17:57:25 <moray> #startmeeting DebConf12 meeting
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17:57:30 <moray> #chair h01ger
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17:57:50 <moray> #chair bremner (since he likes meetings)
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17:57:55 <moray> oops
17:57:59 <moray> I think that's a bug
17:58:10 <n0rman> :)
17:58:13 <bremner> fear the bremner h0lger
17:58:35 <leogg> hola
17:58:35 <h01ger> hola
17:58:40 <n0rman> hola
17:58:51 <h01ger> #topic say hi
17:59:08 * n0rman says hi
17:59:18 <h01ger> do we have an agenda?
17:59:20 * h01ger looks
17:59:21 <leogg> hi
17:59:26 <moray> h01ger: yes
17:59:27 <moray> h01ger: too long
17:59:28 <leogg> http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf12/Meetings#Global_team_meeting.2C_Tuesday_26_June_2012.2C_18:00_UTC
17:59:56 <h01ger> misses the "debconf, now with a break in the middle" discussion
18:00:01 <h01ger> +giv logo
18:00:04 <moray> sigh
18:00:05 <h01ger> +isp backup
18:00:22 <rmmovil> hi
18:00:39 <leogg> isp is under connectivity
18:00:57 <moray> #topic Venue status
18:01:10 <leogg> my favorite topic!
18:01:12 <moray> (reordering items)
18:01:13 <leogg> yay!
18:01:22 <moray> what's up at UCA?
18:01:46 <leogg> we haven't met with uca lately, but things seems to go well
18:01:58 <leogg> we gave them a requirement list
18:02:04 <leogg> actually, two of them
18:02:06 <xamanu> leogg, we had meetings with UCA
18:02:07 <xamanu> all fine
18:02:12 <h01ger> rmayorga + n0rman have been at uca the last two days and in 3h there is a localteam meeting there
18:02:15 <rmmovil> I'm here, the internet is ready, download bw is not good though
18:02:33 <moray> that sounds like the next point
18:02:38 <moray> anything to *discuss* on venue?
18:02:40 <leogg> xamanu, yes... with networking guy
18:02:45 <h01ger> new foodplace is ready + fine?
18:02:48 <n0rman> moray: no, everything is ok with them
18:02:53 <moray> h01ger: that's a different point too :)
18:02:58 <xamanu> leogg, and electricity, food areas and all is ok
18:03:01 <leogg> right
18:03:09 <n0rman> and FFIS already started the wirte transfer to venue :)
18:03:20 <moray> I assume at this stage, venue issues are dealt with locally, anyway
18:03:35 <leogg> everything is fine... we love UCA and UCA love us
18:03:36 <rmmovil> I could not find power outlets on the campus :(
18:03:45 <rmmovil> bring powerbars
18:03:53 <moray> is there an electricity plan?  there was meant to be...
18:04:01 <xamanu> moray: yes there is
18:04:04 <leogg> moray, yes,,, there is
18:04:07 <moray> ok, good
18:04:08 <gwolf> o/
18:04:15 <moray> #topic Connectivity
18:04:23 * gwolf coming back grom the Argentinian consulate, sorry for the late arrival :-P
18:04:24 <moray> 19:07 < rmmovil> I'm here, the internet is ready, download bw is not good though
18:04:38 <moray> so, anything we should know, or discuss on this topic?
18:04:41 <n0rman> rmmovil: but they are adjusting bandwith, am I right?
18:05:06 <xamanu> moray: we have had some discussions in the local team if it would make sense to contract a backup isp
18:05:27 <leogg> moray, backup from navega, 20mbits
18:05:31 * h01ger wonders if there is anything else than an electricity _plan_.. ;)
18:05:40 <leogg> for one or two weeks
18:05:42 <moray> h01ger: you can supervise them now :p
18:05:45 <rmmovil> n0rman: yes, 50mbps uplink, 25-30mbps downlink
18:05:46 <xamanu> Yota has been pretty unstable lately.
18:05:48 <h01ger> rmmovil, whats the url for network planning again?
18:05:57 <moray> leogg: price?  how long do they need to organise it?
18:06:11 <n0rman> h01ger: http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf12/Networking
18:06:11 <xamanu> moray: 2K for 20Mbit for two weeks
18:06:12 <leogg> moray, they already have fiber on campus
18:06:18 <leogg> right
18:06:31 <moray> (maybe we should come back to this after the money points)
18:06:42 <leogg> sure
18:06:43 <xamanu> yes, moray
18:06:58 <moray> #info We could get a backup connection, 2K for 20Mbit for two weeks
18:07:05 <h01ger> rmmovil, can we test the uplink a bit more over the next days?
18:07:11 <h01ger> can we get a first server in now?
18:07:18 <h01ger> now as in tomorrow is fine
18:07:19 <moray> #info navega already have fibre on the campus
18:07:28 <h01ger> but i would like to set up homer
18:07:33 <h01ger> and put it in UCA
18:07:34 <h01ger> so we can ssh in
18:07:47 <rmmovil> h01ger: let me ask, I think that there will be no problem
18:07:52 <moray> h01ger: sounds good, let's say the meeting authorises you to discuss that locally :)
18:08:07 <xamanu> h01ger: we would have to ask UCA (we can do this today) and mangoderosa can borrow us a server i guess
18:08:13 <moray> #info h01ger will try to set up an initial server on the DebConf connection
18:08:24 <h01ger> we didnt discuss that
18:08:26 <n0rman> h01ger: dont' really know, we are asking them to let us use the connection since friday, but officially we will have it until sunday
18:08:30 * h01ger shakes head
18:08:51 * gwolf fears
18:09:08 <gwolf> how much were we paying Yota for the current network connection?
18:09:13 <h01ger> 4k
18:09:23 <gwolf> Ok... so 2k is a substantial increase
18:09:23 <h01ger> next point?
18:09:24 <rmmovil> yota said that we can test it
18:09:24 <leogg> n0rman, can you ask diana directly?
18:09:29 <lazyb0y> maybe even this afternoon already? When we're there anyway?
18:09:36 <gwolf> I guess that it being "backup" does not mean it will not be used :)
18:09:40 <h01ger> #info localteam will try to setup server in UCA ASAP
18:09:45 <moray> h01ger: I think next point, you can discuss this locally now?  (and we come back to the backup question later)
18:09:52 <gwolf> right
18:10:09 <moray> #topic Food status
18:10:20 <leogg> we already made the first payment to food rpovider
18:10:37 <leogg> we're quoting food tickets
18:10:42 <h01ger> <h01ger> new foodplace is ready + fine?
18:10:55 <leogg> and food team needs to organize a system for that
18:11:09 <leogg> h01ger, govt promised us tents tables chairs
18:11:10 <moray> leogg: yes
18:11:11 <h01ger> does food team know that, lego?
18:11:12 <leogg> for food place
18:11:17 <h01ger> leogg, cool
18:11:19 <moray> are we paying a fixed cost, or per person per meal somehow?
18:11:24 <leogg> h01ger, yes
18:11:34 <leogg> moray, we're paying per meal
18:11:37 <moray> great
18:11:49 <moray> so you need to make sure you and they are clear on what that means
18:12:02 <leogg> moray, right
18:12:05 <gwolf> leogg: how is the catering service regarding flexibility in numbers?
