18:05:13 <moray> #startmeeting DebConf global team meeting
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18:05:17 * gwolf waves
18:05:34 <moray> Let's try to get through things quicker today
18:05:42 <moray> #topic Sponsorship (incoming)
18:05:51 <moray> We hope to have government money!
18:05:58 <moray> Anything to add on that, beyond what's on the list already?
18:06:04 <xamanu> yes! and tomorrow we will know more.
18:06:13 <moray> ok, so details to the list tomorrow?
18:06:18 <leogg> we have a meeting tomorrow to confirm this
18:06:19 <moray> any other sponsorship (incoming) news?
18:06:20 <xamanu> yes
18:06:33 <moray> How is the budget looking now, if someone knows?
18:06:51 <gwolf> ok, but can we be sure we are no longer in red numbrs through this? :-}
18:06:58 <leogg> nothing new besides that the possible internet sponsor declined
18:07:17 <leogg> moray, we'll update the budget this week
18:07:30 <leogg> much of it depends on tomorrows meeting
18:07:31 <moray> gwolf: I guess this needs to wait to after tomorrow for proper numbers, now
18:07:44 <leogg> indeed
18:07:46 <moray> even if that's inconvenient for this meeting's discussion
18:07:47 <cate> and what about the consultants? Did the mail have some effects?
18:07:53 <gaudenz> Were there any donations announced just to sponsoring@d.o after my mail to all consultants? Or can I get access to the tickets myself?
18:08:16 <gwolf> right. As a good part of this meeting. But anyway, do we have a rough number, or not at all?
18:08:19 <gaudenz> I only got a few answers directly. Juging only from that it resultat in $500 to $1000
18:08:21 <moray> gaudenz: please join the sponsorship team and get access (you don't need to do lots of other work if you don't have time)
18:08:43 <n0rman> gaudenz: cate I can't see any donation/sponsor coming from consultants
18:08:50 <leogg> gwolf, we haven't updated the budget... so no
18:09:06 <gwolf> ok
18:09:33 <gwolf> (but as soon as we have the information, we will have to act on several points we will talk about today)
18:09:36 <moray> ok, this will also make the next point shorter then, we need to wait for clearer details
18:09:43 <moray> gwolf: indeed
18:09:47 <AbsintheSyringe> regarding government
18:10:00 <AbsintheSyringe> don't believe them anything, get them to sign a paper they will give you that money
18:10:07 <AbsintheSyringe> otherwise they won't do it :)
18:10:09 <leogg> AbsintheSyringe, :)
18:10:16 <gwolf> AbsintheSyringe: very very right.
18:10:21 <leogg> yes, we probably do that
18:10:25 <moray> right, though with governments even signed papers don't always help you
18:10:40 <moray> but it's very important to set out in writing what is *expected*, at the least
18:10:55 <AbsintheSyringe> yep
18:10:56 <moray> otherwise the two side's views are likely to differ by accident
18:10:59 <n0rman> moray: right, if the don't want to give you money, a signed paper is not a guarantee
18:11:01 <leogg> yes, we'll make them sign *something+
18:11:10 <AbsintheSyringe> I remember what happened on dc9 regarding that
18:11:20 <moray> and a paper helps you when dealing with other officiaials
18:11:23 <moray> officials
18:11:34 <xamanu> leogg, we can argue that we need this signed to put them in the right sponsorship cat
18:11:35 <leogg> yes, that's right
18:11:36 <moray> saving you having to re-discuss everything many times
18:11:51 <leogg> xamanu, yes, I was thinking of that too
18:12:00 <AbsintheSyringe> and you don't have to specify certain amount, just make them sign something where they are saying they will be main financial sponsor or something
18:12:01 <moray> xamanu: it's ok to explain you just want to be clear on what is coming, too, that's not impolite
18:12:17 <moray> xamanu: for the "in kind" things like buses etc.
18:12:18 <leogg> moray, in nicaragua it's impolite :)
18:12:31 <bremner> blame the foreigners
18:12:36 <moray> leogg: for this I don't mean signed
18:12:41 <gwolf> yes, I guess the govt would become a platinum sponsor, most probably
18:12:55 <leogg> AbsintheSyringe, right, we'll not specify amounts
18:12:56 <moray> leogg: just after the meeting, sending a "is this right?" question in response to a written version
18:12:57 <xamanu> the question is who from the gov will sign that... :)
18:13:25 <moray> leogg: or have it ready in the meeting and just fill in details there, and get them to check it
18:13:29 <leogg> moray, yes... we must be very careful dealing with govt... you never know
18:13:32 <gaudenz> moray: Is adding my name to http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf12/Teams#Sponsorship_team all it takes to join the team?
