18:01:37 <vorlon> #startmeeting
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18:02:21 <vorlon> so I've plugged in an agenda at https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf14/Meetings, it's very rough
18:02:28 <moray_> hi
18:02:33 <rafw> hi
18:02:47 <vorlon> does anyone have anything further to add to the agenda today?  speak now, otherwise that window's not getting refreshed :)
18:02:52 <rafw> vorlon: I have added the budget to the agenda. I'd like to see one soon.
18:03:14 <vorlon> #link https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf14/Meetings
18:03:55 <vorlon> #topic future meeting schedule
18:04:06 <vorlon> not sure if it would've made more sense to talk about this at the end, but anyway
18:04:22 <moray_> it doesn't really make sense to discuss it at length in a meeting
18:04:41 <vorlon> I want the feedback from the people who came *to* the meeting about whether the other time slot works for them
18:05:10 <nattie> personally, for me, until mid-december weekends are no good, but i'm only one person
18:05:11 <vorlon> as discussed on the list, we had a tie between this timeslot and another one which harmoney wound up having a conflict with after the poll opened
18:05:18 <harmoney> Unfortunately, I can't make Tuesdays at 11:30 am PST any longer; I apparently have a schedule conflict at work with another meeting.
18:05:42 <vorlon> right, so the question is, does Tuesdays at 12pm PST (8pm UTC) work for people instead?
18:05:52 <moray_> (I doubt we'll get many Europeans turning up to a meeting on a Saturday evening)
18:06:01 <rafw> vorlon: it only work for me in December.
18:06:10 <harmoney> I would point out that people who could make Tuesdays and not Saturdays may not be here, though.
18:06:22 <vorlon> harmoney: yes, but that's not the question
18:06:23 <moray_> vorlon: for me, better than the Saturday slot, yes
18:06:38 <harmoney> I could go 1/2 hour later, yes.
18:06:48 <vorlon> harmoney: I was trying to see if the Tuesday slot available to us is strictly better
18:07:09 <harmoney> vorlon: Ok.
18:07:11 <nattie> vorlon: for me that's largely fine - i'll go along with whatever others do in this case, though
18:07:28 <tmancill> vorlon: Tuesday is not strictly better for me, but should be fine
18:07:51 <nattie> (Tuesday is *strongly* better for me, but, again, only one person)
18:07:52 <vorlon> ok.  any objections to having the next meeting on Tuesday?  I guess that's Tuesday, Dec 10 @ 20:00 UTC
18:08:05 <tmancill> no objection
18:08:14 <moray_> should work for me
18:08:23 <vorlon> #agreed next meeting will be moved to Tuesday:  Tuesday, Dec 10 @ 20:00 UTC
18:08:25 <rafw> for this one work. But it will be impossible next Tueday next year.
18:08:32 <vorlon> rafw: understood
18:08:37 <rafw> vorlon: :)
18:08:43 <vorlon> we'll see how turnout is in December
18:08:48 <rafw> ok
18:08:53 <harmoney> Do we want a roll call? :)
18:09:12 <nattie> present, but only until 18:45
18:09:14 <harmoney> (To grab the lurkers)
18:09:19 <vorlon> hmm, good idea
18:09:24 <vorlon> #topic roll call
18:09:26 <vorlon> who's here?
18:09:31 <vorlon> Steve Langasek
18:09:31 <harmoney> present
18:09:35 <vorlon> hi, present
18:09:39 <tmancill> present
18:09:43 <rafw> hi, present
18:09:44 <moray_> hi
18:09:51 <nattie> yes, for another half hour
18:10:16 <vorlon> bgupta? kees?
18:10:26 <vorlon> bkerensa?
18:10:39 <vorlon> ok then
18:10:48 <vorlon> #topic venue contract status
18:11:05 <vorlon> (wendar?)
18:11:07 <vorlon> (anyway, moving on)
18:11:36 <vorlon> so harmoney, kees and I had a meeting with Mark @ PSU last week, to discuss the contract status
18:12:09 <vorlon> he's been slammed at work and hasn't been able to get this gathered up for us yet - he thought he'd get us the prelim contract for review last Friday, but it hasn't happened yet
18:12:33 <harmoney> Well, he did send us the prelim stuff late last night; I haven't had a chance to look things over in detail, though.