18:12:14 <moray> this way is better for us, but we don't want to hurt them
18:12:19 <leogg> gwolf, we need to tell them one day in advance
18:12:23 <gwolf> perfect
18:12:26 <moray> so we should try to give *estimated* numbers per day somehow earlier too
18:12:31 * gwolf *needs* coffee :(
18:12:32 <leogg> gwolf, and we pay for what we ordered the day before
18:12:33 <moray> so they can plan ahead
18:12:35 <moray> right
18:12:38 <leogg> yes
18:12:48 <moray> so we sell food tickets at front desk for a day or two ahead, labelled to specific meal?
18:12:53 <h01ger> how will the tickets _physically_ work?
18:13:00 <xamanu> it would be good to have numbers for reconfirmed attendees here http://debconf-data.alioth.debian.org/stats/food-by-date.txt
18:13:00 <leogg> moray, we should, yes
18:13:05 <xamanu> so we can give it to the food provider
18:13:27 <leogg> h01ger, a ticket for each meal
18:13:50 <h01ger> leogg, which frontdesk gives every day to the attendees, or daily each?
18:13:51 <gwolf> and how do we handle tickets for sponsored people?
18:13:52 <leogg> h01ger, a paper board actually full of tickets that you can cut out
18:14:03 <gwolf> go to front desk every day?
18:14:04 <h01ger> and who will collect tickets?
18:14:07 <h01ger> gwolf, exactly...
18:14:11 <h01ger> those are the problems
18:14:18 <h01ger> we have every year :)
18:14:19 <gwolf> h01ger: we can set it as a volunteer-needing position
18:14:24 <leogg> gwolf, we'll give them tickets for the whole week
18:14:25 <moray> leogg: right, but h01ger's point is valid, if we give them out for the whole week we waste some money
18:14:33 <gwolf> moray: not necessarily
18:14:34 <moray> as then we don't know how many actually go
18:14:39 <leogg> moray, you have a point there
18:14:45 <moray> gwolf: I think so, if we need to say numbers in advance
18:15:00 <moray> gwolf: if sponsored attendees all have tickets to start with, we can't estimate how many will actually eat
18:15:00 <leogg> I guess we'll have to discuss that today with food team at UCA
18:15:04 <gwolf> we can give a full book of tickets to the sponsored people - and then pay based on what's real consumption
18:15:11 <h01ger> can we find someone or more here+now, who will write down a small description and post that to the list?
18:15:16 <gwolf> real consumption is measured in tickets "cashed"
18:15:19 <n0rman> gwolf: that'¿s why food team was thinking
18:15:24 <h01ger> and then we add it to http://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/Category:DebConf_Manual
18:15:27 <moray> gwolf: ok, but I don't think they offered to do "based on real consumption" yet
18:15:28 <h01ger> because we have it every year
18:15:30 <gwolf> of course, it should be within a ~10% of the requested number
18:15:33 <moray> gwolf: of course, it's best for us if they do
18:15:36 <leogg> n0rman, actually not
18:15:38 <h01ger> so a volunteer to write down the system description?
18:15:46 <h01ger> RAIN! RAIN! RAIN! it finally rains!
18:15:55 <moray> gwolf: ok ... so if 30% of sponsored people stop going (for whatever reason, but it's not impossible), ...
18:16:08 * gwolf imagines h01ger will 3 days from now say "PLEASE STOP THAT RAIN"
18:16:13 <cate> xamanu: http://debconf-data.alioth.debian.org/stats/only-reconfirmed/food-by-date.txt
18:16:27 <leogg> we need to hand out tickets on a daily basis then?
18:16:31 <gwolf> moray: right, if we agree on a 10% margin, then we would pay for an unclaimed 20%
18:16:44 <gwolf> leogg: I'd really hope not
18:16:45 <h01ger> leogg, we need to come up with a system.. each system has up+downsyses
18:16:48 <h01ger> sides
18:16:51 <xamanu> thanks, cate
18:16:55 <leogg> right
18:17:08 <gwolf> h01ger: but specific system issues can be dealt with locally over beer
18:17:21 <moray> leogg: *best* is if they agree to do it by what's actually eaten, but DebConf caterers rarely agree for that
18:17:25 <leogg> thing is that provider will charge us for amount of meals we order the day before... not per real consumption
18:17:28 <h01ger> leogg, can you find someone from foodteam to create such a system and then we can discuss that? we dont need to solve the details now
18:17:28 <moray> leogg: yes
18:17:38 <moray> indeed, we should discuss this outside the meeting
18:17:43 <moray> (or fix it as best as you can locally ;)
18:17:49 <h01ger> we will have RL meetings soon, like on the 30th?
18:17:52 <leogg> h01ger, yes... we can discuss it on todays meeting at uca
18:18:11 <moray> for whatever you design, just consider what happens if sponsored people stop eating
18:18:15 <h01ger> #info foodteam should please come up with a system for ticket distribution and checking etc
18:18:36 <moray> there is normally some % of sponsored people who decide to eat somewhere more interesting, especially after a few days
18:18:40 <cate> and prices for non sponsored people
18:18:49 <moray> yes
18:18:54 <leogg> yep
18:18:58 <moray> any more on food, or next topic?
18:19:05 <cate> drink?
18:19:07 <leogg> cate, afaik price is ~$5.50
18:19:12 <cate> what about the water system?
18:19:13 <leogg> per meal
18:19:26 <leogg> cate, there are plenty of water cooler on campus
18:19:57 <h01ger> +it rains ;)
18:20:00 <xamanu> cate, water cooler with filters
18:20:05 <moray> h01ger: I think your wishes sent the rain here first
18:20:22 <h01ger> its considerably cooler. like 30 degrees only now
18:20:29 <rmmovil> h01ger: there is not rain on the venue :)
18:20:30 <moray> leogg: if it's interesting to the caterer, they can also sell additional items beyond the sponsored food, e.g. sell drinks to people
18:20:33 <moray> for cash
18:20:38 <leogg> h01ger, it's just a few raindrops... no real rain :)
18:20:39 <gwolf> h01ger: it's been quite rainy over here, and I heard it was because of a hurricane in the South East (so, on the wya to Nicaragua!)
18:20:40 <h01ger> moray, good point
18:20:43 * bubulle_ waves
18:20:44 <cate> BTW [to gwolf only] peopla cannot add new events
18:20:49 <rmmovil> moray: there are plenty of coffes
18:20:51 * h01ger cheeses
18:20:53 <leogg> moray, I think they will do that
18:20:54 <rmmovil> around
18:20:59 <gwolf> cate: !?!?!    (talk about it later)
18:21:06 <rmmovil> you can get food, fancy coffee, water, etc
18:21:34 <rmmovil> (on campus)
18:21:46 * h01ger will tell the caterer about optional selling drinks
18:21:47 <leogg> yes, there's *a lot* of places to eat/drink at uca
18:21:54 <moray> h01ger: great, thanks
18:21:55 <h01ger> anythign else about food?
18:22:14 <leogg> noup
18:22:21 <moray> #topic Money status
18:22:27 <cate> the garbage collection is done by us (food)
18:22:30 <moray> ok, big one now
18:22:37 <moray> how is money?