18:13:33 <moray> leogg: of course
18:13:40 <leogg> moray, right
18:13:55 <moray> gaudenz: someone needs to add you to RT/the spam list
18:14:04 <moray> (not me, and not really this meeting topic)
18:14:08 <AbsintheSyringe> xamanu, guy who's on the top of the food chain in govt :)
18:14:15 <AbsintheSyringe> prime minister would be great
18:14:18 <moray> anyway, I think we all agree here
18:14:27 <moray> the local team just need to see what they can do
18:14:28 <AbsintheSyringe> not sure how "deep" you got in
18:14:29 <moray> and report back
18:14:38 <leogg> yep
18:14:57 <gwolf> AbsintheSyringe: if we get the PM to sign anything in Nicaragua, we'd have to create the figure first ;-)
18:15:22 <AbsintheSyringe> gwolf, well have approximate figure, but still have them sign it as "main financial sponsor"
18:15:26 <moray> leogg: also, if it's appropriate (i.e. if the request will please them) then ask about getting a govt respresentative to do a welcome speech (Debian Day and/or main conference)
18:15:56 <leogg> moray, yes, we're already discussing that within the team
18:15:57 <gwolf> Government in .ni is known to be quite discretional... but telling them that your European partners are nervous might help somebody with deicsion power to sign... I doubt a high-up person would do it, but an "important minion" probably will
18:16:06 <leogg> it would be for debian day probably
18:16:07 <AbsintheSyringe> I remember talking here before I went back to PM to propose the amount we would need
18:16:23 <xamanu> gwolf: yes, this seems the right way to do it for me too
18:16:23 <moray> right -- it's important to try to get the "minion" contacts, so you can phone/email them with questions later
18:17:01 <AbsintheSyringe> in my experience "minions" were too afraid to do anything on their own :-/
18:17:07 <moray> anyway, we're still all agreeing, so maybe we should get to the next meeting topic for now
18:17:19 <leogg> yes, let's move on
18:17:20 <moray> #topic Sponsorship (outgoing)
18:17:20 <xamanu> moray: +1
18:17:32 <moray> So, we can't really make hard decisions on this until we know the budget
18:17:40 <moray> But, we can decide the processes
18:17:46 <n0rman> moray: right
18:17:57 <moray> For food and accommodation approval, what has happened so far / what is in progress?
18:18:16 <cate> | Only accomm| Only food | food+accomm.
18:18:16 <cate> all OK  |    3       |     1     |     92
18:18:16 <cate> some OK |    7       |    18     |     22
18:18:16 <cate> no OK   |    1       |     2     |     12
18:18:32 <cate> My estimates on the team works
18:18:37 <n0rman> we are almost ready with that
18:18:48 <moray> The agenda note says "how/what change in penta, who send mail to non-sponsored persons" -- I guess we should send a polite message to "not OK" people telling them that they have not been selected for sponsorship
18:19:00 <n0rman> we started to work last week and we rated people
18:19:19 <moray> and turn them off in penta, but with a theoretical possibility for them to reply and justify their case
18:19:25 <cate> moray: the registration team or the sponsoring (out) team should contact the people?
18:19:30 <gwolf> what makes a person be "not OK", is it a defined criteria? (i.e. the person not known in Debian and not interested in helping in any way during DebConf, or..?)
18:19:38 <n0rman> cate: the registrationj team I think
18:19:40 <bremner> completely unknown
18:20:01 <n0rman> gwolf: people with no results on a search engine with email + debian/free software
18:20:02 <moray> cate: whoever was doing the deciding, would be easiest, if they are willing to continue -- i.e. sponsorship approval team
18:20:23 <gwolf> n0rman: good. Of course, they *could* be reverted to OK, right?
18:20:32 <n0rman> gwolf: right, they could
18:20:37 <gwolf> good.
18:20:50 <moray> gwolf: right: I suggest we turn them off, and explain this to them, but allow them to respond if they choose
18:21:05 <gwolf> (specially if we are not so financially distressed - Of course, we still want to cover some travel reimbursement if we can, so this work still makes good sense)
18:21:07 <moray> the email should avoid suggesting they did anything wrong by *asking*
18:21:13 <n0rman> moray: we need to wait until tomorrow meeting to know what to do
18:21:22 <gwolf> moray: right. And they cannot just recheck the fields, a Penta admin has to do it
18:21:39 <moray> n0rman: well, if there are people for whom you couldn't find any connection, it would be ok to tell them "you didn't qualify" immediately, and allow them to respond
18:21:40 <gwolf> (penta admin includes many people, not just me the Penta DB admin)
18:22:05 <moray> n0rman: as if they have no connection shown, we should use the money for something else
18:22:21 <moray> (even if they have a connection but it is a silly one of course, like their girlfriend uses Debian)
18:22:45 * h01ger has some problems with his wifi and thus with going online
18:23:18 <moray> h01ger: ok.  as we are waiting for money news, I guess we won't have many big decisions today
18:23:40 <gwolf> right, we're just delineating reality :)
18:23:46 <gwolf> but maybe we can kick the topic forward?
