18:32:19 <moray> #startmeeting
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18:32:24 <moray> #topic Roll call
18:32:26 <moray> Hello
18:32:31 <vorlon> Steve Langasek
18:32:31 <moray> #chair vorlon
18:32:31 <MeetBot> Current chairs: moray vorlon
18:32:33 <gwolf> I will most likely not be here for a good part of the meeting... But consider my call rolling
18:32:36 <kees> good morning
18:32:44 <moray> #chair harmoney
18:32:44 <MeetBot> Current chairs: harmoney moray vorlon
18:32:56 <vorlon> harmoney is running a little late
18:32:59 <vorlon> but will be here
18:33:57 <vorlon> hmm, there were a lot more people here before we started the meeting, then they suddenly disappeared :P
18:33:58 <rmayorga> hi again
18:34:00 <vorlon> :)
18:34:45 <moray> vorlon: apparently!
18:34:52 <moray> #topic Sponsorship update
18:34:52 <vorlon> MeetBot: pingall roll call
18:34:52 <MeetBot> roll call
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18:34:52 <MeetBot> roll call
18:34:57 <moray> bgupta: ??
18:35:36 <vorlon> fyi harmoney added most of these items to the agenda and AIUI the people whose names are next to them didn't confirm they'd be available for the meeting
18:35:36 <gwolf> (is no news good news?)
18:36:08 <vorlon> I can try to give a brief update in his stead
18:36:19 <bkerensa> =o
18:36:23 <vorlon> we have $121k in committed sponsorship
18:36:31 <vorlon> which fully funds our budget
18:36:40 <bkerensa> \o/
18:36:41 <moray> yes, the current status looks good
18:36:50 <moray> kudos to the sponsorship team :)
18:36:53 <vorlon> (the debian-sponsors git and the budget don't actually reflect this currently, we had a silver committment come in that I haven't recorded yet)
18:37:25 <vorlon> so obviously we would love more sponsors, to reduce the impact of DebConf on Debian's existing accounst
18:37:43 <vorlon> and there's still work for the sponsorship team to do, following through on these sponsors to make sure we get the money
18:37:55 <vorlon> but there's nothing dire here
18:37:59 <moray> yes, and it gets harder as the work goes on
18:38:44 <gwolf> \o/
18:38:56 <moray> anything else on this topic then?
18:39:06 <vorlon> not from me
18:40:05 <vorlon> I guess we should also be thinking soon about how to incorporate the DC15 folks into the team
18:40:12 <vorlon> and pass the baton
18:40:13 <moray> right
18:40:28 <moray> time for the start of the reeducation programme :)
18:40:29 <vorlon> maybe someone on the sponsorship team other than me will have time to drive that :)
18:42:11 <moray> #topic Bursaries update
18:42:35 <vorlon> I didn't see faw put his hand up during roll call
18:42:48 <vorlon> so the status is probably just what you see on the list
18:43:09 <moray> Should we be concerned or happy? ;)
18:43:22 <gaudenz> hi
18:43:58 <gaudenz> I would be OK with doing bursaries again this year if you need more people
18:44:09 <vorlon> moray: we have a timeline which seems workable, and as soon as I have the list of bursars, I can get them added to summit with access to do all the sponsorship reviews there
18:44:15 <moray> great
18:44:29 <vorlon> so provided that the volunteers make themselves available to do the work, we should be on track
18:44:37 <gaudenz> but if I'm not needed, I don't mind doing other stuff.
18:44:45 <bkerensa> I would be happy to help with bursaries
18:44:59 <moray> Yes, there was a question here for more volunteers
18:45:02 <vorlon> and I padded the schedule a bit, volunteers were told to get their work done by May 23 and attendees were told they would be informed of decisions by June 1 ;P
18:45:05 <moray> please reply to the email if you think you are appropriate
18:45:06 <gwolf> IIRC on the list there was a similar offer by bremner
18:45:10 <moray> or prod your friends :)
18:45:13 <gwolf> and... one other person
18:45:31 <vorlon> yes, I've seen a fair number of volunteers reply by now
18:45:41 <moray> ok
18:45:59 <vorlon> do we care here to talk about numbers of requests, etc?
18:46:11 <moray> Not unless there is an active problem.
18:46:14 <vorlon> ok
18:46:20 <vorlon> (there isn't)
18:46:30 <moray> Though nice things are also good if you have numbers ready....
18:46:59 <vorlon> total requested travel sponsorship to date: $50k
18:47:15 <vorlon> total registered attendees: 143
18:48:19 <kees> is that a lot or a a little at this point in the conference timeframe?
