18:01:09 <h01ger> #startmeeting
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18:01:15 <h01ger> #chair gwolf
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18:01:18 <h01ger> #chair moray
18:01:18 <MeetBot> Current chairs: gwolf h01ger moray
18:01:26 <h01ger> any other volunteers?
18:01:57 <leogg> hola!
18:02:03 <n0rman> yo que se!
18:02:04 <fitoria> o/
18:02:07 <h01ger> #topic please introduce yourself and possibly volunteer to write a short meeting report. agenda at http://wiki.debconf.org/DebConf12/Meetings
18:02:08 <cate> hi
18:02:09 <leogg> not volunteering, just saying hi :)
18:02:10 * gwolf will be here in 5 minutes!
18:02:21 <h01ger> the meeting is suppossed to take 60min and meetbot.debian.net has logs
18:02:28 <gwolf> finishing-stuff-fastttt
18:02:35 * h01ger says hi also :)
18:02:44 <fil> hi
18:02:51 <n0rman> gwolf: better to pause-stuff :)
18:03:52 <h01ger> if you modify the agenda, please tell me so i can reload..
18:03:56 <h01ger> tell us
18:04:23 <n0rman> h01ger: looking for someone who can write a summary of this meeting?
18:04:34 <h01ger> yup
18:04:42 <h01ger> .oO( siempre :)
18:04:53 <n0rman> Hi, I'm n0rman and I'm volunteering to write a short meeting report
18:04:56 <h01ger> lol
18:05:11 <h01ger> n0rman, great!
18:05:12 <leogg> n0rman, please make it short! :)
18:05:17 <h01ger> #topic field report
18:05:22 <n0rman> leogg: you know I can't
18:05:50 <h01ger> in very short: my two weeks were great, i had a great vacation, meet many members of the localteam, which is way bigger then it seems on irc
18:05:55 <h01ger> like 2-3 times the size
18:06:00 <h01ger> saw UCA (the venue)
18:06:11 <h01ger> had zillions of reunions (meetings)
18:06:42 * gwolf is here
18:06:46 <h01ger> met many nice people and a very hot & interesting country+capital with great countryside
18:07:03 <gwolf> (and I joined h01ger for the last three days)
18:07:10 <h01ger> and will "only" (^whopefully) tomorrow send a full report
18:07:15 <leogg> and sauna! :)
18:07:21 <h01ger> as i'm quite tired from the way back. just home here since 2h
18:07:37 <h01ger> sauna is very very important in .ni - the only place too really cool down! ;-)
18:08:16 <gwolf> And don't panic - We *really* worked on a report
18:08:19 <h01ger> the uca has 3 good auditoriums (one for workshops rather then talks)
18:08:22 <gwolf> so there will be accountability ;-)
18:08:32 <gwolf> There are nice photos available - h01ger, do you have the URL handy?
18:08:38 <h01ger> +gwolf found an accessible toilet on the last day!
18:08:45 <h01ger> http://layer-acht.org/fotos/660_Nicaragua_2012
18:08:51 <moray> hi (late)
18:08:58 <leogg> yes! thank you gwolf for that! ;)
18:08:58 <gwolf> #info h01ger was for two weeks in Nicaragua, gwolf joined for the last three days
18:08:59 <h01ger> i will add some last ones, from the airport
18:09:11 <hask> o/
18:09:14 <h01ger> incl pics of taxi drivers and atms and telefoncard shops
18:09:14 <gwolf> #info Photos available at http://layer-acht.org/fotos/660_Nicaragua_2012
18:09:24 <h01ger> gwolf, meetbot does that by itself :)
18:09:34 <gwolf> h01ger: #info f00, /me shuts up
18:09:35 <gwolf> :)
18:09:39 <h01ger> hi vicm3 - logs available at meetbot.debian.net
18:09:42 <h01ger> gwolf, :)
18:09:57 <h01ger> #topic open points problems
18:10:25 <h01ger> #info problems are uplink, fibreswitch and possibly, the food location
18:10:37 <h01ger> uplink is just not clear, else we are working on alternatives
18:10:40 <gwolf> I don't expect uplink to be a problem
18:10:43 <h01ger> will be clear in 2 weeks
18:10:51 <h01ger> fibreswitch is needed, see the list
18:10:53 <gwolf> h01ger: nema problema.
18:11:08 <h01ger> http://lists.debconf.org/lurker/message/20120505.010935.9b73080a.en.html
18:11:28 <h01ger> gwolf, jajaja
18:11:43 <gwolf> Food place is what I'd worry about...
18:11:44 <h01ger> gwolf, its helpful to track important points as such...
18:12:01 <gwolf> We have an open court in the University available as a food place. Problems:
18:12:04 <h01ger> and hopefully, really last, food place
18:12:05 <gwolf> 1- It's not very big
18:12:16 <gwolf> 2- It's open, so we have to get a roof (tent?) for it
18:12:21 <leogg> gwolf, yes, finding a suitable place for food inside campus has been difficult
18:12:35 * h01ger suggests to move on. we cannot discuss/solve this here anyway
18:12:38 <gwolf> 3- There is no light at night (and dinner will be after dark)
18:12:39 <leogg> definitely a tent... because it's rain season
18:12:51 <n0rman> we missed to ask gwolf to find a place for food during his visit to UCA :/
18:12:54 <h01ger> just please make a list of current most pressing / important problems and name those 3
18:12:59 <h01ger> n0rman, right!
18:13:04 <leogg> n0rman, :)
18:13:20 <h01ger> anything else from the visit? (which is not on the agenda elsehow?)
18:13:41 <h01ger> else, next topic...
18:13:55 <xamanu> i think it is worth to mention that it was motivating for a lot of people in the local team
18:14:14 <h01ger> xamanu, heh. right. totally worth and glad to hear! :-)
18:14:28 <gwolf> xamanu: it was likely quite motivating for the DebConf chairs :)
18:14:36 <h01ger> hi noahfx, hi aranax  - logs available are at meetbot.debian.net
18:14:37 <gwolf> like*wise*
18:14:38 <h01ger> #save
18:14:48 <noahfx> h01ger: thanks
18:14:53 <aranax> kk
18:14:57 * h01ger nods gwolf - muchas gracias a tod@s!
18:15:14 <leogg> h01ger, gwolf, thank you! :)
18:15:33 <h01ger> #topic debian day
18:15:46 <leogg> right
18:15:59 <leogg> so, we had a meeting on monday
18:16:00 <h01ger> http://whiteboard.debian.net/dc12-debianday.wb has notes from planning it
18:16:13 <h01ger> and the agenda says "stands" and now i shut up and listen to leogg :)
18:16:19 <leogg> thanks, was just looking for the link :)
18:16:45 <leogg> so, lilix and I was discussing the stands issue
18:16:59 <h01ger> whats the issue?
