18:03:46 <h01ger> #startmeeting
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18:04:01 <h01ger> #topic who wants to chair / who will write a report?
18:04:11 <h01ger> #chair moray gwolf
18:04:11 <MeetBot> Current chairs: gwolf h01ger moray
18:04:16 <h01ger> other victoms very welcome
18:04:29 <h01ger> "victims" even
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18:05:08 <MeetBot> hello all :) please say hola and participate
18:05:19 <gwolf> hola and participate
18:05:27 <moray> hola
18:05:46 <xamanu> buenas
18:07:47 * gwolf prefers not to be the active-chair this time
18:07:51 <gwolf> (multitasking)
18:08:51 * h01ger gives gwolf 1 point
18:08:56 <h01ger> #topic localteam status update    * UCA Status    * network / server    * food
18:09:37 <dkg> hello
18:09:38 <h01ger> so, it _is_ very hot here. forget socks, a 2nd pullover and such. bring an umbrella.
18:09:50 <dkg> present, but very distracted with other stuff :/
18:10:09 * h01ger is also a bit distracted..
18:10:18 <h01ger> so yesterday we had like 5 meetings
18:12:07 <xamanu> h01ger is writing
18:12:18 <gwolf> heh
18:12:21 <xamanu> but it is not coming through
18:12:29 <moray> interesting
18:12:34 <xamanu> but we are in the same network
18:12:42 <h01ger> i saw the venue
18:12:43 <h01ger> UCA (universidad centro americana)
18:12:43 <h01ger> the auditroiums, hacklabs, head of it's office, real serverroom, our serverroom (with ac and some desks)
18:12:43 <h01ger> that looked all very nice and the people were/are friendly and supportive
18:12:43 <h01ger> xamanu, others: please correct me
18:12:43 <h01ger> i see xamanu
18:12:43 <h01ger> gwolf, did you see what i said
18:12:43 <h01ger> about uca? etc
18:12:43 <h01ger> ?
18:12:44 <h01ger> i irc from .de
18:12:57 <gwolf> h01ger: there you ar
18:12:58 <gwolf> e
18:12:59 <moray> and there are some lines now
18:13:00 <h01ger> <h01ger> so yesterday we had like 5 meetings
18:13:00 <h01ger> <h01ger> i saw the venue
18:13:00 <h01ger> <h01ger> UCA (universidad centro americana)
18:13:00 <h01ger> <h01ger> the auditroiums, hacklabs, head of it's office, real serverroom, our serverroom (with ac and some desks)
18:13:00 <h01ger> <h01ger> that looked all very nice and the people were/are friendly and supportive
18:13:01 <h01ger> <h01ger> xamanu, others: please correct me
18:13:14 <h01ger> ok, this i saw instantly on xamanus screen
18:13:35 <moray> any topics we need to decide on?
18:13:46 <moray> or we can just say "local team are working on this, good"?
18:13:50 <h01ger> we need to create a network map
18:13:54 <h01ger> and localteam will be working on this ;)
18:14:12 <h01ger> we will have another meeting with uca it staff next monday
18:14:13 * xamanu nods
18:14:15 <h01ger> with gwolf too
18:14:23 * h01ger checks his flight dates
18:14:30 <gwolf> h01ger: monday 7
18:14:51 <moray> any advance on the food plan, or do we just hand out churros in the hacklabs twice a day?
18:14:57 <xamanu> the requested space for food was not given to us :/
18:15:05 <moray> yeah, that's why I ask
18:15:08 <xamanu> we are looking for alternatives
18:15:29 <h01ger> gwolf, yeah. but the meeting is at 9am and my plane goes in the afternoon and iirc yours even later
18:15:31 <xamanu> there is an open space in between two buildings, we could use
18:15:40 <xamanu> but we would need tents
18:15:51 <xamanu> not perfect. we will keep on looking
18:16:02 <gwolf> h01ger: Ok. It will be a bit rushed then, but looking forwards to it...
18:16:03 <h01ger> and there are several options for food supplier - "localteam is working on it and exploring several options"
18:16:08 <h01ger> including hilton catering
18:16:14 <h01ger> had a meeting with them yesterday too
18:16:20 <moray> ok
18:16:21 <xamanu> the food team is active anyway and meeting.