18:48:59 <vorlon> total sponsorship requests (of all kinds): 92
18:49:06 <vorlon> (end of statS)
18:49:14 <vorlon> kees: I'm afraid I have no idea
18:49:19 <harmoney> Seems awfully small to me at this point, but we haven't really kept track of stats on leadup to previous conferences.
18:49:33 <gwolf> I would say it seems (off the top of my mind) regular...
18:49:46 <vorlon> the only graphs we have for this stuff is munin data, which only go back a year and so don't provide particularly good info about rate of signup
18:49:47 <gwolf> also, many things are different
18:49:57 <vorlon> http://munin.debconf.org/debconf.org/skinner.debconf.org.html#Pentabarf fwiw
18:49:58 <harmoney> vorlon: I see 146 registered attendees
18:50:08 <moray> vorlon: plus munin archive
18:50:08 <gwolf> i.e. we haven't had a CfP (and therefore, no interesting talks to draw local interested people to register)
18:50:21 <vorlon> moray: hmm, url?
18:50:31 <moray> vorlon: http://munin.debconf.org/archive/
18:50:56 <moray> 13 seems to be missing
18:51:02 <moray> Ganneff: ^^^
18:51:31 <Ganneff> send me a mail please, im not home and wont be before tomorrow evening
18:51:42 <vorlon> harmoney: we have three people in the system who have created registration records, but have unticked the box saying they're attending ;)
18:52:29 * harmoney glowers.
18:52:37 <harmoney> Oh. OH. Right.
18:52:38 <moray> harmoney: hiya!
18:52:38 <harmoney> Ok.
18:52:49 <vorlon> it's allowed for someone to change their mind
18:52:51 <harmoney> moray: Morning. :)
18:52:59 <gwolf> vorlon: although that could be changed...
18:53:02 <gwolf> harmoney: o/
18:53:20 <moray> #topic Talks team/CfP
18:53:55 <gwolf> I would say there's been progress and discussion... although quite too little (and I'm much at fault for that, for disappearing)
18:54:05 <gwolf> we have been starting the discussion on the tracks
18:54:12 <gwolf> but we don't yet have a CfP to send out
18:54:13 <rmayorga> gwolf: I was thinking we probably need more people
18:54:27 <gwolf> I believe rmayorga was checking the Summit part. Oh, here you are :)
18:54:34 <moray> Well, there's time still.
18:54:39 <gwolf> rmayorga: well, I did send two sets of pings to gather volunteers
18:54:47 <moray> Except for the people who want the schedule published 8 months before the conference.
18:54:52 <vorlon> from the summit side, I need some guidance on what the talks team needs in the talk submission interface
18:54:58 <gwolf> first to the previous team, and then to DebConf regulars (debconf-discuss)
18:55:17 <vorlon> the existing summit interface is significantly different from what penta had; and I don't want to reimplement what penta had, I want to provide what we actually need
18:55:20 <gwolf> vorlon: what do we have (other than "go play with the interface")?
18:55:33 <rmayorga> on the summit part, I still did not check for the admin part, vorlon pointed me to the wiki, but I did not have time to check yet
18:56:27 <vorlon> gwolf: you should be able to see this page on the test site: http://dc14-summit-test.dodds.net/debconf14/propose_meeting
18:56:56 <vorlon> and if anyone needs their memory refreshed, the penta interface is https://penta.debconf.org/penta/submission/dc13/event/new
18:57:21 <gwolf> oh,  I get a beautiful AuthFailed :-|
18:57:38 <vorlon> hmph
18:58:31 <vorlon> gwolf: I'm available to debug with you after the meeting if you like
18:58:46 <rmayorga> vorlon: regarding the interface, the only comment I have is for the list of participants, this have not being disscussed on the team yet
18:58:54 <gwolf> vorlon: no, I cannot :(
18:59:12 <moray> More on this topic?
18:59:31 <harmoney> #action vorlon to fix Summit for gwolf.
18:59:31 <CarlFK> were should additional fields be discussed?  (guessing a list)
18:59:41 <vorlon> harmoney: no, that is not the action!
18:59:48 <moray> haha
18:59:53 <gwolf> :) works for me
18:59:54 <rmayorga> summit to fix vorlon for gwolf ?