18:17:21 <h01ger> "There are some local companies interested in sponsoring and having their stands during debian day" - how is that an issue?
18:17:35 <lilix> there is a sponsor interested in having a stand in debian day
18:17:45 <moray> I thought we discussed this some months ago?
18:17:46 <lilix> but they're not interested in sponsoring debconf
18:18:20 <h01ger> lilix, what are they offering us?
18:18:27 <n0rman> and we decide that only debconf spnsors can have a booth during debianday :/
18:18:38 <leogg> moray, yes... but we want to discuss it again
18:18:46 <n0rman> but we can charge them for the booth, and we don't have to rent spaces
18:18:49 <lilix> they use fedora, so it's not really their public
18:18:54 <gwolf> It seems they are interested in getting through to the local public
18:18:55 <leogg> based on this sponsors request
18:18:59 <gwolf> but not to the DebConf whole audience
18:19:22 <lilix> gwolf, yes... that's right
18:19:23 <gwolf> ...so they are interested in only hiring a stand - That would still mean some income to us, but not as much as a sponsor
18:19:34 <leogg> gwolf, right
18:19:45 <h01ger> so what exactly are they offering us?
18:19:48 <n0rman> right
18:20:09 <leogg> h01ger, around $500 or more
18:20:10 <n0rman> h01ger: we can charge them, we need to stablish how much we will charge for a booth during debianday
18:20:15 <gwolf> what was the cost of renting the tent for their stand?
18:20:22 <n0rman> we were thinking 300-500USD
18:20:27 <h01ger> leogg, cool. deal, i'd say
18:20:29 <gwolf> stand/booth
18:20:32 <n0rman> gwolf: we don't have to rent anything
18:20:33 <n0rman> gwolf: right
18:20:36 * h01ger looks irritated at n0rman ;p
18:20:38 <gwolf> n0rman: where will they be?
18:21:01 <n0rman> outside of Aula Magna (need to think a new name :P)
18:21:09 <n0rman> we can ask UCA for tents and tables
18:21:10 <lilix> gwolf, we'll have the stands for free
18:21:11 <n0rman> and chairs
18:21:14 <gwolf> in the ~6x6m entrance?
18:21:17 <vicm3> assign them spaces? floor and they bring their seats and tables?  or use tables from UCA?
18:21:21 <leogg> gwolf, that's  right
18:21:50 <lilix> we're asking UCA for tents tables and chairs for the stands
18:21:51 <h01ger> i think 500 usd for a stand at debianday in managua is totally fine
18:21:52 <gwolf> So, US$500 for being there for a day - No mention in webpages or anything?
18:22:03 <gwolf> It seems quite good fo rus
18:22:16 <leogg> I agree... less than USD 500 is not worth all the trouble
18:22:17 * h01ger is also fine with naming them on the debianday website
18:22:41 <moray> h01ger: I'd rather not risk upsetting normal sponsors that way
18:22:46 <h01ger> maybe with link||logo for more? (or just not offer it. i think i prefer that. maybe link as thats no work and good practice)
18:23:01 <h01ger> moray, with what?
18:23:05 <moray> h01ger: with website stuff
18:23:09 <xamanu> h01ger: but "only" on the http://debconf12.debconf.org/debianday.xhtml
18:23:16 * h01ger looks at debianday.org and sighs
18:23:27 <lilix> gwolf, mention in debian day posters and press interviews
18:23:35 <leogg> yes, logo only on the relevant debian day page
18:23:38 <gwolf> I'd also prefer not to have extra sponsors appear in the website... as it breaks things. Maybe what lilix says, but that's it
18:23:38 <moray> sigh
18:23:43 <moray> this is *not* just a stand then
18:23:46 <gwolf> right
18:23:48 <moray> if it's a just a stand, ok
18:23:51 * gwolf stands with moray
18:23:56 <leogg> and as lilix says, we'll have a lot of press for debian day
18:23:59 <moray> but if it's website, mentions, etc., it should be more like the normal prices
18:24:18 <h01ger> so if press talks with them there fine
18:24:26 <h01ger> but we dont mention them in *our* press releases
18:24:29 <gwolf> press is free to approach whoever they want
18:24:37 <leogg> moray, if logo on website is a problem, i'm fine with not giving them that
18:24:40 <h01ger> and we dont mention them on  http://debconf12.debconf.org/debianday.xhtml
18:24:43 <gwolf> but yes, we will not explicitly thank them (as we *will* thank UCA)
18:24:48 <vicm3> I bet they only want to be on the DebianDay and don't even care about the web
18:24:56 <gwolf> vicm3: most probably.
18:24:58 <h01ger> do we agree on these three things?
18:25:06 <moray> leogg: it just seems to me, that mentioning them / putting logos etc., risks upsetting other sponsors
18:25:11 <moray> who pay a lot more for the same
18:25:27 <h01ger> 1. so if press talks with them thats fine
18:25:28 <vicm3> I agree with moray
18:25:31 <h01ger> 2. but we dont mention them in *our* press releases
18:25:34 <h01ger> 3. and we dont mention them on  http://debconf12.debconf.org/debianday.xhtml
18:25:35 <lilix> they just want local exposure... website is not necessary
18:25:35 <leogg> moray, then we don't offer them that
18:25:46 <moray> for the stand itself, *if* we have enough room, and if $500 is enough that we won't run out of space for stands, then sure
18:25:58 <h01ger> moray, there is enough space
18:26:05 <n0rman> leogg: we are just offering them space during debianday
18:26:11 <gwolf> moray: we can measure the space and give them specific space in it
18:26:22 <gwolf> and if 10 people want stands, grant them only to the first n
18:26:23 <h01ger> do you agree on those 3 points?
18:26:28 <n0rman> h01ger: for me is ok
18:26:29 <gwolf> I agree.
18:26:31 <lilix> moray, we have room for 10-12 stands
18:26:40 <leogg> n0rman, right... and press talks
18:26:42 <gwolf> lilix: 10 stands? Stands are usually ~3x3m
18:26:43 <h01ger> lilix, leogg ?
18:26:46 <h01ger> do you agree on those 3 points?
18:26:48 <gwolf> that would just not fit.
18:26:58 <h01ger> there is space
18:27:04 <h01ger> been there, seen it
18:27:05 <leogg> gwolf, the stands are 1.5x1.5
18:27:09 <h01ger> sigh
18:27:12 <leogg> something like that
18:27:17 <h01ger> lilix, leogg: do you agree on those 3 points?
18:27:22 <leogg> h01ger, stands like during flisol
18:27:37 <h01ger> leogg, ...
