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18:00:07 * h01ger waves
18:00:10 <cate> one minute in advance!
18:00:11 <gwolf> Welcome to today's meeting.
18:00:20 <leogg> hola
18:00:21 <cate> hello!
18:00:25 <gwolf> #topic  Status of government support
18:00:47 <gwolf> does any news on the topic exist?
18:00:48 <leogg> so, nothing new on this front
18:00:59 <leogg> we've been calling them every day
18:01:09 <leogg> they keep saying everything goes
18:01:13 <gwolf> are no news good news in Nicaragua?
18:01:16 <leogg> but no official confirmation
18:01:27 <leogg> I sent them a mail yesterday
18:01:34 <leogg> still waiting for response
18:01:35 <h01ger> how confident are you in their support? (in general, not about details)
18:01:46 <leogg> h01ger, I think they will support us
18:01:49 <leogg> eventually
18:01:59 <leogg> don't know if everything we requested but...
18:02:00 * h01ger nods. good enough for me now, thanks :)
18:02:02 <gwolf> ok... Well, we have many points
18:02:03 <gaudenz> hi
18:02:11 <gwolf> so lets move forward to where we know there _are_ some news :)
18:02:18 <gwolf> #topic  Budget status
18:02:27 <gwolf> darst: the audience is all yours
18:03:02 * h01ger bows to darst :)
18:03:13 <leogg> just a fyi, I updated the estimated budget with some new costs so you should all svn up
18:03:27 * gwolf notices a void where darst is supposed to be..?
18:03:32 <cate> sorry, I disturbed darst for an other job ;-)
18:03:36 * h01ger does what leogg says
18:03:37 <gwolf> oh :)
18:04:05 <gwolf> so, I'll push to the next topic and then come back to this one?
18:04:15 <gwolf> #topic Registration and sponsoring (spending) teams:
18:04:45 <gwolf> #topic Registration and sponsoring (spending) teams - Subtopic 1:  Accept sponsorship (aka: do we have money?)
18:04:45 <cate> I need an ACK to send confirmation to the sponsorized people
18:05:05 <cate> now it seems we have mone
18:05:08 <h01ger> cate, what kind of ack?
18:05:30 <gwolf> We have received confirmation from Debian (DPL) that we have the DC11 surplus available, plus an extra US$10K _in_case_of_extreme_need_
18:05:30 <cate> h01ger: that I can send (and people will get really the sponsorship)
18:05:57 <h01ger> cate, in light of what gwolf just said, i'd say "please go!" :)
18:06:07 <cate> ok.
18:06:26 <h01ger> unless i miss something and someone corrects me now ;)
18:06:31 <gwolf> cate: that would go for subtopic #4, but right :)
18:06:44 <gwolf> No other sponsor acquisition news, right?
18:06:44 <gaudenz> is there a quick estimate on how much travel sponsorship we can commit now with this?
18:06:47 <darst> hi
18:06:50 <darst> I walked out
18:06:58 <gwolf> #topic Registration and sponsoring (spending) teams - Subtopic 2: Reconfirmation reminders, consistency check (and volunteers to contact people with inconsistent data in penta)
18:07:04 <cate> gwolf: 4 is for travel. Now we speak of accommodation
18:07:08 <h01ger> darst, without watching irc? you surprise me.
18:07:11 <h01ger> ;)
18:07:12 <darst> (I wasn't planning on actually being at this meeting...)
18:07:13 <gwolf> darst: we will soon come back to your point :)
18:07:25 <gwolf> cate: 5 is for accom then :)
18:07:39 <gwolf> Anyway - Any news on reconfirmation?
18:07:43 <gwolf> We have 118 reconfirmed people
18:07:46 <cate> also sub topic 2: I'll take care. But I want db access, not to disturb darst everytime (and we are in different tz)
18:07:59 <gwolf> We need to send a reminder, as we are three days from the deadline
18:08:07 <cate> gwolf: 5 in an other things (see email of darst)
18:08:08 <h01ger> lol
18:08:22 <gwolf> cate: I'd love to give you DB access, but in the meantime please bug me or darst
18:08:26 <h01ger> so we should mail today and maybe even extend the deadline by 2 days?