18:12:57 <vorlon> I'm not stressing about this since it seems like a normal and acceptable delay to me (and it's out of our control anyway), but if someone with experience with these things thinks I should be stressing, let me know ;)
18:13:06 <vorlon> harmoney: oh? hmm, it doesn't seem to have made it to my mailbox
18:13:15 <vorlon> ok, so correction, we have a prelim contract to look over ;)
18:13:18 <harmoney> vorlon: Let me dig; I thought I saw you and Kees on the CC list.
18:13:37 <moray_> vorlon: as long as you keep in contact over it, and trust that the booking is progressing, it seems fine
18:13:46 <harmoney> Yeah, your debian.org email
18:14:06 <harmoney> Resent
18:14:10 <vorlon> harmoney: ok - thanks
18:14:27 <vorlon> (mail server says it came to me, I don't know where it went after that :P)
18:14:30 <vorlon> anyway
18:14:39 <harmoney> vorlon: IIRC, Mark said he did *not* include PSU discounts in the costs, right?
18:14:40 <vorlon> one thing that I want to raise as a possible issue sooner rather than later
18:14:55 <vorlon> in our discussion, there was question raised about whether it's actually legitimate for us to get the discounted rate on the venue
18:15:02 <harmoney> So, costs should be actually lower once we get Bart to put in his voice.
18:15:16 <harmoney> Oh? I must've missed that part.
18:15:19 <vorlon> (which was to be a 50% discount for the venue based on having it sponsored by a PSU faculty member)
18:15:43 <rafw> wow
18:15:50 <vorlon> so we need to go back and talk with Bart about that, see what's actually workable
18:16:15 <harmoney> PRepping mail now.
18:16:17 <tmancill> Can you summarize the question regarding legitimacy?  Do we somehow need to be "academic" in nature?
18:16:18 <moray_> vorlon: I don't know how it is there, but I certainly have experience of other universities where there's no requirement for it to be a university-related event to get staff (or alumni) discounts.  but yes, better to investigate now than find a problem later
18:16:21 <vorlon> I don't have the numbers in front of me, but even if we don't get the discount I suspect that doesn't represent a major change in our fundraising target
18:16:38 <vorlon> tmancill: the point that was raised is that it's not something that directly benefits the department
18:16:49 <tmancill> hogwash!  :)
18:16:53 <vorlon> but that's something we'll have to talk through with Bart
18:17:02 <harmoney> And his administrative team who was all excited.
18:18:14 <vorlon> in any event, like I said, I'm mentioning the point but don't think it's a major worry; not getting the discount increases our budget by about $7k
18:18:27 <vorlon> nothing to sneeze at, but I have confidence in the sponsorship team :-)
18:18:40 <moray_> indeed
18:19:20 <vorlon> anything else we should discuss re: contract, or shall we move on?
18:19:49 <vorlon> #topic budget status
18:20:01 <vorlon> rafw asked for this to be on the agenda
18:20:06 <rafw> yep, I have added this topic.
18:20:18 <vorlon> rafw: I guess this is motivated by sponsorship team needing to know their targets?
18:20:23 <rafw> yes
18:20:26 <vorlon> fwiw I haven't had a chance to talk with hug yet
18:20:31 <vorlon> at last meeting, we set a deadline of end of November
18:20:36 <vorlon> which I still plan to meet
18:20:40 <rafw> true
18:20:49 <vorlon> I don't know that I can give you anything substantive before then
18:21:16 <vorlon> I guess, if you want it sooner, poke hug to find me ;)
18:21:43 <rafw> ok, that's fine. I will poke hug in case a sponsor ask me for a budget.
18:22:52 <vorlon> the current situation is that he and I need to work together to plug the right numbers into the right budget framework
18:22:57 <vorlon> I have the numbers, and AIUI he has the framework
18:23:02 <vorlon> so we need to put our heads together ;)
18:23:08 <moray_> right
18:23:29 <rafw> vorlon: He will be at my place tomorrow.
18:23:45 <vorlon> rafw: what time? should we arrange an IRC something?
18:23:53 <rafw> vorlon: maybe if you have time tomorow. You could reach him.
18:24:12 <rafw> vorlon: I will sugest him to contact you.
18:24:12 <vorlon> or, if you can ask him to just send me the suitable budget spreadsheet and I'll plug in the numbers, that's fine too
18:24:16 <vorlon> great, thanks :)
18:24:35 <rafw> welcome
18:25:12 <vorlon> #topic updates on last month's action items
18:25:41 <vorlon> the action items from last month were:
18:25:46 <vorlon> - Tony Mancill will put together the sponsorship brochure by the end of the month.
18:25:49 <vorlon> - Brian Gupta will propose sponsorship levels by the end of the month.