18:27:42 <gwolf> leogg: there's hardly place for a person to stand on that space
18:27:46 <h01ger> <h01ger> been there, seen it
18:27:49 * vicm3 thinks that 3 points are perfectly fine :)
18:27:51 <h01ger> <h01ger> lilix, leogg: do you agree on those 3 points?
18:27:51 <leogg> h01ger, I'm fine with it
18:27:57 <h01ger> genial!
18:28:06 <leogg> lilix, are you fine with those 3 points?
18:28:21 <n0rman> wuju! :)
18:28:32 <h01ger> #agreed on local stands during debianday for 500 USD. with no mentioning them in our press releases (as indiviual sponsors) nor on the website
18:28:40 <lilix> yes :)
18:29:03 <leogg> great!
18:29:18 <h01ger> anything else about debianday?
18:29:37 <vicm3> translation?
18:29:42 <leogg> h01ger, nothing else... the rest is in the meeting minutes
18:29:52 <gwolf> vicm3: right
18:30:09 <gwolf> It seems talks are much prefered to be in Spanish only
18:30:09 <n0rman> concert? :)
18:30:16 <h01ger> later
18:30:19 <gwolf> So we will have to translate speakers
18:30:24 <gwolf> It will *not* be with dedicated infrastructure
18:30:25 <h01ger> do we?
18:30:30 <gwolf> it will be via volunteers
18:30:31 <leogg> gwolf, that's right...we prefer talks in spanish
18:30:35 <n0rman> yes
18:30:40 <gwolf> So, we have to give priority to speakers who speak Spanish
18:30:46 <h01ger> dont we have spanish speakers? in mexico we had, or?
18:30:47 <moray> if we prefer Spanish, can't we just choose people who speak it, yes
18:30:51 <gwolf> but we *do* want some who don't
18:30:54 <leogg> gwolf, and personally I'm not a huge fan of translated talks
18:30:55 <gwolf> h01ger: we have some, and we had some
18:30:56 <moray> gwolf: do we need that?
18:31:03 <gwolf> in Argentina we had a track in Spanish and one in English
18:31:06 <h01ger> #info we want spanish speakers for debian day
18:31:16 <moray> gwolf: translated talks normally end up being boring compared to ones from native speakers
18:31:17 <h01ger> #info in Argentina we had a track in Spanish and one in English
18:31:31 <h01ger> would english talks work in .ni?
18:31:32 <leogg> moray, right
18:31:37 <moray> gwolf: you can also get people to write the talk in collaboration with a non-Spanish speaker
18:31:39 <gwolf> moray: right. But missing Zack's or Bdale's talk is a worse alternative
18:31:41 <leogg> h01ger, not during debian day
18:31:44 <h01ger> i got different opinions edited into the report ;)
18:31:51 <moray> gwolf: but have the Spanish speaker give it
18:31:56 <gwolf> h01ger: there's still room to play with
18:32:08 <h01ger> debianday.org is fixed now \o/
18:32:13 <gwolf> we were talking about a single track in the morning, and two parallel tracks on the evening
18:32:22 <leogg> yay!
18:32:26 <gwolf> (so +- 3 plenaries and 4 talks side by side)
18:32:33 <gwolf> (of course, *if* we have enough talks)
18:32:35 <vicm3> :)
18:32:36 <h01ger> fitoria, gwolf: can you please check penta for how many debianday submissions we already have?
18:32:47 <h01ger> and, next point?
18:32:48 <gwolf> h01ger: that's another point Iw anted to  talk about :)
18:32:51 <moray> gwolf: from my point of view, a 5 or 10 minute zack talk, translated, would solve the problem without getting into the "boring translation" issue
18:32:58 <h01ger> lets move faster please
18:33:01 <moray> (rather than a full slot)
18:33:02 <leogg> h01ger, last time I checked there were only 2 talks submitted
18:33:05 <gwolf> h01ger: I checked on Monday, and we had still very few talks
18:33:07 <h01ger> we have 30min left and lots of topics
18:33:07 <moray> but, we don't need to discuss this all now :)
18:33:13 <gwolf> 18 talks in total (debconf+debday)
18:33:14 <h01ger> gwolf, check and share please
18:33:22 <gwolf> h01ger: I am doing that...
18:33:25 <h01ger> #topic budget
18:33:26 <moray> debian day is a local team problem :p
18:33:29 <gwolf> grr...
18:33:34 <h01ger> and lets move on please
18:33:35 <leogg> moray, :)
18:33:41 <h01ger> whats the current budget status?
18:33:48 <h01ger> leogg, n0rman ^^ ?
18:33:53 <h01ger> (or any other takers)
18:34:08 <leogg> right
18:34:33 <leogg> h01ger, do you want some numbers?
18:34:37 <h01ger> yes
18:34:41 <h01ger> or ponies
18:34:42 <xamanu> h01ger we have $48,618.18 in sponsorship money
18:34:51 <h01ger> expenses?
18:34:52 <leogg> $53618.18 so far
18:34:59 <leogg> with the new sponsor
18:35:02 <xamanu> leogg: cool!
18:35:03 <xamanu> :)
18:35:08 * gwolf wants some ponies instead
18:35:18 <h01ger> the one "only" for central americans...(?!)
18:35:25 <leogg> and $14680 with pro and corporate atendees
18:35:30 <leogg> aprox.
18:35:39 <leogg> h01ger, that's right
18:35:54 <h01ger> and expenses?
18:36:05 <h01ger> or rather, costs...
18:36:06 <xamanu> a big whoooo, because this means we have enough money for DebConf (excluding travel grants and accommodation)
18:36:11 <leogg> we still have some regular sponsors that haven't commited to give money, so it should go up a bit
18:36:36 <h01ger> #info still no budget for travel sponsorship and accom, but at least we will have a debconf
18:36:39 <leogg> yes, we have the minimum required for debconf right now
18:36:44 <vicm3> \o/
18:36:47 <h01ger> \o/
18:36:50 <moray> wow
18:36:53 <gwolf> \o/
18:36:54 <h01ger> seriously. thats \o/
18:37:06 <moray> so I should book flights, then? ;)
18:37:06 <leogg> yessssss
18:37:11 <h01ger> lol
18:37:16 <leogg> moray, you should! :)
18:37:18 <gwolf> How far are we from reaching accomodation?
18:37:28 <leogg> and we'll be able to sleep better at night
18:37:29 <h01ger> moray, personally i'd prefer boat
18:37:41 <moray> h01ger: more time to adjust to the temperature?
18:37:49 <h01ger> :)
18:38:00 <gwolf> moray: don't bother trying. Nobody can adjust to that temperature, no matter what.
18:38:32 <h01ger> how much is housing?
18:38:42 <moray> yes, an answer to gwolf's question would be good
18:38:43 <leogg> gwolf, accomodation is around $50K
18:38:44 <h01ger> 50k???