18:08:36 <gwolf> Who can send a reminder to reconfirmers?
18:08:56 <cate> gwolf: me and darst are working to this
18:09:01 <gwolf> perfect! :)
18:09:24 <gwolf> also we were talking earlier that reconfirmation would be soft-extended for whoever was granted travel sponsorship, whenever that is announced
18:09:25 <cate> need an /act ?
18:09:40 <gaudenz> Is anyone working on the mails to the ppl with inconsistent data?
18:09:40 <h01ger> cate, ?
18:09:51 * h01ger thinks darst was on it too
18:09:52 <gwolf> #action cate+darst will mail people to remember them to reconfirm by the deadline
18:09:58 <cate> the command to put decision on minutes
18:10:03 <gwolf> cate: anybody can sedn #action items
18:10:06 <gwolf> just write them
18:10:09 <h01ger> ah. #agreed or #info
18:10:16 <gwolf> ah, #action no?
18:10:19 <h01ger> #save
18:10:30 <gwolf> #info We have 118 reconfirmed people right now.
18:10:36 <gwolf> Next subtopic?
18:10:49 <h01ger> gwolf, please #chair me
18:10:50 <gwolf> #topic Registration and sponsoring (spending) teams - Subtopic 3:  Extension of reconfirmation for people asking sponsorship (FA and/or travel)?
18:10:53 <gwolf> #chair h01ger
18:10:53 <MeetBot> Current chairs: gwolf h01ger
18:10:54 <gwolf> thanks
18:10:56 <h01ger> #save
18:11:12 <gwolf> ok - Should we hard-extend (announce we are extending)?
18:11:15 <darst> we can probably just send confirmations now
18:11:19 <gwolf> Or soft-extend (just don't reject it)?
18:11:20 <h01ger> darst, \o/
18:11:27 <darst> (re: my past emails)
18:11:44 <darst> we haven't formally asked to use the DC11 surplus
18:11:46 <gwolf> or hard-keep-things-as-they-are (ask penta not to accept late reconfirmations at all)?
18:11:55 <cate> I can add 2 days on the remind mail, without public announcement
18:12:04 <darst> has penta ever rejected reconfirmations ?
18:12:18 <gwolf> darst: I would think so, but have not checked
18:12:23 <darst> or in teh past have we just removed these people from accom ?
18:12:30 <gwolf> and I think it should... no?
18:12:32 <h01ger> darst, so lets formally ask for the dc11 money now?
18:12:43 <gwolf> ok, I'm pushing to the next subpoint
18:12:54 <gwolf> #topic Registration and sponsoring (spending) teams - Subtopic 4: Travel sponsorship team: budget, status and deadline
18:12:56 <darst> because reconfirming anytime is OK, it is only accom that we really need concrete numbers on
18:13:03 <gwolf> (hah, they are so mixed with each other...)
18:13:16 <h01ger> gwolf, i'm not sure this subtopic jumping is helping us to focus
18:13:22 <gwolf> right... does anybody oppose darst's reasoning?
18:13:27 * xamanu arriving late... reading now
18:13:35 <darst> my proposal is: registration team, after deadline, removes everyone from accom who isn't reconfirmed / paid / made other arrangements / whateever it is
18:13:42 * h01ger thinks darst and cate should lead this topic and go through it as they see it fits
18:13:43 <darst> and sends emails, and basically does whatever tehy need to do
18:13:44 <gwolf> h01ger: Sorry, I'm just following what's planned. but right, /me kills subtopics
18:13:50 <gwolf> #topic Registration and sponsoring (spending) teams
18:14:00 <darst> cate, feel free to suggest other proposals
18:14:17 <cate> I think it is ok.