18:25:54 <vorlon> - Steve Langasek will follow up with Philipp Hug's to get a budget done by the end of November.
18:25:59 <vorlon> we covered the last of these
18:26:23 <vorlon> I'm happy to say the other two have seen good progress
18:26:46 <vorlon> tmancill: do we have a finalized sponsorship brochure?  is it being sent out to sponsors already?
18:27:01 <rafw> The brochure is ready.
18:27:04 <tmancill> Yes.
18:27:13 <rafw> Thanks to tmancill!
18:27:20 <vorlon> yes, thanks very much tmancill for your work on that
18:27:40 <vorlon> and if the sponsorship brochure is done, I think that implies that the sponsorship levels were also decided, right? ;)
18:27:53 <rafw> Yes, we have reached ~40 DC13 sponsors.
18:28:21 <rafw> One commited, one will commit, 2 no 1 maybe.
18:28:24 <nattie> yep - istr seeing something to that effect on the list
18:28:25 <vorlon> oh, and alioth is still down
18:28:32 <vorlon> how much is that hampering us?
18:28:40 <vorlon> I guess people have the sponsorship brochure checked out already
18:28:45 <tmancill> I can send out the PDF if need be.
18:28:48 <vorlon> rafw: not bad!
18:28:58 <rafw> that's a good start :)
18:29:11 <vorlon> tmancill: might be worth doing just to make sure people can see what's in the current one... I'm not sure if what I have checked out is the latest
18:29:31 <tmancill> will do
18:29:44 <vorlon> rafw: do you know if anyone's started contacting DC14-local sponsors?
18:29:59 <vorlon> #action tmancill to email out the current sponsorship brochure pdf, so people have access while alioth is down
18:30:12 <rafw> i am not sure here.  Maybe a tiny start.
18:30:29 <rafw> The thing is it is difficult to coordinate the team without git.
18:30:30 <vorlon> ok
18:30:35 <vorlon> yeah, I can imagine
18:30:46 <vorlon> though, git is fortunately at least a DVCS
18:30:54 <vorlon> maybe we could set up a temporary repo?
18:30:57 <rafw> but we may have alitoth back tomorrow.
18:31:02 <vorlon> ok
18:31:59 <moray_> vorlon: I don't think DVCS really helps prevent multiple people working at cross-purposes, it's the sharing part that we need here
18:32:20 <vorlon> moray_: the fact that it's a DVCS means that the team can repopulate a shared repo somewhere in the absence of alioth
18:32:23 <moray_> but yes, hopefully it will be back quickly
18:32:34 <vorlon> but if they don't need to, then that's ok
18:33:03 <vorlon> alright, that seems to cover this topic
18:33:06 <vorlon> #topic AOB
18:33:12 <vorlon> any other business we need to discuss
18:33:13 <vorlon> ?
18:33:18 <rafw> yes
18:33:25 <rafw> What about the visa team ?
18:33:41 <rafw> I have already received a first request.
18:33:42 <vorlon> well, that's a good question
18:33:55 <vorlon> yes, I've seen that request - thanks for forwarding it to us
18:34:08 <rafw> n0rman is helping.
18:34:29 <vorlon> harmoney: do you remember who was volunteering to help with that from the local team?
18:34:49 <vorlon> ISTR that pietr0 volunteered a lawyer friend in Seattle?
18:34:55 <harmoney> vorlon: I think Brenna and Pietro had someone who was Seattle-based, but he's unavailable until the beginning of the year.
18:35:05 <vorlon> I thought he was available starting December
18:35:06 <harmoney> Due to a new baby in his family.
18:35:09 <vorlon> ok
18:35:15 <rafw> the thing is I am quite ignorant about US law and I'd prefer not to help on that side this year.
18:35:24 <vorlon> rafw: sure, that's understandable
18:35:26 <harmoney> Hmmm. I'll email Brenna and get more details; maybe we should ping the DC10 lawyer again and see if he can provide backup support?
18:35:31 <vorlon> this is clearly a local team issue
18:35:35 <vorlon> harmoney: the DC10 lawyer cannot
18:35:49 <vorlon> he's working as a public defender in Texas which precludes him from doing other work
18:36:03 <harmoney> Ugh. SUrely there's something more fulfilling than being stuck in Texas. :P
18:36:43 <harmoney> I'll poke at Brenna again (I owe her an email) and start digging around to see if EFF might have leads to someone who'd be willing to help us.