18:38:47 <leogg> yes
18:38:52 <h01ger> ouch
18:38:54 <gwolf> wow... Still a long shot
18:38:59 <leogg> and $40K for travel sponsorship
18:39:01 <gwolf> leogg: for how many attendees is that?
18:39:18 <h01ger> leogg, i think the good part is that the next meeting point will be quite short
18:39:23 <leogg> gwolf, for 75 during debcamp and 150 during debconf
18:39:25 <moray> so we need to double what we got so far to do accommodation, roughly?
18:39:26 <h01ger> (which is that)
18:39:35 <leogg> yes
18:39:36 <gwolf> ...ouch
18:39:39 <moray> if we're that far off accommodation do we need to start warning people?
18:39:57 <h01ger> http://munin.debconf.org/debconf.org/skinner.debconf.org.html#Pentabarf is at 155 people, btw
18:39:58 <moray> as attendees will be assuming they just get it, still
18:40:05 <leogg> registration is still at ~150
18:40:12 <gwolf> moray: I think so...
18:40:16 <h01ger> moray, we dont even have reconfirmation phase really planned out :)
18:40:17 <leogg> so housing can go down
18:40:27 <moray> h01ger: right, but some people will be booking flights already
18:40:30 <leogg> and food also BTW
18:40:33 <h01ger> moray, and we have more options for money
18:40:39 <h01ger> moray, "dont worry..."
18:40:50 <h01ger> ie attendees who can, pay part
18:41:08 <h01ger> next point?
18:41:18 <h01ger> #topic travel sponsorship team
18:41:37 <gwolf> Well, we'd need somebody to form this team
18:41:38 <moray> haha
18:41:39 <h01ger> #info even if we have no money we have some money at least for central americans, so we should form this team
18:41:40 <gwolf> but alternatively
18:41:48 <gwolf> we can just assume there will be no travel sponsorship team
18:42:01 <moray> h01ger: I thought that money will go for food + accomm first?
18:42:08 <fil> this is my fault, right?
18:42:09 <h01ger> #info and should we have some money... its good to be prepared.
18:42:18 * fil hangs head in shame
18:42:23 <h01ger> moray, no. the one sponsor wants to give to central americans only
18:42:29 <moray> h01ger: yes, I know that
18:42:33 <gwolf> fil: we don't want you to hang head. We want you to become a platinum sponsor!
18:42:39 <h01ger> and we discussed ising this for travel sponsorship
18:42:56 <moray> h01ger: but the food+accommodation of all CA people reach more than $5k?
18:42:59 <moray> won't
18:43:08 <h01ger> right. accom will do
18:43:13 <gwolf> h01ger: still, we can use the money from that sponsor to pay for their stay at DebConf
18:43:14 <h01ger> but they will need sponsorship too
18:43:19 <h01ger> and this needs to be decided too
18:43:22 <gwolf> rather than their travel to Nicaragua
18:43:29 <gwolf> I think it's much fairer
18:43:30 <h01ger> so we need a team to decide sponsorship in any case
18:43:37 <fil> gwolf: I'd love to have that much spare cash burning a hole in my pocket
18:43:38 * h01ger sighs
18:43:43 <gwolf> because they will probably have to be food-and-hotel sponsored anyway
18:43:50 <h01ger> #topic sponsorship team
18:44:00 <h01ger> #info someone needs to decide who is worth the money
18:44:04 <h01ger> #info a team
18:44:13 * h01ger sighs
18:44:23 <moray> this is a more relevant point:
18:44:28 <gwolf> #agreed We agree to disagree
18:44:33 <moray> if we are short on money, just giving it to "all who ask" may be silly
18:44:44 <moray> even for food and accommodation (if we have money to pay for those at all)
18:44:47 <h01ger> gwolf, ????
18:45:09 <gwolf> h01ger: Yes, I don't think we can form a team to give travel money, even to Central Americans under this special sponsor consideration
18:45:10 <moray> gwolf: suppose we have some money to pay accommodation (like those $5k), but not enough for everyone
18:45:15 <h01ger> (yes we do, but i'm trying to not repeat discussions all over and over and over again)
18:45:20 <moray> gwolf: we need some mechanism to decide who gets it
18:45:25 <h01ger> debconf starts to bore me, i should quit
18:45:28 <gwolf> ok, right
18:45:37 <moray> previous years we just said "everyone gets it", and avoided the question
18:45:42 <moray> but maybe we won't have that much money
18:45:50 <h01ger> moray, no we didnt
18:45:52 <gwolf> so we could do a similar mechanics to the "regular" travel bursars team, but geared towards food+hotel
18:46:12 <ana> we didn't do that in dc10 moray (same issue: money)
18:46:27 <h01ger> we always check people
18:46:30 <h01ger> except when we know them
18:46:43 <ana> h01ger: we didn'd last year, everybody got 'it'
18:46:44 <h01ger> ie we dont check ana, we know ana :) +hi, ana! :)
18:47:19 <h01ger> local team checked locals last year
18:47:43 <h01ger> there was a check. we just dont accept everybody who registers *just* becasue they made a deadline
18:47:56 <h01ger> can someone else please take over chairing? etootired
18:48:12 <moray> I was being approximate, but sorry if that derailed the discussion
18:48:17 <ana> i don't want even to discuss that :). Important point: in dc10 we were short of money and we checked people: just asking them what they do and it worked well
18:48:23 <moray> my point was, we haven't always had a formal team about it
18:48:26 <moray> but maybe we need that this year
18:48:47 <moray> i.e. a "sponsorship team" (bursaries/support/grants/whatever) like the topic says
18:48:52 <gwolf> it seems we do
18:49:14 <gwolf> just sorting the whole list of attendees acording to their value to DebConf
18:49:21 <h01ger> all the time tiny bits distracting each topic. and people having fun with it, i agree to disagree to like that
18:50:03 <gwolf> ok, so what follows here? We agree we need that team
18:50:11 <gwolf> so, any volunteers?
18:50:26 <gwolf> Volunteers who are familiar with Debian people, of course..?
18:50:47 <moray> gwolf: the team leaders needn't be familiar with everyone, if they recruit others who are
18:50:56 <moray> (by fil's clever methods, or more traditionally)
18:51:18 <leogg> I volunteer if you need some local in the team
18:51:23 * n0rman doesn't know if he wants (or if it's needed) to raise his hand :)
18:51:28 <gwolf> anyway - I'm not leading that team. This year I'm too much behind in getting the talks team to work
18:51:46 <gwolf> I want to get this part done before going on with the next
18:51:48 <n0rman> If you need a local, I'm here too
18:52:24 <gwolf> leogg, n0rman: I think that for *this* topic in particular, somebody who has more direct knowledge of who is who is needed...