18:14:30 <h01ger> so lets do it this way
18:14:38 <gwolf> anyway - Do you agree with darst? should we leave reconfirmation open, and just get a fixed copy of who did so in time for accomodation?
18:14:52 <cate> And adding a note, so that we know if we should reconfirm them
18:15:05 <darst> gwolf: could you make it where people can't change dates or can't request accom after a certain point ?
18:15:08 <h01ger> how bad would it be to just extend reconfirmation deadline to the 20th?
18:15:15 <h01ger> then its at least a week
18:15:18 <darst> I remember at least the first of those being done before
18:15:21 <h01ger> a reasonable timefreame
18:15:33 <cate> h01ger: local people wanted hotel number by monday o tuesday IIRC
18:15:39 <darst> local team, by when do we need to know "final numbers" for hotels ?
18:15:40 <gwolf> darst: unsure on how hard, but doable
18:16:03 <leogg> cate, h01ger, yes... we need hotel numbers asap
18:16:14 <gwolf> local team: Also, how flexible will hotels be once the first "final" numbers are in their hands?
18:16:17 <leogg> darst, yesterday? :)
18:16:18 <h01ger> still, 3 days reconfirmation is very very short
18:16:33 <leogg> gwolf, they are quite flexible afaik
18:16:36 <gwolf> So, reconfirmation is officially open until the 20?
18:16:44 <cate> and we gov. If we need to use their hotels, we need to wait
18:16:53 <h01ger> leogg, ^ is 20th ok/bearable?
18:17:09 <leogg> it would be great if we had at least some numbers for debcamp people
18:17:19 <leogg> h01ger, ^
18:17:26 <cate> anyway 1000 over 1700 night are aleady confirmed
18:17:33 * h01ger thinks 80% will reconfirm on the first day / when they get the mail
18:17:34 <gwolf> #agreed We extend the reconfirmation deadline until the 20th, so that sponsored people get time to act
18:18:04 <gwolf> leogg: If the hotels are flexible enough, we can estimate current_numbers*1.3 and fiddle with it later?
18:18:07 <h01ger> darst, cate: still send this today..!
18:18:12 <cate> h01ger: ok
18:18:17 <leogg> gwolf, I think we can... yes
18:18:22 <h01ger> cate, merci
18:18:25 <cate> 22 people subscribed to debcamp have not yet reconfirmed
18:18:26 <gwolf> leogg: great! :)
18:18:42 <h01ger> use a subject like "reconfirm for debconf *now*" ;)
18:18:48 <gwolf> So, any objections to move back to the "Budget status" topic?
18:18:51 <cate> ok
18:19:04 <leogg> gwolf, please... we have to go in ~10 minutes
18:19:05 <gwolf> #topic Budget status
18:19:17 <h01ger> leogg, who is we? all .ni?
18:19:21 <xamanu> people, we urgently need money
18:19:24 <leogg> h01ger, me and xamanu
18:19:30 <h01ger> eek
18:19:35 <darst> we are doing not bad, and my recent emails have the info
18:19:36 <xamanu> a lot of things have to be payed asap
18:19:39 <gwolf> xamanu: ..?
18:19:46 <gwolf> oh, _usable_ money
18:19:49 <darst> have the spi/ffis treasurers been working with you ?
18:19:52 <gwolf> so we need to transfer to ISIC
18:19:53 <h01ger> is the todo page in the wiki up2date? should we re-vive it?
18:19:56 <gwolf> how is that moving?
18:20:07 <gaudenz> I have to leave now, ping me if you need me.
18:20:09 <leogg> h01ger, it's up to date
18:20:10 <xamanu> gwolf, internet, food, t-shirts, all printed stuff, first payment for UCA
18:20:29 <xamanu> all this needs to be payed (at least partially) next week
18:20:39 <gwolf> Does anybody have any information on how is the transfer to ISIC going?
18:20:50 <gwolf> xamanu: are we _expecting_ the money to appear already at least?