18:22:49 <moray> and what is the latest update on the government?
18:22:52 <leogg> we haz some money now
18:22:56 <h01ger> thats a different topic
18:23:01 <h01ger> (govt)
18:23:10 <h01ger> (+sadly, really)
18:23:13 <moray> h01ger: ok, I saw it as our biggest 'money' issue
18:23:14 <leogg> from ffis and pro payments
18:23:21 <n0rman> leogg: spi as well
18:23:26 <moray> h01ger: but we can separate, sure
18:23:27 <leogg> n0rman, right
18:23:35 <h01ger> afaik all requested money atm is here, right?
18:23:41 <xamanu> h01ger: yes
18:23:43 <n0rman> h01ger: right
18:23:44 <leogg> h01ger, right
18:23:51 <h01ger> so do we need to request more atm=
18:23:53 <h01ger> ?
18:23:54 <moray> and more requests have been done for what is needed?
18:24:06 <moray> = are there more requests "in the pipeline" already?
18:24:17 * gaudenz waves
18:24:20 <n0rman> I think we need to check budget and what we have in our bank account to know id we need to request more
18:24:27 <h01ger> #save
18:24:30 <xamanu> h01ger: some smaller things we are going to need. and later more money for hotels basically
18:24:32 <leogg> h01ger, not atm, but we'll probably need some cash for small expenses like transportation
18:24:35 <n0rman> we can do it today
18:25:08 <h01ger> jup, we should also discuss moneyflow _besides_ the uca meeting today
18:25:21 <moray> you mean, discuss locally?
18:25:27 <moray> or more in this meeting?
18:25:39 <moray> (not sure what your 'besides' means)
18:25:44 <h01ger> locally. but not in the meeting we have at 3 here, but next to it
18:25:47 <moray> ok
18:25:48 <leogg> we've spent a lot of money on transportation, phone calls, etc and I'm not sure if we can ask for money from what's bugeted or not
18:26:01 <h01ger> leogg, bring the receipts to uca today
18:26:20 <rmmovil> we can buy a horse to use as transport
18:26:23 <h01ger> and the we write reimbuserequests and you'll get the money
18:26:26 <moray> #info always keep receipts for debconf expenses
18:26:28 <leogg> h01ger, I have no receipts whatsoever... it's all payed from my pocket
18:27:01 <h01ger> leogg, in future: always keep receipts
18:27:02 <moray> leogg: you should be paid for these costs, but if you have no receipts we can't send money for it
18:27:11 <h01ger> n0rman, ^^
18:27:16 <moray> for phone calls, surely you get a paper bill at some future date?
18:27:23 <moray> (or an online one is fine too)
18:27:24 <gwolf> leogg: everything _needs_ a paper slip justifying it
18:27:25 <leogg> h01ger, moray, taxi drivers don't give receipts unfortunately
18:27:32 <lazyb0y> moray: and give me the receipts, I'll collect, sort, etc.
18:27:42 <leogg> yep, I know
18:27:49 <gwolf> leogg: _maybe_ we can get some money from undeclared income, but darst will frown at you.
18:27:56 <gwolf> You don't want darst frowning at you.
18:28:04 * h01ger thinks we should discuss these details outside the meeting
18:28:08 <moray> yes
18:28:11 <leogg> yes, I know.. maybe it's best to continue to pay those things myself
18:28:31 <moray> #topic Money status: government sponsorship
18:28:38 <h01ger> leogg, no. get as many receipts as you can and lets discuss this in detail later today
18:28:44 <moray> status?  feelings?  plans?
18:29:00 <h01ger> its more then just money
18:29:15 <xamanu> moray: we have the confirmation. but we have nothing payed by them yet
18:29:24 <xamanu> and we are only a few days to DebCamp
18:29:25 <leogg> ok
18:29:32 <xamanu> we reminded them again today
18:29:34 <moray> what is "the confirmation"?  that they said "yes" to you?
18:29:37 <h01ger> xamanu, so should we stop worrying if we have confirmation? or why worry?
18:29:40 <xamanu> moray: yes
18:29:48 <lazyb0y> leogg: you can pay yourself, but still collect paper to prove you have! Unless you want to sponsor it all... (then yoi still might need the receipt for your tax officedepending on hiow that handled in .ni)
18:29:51 <leogg> govt promised a lot but we have nothing from them atm
18:29:54 <moray> if it's real confirmation, then normally we accept that
18:29:59 <cate> what should they pay? (the hotl bill go directly to govt,)
18:30:08 <xamanu> cate, yes
18:30:11 <h01ger> what except money will we get from them? (which is (somewhat) time critical or annoying if organized too late? i can think of badges, what else?
18:30:28 <xamanu> h01ger: place for the conf dinner
18:30:28 <leogg> h01ger, hotels
18:30:36 <xamanu> h01ger: day trip
18:30:43 <h01ger> hotels = semiole @ debcamp
18:30:48 <gwolf> xamanu: I understood we would not "see" that money
18:30:50 <leogg> h01ger, right
18:30:59 <gwolf> (i.e. they would pay straight to the providers)
18:31:01 <moray> conference dinner and day trip can be fixed later if needed, they are not so urgent
18:31:02 <h01ger> so should we start planninng alternatives now?
18:31:03 <leogg> they pay the hotel directly
18:31:03 <gwolf> isn't it so?
18:31:09 <xamanu> gwolf: yes, but we know that they have not done a formal reservation at the hotel
18:31:12 <n0rman> gwolf: right, but they need to go to the hotel and sign the contract
18:31:19 <leogg> h01ger, absolutely... I have a meeting with hotel tomorrow
18:31:22 <xamanu> gwolf: we only have given them the quote.
18:31:34 * h01ger dont think so, and thats also why i'm not worried yet. i expect them to grant us what we agreed and that they can deliver last minute ;)
18:31:43 <moray> ok.  having rooms booked before everyone arrives might be nice
18:31:54 <h01ger> then i think the hotel should talk to the govt too?!
18:31:57 <moray> yes
18:31:58 <leogg> h01ger, but we need to pay hotel and sign contract *now*
18:32:01 * gwolf agrees with h01ger
18:32:11 <moray> leogg: what do the hotel think is the status?
18:32:14 <h01ger> leogg, but we dont need to pay for debcamp..
18:32:23 <xamanu> h01ger: the gov has not told us which name to put on the quote. so the hotel would not know whom to talk to
18:32:24 <moray> they think the government is paying etc., or just that it's *possible*?
18:32:28 <leogg> govt won't even let's us know how is paying/signing the contract
18:32:29 <gwolf> if the hotel is somewhat govt-owned or is used to working with govt, they should know how to pull for that money
18:32:36 <gwolf> or at least, how that money usually arrives.
18:32:47 <h01ger> btw, for those watching at home: it stopped raining 10min ago and its already getting warmer again. /me puts off his jacket
18:32:58 <h01ger> xamanu, then get that name?
18:33:07 <leogg> thing is hotel won't let us use the hotel if we don't sign a contract with them
18:33:09 <h01ger> we know those names, dont we?
18:33:13 <moray> (accommodation itself is next point, btw)
18:33:32 <xamanu> h01ger: they said it is not possible. we just had to hand over the quote and they would engage, which they have not done till now
18:33:56 <h01ger> so what do we do about the potential desaster? IMO we shouldnt sign with semiole.. because the govt shoudl sign.. so search for backup hotels?