18:52:37 <gwolf> ...although you could try recruiting others who are, as moray says
18:52:44 <n0rman> gwolf: ok
18:52:47 <xamanu> gwolf: and could we send an email asking for volunteers to dc-discuss?
18:52:48 <leogg> right
18:52:51 <Clint> also it should be someone not applying for a travel grant
18:52:56 <gwolf> n0rman: so you are the leader?
18:53:10 <n0rman> gwolf: if it's ok, I can do it
18:53:11 <gwolf> #info n0rman will lead the sponsorship rating team
18:53:26 <moray> n0rman: please discuss with us later if you have questions about it
18:53:36 <n0rman> moray: and I have a lot :)
18:53:42 <gwolf> Clint: yes. At least, most preferably. Although most of us do want a hotel+food sponsorship
18:53:47 <gwolf> ok, on to next topic
18:53:51 <h01ger> update: budget from sponsors: + another 5k
18:54:06 <gwolf> #topic Government status
18:54:15 <moray> (we're organising a coup?)
18:54:18 <gwolf> h01ger: That's putting to good use your tiredness! ;-)
18:54:28 <gwolf> moray: sshh, it's already under way
18:54:32 <gwolf> who has news on this?
18:54:47 <gwolf> sudo apt-get install nicaragua
18:54:57 <n0rman> well
18:55:00 <xamanu> We (n0rman, jimbodoors, h01ger and me) had meetings with the vice-presidents office
18:55:24 <xamanu> they are evaluating their support
18:55:43 <xamanu> they will tell us soon
18:55:46 <n0rman> actually is CONICYT (Consejo Nicaraguense de Ciencia y Tecnología), is a office that depends from vice-presidence
18:56:54 <n0rman> xamanu: ?
18:56:57 <xamanu> further we are a step further with the JS (juventud sandinista) and getting formal letters in with a list applying for help (most non-money but buses, radios, visa support, a welcome room in the airport, etc)
18:57:21 <h01ger> \o/
18:57:28 <leogg> FYI ---> I'm sending that letter to JS today
18:58:07 <gwolf> ok, so it all looks good
18:58:14 <xamanu> so in short words: we are working on two ways and it looks quite good but we have to wait a bit more
18:58:14 <gwolf> even if it's up to now just good wishes
18:58:27 <gwolf> but there's expectative for them to become concrete :-)
18:58:34 <gwolf> xamanu: any idea on how much more?
18:58:38 <h01ger> #info good discussions with the government, concrete results pending
18:58:47 <xamanu> gwolf: no idea
18:58:48 <n0rman> gwolf: yes, at least they show they are intereested but need to discuss with other people before they can say yes
18:58:53 <h01ger> #info (on various levels)
18:58:54 <gwolf> ok...
18:59:00 <gwolf> Onwards
18:59:03 <h01ger> #save
18:59:05 <gwolf> #topic  Free and leisure time
18:59:15 <xamanu> good topic!
18:59:17 <xamanu> Id like to introduce fito. He is "new" to the local team and in charge of the Free Time and Leisure team. Please note that he speaks Spanish only. He is present in the channel and sitting next to me :)
18:59:18 * h01ger cheers fito
18:59:21 <gwolf> Oh, we had a lot of free and leisure time in Nicaragua!
18:59:34 <gwolf> oh, wasn't that the topic? ;-)
18:59:48 <fito> hola gente
18:59:49 <gwolf> Well, I might say that we *NEED* to motivate people to submit talk proposals
18:59:54 <h01ger> eg we'll likely have drums for the starting session 8-)
18:59:57 <gwolf> because otherwise... we will have TOO MUCH free and leisure time.
18:59:59 <h01ger> gwolf, blog it
19:00:02 <xamanu> Fito started yesterday with a tentative cultural agenda. http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf12/FreeTime#Calendario_tentativo
19:00:02 <gwolf> fito: welcome
19:00:05 <h01ger> use the dc12 blog account via svn
19:00:07 <gwolf> h01ger: I will
19:00:10 <xamanu> There are events planned for most of the days/nights (such as concerts, poetry night, theatre, etc..) and some permanent offers (like yoga, massages, etc..).
19:00:23 <xamanu> All information is still in Spanish language, but will be translated and put into penta when the things are getting more concrete.
19:00:28 <moray> hm, remember most attendees are self-organising :)
19:00:45 <h01ger> #info There are events planned for most of the days/nights (such as concerts, poetry night, theatre, etc..) and some permanent offers (like yoga, massages, etc..).
19:00:52 <h01ger> #info All information is still in Spanish language, but will be translated and put into penta when the things are getting more concrete.
19:00:53 <moray> advertising possibilities is good, but don't get too caught up in trying to decide who people will spend their time
19:00:57 <xamanu> moray: dont worry people can still do whatever they want
19:01:12 <xamanu> Fito had also the idea of organizing an open to the public concert after Debian Day calling it like the former serious of concerts the local FS community was organizing: "Mover tu mouse con libertad". This will be coordinated with lilix, leogg and the others with from the Debian Day team.
19:01:22 <h01ger> #info there is also a spanish teacher who will be offering classes (probably via posting to -discuss@)
19:01:29 <gwolf> (please translate for fito)
19:01:44 <gwolf> I see there are several activities planned for during DebConf, before 5/6PM
19:01:57 <moray> it's also best to advertise events where people will end up discussing debian topics
19:02:00 <gwolf> Please don't do any activities during DebConf work times.
19:02:05 <moray> which can mean just bar visits etc.
19:02:15 <moray> but some activities tend to exclude technical discussions
19:02:25 <leogg> yes, it could be distracting
19:02:50 <h01ger> you nay-sayers :-D
19:03:11 <vicm3> :)
19:03:21 <gwolf> h01ger: we want to have fun and it's a great opportunity to get a lot of cultural activities
19:03:24 <h01ger> also debconf is (also) ment as a social event
19:03:27 <gwolf> from people we *know* that are very interesting
19:03:33 <h01ger> we can hack 365/24-14*24 :)
19:03:39 <gwolf> however, we must give priority to the technical work that gets us there
19:03:49 <h01ger> sure. next point?
19:03:54 <leogg> no, please let's have some fun also :)
19:03:59 <gwolf> So, I'd prefer not having them (except, say, for the gigantona at the inauguration) during the day.
19:04:09 <gwolf> #topic  DebConf12 art
19:04:32 <leogg> right
19:04:41 <leogg> who put this on agenda BTW? :)
19:04:47 <n0rman> leogg: me :)
19:04:56 <leogg> lilix, and I have been working on the dc12 art
19:05:05 <leogg> there's still some things missing
19:05:12 <leogg> like the conference banners
19:05:32 <leogg> n0rman, anything else you want to add?