18:23:48 <moray> cate: so, are the checking-team happy to progress on this?
18:24:12 <bremner> question: we should go ahead and tell the obvious NO's now?
18:24:15 <n0rman> moray: we are ok with the progress
18:24:19 <cate> moray: I think yes.
18:24:29 <n0rman> bremner: let's wait until tomorrow meeting, I would prefer
18:24:34 <moray> bremner: I would say so -- it's better to say "no" quicker and give them more time to respond
18:24:40 <gwolf> bremner: I think we should.
18:24:57 <moray> bremner: but, this is up to the team doing the work, if they prefer to wait a day
18:24:58 <bremner> ok, can someone who knows meetbot mark that?
18:25:23 <cate> BTW after this meeting we have the sponsoring meeting
18:25:23 <moray> #info Sponsorship (out) team should advise people who have not been selected for sponsorship as soon as the team is ready
18:25:32 <bremner> thanks
18:26:01 <gwolf> Now... Regarding the second subtopic here
18:26:06 <moray> #info At that point the relevant penta fields should be turned off. People who are not selected should have the chance to respond saying why they should qualify, but it's not expected that this will lead to many changed decisions.
18:26:18 <h01ger> n0rman, xamanu: (old topic): the goverment might be very happy to sigh a paper saying something ("good coorperation", more details, whatever) as its a good opportunity for PR! :) signing a paper is news (for the press)! starting to do what was agreed upon is again news! (thats how press+govt usually see these things)
18:26:19 <moray> Travel sponsorship.
18:26:24 <gwolf> I was requested to tell people whether we expected to have any travel sponsorship at all or not ASAP
18:26:34 <moray> Right.
18:26:41 <gwolf> Some people would cancel, or run to search for funding elsewhere
18:26:51 <moray> It's not clear to me if the new govt support gives us enough cash for useful travel sponsorship yet
18:27:06 <moray> Any opinions?
18:27:13 <cate> we started the rating. But we need the budget
18:27:14 <gwolf> so... As soon as we have news on the govt sponsorship, we need to announce whether we will have it at all, and a rough estimate on the amount to fund
18:27:15 <leogg> it will if they pay for accommodation
18:27:16 <moray> Or is this also "wait until tomorrow"
18:27:26 <leogg> yes
18:27:27 <gwolf> IIRC we needed around US$40K to *fully* cover the requests
18:27:34 <cate> Maybe we can already say no to few people
18:27:43 <moray> cate: that's sensible if the ratings are ready
18:27:43 <leogg> gwolf, I think it's around 30K
18:27:44 <xamanu> gwolf: 29730
18:27:53 <gwolf> We have not yet considered requesting Debian money, right?
18:27:54 <leogg> xamanu, thanks
18:28:10 * h01ger cheers sponsorteam (outgoing) people for their work!
18:28:40 <moray> gwolf: not in a meeting AFAICR
18:29:30 <xamanu> it would be good to have a backup from debian, so we could tell people now that travel sponsorship is covered and look later how much we need from debian, but max 30K not more
18:29:48 <gwolf> xamanu: If this query is right, it's US$45355:
18:29:52 <moray> even if we get Debian money, I wouldn't advocate that we just get it for everyone
18:29:55 <gwolf> select sum(travel_cost), sum(fee) from conference_person_travel join conference_person using (conference_person_id) where conference_id=6;
18:29:57 <h01ger> 30k from debian is illusoric, i think
18:30:08 <leogg> specially now that we know that we won't have sponsored internet
18:30:19 <moray> I would suggest telling low-ranking people already "No"
18:30:23 <gwolf> (I just cooked up the SQL on the run, so it might be missing stuff)
18:30:24 * h01ger thinks we should wait with this decision til tomorrow
18:30:27 <h01ger> but then
18:30:32 <xamanu> gwolf: i took it from http://munin.debconf.org/debconf.org/skinner.debconf.org.html#Pentabarf
18:30:33 <h01ger> maybe we can just now say "no"
18:30:40 * gwolf agrees with the most obvious "no" people
18:30:44 <moray> And yes, waiting for a decision on high-ranking ones, unless we already say "no" to everyone
18:30:47 <h01ger> well, s/can/have to/
18:30:54 <bremner> moray: in my opinion travel ratings are not quite ready; maybe by tommorow
18:30:55 <gwolf> but of course the sponsorship team should decide when and how to do this
18:30:56 <leogg> I agree
18:30:58 <xamanu> this has changed within the last few days...