18:59:58 <rmayorga> :)
19:00:01 <vorlon> :-P
19:00:16 <vorlon> #action talks team to tell vorlon what fields they want on http://dc14-summit-test.dodds.net/debconf14/propose_meeting
19:00:19 <vorlon> there :)
19:00:28 <CarlFK> thanks
19:00:38 <gwolf> vorlon: Besides the talks submission fields, how are we re: the rating interface?
19:00:42 <vorlon> CarlFK: please discuss on the mailing list
19:00:45 <vorlon> gwolf: rating interface for talks?
19:00:51 <CarlFK> vorlon: which list?
19:00:52 <gwolf> I certainly don't think we need the full Pentastuff
19:00:55 <vorlon> CarlFK: debconf-team
19:01:02 <CarlFK> k
19:01:07 <gwolf> but yes, we need to rate the talk proposals...
19:01:09 <vorlon> gwolf: I don't know anything about the talks rating interface, not having been on the talks team
19:01:16 <gwolf> or at least, we usually do that
19:01:51 <gwolf> OK... so it seems we will do the talk-rating out-of-band?
19:01:57 <vorlon> gwolf: best would be if someone could write up a mail for me telling me what the requirements are, and then I can work on the UI at the next local meeting (May 20)
19:02:08 <vorlon> well, it's up to the talks team
19:02:11 * gwolf eyes rmayorga
19:02:13 <vorlon> I'm happy to extend the UI
19:02:24 * gwolf _strongly_ eyes rmayorga
19:02:59 <rmayorga> I will send some emails to gather more info from the other people
19:03:12 <rmayorga> and contact vorlon before the meeting
19:03:18 <vorlon> rmayorga: thanks
19:03:21 <moray> #topic Code of conduct
19:03:22 <moray> harmoney: ?
19:03:37 <vorlon> so harmoney is feeling a bit ill today and has unceremoniously left the meeting
19:03:41 <moray> ah ok
19:03:46 <moray> delay for next time?
19:03:52 <vorlon> I think so, yeah
19:03:58 <moray> #topic Conference dinner
19:04:10 <moray> (and I hope harmoney recovers quickly)
19:04:15 <bkerensa> +1
19:04:20 <vorlon> I added this one to the agenda for harmoney as well
19:04:20 <vorlon> so
19:04:30 <moray> Anything to tell us?
19:04:35 <moray> or just what has been on the list/irc before?
19:04:46 <vorlon> just that, AFAIK
19:04:49 <moray> ok
19:04:52 <moray> which sounded good, btw
19:05:01 <vorlon> well, the venue we had been looking at turned out to have been reserved for a film festival
19:05:05 <moray> oh
19:05:07 <vorlon> (I think that info made it onto IRC?)
19:05:31 <vorlon> so harmoney is now looking for other options, possibly grilling in the park behind the hacklab
19:05:58 <vorlon> anyway, it's still up in the air
19:06:06 <gaudenz> The proposed budget juggling looked fine for me. Similar to what we did for DC13
19:06:11 * vorlon nods
19:06:25 <gaudenz> As long as the overall budget for daytrip/dinner is met, I think it's fine.
19:07:12 <moray> #topic Delegatations
19:07:24 <moray> This is ongoing, not sure what madduck wanted here if anything
19:08:02 <vorlon> yeah, harmoney said madduck wanted to talk about this, but madduck wasn't the one that added it to the agenda and he said he wasn't necessarily available for this meeting, so
19:08:24 <moray> ok, so we can continue to...
19:08:27 <moray> #topic AOB
19:08:36 <moray> What else do we need to discuss today?
19:08:46 <moray> Besides thanking the DC14 team for their continued hard work :)
19:09:20 <gwolf> (absolutely, DC14 team rocks)
19:09:28 <vorlon> I'm not sure we have a next meeting date/time set, the repeating event on the calendar runs out this month
19:10:12 <vorlon> so maybe we want to discuss, and see if this is still the right meeting time for folks?
19:10:16 <vorlon> second Tuesday in June probably doesn't work for me fwiw
19:10:32 <moray> vorlon: discussing meeting times in meetings doesn't work so well
19:10:41 <moray> as people who attend are those who like the current imte
19:10:42 <moray> time
19:10:51 <kees> nothing new from me. network hasn't moved forward any more. will start leaning more heavily on PSU when I'm back in PDX.