19:05:49 <h01ger> leogg, lilix: do you have previews?
19:05:57 <n0rman> t-shirts and bags final designs?
19:06:10 <leogg> h01ger, http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf12/Artwork
19:06:10 <n0rman> I know we have some designs, but hwe haven't decide one yet
19:06:11 <gwolf> n0rman: that's not something that should really worry us right now
19:06:17 <n0rman> gwolf: ok
19:06:26 <h01ger> so next point?
19:06:27 <gwolf> #topic  Food team status
19:06:31 <leogg> n0rman, we have some designs and are going to check prices next week
19:06:42 <gwolf> have you had an answer from the Cipreses person?
19:06:50 <n0rman> gwolf: CIPRES
19:06:51 <h01ger> the countdown would be very nice to have on dc12.dc.o and wiki.dc.o
19:06:59 <h01ger> whats cipreses?
19:07:04 <h01ger> whats cipres?
19:07:09 <n0rman> gwolf: and not yet, they called Diana, but don't know what they tell them
19:07:20 <n0rman> h01ger: CIPRES, the place?
19:07:21 <xamanu> h10ger: the last place you saw. on the other side of the street from UCA
19:07:22 <leogg> lilix, will work on the countdown banner
19:07:25 <gwolf> h01ger: the place across the avenue
19:07:38 <h01ger> ah. the cheese and wine place
19:07:45 <h01ger> or the supermarket next to it?
19:07:47 <leogg> that's right
19:07:52 <n0rman> cw place
19:07:59 <leogg> but CIPRES is only for CW party
19:08:00 <h01ger> or them making us food for UCA or to eat there?
19:08:23 <gwolf> leogg: we asked them, maybe, to eat there. They serve food starting at Cs60 per person, and it's a decent venue
19:08:25 * bdale can't help thinking "Country and Western" first every time he sees "CW party"
19:08:40 <n0rman> leogg: h01ger we plan to have cwparty, conference dinner and lunch+dinner, costs
19:08:41 <gwolf> so we should at least consider it - maybe it's a bit too far or whatever
19:08:42 <vicm3> how about get a quote for bot?
19:08:45 <h01ger> bdale, LOL
19:08:46 <leogg> h01ger, it's quite difficult to eat there, maybe use catering service if they have
19:08:51 <Clint> bdale: better than WC party
19:08:52 <vicm3> both?
19:09:03 <gwolf> bdale: you are welcome to bring your violin and boots to CW party
19:09:20 <h01ger> gwolf, xamanu thinks its too far for every day
19:09:36 <leogg> mangoderosa, o/
19:09:49 <h01ger> holas mangoderosa!
19:09:50 <gwolf> h01ger: It probably is, but we can check if it's convenient. There are several problems with the courtyard they are offering us at paseo de la memoria
19:09:51 <n0rman> h01ger: yes, is far for a 2 walks a day trip
19:09:51 <bdale> or a ham radio transceiver, since CW is also shorthand for "continuous wave" aka Morse code
19:09:59 <mangoderosa> hey everyone! sorry for the delay
19:10:02 <leogg> mangoderosa, update on food team?
19:10:03 <gwolf> mangoderosa: o/
19:10:05 <n0rman> but it won't hurt to have a quotation from them :)
19:10:06 <h01ger> mangoderosa, meeting logs at meetbot.debian.net
19:10:09 <h01ger> #save
19:10:18 <mangoderosa> but may in my defense I was working on the debconf
19:10:26 <leogg> :)
19:10:27 <h01ger> :))
19:10:32 <n0rman> great mangoderosa
19:10:50 <mangoderosa> we got like five prices. The best one so far is from the cafeteria that´s in UCA
19:11:01 <mangoderosa> they charge around 2  bucks for each meal including bevereage
19:11:11 <gwolf> mangoderosa: US$2?
19:11:12 <leogg> mangoderosa, is that pepe's cafeteria?
19:11:18 <gwolf> ≈Cs50?
19:11:23 <n0rman> great :)
19:11:26 <mangoderosa> no, los Castillo
19:11:47 <mangoderosa> yes, and we have two other options for around U$3.5
19:11:49 <h01ger> mangoderosa, once gwolf and fitoria fixed it, http://munin.debconf.org/debconf.org/skinner.debconf.org-penta_food.html will also show you vegetarian/vegan/other food options ;)
19:11:54 * vicm3 thinks we need good maps
19:12:06 <n0rman> mangoderosa: what options are those?
19:12:11 <mangoderosa> great, that would be u seful
19:12:30 <gwolf> h01ger: I cannot fix munin
19:12:33 <mangoderosa> one from a bufet that´s near UCA (Siempre Riko)
19:12:36 <gwolf> I have no access to it
19:12:37 * xamanu is working on good maps :)
19:12:44 <h01ger> vicm3, i've played a bit today with openstreetmap to generate a map with an extra layer which can be printed. if someone has experience with that, please contact me
19:12:45 <n0rman> oh, Siempre Riko, cool
19:12:59 <mangoderosa> and we got another one from ATC (Rural workers´association)
19:13:00 <h01ger> gwolf, uhm, why? ah. you're not admin
19:13:13 <n0rman> mangoderosa: the last one, is from CIPRES?
19:13:16 <h01ger> gwolf, lets discuss this after the meeting
19:13:27 <mangoderosa> they have their own cafeteria, but it´s in Ticuantepe, so their prices would be a little higher because of the transportation
19:13:30 * gwolf does not *want* to be an admin :)
19:13:49 <n0rman> mangoderosa: ATC is not CIPRES?
19:13:57 <mangoderosa> no, it´s a different one, but the lady in charge of ATC´s was going to try to get us a price from CIPRES
19:13:58 <h01ger> mangoderosa, great! what steps do you plan next?
19:14:08 <gwolf> mangoderosa: I'm tempted to avoid (if not outright discard) everything that involves transport
19:14:09 <mangoderosa> they´re partners but they´re not the same
19:14:25 <h01ger> ie you could send a mail to the list if you need advise how to choose or such...
19:14:29 <n0rman> mangoderosa: don't you know is CIPRES called Diana? and what they told her?
19:14:32 <mangoderosa> ok, will do!
19:14:49 <n0rman> s/is/if
19:14:54 <mangoderosa> Diana spoke with a dinner in Jinotepe
19:15:04 <mangoderosa> which is our vegetarian option so far
19:15:18 <mangoderosa> but we have other ones in mind, but not official numbers yet
19:15:23 <leogg> jinotepe is a bit far
19:15:29 <mangoderosa> yes, i think so to
19:15:30 <mangoderosa> too
19:15:57 <mangoderosa> we´ll probably find something in Managua
19:16:03 <mangoderosa> soon
19:16:05 <h01ger> gwolf, i dont think transportation is that bad. i expect those people offering that to have mobile kitchens and be very used to that. right, mangoderosa ?