18:34:13 <leogg> yes
18:34:19 <h01ger> yes to what?
18:34:30 <leogg> we should use a backup
18:34:50 <gwolf> the problem with that is that Seminole will soon require us to "block" with money
18:34:53 <leogg> I have something for next topic
18:34:55 <gwolf> (and so will any backup!)
18:34:56 <cate> not seminole? the quotes was realtively chap anyway)
18:35:02 <lazyb0y> cheaper ones then, and not ones the goverment gets moneyy off again for forcing us into an expensive place!
18:36:14 <mang0> i think we can make reservations without having to pay beforehand. we should at least book backups for the first two nights
18:36:19 <moray> so, on the government point itself, who is doing what?
18:36:30 <leogg> xamanu, h01ger lazyb0y, have no internet atm
18:36:40 <leogg> power just went off
18:37:03 <leogg> moray, I'm talking with govt
18:37:04 <leogg> and xamanu
18:37:15 <moray> #info leogg and xamanu to talk with the government
18:37:32 <leogg> we gave them a deadline (yes, another one)
18:37:33 <moray> a specific point mentioned earlier was the logo being on the shirts/bags or not
18:37:51 <gwolf> well, but they confirmed, at least in theory
18:37:54 <leogg> yep, I'm going to shirt provider tomorrow morning
18:37:54 <moray> what is the timing on that?  I expected they were being printed already...
18:38:08 <gwolf> so unles ssomething is really wrong, we should trust their word     (should we not?)
18:38:17 <leogg> the shirt sample is ready, I need to approve that tomorrow
18:38:22 <moray> gwolf: I think so, the local team's description confuses me though
18:38:29 <leogg> gwolf, I'm not so sure about that
18:38:50 <leogg> at this point I'm sceptic
18:38:52 <leogg> sorry
18:38:53 <moray> gwolf: (i.e. maybe it's not really confirmed, from how they describe it)
18:39:14 <gwolf> leogg: (that's normal for you ;-) )
18:39:23 <leogg> there's five days left to debconf and we have nothing from govt... just empty promises
18:39:26 <moray> do we think the other people will get back online soon?
18:39:29 <gwolf> somebody better used to the way Nicaragua works? xamanu? ;-)
18:39:29 <leogg> gwolf, right :)
18:39:44 <leogg> moray, they're coming to my place
18:39:49 <leogg> in 5 min or so
18:39:52 <n0rman> leogg: :)
18:40:00 <moray> ok
18:40:03 <gwolf> so shall we skip to the next topic and return when tehy are back?
18:40:14 <leogg> yes, let's
18:40:17 <moray> yes, let's carry on and hope they appear
18:40:24 <moray> and they can re-argue things if they want :)
18:40:28 <moray> #topic Accommodation status
18:40:38 <moray> I think this was significantly covered above
18:40:41 <leogg> so, accomodation
18:40:47 <moray> any other news on it different from above?
18:40:49 <leogg> part one was covered above
18:40:53 <leogg> part two...
18:41:02 <leogg> I have a quote from brandts hotel
18:41:05 <cate> ana needs to know about the other hotel anyway (IIRC)
18:41:06 <leogg> for debconf people
18:41:17 <moray> right
18:41:19 <leogg> ~80 people for one week
18:41:35 <leogg> and the cost is about ~$28.50 dollars
18:41:39 <leogg> per person
18:41:42 <moray> ok, that sounds as we expected
18:41:45 <leogg> in double and triple rooms
18:41:46 <rmmovil> leogg: that quote came from seminole
18:41:46 <cate> leogg: with taxes?
18:41:58 <leogg> cate, yes.. with taxes
18:41:59 <rmmovil> or direct fro brandts?
18:42:19 <cate> so really better v. seminole
18:42:21 <leogg> rmmovil, no... the original price was much higher... but I managed to get a discount
18:42:22 <moray> can we do this booking already, or is it dependent on the govt part?
18:42:25 <gwolf> leogg: do we have a distribution on the kind/prices of rooms? (or kind at least, for the room allocation team to start having fun)
18:42:40 <leogg> moray, we can book brandts now if we want to
18:42:45 <moray> ok
18:42:48 <rmmovil> because seminole people said that they can get disscount on brandts
18:42:59 <moray> maybe we should come back to an actual "decision" on that at the end if the others want to say anything
18:43:00 <leogg> gwolf, yes, I'll upload it to svn after the meeting
18:43:01 <cate> leogg: talk with ana before (about the room size/requirements/...)
18:43:02 <moray> but it sounds good to me
18:43:14 <leogg> cate, sur
18:43:15 <leogg> e
18:43:33 <gwolf> #info leogg will upload the list of rooms at Brandt (by type) to SVN after the meeting so the room allocation team cna start preparing the lists
18:43:34 <leogg> rmmovil, there was no such thing as a discount :)
18:43:37 <moray> #info we have a quote from brandts hotel, ~$28.50 dollars per person per night
18:43:43 <moray> other accommodation news?
18:43:58 <leogg> not atm
18:44:04 <cate> one new person to sponsor
18:44:41 <moray> cate: is that just random interjection, or something to discuss in this topic?
18:44:51 <moray> (I'm not sure what you mean anyway)
18:45:18 <cate> only a small comment FYI (the info passed to ana, but probably not to darst)
18:45:36 <moray> #topic Talks schedule
18:45:43 <moray> There is now a draft schedule in penta
18:45:46 <gwolf> Ok, so we have a tentative schedule
18:45:58 <moray> gwolf: go on :)
18:45:59 <gwolf> I have not "pushed" it to a public status due to the topic I sent yesterday evening to the list
18:46:18 <cate> DPL is not yet moved.
18:46:19 <gwolf> because there is discrepancy on when people consider DebConf to start, as different start dates have been announced in different places
18:46:24 <moray> right
18:46:34 <gwolf> cate: DPL talk will be either moved or cancelled, because he is flying early on Monday.
18:46:50 <moray> on that topic, I don't really disagree with h01ger (although he thinks that strongly), I just disagree strongly about how we *describe* things
18:47:13 <moray> I think that if the dates page said something, it is bad just to say "that was wrong"
18:47:24 <gwolf> So... Well, we have a workable schedule, but we have a possible extra day to fill... and some important talks would move to that day
18:47:30 <moray> however, I think it is fine to say: hey, we have this day, and many people are there, let's add some thing sthen
18:47:36 <gwolf> moray: right, we got trapped in a very stupid and wrong position
18:47:37 <moray> (things then)
18:47:51 <moray> which h01ger would call "this is debconf day 1"
18:47:56 <gwolf> due to lack of care on our side (and a big finger pointing at us all, not to a specific person)
18:48:10 <gwolf> right... I think a good compromise would be to start DebConf on Sunday afternoon
18:48:20 <gwolf> have the opening talk, the DPL address and one more thing or two
18:48:57 <bremner> can we try to have some debconfy stuff sunday, since I guess most people will be there?