18:36:46 <vorlon> so we need to chase this to ground; it's better if we don't have to wait until the first of the year to start dealing with visas, but that may be the best we can hope for
18:37:04 <vorlon> harmoney: ok, you'll take the action to follow through on visa team stuff?
18:37:13 * harmoney grumbles. Yes.
18:37:43 <vorlon> #action harmoney to follow up on visa team stuff: try to identify a lawyer friend, and get our invitation letter in order
18:37:50 <vorlon> harmoney: thanks ;)
18:37:58 <rafw> harmoney: i have a template for you :)
18:38:33 <harmoney> rafw: Awesome! That'll help so much. :)
18:39:04 <vorlon> one other thing from my side
18:39:13 <rafw> harmoney: I am not sure i was commited to svn due to signature on the document. I will send you that.
18:39:18 <vorlon> I know the debconf14 website is up now (thanks, wendar!)
18:39:24 <nattie> (have to dash off - see you all tuesday 10th)
18:39:30 <moray_> rafw: great.  but we should be slightly careful on reuse, as the requirements *do* differ a lot between countries
18:39:35 <vorlon> I notice that there's no news since the end of DC13
18:39:45 <vorlon> do we want something on there as a call for sponsors?
18:39:48 <rafw> moray_: sure but I guess that a good start.
18:39:49 <moray_> rafw, harmoney: some older template letters are also in svn for comparison
18:39:52 * vorlon waves to nattie
18:40:13 <harmoney> moray_: They do, and I"m sure US requirements are going to be vastly different than Swiss, but it's a good starting point when I go begging for an immigration lawyer. :)
18:40:18 <vorlon> and if we do want a call for sponsors on debconf14.debconf.org... who could make that happen?
18:40:33 <vorlon> harmoney: right, but the point is you're probably better off starting with the DC10 template
18:40:41 <vorlon> or some combination of the two
18:40:49 <rafw> vorlon: good idea.
18:41:00 <rafw> regarding sponsors call.
18:41:31 <vorlon> ok - how do we make that happen?
18:41:46 <vorlon> (who here knows how to get stuff onto that site?)
18:42:16 <rafw> I guess it doesn't work due to alioth.
18:42:39 <rafw> I will ask OdyX tomorrow about it.
18:42:43 <vorlon> ok
18:42:50 <rafw> He did some news publishing for DC13.
18:43:00 <vorlon> should I draft a short blurb to use?
18:43:10 <rafw> that would be great.
18:43:13 <vorlon> I can draft something today, email it to you + OdyX
18:43:35 <rafw> perfect.
18:43:56 <vorlon> #action vorlon to draft a "Call for sponsors" blurb today for inclusion on debconf14.debconf.org, email it to rafw + OdyX
18:43:59 <vorlon> done
18:44:28 <vorlon> so that's 11 minutes of "other business" ;)
18:44:40 <vorlon> does that do it for today?
18:44:46 <rafw> yes for me.
18:44:59 <tmancill> quick question regarding fund-raising...
18:45:32 <vorlon> tmancill: go for it
18:45:33 <tmancill> my employer will match donations for a few more weeks - is it possible to donate to SPI and earmark it for debconf?
18:45:43 <vorlon> it is
18:46:34 <tmancill> just indicate "for DebConf 14" ?  (maybe I should email the list - it's more of a FAQ)
18:47:23 <rafw> tmancill: you should contact schultmc about it.
18:47:44 <vorlon> based on past SPI treasury reports, I think "for DebConf14" is more than sufficient
18:47:45 <rafw> He is the treasurer of SPI i think.
18:47:50 <rafw> ah ook
18:48:01 <vorlon> but we can certainly take it to the list if you'd like
18:48:11 <moray_> tmancill: the clickandpledge form still has a box for dc13; maybe they can update that
18:48:34 <moray_> but yes, just tell them what it's for
18:48:43 <tmancill> all: thanks for the idea, I'll look into it
18:48:44 <vorlon> oh btw
18:48:53 <vorlon> are we still looking to get DC13.ch money spent by end of year?
18:49:24 <rafw> vorlon: lucas is dealing with that.
18:49:29 <vorlon> ok
18:49:37 <rafw> vorlon: you should ask him.
18:49:42 <vorlon> because PSU will accept a deposit on accomodations
18:50:03 <vorlon> and in fact, the draft contract says they want it by end of year
18:50:08 <moray_> ok
18:50:15 <vorlon> so I'll talk to lucas
18:50:44 <vorlon> anyway, I've now succumbed to reading draft contracts while chairing the meeting, so we should probably adjourn :P
18:50:55 <vorlon> #endmeeting