18:21:04 <h01ger> xamanu, money from ffis misses on your part: ffis needs quotes
18:21:09 <gwolf> xamanu: Last I heard, we were still waiting for some OKs by the treasurers
18:21:12 <h01ger> as said in the thread at least n0rman was involved
18:21:17 <gwolf> right
18:21:18 <xamanu> we have quotes and getting them together today
18:21:25 <h01ger> the team list as well
18:21:26 <xamanu> (all in spanish language though)
18:21:27 <h01ger> xamanu, yayy
18:21:32 <gwolf> #info We need the quotes to be sent ASAP to FFIS+SPI so that the money is transfered
18:21:34 <leogg> gwolf, we have only the $1K sponsor money at our disposal atm
18:22:15 <gwolf> ok. Any other thing on this topic?
18:22:19 <darst> leogg: you have local money already?  is it in the ledger ?
18:22:29 * h01ger just asked joey if spanish is fine for quotes
18:22:36 <gwolf> darst: Anything you have not yet shared by mail? (no point in just repeating)
18:22:38 <leogg> darst, no... the sponsor will pay directly to our provider
18:22:45 <h01ger> schultmc, is spanish fine for quotes send to spi?
18:22:48 <darst> leogg: ok, understood
18:22:51 <leogg> darst, in this case, t-shirts I think
18:22:51 <darst> gwolf: hm
18:23:02 <darst> will we request the entire dc11 surplus ?
18:23:07 <gwolf> #info The money transfer is urgently needed - We have to do several payments next week
18:23:11 <darst> no reason not to, we'll try to use the lesat amount possible either way
18:23:24 <h01ger> darst, i think we should
18:23:41 * gwolf agrees with darst. It's good (necessary even) to have liquidity in case of sudden needs
18:23:47 <schultmc> h01ger: I'd prefer english but spanish is fine if I can get someone to translate
18:23:48 <xamanu> how can we send the money once approved? i guess our internet provider wants to see money before starting their work in the fibers
18:23:50 <darst> and with that, we can send accom + travel confirmations
18:23:59 <h01ger> schultmc, que bien! thanks!
18:24:21 <h01ger> xamanu, ?
18:24:24 <darst> and I think we are doing fairly good
18:24:33 <h01ger> xamanu, you mean moneytransfer from spi+ffis to isic?
18:24:34 <darst> does anyone have questions about budget stuff ?
18:24:43 <xamanu> h01ger: yes
18:24:54 <cate> how much money for travel sponsorship
18:24:55 <gwolf> schultmc: Given the quotes arrive to you today, when can you request the transfer to ISIC?
18:25:02 <h01ger> xamanu, i think thats a detail spi+ffis will know how to solve
18:25:12 <gwolf> (it will take a couple of days to appear, of course)
18:25:37 <xamanu> h01ger, not sure, but i have heard that a regular transfer would last 3 weeks (not sure who told this...)
18:25:38 * h01ger is a bit worried by "start work in fiber"
18:25:48 * xamanu as well
18:26:01 <darst> 25 k$ will be enough to get everyone with a positive travel rating
18:26:04 * leogg too
18:26:09 <gwolf> xamanu: so we are going with the $3K provider?
18:26:12 <leogg> but that's our best option
18:26:18 <leogg> gwolf, yes
18:26:21 <darst> but usually we are a bit more strict than "just positive"
18:26:32 <h01ger> darst, lets concentrate on "quick money for uplink" now
18:26:41 <gwolf> darst: right, we don't want to over-spend on travel sponsorship
18:26:42 <h01ger> (and then travel money. but that can wait a few nore days)
18:26:43 <xamanu> gwolf, yes
18:26:46 <xamanu> 3.1K
18:27:03 <gwolf> ok... Can I push the meeting to the next point?
18:27:24 <h01ger> not sure
18:27:37 <h01ger> xamanu, do you have a quote for this 3.1k you can send today?
18:27:44 <h01ger> to get the money transfer started ASAP?