18:16:34 <gwolf> #info food team is active and meeting, looking for a proper place
18:16:35 <moray> yup
18:16:57 <h01ger> we also had a meeting with goverment people, "localteam is working on many things and exploring several options"
18:17:17 <h01ger> i'm very happy with the things i've been see here
18:17:28 <h01ger> in the short time i'm here
18:17:41 <h01ger> oh
18:17:49 <h01ger> and we need some servers and we need some admins
18:18:17 <h01ger> ie preferedbly people who already did debconf admin things and who will attend debcamp
18:18:27 <h01ger> we think localteam people will be too busy with other things
18:18:30 <moray> yes
18:18:45 * h01ger pings fil dkg paravoid and weasel for good measure :)
18:18:54 <h01ger> (please read last few lines)
18:18:58 <moray> h01ger: if not, we are allowed to get new people too
18:19:03 <h01ger> sure
18:19:07 <h01ger> oh
18:19:21 <h01ger> and it would be great to get the buffolo routers from nyc
18:19:24 <h01ger> dkg, ^^^^^
18:19:32 <h01ger> #info and it would be great to get the buffolo routers from nyc
18:19:33 <paravoid> I think we agreed on having a different debconf admin team than dsa last time around?
18:19:39 <gwolf> #info h01ger has been jumping from meeting to meeting
18:19:45 <dkg> h01ger: i think we already got the buffalo routers out of nyc
18:19:56 <h01ger> gwolf, y hablando mucho espaniol :)
18:19:59 <gwolf> #info We need some servers and admins
18:20:04 <h01ger> eschuchando mas
18:20:21 <gwolf> h01ger: oops, that probably means we will have grass for lunch 2Km South from the airport...
18:20:24 <gwolf> :)
18:20:34 <h01ger> we really need one homer and one (or 2 or 3) video encoding machines, anything else?
18:20:50 <h01ger> gwolf, si, claro. es muy verde y rico!!
18:21:01 <moray> h01ger: normally we have an open server so that people can put data there then lose it when the machine gets taken down at the end of debconf :)
18:21:12 <h01ger> moray, that could be homer
18:21:28 <moray> sure.  I don't really think it's important anyway
18:21:36 <h01ger> traditionally its not, but its kinda hard to get 19" datacenter hw here. if you can bring it, the better
18:21:37 <moray> as long as we have network
18:21:54 <moray> since apparently Debian has some hardware even outside DebConf
18:22:04 <gwolf> h01ger: can hardware be lent locally?
18:22:23 <gwolf> h01ger: it'll be much easier not to cross customs with heavy expensive stuff on
18:23:06 <xamanu> gwolf: I just asked the Cultural Center of Spain in Nicaragua and they are viewing if they can give us 2 or 3 computers
18:23:29 <xamanu> gwolf: maybe n0rman can sponsor some older computers from this school...
18:24:36 <h01ger> btw, bringing two laptops, a pdf reader, a camera and a router was no issue whatsoever. hello public log. its my stuff / stuff that i will look after and that i will bring back to .de
18:24:37 <h01ger> anything else you want to ask me?
18:24:38 <h01ger> else i suggest to move on to the next topic
18:24:40 <gwolf> xamanu: ok... We have to see what does "older" mean
18:24:43 <h01ger> .
18:25:03 <xamanu> yes, n0rman will know better
18:25:12 <h01ger> #info computers are asked for from ccen and n0rman
18:25:32 <h01ger> anything else from localteam status update?
18:25:37 <h01ger> (minus coming subtopics)
18:26:10 <xamanu> we could ask some other NGOs (friend) as well. i think it is going to be relatively easy to get computers (easier than money at least)
18:27:54 <moray> next topic some time?
18:28:07 <gwolf> #topic Registration status
18:28:15 <moray> does anyone have current numbers?
18:28:18 <gwolf> Well, registration is going on... As planned, I'd say
18:28:23 <moray> munin still seems to be showing last year's
18:28:34 <gwolf> moray: looking it up, wait
18:28:43 <moray> (we really need archiving of munin data to happen, soon after each debconf)
18:28:51 <gwolf> moray: I mailed admin@ asking munin to generate DC12 graphs, but no action yet
18:29:06 <moray> right, we also need the archive, preferably showing the useful parts of the graphs
18:29:10 <moray> (i.e. not just flat ones)
18:29:52 * h01ger will look at munin later today
18:29:54 <gwolf> 100 people have registered for DC12 so far
18:30:15 <h01ger> #info h01ger will look at munin later today - help/hint from ganneff appreciated else i will grep in last years log
18:30:18 <gwolf> One coprorate
18:30:30 <gwolf> Nine professional
18:30:43 <gwolf> 63 want sponsored food+accom
18:30:52 <gwolf> 10 want sponsored food
18:31:03 <gwolf> 3 want sponsored accom
18:31:24 <gwolf> 10 are basic but want nothing sponsored (that is... equivalent to professional?)
