18:41:05 <moray> #info h01ger is working on video team shipping, with the localteam
18:41:44 <moray> #info ATA carnet doesn't work for Nicaragua, special permits will be needed
18:41:55 <moray> #topic Travel bursaries
18:42:05 <moray> (we have no money)
18:42:24 <moray> There was an idea to do this "early", but it seems now like that will wait for next year
18:42:39 <moray> There are still clever ideas to make the processes better/fairer, as discussed on the list
18:43:02 <moray> I'm not sure there's much we can usefully discuss, but please speak now if you want to :)
18:43:29 <darst> do we want to "borrow" from debian to be able to have attendees?
18:44:35 * h01ger lost net, sorry
18:44:37 <h01ger> darst, borrow what?
18:44:38 <moray> darst: getting additional attendees makes the budget worse
18:44:49 <moray> h01ger: he means, take some travel money from other Debian funds
18:45:05 <h01ger> sponsoring travel is not in my book, atm
18:45:53 <darst> ok
18:46:02 * gwolf is back
18:46:33 <h01ger> aob?
18:46:40 <gwolf> h01ger: I hope no tto be too optimistic... But we always scream "no money!" in March/April
18:46:43 <gwolf> and things end up working
18:46:51 <gwolf> (so, lets keep worrying to get sponsors :) )
18:47:14 <h01ger> gwolf, yeah. cause then we realize its either canceling debconf or looking for totally new options, like going to grenada or leon or i dunno what we could do else
18:47:41 <h01ger> no paying accom+food+travel sponsoring at all is also "a new option" in a way
18:47:43 <moray> right, we have fixed dates
18:47:46 <darst> the healthy amount of panic... just not giving-up amount
18:47:48 <leogg> yes, we have to work harder on the sponsors front and try to magically reduce our budget
18:47:49 <h01ger> we will manage somehome :)
18:47:50 <moray> and we need to pay for a venue somewhere *soon*
18:48:21 <moray> the venue (including hacking space) for the main week is the most vital thing
18:48:37 <gwolf> right...
18:48:46 <moray> it would be difficult, but debcamp *can* be somewhere completely different
18:48:57 <h01ger> we dont neccessarily have to *pay* the venue soon. we need to *confirm* with them - which usually involves some paying :)
18:48:58 <moray> and we don't *need* to pay food/accommodation for anyone
18:49:15 <moray> h01ger: right, it's actually better if there's some paying to make it more formal
18:49:41 <moray> h01ger: but we should (certainly!) know we have enough money for the venue to work, before booking it
18:49:46 <gwolf> Of course, we can cut back on paying *anything* - But I would expect many usual attendees to drop their plans if food+hotel is not covered
18:49:55 <gwolf> Of course... that would bring other costs down
18:50:06 <gwolf> as a conference for 30 people needs less infrastructure than one for 300
18:50:16 <moray> gwolf: I think from foreigners those people will already be dropping it if travel isn't paid
18:50:32 <moray> (and it's unlikely we can pay (much) travel)
18:50:43 <h01ger> we dont pay that many peoples traveling
18:50:50 <h01ger> "just" 30-40 people...
18:51:07 <gwolf> moray: Most people get lodging/food sponsorship. Few get travel.
18:51:12 <moray> h01ger: with Europe/US-Nicaragua prices?
18:51:23 <h01ger> see
18:51:28 <h01ger> aob?
18:51:41 * h01ger would like to cllose the meeting and go through the budget
18:51:44 <moray> #topic Any other business (ideas to get $100 000s?)
18:52:10 <h01ger> tsihrt designs? ;)
18:52:17 <h01ger> text for a cfp?
18:52:24 <h01ger> dont we open cfp with registration?
18:52:30 <gwolf> Usually we do
18:52:40 <moray> h01ger: we shouldn't open registration until we have the venue confirmed
18:52:42 <gwolf> And we can use basically every past year's CfP text
18:52:49 <h01ger> gwolf, moray: #save please
18:52:52 <moray> but yes, the text is easy to get
18:52:52 <gwolf> #save
18:52:53 <moray> #save
18:53:19 <gwolf> I have an upcoming meeting - one that cannot be confined to a window in my computer
18:53:22 <h01ger> right. so lets look at frab ;)
18:53:27 <moray> haha
18:53:27 <gwolf> so I'll leave you for now.
18:53:33 <darst> does anyone think we should make these announcements in generic form, save on wiki, so future years we can just take them off-the-shelf ?