18:48:57 <moray> gwolf: the only practical implication of what I say above, is that much of the day could be used by preference for "new" events, or BOFs etc. where we know enough people are there
18:48:59 <cate> I would have the opening talk Monday, (so no really opening)
18:49:13 <moray> gwolf: but clearly zack's talk should be then
18:49:30 <gwolf> moray: if we schedule anything, we must schedule Zack's talk
18:49:37 <moray> gwolf: yes, 19:54 < moray> gwolf: but clearly zack's talk should be then
18:49:40 <gwolf> And if we schedule Zack's talk, it will not be just an "extra" day
18:49:52 <gwolf> And if it's not just an "extra" day, the opening session should start it
18:49:53 <moray> gwolf: we can justify that as it doesn't happen otherwise!
18:50:10 <gwolf> right... We cannot escape cleanly anyway :-P
18:50:12 <moray> gwolf: but if we put that, release managers, etc. etc. that day, it is unfair to people who believed our announcements
18:50:22 <gwolf> There is another talk by paulproteus that must be moved to Sunday
18:50:27 <moray> right
18:50:34 <moray> so again, if it's "must" we can easily justify it
18:50:35 <gwolf> no, right, release team will not be moved to Sunday
18:51:03 <gaudenz> I like bremner's proposal to also move some debconf bofs to sunday.
18:51:16 <gwolf> ok... So, cate+tassia+me will put some BoF thingies, along with Zack's and paulproteus' events
18:51:25 <gwolf> But: Should we keep the formal opening for Monday?
18:51:30 <bremner> _not_ the travel sponsorship bof on sunday, please.
18:51:35 <gwolf> I don't love it, but... it can work
18:51:41 * xamanu back
18:51:53 <gwolf> in any case, we will explicitly contact any person we move to Sunday
18:51:59 <moray> should we pause while xamanu et al. read scrollback?
18:52:06 <moray> they can tell us when they caught up
18:52:18 <gwolf> Maybe we could put part of my pseudotrack back then? (which is targetted at locals - Getting involved in Debian)
18:52:29 <gwolf> I think it could make sense
18:52:32 <h01ger> holas
18:52:37 <gwolf> germans: welcome
18:52:38 <h01ger> moving was tiring..
18:52:39 <bremner> gwolf: also fine for me.
18:52:40 * h01ger would appreciate a pausa
18:52:41 <leogg> gwolf, that track would be great for Sunday
18:52:41 <moray> h01ger: please read scrollback and tell us when you're done :)
18:52:42 <cate> gwolf: the spanish one?
18:52:42 <h01ger> #save
18:52:46 <h01ger> #topic break
18:52:50 <gwolf> cate: the mostly-spanish one
18:52:54 <moray> gwolf: hush :p
18:53:05 <gwolf> perfect, I think that's the good way out :-D
18:53:10 <h01ger> break, please
18:53:11 <gwolf> it even makes sense on a larger scale \o/
18:53:13 * gwolf barks
18:53:14 <gwolf> sorry
18:53:16 * gwolf breaks
18:53:19 * gwolf is b0rken
18:53:47 <xamanu> i'm through the backlog
18:53:52 <rmmovil> leogg: please bring an AP
18:54:03 <rmmovil> when you come to UCA
18:54:08 * h01ger agrees with mangoderosa on getting backup hotel reservations for the first 2 nights
18:54:39 <gwolf> h01ger: even if that means us ~US$30*~100 people*2days=~US$6,000?
18:55:03 <moray> gwolf: I think he means quotations for now (but we're still paused ;)
18:55:16 <gwolf> As long as it's quotations, it won't hurt
18:55:21 * gaudenz doubts that we have 100 people the first two days of debcamp.
18:55:36 <xamanu> i disagree to cancel DPL talk. if he can only on debconf day 0 he should talk in the afternoon at least. if you look at the numbers, most people arrive before or on 8th
18:55:52 <moray> xamanu: no one said to cancel it, we all agreed Sunday
18:56:03 <xamanu> ah ok :)
18:56:04 <gwolf> xamanu: right, 30 people arrive during the 8th, and many will arrive before 6PM. We can schedule zack at 6PM.
18:56:11 <cate> 52 people on the first two days
18:56:26 <gwolf> cate: thx
18:56:29 <cate> hmm
18:56:30 <h01ger> gwolf, reservations...
18:56:43 <cate> 52 on first two days of debcamp
18:56:48 <gwolf> (can we unbreak?)
18:57:15 <h01ger> i'm fine with unbreaking if we go back to discuss govt status
18:57:22 * lazyb0y didn't read all details, but back
18:57:23 <h01ger> +then dates
18:57:29 <gwolf> ok - And /me hurries for a cup of coffee, fine with me
18:57:35 <gwolf> #topic Government status
18:57:40 <h01ger> so
18:57:42 <moray> #chair gwolf
18:57:42 <MeetBot> Current chairs: (since bremner gwolf h01ger he likes meetings) moray
18:57:43 <gwolf> oh, I'm not a chair
18:57:44 <h01ger> what do we do now?
18:57:46 <gwolf> #topic Government status
18:57:57 <h01ger> wait another day?
18:58:15 <h01ger> prod them more heavily? (is that possible? sensible?)
18:58:20 <leogg> waiting another day won't hurt
18:58:23 <xamanu> h01ger: what else could we do?
18:58:26 <moray> not if "wait" only means sitting waiting, I think
18:58:29 <leogg> at least until tomorrow morning
18:58:33 <h01ger> reserve hotels today
18:58:39 <rmmovil> I guess is the best option, not rush now, we already waited a week :)
18:58:47 <cate> leogg: but ask also the hotel if they still have the room freee
18:58:50 <h01ger> <xamanu> [18:35:28] h01ger: place for the conf dinner
18:58:50 <h01ger> <leogg> [18:35:28] h01ger, hotels
18:58:50 <h01ger> <xamanu> [18:35:37] h01ger: day trip
18:58:51 <h01ger> <h01ger> [18:35:43] hotels = semiole @ debcamp
18:58:52 <h01ger> +badges
18:58:55 <lazyb0y> we can alsways wait, but as I understand the loclteam, we should have a plan for the worst case
18:58:58 <leogg> cate, they do
18:59:05 <leogg> lazyb0y, right
18:59:12 <moray> h01ger: from what was said, the problem was that the hotel doesn't want to finalise the booking without the govt part
18:59:20 <leogg> we should work on plan B... and expect the worst
18:59:28 <h01ger> daytrip can wait. conf dinner can wait. badges, well, annoying but bearable... the critical thing is really the hotel + food place support
18:59:29 <h01ger> right?
18:59:33 <moray> yes
18:59:37 <leogg> right
18:59:39 <lazyb0y> it seems at leat 50% likely that govt. will not act in time, and we'd like to know what to tell the people where they should sleep when they arrive in a few days
19:00:01 * h01ger disagrees with that percentage...
19:00:10 <leogg> we could book the backup hotel (brandts) for the first week as well
19:00:11 <lazyb0y> even food can be neglectet in worst case, there is some to get somewhere :)
19:00:14 <h01ger> but we also agreed to wait another day...
19:00:15 <moray> h01ger: no, but equally I don't think just "waiting" indefinitely will work as the only plan
19:00:23 <h01ger> so.. lets do that?