18:31:12 <moray> bremner: ok
18:31:13 <n0rman> travel ratings are not ready yet
18:31:13 <xamanu> so people have been made changes lately
18:31:14 <gwolf> h01ger: of course, I would not expect Debian to give 30K, but maybe if it was 10K, it could be a sizable chunk
18:31:27 <moray> gwolf: 10K might only be 4 or 5 people :/
18:31:32 <xamanu> but req sponsorship is in 30630
18:31:48 <gwolf> xamanu: we can check later on where the data comes from and what I did wrong in my query then :)
18:31:58 <gwolf> moray: right, and many optimizations should be possible
18:32:03 <h01ger> gwolf, yes
18:32:08 <h01ger> we could ask this already..
18:32:09 <xamanu> gwolf: ok :)
18:32:10 <n0rman> xamanu: ctually is around 38000
18:32:15 <moray> #info We're still not sure if we have money for travel sponsorship
18:32:20 <h01ger> +we probably should
18:32:48 <moray> h01ger: right, I'm not sure we should take that money, but we could ask how the idea of giving it is viewed...
18:33:16 <moray> s/giving/allocating/
18:33:44 <h01ger> well, i think we should. given that donators give to improve debian (and used this as a reason not to give to debconf) and debconf clearly improves debian...
18:33:57 <moray> Anything more we should discuss today?
18:34:02 <h01ger> who will ask debian?
18:34:15 * h01ger would prefer not him...
18:34:24 <gismo> h01ger: I can ask (Events hat on as well)
18:34:25 <gwolf> I could do it, although I'm usually money-impaired
18:34:32 <moray> I'm out tonight and travelling tomorrow, so better not me
18:34:33 <gwolf> gismo: I prefer if you do it :)
18:34:51 <gwolf> but if it has to be a delegated DebConf person, we can co-do it
18:35:00 <moray> #info gismo will investigate the option of allocating some general Debian money to DebConf travel sponsorship
18:35:10 <moray> gwolf: shouldn't matter as it's not a *request* yet
18:35:12 <OdyX> Damn; /me missed the meeting start; /me reads backlog
18:35:14 <gwolf> right
18:35:29 <gwolf> on to registration?
18:35:30 <gismo> gwolf: np, am I not a DebConf person given that I am part of the "Travel Bursaries" team?  (kidding)
18:35:32 <moray> #info This isn't a request yet, just finding out if money would be available
18:35:51 <gwolf> gismo: see the "delegated" word in my line ;-)
18:35:54 <moray> gismo: he means one of the official delegates, which is needed for some official purpose (but not this)
18:36:05 <moray> #topic Registration
18:36:15 <gismo> gwolf, moray: thx
18:36:26 <moray> When are we getting people to confirm their attendance (or non-attendence)?
18:36:43 <gwolf> Before talking about deadlines, we have to request people to reconfirm
18:37:00 <moray> gwolf: no, the request needs to mention the deadline
18:37:12 <moray> so the deadline decision comes first :)
18:37:12 <gwolf> of course! But we have to define them together :)
18:37:12 <n0rman> gwolf: we need people reconfirm and select rrival/departures dtes
18:37:17 <n0rman> with a deadline
18:37:33 <cate> reconfirm and fill the missing items (a lot of people did yet set the arriving and departure date)
18:37:46 <gwolf> n0rman: right. I'll check if I can get Penta to require valid dates for accepting reconfirmation
18:37:55 <gwolf> #info gwolf will check if I can get Penta to require valid dates for accepting reconfirmation
18:38:04 <moray> cate/n0rman: ah, yes, I was forgetting that point
18:38:06 <gwolf> s/I/he/ and all that :)
18:38:09 <n0rman> do we need to define a date for reconfirmation
18:38:10 <n0rman> ??
18:38:19 <n0rman> deadline
18:38:26 <moray> #info We need to get people to confirm (or not) soon, and we need to ensure they have valid dates etc. for that
18:38:27 <gwolf> n0rman: Yes. You reconfirm once you have *everything* ready for your travel
18:38:31 <leogg> we should
18:38:33 <moray> n0rman: yes
18:38:35 <gwolf> so we can plan capacity, assign hotel rooms, etc
18:38:38 <gismo> gwolf: Penta already refuses non-valid dates (at least I was unable to set 2012-06-30)
18:38:43 <moray> when do you need firm numbers for hotel rooms etc/
18:38:44 <moray> ?
18:38:51 <h01ger> june 15th?
18:38:56 <moray> gismo: but it allows blanks
18:38:57 <h01ger> 21th?
18:39:00 <leogg> yesterday? :)
18:39:11 <n0rman> but to reconfirm, do we need to tell people "ok, you have money, you cn trvel"?