19:11:20 <n0rman> registration is fine? vorlon we have some requests pending in registration@ and I'd like to help with this, just need permissiones in summit I think
19:11:23 <vorlon> moray: sure; but last time we did so we actually had a consensus to /move/ the meeting time, which was useful
19:11:33 <moray> sure
19:11:51 <vorlon> moray: and if we just do a poll, the results are often dictated by people who only sporadically attend meetings regardless of time :)
19:11:58 <moray> that's true too, yes
19:12:14 <gwolf> vorlon: You are a very importnt component to the meeting
19:12:19 <vorlon> anyway, we can certainly take that to list to discuss if you'd prefer
19:12:30 <gwolf> vorlon: So, in this case, I'd say pull it by a week time
19:12:32 <gaudenz> Do a poll and put more weight on those that actually frequently attend meetings (ie not me)
19:12:51 <gwolf> vorlon: ...after all, we have meddled quite a bit with meeting times. We don't have perfect meeting times.
19:12:55 <vorlon> gaudenz: doodle polls don't facilitate this very well
19:13:17 <gaudenz> vorlon: it nees human judgement anyway.
19:13:23 <vorlon> gwolf: well, I wonder if we should be thinking about increasing the frequency of the meetings as we approach?
19:13:45 <vorlon> or if they're really just a safety net anyway and most business should be organized via list etc.
19:13:55 <gwolf> vorlon: yes, that would increase the frequency
19:14:05 <gwolf> and yes, I think it's time to (a bit at least) increase them
19:14:14 <moray> vorlon: normally it increase gradually, sure
19:14:16 <gwolf> even more if meetings are short and swift :)
19:14:26 <moray> 4 weeks -> 2 weeks -> 1 week -> PANIC
19:14:41 <vorlon> ok, so maybe once every 3 weeks?  Starting perhaps June 3?
19:14:47 <vorlon> I can't do a meeting in two weeks either
19:14:52 <vorlon> I'll be sunning myself in Malta
19:14:54 <gwolf> then June 3
19:14:56 <vorlon> er, I mean working
19:15:06 <gwolf> your call, I'd say
19:15:10 <moray> vorlon: oh, you're off to Malta?  I was there earlier this year for a holiday :)
19:15:22 <gwolf> Or if you prefer to test your laptop's display under the sun rays...?
19:15:31 <vorlon> #agreed next IRC meeting, Tuesday June 3 @ 1830 UTC
19:15:54 <vorlon> moray: it is horribly inconvenient to actually get to Malta from Portland :)
19:16:10 <moray> haha, sure
19:16:27 <moray> Well, you could move to a more sensible location, but preferably after DC14 :)
19:16:49 <vorlon> psh
19:17:13 <gwolf> I guess Portland is among the best connected places to  East Asia...
19:17:20 <vorlon> n0rman: sorry, as to your question: what kind of summit access do you need?
19:18:47 <vorlon> n0rman: I've added you now to the 'FrontDesk' group in summit, hopefully that gives you what you needed
19:19:01 <vorlon> but if it doesn't (since I don't know what kinds of requests are coming in), please let me know
19:19:31 <n0rman> vorlon: there are some people asking for an email change, people can do that? or just admins?
19:19:46 <vorlon> n0rman: they can do that directly
19:20:55 <vorlon> anything else, or shall we call the meeting?
19:20:57 <moray> #topic Next meeting
19:21:02 <moray> Did we have a conclusion on a time/date?
19:21:08 <vorlon> 12:17 < vorlon> #agreed next IRC meeting, Tuesday June 3 @ 1830 UTC
19:21:11 <vorlon> apparently :)
19:21:16 <moray> great
19:21:23 <moray> So I think we're done
19:21:40 <faw> moray, vorlon, we don't have a lot of volunteers so far (Bursaries), I'm planning on doing a call for "last year volunteers", to get some more people on-board.
19:21:58 <faw> Sorry, I couldn't stop earlier, was in a meeting :-(
19:22:02 <vorlon> faw: oh?  I saw quite a few volunteers, but maybe some of those mails didn't go to the right list
19:22:03 <moray> faw: ok.  some others (maybe even me...) would volunteer if you really are short of people
19:22:29 <vorlon> there seem to be 8 volunteers as of right now
19:22:35 <vorlon> (http://lists.debconf.org/lurker/thread/20140513.112009.7598a1df.en.html)
19:22:38 <moray> that already sounds a reasonable number
19:23:19 <faw> vorlon, hmmmm... oh, emails I didn't saw in the last few hours... it seems we are on track  :)
19:23:37 <moray> ah, ok :)
19:23:42 <vorlon> ok cool
19:24:34 <moray> ok, so thanks everyone
19:24:44 <moray> (well, more those who attended than others reading the log :p )
19:24:54 * gwolf flees
19:24:56 <moray> #endmeeting