18:28:02 <h01ger> or another quote, which we then "abuse" to pay the isp
18:28:13 <h01ger> (to fix our money flow. not abuse :)
18:28:13 <xamanu> h01ger, yes. right now i can send it (to you?)
18:28:42 <h01ger> xamanu, no. kasse@ffis.de and cc: me/gwolf/moray
18:28:51 <h01ger> or schultmc if he can initiate that now...
18:29:00 <cate> h01ger: Can we require a transfer for 5000 USD for "generic expenses"?
18:29:01 <h01ger> as he is here and kasse@ffis might be afk
18:29:08 <gwolf> h01ger: we can start using the alias instead of explicit cc:s :)
18:29:08 <h01ger> cate, no
18:29:13 <gwolf> debconf-chairs@debian.org
18:29:19 <h01ger> gwolf, is that working now=?
18:29:32 * h01ger tests
18:30:17 <gwolf> unroutable still
18:30:20 <gwolf> sorry for the noise
18:30:50 <h01ger> schultmc, are you still there?
18:31:22 <h01ger> #save
18:31:50 <gwolf> lets move the meeting...
18:31:53 * leogg says adios... will read backlog when I get home
18:31:57 <gwolf> ...we can go back to the topic some other time
18:32:01 <gwolf> leogg: wait a second :)
18:32:07 <gwolf> I actually want you for talkstuff
18:32:10 <gwolf> if possible
18:32:12 * leogg freezes
18:32:15 <gwolf> #topic Talks team
18:32:32 <gwolf> As a short status report
18:32:39 <xamanu> see you guys, we have to leave for Debian Tour
18:32:47 <h01ger> enjoy!
18:33:08 <gwolf> dkg and me have rated most of the talks - but the rest of the team is still mostly dormant, sadly
18:33:16 <leogg> we have almost all of the talks scheduled for debian day
18:33:25 <h01ger> leogg, how many missing?
18:33:31 <gwolf> however, I don't think it's as bad as it sounds: Due to the lesser amount of people arriving, we have enough space, basically, to schedule everything
18:33:46 <leogg> h01ger, we have two empty slots, but we're working on it
18:33:49 <gwolf> leogg: I'd like to check... maybe if you want later on, but to check some details on what you are planning for DebianDay
18:33:52 <gwolf> as we are clashing somewhat
18:33:56 <leogg> everything will be fine :)
18:33:57 <h01ger> leogg, cool
18:34:08 <h01ger> leogg, ¡siempre!
18:34:13 <gwolf> and you are scheduling three parallel tracks - while 1 or at most 2 is usually favored
18:34:16 <leogg> gwolf, ok, we check it later with lilix
18:34:35 <leogg> gwolf, just two tracks and two workshops
18:34:45 <leogg> requested by some people
18:34:47 <gwolf> leogg: I'd (me personally, but that's something I cannot decide!) prefer that DebianDay is not loaded with workshops
18:34:52 <gwolf> as we will have some during DebConf
18:35:01 <gwolf> oriented, precisely, at the Central American people
18:35:18 <gwolf> but anyway... we can talk about this topic later when you have some more time
18:35:25 <gwolf> (I just wanted to get it under your radar)
18:35:26 <leogg> gwolf, ok.. we'll talk about it inside the team and get back to you... is that ok?
18:35:29 <gwolf> right
18:35:30 <gwolf> perfect
18:35:34 <leogg> nice :)
18:35:39 <gwolf> ok, /me continues :)
18:35:59 <leogg> thank you all! see you later! :)
18:36:10 <gwolf> about the talks: As I said, we have not really had team action, but I'm pushing to get things decided earlier rather than later
18:36:59 <gwolf> I think a sensible schedule would be similar to other years: Activities 10AM-1PM and 3PM-7PM (that is, 3 45 minutes sessions in the morning and 4 in the afternoon/evening)
18:37:35 <cate> do we have local team to set the preferred times?