18:53:34 <gwolf> h01ger: you are the Migration Commissioner.
18:53:35 <moray> next meeting?
18:53:48 <leogg> Wednesday 28?
18:53:54 <moray> darst: if you want generic form, it's probably actually easier to correctly paste them from svn
18:54:01 <moray> (so add them there, sure)
18:54:04 <darst> (I tried to collect links to past ones on wiki so they can copied as a base for future years)
18:54:09 <gwolf> leogg: do you expect to have news in six days?
18:54:35 <leogg> gwolf, yes, I think so
18:54:40 <xamanu> gwolf: we have to!
18:54:45 <h01ger> next meeting in 2 weeks?
18:54:45 <h01ger> when will the friendly it-head be back?
18:55:10 <leogg> h01ger, in two weeks is holy week... bad idea in .ni... everyone is on vacation
18:55:19 <gwolf> If it can be next week as you suggests, I'm for it
18:55:32 <gwolf> (and yes, I might also be a couple of days away from the city during the holy week(
18:55:36 <gwolf> ) )
18:56:00 <moray> if it's next week, shall we only schedule "venue" and AOB?
18:56:13 <xamanu> moray: registration as well!?
18:56:24 <gwolf> xamanu: registration is tied to venue
18:56:36 <gwolf> xamanu: test registration FWIW
18:56:45 <leogg> and budget
18:56:48 <xamanu> right, but in case we still want to open registration on 1 of april
18:56:49 <gwolf> so whenever we have a venue secured, we can just say "go!"
18:56:57 <xamanu> right
18:57:02 <xamanu> if you say so....
18:57:03 <gwolf> xamanu: it could be mistaken for a joke :-}
18:57:05 <leogg> yep
18:57:40 <xamanu> ok. venue only is fine for me. the status of penta etc. can be handled off-meeting
18:57:43 * h01ger lost net again
18:57:46 <h01ger> sigh
18:57:49 * h01ger is not sure next week makes sense
18:57:52 <h01ger> there wont be much news
18:57:53 <h01ger> and we can already *write* the text for the call for papers
18:57:55 <h01ger> do we have a talkteamlead this year?
18:58:12 <moray> h01ger: if local team want a meeting on venue next week, we should have it
18:58:22 <xamanu> h01ger: we need to have a decision on the venue ASAP and together with you. if not we will go crazy (no joke)
18:58:30 <gwolf> h01ger: I can take up talks team this year again
18:58:45 <h01ger> alright
18:58:46 <gwolf> #info gwolf can take up leading talks team this year again
18:58:49 <h01ger> gwolf, cool
18:59:00 <moray> gwolf: please find someone else for the next year :)
18:59:07 <moray> and force them to help this time
18:59:15 <h01ger> moray, xamanu: then lets have a meeting next week, but just 2 topics: budget + venue. nothing else. (except aob ;)
18:59:28 <leogg> h01ger, I agree
18:59:28 <xamanu> ok
18:59:29 <moray> h01ger: yup, that's what I said above :)
18:59:40 <moray> h01ger: and really here they're the same one topic
18:59:43 <gwolf> moray: I expect to invoke the same team, and see what happens
18:59:50 <gwolf> maybe getting one of them to lead
18:59:58 <Caroll> gwolf, I can help you for next year (I don't know if I'll go to .ni)
19:00:01 <gwolf> Anyway, /me leaves you for the day
19:00:03 <h01ger> #info next meeting, next week. when?
19:00:10 <gwolf> Caroll: the team does not need being there :)
19:00:16 <gwolf> so, you are in!
19:00:17 <moray> h01ger: they said Wednesday 28
19:00:22 <h01ger> time?
19:00:25 <xamanu> same time
19:00:30 <leogg> h01ger, Wednesday 28 18UTC
19:00:30 <Caroll> gwolf, cool! So I can hep this year :)
19:00:32 <gwolf> #info Caroll is in the talks team :)
19:00:45 <h01ger> #info next meeting, wednesday, 28 april, 18 utc
19:00:48 <h01ger> #endmeeting
19:00:55 * h01ger bows + grins
19:01:00 <moray> #info Next meeting (just venue/budget), Wednesday, 28 April, 18 UTC
19:01:01 <leogg> thank you h01ger
19:01:02 <xamanu> thanks moray and gwolf for chairing
19:01:05 <moray> #endmeeting