18:39:19 <moray> we probably need to give people longer than a week to do this
18:39:35 <gwolf> (phone, 1min)
18:39:40 <moray> n0rman: we should decide a travel sponsorship policy before the end of the confirmation period
18:39:57 <moray> n0rman: but, we can also deal with a few exceptions for special cases from that if we're still waiting then for enough money
18:40:08 <moray> not *many* people will be getting travel sponsorship in any case
18:40:16 <leogg> june 18th?
18:40:23 <n0rman> moray: ok
18:40:46 <h01ger> is june 18th ok to reconfirm hotels?
18:41:12 <moray> I would say a day or two before the 18th to avoid the Monday
18:41:27 <leogg> h01ger, yes, it should be fine
18:41:38 <leogg> june 15th then?
18:41:38 <moray> e.g. deadline on Saturday, we actually let people fill it in on Sunday still until it gets shut
18:41:43 <leogg> in 10 days
18:41:48 <moray> or 15th indeed
18:42:09 <n0rman> june 18th is ok to me
18:42:12 <moray> if it's 15th we might have one or two valid exceptions "I was offline all the time", but again, we can deal with those
18:42:13 <leogg> sooner is better for us
18:42:21 <moray> yes
18:42:27 <moray> and for money questions in general
18:42:36 <leogg> yes
18:42:42 <n0rman> leogg: right, but 18th is mondy, is ok, 15th is friday and we will contacto hotels til 18th
18:42:50 <moray> does anyone want to argue that 15th is much too soon?
18:42:51 * gwolf is back
18:42:57 <moray> n0rman: riht, but gives us the weekend to sort things out
18:43:02 <leogg> n0rman, right,,, that's what moray said
18:43:25 <gwolf> when would we expect to have the bursariesteam give meaningful answers?
18:43:26 <leogg> deadline on friday... and we give them a few extra days until monday morning
18:43:30 <moray> if no one thinks 15th is bad, we could go for that -- it means we would need to ask people to confirm *soon* though
18:43:31 <gwolf> reconfirmation should be after that
18:43:49 * h01ger thinks 15th is fine, though it puts some pressure on us
18:43:50 <gwolf> I agree it could be for the 15th (we are too late otherwise), but we have to rush that
18:43:56 <h01ger> which is probably also good, given todays date ;)
18:44:03 <moray> gwolf: the conference is quite soon now, I hear
18:44:15 <bremner> gwolf: food and accomodation should be decided in a few days, if that is the question
18:44:25 <moray> can someone from the registration team organise emails for this?
18:44:30 <leogg> some extra oressure won't hurt :)
18:44:41 <moray> we need (a) an email very soon saying the deadline to confirm
18:44:50 <moray> (text can be copied from a previous year)
18:44:57 <gwolf> right, but we should stll accept people to late-reconfirm if they are told they are granted travel sponsorship on the 14th afternoon.
18:44:57 <moray> and (b) individual status messages to everyone
18:45:06 <h01ger> gwolf, sure
18:45:07 <gaudenz> I think travel rating can be finished until 10th
18:45:09 <h01ger> (+if)
18:45:19 <moray> saying what they have input so far -- to be sent a few days before the deadline
18:45:25 <gwolf> gaudenz: if so, I'm completely fine with it
18:45:30 <moray> (or one now, one just at the deadline)
18:45:36 <n0rman> moray: I can send emails in behalf of the registration team
18:45:37 <gaudenz> after that it only depends on the available money.
18:45:38 <gwolf> but yes, we have to send the reconfirmation requests NOW
18:45:39 <xamanu> can we include that people update their travel information. it would be good to have better numbers on which dates people are arriving
18:45:54 <h01ger> n0rman, yay. 200 individual ones, obviously :)
18:45:55 <moray> #info Deadline for confirmation of attendence is 15 June
18:46:04 <h01ger> or one general?
18:46:08 <moray> #info Registration team should send out messages *very soon* to warn people of this
18:46:17 <moray> h01ger: individual makes people notice more
18:46:38 <moray> but, don't wait for that if it causes a big delay in sending
18:46:41 <n0rman> h01ger: we hve darst scripts :) I will try to adapt it :)
18:46:46 <moray> n0rman: great
18:46:47 <h01ger> n0rman, cool
18:46:58 <moray> So, we're done on this topic for now?
18:47:07 <moray> 225 people with "attend" currently
18:47:24 <gwolf> ok, so on to talks team?
18:47:35 <moray> #topic Talks
18:47:37 <gwolf> Good
18:47:38 <moray> Status from the team?