18:37:37 <h01ger> if that matches with food, sure :)
18:37:40 <gwolf> that give sus (a maximum of) 84 talk slots scheduling on two rooms
18:37:55 <gwolf> of course, that's why I'm mentioning it here :) Does 1-3PM sound right for lunch, nicaguys?
18:38:14 <gwolf> h01ger, I understand the 45min+15free worked fine for video, right?
18:38:33 <gwolf> We have some (few) requests for longer sessions (2h). are they acceptable for you?
18:39:09 <h01ger> gwolf, yes. and the audience as well! we do it for the audience ;)
18:39:10 <cate> gwolf: which?
18:39:21 <gwolf> h01ger: :)
18:39:26 <h01ger> gwolf, +thanks a lot! :)
18:39:36 <gwolf> cate: at least, xamanu's VCS tutorial.
18:39:49 <gwolf> but I guess that if one appears... another one may follow :)
18:40:03 <cate> gwolf: but it is on debian day... so outside our zone
18:40:21 <gwolf> cate: right, but it's still to be covered by the video team (most probably)
18:40:52 * h01ger thinks 2h sessions should be 1:45h sessions
18:40:55 <cate> gwolf: I don't think. It is the 3 event in parallel
18:40:57 <gwolf> Anyway... I asked the talks team to rate by Friday, so that the schedule team (tassia, cate and me) can work on the schedule and announce it at most by Wednesday (20).
18:41:09 <gwolf> cate: precisely. and I want to move it :-}
18:41:10 <FBI> debconf-team: 3 rkd-guest committed revision 1677 to debconf-team: Add the DC11 sponsor to budget.  Helps a lot.
18:41:10 <FBI> debconf-team: files changed: U   dc12/budget/budget-estimate.ods
18:41:13 <h01ger> gwolf, tassia, cate: \o/
18:41:28 <gwolf> #info Talks will be as last year, 45min+15free
18:41:40 <gwolf> #info long talks (1:45) are acceptable
18:42:01 <gwolf> #info We expect talks team's work to be completed by Friday, and have a preliminary schedule by Wednesday 20
18:42:13 <gwolf> That's all there is from my part.
18:42:21 <gwolf> somebody added a point on "proceedings"
18:42:25 <gwolf> so... whoever it was, please talk!
18:42:42 <h01ger> so someone is still keeping those up ;)
18:42:51 * cate 
18:43:07 * gwolf expects cate's explanation :)
18:43:37 * h01ger wonders if cate got access to darsts cloning tool
18:43:39 <cate> nothing. we always ask for "printed proceeding" in penta.
18:43:55 <gwolf> cate: IIRC I killed the field this time
18:43:57 <h01ger> ah. penta is quite nonsensic sometimes
18:43:59 <gwolf> (but I might not have)
18:44:00 <cate> It was a question, not a volunteering ;-)
18:44:10 <h01ger> cate, :)
18:44:13 <h01ger> so
18:44:18 <gwolf> Ok. So the proceedings will be printed in Switzerland and hard-bound.
18:44:31 <h01ger> #info we wont have proceedings this year. (unless you just do it.)
18:44:38 <gwolf> #topic Food
18:44:47 <gwolf> (i'm precisely starting to think about food myself!)
18:44:48 * h01ger is finally having lunch
18:45:41 <h01ger> is someone from food team here?
18:45:44 <gwolf> anybody, anything food-related?
18:46:28 <cate> I think nobody of local team is now online
18:46:48 <gwolf> oki... So...
18:46:52 <h01ger> #info we want food.
18:46:56 <gwolf> #topic Next meeting / AOB
18:47:08 <cate> But still a previous point
18:47:11 <h01ger> next tuesday. same time. (?!)