19:00:42 <h01ger> moray, we could also now plan what to do tomorrow
19:00:46 <moray> h01ger: booking the backup hotel for everyone sounds like giving up on the sponsorship
19:00:51 <lazyb0y> if leogg says tomorrow is early enough to check another cheaper hotel, it's fine, but what's with the money getting here?
19:01:04 <moray> we should *ask* other hotels about prices as soon as possible
19:01:11 <h01ger> well, govt withdrawing support is certainly a *disaster*
19:01:17 <moray> yes
19:01:24 <h01ger> so we would need to fire up our emergency plan
19:01:32 <moray> if they have clearly done that, then yes
19:01:33 <gwolf> clearly a disaster
19:01:38 <moray> and we should prepare for it by getting quotations
19:01:41 <moray> (today?)
19:01:52 <gwolf> Now, can somebody talk with Seminole, to know how usual it is for govt to act that way?
19:01:59 <moray> but for what is actually best to do about the government: I'm not sure that my advice will be useful
19:02:00 <h01ger> so lets meet again here on irc tomorrow at 18 utc?
19:02:03 <gwolf> I'm sure they have expertise getting money from the govt
19:02:10 <h01ger> our jutst meett locally here tomorrow?
19:02:18 <moray> h01ger: I don't think I can make that, though irc meeting is fine if you want
19:02:21 <gwolf> and... they might even be able to wait a day or three (if the alternative is to lose us all)
19:02:25 <h01ger> gwolf, i'm not so sure.. i suggested that here as well
19:02:26 <lazyb0y> no they haven't clearly done that, but they could delay it until it's too late. money/booking needs to be there when people arrive, AFAICS
19:02:27 <moray> but I would go with locals + h01ger deciding now, really
19:02:29 <h01ger> but leogg: ^^
19:02:45 * gwolf +1s moray
19:02:50 <h01ger> fil will also be here tomorrow
19:02:56 <moray> those of us who aren't there can't tell what the hotel or government's *attitude* is, how they should be dealt with, etc.
19:02:57 <cate> If we don't have the govt by tomorrow, I think a new meeting is needed quickly for the plan B
19:02:57 <h01ger> (actually today :)
19:03:00 <n0rman> h01ger: today
19:03:03 <gwolf> local information and "feeling" is better than anything we can say over here
19:03:14 <moray> h01ger: ah yes, good
19:03:21 <leogg> gwolf, the thing  is if we have time to book other hotels if the govt don't sponsor
19:03:31 <moray> h01ger: so, maybe last step before giving up on govt is sending fil round??
19:03:34 <gwolf> leogg: right, the contact with Brandt must be done
19:03:35 <moray> (seriously ;)
19:03:37 <h01ger> moray, heh
19:03:40 <h01ger> right
19:03:55 <h01ger> gwolf, leogg doesnt think its a good idea to let semiole hunt the govt
19:03:56 <moray> h01ger: if we are about to give up on them, he can go and rant at them until they agree :)
19:03:57 <lazyb0y> ok, mus be dealt with locally, anyway, but the question how it can be paid without gvt.?
19:04:00 <leogg> gwolf, we shouldn't tell seminole about govt sponsorship
19:04:14 <gwolf> leogg: seminole is getting half of the money directly
19:04:19 <h01ger> lazyb0y, emergency desaster plan, aka ask debian for money. ask kickstarter. dunno
19:04:28 <h01ger> we need to come up with that plan _then_
19:04:37 <leogg> gwolf, yes... but we can't put pressure in govt through seminole
19:04:45 <leogg> that's not how things work over here
19:04:51 <h01ger> (as we dont have a more detailed one. basically "debian money" is the backup plan. and blog and ask for donations
19:04:52 <h01ger> )
19:04:57 <h01ger> next topic?
19:04:58 * gwolf dislikes unclear situations...
19:05:03 <lazyb0y> ok. that is where/how, then follows how in time.
19:05:06 * h01ger loves chaos ;)
19:05:09 <gwolf> leogg: so it works better by risking?
19:05:25 <leogg> gwolf, dealing with govt is always a risk
19:05:28 <moray> gwolf: please continue (back) to next topic when you want, and discuss what you were suggesting with h01ger
19:05:32 <lazyb0y> is it basically possible that ISIC writes an invoice to spi now for the hotel money, so it's there by friday?
19:05:41 <leogg> are we willing to take that risk? wait a day or two?
19:05:41 <h01ger> next topic is dates
19:05:44 <gwolf> #topic dates
19:05:52 <gwolf> Ok... So I like the plan we were discussing
19:05:59 <gwolf> #info Saturday is (and stays) DebianDay
19:06:10 <leogg> right
19:06:19 <gwolf> #info Sunday we will have DebConf talks mainly geared to locals (gwolf's track "getting involved with Debian)
19:06:33 <gwolf> #info The DPL talk will be the last session on Sunday (18:00)
19:06:45 <gwolf> #info We start on Monday with our regular opening session
19:06:50 <h01ger> we should also have the opening session on sunday morning
19:06:58 <moray> gwolf: we didn't decide that last bit
19:07:03 <gwolf> (so for practical purposes, we will have an extended two-day DebianDay)
19:07:06 <moray> we were just in the "when is welcome talk?"
19:07:11 <gwolf> moray: ok, I thought we did
19:07:15 <moray> cate was saying Monday still, I think
19:07:20 <h01ger> we're still talking about hotels here locally
19:07:23 <gwolf> I'm not *really* happy with sending the opening to monday
19:07:23 <cate> h01ger: sunday morning is by definition sleeping time
19:07:33 <moray> but others wanted it on Sunday, I thought
19:07:38 <gwolf> but it *might* make sense
19:07:43 <h01ger> throwing away the sunday is effectivly throwing away 5k usd or more
19:07:52 <gaudenz> how about having a short introduction and greeting on sunday and the real opening on monday?
19:08:10 <h01ger> gaudenz, the real opening is a short intro and greeting
19:08:17 <gwolf> gaudenz: there's not much more than that :)
19:08:20 <cate> 45 min long
19:08:25 <moray> cate: not in reality
19:08:28 <h01ger> cate, its rather more like 10min
19:08:32 <gwolf> gaudenz: one of the reasons for the opening session is for the attendees to get to know the faces of the organizers
19:08:37 <gaudenz> no govt talk this year and bodygurads and ... ;--)
19:08:45 <gwolf> cate: right, it should be reduced to a 15min slot
19:08:46 <moray> gwolf: how about the other way
19:08:57 <moray> gwolf: opening on Sunday, but extra quick "Hello" just before 1st talk on Monday?
19:08:58 <h01ger> the slot can be longer so we have a small break to get started
19:08:59 <gwolf> moray: get the organizers to know the attendees' faces? :)
19:09:00 <h01ger> thats nice
19:09:05 <h01ger> its hot here, you know
19:09:32 <gwolf> moray: both will be short sessions anyway
19:09:41 <h01ger> moray, a quick "hello" is the job of the talk introducers or whatever their job title was ;)
19:09:42 <moray> gwolf: yes, but for one I really mean *just* hello, this is us
19:09:49 <gwolf> right
19:09:49 <cate> if the talk is short, it is ok also sunday, but when most people are present, so not in the morning! ;-)
19:09:52 <moray> but with the relevant people on stage to wave
19:09:52 <h01ger> and sure we can do that job on monday morning
19:09:57 <cate> present and awake
19:10:03 <gwolf> Now, for a proper description of the day, are you OK if we name Sunday "DebConf day 0"?