19:16:14 <mangoderosa> exactly
19:16:24 <n0rman> mangoderosa: so, don't you know if CIPRES called Diana yesterday?
19:16:34 * h01ger still does worry about the eating location at UCA
19:16:35 <mangoderosa> she didn´t tell me
19:16:38 <leogg> mangoderosa, we also got a quote from teodolinda today, right?
19:16:39 <gwolf> h01ger: oh, I understand it meant transportation for attendees to an eating place
19:16:42 * xamanu is thinking about changing the status in penta to vegetarian food. for sure this is going to be excellent.... rico...rico
19:16:43 <h01ger> if it doesnt rain, its fine...
19:16:46 <mangoderosa> yes
19:16:56 <gwolf> if they are able to move their kitchen, I don't care if they are from Belize
19:17:02 <h01ger> :)
19:17:04 <leogg> :)
19:17:06 <mangoderosa> :p
19:17:13 <mangoderosa> about the eating location
19:17:20 <mangoderosa> do we have to fix that up or who´s doing it
19:17:29 <mangoderosa> (cause we aren´t ---yet)
19:17:29 <h01ger> please just do ;-p
19:17:40 <n0rman> h01ger: yes, and you can't think you will not have rain during july in MAnagua :)
19:17:41 <xamanu> mangoderosa: do you have any idea yet for the conference dinner?
19:17:42 <h01ger> mangoderosa, do you know about the planned location?
19:18:25 <xamanu> this maybe a bit complicated....
19:18:28 <mangoderosa> we havent spoken about the dinner. and i feel we´re still a little confused in the team on that issue. Is that the same wine and cheese party?
19:18:45 <h01ger> mangoderosa, no thats two
19:18:49 <moray> different event
19:18:50 <gwolf> mangoderosa: no, it's a different one
19:18:57 <mangoderosa> oh ok.
19:18:57 <gwolf> mangoderosa: for C&W we just need a place
19:18:59 <h01ger> mangoderosa, http://debconf12.debconf.org/dates.xhtml
19:19:00 <moray> but normally we only organise the dinner once we have enough money...
19:19:02 <mangoderosa> perfect
19:19:03 * ana raises eyebrow at the homeopathy stuff at http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf12/FreeTime#Calendario_tentativo
19:19:07 <gwolf> For the conference dinner, we need the full dinner
19:19:21 <gwolf> ana: you are welcome to agree to peacefully disagree.
19:19:25 <ana> don't worry too much abotu the free time, people always find something to do
19:19:26 <mangoderosa> ok ok
19:19:34 <h01ger> moray, well, we should have some conf dinner in any case
19:19:43 <gwolf> h01ger: we didn't have one in DC10
19:19:49 <h01ger> even if we only add some cheap candles and wouter plays the flute ;)
19:19:50 <gwolf> if we don't have money for a fancy dinner, we can skip it
19:19:56 <h01ger> gwolf, and it was a big pity
19:19:57 <moray> gwolf: nor 7, at least
19:20:03 <gwolf> (but wouter still gets to play a flute)
19:20:07 <h01ger> it doesnt have to be *fancy*
19:20:10 <moray> gwolf: and 11 we only added it back later
19:20:11 <gwolf> moray: we had ceilidh+pizzas. Great conference dinner!
19:20:20 <h01ger> what gwolf said
19:20:21 <gwolf> moray: We can get everybody to eat pizzas at Fidel's
19:20:26 <moray> gwolf: right, I agree we should have some *event*
19:20:27 <mangoderosa> but if we´re spending less than we thought on everyday food we could manage to do something, right
19:20:30 <gwolf> it would be great! :)
19:20:36 <moray> gwolf: but it needn't be a dinner as such
19:20:40 <moray> if we lack money
19:20:41 <gwolf> mangoderosa: right
19:20:48 <ana> you already have the borrachera formal anyway, not need for a formal dinner :-)
19:20:51 <leogg> pizza at Fidel's sound great! :)
19:20:56 <gwolf> anyway... There are many ideas, but we can quietly close the topic, right?
19:21:07 <gwolf> I'm not precisely happy at scheduling a formal borrachera FWIW
19:21:13 <h01ger> mangoderosa, if you manage to get food 50% cheaper than planned so far, we surely can spend a bit on a bit nicer dinner at another place
19:21:17 <ana> oops, this is still the meeting? /me thought it was the after meeting time
19:21:18 <h01ger> the point is to socialice
19:21:20 <gwolf> although it will probably happen - but it often happens during C&W
19:21:21 <h01ger> not to eat fancy
19:21:40 <gwolf> #topic  AOB/next meeting
19:21:42 <vicm3> gwolf: call then GPL like here
19:21:45 <mangoderosa> ok, we´re not too fancy ourselves so, don´t worry
19:21:51 <gwolf> So, AOB?
19:21:52 <mangoderosa> we´ll try to think on something nice
19:22:01 <gwolf> mangoderosa: And I'm sure you will succeed! :)
19:22:02 <xamanu> ISP
19:22:02 <mangoderosa> wanna get back to the eating location
19:22:19 <xamanu> we still have no confirmation from the ISP
19:22:30 <gwolf> mangoderosa: oh, there are things left to discuss from food?
19:22:33 <h01ger> mangoderosa, and if we dont eat every day at CIPRIS (but at UCA, maybe CIPRIS food), we could go there for C+W and conference dinner. though its nicer if c+w + conf dinner are at 2 places, so the attendees move around more :)
19:22:38 <gwolf> sorry for the hurry
19:22:46 <h01ger> #topic still food
19:22:50 * h01ger getting hungry
19:23:09 * gwolf is hungry, and food is at my table at home, and I'm following a long meeting here :(
19:23:20 * n0rman is hungry too :/
19:23:33 <h01ger> mangoderosa, any questions?
19:23:34 <n0rman> but I don't have food waiting for me
19:23:35 <moray> I'm hungry, especially with the talk about pizza
19:23:40 <moray> I need to cook still
19:23:42 <mangoderosa> yes, about the eating location
19:23:52 <n0rman> moray: you need to eat fidel's pizza :)
19:23:53 <h01ger> whats the question?
19:23:59 <n0rman> mangoderosa: aja?
19:24:03 <mangoderosa> I don´t want us confusing people . If someone has already spoken
19:24:08 <h01ger> people, please stay on topic, the meeting is already overtime...
19:24:10 <mangoderosa> with someone from UCa
19:24:25 <h01ger> mangoderosa, we have a location but uca knows its rather suboptimal
19:24:26 <mangoderosa> or knows who to contact
19:24:47 <h01ger> they couldnt think of a better one and gwolf coulnt find one either
19:25:05 <gwolf> mangoderosa: If you know UCA, they are offering the space between two buildings, in front of "museo de la historia"(?)