18:31:59 <moray> gwolf: well, some of those 10 might just have things wrong
18:32:00 <h01ger> gwolf, can you please explain (after the meeting) how+where to run what to get those numbers? localteam would like that
18:32:19 <gwolf> h01ger: I showed it to leogg and n0rman IIRC
18:32:22 <xamanu> gwolf: noup. basic is not paying anything and not getting accommodation arranged by the local team
18:32:53 <gwolf> it's by setting Conference:DC12, Attend:yes and any other filters you might find interesting in https://penta.debconf.org/penta/pentabarf/find_person
18:33:01 <gwolf> of course, for anybody with role:admin
18:33:07 <gwolf> xamanu: precisely :)
18:33:10 * h01ger is reminded that UCA required photo ids (=debconf nametags) and that they were ok with not photos as long as people carried official id with photos. (carrying this is legal requirement here anyway so we agreed)
18:33:13 <gwolf> well, yes, they could be lodged elsewhere
18:33:22 <h01ger> so we were thinking of just using the photos from penta
18:33:35 <gwolf> #info we must communicate people we have to carry an official ID with photo at all times
18:33:42 <h01ger> and if they match with your real face, yay. and if not, you might need to show id
18:33:47 <xamanu> h01ger: ahm, copy of official document is fine as well
18:34:17 <xamanu> for police as well, mostly
18:34:19 <h01ger> gwolf, i disagree. we dont need to remind people to follow each + very law explicitly. dont be so german ;)
18:34:20 <gwolf> #info If people upload a photo matching their face to Pentabarf, the DebConf ID might be enough
18:34:27 <h01ger> xamanu, right
18:34:46 <gwolf> h01ger: well, we should advise they are supposed to. We understand they might not comply.
18:34:49 <h01ger> #info <xamanu> h01ger: ahm, copy of official document is fine as well
18:34:58 <h01ger> #info when with the romans, do like the romans
18:35:18 <h01ger> gwolf, what we really must make sure is to get a db export with photo
18:35:23 <gwolf> I didn't know of it, and I didn't carry my IDs with me in Nicaragua
18:35:26 <h01ger> thats the biggest diff to previous years ;)
18:35:37 <h01ger> gwolf, que taliban!
18:35:45 <gwolf> :)
18:35:54 <gwolf> h01ger: DB export with photo? what for?
18:36:03 <h01ger> to create those ides
18:36:04 <h01ger> ids
18:36:09 <h01ger> "technical detail"
18:36:11 <h01ger> next point?
18:36:26 <h01ger> subtopic cooperate/professional costs
18:36:43 <gwolf> yup. US$1300 / US$650
18:36:46 <gwolf> any questions?
18:36:51 <h01ger> is that realistic?
18:37:06 <gwolf> should it be less? more?
18:37:17 <h01ger> it has to cover actual food+accom costs, anything else?
18:37:33 <moray> h01ger: in principle it would also cover a proportion of central costs
18:37:44 * h01ger is just not fully convinced we did the math based on latest hotel offers
18:37:45 <moray> i.e. central costs / number of attendees
18:38:12 <gwolf> h01ger: If we modify the number, it should be downwards
18:38:22 <gwolf> and after we have a decision regarding food logistics!
18:38:32 <moray> right, we should only adjust it up if there's a crisis, but down is fine
18:38:39 <moray> but, I think we can't decide today, indeed
18:39:16 * h01ger discusses math with xamanu
18:39:19 <h01ger> seems legit
18:39:22 <gwolf> So... Next topic for now?
18:39:33 <h01ger> yes
18:39:34 <gwolf> #topic Fundraising status
18:40:02 <moray> how much is expected currently, vs. budget?
18:40:07 * gwolf has sent a link-spammer to our sponsors page ;-)
18:40:13 * h01ger has backlog on this todo, ie getting invoices (and getting n0rman and zumbie to be able to that too) from ffis and also contacting some sponsors
18:40:20 <h01ger> will do while i'm here, and also asap
18:40:52 <h01ger> just got too many meetings...
18:41:01 <h01ger> .oO( in my holidays.. )
18:41:06 <xamanu> :)
18:41:16 <h01ger> numbers of two weeks ago were 47k raised?
18:41:35 <h01ger> darst, can you make sponsors-table.txt nicely grep'able again=
18:41:37 <h01ger> ?
18:41:46 <h01ger> anybody knows current numbers?