19:10:22 <gwolf> I'd like DDs to have motivation to get more involved than they (usually) do at DebianDay
19:10:22 <xamanu> sunday right after lunch? and a short one monday morning.
19:10:36 <h01ger> we have the press conf on sunday
19:10:38 <leogg> so, the plan is to have two welcome talks?
19:10:40 <moray> gwolf: yes -- we should make sure there *are* proper DD events involved
19:10:43 <h01ger> so its natural to open the conf before the press conf
19:10:48 <h01ger> so opening should be on sunday
19:10:52 <h01ger> which will also have dpl talk
19:10:58 <gwolf> #info We will have two _short_ "welcome/hello" sesisons - one on Sunday, one on Monday
19:10:59 <h01ger> which we also call debconf day 0
19:11:02 <h01ger> right?
19:11:02 <leogg> I agree wih h01ger
19:11:07 <xamanu> +1
19:11:09 <moray> h01ger: yes
19:11:18 <gwolf> right. At what time is the press conf scheduled?
19:11:25 <leogg> gwolf, having two welcome sessions is a bit crazy
19:11:34 <moray> gwolf: one is just "hello, if you weren't here yesterday"
19:11:37 <gwolf> leogg: Nicaragua is two and a half bits crazy
19:11:38 <moray> er, leogg ^^
19:11:43 <leogg> gwolf, we decide when we want to have ir
19:11:50 <leogg> s/ir/it
19:11:56 <leogg> the press conference
19:11:58 <gwolf> ok, and we can decide it later
19:12:03 <leogg> right
19:12:10 <gwolf> So, can we start "formal" activities Sunday after lunch? (3PM)
19:12:21 <moray> you mean "opening" then?
19:12:26 <moray> with bofs etc. before?
19:12:40 <gwolf> moray: no, I mean nothing scheduled before
19:12:58 <gwolf> (also thinking, this targets the locals, and starting on a Sunday morning is a recipe for not having many people there)
19:13:23 <moray> gwolf: ok.  well, I would put some things earlier too ... but I can leave this to the schedule team to decide
19:13:24 <gwolf> #info press conference schedule will be decided later (but during Sunday)
19:13:29 <h01ger> leogg, we'll do a very short welcome session on monday. like 15min in the schedule. while on sunday we do 30-45min
19:13:38 <gwolf> #info Sunday schedule starts at 15:00
19:13:38 <leogg> starting sunday afternoon sounds like a good plan
19:13:41 <leogg> h01ger, right
19:13:46 <gwolf> ok, that's enough of the topic for me
19:13:51 <h01ger> if thats fine with press
19:13:52 <h01ger> conf
19:13:53 <gwolf> #info We will announce schedule today.
19:14:01 <moray> yes, people will need to check about press stuff
19:14:02 <leogg> h01ger, yep, it should be fine
19:14:05 <moray> not just put in penta and assume :)
19:14:09 <gwolf> cate: you are not allowed to leave after the meeting ;-)
19:14:20 <cate> gwolf: :-(
19:14:26 <moray> so more on dates/scheduling?
19:14:37 <leogg> h01ger, moray, we have a meeting with govt press guy today at uca... I'll ask him
19:14:38 * h01ger thinks localteam should revisit complete sunday schedule at uca meeting today..
19:14:50 <leogg> right
19:14:51 <h01ger> zacks talk also had more scheduling restraints, like his other tlak
19:15:01 <leogg> it's going to be a nice long meeting :)
19:15:02 <h01ger> talk
19:15:14 <h01ger> leogg, we will have to stop at 1630 to go to the airport
19:15:22 <moray> #topic Decisions: backup connection, hotel booking
19:15:34 <moray> so, money may or may not now be tighter
19:15:36 <leogg> I have work at 1800 :)
19:15:37 <moray> depending what happens
19:15:49 <moray> what are views on the backup connection?
19:16:00 <gwolf> Right. We _need_ working network, but I don't think we can just spare US$2000 if it's not really needed!
19:16:08 <moray> and on the hotel for DebConf (where I don't expect anyone to disagree that we just book brandts now?)
19:16:11 <rmmovil> I'm confident on yota though
19:16:11 <gwolf> please, what's the realistic local view on our networking
19:16:18 <leogg> moray, there are mixed opinions inside the localteam... I'm totally for backup connection
19:16:27 <h01ger> moray, brands hotel for camp or conf?
19:16:28 <gwolf> (and remember our ISP already raised the price to secure they can put in the infrastructure0
19:16:29 <leogg> rmmovil, I'm not
19:16:32 <rmmovil> since most people say that the connection is not stable
19:16:33 * h01ger listens to rmmovil
19:16:40 <rmmovil> I think it is because is wimax
19:16:41 <gwolf> h01ger: lets first talk about ISP backup
19:16:46 <h01ger> rmmovil, so you're confident or not? ah
19:16:51 <rmmovil> we have a dedicated fiber optic
19:17:04 <h01ger> gwolf, right.. its useful to have one topic ;)
19:17:08 <rmmovil> h01ger: confident, I think we will be ok
19:17:12 <moray> h01ger: boring!! ;)
19:17:16 <h01ger> so no backup connection
19:17:19 <h01ger> at least for now
19:17:20 <h01ger> great.
19:17:23 <rmmovil> not local, but just my opinion
19:17:26 <h01ger> we have enough to worry about accom
19:17:28 <moray> yeah
19:17:31 <gwolf> #info No ISP backup connection (at least for now!)
19:17:32 <h01ger> leogg, n0rman, xamanu: ?
19:17:34 <gwolf> right, I agree.
19:17:41 <moray> h01ger: let's spend the 2k on rum instead
19:17:46 <h01ger>19:17:49 <rmmovil> yay
19:17:49 <h01ger> sigh
19:17:51 <n0rman> h01ger: +1
19:17:53 <gwolf> Approved!
19:17:57 * h01ger goes partying
19:18:00 <leogg> h01ger, I would sleep better at night if we have a backup... but I trust rmmovil
19:18:12 <gwolf> Given 2K of good rum, nobody will miss the network
19:18:12 <h01ger> a serious meeting would be somewhat useful sometimes
19:18:17 <n0rman> I don't want to waste money we don't have now in a backup
19:18:18 <xamanu> rmmovil: i would like to know if there is any difference between daily hours and nightly hours. I have had big problems lately in nightly hours. and jimbodoors told me yesterday that Yota cuts off bandwith from Managua at night. I'd like to know if this affects us.
19:18:39 <rmmovil> xamanu: we will try to put homer
19:18:42 <rmmovil> so we can test
19:18:49 <xamanu> ok.
19:18:50 <gwolf> rmmovil: when?
19:18:55 <n0rman> rmmovil: maybe we can have a server connect to debconf switch so you can ssh at night and test the connection
19:19:01 <moray> h01ger: sorry: personally, I could do with some humour after 80 minutes of worrying about our problems
19:19:02 <xamanu> gwolf: i bring the server today to the meeting
19:19:09 <n0rman> h01ger: can we try to setup homer today?