18:47:43 <gwolf> So, the talks team currently consists of:
18:47:50 <gwolf> Gunnar Wolf
18:47:51 <gwolf> Daniel Kahn Gillmor
18:47:51 <gwolf> Joerg Jaspert
18:47:51 <gwolf> Blars Blarson
18:47:51 <gwolf> Andreas Tille
18:47:51 <gwolf> Luciano Bello
18:47:51 <gwolf> Micah Anderson
18:47:53 <gwolf> Tássia Camões
18:48:00 <gwolf> I last sent a mail to the team on the 29th
18:48:09 <gwolf> asking for input on how we should rate
18:48:17 <gwolf> (I won't go into too much detail here)
18:48:34 <gwolf> ...have got very little answer, however :( And the two answers I got were "I am probably unable to do much work"
18:48:44 <gwolf> So... Yes, we can start rating, but I would not like to
18:48:57 <h01ger> how many talk submissions do we have?
18:49:03 <gwolf> because we have not really agreed on what to rate on
18:49:05 <gwolf> h01ger: 58
18:49:30 <gwolf> We have agreed on some tracks, and IIRC 3 of them are viable already (plus at least one that's currently empty) (plus the non-academic events)
18:49:45 <h01ger> is there a rating system in penta you can use as well?
18:49:56 <h01ger> setup a doodle poll for a kickoff meeting?
18:49:58 <gwolf> yes, it's been there always
18:50:16 <gwolf> h01ger: I tried to get some stuff done by mail. IMO it's a bit easier than to get people to a meeting
18:50:29 <gwolf> but got no answer, and that's quite frustrating :-P
18:50:30 <h01ger> whatever works for you
18:51:01 <moray> This is not really as urgent as the other rankings
18:51:04 <gwolf> Anyway... We are still decently on time, DebConf-wise
18:51:05 <gwolf> right
18:51:06 <h01ger> gwolf, maybe blog for help on planet, to find someone to kick+form the team?
18:51:09 <moray> I mean, it's nice to have it ready for sponsorship decisions, but not vital
18:51:16 <gwolf> we usually try to announce a schedule one week before DebConf
18:51:21 <gwolf> (which is by DebCamp start)
18:51:26 * h01ger knows some people wait for the schedule to book
18:51:45 <gwolf> moray: right, but then again, we don't have enough talks to make it too much of an issue :(
18:51:50 * h01ger thinks your comments are too much... lowering the already low standard
18:52:01 <gwolf> we are at about ½ of the number of talks :(
18:52:07 <gwolf> h01ger: I know :(
18:52:16 <moray> gwolf: indeed, though lots of free slots for DebConf-period stuff is good
18:52:20 <leogg> we're starting with the debian day advertising/promotion/media plan in two weeks, so we would love to have (at least part of) the talks scheduled by then
18:52:25 <gwolf> h01ger: in DebConf, we have *never* announced schedule with enough anticipation to allow for booking
18:52:28 <h01ger> so stop it ;) at least saying its normal+ok. its not.
18:52:39 <gwolf> leogg: DebianDay is independent of DebConf
18:52:45 <h01ger> gwolf, oh, yes
18:52:55 <gwolf> h01ger: I feel it normal - for our usual procedures
18:53:06 <moray> right, Debian Day talks are arranged centrally by Debian Day organisers, not part of the regular process
18:53:07 <leogg> gwolf, so we should proceed to scheduled that when we're ready?
18:53:14 <gwolf> leogg: of course!
18:53:15 <leogg> right
18:53:18 <h01ger> gwolf, i wont say anything now... ;)
18:53:21 <moray> anyway, seems there's not much to discuss here?
18:53:23 <gwolf> leogg: in fact I'll ask you for your schedule
18:53:24 <leogg> thank you moray gwolf
18:53:30 <gwolf> as DebianDay is completely managed by you
18:53:31 <leogg> :)
18:53:32 <moray> #info talks team is working, slowly
18:53:47 <h01ger> leogg, please also take care of debianday.org :)
18:53:50 <moray> #topic Venue status
18:53:52 <gwolf> (but yes, getting some pressure by y'all is welcome ;-) )
18:54:00 <moray> Anything we need to know here?
18:54:06 <leogg> h01ger, we will :)
18:54:07 <moray> (About the venue)
18:54:35 <h01ger> any news about the venue?
18:54:36 <leogg> we haven't met with uca staff lately
18:54:36 <gwolf> is the eating space+installation more settled?
18:54:45 <leogg> we're a bit worried about that
18:54:50 <gwolf> I think that was the main point regarding the venue
18:54:56 <gwolf> (oh, and the intarnetz...)
18:54:59 <leogg> but I already requested a meeting today
18:55:03 <h01ger> leogg, give them a friendly call, just to say hi, how's it going...