18:42:17 <darst> hi
18:42:23 <darst> I can
18:42:35 <h01ger> darst, hi & muchas gracias a ti! :-)
18:42:37 <darst> (but i'm not the onylone woh can)
18:42:44 <darst> (im in and out)
18:43:08 <h01ger> darst, i'm picking easy targets for you, just to offload others at least a tiny bit
18:43:23 <xamanu> leogg told me one week ago that USD 43,722 has been raised so far...
18:43:36 <h01ger> ah
18:44:08 <gwolf> and our minimum target sits at..?
18:44:31 <h01ger> so we quite probably will need to do more fundraising efforts, do more fundraising efforts, ask debian for money, cancel (parts of planned) travel sponsorship, maybe ask attendees to donate 100e, ...
18:44:48 <xamanu> gwolf: 47K
18:44:55 <h01ger> gwolf, i suggest to come for a plan for this con tigo aqui ;) (=next weekend meeting in real life in MgA)
18:44:59 <h01ger> MGA even
18:45:21 <gwolf> h01ger: yes... I have been unsuccessful in even thinking on whom to approach to get money :-(
18:45:54 <moray> h01ger: maybe you can schedule a fundraising meeting some time after that
18:45:55 <gwolf> xamanu: so we are US$4K away from the minimum to hold a conference?
18:45:59 <h01ger> #info we need fundraisers and debconf admins. hello dc13 team, your chance to get involved in dc12 now ;-)
18:46:04 <gwolf> xamanu: or 47K awau?
18:46:07 <gwolf> s/u/y/
18:46:20 <gwolf> I *really* doubt we have lowered the budget to 47K
18:46:28 <xamanu> gwolf: maybe 2.5K because we have one corporate registration ;)
18:46:37 <h01ger> moray, uff. atm i'm drowning in local meetings and heat here
18:46:55 * h01ger notes down the idea anyway
18:47:20 <xamanu> gwolf: in case you doubt look at the estimate. of course some things are missing...
18:47:33 <xamanu> and others are not confirmed at all.
18:47:36 * gwolf notes 10 people (xamanu, jimbodoors and h01ger included) have not chosen their attendee type in pentabarf
18:47:38 <gwolf> so please do
18:47:51 <moray> next topic?
18:47:52 <gwolf> xamanu: perfect... So we are close to the bare minimum
18:47:56 * h01ger has another real life meeting in 13min btw and might then just vanish - well i'll make sure i still see my laptop
18:47:57 <gwolf> and that's great!
18:48:07 <gwolf> #topic 803634306
18:48:09 <gwolf> sorry
18:48:13 <gwolf> #topic  Arrival date/DebConf start date
18:48:21 <moray> h01ger: I would like to vanish before that really :)
18:48:26 <gwolf> damn clipboard buffers :)
18:48:28 <h01ger> gwolf, ui. i thought i did. the old bug again
18:48:29 <h01ger> ?
18:48:34 * h01ger ://///
18:48:38 <moray> this topic is just about arrival vs. first day confusion
18:48:45 <gwolf> ¿?
18:48:48 <h01ger> ah. that old bug again again.
18:48:50 <moray> which is really the first day / when do we want people to arrive?
18:48:53 <moray> it can't be both
18:49:07 <moray> of course, if we have money troubles, making it the arrival day is better
18:49:21 <moray> rather than adding an extra day of food+accommodation
18:49:22 <h01ger> gaudenz, onyx: ^^^^^ last 10 lines
18:49:29 <gwolf> h01ger: no, it's not the old bug - I guess you are the first set of people registered into DC12, before the changes I did before opening registration
18:49:34 <h01ger> please take care that will not pop up again with frab
18:49:52 <h01ger> gwolf, the bug penta forgetting things even if people know they pressed save
18:49:56 <h01ger> i've seen that
18:49:59 <gwolf> oh
18:50:08 <h01ger> not last year, but sometime in the past
18:50:25 <h01ger> so we need penta registration results sanity watch
18:51:12 <h01ger> anyway
18:51:15 <h01ger> the date cofusion
18:51:17 <h01ger> +n
18:51:20 <h01ger> how to fix it?
18:51:24 <gwolf> About arrival/start date... We must give people the possibility to arrive a day before activities start IMO
18:51:37 <moray> I forget where the date list is currently anyway
18:51:40 <gwolf> it costs us an extra night, yes, but we don't want people to miss day 1
18:51:52 <moray> gwolf: right, but we don't need to have that as day 1
18:52:08 <gwolf> I'm confused by failing to see a confusion...