19:19:10 <rmmovil> gwolf: today or tomorrow
19:19:25 <rmmovil> I'll talk with uca about that
19:19:29 <rmmovil> un 20 min
19:19:34 <gwolf> #info rmayorga+localteam will try to put up homer up today (or real soon), and it can be used to measure bandwidth+stability
19:19:40 <rmmovil> to have space where to put the server
19:19:57 <xamanu> n0rman: we can install it tonight at mangoderosa's place
19:19:58 <gwolf> good. And what about backup hotel?
19:20:07 <moray> gwolf: if was debconf hotel I meant above
19:20:10 <n0rman> xamanu: but we need to setup homer today at UCA
19:20:11 <moray> brandts
19:20:17 <moray> for non-debcamp people
19:20:27 <xamanu> n0rman: difficult in 1 1/2 hourse
19:20:33 <moray> which we didn't quite decide to book, as people were offline, iirc
19:20:36 <cate> after talking with ana about the number of rooms
19:20:54 <n0rman> xamanu: why difficult? do you homer with you?
19:20:57 <rmmovil> xamanu: not really, if we have the hardware the link is ready
19:21:28 <xamanu> n0rman: we have an empty hard disc, but let this talk after the meeting
19:21:30 <n0rman> you just need to install debian in a harddrive, ssh and that's it
19:21:35 <moray> people who were offline: should we go ahead and book the hotel for DebConf-only people?  (I assume "yes")
19:21:54 <xamanu> ok. so i'll bring it to the meeting.
19:22:13 <rmmovil> xamanu: great, and an access point
19:22:18 <h01ger> whats the topic?
19:22:19 <rmmovil> please :)
19:22:28 <h01ger> lets not discuss how to install debian, right?
19:22:46 <h01ger> is AOB the only topic left?
19:22:49 <moray> should we go ahead and book the hotel
19:22:50 <moray> for DebConf-only people?  (I assume "yes")
19:22:55 <bremner> It seems reasonable to me.
19:22:57 * h01ger suggests ubuntu, while on the topic ;)
19:23:08 <leogg> I'll talk to ana to see if we can do assigment stuff asap and book debconf hotel tomorrow
19:23:13 <h01ger> debconf hotels should be booked, yes
19:23:14 <lazyb0y> openSuSe!
19:23:19 <h01ger> unless you plan to cancel debconf
19:23:27 <h01ger> and hotel for debcamp we decide tomorrow
19:23:27 <gaudenz> slackware
19:23:29 <moray> #info we should book brandts, at the quoted price
19:23:32 <moray> h01ger: yes
19:23:32 <h01ger> so, rum?
19:23:33 <n0rman> h01ger: intersting :)
19:23:40 <leogg> h01ger, yes, please
19:23:50 * lazyb0y suggest creating a vote for homer's OS
19:23:50 * gaudenz agrees that the hotel for debconf ppl should be booked as soon as possible.
19:23:55 <moray> #info (for debconf-only people, and perhaps also get extra quotation for others)
19:23:58 <h01ger> #topic AOB, flor de canya y camerones!
19:24:07 <h01ger> #topic AOB, flor de canya y next meeting when?
19:24:17 <h01ger> AOB=any other business
19:24:24 <moray> do we have more scheduled irc meetings?
19:24:29 <h01ger> no
19:24:35 <h01ger> thats why we party
19:24:37 <moray> yup
19:24:38 * gwolf arrives Saturday 20:30, so I'd be happy with a meeting at any point after that :-)
19:24:44 <lazyb0y> what about the hurricane gwolf talked about? Will i need my umbrella?!
19:24:47 <moray> #info next meeting: Managua
19:24:54 <n0rman> h01ger: do you think you can have homer ready today?
19:24:55 <h01ger> meeting saturday at 2200 then? con tonya?
19:24:56 <gwolf> #agreed Last IRC meeting in the DC12 cycle! \o/
19:25:05 <h01ger> n0rman, yo que se. yes, guess so
19:25:11 <h01ger> gwolf, not so fast young yedi
19:25:14 <moray> if we were Swiss, we would arrange the first post-debconf meeting now :)
19:25:19 <gaudenz> during the last meeting I offered to bring a 250GB sata disk and a guruplug if needed. Do you need them?
19:25:29 <h01ger> we might need more irc meetings if... things go desaster
19:25:30 <gaudenz> moray: you should ! (seriously)
19:25:32 <n0rman> h01ger: podemos preparar a homer en el panal? :)
19:25:33 <gwolf> gaudenz: it won't hurt to have it
19:25:36 <gwolf> bring it on
19:25:43 <rmmovil> gaudenz: we could, bring it
19:25:44 <gwolf> h01ger: not formally scheduled meetings
19:25:45 <h01ger> #agreed next scheduled meeting in RL on saturday at 2200 at some nice bar, like el panal
19:25:53 <leogg> yay!
19:26:00 <xamanu> \o/
19:26:02 <cate> moray: we already set up a meeting for august. so dont' worry!
19:26:03 <h01ger> n0rman, no en la casa de fernada
19:26:10 * rmmovil moves to el panal
19:26:15 <gaudenz> yay I'll be there in person! :)
19:26:20 <h01ger> rmmovil, espero!
19:26:22 <h01ger> para mi!
19:26:29 <lazyb0y> h01ger: learn writing tona properly, please! http://www.flickr.com/photos/lazylava/7428858542/in/set-72157630257037958
19:26:32 <h01ger> #topic AOB?
19:26:52 <moray> h01ger: please check what is the best beer and rum before we arrive
19:26:53 <gwolf> lazyb0y: learn writing toña properly, please! http://www.flickr.com/photos/lazylava/7428858542/in/set-72157630257037958
19:26:54 <h01ger> lazyb0y, can you configure my debian so i can write properly
19:26:57 <moray> h01ger: you must try them all for this
19:27:14 <h01ger> moray, all beers are equal
19:27:25 <h01ger> havent you seen beer farm?
19:27:27 <gwolf> h01ger: echo keycode  57 = n N ntilde Ntilde > ~/.Xmodmap
19:27:30 <lazyb0y> gwolf: yes, as soon as h01ger configured my Mac properly...
19:27:33 * gaudenz lends h01ger some ñ
19:27:42 * h01ger runs away from lazyb0y screaming
19:28:01 <moray> are we done yet?
19:28:01 <h01ger> so, thank you for the rain and this wonderful meeting and see you soon in managua, nicaragua!
19:28:04 * h01ger bows
19:28:05 <moray> thank you
19:28:11 <gwolf> thanks++
19:28:14 <leogg> thank you
19:28:15 <lazyb0y> ñññññññññññññ
19:28:19 <rmmovil> bye
19:28:20 <Ganneff> gwolf: did you enable the assassins, or will you?
19:28:23 <h01ger> toñññññññññññña!
19:28:28 <gwolf> Ganneff: I will
19:28:39 <Ganneff> good
19:28:40 <gwolf> Ganneff: IIRC it's basically incommenting it from the "submission" views
19:28:41 <n0rman> :)
19:28:42 <lazyb0y> kthxbyebye
19:28:43 <h01ger> #endmeeeeting
19:28:45 <gwolf> #endmeeting YAY!