19:25:19 <leogg> paseo de las memorias
19:25:21 <gwolf> mangoderosa: we have to provide a tent (or roof, or whatever), and lighting
19:25:26 <gwolf> and it's quite small
19:25:32 <mangoderosa> ok, i think the advantage of having it inside is that people wont have to move
19:25:33 <gwolf> and... it will be wet when it rains
19:25:36 <n0rman> mangoderosa: we were thinking about "el paseo de la memoria" in front ofthe Instituto de Historia
19:25:38 <gwolf> BUT it's in UCA
19:26:14 <mangoderosa> ok
19:26:17 <n0rman> mangoderosa: yes, but we will need tents and if it's rain (and we know it will), it will be difficult to have lunch+dinner
19:26:19 <leogg> yes, that's the only good thing about that location
19:26:37 <gwolf> mangoderosa: we were talking about the possibility to have it at Ciprés -but I agree, it's a bit beyond the comfort zone (i.e. ~200m away)
19:26:39 <leogg> we also need to rent chairs + tables
19:26:40 <mangoderosa> but if it rains it would be harder to move
19:26:45 <gwolf> and if it rains, walking 200m is not so fun
19:27:07 <mangoderosa> ok, and is that for us to do (get chairs, tables, tents, etc?)
19:27:13 <mangoderosa> the food team, i mean
19:27:31 <leogg> mangoderosa, please get a quote on that
19:27:34 <leogg> yes
19:27:57 <leogg> big tents probably from caupolican?
19:28:06 <mangoderosa> ok, will tell the people, then ;)
19:28:09 <leogg> chairs and tables are easier to get
19:28:09 <h01ger> :)
19:28:09 <gwolf> anything else on this topic that has to be during the meeting?
19:28:29 <h01ger> mangoderosa, and then please share quotes with the list so that people can update the budget :-)
19:28:51 <leogg> right
19:28:53 <mangoderosa> for sure1
19:29:15 <gwolf> #topic  AOB/next meeting
19:29:36 <leogg> thank you mangoderosa! ;)
19:29:56 <gwolf> xamanu: you were saying something re:ISP?
19:29:59 <mangoderosa> ;)
19:30:03 <h01ger> mangoderosa, muchas gracias for everything and esp joining the meeting!
19:30:13 <gwolf> mangoderosa: /me joins with the thanks+welcome
19:30:16 <n0rman> so, ISIC wants to give acces to someone from DebConf, Martin Wuertele will be the guy? :)
19:30:35 <xamanu> gwolf: yes, but this was probably part of the "field report"
19:30:54 <xamanu> so i am late :(
19:30:56 <h01ger> n0rman, yes
19:30:57 <gwolf> n0rman: access as in... as an auditor?
19:31:03 <h01ger> and martin michlmayr if he asks
19:31:07 <n0rman> gwolf: to check movements
19:31:16 <h01ger> gwolf, yes, those are the debian autitors
19:31:19 <gwolf> right. Grant access to any German called Martin.
19:31:28 <h01ger> both are austrians
19:31:29 <leogg> :D
19:31:34 <n0rman> gwolf: just to check bank accounts
19:31:35 <gwolf> h01ger: you know it's the same ;-)
19:31:40 <n0rman> hehehh
19:31:46 <darst> if I can view accounting data then I can maybe clean everything up in the fall
19:31:49 <h01ger> gwolf, right. americano!
19:31:54 <moray> gwolf: I thought there was some war about that
19:31:54 <gwolf> AOB?
19:32:12 <n0rman> so, Martin, Martin again and darst?
19:32:21 <h01ger> n0rman, yes
19:32:22 <n0rman> or just MArtin1 and MArtin2?
19:32:25 <moray> Richard "Martin" Darst
19:32:26 <n0rman> ok
19:32:29 <h01ger> hehe
19:32:31 <n0rman> the three martins
19:32:39 <moray> next meeting?
19:32:39 <h01ger> stirred or shaken?
19:32:44 <gwolf> heh!
19:32:45 <n0rman> so you need to be a Martin in order to be an auditor
19:32:54 <gwolf> Next meeting... 2 more weeks?
19:32:57 <h01ger> #next meeting next week or in two weeks?
19:32:58 <leogg> yes
19:33:01 <n0rman> gwolf: it seems ok to me
19:33:03 <leogg> two weeks
19:33:07 <xamanu> two weeks
19:33:10 * h01ger is fine with 2 weeks
19:33:12 <h01ger> muy
19:33:13 <leogg> may 23
19:33:14 <h01ger> fino
19:33:15 <gwolf> #info Next meeting May23
19:33:19 <h01ger> aehm
19:33:20 <h01ger> no
19:33:26 <gwolf> ?
19:33:35 <h01ger> that day is linuxtag start. but fine. then probably without me \o/
19:33:48 <h01ger> talked for two today anyway ;-D
19:33:53 <gwolf> We have the end-of-sponsorship deadline *six* days from now, May 15
19:33:58 * fil was just thinking that too
19:34:05 <h01ger> gwolf, i will report tomorrow and remind
19:34:14 <h01ger> and you can remind with calling for papers today, too
19:34:15 <n0rman> gwolf: will you post on your blog about CfP?
19:34:18 <fil> (linuxtag)
19:34:19 <gwolf> h01ger: I'd rather have you and fil (and have fil more active)
19:34:34 <gwolf> Can we have the meeting then on Tuesday 22?
19:34:50 <leogg> sounds good
19:35:09 <fil> sorry about inactivity -- small child very distracting indeed
19:35:20 <n0rman> h01ger: is ok 22?
19:35:25 <h01ger> with me yes
19:35:42 <h01ger> xamanu, lilix, mangoderosa, moray ?
19:35:56 <cate> ok here
19:35:57 <h01ger> OdyX, gaudenz, cate: please get involved in dc12 orga now! :-D
19:36:00 <xamanu> fine for me
19:36:04 <h01ger> cate: :-))
19:36:07 <gwolf> #info Meeting is for May 22 (TUESDAY!)
19:36:16 <moray> h01ger: I think it should work for me, yes
19:36:17 <n0rman> yey!
19:36:18 <h01ger> 18 utc?
19:36:19 <cate> we are in meeting
19:36:24 <gwolf> 18UTC
19:36:28 <leogg> OdyX, gaudenz, cate, please do! we need tour help! :)
19:36:35 <h01ger> cate, dc13 on the 22nd or now?
19:36:39 <gwolf> Greetings to ch.* - and thanks for a 96min long meeting!
19:36:41 <gwolf> #endmeeting