18:55:21 <leogg> h01ger, invite them to dinner,,, :)
18:55:28 <h01ger> ;)
18:55:41 <moray> #info Eating space still needs to be arranged
18:55:46 <h01ger> leogg, if you got nothing serious to discuss... cause all is good and prepared - why not ;)
18:55:59 <leogg> so, they ISP that was going to give us sponsored internet backed down
18:56:02 <h01ger> (or maybe even if / esp. if ;)
18:56:06 <gwolf> leogg: invite them for dinner at... a location to be specified, in the parking lot ;-)
18:56:17 <leogg> we're trying to get a quotation from them now
18:56:20 <h01ger> gwolf, *g*
18:56:24 <leogg> to pay for the internet
18:56:27 <n0rman> tomorrow I have a meeting with networking in UCA to test the switch (yes, we have a 2960g-24tc-l)
18:56:30 <moray> leogg: last time I heard there were two possible ISPs, is that reduced to one or still two?
18:56:31 <h01ger> .oO( so we have no internet... what could possibly go wrong... )
18:56:34 <leogg> gwolf, :)
18:56:39 <h01ger> n0rman, yay
18:56:45 <n0rman> I think we will need some transcievers
18:56:55 <gismo> h01ger: . o O (ma�)
18:56:56 <h01ger> moray, 3 actually. 2 backed down. leaving one
18:56:56 <leogg> moray, it's reduced to none (sponsored at least)
18:56:59 <gwolf> n0rman: the people at the lab offered us the transcievers
18:57:00 <moray> #info Local team are still trying to get an appropriate uplink
18:57:07 <n0rman> and we will make a test tomorrowe, connecting all the rooms
18:57:10 <moray> h01ger: leaving one possible at all, or one possible sponsor?
18:57:25 * gwolf wonders if we can use 3G internet and get everybody a sponsored cell phone..?
18:57:26 <h01ger> leogg, all 3 possibly ip-sponsors backed down?
18:57:37 <leogg> moray, no possible sponsor IMO... we still trying with the last one
18:57:52 <leogg> but I doubt we get something significant from them
18:57:53 <h01ger> leogg, so one maybe still
18:57:58 <leogg> apart from a discount
18:58:04 <leogg> yep
18:58:11 <h01ger> ok, then start for asking for "how much"
18:58:14 <h01ger> grrr
18:58:15 <xamanu> h01ger: sponsorship will probably not be possible but all 3 are still in the game on providing services (payed)
18:58:16 <gwolf> leogg: usually governments can help in those areas, as they actually (at least here) own the infrastructure that's leased to the ISPs
18:58:25 <moray> #topic Hotel status
18:58:26 <gwolf> leogg: so it could be something worth asking the government...
18:58:26 <h01ger> xamanu, interesting <censored>
18:58:28 <leogg> h01ger, yes, we're doing that right now
18:58:34 <moray> Any hotel news?
18:58:47 <leogg> gwolf, right
18:58:48 <h01ger> is localteam fine with not dicussing uplink any further?
18:58:51 <h01ger> its really important
18:59:00 <h01ger> and yes, do ask the govt
18:59:13 * h01ger waves to reading govt people ;)
18:59:15 <moray> h01ger: it's very important, but I don't see what we're going to do about it in the meeting, it seems they are still workgin on it
18:59:21 <leogg> h01ger, there's not much to discuss, besides that it's a priority for us and we're on it :)
18:59:30 <h01ger> moray, i ask them :-p
18:59:31 <gwolf> right, topic:hotel
18:59:47 <h01ger> but /me heard leogg
18:59:50 <h01ger> so hotels
18:59:53 <leogg> :)
19:00:05 <moray> Has someone spoken to hotels recently?
19:00:13 <moray> To make sure they didn't yet sell all the rooms we want to use...
19:00:20 <leogg> moray, yes
19:00:21 <n0rman> leogg: ?
19:00:33 <leogg> mangoderosa, and I visited some hotels yesterday
19:00:43 <leogg> including some new ones
19:00:50 <leogg> they still have rooms but
19:01:00 <leogg> we should book them soon
19:01:11 <h01ger> you said june 18th is ok ;p
19:01:12 <leogg> it also depends much on tomorrows meeting
19:01:16 * h01ger nods
19:01:20 <cate> leogg: book = pay ?
19:01:29 <leogg> afaik the govt wants us on a particular hotel
19:01:38 <h01ger> which?
19:01:39 <n0rman> so we need to tell gov tomorrow that we need to book ASAP
19:01:40 <leogg> cate, no... just book
19:01:45 <leogg> h01ger, seminole hotel
19:01:52 <gwolf> n0rman: but we don't fit in any of the hotels
19:01:53 <h01ger> ah. nice
19:02:22 <gwolf> n0rman: so we would have the rest of the people spread over the other hotels, and govt paying for only Seminole?