18:47:18 <gwolf> Next meeting should be same time next week - Or earlier if the government confirms something :)
18:47:48 <gwolf> #info Next meeting: 19/06/2012, 18:00UTC
18:48:01 <cate> Should we arrange accomodation and food for non sponsored people? I email I did see any conclusion
18:48:09 <gismo> FWIW, next Tuesday I will not be there
18:48:36 <h01ger> cate, please be more precise
18:49:03 <h01ger> (not if say they "will arrange my own accom" ;) so i think we should ask them what they want / tell them there options
18:49:10 <gwolf> cate: IIRC some people selected to be hosted together with the rest of us, even if they are paying
18:49:15 <gwolf> right
18:49:22 <h01ger> gwolf, those are coop/profs
18:49:27 <cate> h01ger: on travel tab there is a "Regular DebConf accommodation", but not consistend with sponsoring
18:49:28 <h01ger> (or should be)
18:49:36 <cate> [it wqas a question of darst in ml)
18:49:49 <gwolf> cate: right... Well, one more mass-mail, I guess
18:49:53 <h01ger> cate, ah, ok. that means we should put them into cooporate.
18:49:57 <gwolf> that's the safest way out
18:50:03 <h01ger> or doesnt that work as they wont sponsored food?
18:50:04 <bremner> I think are about 26 people with accom=yes
18:50:13 <gwolf> h01ger: not necessarily the same as professional
18:50:14 * h01ger well remembers that thread
18:50:25 <h01ger> gwolf, well, they want to pay... so
18:50:32 <gwolf> for the hotel
18:50:37 <gwolf> but they might be asking for sponsored food
18:50:40 <h01ger> (for varies degrees of "want")
18:50:41 <gwolf> or wanting to eat out
18:50:42 <bremner> what about accompanying people who want to pay?
18:50:47 <h01ger> gwolf, then we need something new in penta
18:50:55 <gwolf> right - A brain.
18:51:01 <h01ger> but i think coorporate fits well
18:51:03 <cate> accompagning people are already a category in penta
18:51:08 <bremner> ok
18:51:25 <darst> please no more penta categories!@
18:51:28 <h01ger> cate, meaning they have to pay?
18:51:33 <cate> yes
18:51:35 <gwolf> FWIW I asked whether to merge them into corporate when we opened Penta DC12, and itwas requested to be kept separated
18:51:38 <h01ger> we need fields to indicate they have to pay
18:51:43 * darst not sure exactly what is under discuss here
18:51:46 <gwolf> we have fields
18:51:47 <h01ger> i'm happy to leave the details to those who deals with penta
18:51:56 <h01ger> darst, the RL layer. not penta
18:52:04 <h01ger> at least thats what should be discussed
18:52:05 <gwolf> #info h01ger makes our penta-lives more difficult!
18:52:11 <gwolf> AOB?
18:52:14 <h01ger> no
18:52:20 <h01ger> this needs to be solved
18:52:36 <gwolf> It needs to be solved... but not necessarily in meeting-time
18:52:40 <bremner> so we charge anyone in DebConf arranged accomodation $650?
18:52:42 <h01ger> right
18:52:45 <gwolf> The categories mean different things
18:52:46 <darst> IMO: people who want accom but aren't sponsored should be moved to professional (and if they want to pay more exactly accom costs, we can discount them)
18:52:49 <h01ger> directly after the meeting is also fine..
18:52:54 <darst> how about I send an email to teh list saying how we nomarally validate date
18:52:57 <darst> -e+a
18:53:15 <h01ger> darst, lets discuss this after the meeting here
18:53:18 <h01ger> discuss+solve
18:53:19 <darst> ok
18:53:20 <cate> For tonight I would only send the mail who advice abouti nconsistency to attendees (about accomodation) and to contact registration if they want to book with us)
18:53:28 <cate> and ignore the rest: to complex
18:53:37 <gwolf> ok. I'll implement whatever you decide (as after the meeting I'll be biking home for lunch)
18:53:49 <gwolf> cate: and requesting reconfirmation!
18:53:52 <h01ger> cate, i agree the normal mails should have prio today
18:54:09 <h01ger> #agreed next meeting in 7 days, same time
18:54:23 <gwolf> ok - So, this meeting is over. Thank you all!
18:54:28 <gwolf> #endmeeting