18:52:11 <cate> When do the usual flight arrives?
18:52:12 * h01ger vanishes
18:52:15 <moray> http://debconf12.debconf.org/dates.xhtml
18:52:25 <moray> we list arrival day correctly
18:52:28 <moray> but then "debconf day 2"
18:52:29 <gwolf> h01ger: o/
18:52:34 <moray> I just suggest renumbering the numbers
18:52:41 <cate> And saturday is still a possible arrival day
18:52:52 <cate> according the text
18:53:03 <moray> we already told people to arrive that Sunday by preference
18:53:24 <gwolf> Sunday (8) is marked as DebianDay (in Pentabarf)
18:53:31 <gwolf> And Monday (9) is marked as DebConf day 1
18:53:38 <moray> right, so I suggest we just fix that web page
18:53:51 <gwolf> ah, dates.xhtml
18:53:53 <moray> to avoid confusion (and avoid accidentally creating extra costs)
18:54:02 <gwolf> right.. so, make taht page match what's currently in penta
18:54:05 <moray> please
18:54:21 <moray> (unless someone disagrees, this topic is done)
18:55:16 <gwolf> ok - Subtopic: "we might have buses"
18:55:23 <gwolf> I'd suggest... not to even care about buses
18:55:42 <gwolf> A taxi from the airport to the venue should not be very expensive, right?
18:55:53 <gwolf> And buses have proven to be problematic
18:55:54 <cate> gwolf: no (IIRC from the wiki)
18:56:03 <xamanu> gwolf: we talked about this yesterday with the government people
18:56:14 <xamanu> they might easily sponsor buses
18:56:27 <xamanu> if not we wont care
18:56:29 <moray> better if they sponsor something else...
18:56:36 <xamanu> moray: like?
18:56:51 <moray> xamanu: anything that we *need*
18:56:51 <gwolf> xamanu: food?
18:56:57 <gwolf> xamanu: a place for getting the food?
18:57:04 <gwolf> xamanu: actual money for the hotels?
18:57:13 <gwolf> there are many many things we might prefer to have sponsored
18:57:19 * moray has to go ASAP
18:57:36 <xamanu> moray: we talked about a lot of stuff with them: tax exoneration, food, welcome room in the airport, migration/visa contact, security/tourist police
18:58:09 <moray> right -- please send updates to the list
18:58:20 <gwolf> xamanu: arranging the logistics to use the buses is usually harder than any other thing :)
18:58:22 <xamanu> ..., using their media channels for publicity for Debian Day, T-Shirts printing,  sponsors contacts
18:58:43 <moray> anyway, I have to leave, speak to you all soon
18:58:46 <gwolf> anyway, lets not keep moray waiting here... Can we just declare AOB and treat this topic in mail?
18:58:49 <xamanu> gwolf: yes, but a good service for the attendees
18:58:58 <xamanu> gwolf: ye
18:59:01 <gwolf> #topic  AOB/next meeting
18:59:09 <gwolf> Two weeks from now?
18:59:22 <moray> sounds sensible
18:59:25 <moray> (bye)
18:59:34 <gwolf> May 9 18:00UTC
18:59:48 <gwolf> #info Next meeting: May 9 18:00UTC (two weeks from now)
18:59:53 <gwolf> AOB by anybody?
18:59:58 <cate> hmm
19:00:08 <gwolf> xamanu: please take the buses and other options topic to the list
19:00:09 <cate> 9 May there is a local meeting of debconf13
19:00:48 <cate> not that many debconf13 organizer was here
19:00:51 <gwolf> cate: please ask on the DC list if we can hold the DC12 meeting a bit earlier then
19:01:24 <gwolf> cate: h01ger and moray are gone, and n0rman, leogg and jimbodoors are not here... So moving from our usual schedule should be done in the list IMO
19:01:31 <xamanu> gwolf: yes, but can we wait a bit I'm still not that sure what we can expect by now. On Friday we will call them and have a first response on all brainstormy possibilities of colaboration
19:01:32 <gwolf> (I'm fine with having the meeting 1hr earlier or so)
19:01:33 <cate> ok
19:02:09 <gwolf> xamanu: well... I think that if they want to sponsor with buses, they can do it - it's a service after all
19:02:18 <gwolf> but it's not a high priority thing, I think
19:02:19 <xamanu> gwolf: right
19:02:32 <gwolf> So, is this meeeting closed?
19:02:39 <cate> yes
19:02:41 <gwolf> #endmeeting !