19:02:23 <n0rman> gwolf: yes, we will not fit in any hotel :)
19:02:26 <leogg> so, it's depend much on the govt meeting tomorrow
19:02:34 <gwolf> We should start booking all others, at least
19:02:45 <n0rman> leogg: gov will only pay for seminole?
19:02:46 <leogg> gwolf, paying for at least 50% of the bill
19:02:53 <h01ger> how much room does semiole have?
19:03:04 <h01ger> neat
19:03:09 <leogg> n0rman, not sure... but that was what I understood from the dfirst meeting
19:03:12 <gwolf> umh, so it might actually become more expensive if they choose the most expensive of them all?
19:03:25 <h01ger> gwolf, good point.
19:03:34 <leogg> h01ger, they have capacity for at least for 100 people
19:03:40 <h01ger> k, thx
19:03:49 <leogg> gwolf, seminole is partly owned by govt
19:04:02 <gwolf> leogg: we could have at Seminole everybody participating in DebCamp, and start using the other hotles afterwards
19:04:19 <leogg> yes, I agree
19:04:31 <leogg> *if* that's what govt want
19:04:47 <leogg> but I'm pretty sure they'll request that
19:04:52 <gwolf> right. Until tomorrow's meeting, we will just be chasing our own tails
19:04:53 <moray> gwolf: yes, depending on prices...
19:04:56 <moray> right
19:05:05 <moray> anything more we *can* say/decide now on hotels?
19:05:07 <leogg> yep
19:05:08 <n0rman> uhmm
19:05:28 <leogg> I don't think so
19:05:29 * n0rman thinks we should obey the topic and make this meeting til friday :)
19:05:51 <h01ger> thursday?
19:06:03 <gwolf> n0rman: do you mean, having an extraordinary DebConf meeting? (it makes sense for me)
19:06:20 <moray> #topic AOB
19:06:32 <moray> Next meeting time -- Friday?
19:06:37 <leogg> I'd prefer on Friday so we can have time to update the budget
19:06:38 * h01ger cheers moray for chairing so well
19:06:53 <moray> h01ger: holiday here today, so I'm less tired than usual...
19:07:04 <moray> though I was working on Debian stuff etc. :)
19:07:05 * h01ger will probably not be able to attend, but that shouldnt let you stop from having fun
19:07:05 <n0rman> gwolf: I mean, when you asked earlyu "is the debconf meeting on friday" and h01ger told you "no is today, we need to change the topic"
19:07:08 <n0rman> :)
19:07:23 <moray> I don't mind which day, local team should decide what they want
19:07:27 <n0rman> but ok, lets meeting on friday, I think this week we will define a lot of stuffs
19:07:28 <gwolf> right :)
19:07:29 <moray> as long as some people can make it :)
19:07:49 <gwolf> it's good we have minutes, so any one of us can skip the meeting and won't be in the dark
19:07:58 <gwolf> so, yes, I prefer Friday, h01ger prefers Thursday
19:07:59 <moray> #info Next meeting Friday 8 June, 18 UTC
19:08:06 * gwolf wins!!!!11!111!!!
19:08:07 <n0rman> saturday we will in our free barbecue :)
19:08:11 <moray> oh, sorry, I don't mind still :)
19:08:18 <moray> but local team had mentioned Friday only
19:08:26 <leogg> right, we'll party on saturday :)
19:08:36 <h01ger> :)
19:08:37 <gwolf> right, and they requested Friday because they need time to adjust the budget
19:08:53 <leogg> also, we have an event on thursday at unan
19:08:57 <moray> any other business?
19:09:00 <moray> or done?
19:09:08 <h01ger> give us 2min
19:09:09 <h01ger> :)
19:09:26 * gwolf waits for 108 more seconds
19:09:28 <h01ger> some people might need more even
19:09:31 <gaudenz> I have two questions related to sponsoring in dc13. Should we discuss this during this meeting or just informal after the meeting?
19:09:35 <cate> I've sent the mail to professional and corporate category. So you should receive payment in next few days
19:09:46 <h01ger> gaudenz, after please
19:09:49 <gaudenz> ok
19:09:52 <h01ger> cate, yay
19:09:58 <gwolf> cate: at least one person already paid (prof)
19:10:06 <n0rman> cate: great, did you cc'ed registration team?
19:10:08 <moray> gaudenz: at least personally, I'm already late now
19:10:23 <gwolf> so, should we #end the meeting?
19:10:24 <cate> n0rman: no :-(
19:10:28 <n0rman> gwolf: please
19:10:32 <leogg> yes
19:10:37 * h01ger thanks everybody :)
19:10:38 <moray> thanks to everyone for attending
19:10:39 <moray> #endmeeting